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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on GH
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Coop walks into Logan's and catches him in a kiss with Maxie. She lies and tells him that Logan came onto her. Logan tries to tell Coop the truth but he doesn't listen. Later, Coop returns to Logan's place and warns him to stay away from Maxie. Logan agrees and asks Coop not to tell Lulu what happened.

Lulu tells a crushed Spinelli that she is getting closer to Logan. He tries to lie to her and tells her that she cannot be with Logan because when he was digging up dirt on Logan, he discovered that they both have the same mother, making them half-siblings. Lulu realizes he is bluffing and calls him on it. Spinelli admits that he is lying. Later, Spinelli overhears a heated discussion between Maxie and Coop about the kiss she shared with Logan, and when he tries to share this news with Lulu, she accuses him of lying again and doesn't believe him. She becomes angry with him and says that he will risk losing their friendship if he continues to be dishonest.

Mac arrives at Kate's apartment and arrests her for hit and run. He tells her he is aware of her prior arrest for reckless driving. He takes Kate out through the front doors of Metro Court amongst reporters. Sonny tells her he will meet her at the PCPD. Once there, she tells him about her driving record. She then proceeds to blame him for her most recent accident, saying that it was after they kissed and had he not kissed her, she would not have been flustered and unable to drive. When Kate's lawyer fails to show up at the police station, Mac takes her down to be processed and tells her she will be spending the night in lockup.

Liz and Nikolas discuss the situation regarding Lucky and Nikolas tells her that Lucky has every right to be angry because she lied to him over and over again. He also says that she needs to give Lucky time to forgive her and don't force him to do it on her time-table. He uses Maxie as an example and says her feelings would be the same if Lucky was still visiting Maxie. Liz says the circumstances are completely different, but also goes on to say she will do whatever it takes to keep her family together.

Sam and Lucky meet and she tells him about Liz's conversation with Alexis, asking her to keep Sam away from Lucky. Later, when Lucky gets home, he confronts Liz about this information. He tells her she has no right to dictate who he sees. She tells him how much Sam hates her and Lucky says that she has every right to. Nikolas later meets with Sam and suggests that she stay away from Lucky and Liz. He accuses her of possibly using Lucky as revenge against Liz.

Jerry and Carly show up at the courthouse and Jerry manages to get them into the courtroom. Diane has just announced that there is proof Alcazar is alive and requests that the charges against Jason be dropped. The judge orders a recess to review the evidence and allows it to be submitted but orders that the trial continue. After an outburst in the courtroom by Carly, Ric asks the judge to allow the evidence to be presented to the jury so that he can refute it. Diane presents bank statements and pictures of Alcazar from only days prior. The judge orders an adjournment until the next day so the jury can review all the evidence.

Once the case is adjourned, Jason tells Carly he is angry at her for taking a risk with Jerry but admits that he is lucky to have her in his life helping him. Diane thanks Jerry for helping with the case and suggests that if he has anything else they can use, now would be a good time to use it. He tells her that he is aware of a specific time that Alcazar will be withdrawing money from the bank.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sonny goes to see Kate in jail, and appears disgusted that she bribed a guard into giving her a cell phone so she can conduct business. Kate appears to be indifferent about the fact she has now been involved in two hit and runs accidents. Sonny tries to bring her down to earth, and warns her to brace herself for the people out there who are ready to knock her down. Kate's lawyer is delayed, but Sonny is able to get Kate released into his custody. She refuses to be seen with Sonny when she realizes there are a group of reporters waiting outside the police headquarters. Sonny sees two hookers being escorted to jail and gets an idea. Later, Sonny and Kate arrive at Sonny's, with Kate dressed as a hooker. She is disgusted by the clothes she is wearing, and quickly changes. Sonny tells her that she should not expect to get off easy on these charges, and that she could do some jail time. She goes to leave Sonny's, but Sonny encourages her to stay. He doesn't think that she should be alone when the reality of her situation hits her. She continues to be in denial, until she suddenly realizes she could lose everything. Sonny comforts her as she starts to crack.

Patrick is annoyed when Robin spurns him again. He senses something is wrong and presses her for an answer as she leaves for work. They continue to bicker at the hospital until she finally admits she thinks she is pregnant.

Distraught over Lulu, Spinelli goes to see Jason in jail. He explains the situation to Jason, and asks for his help. Jason tells him to just be there for her. Using Carly as an example, he tells Spinelli that sometimes friends will do self-destructive things, and all you can do is sit back and watch. He is sympathetic, and reminds Spinelli that no matter what, he has Lulu's trust, and without trust there is nothing.

At the hotel, Carly thanks Jerry for his help in Venezuela. They are interrupted by Lulu, who needs Carly's advice. Jerry indicates that seeking advice from Carly is a wise choice. She explains her romantic woes to Carly- how she cares for Spinelli as a friend, but has no chemistry with him. Despite the warnings of Spinelli, and despite their rocky start, Lulu is drawn to Logan. Carly reminds her that you can't help who you are attracted to, and that she needs to do what she wants to. She also tells her that a friend like Spinelli is worth holding on to. She makes a comparison which Lulu recognizes as Jason and Sonny. She asks Carly where that leaves Jax. She tells Lulu about the good things about Jax, and why he is worth waiting for. Spinelli arrives at the hotel to speak with Lulu. After Carly leaves, he apologizes for upsetting Lulu. She forgives him, and tells him they are still friends.

A beaten up Jax overpowers the thugs holding him captive, only to be held at gunpoint by Irina. She questions why he would try to escape when he was just starting to enjoy himself. He reminds Irina he only agreed to do sleep with her to keep Carly alive. She tries to seduce him. When he pushes her away, she threatens Michael and Morgan. He gives in.

Rick summons Sam to the courthouse and offers to recall her to the stand. He encourages her to remember anything Jason may have said about wanting to kill Alcazar. She appears ready to take the opportunity for revenge. On the stand however, Sam testifies that she has no recollection of Jason ever making arrangements to kill anyone. Diane tells Jason that she owes Sam for that one.

Jerry is seen giving orders for someone to keep looking for Jax. Carly approaches him and tells him that since they have now settled their differences it is time to bring Jax home. When Jerry stalls, she realizes that he does not know where Jax is. Carly gets a call about Jax. It is Irina, who tells her that she just slept with Jax.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Patrick is shocked to learn that Robin thinks she may be pregnant. They used protection. How could this happen? Robin is upset that Patrick is acting like his bachelor life will be ruined by a child. As they argue, everyone at the hospital becomes aware of Robin's possible pregnancy. She decides to leave work and go home to take the pregnancy test. Patrick goes home with her and tells her that he hasn't had time to adjust to the news. He's not sure how he will handle being a parent. Kids make him nervous. When the time is up on the test, Robin checks it and says she is not pregnant. They are relieved.

Lulu tries to leave the house, but Edward stops her. She's been out every night. Logan shows up and tells them all that he wants to date Lulu. He is doing the mature thing and asking their permission. He knows that his dad is scum, but he doesn't intend to end up like Scott. Monica is worried because of Logan's affiliation with Sonny. Her son worked for Sonny and now he's on trial for murder. They bring up Carly's life and how she had to fight to get out of her relationship with Sonny. Lulu ends the conversation by telling Monica that she will date Logan if she wants to, regardless of what the Quartermaine's think. Lulu leaves and runs into Maxie at Kelly's. Maxie warns her to stay away from Cooper. Lulu tells her that Coop is just starting to get to know the real Maxie Jones.

Meanwhile, Scott shows up to see Tracy. She tells him she knows that he's setting up a trap with Lulu for Luke to come back. He's known all along that Logan is his son. Scott agrees to put this to rest and take a paternity test. Logan shows up and asks what is going on. He doesn't want his dad to take a paternity test. He could care less if he's his real father or not. Lulu also shows up. When Logan tells her what's going on, she questions what he really wants.

Carly asks the caller on the phone who she is. Arina gives her the name and tells her she just had sex with her husband. Carly is upset. She asks to speak with Jax, but Arina doesn't let her and hangs up on her. Jerry asks who Carly was talking to and Carly tells him it was his ex-girlfriend, the one who was supposed to be dead. Jerry tells her that Arina is a common name over there, but Carly doesn't fall for it. Carly knows that Jerry lost Jax. After Jerry leaves, Carly asks Marty to dial back the number on the caller ID. She doesn't get an answer, but Arina knows it's either Jerry or Carly calling back.

Back in court, Diane cross-examines the coroner about whether or not he can say if a crime has been committed without a body. Next, Mac gets on the stand. She asks him if it's possible that Ric's personal vendetta against Sonny could be the reason why Jason has been arrested 32 separate times but never convicted. Next, a man from the bank gets on the stand and says that no one except Alcazar could have withdrawn the money yesterday. Ric also cross-examines the witness and asks if it's possible the system could have been subverted. Finally, Amelia gets on the stand. She tells the jury that Ric asked to have a camera crew there when Jason was transferred back because he was confident he would get a conviction. He knew this could make or break his career. He wanted to document convicting Jason Morgan.

Meanwhile, Lucky sits with Sam at Kelly's. She tells him that it would have been easy to lie about Jason, but he truthfully never involved her in the business. Lucky asks her if she's still hoping to work things out with Jason. She tells him no. One night with Liz was more important to Jason than the 3 years she spent with him. Lucky asks if she really thinks it was only one night. She's not sure, but she knows he was emotionally unfaithful to her for years. Jason can do no wrong, but everyone is against her now. She doesn't like being played the fool, and he agrees.

Ric gives his closing arguments and reminds the jury that they heard the testimony of Lorenzo leaving without saying goodbye to his only child and the testimony of a man who actually witnessed Jason disposing of a body. Ric says there is no proof that Alcazar is actually alive. Jason has never been convicted of his previous crimes because he had good lawyers, like Diane. When Diane gives her closing argument, she tells the jury that Lorenzo is alive. Look at the facts. Jason has been arrested 32 times with no conviction. This is about deception and mind games by the prosecuting attorney. Find Jason Morgan not guilty.

While the jury deliberates, Epiphany offers to let Liz go home. She's not going to be any use there if she stays while waiting for Jason's verdict to come in. Amelia shows up and tells Liz that the jury has come back with a verdict. She thinks Liz should be there for him. She should take advantage of this opportunity or Sam will.

Jason is brought back into the courtroom. Diane tells Jason it may not be a good thing that the jury came back so soon. Ric walks over and tells Diane she gave up an impressive fight. She reminds him that he hasn't won yet. The jury comes in and the judge asks Jason to rise. We the jury...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Robin and Patrick return to work after learning that she isn't pregnant. They tell Epiphany about the results. Epiphany is just relieved that they can now go back to concentrating on their work again. Robin tries to pretend that she isn't disappointed in the results and tells Patrick that she isn't ready to be a parent right now the way their work schedules are right now and how they can't even agree on what furniture to buy, let alone decide on a baby. Patrick agrees with her since he isn't ready to be a parent either. Later, Robin consults with him about Eli Love's condition and how she is concerned he isn't making the progress he should be making after his surgery. Patrick isn't worried about his progress and disagrees with her about him needing more drug therapy. Robin continues to worry about Eli Love's condition. Patrick is more worried about how this effects his father since Noah will have to continue pretending to be Eli and that he will have to drink more alcohol. He worries that Anna's influence will hurt him more. Robin defends her mother's motives and thinks Anna will make sure he isn't drinking too much to get himself into trouble. Later, Robin suggests that they both check on Eli Love again and make sure everything is alright with him for the night. Patrick thinks he will be o.k. for the rest of the night since he checked on him already and everything is normal. Epiphany approaches them and tells Patrick that he has a consult to do in the E.R. right now. Patrick kisses Robin goodbye. Robin watches as he leaves. A couple gets off the elevator with their little girl. The little girl drops her stuffed animal as they are walking. Robin rushes over to pick it up and hands it to the little girl. The parents thank her since their daughter wouldn't go to sleep without it with her. Robin compliments them on how beautiful their daughter is. She can't help but have some yearning for a child herself.

Carly confronts Jerry about where Jax is now that she has shown she can trust him now. Jerry tries to evade her questions but she insists he tell her where to find Jax. She can tell by his body language that he doesn't know where he is. Carly gets upset with him for keeping the fact that he lost where Jax was a week ago and has no idea where he is now. Carly thinks that the woman she talked to on the phone is actually Irina since she has a Russian accent like her. Jerry doesn't believe Irina is alive because he saw her get shot in the head and she couldn't have survived it. Carly thinks Jerry lied about Irina to begin with. Jerry insists he told her the truth about what happened to him. Meanwhile, Jax surprises Irina by getting out of his restraints and grabs her by the throat. He tells her he plans to use her as a shield to escape. Irina tells him he will be killed before he tries to escape even if he plans to kill her. Jax opens the door and pushes her against one of the guards. However, the guard manages to shoot Jax before he can escape. Later, Irina comes in his room and watches him writhe in pain as she puts pressure on his wound to inflict pain. Jax agrees to deal with any sort of pain if it means he doesn't have to sleep with her again. Jerry argues with Carly about where Jax was last seen before he disappeared. Jerry tells Carly to stay in Port Charles and let him find Jax on his own because Jax wouldn't forgive him if anything happened to her while she was with him. Carly backs down for now and lets Jerry leave. She has Max follow Jerry and report back to her what he finds out. Max tells her that Jerry was heading to Istanbul. Carly thanks Max by hugging him, which pleases him very much since he still has a big crush on her. Carly makes plans to head to Istanbul also to find Jax. Max tries to stop her because Sonny wouldn't want her to risk her life by going to find Jax. Carly tells him to pretend he doesn't know anything so that Sonny won't be able to get mad at him. Max feels like he will get in trouble if she goes to find Jax and he didn't stop her. Carly encourages him to be quiet and not to tell Sonny where she is going. Meanwhile, Irina tells Jax that soon he will not have any more pain and won't care anymore because Jerry should be arriving soon and then she will kill him in front of Jerry anyway.

The verdict is read at Jason's trial. He is found not guilty. Ric watches in disbelief that he didn't get a conviction. Jason hugs his attorney, Diane and thanks her for all her help. Meanwhile, Liz and Sam come face to face outside the courtroom while waiting for the verdict to come in. Sam makes a snide remark about how Lucky wouldn't be too happy if he knew that his wife was waiting for Jason's verdict so she can be there in person. Liz tells her she is a friend who is there to support him. Sam thinks Liz is being insensitive to how Lucky feels and that he will be humiliated again by her being at the courthouse. Jason heads out of the courtroom and greets Liz. He hugs Liz in public and this catches the television news cameraman's eye and the press. Sam watches in disbelief as Jason hugs Liz and thanks her for her testimony in helping him get his acquittal. Liz tells him she is glad because she was afraid her testimony may have hurt him in court. Diane makes a statement to the press about Jason's acquittal in front of the cameras. Sam grabs Liz as she is walking away from the cameras and warns her that this doesn't mean things are over yet for her. Liz smugly walks away. Jason notices that Sam is in the courthouse and saw him hugging Liz. Meanwhile, Sonny calls Cooper into his office to ask him to help spring Jason out of jail if he is found guilty of murder. Cooper has doubts about being able to accomplish that since Mac wouldn't allow him to escort a prisoner as high-profile as Jason to prison. Sonny warns him that if he doesn't make it happen he will make sure everyone finds out that he was one of the men who held people hostage at the hotel. However, Spinelli comes bursting into his office to tell him that Jason was acquitted. Lulu comes into the office right after him and notices Cooper there and asks him what he is doing in Sonny's office. Sonny thinks quickly and yells at Cooper to never show up at his office without a warrant or to do Ric's bidding for him by harassing him or he won't make it past being a cadet. Cooper goes along with Sonny to keep his cover. Lulu and Spinelli buy it also. Spinelli tells Lulu the good news. She hugs Spinelli which pleases him greatly. She leaves Spinelli alone to talk to Sonny. Sonny listens as Spinelli takes credit with him for helping Jason get acquitted. Sonny tells him he doesn't like him and doesn't understand a word he is saying most of the time. Spinelli does agree with him about how Jason should claim Jake as his son. Jason shows up to talk to Sonny. Spinelli is very happy for Jason. Jason gets him to calm down and leave him alone to talk to Sonny. Sonny asks Jason what he plans to do next. Jason tells him he plans to move on with his life. Sonny tells him he should claim Jake as his son now. Jason tells Sonny that he can't do that. Meanwhile, the mayor tells Ric that his job is still secure right now because he doesn't want to have to admit to the press that his office screwed up and plans to explain to the press that Ric did a good job on his case without any evidence that Alcazar was alive at the time. Ric insists that Jason killed Alcazar and the other evidence was fabricated. Sam comes into the room while Ric is alone in the courtroom. She tells him she can sort of understand how he must feel since he wasn't able to catch Jason and make him pay. Ric tells her that she should have helped him in court by testifying that she heard Jason planning to kill Alcazar. Sam tells him that she wouldn't commit perjury for him and that she has her own plans of revenge for Jason and Liz that doesn't involve him. Ric tries to make Sam feel like she has every right to want revenge after how Jason treated her. Later, Carly shows up at Sonny's office to see Jason after Max tells her about the verdict. Jason tells her that he couldn't have gotten an acquittal without her help. Carly tells him that she would love to take all the credit but it was really Jerry that helped him get an acquittal.

Emily has a hard time concentrating on her work at the hospital while waiting for Jason's verdict. Epiphany approaches her and tells her that Jason was found not guilty. Emily hugs Epiphany when she hears the news. Epiphany is surprised by her show of emotion and pulls her away from her gently. She tells her she hopes that Emily will go back to work and be able to concentrate now. Meanwhile, Lucky isn't pleased with the news that Jason was acquitted and tells Nikolas when he meets him at Kelly's. Nikolas thinks that he should be happy with the news because now Liz doesn't have any excuse now to visit Jason anymore. Lucky doesn't see that as good news and feels threatened by him. He thinks Liz may have had an affair with Jason and not just a one-night stand. Nikolas points out that he did the same thing to her with Maxie while taking drugs and lying about it. He reminds Lucky that Liz forgave him and he should do the same for her. Meanwhile, Liz returns to work and runs into Emily. Emily is pleased with the news as well as Liz. Liz thanks Epiphany for covering her shift so she could go see Jason at the courthouse in person. Emily thinks that Liz should back off now that Jason is free and not see him anymore because it could hurt Lucky. Liz doesn't see sleeping with Jason as being the same thing that Lucky did to her because Jason is a good friend who supported her unlike Maxie who was feeding Lucky pills. Liz takes orders from Epiphany and offers to work late to make up for the time she missed earlier. Emily stops her and tells her she can't do that since they are suppose to meet Nikolas and Lucky at Kelly's later for dinner. Lulu talks to Cooper about not crossing Sonny by trying to please Ric by doing his bidding. She defends Logan again to Cooper who doesn't think she should date Logan still. Cooper leaves and Spinelli shows up. He tells her that he has been able to agree with Sonny that Jason should publicly claim Jake as his son. Lulu watches as Lucky and Nikolas come into Kelly's with Emily and Liz. Liz makes a comment about how they are understaffed right now at the hospital. Lucky makes a comment back about how if she worked more there instead of taking off to visit Jason they wouldn't be. Lulu tells Spinelli that whatever Jason does will effect her brother. Mike watches television coverage of Jason's acquittal at the counter. Lulu and Spinelli watch the footage and see Liz hugging Jason in front of the television cameras just as Lucky walks over to watch as well. He sees Liz hugging Jason in public and isn't happy. Liz sees what is on the television and cringes. Lucky makes a comment about how she couldn't stay away from Jason. Meanwhile, Jason returns home to his apartment to find the star necklace he gave to Sam laying on top of the desk. Sam shows up at his apartment and tells him she just came to get the rest of her things. Jason hands her the necklace to give back to her but she refuses to take it. She tells him that she can't wear something that reminds her of what will never be again. She takes the box that is sitting on the bottom stair and heads out of the apartment. She turns around and tells him she is glad that he was acquitted but feels that he paid too high a price for it by losing his son. Jason tells her he gave up Jake because he can't put his son in danger and give him the life he deserves and he can't understand why she can't accept that. Sam tells him that he is giving up his son because Liz asked him to and that Liz gets to keep her son and be with her husband while he gets to live his life alone. Jason defends Liz which angers Sam more. Sam tells him that Liz is afraid of him and that is why she is staying with her husband and keeping her son from Jason. Sam shocks Jason when she defends Lucky's right to know the truth and that maybe she should sleep with Lucky to even the score some. She tells Jason that he and Liz deserve each other.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sonny treats Diane to dinner at the coffee house. He thanks her for her job with Jason's trial. He wants to see if she can help out Kate. Diane is doubtful that Kate can get off on the charges. She has to appear remorseful and as a changed person. Just then, Kate comes in barking orders about how she has to leave for Paris tonight. Sonny and Diane explain that Kate will be jumping bail if she leaves the country. Kate offers to take Diane with her, and Diane tries to think of a loophole or a way to cover up Kate's temporary departure. Sonny reminds them both that Kate could be wearing orange in a county jail if she is caught. He asks her what is more important, freedom or a fashion show. She says she is going to Paris, like it or not. If she gets caught, she knows who told on her. Diane says that is the attitude that will get her convicted. Sonny tells her enough is enough. He's going to teach her about humility and respect.

In a customs office, Carly is asked if her business if business or pleasure in Turkey. She says neither. She says she is there to track down her cheating husband. She shows the guard a picture of Jerry and says she takes her vows very seriously. The guard says she will have to go back to the US. Carly tries to bribe him with money, but instead Carly gets restricted from leaving the customs office for bribing an official. Carly apologizes profusely. She tells him its difficult being in a relationship with someone who is in love with someone from the past. The guard understands and decides to help her. He looks up Jerry's name, but no one named Jerry Jax is listed with the customs office. Carly tells him to try James Brosnan. He finds the information and gives Carly the hotel address of where she can find Jerry. Meanwhile, at the hotel, Jerry answers a knock at the hotel door. His associate has found Jax. Jerry is confused when he finds out Irina is the one holding Jax captive. He thinks someone is playing tricks on him. His associate shows him pictures of Jax and Irina taken yesterday. Jerry falls asleep and dreams about Irina's death. He wakes up when he hears footsteps. It's Carly.

Irina takes Jax's blindfold off. He notices that she has food but no food for him. He asks if she is still upset with him, but she says no. She says this will make things easier when his brother arrives today. Jax says that Jerry has suffered enough. He was in love with Irina. He put himself through hell when he thought she died. Irina tells Jax that when Jerry is forced to watch Jax die, his heart will shatter like hers did. He will pay. Later, Irina realizes that Jerry is closer than she thought. She thinks it will be safer if Jax is already dead by the time Jerry arrives.

Max calls Michael and asks if Carly has checked in with anyone, yet. Milo asks him what is going on. He asks if he's worried that her plane went down. No, Max tells Milo where Carly went. He's worried Sonny or Jason will kill him when they find out. Milo tells him to be honest with Sonny. Max thinks he should, but he gave his word to Carly. He should have killed Jerry when he had the chance.

Jason takes out his black keepsake box and puts his pictures of Liz and Jake in it. There's a knock at the door. It's Lucky. He wants Jason to stay away from his family. Jason explains that he and Liz just had a one-night stand almost a year ago. Lucky says Jason has been trying to play the hero ever since then, though. If he's such a great guy, then how does he justify seducing Liz? Jason tells him that it wasn't planned and it didn't happen anymore afterwards. Lucky warns him again to stay away from the kids and Lulu walks in. She asks what is going on and Lucky asks her what she's doing there. She says she is there to see Spinelli. Lucky tells her to tell Spinelli that he should stay away from his kids, too. After Lucky leaves, Lulu asks Jason what he's going to do now that he's been banned from seeing his only child. She tells him she's apologizing for making obnoxious remarks about Jake. It was not her decision to make. She hopes that in time, everyone is ok with the decision that he and Liz made. Someone will lose, though. Lulu asks if she can ask a personal question, and he agrees. Lulu tells him she thinks he bottles his emotions. She asks if he's in love with Liz. She thinks Liz is in love with him. He says he doesn't know. Spinelli comes home and asks what she's doing there and she explains. Jason tells them both that he appreciates their concern but he will do the best he can for Jake. After Lulu leaves, Spinelli and Jason talk about how empty the closet is. Spinelli suggests that maybe there is room for Liz and the boys. Jason says that Liz and the boys won't be moving in. Liz doesn't want to be involved with his dangerous lifestyle. Spinelli points out that Liz is no safer alone then she would be with him. He agrees that if Liz is willing to give it a try, he would be willing, too.

Meanwhile, Sam runs into Liz at the park with the kids. Sam asks to hold Jake and Liz tells her that she has made her feelings known about staying clear. Liz says she has to go to work and turns to leave. Liz is going to work on foot because her car is in the shop. Sam asks where Lucky is and Liz tells her he is busy. Sam goes back to the Spencer house and knocks on the door. Lucky comes up from behind and tells her no one is home. She says he is and this is his home. They go in and talk about how they were deceived by Jason and Liz and how their hearts have been broken. She apologizes for not telling him about Liz and Jason's affair. He tells her it wasn't her fault. Sam says that Liz is the biggest loser here. She threw everything away. She wishes she had someone in her life to make a priority. They get closer and almost kiss, but she pulls away at the last minute. She apologizes and leaves.

When Liz arrives at work, Emily asks her if Lucky came home last night. She says no. She's beginning to worry about her marriage. Emily thinks Lucky just needs time to calm down after learning about her and Jason. Liz tells her that Lucky saw the footage of her hugging Jason after the trial. He doubts everything that they've ever had together and now she is, too. Emily reminds her that every marriage has hard times. Epiphany interjects and says she doesn't know what the big deal is. She thinks Lucky is overreacting. Emily asks Liz what she's going to do if she and Lucky split up. Liz says she will just be on her own. Emily says unless she ends up with Jason. Liz says that maybe she and Lucky aren't meant to be. If this is really the end, then she needs to let go. She always wondered what would happen if she and Jason gave it a chance. Maybe now's the chance. Liz goes back to the park with the kids. She's getting ready to go to Jason's house when she is stopped by two men. They tell her they know she and the kids are linked to Jason Morgan.

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