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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 3, 2007 on GH
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital featured the rebroadcast of episodes from earlier this year.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this scheduling change. The regular broadcast schedule will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4th.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sonny questions Kate about her relationship with Trevor. Kate insists Trevor is merely a former lover and current friend, and that she has no intention of rekindling their romance. Sonny warns Kate that the choice might not be hers if Trevor wants her back. Kate admits to Sonny that she believes him over Trevor, and challenges him to reveal his true feelings for her. Jax has his work cut out for him as he tries to make amends with Carly. Jax believes he and Carly can handle anything as long as they're together. Carly and Jax both voice their love for one another as they fall into a kiss, which will certainly lead to more. Nikolas caters to an exhausted Emily, who doesn't want to dwell on the future because she's happy with what they have in the present. Liz and Lucky remain at odds. Lucky accuses Liz of settling for him because she can't have Jason. Patrick puts his foot in his mouth, but then tells Robin how he really feels about her. Georgie grows more attracted to an oblivious Spinelli, and is crestfallen when he makes it clear he wants to be with Lulu.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Emily prepares to go back to work as Nikolas tells her that he's rented a new office at the Metro Court so he can be closer to her. Alfred steps up and says that he doesn't think it's a good idea. They tell him to relax and try to put his mind at ease. Emily promises to help Nikolas decorate his new office and rushes off. Nikolas shows up at the Metro Court and runs into Jerry. Jerry asks him if he's had any problems breathing lately. Nikolas shoves him and tells him to stay away from his family. Jerry suggests that Nikolas' rage is what his family should be concerned about. After Jerry leaves, Nikolas finds out that his office was leased to someone else. He confronts Jax about this, furious. He asks if this is because he had a fight with Jerry. Jax says it has nothing to do with Jerry and he will find out what happened. He comes back and tells Nikolas that someone from his own office cancelled the lease. Emily shows up at the Metro Court to help Nikolas decorate and finds out the bad news. When Nikolas arrives home, he gets a call and finds out that Alfred was the one that cancelled the lease.

Maxie shows up at Kelly's looking for Coop. She runs into Logan instead who tells her to keep her big mouth shut. Coop comes downstairs and sees how close the two of them are. He tells them to just get a room. Maxie tries to explain that they were fighting, but Coop tells her that she warned him from the start when they were locked up in the vault for 12 hours. That was probably the only time she was ever honest with him. She says they can still be like that. Coop tells her that she can't stop from destroying herself and he's not going to be around to watch. Coop leaves. Meanwhile, Logan gets a call to watch over Michael and Morgan. He's upset that he's been given such a menial duty. He gets another phone call and it's Ric. He wants to meet win the alley. Before he rushes off, Maxie warns him that she won't let him ruin her relationship with Coop. He tells her she already did. They continue to argue until finally Logan meets up with Ric. He threatens to have Logan court-martialed if he doesn't find out what Sonny knows about Trevor and Zaccara.

Georgie sits down with Maxie at Kelly's and asks her what's wrong. She manages to get it out of Maxie and she tells her how she slept with Logan. They are interrupted when Spinelli shows up. He wants to find Logan to apologize. He sits down at the diner bar and Georgie serves him waffles on the house. It's a thank you for fixing the waffle maker. They talk about Logan and Georgie agrees that something doesn't sit right with her about Logan. She points out that Jason doesn't like him, either. Spinelli says that Jason might be overreacting, but Georgie reminds him that Jason never overreacts. Spinelli talks about how he should be more like Jason and start carrying a gun. Georgie asks him why he would want to do that. Look at all the people Jason has killed. Spinelli tells her that nothing was ever proven. Georgie tells him that he's perfect just the way he is and they share the second waffle together.

When Jason gets home, Spinelli tries to get information from him about Logan. He's worried that Jason might have already killed him. Jason tells him that he did not kill Logan. He's busy right now and wants him to focus on getting information on Zaccara to protect Carly and the kids. He takes a moment to call Emily about Liz, though. He wants to talk about Sam and Lucky but he promised not to contact Liz again. When he gets done leaving the message for Emily, Jason notices that Spinelli is happy knowing that Logan will be ok. He explains to Jason that it was just jealousy that caused him to tell Jason about Logan's behavior earlier. Jason understands that Spinelli just doesn't want Lulu to be mad at him. Jason changes the subject and wants Spinelli to find out whatever he can about Zaccara. Spinelli does find something very dark, though. There are no facts and nothing solid, but it is "the darkest of all".

Leticia comes by to get the kids to take them school shopping. Carly thought she was going to take them, but Jax made other plans. She gives Leticia the credit card and tells her that Morgan doesn't need a computer, no matter how much he begs. Michael and Jax tell her that Morgan really should get his own laptop so that he doesn't keep using Michael's. Carly relents. Before they leave, Carly tells the boys to stay close to the guards. Jax heads off to work and before too long, Leticia, the boys, and Jason come in. Leticia called Jason when she realized they didn't have a guard. Carly doesn't know why Jason is so upset and wants to know what's going on. Jason tells her about Zaccara and what Spinelli found out. When he was in a territory fight with someone in New York, Zaccara tracked down his enemy's long lost son and killed him and his family. Jason calls Sonny to let him know that no one was guarding the boys and Sonny throws the phone. Carly asks if Sonny was mad.

Trevor goes to Sonny's and tells him to call off his thugs or he'll have Ric file charges against him. Sonny isn't worried and tells Trevor that Ric is just a waste of time like his father. Trevor calls him psychotic just as Kate walks in. She asks what's wrong with him. They alls tart to argue and Kate suggests they all step back and cool off like adults. Trevor tells her that she needs to leave. She gets upset and tells him he can't tell her what to do and can't pick her friends. Sonny also tells Trevor that he can't tell people what to do in his house. Trevor tells Kate she needs to pick between him and Sonny. She says she won't choose. He tells her she already has and leaves. Kate tells Sonny that she's never seen Trevor act like this before. Sonny warns her that something big might be about to go down. He tells her she might want to go back to Manhattan. Later, Kate meets up with Trevor. He has just met with Jerry about a proposal with Zaccara. Jerry wants to meet Zaccara in person. When Trevor sees Kate, she asks him what happened at Sonny's. She's still stunned at his behavior. He asks why she chose Sonny over him. She asks him a return question, "Why did you ask me to?" She doesn't want to cut ties with either man. She's trying to save friendships that mean a lot to her. He tells her she has made a bad decision and she will have to deal with the consequences. Trevor storms out.

Ric comes over to see Sonny and he tells Ric it's a bad time right now. Ric asks if it is because his dad is in town and sleeping with Kate or if it's because Zaccara is headed to town. Sonny tells Ric that he better hope Zaccara isn't headed to town. Zaccara targets families of his enemies. Since Ric and Sonny are brothers, Ric could lose his life. Ric asks if that's a threat. Sonny tells him, "It's a warning little brother." Later, Milo and Max bring Logan is. Sonny is furious that Logan didn't do his assigned duty and guard the boys. He tells him he would be dead right now if his boys got hurt. He mentions that it's not a bad idea anyway.

Ric goes home and finds Trevor playing with Molly. He asks his nanny why she let him in when he gave specific instructions not to let anyone in the house. Sally protests and says it's his father. Trevor stands up for her and says she's doing a great job. Trevor says now that he's gotten a chance to play with Molly, he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to let her go.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Spinelli shows up at Kelly's to see Georgie while she is working. He presents her with a gift to thank her for all her kind advice about Lulu and her relationship with Logan. She thanks him for the chocolates and opens the box to find some website listed on the inside of the cover. Spinelli explains to her that he overheard Maxie talking about how she was going to spend a year abroad in Europe her junior year of college. The website is supposed to show her places in Europe that are not visited much by tourists which she can explore. Georgie asks him to help her navigate through the website. He agrees to help her. They talk for awhile. Georgie surprises Spinelli when she asks him what he would do if Jason died and he was left on his own. He defends Jason as being a good friend to him. Georgie surprises him more when she tells him she thinks he is cool even if everyone else thinks he isn't. She explains that she thinks he is cool because he doesn't act like a poser like Logan but is himself and doesn't try to be someone he isn't. Spinelli is quite touched by her compliment and tells her she is wise beyond her years and has an old soul. Maxie shows up at Kelly's and interrupts their nice conversation. She is rude to Spinelli and tells him to take off so she can talk to her sister alone. Georgie isn't pleased with her rudeness and lets her know in front of Spinelli, who leaves. Maxie tells her about Logan's recent threats to her to stay away from Lulu and not to tell her what happened between them. Georgie has a hard time believing that Maxie didn't pursue Logan on her own and get him into bed. Maxie tells her that Logan is being a hypocrite because he is acting like he is better than her after he slept with her and is now threatening her because he cares about Lulu. Logan shows up and grabs Maxie and warns her to stay away from Lulu or else she will be sorry. Georgie pushes Logan away from Maxie and warns him to stay away from her sister or she will call Jason and tell him what he did. Logan tries to explain to Georgie that she doesn't know what is going on. Georgie sets him straight and threatens to call Jason if he doesn't leave her sister alone.

Nikolas confronts his butler, Alfred about interfering with his business at the hotel. He asks Alfred why he called the hotel and told them he didn't want to lease office space with them after all. Alfred tries to defend what he did by explaining that he thought Nikolas wanted to spend more time at home to do business and thought it was in his best interests to work from home. Nikolas tells him that he wanted to lease office space at the hotel so he could conduct business without people overhearing everything at his home. Lucky shows up to talk to him about his marriage to Liz. Nikolas tells Alfred that they will discuss things later and to leave the room. Lucky tells Nikolas he came by because he needed someone to give him a logical opinion about his marriage. He tells him about how he wants his marriage to work and asks him if he thinks his marriage to Liz is salvageable. Nikolas tells him to give his marriage a chance if that is what he wants. Meanwhile, Emily and Liz talk at the hospital while they are working. They complain about how summer is almost over and they hardly saw each other or got together at all. Emily suggests that the four of them take the kids to the beach some day soon before summer is over. Liz tells her she likes the idea and now that she and Lucky talked and decided to give their marriage another try she thinks Lucky will go for that idea now. Liz comes home and tells him about making plans with Nikolas and Emily to take all the kids to the beach some day. Lucky likes that idea and suggests that they fill the kids' pool out in the backyard for the kids since he took some time off to spend with them today. Liz reminds him that last time he filled up the pool he sprayed her with the hose and tells him that it is payback time for her to get him with the hose this time. They chase each other upstairs to get changed for the pool. Later, Emily shows up at Wyndemere just as Nikolas gets done talking to Alfred about his business deals. Emily notices the tension in Nikolas and wonders what is going on with him. Sam shows up at Lucky's to tell him she can't use him as her bodyguard anymore because she can't let him get involved in a war between Sonny and his new enemy, Zacchara, who likes to target the families of his enemies. She tells him she couldn't forgive herself if something happened to him and his family because he was protecting her. She tries to leave but Lucky stops her with his hand and tells her she needs protection too. Liz watches them from the top of the stairs and suspects Sam is up to something again with her husband.

Carly asks Jason how much danger she and her family is in with Zacchara after Sonny's territory and Ric's father supposedly here to represent his interests. Jason tells her that he doesn't have proof yet that Trevor Lansing is in town to represent Zacchara and is after Sonny. Carly gets more scared by what Jason is not saying and fears for her and the boys. Jason tells her he wants her to have added bodyguards to protect her and the boys and makes it clear to her that the decision is hers to make regarding how much protection they need. Carly talks to the boys about not taking off from their bodyguards by playing games with them like hide and seek and that they need to stay by them all the time. Logan shows up at Carly's house. Carly sends the boys upstairs with Leticia while she talks to Logan alone. Logan apologizes to Carly for not showing up when he was suppose to guard her kids and tells her it won't happen again. Carly doesn't like it when he mentions Lulu's name as if he expects her to excuse him because he is dating her cousin. Carly tells him that she doesn't trust him and that Jason doesn't like him. She warns Logan that Jason has a way of getting rid of people he doesn't like. Meanwhile, Jax confronts Jerry at the hotel about what kind of business he is up to in Port Charles after overhearing him talking on the phone. He asks Jerry to leave town right now. Jerry tells him he needs to make sure that Jax and his family is protected and feels he is capable of doing that only if he stays in town. Jax makes it clear to him that he doesn't want his kind of help and that he is no longer the brother he was once bonded with. Jax comes home to find Carly upset and frightened about Zacchara. Jax finds out about Zacchara's past and present methods of going after the families of his enemies. Jax is angry with Sonny for her placing her in danger like that. Carly explains to him that she needs his love and advice right now and not slamming Sonny because of what is going on. She asks him if he thinks they should move away and go to Australia or New Zealand to live to protect themselves. Jax doesn't have a problem with that idea but wonders if it will do any good.

Trevor upsets Ric when he comes home to find his father sitting on his couch holding his daughter, Molly. Ric asks the nanny to take Molly in the other room. After Molly and the nanny leave the room, Ric grabs his father and tells him to stay away from his daughter. Trevor warns Ric to watch his step or he may find himself losing his daughter for good. Ric tells him he can't do anything to take his kid away after Trevor threatens to take him to court and use his influence and contacts to win custody of Molly from Ric by showing that Ric and Alexis are unfit parents. Ric asks him what he wants from him. Trevor tells him he wants him to put Sonny away for good or he will make sure to take Molly from him. Ric takes his threat seriously and calls Diane, Sonny's attorney over to talk to her. He tells her about his situation with his father. Diane tells him that family law isn't her specialty but that if Trevor has the kind of contacts and influence with the courts as he claims, Ric may have already lost. Meanwhile, Alexis returns from her trip to Paris over the summer to meet with Sam at Kelly's for a little mother-daughter reunion. Alexis and Sam order coffee from Georgie. Alexis tells her all about her trip with Kristina to Paris and how much fun they had. She tells her she thinks that Kristina has a true gift as an artist. Sam tells her about Trevor's arrival in town recently. Alexis tells her she never met Trevor and that Ric hardly ever mentioned his father to her while they were married. She tells Sam that as far as she knows Ric has been estranged from his father for many years and that she worries about what kind of an effect he will have on Ric while being in town. Sam also mentions that a mobster named Zacchara is trying to move on Sonny's territory in Port Charles and is known to go after the families of his enemies. This worries Alexis because Kristina could be a target. She heads over to see Jason to find out about how much of a threat Zacchara is and if Kristina is in danger. Jason tells her about Zacchara's threat to Sonny and tells her that they believe that Trevor is working for Zacchara as his attorney. Meanwhile, Sam goes to the hotel and has a run-in with Jerry. Jerry thinks she is acting like a possible victim of Zacchara's, hoping that Jason will come rescue her. Sam makes it clear to Jerry that she doesn't want Jason back and that she is worried for her own safety. Sam notices Trevor walking into the hotel lobby and dismisses Jerry to approach him. She walks over and introduces herself to Trevor. She tells him that she is Molly's half-sister so that makes them sort of like family. Trevor dismisses that idea of her being family and sits down to talk to her. Sam explains that Ric got custody of Molly only because he brought her mother to court while she was going through chemotherapy and was weak. Trevor acts like he is sympathetic and tells her that Ric has never been a compassionate man. Trevor changes the subject and tells Sam that she looks very familiar and asks her if they have met before. Sam tells him they haven't but explains that he may have seen her on television since she hosts a program called "Everyday Heroes." Trevor tells her he doesn't really watch much television and then remembers seeing her in court testifying against Jason. He asks her if Jason is as cold-blooded as he is known to be. Meanwhile, Jason asks Spinelli to go on his computer and try to find out what Zacchara's business is and why he is after Sonny and to find out how Trevor Lansing fits into all of this. Trevor shows up while they are home working on the computer. Spinelli tries to get rid of Trevor for Jason but Jason sends him upstairs to his room so he can talk to Trevor. Trevor asks Jason if Spinelli is mentally ill and if they are related. Jason doesn't respond to Trevor's insult and asks him what he wants. Trevor tells him that he represents a third party who is interested in making a deal with Jason. Meanwhile, Alexis shows up at Ric's to see Molly. She asks the nanny to take Molly to the other room so she can talk to Ric alone. Ric isn't pleased that Alexis is ordering his staff around. Alexis lays into Ric for not calling her and notifying her that his father is in town and works for Zacchara, who is an enemy of Sonny's and is trying to take over. Ric tells her to check her messages on her cell-phone. Alexis isn't interested in listening to her messages and wants an explanation from Ric about how there could be a possible threat to Kristina and he didn't bother to tell her. Ric screams at her to check her messages. Alexis digs out her cell-phone and listens to her messages. The first message is from Ric, who tells her over the message that he thinks it is time that Molly go back to live with her. Alexis is speechless after hearing the message.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sonny and Jason realize that Zacchara is trying to force their hand. Trevor makes a cryptic call to his boss. Jax moves Carly and the boys into the Metro Court, and learns Jerry is meeting with Zacchara. Jax puts his life at risk when he incapacitates Jerry and plans on taking the meeting himself. Sonny demands that Michael and Morgan move in with him. Jason insists that Carly move to Sonny's as well. Nikolas is acting mysteriously. Liz sees right through Sam and knows exactly what she's up to. Sam, skulking around in her brain outfit, continues to try to work Lucky. Liz and Lucky are committed to making their marriage work. Spinelli shares his feelings with Georgie, who doesn't think he's weird, just different.

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