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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on GH
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Anna tried to talk Noah into impersonating Eli. Noah dressed up in Eli's clothes, and Robin and Patrick mistakenly thought he was Eli. Anna coached Noah on some of Eli's moves and gave him the guitar to try to play. Noah strummed a few chords.

Carly walked in on Sam and Jerry. She made a comment about Jerry trying to bed mom and daughter and said it wouldn't be the first time. After Jerry excused himself, Carly suggested that Sam move out and end her relationship with Jason while she still had a little dignity. When Sam told Carly she didn't know the half of everything that had gone on with Sam and Jason, Carly said that Sam was again referring to some dark secret that Jason had and that if Jason wanted her to know, he would have told her.

Sam told Carly not to be so sure and that Jason hadn't told her because Carly had a big mouth. After Carly left, Spinelli returned home, and Sam tried to talk him into getting her in to see Jason. She told him that she had been under a lot of stress and confided in him the truth about witnessing the kidnapping. She said she had a lot of things she needed to discuss with Jason, and Spinelli agreed to get her in to see him.

Lucky asked Liz if she was in love with Jason, and she said no. She apologized for using his badge but said that after everything that had happened, she hadn't been able to tell him she had been going to see Jason. While they fought again, Cameron walked in, and they put their differences aside to tend to him. Lucky read him a story while Liz held Jake and listened. Once the boys were in bed, Liz told Lucky that it was nights like that, that made it matter, and all she had ever wanted was for them to be a family.

Nikolas and Amelia met for the first time when she accidentally got into his limo. They discussed the kidnapping and Jake's return. When the topic turned to Sam, Amelia asked Nikolas how well he knew her then filled him in on Sam's past. Nikolas offered to buy out Sam's contract for Everyday Heroes. Amelia told him she admired his loyalty, but it wouldn't be necessary, as she believed she'd end up becoming the best friend Sam had ever had.

While Lulu tended to Logan, he asked her why she was helping him. She said she would treat anyone else the same way. He told her to admit that she liked him, which she denied. She said at times he repulsed her and then there were other times she could tell deep down he was kind and caring, but that she would not wait around long trying to see that guy.

Sonny tried to reassure Kate that he didn't believe Amelia would leak the truth about her. They discussed their past, and Sonny told her that they were a lot alike. Kate told him that she had given up everything for her career. Sonny said he had everything he had ever wanted, but he was alone. Kate concurred. As they were about to kiss, Max interrupted.

When Carly returned to the hotel, Jerry was there and inquired about what it would take to win her over. Carly asked how good he was and said she would like to make him an offer. She wanted Jerry to find information about Alcazar and help her get Jason acquitted for his murder. She promised that if he helped her, she'd be his best friend.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Anna and Noah discussed Eli's health and the prospect of Noah standing in for Eli at the concert. Noah explained to Anna that surgery was Eli's best chance for survival. Robin approached her mother and questioned Anna's involvement in the Noah/Eli situation, when Anna knew that at any given moment, she could be called away for work. Anna told her daughter that if Robin wanted her to stay in Port Charles permanently, she only needed to ask.

Robin acknowledged Anna's love for her but didn't want her mother to give up what made her happy. She talked to her mom about Patrick. Robin was taken aback when Anna asked about marriage and children. Anna did not want to push anything but said that being a mom was her greatest joy, and she wanted Robin to experience the same thing. Anna was able to convince Eli to have the surgery. Noah was willing to perform in the concert but was nervous about it.

Still upset over Jason's arrest, Carly confronted Amelia over Jake's rescue. Carly grilled Amelia over why Jason was the one Amelia had told about the crying baby. Carly also didn't understand why they hadn't called the police instead of leaving town to find the baby. Amelia replied that she had just been doing what Jason had wanted.

Nikolas visited Sam at the penthouse and told her about his car ride with Amelia. Sam told Nikolas that Amelia hated her but also acknowledged that she had tried to cheat Bill Monroe. Nikolas offered to find a way to cut Sam loose from Amelia. Amelia arrived at the penthouse and criticized Sam for missing more work.

Nikolas wondered what Amelia was holding over Sam's head. Sam received a phone call telling her she could visit Jason at Pentonville. Sam appeared to get under Amelia's skin by saying that Amelia's father had barely acknowledged her existence and had not known about Amelia until after they were married. Sam left for the prison.

Logan woke up and saw Lulu asleep on the chair across from him. He wondered why she had stayed with him all night and, despite Lulu's protests, was convinced that she was into him. Maxie and Coop showed up to check up on Logan. Things were tense between Maxie and Lulu. After Maxie and Coop left, Logan told Lulu she didn't have to stick around.

Alexis abruptly showed up at Sonny's and informed him that the headmaster of a very prestigious school was about to pay them a visit. Apparently, part of the interview process included checking out the homes of both parents of a prospective student. Max informed them that the headmaster had arrived and that he would be in as soon as Milo was done frisking him. The first part of the visit did not go well, as the headmaster was surprised to hear that Kristina had siblings that went to Queen of Angels. He questioned Sonny's education and looked appalled when Sonny said he had learned from the streets. Alexis tried to make it sound better by calling him self-educated.

In the meantime, Bernie and Diana also interrupted Sonny and Alexis' meeting with the headmaster. Bernie started to tell Sonny about a situation where an employee had impregnated two women, and Diana blurted out information about Jason's trial. Just as the headmaster said that Kristina would not be a good fit, Kate walked in. The headmaster was delighted to see her, and Kate asked how he knew her good friends Sonny and Alexis. Through Kate's influence, Kristina was accepted to the school. Alexis was thrilled and took her leave. Sonny asked Kate to dinner. She politely declined and left.

Monica and Edward were concerned when they could not locate Lulu. He was concerned about her safety.

Carly grilled Jerry about his progress in getting Jason out of prison. Nikolas walked in and told Carly that Jerry had tried to have him killed while searching for Jake in Eastern Europe. Carly questioned if it could be a Cassadine enemy. Through the course of the conversation, it was revealed that Jax was in Russia.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Carly asked Nikolas if he had seen Jax while in Russia. He said no, but he had heard that Jax was there. Jerry claimed not to know anything and left. Carly warned Nikolas not to provoke Jerry. He wanted to know why she was protecting Jerry. Carly said she was just trying to be civilized. They talked about Emily and how she wanted to let things go, too.

Jerry met up with Skye and told her he was trying to prove that Jason hadn't killed Lorenzo. Skye was confused as to why he was defending a man who wanted him dead. She told him that Lorenzo had left for South America, and she hadn't heard from him since then. Jerry asked what she would say during the trial. Skye was cut off from answering when Edward called her. He needed to see her as soon as possible. Jerry left and went into Kelly's to talk to Coop and Maxie.

Later, Jerry ran into Carly again, and she wanted to know what he had found out about Jason. They fought, but she told him that she would stand by and cheer him on until Jax was home. Carly was very worried about Jax. She thought Jerry was keeping him prisoner. Jerry took offense to that and said he would never put his brother through that. Alexis walked in and asked Jerry where Jax was. Jerry was happy that two beautiful women were asking for his attention, but he said unfortunately it was only to find his brother.

Jerry said not to worry about Jax. He was not in any danger. Alexis told Jerry that Nikolas had brought it to her attention that Jax was in danger from Jerry. Jerry said that he was protecting Jax at that moment. When things settled down, Jax would return home. After Jerry left, Carly asked if Alexis still wanted to date Jerry. They bickered and started to argue, but Alexis pointed out that they should be working together.

Lulu offered to make eggs for Logan. He was surprised that she was offering to stay and take care of him. He told her he was probably just going to sleep for a while and reminded her that he had been shot before. She started to go, but he told her he wanted her to stay. He said he would like to kiss her, and she asked him why he didn't.

Tracy and Scott barged in, and Tracy told Lulu she was stopping Lulu from making a terrible mistake. Tracy was there to take Lulu home. Lulu didn't want to go and insisted that Tracy was not going to boss her around. Scott and Tracy both made it known that Lulu should not be hanging around Logan. Logan and Scott fought, and Scott continued to deny his child. Logan thought Lulu had set him up, but she denied it.

Tracy, Lulu, and Scott left and returned to the Quartermaines'. Edward had actually been worried about Lulu and had just been telling Skye how Tracy had gotten out of Shadybrook in order to look for Lulu. When Lulu, Tracy, and Scott entered, everyone started bickering about Lulu and her safety. Tracy and Scott also continued to fight over Logan and the paternity issues. Skye told Scott he should take a paternity test.

Tracy told Alice to kick out Scott, while Edward wanted Alice to call Shadybrook to have Tracy recommitted. Scott threatened Tracy with jail. Tracy decided to go back to Shadybrook but not before telling the Quartermaines to make sure Lulu stayed away from Logan. Scott went to visit Tracy when she got settled in her room, and they agreed Luke would have a fit if he found out his daughter was having a relationship with Scott's son.

Meanwhile, Ric showed up at Logan's place. He realized Logan was the guy the cops were looking for. Ric wanted Logan to get back in with Sonny. They talked about how Sonny had no one since Jason was in jail. Logan agreed to try to get back in Sonny's good graces.

After Ric left, Lulu returned to try to escape the Quartermaines. She didn't know why she was spilling her guts to him. She asked him how he felt when Scott denied him. She told him that Tracy and Scott were trying to keep them apart. She said it wouldn't work and kissed him.

Liz and Epiphany talked about the weather and such, and Liz mentioned that she had seen Jason on her day off. She wished she could see him more. Lucky arrived to see Liz and asked her if she wanted to go with him and the kids to the park. She was hesitant. There were too many bad memories from when Jake had been kidnapped. He said he wanted to help her through it as a family.

Liz agreed to go, but after Lucky left, she confessed to Epiphany that she didn't want to go. Epiphany told her she shouldn't have agreed to go if she didn't want to. They talked about Liz taking another trip to see Jason. Liz said Lucky didn't understand why she had gone to see Jason. She told Epiphany that Lucky had asked her if she loved Jason. She told Epiphany her response and how she was committed to their marriage. Epiphany asked Liz who she was trying to convince.

When Liz, Lucky, and the boys got to the park, Liz had flashbacks and told Lucky she couldn't stay there. He told her not to shut down and to tell him what she was feeling. He told her she was a wonderful mom, and he had been wrong to accuse her of anything. She still wanted to go home. Lucky reminded her that Jake was healthy and safe. Jake needed her, and so did Cameron.

Lucky took Cameron over to the swings while Liz stayed with Jake. She told him everything would work out just fine. Amelia approached her and startled her. Liz thanked Amelia for her part in finding Liz's son. Amelia said Jason was the one who had really gotten Jake home. She said it was clear that Jason cared a lot for Liz and Jake. Liz agreed that Jason was a great friend. Amelia commented that Sam and Jason were over. Lucky walked over and asked what they were talking about.

At Pentonville, Sam told Jason that he didn't look happy to see her. He said he hadn't thought he was allowed visitors. She confessed that Spinelli had helped get her in. She admitted that she had seen Maureen take baby Jake. He didn't react, so she told him he should be yelling at her. He appeared unfazed and said, "You did what you did."

Sam asked Jason if he wanted to know why she hadn't done anything. He thought he knew. He thought she had been trying to punish him. She admitted that she had been hurt when he had lied to her for months. It had all started when she had been in the hospital and he had broken up with her. He admitted he had been wrong about that and had tried to fix it. She said he had given up on them. She had kept on trying, but her perception of reality had become so twisted and distorted that she hadn't been able to tell right from wrong.

Sam asked Jason to say something. He yelled at her and asked what she wanted him to say. She had sat there and watched his son get kidnapped. He admitted that he had hurt her, but he wanted to protect Liz and Jake. Sam said it was always all about Liz. She had to have had it all planned. Jason had been emotionally unfaithful for months. He told her it didn't matter. The past couldn't be changed.

Sam said she was going to make "damn sure" it didn't happen again. She had been wrong to let Maureen take Jake, but she had been trapped. She had been sick of all the lies she had been forced to endure. She'd had to hit rock bottom. She was tired of trying. He couldn't love her, support her, or believe in her. He didn't put her first. She couldn't accept any less than that.

Sam questioned if Jason had ever even loved her. Everyone else was put first -- Sonny, Carly, the kids, and his own son. She was releasing him of any burden to her. She told him they were over. She was going to tell Lucky about Jake's paternity, too. He said that was not for her to do. If she did, he would turn her in for being an accessory to kidnapping.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lulu fought her attraction to Logan after they started kissing in his apartment. She pulled away and told him she hadn't meant to kiss him so boldly. Logan told her that she shouldn't fight her feelings for him. Lulu made excuses to leave. Logan tried to persuade her to stay. Lulu explained that she already had gotten burned from trying to trap Dillon by sleeping with him and getting pregnant and felt that sex wasn't worth getting hurt over.

Logan thought that Lulu needed to open herself up again and not let one bad experience stop her from exploring her feelings. While trying to leave his apartment, Lulu ended up accidentally hitting Logan in the shoulder where his wound was. Logan responded in pain and sat down while holding his injured shoulder. Lulu went over to see if he was okay and noticed that he was bleeding again. She offered to help him. He asked her to fix him some eggs if she wanted to help him out. She agreed to help him as long as he stopped trying to confuse her by being human and not the jerk he acted like sometimes.

Meanwhile, Maxie forgot that she was supposed to volunteer at the hospital and that Georgie was late for work at Kelly's because of her. Mike made her bus tables to help him out, since it was her fault Georgie was late. Maxie cringed while cleaning up someone's plate of food. Cooper showed up at Kelly's and was surprised to find Maxie working there. He made a remark about how he couldn't believe she was working and risking ruining her manicure. Maxie explained that Georgie was late for work, and Maxie was helping out. She started flirting with Cooper.

Mike told Maxie there was no flirting while she worked. Cooper left Kelly's to do something and ran into Cody, an old soldier buddy from the war in Iraq. Cody told Cooper that he was suffering from regular nightmares from the war and blamed Logan for what had happened to him. Cooper defended Logan, but Cody didn't want to hear about it and accused him of being Logan's friend. Cooper took out his wallet and offered some money to help Cody get by. Cody thanked him and seemed to have forgotten about Logan for a moment, but Maxie arrived and asked Cooper if he was going to go see how Logan was doing.

Cody went off again about Logan being a bad soldier and leaving him to die. Cooper defended Logan again, but Cody just stormed off in a huff. Maxie asked Cooper who the guy had been. Cooper didn't want to talk about it and went upstairs to his room to change. Maxie found him in his room later. She asked him if he was all right.

Cooper told Maxie that he didn't want to talk about the war and that he was trying to forget that he had ever been there. Maxie backed off when she realized it was a touchy subject but didn't leave his room. Cooper opened up to her and told her that he had been a changed man after he returned from Iraq and that he could have ended up just like Cody if Logan hadn't saved his life. Maxie comforted Cooper. Cody showed up outside of Logan's apartment and tried to see inside the apartment.

Sonny found Spinelli in his office, working on his laptop. Spinelli upset Sonny when he said he was looking into Jason's financial records and making sure that Jason diversified his financial portfolio while he was in prison so he had even more money invested to be able to create a trust fund for his son. Sonny told Spinelli to stay out of his and Jason's financial records because Spinelli's hacking into them could alert the FBI, and they could end up in prison. Spinelli tried to remind Sonny that Jason trusted him enough, and Sonny should too. Sonny threatened Spinelli's life if he didn't stay out of Sonny's business.

Kate walked into Sonny's office and overheard him threaten Spinelli and try to take his laptop away. Spinelli grabbed it out of Sonny's hand and took off when Kate entered the office and distracted Sonny. Kate told Sonny to leave Spinelli alone. Sonny told her that he was just keeping Spinelli in line. Kate told Sonny that she had recommended him as a council member for an arts board for the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and suggested that it would help open him up socially and allow his children to have some culture in their lives.

Sonny had no intention of being on an arts council and told Kate that he could provide everything his children needed. He laughed when she told him that he could be on the arts council if he agreed to donate $500,000 to the museum. Kate tried to get him to do it for his kids' future, to help them move in better social circles when they grew up. Sonny thought that she was trying to remake his image so he looked more attractive to her as a date. Kate denied that was the reason and left his office.

Sam told Jason that she planned to tell Lucky that he wasn't the father of Liz's baby so that Liz couldn't keep lying to him and so Jason would have a chance to raise his son like he should. Jason grew very quiet and angrily threatened to turn Sam in as an accomplice in his son's kidnapping if she told Lucky anything. Sam couldn't believe Jason would blackmail her to protect Liz when Liz had made him give up his son to protect her secret and her cozy life with Lucky. Jason tried to explain that his son would not be safe if it were made public that Jason was Jake's father, Jason said he couldn't put his son at risk.

Sam explained that she had frozen when she had seen Jake being kidnapped and had been afraid to tell Jason what had happened. Jason didn't really believe her. Sam realized that it was over between them. She told him he was a sucker for believing that Liz could do no wrong and that Liz was trying to protect herself from the truth. That would ruin her marriage, and everyone would find out she had slept with Jason. Sam looked at Jason and told him that she couldn't believe she had ever loved him.

Meanwhile, Amelia ran into Liz and Lucky in the park with the children. She told them that she believed it was over between Sam and Jason. Amelia said she felt bad for Jason because he was locked up in prison on murder charges after he had found the baby, and he had probably lost Sam for good. Lucky got defensive about Jason's prison stay and asked Amelia why she cared what happened to Jason, since Sam would be free to work on Everyday Heroes and not be connected to Jason anymore.

Amelia told Lucky that she was able to separate her personal opinions from her professional work. Lucky reminded her that Jason was in prison on murder charges. Amelia left them alone. Sam showed up at the park and found Liz and Lucky with the children. She didn't pretend to act nice in front of them and told them that she had broken up with Jason and that it was only a matter of time before Lucky found out how much of a liar his wife was. Lucky asked her what she was talking about.

Sam didn't tell Lucky the truth about Jake but accused Liz of being in love with Jason and visiting him in prison any chance she got. Liz tried to cut Sam some slack because Sam and Jason had just broken up and Sam was probably bitter. Liz tried to tell Sam that she wasn't in love with Jason and that they were just friends. Sam didn't believe her and walked off. Lucky said something cryptic and walked away. He returned shortly afterwards and found that Liz was ready to leave the park.

Lucky surprised Liz when he told her he had made arrangements for her to visit Jason in prison if she wanted to. He said that he had seen how bitter and insecure Sam was and didn't want to be that way. Liz told him she loved him and that what Sam had said wasn't true; she was not in love with Jason. Lucky believed her, and they kissed.

Sam headed back to the television studio and found Amelia talking to the crew. Sam dismissed the crew and told them she needed to talk to Amelia alone. She told them to take their lunch breaks early. The members of the crew left the studio. Amelia asked what Sam wanted, since Sam had already delayed the shooting of the episodes with her personal problems. Sam said that things were going to change around the studio and that she wasn't going to let Amelia use Jason to threaten her anymore.

Sam told Amelia that she had broken up with Jason -- not the other way around. Amelia still tried to use the fact that Sam had witnessed the kidnapping and done nothing about it against Sam, but Sam said Amelia might want to rethink that because if the public learned that Jason was Jake's father, Jason would not be happy. Sam told Amelia that she wouldn't want to make Jason angry. Amelia backed off and said that they could still work together professionally. Sam said she had plans for the show.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Robin, Patrick, and Noah emerged from surgery, exhausted. Anna approached and told Noah she had less than an hour to transform him into a rock star. Noah didn't want to go, but Anna told him the party was a perfect time to try on their gig and see if it would work. Noah wanted to just tell everyone Eli was sick, but Robin told him he wouldn't win an argument with her mom. He agreed, and Anna got to work. Patrick talked to Robin about his dad's alcoholism. He was worried that acting like Eli Love would sabotage Noah's sobriety.

Sonny went to Pentonville to visit Jason. Jason wanted to know if Sonny had been watching out for Jake. Sonny told Jason about Sam confronting the Spencers at the park. Jason told Sonny about the breakup and said he was worried that Sam would tell Lucky that Lucky was not Jake's father. Sonny thought that might not be a bad idea. Jason didn't want to talk about the issue at that moment.

Sonny told Jason that Diane was working on a transfer for Jason. Jason said he didn't regret working for Sonny, but he was definitely paying the price. He said the price was not being in jail; the price was not being able to have his son.

Meanwhile, Carly and her staff prepared for Eli Love's party at the Metro Court. Jerry approached, which scared off her manager. Carly told Jerry to leave her staff alone. She'd changed her mind. She wanted to forget Jason for the time being and just get Jax home. Jerry said Jax would be flattered. He couldn't do anything about getting Jax back, though. He told her to be patient.

Kate's boss showed up at the Metro Court with his new girlfriend, Nina. The bartender asked if he and his daughter would like a drink. They laughed. Nina excused herself to change her shoes. The bartender apologized, but Kate's boss blew it off and said after his last divorce, he just hadn't been able to date. He revealed he'd found some pills that made it hard for his girlfriends to keep up with him, though.

Kate showed up, and the two decided to talk business until Nina returned. Kate had a bad headache but turned down her boss's suggestion of ibuprofen. When he went to check on Nina, she changed her mind and found pills in his jacket pocket. A few hours later, Sonny returned and found Kate trying to cool herself off with ice cubes from his bar. She said she was there to talk about the museum, but she couldn't stop rambling about how good he looked and how amazing his lips were. Sonny thought she was wasted, but she told him she was not drunk. She kissed him.

Lulu ran into Kelly's and found Liz making arrangements to see Jason at Pentonville. Liz canceled her appointment and abruptly got off the phone. Lulu said Liz should go see Jason. Liz was confused.

Lulu told Liz that Jason was probably lonely and needed friends. She knew Liz was friends with him, especially since Jason had saved Jake. Liz said she had to think about Lucky, too, though. After Liz left, Lulu talked to Logan about Liz and Lucky's marriage. She said the two of them were so in love, if they couldn't make it, then she had no chance.

Meanwhile, Cody, an Iraq vet, was watching from the window outside. When Lucky walked in, Lulu told him that Liz had gone to see Jason. He said he knew, because he had arranged it. She was surprised. Lucky told her that he was not happy about it, but he couldn't stop Liz from seeing Jason when Lucky had everything and Jason had nothing.

After Lucky left, Logan told Lulu that he needed to have his wound looked at again. She told him that she hadn't signed on to be his personal nurse. He stormed out but didn't go far. Cody pushed him up against a wall and poked at his wound. Lulu walked out and told Cody to stay away from Logan.

Liz finally got to Pentonville and told Jason that Lucky had arranged their visit. She explained that she wanted to visit him because of everything he'd done for her and Jake, unless he didn't want her to visit. He said he did want her to visit. She pulled out pictures of Jake to give to Jason. They looked at how blue his eyes were. She said they got bluer everyday. She wondered if other people would make the connection.

Liz asked if it was harder for Jason when she visited. He said he could be in there forever, so it might not be good on her family for her to keep visiting. She reminded him how he had once said it would be easier for him to pretend that Jake wasn't his. He agreed and said that it would kill him to pretend that Jake wasn't his son. Just having pictures of him made things better.

Liz wiped a tear away. Jason changed the subject and asked Liz about Sam at the park the previous day. Liz warned him that she was worried if Ric put Sam on the stand, she might say something incriminating against Jason.

Amelia showed up at Jason's penthouse and told Sam that the network wanted her to go to Eli Love's party. Sam said she was busy. Amelia noticed that Sam was packing and asked if Jason couldn't wait to kick her out. Sam started talking about how Liz was a coward until she found her baby's blanket in a box. She said that she would be heartbroken if she weren't so mad.

Amelia left, and Lucky showed up. Sam apologized for her behavior at the park. She said that he and his children shouldn't have been subjected to that. He said he knew that Liz didn't love Jason, but he wanted to know if Jason loved Liz.

At Eli Love's party, Robin and Patrick ordered drinks and found a seat. A man walked up to Patrick and claimed to know him. He thought Patrick was someone famous. They blew him off, and in walked Anna and "Eli." Patrick was surprised at how well his dad was doing at fooling everyone.

Robin pulled her mother aside to remind her that Noah was not Eli and that he was a recovering alcoholic. Anna said they were going to give the people what they wanted. While Kate's boss and his girlfriend talked to Eli about backstage passes, Anna served Eli his drink of choice for a toast -- vodka.

At the party, an old hippie gentleman approached and flirted with Alexis. Jerry saved her and apologized to his wife for leaving her. He invited her back to his room. Meanwhile, Carly was inside his room and had just found a phone ringing. She was forced to duck behind a couch when Alexis and Jerry arrived.

Alexis tried to tell Jerry that it was not right for her to be in her client's private room, but Jerry told her no one would find out if it were private. He asked her what she was afraid of and sat down in the chair behind which Carly hid.

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