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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 26, 2007 on GH
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Lucky resurfaces and visits a hospitalized Luke, who tells him the tragic news about Emily. When Lucky confides to Sam that he feels like he's lost everything that matters, she encourages him to visit Jake. A vengeful Sam doesn't believe Jason and Liz deserve to live happily ever after.

Sonny and Jason strategize about how to deal with Trevor. At the same time, Lucky arrives at Liz's and finds Jason holding Jake in his arms. Later, as he watches Lucky with Jake and Cameron, Jason feels like an outsider.

Though Zacchara survives the fall, he's rendered paralyzed from the neck down. Before being moved to a facility for the criminally insane, Zacchara warns Johnny about Trevor.

Michael reacts badly when Sonny and Carly tell him that Emily is dead. Consumed with grief over losing Emily, Nikolas blows up when Jason questions him. Meanwhile, Detective Harper grows suspicious of Nikolas' lack of memory. Then, Nikolas has a nightmare in which he strangles Emily.

Monica coldly informs Luke that he'll surely die if he doesn't have bypass surgery. Tracy later catches a cagey Luke trying to leave the hospital.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On the day of Emily's funeral, everyone tries to cope with their sadness. Though torn over whether or not to attend, Jason decides to honor Monica's wishes and stay away. Carly, however, convinces Jason that Emily would have wanted him to be there.

A vengeful Monica blames Sonny for destroying her family and taking her children away from her. After Monica's tirade, Sonny admits to Kate that Monica's hatred of him is justified. Later, Monica is moved when Carly brings Michael and Morgan to see her.

Lucky and Liz put aside their differences and come together to support Nikolas. Meanwhile, Lulu begs Luke to take care of himself. Ignoring his daughter's wishes, a defiant Luke risks another heart attack when he tries to sneak out of the hospital.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jason attends Emily's funeral, but doesn't make his presence known. As Liz delivers her heartfelt and emotional eulogy, she notices Jason listening from the vestibule. Afterwards, Lucky makes it clear to Liz that he'll never forgive what she did to him. Following Lucky's confrontation with Liz, an opportunistic Sam reaches out to him.

Luke finally relents and tells Tracy he'll have the bypass surgery. However, when Tracy later returns to his room, Luke is nowhere to be found.

Johnny comes by to ask Carly about the attempt on her life, causing Michael to react badly. Then, Johnny unsettles Carly as he points out the similarities between him and Michael. Though Johnny insists he wants to protect Lulu by uncovering the text message killer, Carly adamantly warns him to stay away from her cousin. When Lulu shows up to visit Carly, Johnny slips out unseen. As the two women talk, Lulu encourages Carly to try to have a baby with Jax.

As a grief stricken Nikolas returns to Wyndemere, the Quartermaines struggle to face life without Emily. Later, Dillon reunites with Georgie, who admits she's fallen in love with someone new.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spinelli is nursing a bad cold when Georgie shows up with homemade chicken soup for him. He thanks her for her thoughtfulness. She tells him that she makes it sometime for Mac and decided to make some for him also. He holds the container of soup and smells the aroma. However, he lets out a big sneeze and loses hold of the container and spills it all over the front of Georgie's shirt. She changes into one of the robes she found in the guest room and heads downstairs. She daydreams that Spinelli realizes that he feels the same way about her that she feels about him and approaches her with a kiss. She comes out of her daydream when Spinelli says her name. She tells him she found the robe in one of the spare rooms and isn't sure she would have been comfortable wearing one of Jason's robes. She tells Spinelli that she thinks the robe may have belonged to Jax's ex-wife at one time. Spinelli is taken by surprise and didn't know that Jax was married also to Jason's ex-wife, Brenda. Georgie tells him that Brenda and Jax's marriage was very brief and things obviously didn't work out for them. Spinelli tells her that it seems like Jax and Carly are very blissful right now. Georgie makes a comment about how sometimes you may fall in love with someone who is sitting right next to you and the other person doesn't even know it. Spinelli doesn't get the hint that Georgie made to him and thinks she is just being romantic. He does comment on how lovely she looks. She asks him if he thinks she is beautiful. Spinelli doesn't have time to comment on her question when there is a knock on the door. He goes to answer it and Georgie cringes at how bad the timing is again. Nadine shows up with chicken soup for him as well. Spinelli thanks her and tells her that she and Georgie are of one mind by both bringing him chicken soup. He grabs both of them into a group hug.

Carly and Jax head up to their bedroom to make love. Carly pushes him away and tells him that she isn't sure if she is ready for sex right now. Jax is confused by her behavior and asks her what is wrong. Carly makes up some excuse about how her stomach is growling and she needs a snack. Jax wonders what she is up to but goes downstairs to make her snack. Carly uses that time alone in their bedroom to open up one of her drawers to take out a pregnancy test. Jax comes back upstairs with snacks and champagne for them. Carly is about to drink it and spits some of it out when she remembers she doesn't want to drink if she is going to get pregnant. She tells Jax that she can't have champagne because it will give her blotches on her face. Jax asks her where she heard that. She tells him she read that online somewhere. Jax still wants to have sex but Carly is very nervous about bringing up the idea of them having a baby.

Jason is sitting on a chair in Liz's living room when she comes home. She walks over to him and he takes her into his arms for comfort. They look into each other's eyes and then kiss. Jason tells her he loves her and Jake and that he thanks God every day that he has them in his life. Liz takes him hand and brings him upstairs to her bedroom. She starts to undress him and they make love. Afterwards, he holds her in his arms after they get dressed. Liz tells him that her grandmother is suppose to drop the boys off anytime now. There is a car horn that goes off outside her house to signal her that her kids are home. Jason thinks that Liz wants him to leave now. Liz tells him she wants him to stay. Cameron comes into the house first with a face smeared with chocolate. Jason greets him and asks him about the chocolate on his face. Cameron nods his head that he had chocolate at his great-grandmother's house. Liz tells Jason that Cameron asked Audrey for a piece of chocolate cake because it would help him not miss Emily so much. Liz asks Jason to hold Jake for her and watch him while she takes Cameron upstairs and gets him ready for bed. Jason holds his son and tells him that he wishes that Emily was still alive so that he could get to know her because he knows that Jake would love her so much. Liz listens to what he says and is touched. Later, she comes back downstairs to find Jason watching their son sleep. Jason tells her that he was afraid to pick Jake up because he might wake him up and he loves watching him sleep. Liz tells him that he is fine where he is right now. Jason comments that Jake has his hands. Liz tells him she loves to watch Jake sleep also. Liz tells him that she thinks that Emily somehow was responsible for him being there tonight. Jason tells her that he couldn't think of any place to go to after the funeral but to go see her and Jake. Jason gets up and gives her a kiss goodbye before he leaves the house. Liz watches him leave with regret.

Kate comes over to see Sonny at his house and to tell him that there is an intruder sneaking around the outside of her home and looked like he was trying to break in. Sonny tells her that it wasn't an intruder lurking around her home, it was his bodyguard Max. She asks him why Max was there. Sonny tries to explain that he wants her to be well guarded in her home after what happened to Emily and what could have happened to Carly. Max comes in to try to explain what he was doing outside her home. Kate is not pleased at all at the invasion of her privacy and lets Max and Sonny know about it. Max asks her not to break up with Sonny over this because then Sonny will start pining over Carly again and he couldn't handle that. Sonny excuses Max to get him out of the room to talk to Kate. Kate tells Sonny to take the guards off of her home and herself and let her breathe. Sonny tells her he can't do that because her safety is at stake. Kate tells him that she will not live like a caged animal and doesn't want anyone to know that she is being guarded by his men because it could hurt her reputation and the career she is trying to rebuild now. Sonny tries to get her to listen to him but she tells him she won't live that way and that if he doesn't do as she wishes, she doesn't want to see him again. She storms out of his house.

Nikolas thinks he is hallucinating when he comes into his bedroom and sees Emily, still wearing her white gown from the Black & White Ball, standing there waiting for him. Nikolas approaches her and thinks he is dreaming her up. He finds out that he can touch her and she seems very much alive. He tells her she can't be real because he just came back from her funeral and he was the one responsible for her death. Emily tells him he would never hurt her and that she is alive and right there. Nikolas tells her that she isn't real and that he must be dreaming about her. Emily tells him that she is right there. Nikolas hugs her and kisses her. He thinks he is insane and doesn't care right now because she is in his arms and feels very much alive. Nikolas asks her to tell him what the last thing she remembers doing at the ball. Emily remembers going to find him but doesn't remember anything else after that. Nikolas tells her that he yelled at her and then he doesn't remember what happened afterwards either. Later, while they are talking, Alfred knocks on his door and tells him he brought him something to eat. Nikolas hesitates before going to his door and opening it. Alfred comes into the room with a tray of food and apologizes for intruding but he felt Nikolas should eat something. Nikolas thanks him for the food. Alfred tells him that he thought the funeral was very touching and that everyone will miss Emily. Emily realizes that Alfred can't see her and that she is dead. After Alfred leaves, Nikolas sees that Emily is crying and trying to accept that she is dead. Nikolas tells her that he can see her, talk to her and touch her and that she will always be with him even if she is dead. He goes over to her and holds her while she cries.

Friday, December 30, 2007

Nikolas grapples with his sanity, and he gets a very unpleasant surprise. As they struggle to accept Emily's death, the hospital staff attempts to save the life of a young bride who was hit by a car. The crisis opens Patrick's eyes, and he tells Robin that he thinks their love can outweigh their differences.

When Jason goes to Liz to figure out what's next for them, they're interrupted by Lucky's arrival. As a hidden Jason listens, Lucky suggests to Liz that he should be Jake's father because Jason's life is too dangerous.

Jax forces Sonny to face some hard truths about his violent life, as Johnny realizes that he's trapped in his father's life whether he likes it or not. Then, Trevor issues Sonny an ultimatum, warning him to make peace with the Zacchara family, or lose everyone he loves. Later, a suspicious Jax wants to know what Carly is really up to.

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