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Monday, August 6, 2007

While still in the courtroom, after everyone has left, Ric talks to Sonny and tells him to admit that he ordered Jason to make the hit on Alcazar. Ric tells Sonny that he knows the truth. Sonny says that Ric is mistaken but that he would do anything for Jason because he considers him the brother he never had. Later, Ric visits Jason and offers him a plea bargain. Jason informs him that he will not give him what he wants and turns it down.

Sam visits Jason and tells him to admit the truth about Jake once and for all, or she will and Jason reminds her that he will turn her in for being an accessory to Jake's kidnapping if she says anything. Sam says that Lucky deserves to know the truth and that although Maureen was crazy with grief she would have been a better mother than Liz. Jason tells Sam that she likes to believe that Liz is a horrible person but that is not true and that she is having a difficult time with everything as well. Sam tells him that he deserves every bit of pain that he has because he caused it himself.

Once back home, Lucky asks Liz if Jason really is Jake's father and Liz says no. He asks her for details regarding her affair with Jason and she fills him in on everything that happened. He asks her if she is in love with Jason and she says no. She apologizes to Lucky for hurting him but also admits that she doesn't regret her night with Jason, because it helped her realize where she belongs and that's with him. Later, while Liz is gone, Sam goes to the Spencer house. She apologizes to Lucky. When Lucky inquires as to why, since she was cheated on as well, she tells him that she knew about Jason and Liz and didn't tell him.

Emily goes to visit Jason. She tells him about the media coverage of the trial and of Liz's testimony. She tells Jason she is sorry she has visited, that she has been extremely busy with school and the hospital. She arrives in her scrubs, so it is obvious to Jason who tells her that he understands. She tells him that she knows he will get through this and that she needs him. She also tells him that she knows Alan would be there supporting him as well. Later, Liz also visits Jason. She tells him that she lied to Lucky again about Jake. Jason apologizes to her for having to go through everything at the trial and she says she would do it all over again if it meant he could go free.

Kate talks to her assistant and tells her about watching Sonny's children. She admits that she had fun with them. Later Michael comes over to her house yelling for help. He says that Morgan is drowning. Kate goes to the pond where he is and helps him; Michael is clearly impressed. Once back at the house, Sonny comes in and realizes that she has saved Morgan. He thanks her and takes the boys home. When he returns to check on Kate, he notices that she doesn't look well and when he asks if she is okay, she passes out.

Lulu and Logan dry off after the rain and try to salvage their date. Logan confides in Lulu that he decided to take her camping so that they could spend some time alone together. After some conversation and some s'mores, Lulu kisses him.

Patrick and Robin observe Noah acting differently. While they agree that it would be difficult to accept their parents in a relationship, Patrick admits that his father has seemed happy. Later, Robin goes to visit Anna and walks in on something obviously surprising.

Carly yells at Jerry for kissing her and then proceeds to slap him to try to snap him out of his delirium. She realizes that his wound is infected and tells him that she will help him. She leaves to go get some supplies. When she returns, she tends to Jerry and sutures up his wound. When she is finished, someone barges into the hotel room and starts shooting at them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Robin and Patrick walk in on Noah and Anna in an embrace. The couple gives their parents the third degree about their budding relationship. Robin tells them it's not good to mix business and pleasure, and Noah accuses them of doing the same thing. Noah appears uncomfortable as he sees a vodka advertisement on the table. Robin sends the men away to talk with her mother. Anna denies any feelings for Noah. Robin tells her that she is a danger junkie who is getting a rush transforming Noah to Eli.

As Carly accuses Jerry of faking his delirium to get to her, a gunman shoots his way into their room. He tells them they are asking too many questions about Lorenzo Alcazar and that somebody wants to see them. Jerry overpowers the gunman and stabs him dead. Carly calls the police and gives them her account of the story. When they ask her who would want to kill her, she gives them Lorenzo's name. She explains that Jerry is her bodyguard, and that she is there to prove Lorenzo is alive. People in the States think he is dead and an innocent man is on trial for the murder. She claims to have seen him in Caracas. The police buy the story and acknowledge that Jerry killed the man in self-defense. Jerry is impressed with Carly's performance.

Sonny calls an ambulance for an unconscious Kate. At the hospital, Sonny tells them that she cannot swim. He speculates there is something toxic in the water, and the doctor finds a poisonous snake bite on Kate's leg. Sonny is anxious for the medical team to treat her immediately, but the doctor warns that the wrong antidote could kill her. Alone Epiphany picks up that Sonny and Kate have a history. He tells her about their times at Coney Island, when Kate would only go ankle deep in the water. He is amazed that despite her inability to swim, she had no hesitation jumping in the pond to save Morgan. Epiphany comments that this may be someone worth getting to know again. Kate wakes up confused, and Sonny explains what happened. When she questions if it's a sign she should move back to Port Charles, Sonny tells her that he does not want her to go. She admits that she never learned how to swim, and he expresses his gratitude. He starts to tell her a story about when they broke up, but sees that she is asleep. He stays by her side.

While visiting Jason in jail, Jason asks Liz what she wants. Liz explains that she still thinks Jake is safer with Lucky than with him. She also does not want to risk Lucky relapsing and going back to popping pills. He asks her what she would do if Lucky left and she tells him that she would raise the boys on her own. He questions if that is what she really wants.


Lucky questions Sam about how long she knew about Liz and Jason. Sam recounts the circumstances around that fateful night the previous summer. She further explains how Liz asked Sam to keep quiet about it so that Lucky would not find out. He asks Sam if she believes Liz when she insists that she only loves Lucky. Sam doesn't give him a straight answer, and tells him that she questions a lot of things that Jason told her as well as his unexplained absences. Liz comes home and asks Sam to leave. Lucky defends Sam, and Sam apologizes to Lucky before taking her leave. Liz tells him that Sam only intended to make things worse with them. When she admits to having visited Jason, he walks out.

Patrick tells Noah that he is getting carried away with the Eli Love gig, and accuses him on drinking again. He tells Patrick that he would be crazy to start drinking again, and that he feels better than he has in years. He is happy to have female attention. When Patrick asks what happens to Anna when the concert is over, Noah tells him that their lives are incompatible.

Diane warns Jason that Ric might seek a paternity test. They discuss the case, and Diane reminds Jason that Ric did serious damage to their argument by showing the video of Jason defending himself against the men who tried to take his life. She tells him that a plea bargain may be their only option, as she cannot guarantee him an acquittal.

Patrick and Robin speculate over Noah and Anna, and agree not to take sides. They start to make love, but she turns him down because she is worried about her mother. In the meantime, Anna get a visit from Noah. They talk about the accusations of their children, and end up in a passionate kiss. Anna pulls away when things heat up, as she cannot stop thinking about Robin's warnings. Noah appears disappointed when she tells him she will call him tomorrow.

As Carly tends to Jerry's wounds, Jerry warns her that she may need a real bodyguard for what is to come next.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lulu is surprised when she comes down for breakfast and Edward, Monica and Alice have a muffin waiting for her with a candle on top for her birthday. She didn't think anyone remembered. They were planning a birthday party, but they cancelled it due to what was unveiled in court the previous few days. They didn't think Lucky would be in the mood to celebrate. They break her bubble by asking if there's any chance Jake could be Jason's son. She denies it, but they are still hopeful of another heir. She tells them that Liz wouldn't lie on the stand.

Carly is upset when Jerry tells her they are going to the bank today. She didn't come all this way just to steal Lorenzo's money. He says he needs to know if Lorenzo is actually alive or not. His bank accounts will tell them that by the shifting of funds. When they get back to the hotel, Carly is upset that no one gave them any information and they might be in trouble now. True to her comments, a bank official comes to the hotel door and tells them he's going to contact the police about them trying to access Mr. Alcazar's accounts. Carly and Jerry tell him that Alcazar faked his own death and can not be there to access his funds personally. The bank official says he's under strict orders not to do anything unless he speaks to Mr. Alcazar. Jerry says he was supposed to call him anyway and dials his phone. He speaks in Spanish to someone and then hands the phone over.

Liz tells Lucky that she's being called as a witness again today. He wants to know if he has to go, too. He asks if there's any other secrets he needs to know about. She tells him no, and he decides to stay home with the kids. After she leaves, he smashes their wedding picture. Sam rings the doorbell and he answers the door. He asks if she waited until Liz left, and she says yes. She didn't feel like explaining why he invited her over. She asks him what he wants to know. He asks again if Liz is the reason why she and Jason broke up. She says yes. The secret Liz asked him to keep was too much for their relationship. Sam says it's partly her fault for sleeping with Ric, but Lucky doesn't buy that. She points out that Liz wouldn't have slept with Jason if he hadn't slept with Maxie. Lucky tells her basically that two wrongs don't make a right. He says it would be a lot different if that little boy upstairs weren't his. She asks him if he would leave Liz if Jake wasn't his son.

Diane tells Jason that she's going to call Liz to the stand. She wants to try to regain some ground after Ric's cross-examination yesterday. Jason is against Liz going back to the stand. She went through enough already. Liz comes in and tells Jason that Diane wanted her to reassure him about her wanting to testify for him today. She wants to try to help him after yesterday. He needs to be selfish for once in his life. All that matters is getting him out. When Liz takes the stand, Diane uses Liz's testimony to point out Ric's goal of revenge on Sonny. Ric then cross-examines Liz and asks if she was married when she slept with Jason. She says yes. He asks if she lied to her husband, and she replies yes.

Skye is sworn in to testify and after all the questions are said and done, Ric makes a valid point by asking if Alcazar would have knowingly abandoned his child. She replies that he would not.

Next, a criminalist is brought to the stand. Ric plays the tape recording of Alcazar saying "Morgan" and then a gun shot being heard. The criminalist verifies that testing indicates the sound was a 9mm gunshot.

Patrick walks in the hospital yelling about a lost file. Epiphany has it and tells him if he's nice she'll give it back to him. Robin walks in and through conversation with Patrick; it is revealed that Patrick's bad mood is due to Robin not sleeping with him. She's sickened by their parent's hook up. Noah walks up and tells them that Anna bailed on him. He's mad and tells Robin that it's her fault that Anna is not returning his calls. Patrick stands up for Robin, which surprises her. After Noah leaves, she asks Patrick why he stood up for her. Epiphany butts in and says that Patrick is trying to make up for lost time.

Noah goes to the bar to have a drink. Bobbie walks up and asks if it's him or Eli. He reveals that he is Noah. She questions his drink, but he tells her it is club soda. She wonders if he can make it through the Eli Love impersonation without losing his sobriety. After Bobbie leaves, another man approaches Noah and thanks him for his impersonation. He is saving Eli's life and also continuing to raise money for charity by impersonating the rock star. As they talk, they are both served alcoholic drinks. Noah takes a long drink. Noah goes back to the hospital where Patrick greets him with information about a surgery they need to do on a pregnant patient. He wants his dad to scrub in with him. Patrick is surprised but pleased when his father declines and tells him he can handle it himself.

At Shadybrook, Tracy is upset that she can't spend Lulu's birthday with her. Logan shows up and asks Tracy for permission to date Lulu. Tracy tells him it is a decade long fight between the Spencer's and Ballwin's. She doesn't want Lulu to get involved. Lulu shows up and asks what Logan is doing there. Tracy tells her he is hitting her up for money. Lulu asks Logan what he's doing, and he tells her the truth. He's asking Tracy for permission to date her. She tells him he's wasting his time. Tracy is thrilled until Lulu tells Logan that she doesn't need Tracy's permission to date him. They leave together. Edward shows up and wants to know why Tracy asked to see him. She wants out to be with Lulu. He thinks she just wants out to run ELQ. Edward tells her that she failed at raising her own children. She's just worried that there will be hell to pay when Luke comes back. Lulu and Logan go back to his place. He's got it all decked out with balloons for her and he bought her a cake. She opens her present from him and it's a charm bracelet. He thought they could add charms as they go. She gets emotional and tells him it's the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for her.

Liz arrives home and hears Lucky playing with the kids. She walks in and Sam is holding Jake, while Lucky plays with Cameron.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lulu backs away from Logan when there kissing gets hot and heavy in his apartment. She tells him that she can't get any more involved with him and that she can't make love to him. Logan tries to understand what made her withdraw from him. Lulu opens up to him and tells him about last summer when she slept with Dillon and got pregnant by accident and had an abortion. She tells him that she couldn't forgive herself for what happened and doesn't want to go through the complications of sex and a relationship with someone again. Logan tells her that he understands why she is scared of getting sexually involved with another man again after what she went through but that she can't shut herself off from how she feels. Lulu thanks him for what he did for her birthday but has to leave. She finds Georgie at Kelly's and offers to take over the rest of her shift for her. Georgie reminds her that it is her birthday and she should be celebrating it. Lulu tells her that birthdays aren't really big for her but ends up telling her about her time with Logan and how she couldn't have sex with him even though she wanted to and tells her she is afraid to get involved with anyone sexually again.

Liz comes home to find Lucky playing with Cameron while Sam is holding Jake in her arms and playing with him. Lucky tells her he didn't expect her home so quickly. Liz is very dismayed to find Sam in her living room holding her son. Lucky explains that Jake woke up while he was busy with Cameron and offered to stay and help out by feeding the baby a bottle. Liz acts very territorial about Jake and takes him out of Sam's arms. Sam just watches amusingly. Lucky asks Liz what she had to say on the stand again. Liz tells him that it wasn't anything new and that Diane wanted to ask her a few things about her marriage to Ric. Liz tries to avoid answering Lucky's questions. Sam picks up on that and decides to have a little fun with her discomfort by pointing out that after what happened, Lucky has a right to know what she said on the stand. Liz explains to him that Diane just asked her about Ric and that she told the court about Ric's hatred of Jason. Lucky makes a comment about how it is already getting around town that she slept with Jason and that he was just wondering if there was anything else she said on the stand that would affect him. He heads upstairs which leaves Sam alone with Liz. Sam tells Liz that she should be more understanding about how Lucky must feel and how he has good reason to be suspicious of her since she lied to him for so long. Later, they have another run in at the courthouse. Liz grabs Sam by the arm as she tries to walk by her without speaking to her. Sam tells her to keep her hands off of her. Liz tells her that she wants her to stay away from her children and her husband. Sam accuses Liz of hanging around the courthouse hoping to see Jason and show her love for him. Liz accuses Sam of hoping that Jason gets found guilty of murder because she is spiteful and wants revenge. Later, Liz asks Alexis to meet with her at Kelly's. Alexis asks her what she can do for her. Liz asks Alexis if she can get Sam to back off and accuses Sam of trying to cause trouble for her because she blames her for the breakup with Jason. Alexis asks her what she thinks she can do concerning Sam. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at Lucky's house again and apologizes for showing up unannounced but she thinks she may have left her cell-phone there. Lucky lets her inside to look. Sam looks behind the couch cushions and finds her phone inside the cushions and grabs it. She ends up standing up to find Lucky standing very close to her and it doesn't look like he is trying to back away anytime soon.

Epiphany gets upset with one of the hospital attendants when he wheels around a cart of dresses that he plans to bring to Kate's hospital room at her request. Epiphany follows him to Kate's hospital room. Kate asks him to change the stale water in her water pitcher with the bottled water across the room. Epiphany orders the attendant to go to radiology right now. The attendant scurries off. Epiphany reminds Kate that this is a hospital and that their job is to take care of sick patients not to run errands for her. Kate tells her that she is in the hospital as a patient and deserves some care. She also tells Epiphany that she is trying to work on her fashion magazine while in the hospital. Epiphany is not impressed with her at all and tells her she doesn't care about high fashion. Kate offers to leave a free copy of her magazine to look at and hopes she may learn something. Epiphany tells her off for treating the staff as if they work for her. Sonny comes in the room just as Epiphany tells Kate that she can't be discharged until a responsible adult comes and takes her home. Sonny tells Epiphany that he is the responsible adult who is there to take Kate home. Epiphany storms off. Sonny reminds Kate that the staff members at the hospital aren't her servants and she can't boss them around. Kate asks him if he is taking her to her home or his. Later, Sonny ends up literally carrying her into his living room and sits her down on the couch. Kate tells him that she could walk into the room without his help. Sonny tells her that he appreciates what she did by saving Morgan's life in the pond the other day and that he just wanted to show his appreciation by taking care of her and seeing she got home o.k. Kate finds herself feeling closer to Sonny. Max shows up in the living room with Morgan, who is holding a small bouquet of flowers for Kate. Morgan goes over to Kate and thanks her for saving his life and hands her the bouquet. Morgan surprises her when he comes closer and hugs her. Kate thanks him for the flowers and is touched by his show of affection towards her. Alexis shows up and watches Morgan hugging Kate and is touched by what she sees. She tells Sonny she has some forms for him to sign so that Kristina can go to summer camp. Alexis is pleased to see Kate with Sonny and makes a remark to Kate that she would make a great mother and should consider having children someday. Kate tells her that she has never planned to have children because of her busy career and doesn't know if that will happen. Alexis makes some remark to Sonny about more stepchildren in the family before she leaves. Kate suddenly withdraws from Sonny after Alexis' comment. She tells him that she can't get involved with him and start trying to live in the past again. Sonny tells her that he thinks she is afraid to let herself be more like "Connie" again and let go of some of that control. Kate tells him she needs to go back to Manhattan and plans to sell her house again. Sonny kisses her but she backs away and tells him she can't do this and leaves.

Skye hangs around outside of the courtroom in case Ric calls her back to the stand to testify against Jason. Sonny shows up and asks her what she is doing there. Skye tells him that Ric may ask her to get back on the stand again to testify and warns Sonny that she could very well testify that she saw Jason kill Alcazar if he doesn't back off and leave her alone. Sonny tells her he doesn't like to be threatened and reminds her that Jason wouldn't be in the situation he is in if they were able to kill Alcazar when they wanted to. He reminds her that she begged them to let Alcazar live until she got her baby back. Skye tells him that she doesn't like to be threatened anymore than he does and plans to testify that she didn't see Jason kill Alcazar. Meanwhile, in the courtroom Ric asks the judge if he can replay the tape of Alcazar saying Jason's last name and the sound of what seems like a silencer going off and a sound of someone dropping to the floor. The judge allows it but warns Ric to move on with his questioning. They replay the tape. Later, Ric questions Amelia on the stand about the incident when some men associated with Alcazar came into the television studio and shot at Sam, Jason, and herself. She tells the jury that Jason saved her life twice. Ric questions Amelia about her objectivity concerning Jason which makes Diane, Jason's lawyer laugh in disbelief while she is objecting since it looks like Ric is interrogating his own witness. Amelia tells the court what happened that day. Amelia's testimony unfortunately makes Jason look even more like a hitman. Later, Skye gets on the stand again to testify about Alcazar's lifestyle. Skye is very calm and tells the court that Alcazar never told her about his business and would leave town without telling her where he was going and what he was doing. Diane cross-examines her and asks her if it would be normal for him to disappear and not tell her like the night in question. Skye tells her that she wouldn't be surprised. Diane also asks her about an incident in the past when Alcazar hired a woman to look like Sonny's late wife during a vulnerable time in his life so it would drive him crazy on purpose. Skye admits that it happened. Ric objects to Diane's questioning stating that it is irrelevant to the case. The judge overrules Ric and allows it. Diane paints a picture of Alcazar as being someone who isn't above underhanded tactics to get revenge on his enemies. Diane asks Skye if it is possible that Alcazar would be capable of going so far as to say Jason's last name and shoot a gun off with a silencer and fall to the floor while recording it to make it look like Jason killed him. Skye tells her it is very possible. Ric plans to redirect his questioning of Skye. He asks her about that night again and insinuates that she may have been involved with Alcazar's murder. Skye vehemently denies having anything to do with Alcazar's death. Ric apologizes for accusing her but is pleased that he got a heated response from her and got her to admit that it was possible that Alcazar was murdered. Meanwhile, Carly is in disbelief when she hears Alcazar's voice over the phone while the banker is there. She plays along with Jerry's plan and talks to "Alcazar" over the phone about a money transfer. The banker believes that Alcazar is alive and agrees to the money transfer. After the banker leaves, Carly throws something at Jerry and accuses him of conspiring with Alcazar while Jason is back home on trial for murder. Jerry explains to her that Alcazar is dead and as far as he is concerned Jason killed him. He tells her that he has been working with some of Alcazar's associates and that the voice over the phone is one of his collaborators who is able to do impressions of people's voices. Carly suggests that the man should call Ric over the phone and pretend to be Alcazar so that Ric will think Alcazar is alive and they will have reasonable doubt for Jason to be exonerated. Jerry explains that they can't do that because the man's voice will not withstand under any scrutiny like voice analysis. Carly asks Jerry what they need to do now. Jerry tells her they need to go to Alcazar's compound. Back in the courtroom, Ric calls an unknown man to the stand. The man testifies in court that he works as a gardener in the neighborhood where Alcazar lived. He surprises everyone in court including Jason when he claims he saw Jason outside Alcazar's home and that he was putting a body inside a dark SUV.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Diane does her best to discredit Ric's "eyewitness," who claims he saw Jason putting Alcazar's dead body in the back of an SUV. Diane makes a stunning announcement which could change the course of Jason's trial. Carly accuses Jerry of never intending to help her exonerate Jason, and believes the entire trip has been a set up to get closer to her. Spinelli tries to keep a brave face when Lulu admits she's ready to sleep with Logan. Coop walks in on Logan and Maxie in a hot clinch. Sam plays on Lucky's sympathies as she continues to work him. Alexis warns Sam not to do anything she might come to regret. Nikolas stops Lucky's harsh tirade against Liz, but has little sympathy for Liz himself. Spinelli is shaken to his core when Sonny puts the fear of God in him. Kate prepares to run from Port Charles, but is really trying to run away from her feelings for Sonny. Mac puts a stop to Kate's plans in a surprising way.

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