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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 17, 2007 on GH
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Georgie is about to call the police when she recognizes the person following her and smiles a greeting instead. Spinelli interrupts Jason as he is searching Coop's room above Kelly's, looking for evidence that Coop is the text message killer. Spinelli is worried that Jason will kill Coop. Jason says he will not act without evidence. He sends Spinelli away and tells him to stay away from Kelly's and Coop.

Maxie is surprised in Sam's hot tub, not by Coop, but Lucky. They are both surprised, but she tells Lucky that she is not waiting for him, but for Coop. She shares that she is happy with Coop and she is glad that Lucky and Sam have found each other. Lucky leaves and Coop arrives late with the explanation that he had to take care of some things. They talk over the recent past and Maxie tells Coop how glad she is that they are back together. Coop said he had to stay away because he did not want his temper to get out of hand, because he feared that he would hurt those he cares about. Maxie says that she does not believe that he could hurt anyone, and then asks him to spend Christmas with her and her family. She reminisces about past Christmases and tells him about the hospital tradition where she and Georgie dress as elves to hand out presents to the children.

Spinelli passes through the park and finds Georgie dead on the steps with a phone cord wrapped around her neck. He calls the police. Detective Harper arrives on the scene and questions Spinelli, who saw nothing and provides no information.

Kate nears Sonny's table and stumbles just as Trevor's hired assassin fires at Sonny. When Sonny leaps up to save Kate from falling, the gunman's bullet misses the mark, instead hitting a glass on the table. When the police arrive, Trevor insists that Sonny planned the hit for him. Diane arrives and the police let Kate, who insists that Sonny was the target, go home. Sonny will not answer the police's questions, but believes that it was Johnny, just as Trevor surmised would happen if the hit failed. Mac is called to the park. Rick and Detective Rodriguez question Sonny and Trevor, then Sonny, Diane and the detective leave. Trevor plays the guilt and envy cards to get Rick to delude himself that Sonny set up the hit on Trevor, instead of the other way around.

Kate has an anxiety attack when she gets home. Diane stopped by and offers her some comfort. She tells Kate that this is the price that those who love Sonny and Sonny loves must pay. Kate asks Diane how she handles the fear of sudden death. Diane says that she does not have to worry because she does not love Sonny. She is his counsel and no one would think of hurting her. She tells Kate that if an enemy wants to hurt Sonny then they will do it by killing the woman that he loves. This gives Kate considerable pause.

Mac is distraught and outraged when he finds Georgie dead. He is grief-stricken and blames Spinelli. Detective Harper tries to convince him that Spinelli, who is too dazed to mention Georgie's suspicions of Coop, is innocent -- but Mac wants him finger-printed and DNA evidence taken. Meanwhile, Lucky, who has gone to pick up Maxie, returns with her. She flings herself into Mac's arms and they grieve together.

Lulu goes to the docks to meet Johnny. As soon as they see each other, someone starts firing at them. They take cover. Lulu shows Johnny the note she received. He's convinced that Sonny is trying to kill him. She thinks otherwise and asks him to trust her. She takes him to Sonny's house where they overhear the end of Sonny's conversation with Jason. They do not hear him talk about Kate almost being killed by a sniper, but they do hear Sonny demand that Jason kill Johnny.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Carly comes into Kelly's with the boys. Morgan picked out a hula dancer as a gift for Mike while they were on vacation. While Mike makes hot chocolate for the boys, he and Carly talk about the killer and the fact that he has not been caught, yet. Mike tells Carly about Maxie being attacked. They can't believe how brazen the killer is to attack the commissioner's daughter in his home. Carly notices a new busboy and knows she has seen him before but can't place him. As Carly and the boys talk about their vacation, the busboy watches them. Carly tells the kids that Leticia's cousin will be their new nanny. Michael is upset and tells her that he isn't a baby anymore.

Maxie collapses in tears. Mac asks Coop to help get her to the hospital. Robin and Liz are talking about Nikolas and his progress in Switzerland when Maxie arrives at the hospital. Mac goes to get Dr. Winters, and Robin realizes the situation is not good. Patrick comes over and asks Robin what is going on, but she doesn't know yet. Mac reveals through tears that Georgie was strangled. Robin hugs Mac who is grieving deeply. When Mac leaves, Robin tries to get back to work. Patrick comes over to talk to her, and she asks him why everyone she loves has to die. He hugs her. Robin goes to give Maxie a sedative. Maxie is talking about how she was the bad sister, and Georgie didn't deserve to die. Mac comes back. He is upset about telling Felicia. She asked him to take care of their girls. Robin tells them not to let their grief and anger consume them. Georgie wouldn't want that.

In the park, Harper tells Lucky that Georgie got a text message on her cell phone. They realize the killer was waiting in the park for Maxie, but Georgie showed up instead. That means that Georgie probably knew her attacker. Lucky decides to interrogate Spinelli. He thinks Spinelli knows who killed Georgie and he brought her here to the park. Harper comes over and tells Spinelli he can go. Harper tells Lucky to cut Spinelli some slack. He is in shock. Lucky says that Spinelli is jus staying silent like Jason taught him to do. Sam runs over to Lucky and sees Georgie's body. She can't believe that the text message killer has struck again. She thinks that maybe she should put some information out on her show in order to get the killer caught.

Kate tells Diane that she never had a stomach for violence. She doesn't know what to do. Diane tells her that she either has to accept Sonny's protection, or she has to never see Sonny again.

Jason tries to tell Sonny that making a move against the Zacchara's is a bad idea right now. The police are waiting for them to make a move. Sonny doesn't care. Johnny made a mistake by setting up that sniper, and he won't let him make another mistake. Johnny Zacchara will die tonight. If he doesn't take him out, Sonny will. Outside, Lulu wants to go in and explain the situation to Sonny to make him understand. Johnny tells her that he can handle Sonny on his own and pulls his gun out. Lulu tells him he is insane. Sonny's house is crawling with guards. If Johnny tries to kill Sonny at home, he will never make it out of there. Lulu tries to get Johnny to let her handle the situation. He tells her no thanks and leaves.

Sonny stops by to see Kate and Diane explains that Kate is freaking out. Kate agrees that she's terrified and is not sure what to do. They talk about how their relationship won't work if she demands normalcy. She doesn't want to die. Her head is telling her that no relationship is worth her life, but her heart is telling her not to lose him. He agrees that he can't just leave her and never look back.

After Sonny leaves, Jason talks to Max about putting surveillance on Johnny. They are interrupted when Spinelli barges in and tells Jason that they need to talk NOW. He tells Jason about Georgie being murdered. He wants Jason's help in getting Coop, if he's the killer. Spinelli starts to drink as he talks about how he failed Georgie. She was the one person in his life that thought he was special. Jason tries to calm Spinelli down. When Spinelli leaves, he goes back to the park once the police leave the murder scene. The cops combed the scene and found that the killer was wearing gloves and there is little evidence. Spinelli pulls out a candle and a lighter and offers them as a small symbol of his gratitude for being such a true friend. It's his way of returning some of the light and warmth that she gave him.

Johnny takes Lulu to Kelly's and tells her to stay there where she is safe. She tells him not to do anything stupid before he leaves. When Lulu sees Carly, she asks to talk to her. Carly tells Jax, who is talking to Mike about the busboy, to take the kids home and she will be home shortly. Lulu wants Carly's help in talking to Sonny about not killing Johnny. She explains about what happened on the pier. Carly is hesitant, but she agrees that Sonny would never put Lulu in danger intentionally. Jax would kill Carly for getting involved, though, and there's no way Sonny would even listen to her. Carly agrees to try to talk to Sonny. She leaves and goes to Jason's. She finds out that the only reason Sonny is so upset is because Kate almost got hurt. Much to Jason's dismay, Carly storms out and runs over to Kate's house to interrupt Kate and Sonny. Carly is furious and yells at Sonny about planning a mob war. He tells her that his business doesn't concern her, but she disagrees when it comes to their kids. He says he is protecting the boys. She says he is only concerned with Kate because she can't handle the heat.

Sam goes to Kelly's and tells Mike about Georgie. She figured he would want to know before finding out through the media. The busboy comes over and recognizes Sam from Everyday Heroes. He asks for her to sign something for him, but she brushes him off. She goes home and starts to clean up when she gets a text message. It says, "You're next." She hears a noise and picks up a bottle. Lucky enters. She shows him the message and tells him that she thinks she's in danger. Back at Kelly's, Mike offers to let the busboy go home. He leaves in his black coat and hat. The hula dancer is shown with a cord around its neck.

Liz has Jason meet her in a room at the Metro Court. He is worried about Jake, but she reassures him that everything is fine with their son. With Emily's death, Liz has realized that you never know how long anyone has left. She doesn't want to waste her time to be with him. They kiss.

Johnny stands on the bridge and pulls his gun out when he hears someone approaching. It's Lulu. She tells him that she talked to Carly about talking to Sonny. He is upset and reminds her that he told her to stay out of it. He doesn't want to lose her. He pulls her towards him and kisses her.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In his hospital room, a weakened Luke is using the phone to place bets. Luke wants to get back to the track and asks Tracy to stake him, but she tells him that he is not leaving the hospital because he still needs the bypass surgery. Luke resists having the surgery just as he resists the change in his lifestyle that must follow it. After Tracy leaves, Luke asks advice from Cassius, the orderly. He tells Luke "A man's got no business dying if he's not done living, and he's got no business living if he's just asking to die." After Cassius exits, Luke ponders his words.

Kate and Sonny are having a conversation in her living room when they are interrupted by an irate Carly. She tells Sonny that Lulu and Johnny overheard him give orders to Jason to kill Johnny. Carly tells Sonny that Lulu was almost killed when someone tried to take out Johnny on the docks. She accuses him of starting a mob war because Kate cannot handle the down side of his business. Sonny sees red and insists that Johnny is behind everything. Finally Carly tells him to think with his head, that he has children depending on him and if what it takes to keep them safe is for Sonny to "suck it up" and make peace with Johnny Zacchara, then he had better do it. After sounding off to Sonny, Carly stomps out. For once, a still shaken Kate agrees with Carly. She is afraid, but she does not want to give up Sonny. She and Sonny both admit that they love each other. Kate agrees to let Sonny protect her. They embrace, but Kate's eyes are haunted.

Johnny kisses Lulu and tells her that he cares about her, but does not want to put her in danger. He is convinced that Sonny made the attempted hit, though Lulu tries to persuade him that Sonny would never hurt her. Johnny says that for Lulu's safety they must never see each other again. He hugs her then walks away. Later Logan finds Lulu at the overlook. He has come to tell her about Georgie, but thinks she already knows because she is crying. They go to the hospital to comfort a grieving Maxie. Lulu and Maxie call a temporary truce to their hostilities and share their sorrow over Georgie's death. As they are leaving, Logan tries to get a commitment out of Lulu, but they are interrupted by Carly who tells Lulu that they have to talk privately. Logan goes on his way. Carly tells Lulu that she has to stay away from Johnny Zacchara.

After Lucky calls him, Detective Harper arrives at Sam's apartment to get her cell phone. He hopes to trace the message that Sam received back to the ‘text message' killer. Harper departs and Sam tells Lucky that she can help him catch the killer. Lucky listens to her plan, but will not let Sam act as bait.

Jason meets Liz at the hotel. The make love and admit that they are in love and care deeply for each other. Even though they are each free, they fear the repercussions, including the threat from the Zaccharas, that might affect Jake's life if they go public with their feelings. They decide that they can be together if they meet in secret. They agree that it will be for the good of all if they keep their relationship very private.

Johnny marches into Trevor's office and tells him that Sonny tried to shoot him. Trevor gives an account of what happened at the restaurant and makes it sound like he was the target of an assassination attempt by Sonny and not the other way around. Encouraged by Johnny's seeming compliance, Trevor outlines his plan to get rid of Sonny, but Johnny balks and tells Trevor that he, Johnny will make the decisions, not Trevor. Johnny walks out. Trevor's henchman enters and Trevor berates him for not killing Lulu, but he is also gloating about how well his plan—to make Johnny and Sonny each think he is being targeted for death by the other—is working. "Checkmate. End of game. I win," crows a malevolent Trevor.

Logan goes to the overlook and finds Johnny Zacchara there. He accuses Johnny of hurting Lulu. The reason, he tells Johnny, is because Logan found Lulu in this same spot earlier in the evening and she was crying. Logan demands that Johnny stay away from Lulu.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lulu shows up at Kelly's to work to find Mike reading the morning's headlines in the newspaper about Georgie's murder. She tells him that Georgie usually would get upset if she wasn't able to get to work in the morning on time. Mike gives her some words of wisdom about handling loss. Suddenly, Dillon appears inside Kelly's. He is in a great mood and tells them that he has some great news to tell Georgie and asks them where she is. Lulu and Mike realize that Dillon hasn't heard the news about Georgie's murder. Lulu tells him that Georgie is gone. Dillon misunderstands what she is saying and tells her he just called Georgie recently and that she never said anything to him about leaving town. Dillon walks over to the counter and sees the newspaper headline. Lulu and Mike confirm that she is dead. Dillon gets very upset and tells them that he planned to take Georgie on a trip to show her his new film location. He leaves to go outside after feeling like he is going to get sick. He heads outside and holds onto his stomach. Spinelli shows up and finds him there and realizes he just found out about Georgie. Spinelli tells him about Georgie's recent plans to spend next semester abroad in Europe. This makes Dillon feel even worse because Georgie never got a chance to pursue her dreams. Meanwhile, Maxie spends time at home mourning Georgie. She suddenly gets a text-message ring on her cell phone and goes to pick it up to look at it. Suddenly, she hears a noise coming from the front door. She goes and gets something to use as a weapon in case it is the text-message killer trying to break into her home. It turns out to be her mother, Felicia, who shows up and lets herself into the house with her key and carries in her luggage. Maxie is surprised to see her. Felicia seems upset about Georgie's death but feels she has to explain herself to Maxie, who isn't too thrilled with her explanations as to why she hasn't kept in touch with any of them. Maxie asks her how she found out about Georgie. Felicia tells her that Mac called the bureau and got a hold of Frisco to tell him what happened and that is how she found out. Maxie realizes that Felicia has had contact with her father Frisco but not with any of them and asks her what has been going on with her. Felicia explains that Frisco called her awhile ago to ask for her help in some case he was working on and needed someone he could trust. She explains to Maxie about how Maria was getting too sick for her to take care of on her own anymore and so she had to have her placed in a residential home. Felicia tells Maxie that she helped Frisco, who was in a bad way for awhile but that he is better now. Maxie tells her that she would have liked it if Felicia had contacted her and told her where she was and that she was with her father and that Georgie would have liked that too but that Felicia couldn't be bothered to contact them. Felicia tells Maxie that Frisco was her first love and that when she was small she couldn't go off and be with him and that she had to make a hard choice to let him go and stay behind. Maxie asks her if she ever loved Mac and them. Felicia tells her that she has missed the life she had with them and Mac and Robin. Robin shows up to see Maxie and is happy to see Felicia. Felicia hugs Robin. They have coffee and talk but Maxie is still not happy with Felicia's explanations and listens to Robin and Felicia talk with more growing resentment toward her mother. Robin tells Felicia that she understands about how difficult it is be involved in top secret government cases that help others in need and that there is a pull to want to help others and want to be with your family as well. Dillon shows up to see Maxie. Maxie hugs him hard and tells him that Georgie still loved him very much. Dillon tells her that he wished it could have been different and that he came to town to ask her if he could take her on a trip to show her some movie locations. Maxie invites him inside where he meets Felicia. He gives her his condolences and tells her that he is sorry for blowing things with Georgie when they were together. Felicia hugs him and tells him that despite what they have done that it doesn't' negate the fact that they loved Georgie. Maxie rolls her eyes at Felicia's statements. Felicia tells Dillon that she has a box full of letters that Georgie sent her about how much she loved him. Later, Spinelli shows up to see Maxie and meets Felicia. Spinelli asks Felicia about how she is fairing and brings up the fact that she is suppose to have been away so long because of an ailing grandmother. Felicia doesn't know what to say to that since she hasn't been exactly staying with her grandmother. She looks over at Maxie who stares her down waiting for her response.

Skye visits Luke at the hospital. Luke doesn't want to have heart surgery. Skye tries to persuade him to have the surgery but he is stubborn and thinks it is his decision. Lucky shows up to see him. He tells Luke that he isn't going to argue with him or try to talk him into having surgery but does tell him that he thinks he should have the surgery because he still has a lot of fight in him and would recover. Lulu shows up when they are talking. She isn't happy when she hears that Luke won't have the bypass surgery he needs. She tells him off for being selfish and brings up the fact that Emily and Georgie were murdered and didn't have a choice of when their lives would end but that he does. Luke realizes how upset she is. He admits to her that he is a very selfish person but agrees to have the surgery.

Carly and Jax argue about Sonny starting a mob war with Johnny Zacchara because of Kate almost getting shot and killed at the hotel the other night. Jax isn't pleased that Kate was nearly killed at his hotel and she didn't bother to tell him until now. She apologizes to him for keeping it from him but didn't want to upset him so late last night. They argue about her butting into Sonny's business affairs, not realizing that Michael is listening in on their conversation. She tells Jax that she found out what was going on because Lulu told her. Jax asks her to stay out of it and brings up the idea of them moving out of Port Charles. Carly tells him they can't do that to Sonny. Carly decides to table the conversation when Morgan comes downstairs to get ready to leave for school. Michael appears from the kitchen and Carly suspects he may have been eavesdropping on their conversation. Meanwhile, Sonny wakes up with Kate at her house and fixes her breakfast. Kate is resigned to the fact that she needs Sonny to protect her and her house. Diane shows up and tells Kate that she may be able to convince a judge to allow Kate to leave Port Charles and finish her community service in Manhattan where it would be safer for her to live. Sonny resents Diane's intrusion but she tells him that this is the best thing for Kate right now. Kate doesn't stop her from going ahead with her plan. Later, Kate is in a fog at the hospital where she is doing her community service. She tells the other orderly that she can't decide what she wants in life right now. Diane finds her there and tells her that she got the injunction lifted and that Kate is now free to go back to New York City if she wants to. Later, Carly talks with Leticia's cousin, Mercedes about being the boys' new nanny. Mercedes thanks Carly for all she did for Leticia and accepts the job. Carly gets a call from the school telling her that Michael is missing. Michael ends up at the coffee shop to see Sonny. Max asks him why he isn't at school. Michael asks to speak to Sonny. Sonny isn't happy with him skipping school to come see him. Carly shows up and tells him that he is grounded for what he has done. Michael tells Sonny that he wants to be like him one day and run his business. Sonny tells him that he wants more for him than that and makes it clear to him that he won't be running his business when he is older. Carly brings Michael home and talks to him. Michael tells her that he knows what Sonny does for a living and that he is going to be just like him some day. Carly thinks that Michael is just confused about things because of all the losses he has suffered lately. Michael tells her he isn't confused about anything. Jax comes home and overhears their conversation. Jax tries to talk to Michael about how Sonny's business wouldn't be a good one for him because Sonny has hurt a lot of people in his line of work. Michael tells Jax that he is an outsider and doesn't understand Sonny's world like he does and is adamant that he will someday be just like Sonny. Diane shows up at Sonny's office as he is giving Max instructions about the level of security he wants for Kate and her home. Diane tells Max that it won't be necessary and informs Sonny that she got the judge to allow Kate to go back to Manhattan. Sonny gets a "Dear John" letter from Kate informing him that she is moving back to New York City and would like him not to try to contact her. She tells him in the letter that she loves him but that she doesn't think a relationship with him would work.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Jax comes home and finds Carly sitting on the couch with a bag. Inside the bag is a pregnancy test. She hides it from him. She tells him it is his Christmas surprise. Carly manages to distract Jax and the boys with decorating the Christmas tree.

Tracy comes into Luke's room after talking to his doctor. She is surprised to learn that he has agreed to the surgery. He tells her that he's never been a family man, but he can't leave his family when he knows they care about him. She tells him he won't regret it. Dillon shows up and Tracy and Luke are happy to see him. He is on his way to Georgie's funeral. Tracy says she is going to stay with Luke. She was never nice to Georgie in life, so she shouldn't be at the funeral. Dillon and Luke tell her that that's all the more reason to go and they convince her to go to the funeral.

Felicia tells Maxie that the car is on its way to take them to the church. Maxie tells her she is going to ride with Coop. Felicia offers to help her put her bracelet on, and Maxie agrees to the help. Maxie tells her it's Georgie's bracelet.

At the church, Robin puts a picture of Georgie up. She comforts Mac who blames himself for Georgie's death. Robin tells Mac that Georgie was a reflection of the best of him. He's the best parent any of them could have asked for.

The crowd starts to arrive after Felicia shows up at the church. Edward, Alice, Rick, Skye, the mayor, Spinelli, Milo, and Mike all offer their condolences to the family. Mike mentions that people have been stopping by all day at Kelly's to say nice things about Georgie. She touched a lot of lives because of the person she was. Lainey and Epiphany tell Robin that they are there for her. Patrick comes over and asks how she is doing. She tells him fine, but then rushes off when the priest comes in to talk to Robin about some of the details. Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia start to get worried when Maxie hasn't shown up, yet. When she does appear, she tells them that they got stuck in traffic. The priest tells them that they can begin the service once everyone sits down. Maxie chooses to sit next to Robin until it is her turn to speak. She sees the story of Georgie's life by looking at all the faces in the church. She thanks Mac for making Georgie feel special every day. He was the greatest gift to her. She thanks Dillon for showing Georgie true romantic love. She knows that she held that love in her heart until the day she died. She apologizes to both Dillon and Spinelli that she was not nice to them even though they loved her sister. She knows that Spinelli was Georgie's greatest friend. Georgie knew she would never be alone once she met Spinelli. Maxie also thanks Robin for being the sister to Georgie that Maxie couldn't be. Then Maxie proceeds to start bashing Felicia for not being there for them. Where was she when it mattered? Maxie tells Felicia that she can't sail into the funeral pretending to be a mom after ditching them all those years ago. Maxie tells Felicia to leave or she will leave. Felicia obliges and leaves.

After the funeral, Dillon stops Felicia outside Kelly's. He tells her that Georgie loved her and never doubted for a second that Felicia loved her. Georgie missed her, but she did not resent her. Felicia was Georgie's hero. She didn't judge or hold into negativity. He thinks she learned that from Felicia. She cries and thanks him for his kind words.

At the church, Mac asks Maxie if she wants to talk. She tells him that she can't right now and runs off. Mac stares at Georgie's casket. He goes home and reminisces about Georgie's life. Flashbacks are shown from when he brought flowers to Felicia after Georgie was born, when Georgie was a little girl, Georgie and Dillon's first kiss, Christmas and Thanksgiving scenes, and a scene where Mac and Georgie tell each other they love one another. He sits down and cries.

Felicia goes to visit Georgie's fresh grave and puts flowers down. Maxie watches as Felicia apologizes to Georgie for not being there. She knows she made mistakes, but she's hoping she balanced things out. She tells her daughter that she's sorry as she sobs.

Robin goes to Patrick's house. She doesn't know why she's there. She just feels bad for Felicia and everyone that had to sit through Maxie's rage. Patrick holds her and she cries in his arms. They start to kiss.

Lulu stops by Carly's place after she sends Jax and the boys off. She tells Carly about the funeral and about Maxie's eulogy. Lulu says it made her sick to her stomach. Carly says that it probably made Maxie sick to her stomach, too, and she probably didn't get the satisfaction she was hoping for. Maxie needs to let go and accept that parents are humans, too. Lulu leaves and Jax comes back home with the boys. He notices that Carly has been crying. He sends the boys to the kitchen and Carly tells Jax that there will not be a Christmas surprise. He tells her it's ok.

Alexis stops by to see Luke since she was there for a check up from her recent surgery. They both talk about what it's like when their bodies turn on them. They joke about the hospital staff. Alexis tells Luke that he has to let go and let himself be vulnerable. It's better than the alternative. Tracy comes back from the funeral and Alexis is gone. She tells Luke about the eulogy. She worries that Dillon or Ned may say the same things about her when she's gone. She deserves it. He holds her hand. Dr. Julian comes in and tells them they are going to do the surgery tomorrow. Tracy doesn't want him to do the surgery on Christmas Eve. He asks if it is for religious reasons, but she says she just doesn't want him and his staff to rush through in order to get to some party. He tells her they are just going to bring the eggnog into the operating room. She finds no humor in his comments. Luke says he doesn't want to wait. He might change his mind. It appeals to him to be under anesthesia at Christmas.

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