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Monday, August 27, 2007

Jason and Spinelli head back to town. Spinelli asks Jason if the men were lying about Sam paying them. He says that what happened to Liz and the boys was malicious and that he just doesn't feel Sam would be capable of that. Jason reminds Spinelli of the kidnapping.

Jerry holds a gun on Carly to try to convince Irina that he is on her side. Jax tells Jerry to shoot him instead of Carly. Jerry asks Irina if they'll be together if he kills Jax and Carly. He tells Irina that she is the only woman he has ever loved. He is able to gain her trust and she hugs him, at which point Jerry shoots her. After the gun goes off and they all realize that Irina is dead, Carly unties an angry Jax who proceeds to tell his brother he is crazy and that he and Carly never want to see him again. While on a plane heading home, Carly asks Jax if Irina was lying when she said they had sex. On the boat, Jerry is seen putting Irina in a body bag and disposing of her into the river.

Trevor tells Sonny that he is in town to visit his girlfriend, Kate Howard. He goes on to say that he and Kate are very close and that he has helped her in many ways. He also insinuates that they are romantically together. Before he leaves, Trevor tells Sonny that he is not at all surprised Sonny because a mobster, since he always was a punk. Jason arrives and Sonny fills him in on everything. He says he believes Zacchara knew of his connection to Trevor and that is why he hired him.

Ric visits Kate and she tells him about her friendship with Trevor. Ric informs her that he will be prosecuting her, now that he knows his father is involved. Kate tells Ric what a wonderful man Trevor is and Ric inquires as to whether or not they are closer than just friends. Kate dismisses him but is then visited by Trevor who asks if she is involved with Sonny. She says that she and Sonny are neighbors. Trevor informs her of his history with Sonny and his mother. He also tells her that Sonny threatened him. He warns her to stay away from Sonny. After he leaves, Kate receives a visit from Sonny who wants to know just how close she and Trevor are. At the Metro Court bar, Trevor is heard on the phone with Zacchara and is telling him that they are going to have problems with Corinthos. Just then, Ric approaches him.

At the hospital, Liz and Emily discuss Lucky. Liz tells her that Lucky has accepted a job as Sam's bodyguard. Emily asks if she thinks Sam is coming onto Lucky. Liz says that with everything that has happened, she is in no position to question it. Emily asks her if she pictures raising her family with Lucky and Liz responds by saying that unless Lucky decides otherwise, she wants to try to keep their family together.

Sam breaks from her kiss with Lucky and apologizes for the way she has been leaning on him. She asks him to call the department to find someone else to be her bodyguard. She says that she doesn't want to make things worse; and that she doesn't want them to act on their feelings. They agree that they will try to work together and then go off to meet with Amelia about beefing up security. Lucky questions Amelia as to whether she had anything to do with the men that threatened Liz. Amelia responds, while she didn't even know anything about it until that moment; she was in no way involved. Sam dismisses herself to go home, and Lucky and Amelia continue to discuss business. Amelia asks him if he is aware of Sam's motives; that she only hired him to get him into bed and get revenge on Liz. Back at her apartment, Sam opens the door to find Jason. He turns the light on, is clearly very angry and tells her they need to talk.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jax admits to Carly that he slept with Irina, but only to protect Carly and the boys. When she does not seem convinced, Jax reminds Carly that she wasn't forced to sleep with Sonny. Carly asks if this is revenge, which starts an argument over who was more wrong. They end up in a kiss, but Carly pulls away, wondering what diseases Carly picked up from Irina.

Sonny doesn't understand what Kate sees in Trevor, and proceeds to explain his history with Trevor. He tells her how his mother worked for Trevor and they became lovers. When she got pregnant, he was going to leave his wife to be with her and Sonny. He sent them off to his vacation home in Martha's Vineyard where she could give birth. Before that could happen, however, she fell down the steps. Trevor blamed Sonny for the accident and told Sonny's mother to choose either him or Sonny. When she chose Sonny, Trevor broke it off. When Kate defends Trevor, he reminds her that Trevor is really in Port Charles because of Anthony Zacchara. Kate doesn't believe that he works for Zacchara. Sonny tells her he doesn't want her to get hurt. Kate ends the conversation and asks Sonny to leave.

Rick tells Trevor that he will not drop the charges against Kate. Rick isn't surprised that his father would side with Kate over his own son. He criticizes Trevor for not knowing his granddaughter. Trevor threatens Rick to drop the charges against Kate or lose Molly.

Amelia and Lucky discuss safety on the set of 'Everyday heroes' at the Metro Court. When Liz and Emily walk in, Amelia invites them to join her. They politely refuse and leave. Amelia questions his relationship with Sam, and tries to warn him about getting involved with Sam.

Emily tries to tell Liz to give Lucky time to work things out in his head. Liz talks about the mistakes that she and Lucky both made. Later, Lucky comes home and apologizes to Liz for his behavior. He wants to give their marriage another try, and she agrees.

At Sam's apartment, Jason confronts her about hiring the men to scare Liz. She not only doesn't care, but tells Jason that he should be thanking her for giving Liz a wake-up call. Jason is furious, and threatens to kill Sam if she ever hurts Liz or the children again. Later, Lucky visits Sam and finds her crying. He tries to ask her why she is upset. She doesn't really answer him, but tells him she feels so much safer now that he is her bodyguard.

Jason returns to the penthouse, and is questioned by Spinelli. Jason tells him to keep Sam far away from Liz, but he is not going to tell Liz that Sam was the one who arranged the confrontation in the park.

While playing cards with Max, Diane tells him that even though Kate is foolish for getting involved with Sonny, she is thrilled about the designer that Kate arranged for her. Diane goes on about the couture, while Max starts talking about Carly. Neither seems to be paying attention to the other. Sonny walks in and tells Diane that she is not to work on Kate's case anymore. He is concerned about Kate's involvement with Trevor, who is the attorney for the dangerous mob boss Zacchara. Diane is beside herself over the dress that she now won't get. She tells him that mob bosses come and go, but this is fashion! Sonny tells her to find out when Trevor started working for Zacchara. He is worried about Kate.

Trevor goes to visit Kate and tells her the charges will be dropped. He kisses her, but Kate pulls away. He questions if she's turning him away because of her involvement with Sonny. She insists that she just needs more time, and he leaves her apartment.

Spinelli brings Sam a housewarming gift. He tries to be sympathetic, and she insists that she is over Jason. She comments that "Stone Cold" is an appropriate nickname for him.

At the penthouse, Jason sadly looks at a piece of Jake's clothing and puts back in a box. He gets a visit from Amelia, who tells him that Sam hired Lucky to be her bodyguard, and it's just a matter of time before she sleeps with him. She brings him this news telling him that Liz might need some comforting. He is grateful for her help, but doesn't want her coming by with this kind of information anymore. He asks her to keep quiet about Jake's paternity. Amelia agrees, but warns that Sam may not be as discreet.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nikolas gives Emily a present. When she opens it, she finds a key. He tells her it opens the gates to paradise. He wants to take her to Italy and is disappointed when she won't take off work to go. He later visits her at the hospital and overhears Dr. Ford reprimanding Emily. He threatens Dr. Ford and Emily is shocked by his actions.

Carly talks to Jason about what happened with Jax and Irina. He is surprised to learn that Jax was raped. Carly explains that her biggest issue is with the fact that Jax left her for Jerry. Jason also tells her about Zacchara coming to town. He tells her that he's going to increase her guards. Meanwhile, Jax goes to the hospital to get checked out. Jerry meets him there and Jax tells him he is done with him. Jerry is dead to him. After Jerry leaves, Emily comes to talk to Jax. He apologizes for everything Jerry did to her and her family during the hostage crisis.

At Kelly's, Spinelli is obviously upset over Lulu's happiness with Logan. Maxie tries to goad him by telling him that they just had sex. Spinelli asks Maxie to leave, which she eventually does. She goes to try to break into Logan's apartment by trying to convince the landlord that she left a bracelet her boyfriend gave her in there and she isn't supposed to be with Logan. The landlord doesn't buy it and doesn't let her in. Meanwhile, Lulu tries to get Spinelli and Logan to make amends. Logan does make an effort, but Spinelli isn't interested. He tells Lulu that even though she turned him down romantically, he is still her friend. He can't lie to her. He doesn't think Logan is good for her. After Spinelli leaves, Lulu tells Logan that Spinelli was wrong. Logan is good for her. They go back to Logan's apartment and are about to make love. They do not realize that Maxie is in the closet watching them.

Spinelli goes back to the penthouse and is soon interrupted by a knock at the door. Ric is there and wants to talk to Jason. Jason is not there, though, and finally Ric leaves. Spinelli has a wonderful fantasy where the Playboy bunnies briefly appear and he rescues them.

Kate goes to Kelly's to see Mike. He's not there so she leaves a business card. Ric happens to see the exchange and asks if she's as interested in Sonny's father as she is in his father. He tells her that Mike knows little of Trevor Lansing because he abandoned his family before Trevor came into the picture.

Jason runs into Jerry in the park and threatens him if he ever hurts Carly again. He tells Jerry about Anthony Zacchara and asks for an alliance.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nikolas shocks Emily when he goes off on Dr. Ford after he approaches them at the hospital and reprimands Emily for taking too many breaks during her shift. Nikolas threatens to have him fired because he is on the hospital board if he doesn't let Emily take a vacation. Dr. Ford backs off immediately and is very cooperative. He tells Emily to take vacation and let Human Resources know when she is going to take it. Emily tries to tell Nikolas that she can't take vacation right now because she is too busy with work but he doesn't listen to her and then makes an excuse as to why he has to leave. Emily meets him in the park later. Nikolas has their vacation all planned out for them to take immediately. Emily tells him that he shouldn't have threatened Dr. Ford that way because he was doing his job. Nikolas agrees with her that he should probably have not done what he did but feels that she deserves to take a vacation and not have to work so hard all the time. Emily tells him that she would like to take a vacation with him but now is not a good time. Nikolas agrees to postpone their plans for later in the year. Emily hugs Nikolas but seems concerned about his controlling behavior.

Maxie hides in Logan's closet and watches Logan making out with Lulu on the couch and getting ready to make love to her. He reaches in the end table drawer for a condom and sees her spying on them. He instantly is out of the mood and gets up. He makes up some story about how he feels that he should do what he promised to do with Lulu, which is to take her out and do something fun with her. Lulu tells him she was perfectly fine making love to him on the couch but he tells her that he wants to do something fun with her to show her he can be very romantic. Maxie steps out of the closet after they leave and seems disturbed by what she just saw. She follows them to the park where Logan takes Lulu to have fun at the carnival. Logan wins Lulu a big stuffed animal gorilla. They head out of the carnival toward the park. Maxie spies on them talking and kissing. Cooper catches her spying on them and tells her to stop doing that and just tell Logan and Lulu what she wants to tell them in person. He grabs her and brings her over to Logan and Lulu. He tells them that Maxie was spying on them. Lulu calls her pathetic for what she is doing since she doesn't have a real life of her own. Cooper gets a call and has to leave the three of them alone together. Maxie is ready to tell Lulu about her bet with Logan to get him into bed. Logan knows what she is about to do and doesn't want Lulu to know about their former bet. He stops Maxie from telling Lulu and encourages them to call a truce once and for all. Maxie and Lulu refuse mend fences since they still hate each other. They argue about who has a more pathetic life. Logan steps in and defends Lulu. He gets a call also to leave as well. The two women go at each other again and this time Spinelli steps in between them and warns Maxie to leave Lulu alone. Maxie tells Spinelli that she is the only one who has told him the truth, which is that Lulu is sleeping with Logan and doesn't have the guts to tell him the truth. Spinelli still defends Lulu and tells Maxie to back off and leave Lulu alone. Maxie leaves them alone to talk. Lulu tries to explain to him that she didn't mean to lead him on or anything and keep anything from him. Spinelli stops her and tells her he doesn't need any more explanations and leaves dejectedly. Later he gets home and Jason asks him to do something on the computer for him. Spinelli feels very depressed about Lulu being with Logan and tells Jason he can't help him right now. Jason lends his ear and asks Spinelli to tell him what is wrong. Spinelli tells him about Lulu's relationship with Logan and how he tried to warn her away from him because Logan is very untrustworthy but she wouldn't listen. He tells Jason about the incident at the coffee shop when Logan beat up on him and then grabbed Lulu by the hair and forced her to kiss him. Jason doesn't like what he hears. Meanwhile, Lulu goes to see Carly and tells her about her new sexual relationship with Logan. Lulu tells her that she felt that having sex with Logan was the most natural thing in the world and that Logan has been nothing but sweet to her since and actually wants to spend time with her still. Meanwhile, Maxie shows up at Logan's apartment and blackmails him. She tells him she thinks that he is starting to care about Lulu because he didn't want her to see them making love earlier in his apartment. She tells him she will tell Lulu about their former bet unless he sleeps with her right now. Logan calls her a slut but kisses her anyway.

Carly and Jax's reunion at home is cut short when Jerry enters their home and tells them that they need to be protected from Sonny and Jason's enemy, a man named Anthony Zacchara. Carly tells Jax and Jerry that she will be protected by Jason and that there is nothing to worry about. Jerry feels he should help protect them also but Jax wants nothing to do with him anymore. Carly tells Jax that she just found out from Jason that Zacchara's attorney is actually Trevor Lansing, who is the person they need to be aware of. Jax isn't pleased about the fact that Jason plans to protect her and doesn't think he can do it himself. Carly leaves them and heads to Jason's place to talk to him. Jerry tries to persuade Jax to take the threat seriously and let him help him. Jax refuses to let his brother back into his life and put them all in danger. Carly talks to Jason about Jax and how she loves him very much. Jason refuses to wait for Jax to protect her and the boys himself when he hasn't done it yet by going off to find Jerry and putting her in danger. Carly doesn't know whether she can trust Jax's love is strong enough for their marriage to survive. Carly asks Jason how Sonny is doing with Trevor Lansing in town and how she should approach Sonny when she goes to pick up the boys at his house later. Jason warns her that Sonny is pretty wound up right now. Carly heads to Sonny's place. Ric pays Sonny a visit just as Jason runs into Trevor Lansing for the first time in the park. Jason tells Trevor to send a message to his client, Anthony Zacchara to tell him that Port Charles is Sonny's territory and to leave him alone and stay away if he knows what is good for him. Trevor tells him that he is in town to spend time with his girlfriend, Kate Howard and not to conduct business. Jason repeats the warning just the same. Trevor tells Jason not to make an enemy of him. Ric wastes no time in telling Sonny that Kate has been his father's mistress for years and rubs it in to make Sonny squirm. Ric also brings up the fact that Sonny is to blame for what happened all those years ago when he pushed his mother down the stairs. This lie sparks Sonny's temper. Kate shows up to see Sonny and overhears them arguing from outside on the patio. She eavesdrops on their conversation and overhears Ric instigating Sonny by telling him that Kate has been one of many mistresses his father has had over the years. Sonny tells Ric that he won't hesitate to kill Trevor if he gets in his way or harms his family. He also tells Ric that he knows that Trevor has rattled him by coming to town and he hopes that he has a ring-side seat when Trevor brings him down. Ric angrily calls Logan to his office. He tells him that he needs him to find out about Zacchara through his employment with Sonny to find out how much of a threat he is to his organization. He calls Cooper in also later on to tell him he is waiting from an informant of his in order to get an arrest warrant against Sonny for murder and needs Cooper to infiltrate Sonny's organization to do it. Cooper tells him that it will not be easy for Ric to bring Sonny's organization down. Later, Carly shows up at Sonny's to pick up the kids. Sonny confronts her about going off with Jerry to save Jax and put herself in danger. Carly downplays what happened with Jax and Jerry. Sonny goes off on her about trusting Jerry when she knows better not to do that. Carly tells him that Jax didn't know that she was putting herself in danger since he was locked up and beaten and didn't know she would come after him. Sonny tells her Jax doesn't know her very well if he thinks she will not get herself in trouble as usual. Meanwhile, Jax goes to see Jason at his home to talk to him about what happened with Jerry and find out how much of a threat Zacchara is to Carly and the boys' safety. Jason explains to him that Zacchara has a history of going after the families of his enemies. Jax tries to reassure Jason that he can protect his wife and stepkids without his help but Jason doesn't believe him and confronts him about what happened with Irina in Turkey. Jax defends himself and tries to assure Jason that he has no plans to leave Carly again to go help Jerry. Jason tells him that he has lost some of Carly's trust in him and will have to win it back if he wants to save his marriage. Meanwhile, Carly talks to Sonny about Trevor Lansing. Sonny admits how disturbed he is by Trevor's presence in Port Charles and how he feels that Trevor hurt his mother so much that he made her vulnerable to men like his stepfather Deeke. Carly tells him to stay calm and do what Jason advises her to do all the time, wait ten seconds before acting on anything. The boys come downstairs when they find out she is home. They hug her and tell her how much they miss her. They laugh and joke. Later, Trevor comes over to see Kate at her house and brings some wine. Kate tries to hide her anxiety about Trevor but he picks up on it. She tells him what she overheard Ric telling Sonny about how she is one of many mistresses he has had. Trevor tries to assure her that Ric is just trying to get to Sonny and that he exaggerated things to upset him. He tells her things are much different than they were last time they spent time together. She tells him that she is very grateful for what he has done for her as a friend and mentor. He notices something else is bothering her. He asks her if she is friends with Sonny and warns her to stay away from him. She downplays how close she was with Sonny. Trevor kisses her and Sonny witnesses it from afar.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Carly asks Lulu to tell her what she knows about Logan. Lulu admits that she doesn't know everything, but he respects her and treats her well. When she's with him, she feels like anything can happen. Carly explains to her the importance of trust in a relationship. She's concerned about the fact that Logan is Scott's son. Lulu tells her what Logan did for her birthday and realizes she left her bracelet at Logan's house. Before she can go get it, Carly asks her if she can stay to watch the boys while she runs an errand.

Meanwhile, Logan stops short of cheating on Lulu with Maxie. She threatens to tell Lulu about their bet and he relents. Afterwards, Maxie wants Logan to admit that she's better than Lulu. Logan mentions Coop and Maxie thinks he's threatening her to keep quiet. He says obviously she doesn't care about Coop or she wouldn't be there with him. It's also obvious that he doesn't care about Lulu or he wouldn't be there with her, either. He zips up his pants and Maxie shows her displeasure. She says that Coop could always go for seconds. She asks him if he's worried that Lulu will come by and catch them. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. Logan hides Maxie in the closet and straightens up the house. He puts a shirt on and answers the door. It's Carly. She asks why he's flushed and he tells her he was doing push ups. She wants to know if Lulu is right about him. He tells her that he's made a lot of mistakes, but Lulu doesn't seem to care. She sees the best in him. He wants to be the kind of guy Lulu deserves. Carly buys it, but tells him he will be hurt if he hurts Lulu. After Carly leaves, Maxie comes out and approves of Logan's explanation to Carly. She tells him if Carly finds out he is using Lulu, he won't come out of it. He says neither will she. She tries to undress him again, but he pushes her out and tells her to get out.

When Jax comes home, he asks Lulu where Carly is. She explains that Carly had some errands to do. Lulu lectures Jax for leaving Carly and the boys. He tells her those days are over with. The boys come down and hug Jax. Michael asks if he's back for good, and he says he is home. Lulu leaves and Carly comes home. They put the boys back to bed and Jax promises them a sailing trip maybe around Christmas. Carly tells Jax that he shouldn't promise things to the boys if they don't have a future together. He thought they were working things out, though. She says they've been working on things since the moment they got together. He promises he will make it up to her. Her and their family is the most important thing to him.

Jason wants to know what happened that day long ago in the coffee house. Spinelli explains about Logan hitting him and Lulu trying to split them up and forcefully being kissed. Jason is upset and leaves. Spinelli leaves and goes to the park. He smashes a can and Sam notices he is upset and asks him what's wrong. He asks when he will learn revenge only makes things worse. He goes home and calls Lulu over. He tells her that he explained what happened between the three of them at the coffee house. Lulu is upset with him and tells him he's just jealous because she's sleeping with Logan. If Jason hurts Logan, she will never talk to Spinelli again. She leaves and Spinelli smacks himself in the head.

At Kate's house, she and Trevor talk about their past relationship. He says things have changed but she is still precious to him. They kiss. Kate pulls away and goes to call dinner in. She sees Sonny. When Trevor realizes he is there, too, he gets upset. He says little has changed since Sonny was a child. The last time they fought it was over a woman, too, his mother. He wants to know why Sonny is spying on them. Kate steps in and explains that Sonny is her neighbor. When Sonny leaves, Trevor is still upset and tells Kate he's no longer hungry. She tells him that this is her home and she doesn't appreciate him attacking Sonny or anyone else that stops by. He asks when she stopped trusting him. She explains that she does still trust him, but he did have a disastrous affair with Sonny's mom. Trevor realizes that Kate is closer to Sonny than he originally thought.

Liz is ironing at home when Sam comes by. They argue over Lucky working for her and how Liz thinks Sam is just trying to get back at her by seducing her husband. When Lucky shows up, Sam lies and tells Lucky that she was trying to make amends with Liz but all she is interested in is whether or not Sam and Jason are getting back together. Sam leaves and Liz notices that Lucky doesn't even question her about Sam. She asks if he is just going to automatically believe Sam now without even questioning her. Lucky tells her that Sam has never given him a reason to distrust her. She asks how he can not see what she is doing by trying to seduce him. He says maybe he does see it and he leaves.

Lucky meets up with Sam in the park. She apologizes and says she thought she could make peace with Liz. They kiss and Jason walks up and sees them. Sam sees him also and asks if he has a problem with it. Lucky says he's probably going to rush off and tell Liz so he can rescue her yet again. Lucky tells Jason that he may get Liz, but he'll never get his boys. When Lucky leaves, Jason tells Sam that Lucky doesn't deserve this. She explains that this is all for revenge on Liz. She's repaying her, unless Jason kills her first. She reminds him of his threat. He tells her that the anger she is carrying around will hurt her more than he ever could. She says she never thought they could hate each other this much.

When Lucky comes home, Liz is on the porch. The boys are asleep and she wants to finish talking without waking them up. She knows he is angry and has every right to be. But all this fighting is hurting the boys. She's not going to let them grow up in a house with their parents fighting all the time. If he can't stop all the anger, they need to end the marriage.

Jason goes to see Sonny, who is already disturbed by the events at Kate's house. Jason wants Logan off the payroll and explains the situation to Sonny. Sonny tells him not to get so involved with kid's arguments. A year from now they will forget about each other. Jason asks what is wrong and Sonny explains that he just saw Ric's father stick his tongue down Kate Howard's throat. He didn't think she had changed deep down. She's not Connie or even Kate anymore. She's Trevor's mistress now. He doesn't realize that Kate is in the background listening. Later on, Sonny is outside drinking. Kate walks up and tries to explain her affair with Trevor that lasted 5 years. It was a long time ago, though. They were both ambitious and young, but they remained friends. Kate and Sonny both did things they aren't proud of to move up in the world. He tells her he didn't do it lying on his back, though. She tries to slap him, but he stops her. He tells her she should leave. She shouldn't be there when he's drinking. He asks what he means to her.

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