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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 20, 2007 on GH
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Carly arrives in Turkey to find Jax. Jerry refuses to let her help him. He then goes on to tell her that Irina has Jax. Just then, Irina barges into the room holding a gun on both of them. Jerry questions her existence and Irina explains to him that she was working with the guards that tortured him and that they faked her death. As Carly listens, she attempts to grab Jerry's gun on a nearby table, but one of Irina's henchmen comes in and stops her. Carly demands to see her husband, to which Irina tells her what a terrific lover Jax was but that in the end she had to kill him.

Robin becomes angry when she overhears Layla flirting with a willing Patrick. After sending the nurse to attend to a patient, she confronts Patrick. She tells him that she believes he is acting out because of the potential fatherhood scare and that she wants to move past it. They make amends and decide to go to the Eli Love concert together.

At Kelly's, Maxie and Logan discuss Lulu but when she shows up, Maxie does her best to cover. After Maxie leaves, Lulu tries to talk Logan into taking the DNA test and tells him that it doesn't matter who his father is. Logan becomes agitated over the conversation and lashes out at a customer. Lulu talks him into leaving Kelly's and they go back to his place. Once there, she tells him that she cares about him and he says that she wouldn't if she knew the things he has done. Lulu says that everyone does things they regret and they deserve a second chance then they start to kiss. Back at Kelly's, Maxie torments Spinelli about the fact that Lulu is with Logan and suggests that he move on with his life.

Diane and Sonny do their best to try to prep Kate for her court case regarding her arrest. Diane tells Kate that she needs both her and Sonny to win the case. After Kate leaves, Diane warns Sonny that Kate will go to prison if she doesn't change her attitude. Unbeknownst to both of them, Kate is listening in outside.

Jason tells Spinelli that he would want Liz and the boys to move in with him if she wanted to. He goes on to say that he doesn't know if that is possible and Spinelli references the situation with Sonny, Carly and their kids but Jason says that is different because Carly isn't afraid of their lifestyle like Liz is.

Emily goes to the penthouse to visit Jason and while there, tells him that she doesn't think things will work out between Liz and Lucky and that she told Liz she needs to make choices for herself. Emily implied that she believes Liz will choose to be with him.

Liz and her sons are held at gunpoint by two men in the park. Sam arrives with a gun pointed at them and demands that they leave. After they leave, Sam inquires as to what they wanted. She then suggests that they call the police which Liz agrees to. When Lucky and Cruz arrive, they question both Liz and Sam. Liz says that Sam saved them. Afterwards, Liz calls Jason and asks him to meet her at the overlook.

Once there, Jason insists on speaking first and tells Liz how much he wants to be a father to Jake and raise him and that he wants for her and the boys to move in the penthouse with him. He asks her if she wants to try to make it work. She tells him about the incident in the park and asks if it will make him change his mind, and take back everything he said. Meanwhile, back at the park, Sam is seen talking to the two men who held guns on Liz and her children. She tells them what a great job they did at the park and how convincing they were. Lucky comes up to her and asks what is going on.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sonny tells Kate she will be OK if takes his advice, and encourages her to have some humility. Diane walks in and announces she can make Kate's legal problems go away with a compromise. Kate and Diane later return to Sonny's office, thrilled with the plea bargain they arranged. Kate will only have to do community service, and tells Diane that in gratitude she will schedule her a fitting with designer Carl. Diane leaves, and Kate and Sonny start to kiss. They are interrupted by Rick, who tells Kate that he did not sign off on the plea bargain and that he intends to try her for the maximum sentence.

Jason tells Liz that he will arrange for her to have protection, and that she is better off without him. He wants to give them a try but also wants to keep Jake safe. Jason makes her promise that she will call if Jake needs him. She apologizes for hurting him. They profess their love for each other, and tearfully say goodbye.

Lucky is suspicious when he sees Sam talking to the men who harassed Liz. She explains that they work on the set at her TV show. Later, Sam and Liz run into each other at the park. There is an awkward moment, but Liz thanks her again for saving her. Rick passes by and makes a snide comment. Sam tells Rick about the incident in the park, and tells him that it is his fault for exposing Liz and Jason's affair in court. An argument ensues between the three of them, and Rick tells her that she is as bad a Carly when it comes to defending Jason.

Holding Jerry and Carly at gunpoint, Irina asks Jerry if he ever grieved for her. Jerry tells her that he needs to resolve some issues and wants privacy for the two of them. After threatening to kill her, Irina tells Carly to take a walk. Irina tells him that she has waited a long time for revenge. Jerry tries to tell her how he mourned her when he thought she was dead. He tries to kiss her and she knocks him out. In the meantime, Carly finds a beaten Jax on the ship. She tries to release him as Irina walks in and tells them she will kill them both. In the meantime, Jerry is seen waking up alone in a room that appears to be off the ship.

Logan and Lulu start kissing. She asks him if he has protection, and they make love. After, she tells him she feels closer to him now. He stops her when she goes to leave, and she tells him that she doesn't want him to feel pressured. They start to kiss and are interrupted by Maxie, who informs Lulu that a distraught Spinelli has created a video game in her honor. Lulu leaves and Logan tells Maxie that he and Lulu did not sleep together. She is reluctant to believe him, and he tries to tell her their bet is off.

Jason tells Sonny that he will not see Liz anymore, as he thinks it is best for her and her children. Sonny does not share his opinion. Later, Jason runs into Sam and thanks her for helping Liz. She asks him if it makes up for watching Jake get kidnapped. He tells her that he is sorry they did not work out.

Liz and Lucky discuss their chances. Lucky tells her that he is not ready to give up on them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anna, Robin, Patrick, and Noah gather in the stage area for the concert. Anna is excited and calls herself a groupie. Noah has cold feet and says he's not going to perform. Patrick gets mad at him and tells him at least he has experience in failures and storms out. Robin meets Patrick back at work. She thought he was taking the day off. He says his dad has neglected patients. He's been too self-centered. Robin tells him she understands. They both have had similar circumstances. Patrick says his father always bails when people rely on Noah. She suggests that perhaps Patrick is the one bailing on his father, now. They go back to see Noah, who has had a heart to heart with Anna about parenting. Noah tells Patrick that he's going to give it a shot. Noah asks if Patrick became a surgeon because of him, and he says yes. All he ever wanted was for his father to be there. He's here now, though, and that's all that matters. Suddenly, Noah trips over a cord and chaos falls all around him. They ask him if he's alright. He says he hurt his throat and starts coughing.

Kate comes into Sonny's office and tells him she can no longer associate with him. She has to sever all ties with him in order to get her original sentence. She leaves and goes to meet with Ric, who thinks she's there to bribe him. She tells him that all he's doing is hurting her. Sonny won't hurt by her losing her career. Ric is hoping that Sonny will feel guilty and go in a downward spiral like he did last year. He tells her that Sonny is manic depressive. The harder it is on her, the harder it will be on Sonny. She will have to go to court. Kate leaves and runs into an unknown man. She asks when he got to town. He said he heard she was in trouble and is here to help. He asks why she's not glad to see him.

Jason comes home and wakes up Spinelli to tell him about Liz and the kids being threatened. Spinelli tells him his heart has been shattered and now he knows the pain Stone Cold is feeling. He gets on his laptop to see if he can find video from cameras around the area. Jason tells him that he's staying out of her life for good. He thinks Ric might have set this up. Spinelli thinks Lucky may be behind it. Jason goes to see Sonny while Spinelli tries to find some images of the suspects. They don't understand why someone would threaten Liz and the kids in pure daylight. Sonny points out they're in a strong position right now. Jason tells him his thoughts on Ric being suspect. Sonny wants him to make sure they don't overlook any of their enemies. Sonny gets a call from Liz. She doesn't want Jason to know she's calling Sonny. He goes to her house to meet with her. She is concerned that Jason will take unnecessary risks right now. Sonny tells her that she shut herself out of his life for good. It's no business of hers what he does now.

Sam pays off the thugs that threatened Liz and tells them she'll kill them if anyone finds out she was involved. She tells them to leave town. Maxie sees the men as they are leaving and confronts Sam, who denies everything. Maxie warns her that if she can figure it out, Jason will figure it out, too. She goes to Jason's penthouse and tells Spinelli that she wants to help Coop with his case against who threatened Liz and the kids. Jason comes home and kicks her out.

At the Spencer house, Lucky comes downstairs and Liz asks him if he wants to go with them to the beach. It will be a special moment the first time Jake puts his feet in the sand. She says if she is pushing him too hard, just tell her. He says that he has a hard time believing anything she says or does. He wants to know if she's going to fight for him. She tells him that Jason is no longer in her life. Not because of him or the marriage, but because associating with him is too dangerous.

At the Cassadine estate, Emily walks in and Nikolas asks her if she's in the wrong house. They kiss. She says she feel asleep on the couch. He tells her that next time, he will carry her up. He doesn't like waking up without her next to him. They talk about Liz and Lucky. Emily thinks that Liz is in love with Jason. Nikolas wonders if there's something out there that says the four of them can't be happy at the same time. They are thankful they are back together. Emily goes to see Liz and tells her she is glad everyone is alright. Liz tells her about the men trying to use her against Jason and her conversation with Jason later. She tells Emily that she's in love with Jason. If it weren't for the kids, she would try to be with Jason. She has no life with Jason and the kids, though. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at Nikolas' house and he thanks her for rescuing Liz and the kids. She says she is worried about Lucky. She's worried he will put himself in harms way. Lucky walks up behind her and says that's what cops do. Why is she so worried about him? She hurries off and Lucky comments how quickly she left. Nikolas wonders out loud if the two of them are going to hook up since they both have been through similar relationship woes. Lucky says he can't give up on loving Liz. He leaves and goes to Sam's after she calls him. She is worried that the same men will come after her. She wants to hire him as a body guard.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Noah hurts his vocal cords after a microphone falls down and hits him in the throat backstage. Patrick worries about his ability to perform after he complains that his throat hurts and he can't sing. Meanwhile, Robin and Anna show up at the hospital just as Eli is wheeled out into the hallway. Eli tells Epiphany that he is well enough to go home soon. Epiphany tells him that he is not well enough to walk yet and won't be going anywhere. Anna and Robin approach him. Anna kisses Eli when she sees how much better he is doing. She realizes what she just did and can't believe it. Robin tries to get Anna to focus on why they came to the hospital. Anna tells Epiphany that she needs Eli's help and explains to him what happened to Noah earlier. Eli tells everyone that he will have to go and perform the concert himself because they can't disappoint all the fans that came and raised all that money for AIDS. Eli tries to stand up but is too wobbly and has to sit back in his wheelchair. Anna and Robin explain to Epiphany that they need Eli's help. Robin tells Epiphany that she will get Patrick to temporarily release Eli for the concert but assures her that Eli won't be standing up. They show up at the concert with Eli. Patrick has to go on stage to introduce Eli and talk to them about how they can help LifeBeat further. Noah apologizes to Patrick about how he can't sing tonight with his voice all hoarse. Anna, Robin, Eli, and Epiphany show up backstage. Anna tells Noah that she may have a way for this all to work. Later, Noah shows up on stage to perform as Eli with Eli backstage with a microphone and earpiece to sing for him while in his wheelchair. Noah says hello to all the fans with his hoarse voice. Suddenly, the microphone shuts down just as Eli is about to sing. One of the technical guys tells everyone that the microphones aren't working. Noah realizes that he is on his own with no help from Eli.

Kate comes back to her hotel room after dealing with a vindictive Ric, who plans to charge her with hit and run because she is friends with Sonny and he wants to hurt him. Kate is surprised when a man is waiting for her in her room with open arms. He approaches her and hugs her. He tells her how much he missed her. Kate sits down with him and tells him that she got into trouble with reckless driving again and that the D.A. is out to get her because of some vendetta he has against her neighbor. She refers to the man as Trevor. He offers to help her out with the charge like he did before. Kate thanks him and they catch up on old times. Kate explains more about the charges against her and how the D.A. is Ric Lansing. She tells him that she realized that Ric and Trevor share the same last name and wondered if that was a coincidence. Trevor shocks her by revealing that Ric is his estranged son. He promises to help her and assures her that Ric won't be able to hurt her. Kate asks him why he never mentioned he had a son and that he was Ric. Trevor explains that he never wanted to talk about Ric since he has never been his favorite topic and that Ric has always disappointed him as a son. Meanwhile, Ric shows up at Jason's place as Jason is watching Spinelli on the computer try to trace the license number of one of the men who threatened Liz. Spinelli tries to kick Ric out and starts to threaten him to stay away from Jason. Jason refuses to talk to Ric. Ric questions Jason about what enemy of his would want to threaten Liz in the park. He starts to try to get a rise out of Jason by referring to his one-night stand with Liz. Jason doesn't take the bait. Meanwhile, Sonny continues to talk to Liz about Jason in her home. Liz tells Sonny that Jason decided to stay away from her and her children because his lifestyle is too dangerous for them. Sonny asks her to stay away from Jason if that is the case instead of always calling him to help her. Sonny shows up at Jason's while Ric is there. Sonny tells him to back off of Jason and have the guts to come after who he really wants to which is himself for a change. Ric leaves the penthouse after making sure to tell him that Kate will spend at least 6 months in jail because of him. Sonny yells at Spinelli for threatening Ric with his crazy talk. Jason tells Spinelli to go upstairs. Jason tells Sonny that if he finds out that Ric hired those thugs to threaten Liz, he will make sure that Ric joins Alcazar in the bottom of the river. Sonny uses Jason's words against him when he reminds Jason about getting too emotional concerning Ric and warns him to watch out for him. Sonny also tells him about his visit with Liz. He tells her that he is disappointed in Liz for not having the courage to be with him and let him protect her children. Later, Ric ends up following Sonny to his office to continue to harass him again. Ric tells Sonny that he had a talk with Kate in the park and how she told him she would not see Sonny again and would be willing to expose his mental illness to the press if he would drop the charges against her. Sonny gets a call from Max at the hotel. Max tells him that Kate has been talking to one of their enemies' lawyers, for almost two hours in her hotel room.

Sam asks Lucky to be her bodyguard because she is afraid Jason's enemies will come after her because of what happened in the park. Jason asks her if she is asking him to be her bodyguard because she is trying to get revenge on Liz. Sam denies that is what she is doing but tells him that she does blame Liz for her breakup with Jason. She tells him she would never use him or anyone to get to Liz because she knows it is over with Jason. Lucky leaves and heads home. He comes home to find Liz folding the laundry. She tells him about Emily's visit as well as Sonny's. Jason asks her why he was there. She tells him that she told Sonny that she would no longer be seeing Jason as a friend ever again because it is too dangerous to be around Jason. Lucky is suspicious about why she is telling him that because he can't totally trust her yet. Liz asks him if he is trying to pick a fight with her. He tells her that he wants to work things out with her but that he can't trust her right now. Meanwhile, Maxie shows up at Sam's new place with a cup of coffee for her. Maxie tells her about how Spinelli is working on finding the men who threatened Liz and that means Jason hasn't figured out what really happened. Sam still denies that she had anything to do with what happened and insists the men work for "Everyday Heroes" who she met with at her apartment. Maxie changes the subject a little. She tells Sam that she would like to see Liz and Lulu get dropped down off their pedestals because everyone thinks they can do no wrong. Sam walks her out the door just as Lucky shows up again at her apartment. He tells her he will be her own bodyguard after all. Liz shows up at Sam's apartment and Lucky answers her door for her to find her there. Liz looks at them accusingly.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sonny is stunned to learn of Kate's connection to Trevor. Sonny has Max and Milo deliver Trevor to him to get reacquainted. Sonny warns Ric that there is a new menace looming on the horizon. Liz and Lucky clash over Sam. Sam is pleased when Maxie tells her that Lucky and Liz had a huge fight at the hospital. Lucky pulls Sam into a kiss. Jason and Spinelli track down the thugs who attacked Liz. Jason beats the truth out of the goons Sam hired and learns what she did. After learning Jax slept with Irina, Carly covers her hurt with anger as she stands up to her captor. Carly helps Jerry get the drop on Irina, but Jerry once again proves he can't be trusted. With Anna and Eli's help, Noah manages to pull off the concert for LIFEbeat. Still on a high from his success, Noah advises Patrick to live life to the fullest. Patrick overhears Anna giving Robin some important advice.

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