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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 8, 2007 on GH
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Sonny puts a stop to Carly trying to get information out of Trevor, and demands she stop investigating Leticia's murder. Kate has a business proposition for Jax. Carly's back goes up when Jax tells her he's tempted to invest in the magazine Kate wants to publish. Jax placates Carly with kisses, and both are unaware that someone is snapping photos of them, using Carly's camera phone, as their passion escalates. Nikolas admits to Emily that he's been losing chunks of time, but becomes angry when she wants him to admit himself to the hospital as a patient. Nikolas later finds himself in an alley holding a bloody knife as Jerry is brought into the Emergency Room suffering from a stab wound. Liz and Lucky's divorce grows uglier by the minute as Diane and Alexis prepare to go to any lengths necessary to get what they want for their clients. Lucky threatens to file for sole custody of Jake unless Liz gives into his demands. Robin is bothered by the fact that Leyla is going on a date with Patrick. A dolled-up Robin seeks out Patrick at the Metro Court. Spinelli meets Nadine.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jax and Carly get a call from Emily telling them that Jerry has been stabbed and is going to undergo emergency surgery. Jax insists he doesn't care what happens to Jerry, but Carly knows otherwise. Carly heads to the hospital to check on Jerry, who momentarily regains consciousness as Jax arrives in his room. Meanwhile, Nikolas is dismayed to find himself in the alley with the bloody knife in his hand. After returning to Wyndemere, Nikolas burns his bloodied shirt in the fireplace. Emily finds a piece of Nikolas' bloody shirt. Lulu insists she wants nothing to do with Logan, but her heart is clearly breaking. Scott makes an offer to Lulu, saying he'll drop the charges against Luke and turn Laura's guardianship back over to Nikolas if she'll agree to give Logan one more chance. Lucky and Liz trade threats as their divorce war escalates. Robin and Patrick make an attempt to clear the air, but remain apart. Patrick and Leyla enjoy their date together. Kelly secretly listens as Robin agrees to have a friendly drink with Andy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Carly wants answers from Johnny, but Jason sends her on her way. Johnny gives nothing away as Jason demands that he spill all he knows about Leticia's murder. Johnny tells Jason there will be bloodshed if he isn't released unharmed. Kate can't escape the realities of Sonny's world. Trevor warns Sonny that people will die if Jason doesn't let Johnny go. Sonny takes a gamble and gives Trevor a demand of his own. Nikolas fights the rage building inside him when Luke accuses him of not looking out for Lulu. Luke finds Lulu with Logan. Jax comes up with a new theory about Leticia's killer. Robin is mortified when Patrick reveals her baby plans to Leo, who she was considering as a possible candidate. Robin tells Patrick that her life is none of his business.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Robin confides in Kelly about why she thinks she should move on and try to have a baby without Patrick. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to be intimate with Leyla but she is reluctant to get closer to him because she doesn't want to complicate her life and change her plans because of him. He tells her that he is the perfect if she wants something uncomplicated. Leyla worries that she is just someone he is rebounding with until he gets over Robin. Patrick persuades her to have sex with him and not to worry about her plans. He gets paged for an emergency at the hospital soon after they sleep together. Later, Kelly warns Robin about how a baby could really complicate her already busy life and that it is a big responsibility. Robin lists all the ways she is ready to be a mother. Kelly asks her who she plans to be the father of her future baby. Robin doesn't know who would be the father and always imagined she would be in a relationship with the man who would father her child. Kelly suggests that she make a list of potential fathers for her baby. Robin's list includes Nikolas, Jax, Sonny, Lucky, Jason, etc. Robin goes over her list of potential sperm donors. She puts Jax's name down and imagines what Carly's reaction would be if she approached Jax about being a sperm donor. Robin goes over the list and scratches off the names of unlikely candidates. Patrick and Leyla get off the elevator together, which bothers Robin. Patrick asks about a patient. Robin fills him in on the patient's progress. Leyla asks Robin if she can help her in any way. Robin tells her that she will let her know when she needs her for anything and walks away. The list Robin made falls out of the folder she had it in and falls to the floor. Leyla picks it up and looks at it curiously. Later, she shows Patrick the list and tells him it dropped out of a file Robin was holding. Patrick sees the list of men's names and thinks Robin may be planning a party and he wasn't invited. He approaches Robin and hands her the list. Robin is embarrassed by it and tries to act like it is nothing and pushes it back in her folder. She tells him it isn't anything important. Kelly shows up and tells him he is too late and blew his chance to be on the list. Patrick asks Robin what is going on. Robin tells Kelly to shut up and leave it alone. Kelly suggests to Robin that she explain the list to him since he will find out about it sooner or later. Robin tells him the list is potential men who could provide her with a baby.

Logan asks Lulu why she has a sudden change of heart concerning their relationship. Lulu doesn't tell him at first the real reason she is considering going back to him. She decides to tell him the truth when he asks her why she changed her mind when recently she didn't want anything more to do with him. She tells him about Scott's offer to drop all the charges against her father and give custody of Laura back to Nikolas if she agreed to give him a second chance at a relationship. Logan gets angry with her for agreeing to let Scott blackmail her that way by using her parents to do it. Lulu tells him that she already was considering forgiving him and this just gave her more incentive to try again with him. Logan walks off angry with Scott and her. Meanwhile, Luke returns home to the Quartermaine mansion and shares a drink with Tracy. Tracy tells him off for leaving her to deal with the aftermath of him taking Laura off into hiding. She tells him that she had to spend months in Shadybrook because of him but managed to convince Edward to have her released because she could bring leadership back into ELQ and save it from financial ruin. Tracy tells him that Scott dropped the charges against him and so he doesn't have to worry about hiding out from him. Tracy tells him about her scheme to get Scott to drop the charges against her and him by proving that he had a son and abandoned him and his mother years ago but it backfired. Luke asks her what happened. Tracy explains to him that Scott's son is none other than Logan Hayes and asks him if he remembers him. Luke remembers something about seeing Logan hanging around Kelly's. Tracy tells him that Logan is the one he is thinking about. Luke gets very upset when Tracy tells him that Lulu is infatuated with Logan and got involved romantically with him then dumped him. However, she tells him that Scott just made a deal with her that if she would give Logan a second chance then he would drop the charges against Luke in exchange. Luke gets angry with Tracy for not trying to stop this from happening. Tracy reminds him that he has been gone for months and that Lulu is an adult and can do what she wants. She wishes him luck in convincing Lulu to listen to him or anyone else. Meanwhile, Scott shows up at Logan's place to talk to him. Logan confronts him about blackmailing Lulu into giving him another chance. Scott tells him that he was just trying to help him and thought this would be a good way to do it. Logan tells him that he had no right to use Lulu's parents to get her to take him back since he wanted her to come back to him because she wanted to not because she was forced to. Scott tells him that he thinks Lulu wants to give him another chance and this deal gave her the incentive to try again with him. Later, Spinelli talks to Lulu about her decision to give Logan another chance and how he is worried about her. She thanks him but tells him that it may not happen since she just told Logan about the deal and he wasn't very receptive to the idea. Scott talks to Lulu later at Kelly's and asks her why she told Logan about their deal because now Logan hates him even more than ever. Lulu tells Scott that she couldn't lie to Logan since the reason they broke up was because he lied and cheated on her and she didn't want their relationship to be based on a lie again. Scott shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and is greeted with a punch in the face by Luke, who warns him to keep Logan away from his daughter or he will do it for him. Lulu shows up at Logan's place and tells him that she wants to give their relationship another chance and not because of Scott's deal. She tells him that Scott did drop the charges against her father even though he knew they may not get back together. Logan tells her he wants to get back with her more than anything. Lulu tells him that he has a lot to make up for what he did to her.

Jerry tells Jax that Nikolas was the one who stabbed him. Jax asks Jerry what he did to Nikolas this time to provoke him to stabbing him. Jerry tells him that he did nothing to provoke the attack. Jax isn't sure he believes him. Jax asks Jerry if he stabbed himself and is trying to frame Nikolas for it. Jerry points out that he wouldn't have perforated his own lung just to get back at Nikolas when he has no reason to do that. Meanwhile, Emily tells Nikolas that Jerry told her that he was the one who stabbed him for no reason. Nikolas doesn't want to believe he would stab someone, even if it is someone he hates as much as he hates Jerry Jax. Emily reminds him that he doesn't remember doing a lot of things and that this could have happened and he blacked out. Nikolas leaves and heads to the hospital to see Jerry. He confronts Jerry and asks him why he lied to Emily about how he was the one who stabbed him when it isn't true. Jerry tells him he did stab him and didn't lie to her. Nikolas starts asking him details about what happened and what was said between them. Jerry realizes that Nikolas doesn't remember stabbing him and understands why Nikolas asked him at the hotel what kind of poison he injected him with and what are the side-effects. Nikolas goes home and tells Emily about his visit to Jerry and what he said. Nikolas agrees to go back to the hospital and have a complete series of tests done to see what is wrong with him. Emily embraces him in support and tells him that what is wrong with him could be temporary or he may have to take medication for whatever is wrong with him. Nikolas voices his fear that he will turn out to be just like his family, psychotic. Emily tries to assure him that he is nothing like his family and never will be.

Carly shows up at Jason's penthouse and pushes back the guard insisting she is a friend of Jason's. Jason calls off his guard and lets her inside. She shows him the text message she just got awhile ago and is about to show him the pictures someone printed and sent to the set of "Everyday Heroes" to air on television. Jason tells her to calm down and explain what she is talking about. She tells him that someone hacked into her cell phone and took pictures of her fooling around with Jax on the couch with her own phone camera and sent them to the television studio. Jason tells her he doesn't want to see the photos and asks her who she thinks would do that. Carly tells him she thinks that whoever killed Leticia sent the text message and took the pictures to send. Carly insists that she and Jason team up to find out who Leticia's killer is and stop him. Jason tells her to stay out it. He gets upset with her when she tells him about how she had a plan in place with getting close to Trevor to get information and how Sonny ruined it by showing up and telling Trevor what she was planning to do. Jason defends Sonny's actions and tells her to let him handle it since she will end up doing something stupid and get herself hurt or worse, killed. Carly leaves for awhile but returns to Jason's place to see him. Spinelli answers the door and she rushes in to see Jason. Spinelli tells him that Jason is not there. Carly tells him he will want to leave the penthouse since Jason will return soon and she will be talking to him. She tells Spinelli about the text message she got recently and if he has found out who sent it. Spinelli reminds her that it won't be that easy to track who sent the message to her. Spinelli decides to leave Carly there to wait for Jason since he doesn't want to be caught in the middle of fight between Jason and Carly. Jason returns to the penthouse with Johnny Zacchara. He isn't happy to see Carly there and tells her to leave. Carly refuses to leave and confronts Johnny about what he is up to.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lainey goes to visit Cody, and he reveals that he is finally off the drugs. She apologizes for not realizing earlier that he had post traumatic stress syndrome. He asks what the status is of them trying to pin the murder of her father on Jolene. She's not sure with Jolene's sister in town now. Cody tells her that he will take full responsibility. He liked her father. They shared similarities between the post traumatic stress and the Alzheimer's. She wants to set him free, and he did that for her.

Patrick is surprised when Robin tells him she is planning on having a baby. He's even more surprised when she pulls out a list of eligible candidates. He thinks she is doing this because of him. She tells him that not everything she does is because of him. He questions why she made this decision so suddenly, but she points out that had he been paying attention he would have noticed that she has been thinking about this since the pregnancy scare. He notices that Spinelli is on the list. She tells him she just wants DNA, not a father. She wants him to respect her for what she wants. She is grateful to him, because their split has given her the opportunity to commit to something bigger than herself. She leaves and walks over to Dr. Julian. Robin asks him if he would like to have some drinks with her. She has something she would like to discuss with him.

Dr. Julian and Robin meet for drinks and they start talking about two different things, unknowingly. He thinks she's talking about sleeping together, while she thinks they're talking about him contributing DNA for a possible child. They realize they are talking about two different things, and Dr. Julian asks why she asked him there. Patrick walks up and tells Dr. Julian that Robin wants him to be the father of her child. Dr. Julian spits his drink out, and Robin tells Patrick to butt out of their private conversation. Dr. Julian tells her that there is no conversation if Patrick is right. He says that Patrick and Robin obviously have issues they need to work out. When he leaves, Patrick tells a furious Robin that he is trying to make sure she doesn't get hurt. He thinks she should think about this some more. She tells him she's going to do things her way and she doesn't care if he approves or not.

Trevor asks an unknown caller if they are positive he has Johnny. He says Anthony can not know this.

Sonny tells Max that he thinks Johnny killed Leticia and his father is trying to cover it up. Things haven't been this unstable for a long time. Max thinks they need to send their own message to Zacchara. Sonny mentions taking out Trevor just as Kate walks in. She apologizes for interrupting, and Max leaves. Sonny says he and Max were just discussing how to protect the people he loves. She asks if that means killing Trevor. He asks her if they really have to discuss this right now. He knows she doesn't want any part of his business. She can't have it both ways. He loves having her back in his life. They have something good between the two of them, and they can build on it. She continues his conversation and mentions that they relationship can only continue if she develops bad hearing and selective memory loss. Trevor shows up and tells Sonny that he made a serious, irreversible error. He tells Kate that she shouldn't be there. It is a business meeting. When Kate leaves, Trevor tells Sonny that Jason has Johnny and he needs Johnny brought back. Johnny had nothing to do with the murder. Sonny says that if that's true, Johnny has nothing to worry about. Trevor says that if Johnny isn't brought back now, he can't be held responsible for the safety of anyone Sonny knows. Sonny tells Trevor that Johnny is leverage. If Anthony wants him back, he needs to have a face to face meeting with him. Sonny wants to eliminate the middle man, Trevor.

Meanwhile, Jason is mad that Carly showed up while he is talking to Johnny. Carly tries asking Johnny questions about the pictures that were taken of her and Jax. He tells her she is crazy. Jason finally gets Carly to leave, but they are only left alone briefly before Lulu shows up. She just left Logan's place after telling him that she really was going to give him a second chance. When she sees Johnny, she tells him that he must have done something to deserve being dragged here by Jason. She leaves and goes back to Logan's place, where he is surprised to see her. She is even more surprised when her father knocks on the door and is unhappy to see her in Logan's company. Meanwhile, Johnny tells Jason that if he isn't released soon people are going to start getting hurt.

Jax talks to Jerry and asks him about the stabbing. Jerry reveals that Nikolas has been experiencing memory loss and has no memory of attacking him. Jax thinks it could be caused by the drugs Jerry gave him. Jerry doesn't know, but Nikolas is a lose cannon.

When Carly leaves Jason's, she meets up with Jax who knows she is lying about her whereabouts. She comes clean and tells him that she received text messages from Leticia's killer and tracked down Johnny. Jax thinks Nikolas could be the one behind the killings after having learned about his memory gaps.

Emily overhears Nikolas making plans to go riding. She tells him she doesn't think it's a good idea and he gets mad. He yells at her to stop treating him like a child. He apologizes and tells her that he hates seeing fear in her eyes. She says there is something wrong with him. This isn't like him. He tells her to look at his family, because he's just starting to take after their traits. Luke walks in and having just heard from Scott about his deal with Lulu, he is furious. He wants to know why Nikolas hasn't done more to protect Lulu and why he wasn't told she was sleeping with Logan. Emily tries to get Luke to leave, but he is persistent. Nikolas sends Emily away, and he manages to keep his cool while Luke rants and raves. When Luke leaves, Nikolas uncurls his hand which is now bloody from squeezing a letter opener. When Emily comes back, Nikolas brushes aside his injury and tells her he wants to have a party. The hospital could use the money, and they could use the distraction. He would like to do this as a gift for her.

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