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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on GH
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Monday, January 14, 2008

At the Zacchara estate, clever Trevor tells Johnny that he has to follow Mr. Moreau's orders, or Lulu will die. Trevor also tries to impress on Johnny how much they need Mr. Moreau for their war with Sonny. Johnny thinks otherwise and retorts that he thinks that Trevor wants Moreau on his side so he can use him in his vendetta against Sonny. After Johnny leaves, Trevor discusses the situation with his henchman, Mr. Vaughn. Trevor believes that he will be able to control Johnny and that Moreau is just what they need to topple Sonny. Trevor instructs Vaughn to do what it takes to get the waterfront property away from Skye Quartermaine, unaware that she has deeded it to his son, Ric.

Lulu rages against her captors, but the monks believe she is a drug addict and do nothing. Logan makes up a story for Tracy, so that she will believe that Luke, who is missing, has sent Lulu away to stop her from being with Logan. Both leave the hospital.

Tracy goes to Coleman's bar looking for Luke, who is not there. She has a few drinks. Jerry Jacks is also there and Jax arrives a little later. He tells Jerry about his desire to have a child with Carly, but he is afraid that all the stress she is under is preventing her from getting pregnant. Jerry advises Jax to grab Carly, hop in his private jet and take a long, relaxing get-a-way. Coleman comes on to a tipsy Tracy, but Jax rescues her. Jerry goes outside and phones a mystery man and tells him to hold off on coming to town. The man has a scar on his shoulder and reminds Jerry, his "old friend," how much Jerry owes him.

At the coffee house, Jason tells Max to bring Spinelli out of the deep sleep caused by the over-the-counter cold medication that he took earlier. Jason leaves to visit Anthony Zacchara. When Spinelli wakes up, Max directs him to start looking for information about Anthony's medical condition.

Before he can begin, he gets Lulu's message that she is being held captive. As he starts an Internet search for her, Logan arrives and drags him away. They meet up with Johnny on the docks. Johnny shares that Lulu has been kidnapped to force him to do something that he does not want to do. Spinelli does not want to tell either of them what he knows, but Logan holds Spinelli's laptop out over the water. He responds to the threat and tells them about the phone message. They determine that Lulu is in a monastery. Johnny says that Lulu is fearless and resourceful and that she will not stop trying to escape until she is free. Lulu, meanwhile, has been pounding on her door and screaming, but no one has helped her. Determined to find another way, she moves aside a tapestry that has been hanging on the wall and find a small crack in the stones.

Jason goes to the hospital where Anthony is being held, and has a very disturbing conversation with him. Jason remarks on how green Johnny is, but Anthony counters that a son always grows up like his father and that Johnny will be fine. Jason cannot help but think of his own son. Anthony tells Jason that he did not kill Emily, and that he is disappointed that she is not alive. If she were, he tells Jason, Emily would be the first person he would kill when he gets out. Jason is unsettled when he leaves. Trevor arrives shortly after and tells Anthony that they should both keep the secrets of the other. When Anthony asks what secrets Trevor knows, Trevor says that he knows enough to protect himself and Anthony.

As a fire rages inside Liz's house she is locked outside with Cameron. She sends Cameron off with a neighbor then breaks a window so that she can get inside to Jake. She cuts her leg climbing in, but rescues Jake. When she gets him outside, he is not breathing. She does not wait for the paramedics. She rushes off to the hospital with Jake.

At the hospital, a frustrated Joe Smith brings his wife, Angie, to emergency for the second time, despite being refused treatment earlier. This time he reveals that a bomb is strapped to his waist. He threatens to detonate it if someone does not help his wife. Also in emergency are the mayor, Monica, Edward, Dr. Ford, Kelly, Epiphany, Cassius, and several other hospital personnel. Sam walks in during the crisis and recognizes Joe as her mechanic. Both Sam and Angie plead for him to stand down, but he is too concerned about his wife and their unborn child to heed what they are saying. Monica and others offer to treat Angie if he will leave, but he refuses. He panics when Angie passes out. Dr. Ford still wants Joe to leave, but Epiphany stands up to him. She tells him she is sick of death and that she will treat Angie, whether he likes it or not. Liz rushes into emergency with Jake. Sam tries to get her to leave, but she is too distraught to heed the warning. When Joe tells her she cannot get treatment for Jake, she notices the bomb strapped to him.

Jason arrives at Liz's house and finds firemen putting out the flames. The neighbor, who is watching Cameron, tells him that Liz has gone to the hospital with Jake. He rushes after them.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

While Ric contemplates what to do about the waterfront property, the phone rings and goes unanswered. He drops by Alexis' place to say goodbye to the girls. Diane is there having a girl moment with Alexis. Ric is shocked that the two female attorneys are getting along so well. They seemed to have bonded over their trip and all the mishaps along the way. Diane leaves and takes the dirty jackets from their trip with her. When Alexis finds out that Ric is leaving town, she asks him what is going on. He reveals that Skye has left and has left him with the waterfront property that Lorenzo owned. It's like giving a disturbed child a bomb to play with. He's not sure what to do. He's taken a leave of absence from the DA's office, and Alexis will be the temporary DA. He asks her to try to hold his job for him while he's gone. Scott's been trying to scratch his name off the door since he got back into town. He mentions that he might not even want to be DA when he gets back. Alexis tells him they will cross that bridge when he gets back. He says he hasn't asked himself in a long time what he wants to be when he grows up. Alexis worries while he goes to say goodbye to the girls.

The mayor calls Scott from inside the hospital. He can't get a hold of Ric. He wants Scott to take care of the emergency room bomber quickly and quietly. If he can do this, the mayor will help Scott move up the ladder in the DA's office. Scott calls Lucky and tells him to meet him quickly. When Lucky gets there, Scott tells him what is going on. The mayor doesn't want the bomb squad called in. He doesn't want another Metro Court incident. Scott wants Lucky to deal with the situation.

Joe tells Liz that she needs to take baby Jake to another hospital. The doctors are all needed to treat Angie. Epiphany and Liz both try to reason with Joe, but Sam is the one who finally gets through to him. He agrees to let baby Jake in to see a doctor. Epiphany rushes off to a cubicle with Jake, shouting out orders to Regina. Kelly wants to take Angie in a cubicle, also. At first, Joe is reluctant, but Kelly explains that she needs privacy to examine his wife. Joe lets Angie go with Kelly. All of a sudden, Liz starts to feel faint. Dr. Julian notices that Liz has cut her leg. He takes her into another room to sew her up. She's lost a lot of blood. Liz frantically wants to get up and make sure Jake is ok. Epiphany comes in the room and tells her to calm down. Jason is outside. She knew that news would calm her. Relax and let them do what they do best. Out in the waiting area, Joe is outraged that Jason is there. Jason says he needs to check on a baby that was brought in. Joe asks if he's the father. Jason says that the mother is his friend. Joe does not allow him in. He asks if he is armed, and Jason pulls out his gun and lays it down on the floor. Joe thinks he's a cop, but Monica says he's a gangster. He's one of the most dangerous men in Port Charles. She should know, because she's his mother. Jason preoccupies Joe by asking about the baby. It is revealed that Angie had multiple miscarriages and they decided to stop trying. They got pregnant anyway, and Joe considers it a miracle. Angie wanted a boy, and Joe wanted a girl. He thought the shop could support them, but now he realizes that no one cares about anything. Angie tells Kelly that Joe is the most caring person in the world. They still act like honeymooners. Kelly tells Angie that they need to find some good news to tell Joe.

Lucky and a security guard eavesdrop on what's going on in the emergency room through a door in the stairwell. Lucky sees Joe holding Monica hostage. Joe asks Jason how he feels about his mother. Lucky relays to Scott that he thinks he can take out Joe. Scott tells him to shoot to kill. Meanwhile, Jason prepares his own plan.

Kate is thrilled to see Sonny, but she tells him he has to go. Just being in Manhattan is violating the restraining order. If anyone finds out he is there, he could spend more time in jail. Kate's friend comes over and is disappointed when he sees Sonny. He thought Kate was going to accompany him to the party they were invited to. He leaves after Kate tells him he will manage on his own. There is another knock at the door. It's the police. The officer has information that Sonny Corinthos is in town and in this hotel. He wants to come in and check out her room after observing room service for two. Luckily, just as Kate runs out of excuses, her friend comes back and claims to be the other person that Kate is dining in with. He mentions how the officer doesn't have a search warrant and it could be considered harassment. The officer leaves. Sonny comes out from hiding and starts to thank the man. Kate's friend stops him and tells him that he only did that for his friend, Kate. Sonny better be worth it. If he hurts Kate, Sonny will never forgive himself. When Kate's friend leaves, Sonny tells Kate that he was right. Hurting her hurts him.

At the hospital, Robin overhears Leyla and Patrick. Leyla is frustrated with how easily Patrick has gone back to doctor mode. Robin comes over after Leyla leaves and tells Patrick that she has ordered a second autopsy for their patient that they lost on New Year's Eve. Robin doesn't understand why she died and she wants to research it further. Patrick tells her that people die in their business. Robin points out how heartless Patrick can be. He never understood how hard Leyla fell for him. They leave and walk back out into the waiting area in time to hear Nikolas starting to go into a rage. He is there for the board meeting. While he waits, he talks to Ghost Emily about Spencer. He is taking the child in to be tested for the genetic marker of Nikolas' brain tumor. It would kill him if something happened to Spencer. He doesn't want his child to inherit something like this from him. Maybe this is why Nikolas' father was so crazy. Maybe he had the tumor, also. Leyla comes over and tells Nikolas that the board meeting is being postponed. Nikolas starts going into a rage. By the time Patrick and Robin walk up, Nikolas is screaming and throwing his arms around. He knocks Robin down. Patrick is furious and rushes over to Robin. They all seem to realize that Nikolas had a black out. Leyla and Nadine take Nikolas into a room where Emily's ghost tries to calm him down. Nikolas realizes that he is getting worse. He hadn't had a blackout since she died. Meanwhile, Robin tells Patrick to stop overreacting about her fall. They're not dating anymore, so he needs to stop acting like this. She reveals that she has picked a donor to be her baby's father. He lets her walk away while he processes this information. He catches back up with her at the nurse's station and asks about the ER. Robin tells him that no one is going in or out. They are on total lock down. Robin thinks it is just a false alarm. Patrick reveals to Robin that he's going to try to bring out one of Nikolas' anger episodes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sonny has a surprise for Kate. He blindfolds her, puts her in a limo and takes her to a restaurant. She is surprised and delighted when she removes the blindfold and finds herself in Bensonhurst at Fortunato's, the scene of their first teenage date. They reminisce about the past. Both remember how attracted they were to each other, and the lengths they went to, to impress each other. Kate tells Sonny about her cousin's dire predictions for their future and Sonny tells Kate about the beatings he got, as a result of that first date, from his stepfather, Trevor. But, he tells her, that is in the past and he does not want to give her any bad memories. She responds that she has only good memories of their time together. He shares that she was the first to bring anything good to his life and he would gladly suffer all that he had again, if it meant being with her. Just as he takes a small square velvet box from his pocket, a large man, dressed, in black comes to their table and says, "We don't serve your kind here, Corinthos."

Johnny, Logan and Spinelli go to Sonny's Coffee House and listen to Lulu's message again. Johnny laughs when Logan accuses him of orchestrating an elaborate charade to kidnap Lulu for his own nefarious purposes. Spinelli gets them back on track. He has discovered St. Fiacres is the monk in the picture Lulu described. Johnny gets a call from Trevor, who is looking for him. He wants Johnny at the docks to oversee the shipment that they are bringing in for Mr. Moreau. Trevor gently threatens Johnny, but Johnny hangs tough and does not bend to Trevor's demands. With a sneer, Logan asks him if there is "trouble in gangster paradise."

Spinelli locates the monastery of St. Fiacres, which happily is located just outside Port Charles. When they arrive at the monastery, Logan and Johnny bicker over who should rescue Lulu. Spinelli points out that he speaks Latin and can pass for a monk, so it should be him. Before they can decide, a loud voice demands to know who is at the gate of the fortress-like monastery. They hide, are not discovered and manage to sneak Spinelli in, disguised as a monk.

Lulu detects a crack in the wall behind a hanging tapestry in the cell where she is being held captive. She works on the crack and manages to remove a stone from the wall. Her guard hears a noise and enters her room, but she quickly covers the hole with the wall hanging, and he does not see it. After he leaves the room, she starts trying to make a larger hole in the wall. As Spinelli hovers in the hallway near her room, Lulu breaks through to the hidden tunnel behind the tapestry and leaves her chamber.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick disagree over treatment for Nikolas. Patrick wants to take blood when Nikolas is in the rage state. Patrick is willing to provoke him to it in order to get a sample. Robin disagrees, but eventually accedes to him under protest. She has a dizzy spell, which Patrick fears is caused by a recent fall.

In an exam room, Nikolas chats with Nurse Nadine who has noticed him talking to Emily. She tells him that it is an acceptable way of dealing with his grief and that he will eventually stop doing it. After she leaves, Emily appears and questions whether or not she should go away. Nikolas tells her that she is the only good thing in his life. He reiterates that he does not care what is keeping her with him; he just wants her to stay. He asks her if she knows what day it is, and then tells her he has a surprise for her at Wyndemere. Before she can answer, Patrick walks in and she disappears. Patrick starts provoking Nikolas, pointing out that this day is Emily's birthday. He speaks sarcastically about Nikolas' decadent display of wealth. His words have the desired effect and Nikolas erupts. Two orderlies quickly subdue Nikolas and take blood, which is rushed to the lab. Robin appears and tells Nikolas that she is sorry and that everything is O.K. Nikolas seems calm. Patrick and Robin believe that his episode is over, so he is released. He immediately begins raging, punches Patrick in the stomach and leaves the room. Patrick tells Robin that is he responsible and must find and subdue Nikolas before he hurts someone else. She agrees, then faints dead away.

Trevor and Ric meet on the docks. Trevor is put out that Ric has not returned his calls. He wants Ric to help him get the pier properties from Skye. A now affable Trevor tells Ric that they can finally bond and pursue their war on Sonny. Ric informs Trevor that Skye has left town. Trevor immediately turns on him and reverts to his hostile persona. Trevor lets Ric see how little respect he has for him, as he insults both his manhood and his intellect. Ric cannot resist sticking it to Trevor. Ric informs Trevor that he now owns the desirable pier property, which Skye gave to him free and clear. Trevor adroitly changes his tune and tries to seduce Ric to his side. Ric does not fall for Trevor's false promises, and finally has the last word when he tells Trevor that he is keeping the property. Ric walks away, gloating over the desperation he sees in Trevor's eyes.

In the emergency room, Joe, the bomber, becomes increasingly distraught and threatening. Jason tries to calm him down. Scott encourages Lucky, who is poised in the hallway with a sniper rifle, to shoot the bomber. When Lucky hesitates, because Jason is in the way, Scott orders him to fire anyway. Lucky refuses to kill an innocent man, even Jason. When Lucky sees that the bomber, Joe, is holding a "dead man's switch," he realizes that if he shoots, the bomb will go off. He tells an irate Scott that they will have to find another way.

Outside the hospital, Mac arrives on the scene and relieves Scott, telling him that he has overstepped his authority. Mac, not the mayor, is responsible for the safety of Port Charles. Inside, Jason, with Sam's help, continues trying to reason with Joe. In one of the cubicles, Jake almost dies, but Epiphany and Cassius bring him back. Liz nearly bleeds out, but a shaken Monica helps Leo and she is stabilized. As Liz is recovering, Lucky sneaks in disguised as an orderly. He tells her that he has a plan for getting people out of the hospital. She begs him to start with Jake.

Kelly treats Joe's wife, Angie and their unborn child. Kelly fears that Joe and Angie's baby, though alive, is in trouble. Outside the cubicle, Jason continues to reason calmly with Joe. He gets Dr. Ford to agree that no action will be taken against Joe, that Angie will still be treated and that Joe can stay with her until the doctors determine what is going on. Joe is on the verge of relenting when Nikolas storms in, still in a rage. When Joe threatens to detonate the bomb, Nikolas taunts him and tells him to go ahead. Jason and others try to restrain Nikolas, but it only makes him madder. He rushes at Joe and knocks him down. Someone screams and the screen goes black.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sonny and Kate have dinner in some Italian restaurant in their old neighborhood of Bensonhurst. The manager of the restaurant approaches their table and seems to know who Sonny is. Sonny asks him if there is a problem with him being in his restaurant. The man tells Sonny that trouble follows him wherever he goes. Sonny starts to smile and seems to recognize the man. The man also relaxes and smiles and shakes Sonny's hand. The man introduces himself as "Moose" Menucci to Kate and tells her that he and Sonny go way back and are from the old neighborhood. Moose looks at Kate and tells her she looks very familiar to him. Kate introduces herself as Kate Howard and doesn't tell him what her real name is. Moose talks with Sonny about old times and tells him he is glad he never hooked up with any of the ladies they grew up with, not realizing Kate was one of those ladies. Kate still doesn't tell Moose who she really is. Sonny notices that and asks her what is going on with her. She tells him that she always felt like an outsider even when they were kids in the neighborhood. Sonny keeps taking a small box out of his pocket and then putting it back in his pocket. They discuss their past. A young couple tries out the fortune teller machine in the corner of the restaurant. The woman laughs at her partner after he reads his fortune and seems upset with what it says. Sonny holds out his palm and shows her two coins to use for the machine and dares her to try the machine like they did once when they were young. Kate takes the coin out of his hand and heads over to the machine. Sonny asks her what her fortune card said back when they were teenagers. She tells him it said that she would lose herself in someone. She tells him that she always thought it meant that she would lose herself in love with him. Sonny shakes his head and tells her that it really meant that she would lose herself in someone by becoming someone else and the fortune came true for her. She puts the coin in to read her new fortune card. It tells her she is two different people. They both laugh at how true that is. She asks Sonny what his original fortune card said all those years ago. He tells her that his original fortune said he would lose everything for love and then he picks on her about how the fortune came true in a way because he never saw her again for a long time. Kate urges him to put a coin in to get another fortune. He gets a new fortune and reads it. She asks him what it said but he doesn't look pleased with it.

Jax comes home to find Carly on the phone leaving an urgent message for Diane on her voicemail asking her to call her back concerning Jason. Jax asks her what the phone call was about. Carly tells him that she is trying to get a lawyer for Jason and Diane hasn't returned her calls yet. Jax doesn't understand why Carly is trying to get a lawyer for Jason when Diane is his lawyer already. Carly tells him he wouldn't understand and brushes him off. Jax asks her what is going on with her and what she is hiding. She tells him she can't tell him what is going on and tries to leave without explaining why she is keeping a secret from him again. Jax locks the front door and refuses to let her leave without telling him what is going on. Carly thinks he is jealous of Jason and tells him there is no reason to be. Jax tells her she is way to obsessive about Jason's life and that as her husband he should be insulted. Carly still thinks he is acting jealous of Jason. Jax tells her that Jerry thinks she is too obsessed with Jason's life also. Carly points out that Jerry says a lot of things to keep people so distracted they don't realize what trouble he is really causing. Jax points out that she and Jerry have a lot in common that way because she does the same thing and is doing that now. Jax wants answers and refuses to let her go without telling him what she is up to. Carly tells him that Liz's son, Jake is really Jason's son, not Lucky's, like Liz made everyone believe. She tells him she wants Jason to fight for custody of his son but he won't do that because he thinks his life is too dangerous for Jake. Jax tells her he agrees with Jason even though they aren't friends and he doesn't know how Jason feels. Carly tells Jax that Jason would be a great father to Jake and should have that chance. She feels that Jason could protect his son well enough. Jax tells her that it isn't her choice to decide what will happen with Jake and suggests she back off. He brings up the fact that he wished she would put as much time and effort into having a baby with him as she does helping Jason with his baby issue. Carly tells him about her doctor visits with Dr. Kelly and how she can't conceive easily. Jax tells her that he is there to help her with that. The two decide to try to have a baby right now.

Nikolas confronts Joe at the hospital and dares him to push the detonator and blow up the place. Joe warns Nikolas to back off but keeps walking closer and closer to Joe. Sam grabs Nikolas and tries to stop him from provoking Joe when he could blow up everyone in the hospital by getting him angry. Nikolas refuses to listen to Sam and still starts walking towards Joe. Jason slugs Nikolas in the jaw and knocks him out cold to prevent him from ruining things. Joe gets more anxious and tells everyone to sit down and shut up. Mayor Floyd starts complaining to Edward and Dr. Ford about the situation they are in and what could happen to him. Edward tells Floyd to stop whining and shut up. Joe tells them all to be quiet. He then asks Sam what the doctor said about his wife's condition. Sam hesitates a little too long in trying to give him positive news about his wife and unborn child. Joe starts to get very anxious when Sam doesn't have good news to tell him. Dr. Lee comes out of the examining room and approaches Joe. She tells him that Sam is telling the truth and points out that he is making the situation with his wife and baby worse by causing stress for her because she is worrying about what he is going to do out here. Joe relaxes a little and tells her to go run whatever tests she needs to run on his wife but makes everyone sit down and be quiet. Meanwhile, Monica sneaks into one of the storage areas and grabs a flask of alcohol she had hidden behind one of the shelves and starts drinking from it. Dr. Lee finds her but doesn't see what she is doing. She asks her to assist her in the other cubicle. Monica tells her she will be right there and pours the rest of the alcohol into her water bottle and leaves. She ends up talking with Joe's wife Angie along with Dr. Lee. They tell Angie that her baby is swollen inside her uterus and Dr. Lee tells her it could be a sign that the baby has congestive heart failure. This news alarms Angie, who asks her what could have caused this. Dr. Lee asks Angie how long she has had flu symptoms. Angie tells her it has been over a week now and that she babysits other children to make some extra money and gets exposed to colds and the flu from being around the children sometimes. Dr. Lee asks her when she went to the doctor last time. Angie tells her she went to the free clinic but that the medicine they gave her didn't help much. Dr. Lee tells her that they need to run more tests on her and that she is hoping that they will tell her what is going on. Later, Joe talks to Sam about some car he had and how all he wants is for his son to one day be able to get behind the wheel of the car he had gotten from his own father. Jason overhears Joe talking about his dreams for his son. He decides to take a chance and confront him again. Joe asks him what he is doing standing up and approaching him again without permission. Jason asks him if he ever has played poker. Joe tells him he doesn't play much poker because his luck has been very bad lately. Jason tells him that he likes roulette himself because you have a fifty-fifty chance of winning at it. Joe doesn't like it when Jason starts walking closer and closer to him. Dr. Julian Tavares starts walking behind Joe to help Jason out by distracting Joe enough for Jason to grab him and disarm him. Jason grabs him and Joe pushes on the detonator. Nothing happens. Jason pulls at the bomb Joe has strapped around his waist and shows everyone that Joe was bluffing and that there was no bomb after all. Everyone sighs in relief. The cops show up inside and arrest Joe. Dr. Ford acts very spiteful and tells Joe that he is sending his wife Angie back to County Hospital. Joe pleads with Sam to watch out for Angie for him after he pleads with the cops to let him stay with Angie and they say no. Julian and Kelly try to get Ford to stop thinking about money all the time and think about human lives for a change. Kelly tells Dr. Ford that Angie needs specialized care now and that County Hospital can't provide what she needs right now. Dr. Ford is unbending until Nikolas threatens to stop donating his money to the hospital if he doesn't treat Angie. Ford has no choice but to let them provide care for Angie. Nadine overhears Nikolas talking to Dr. Ford and tells him she is impressed. She suggests that he take care of himself because Emily would want him to and that if he doesn't think so he should talk to Emily next time he sees her. Patrick approaches Nikolas and admits to him about how he had to trick him to get some blood work from him because he needed to see what kind of hormones were released when Nikolas went into one of his rages. Nikolas isn't too happy with Patrick's methods. Patrick explains that he had to do it so he could find out more about his illness. Nadine steps in and defends Patrick to Nikolas. Nikolas eventually decides to take Patrick's advice and have himself admitted into the hospital. Meanwhile, both Sam and Jason see Liz and Lucky with Jake and can't help but be a little bit jealous when seeing them together. Jason doesn't announce his presence and leaves to go back into the emergency room. Edward grabs him as he passes by him. He tells him that he did a brave thing confronting Joe and that he showed himself to be a true Quartermaine for a moment there and asks Monica if she agrees. Monica doesn't say anything and acts like Jason doesn't exist. Sam talks to Lucky and suggests they go back to her place. Lucky tells her he would like to stay and make sure Liz and Jake are o.k. before he goes home. Sam can't help but feel a little hurt at his rejection. Jason goes to check on his son from afar. He is about to approach Jake when suddenly Monica appears to check on him herself. Epiphany can't seem to concentrate on work and starts to cry thinking about her son's death .An orderly is close by to lend a shoulder for her to cry on.

Lulu finds the tunnels under the monastery and tries to find a way out to escape. Meanwhile, Spinelli disguises himself as a monk to get inside and help Lulu escape while Johnny and Logan also team up to find out how to help get Lulu out. Johnny remembers something Spinelli said to them about how the monks had helped smuggle goods and supplies to the French soldiers during the French-Indian War. Johnny points out that the monastery is up on a cliff and that the only way they could have smuggled out supplies would be if they had tunnels that lead down from the building. Johnny decides to go investigate his theory. Lulu keeps walking through the tunnels trying to find her way out. She ends up finding a skeleton and screams and ends up falling down and hitting her head on the hard floor of the tunnel. Johnny finds her and tries to help her up after she twisted her ankle and can't walk good. She asks him how he is involved in her kidnapping and he tries to explain to her that they need to get out of there and he will explain all of it to her later. Lulu wants answers now and pushes Johnny away. Johnny ends up losing his balance and falls backward and his leg gets impaled by a sharp metal object. Lulu realizes she caused it to happen and apologizes to him. He ends up getting the object out of his leg and points out to her that there had to be a reason why there was once a person who was guarding the wall and starts moving pieces of wood away. They find a hidden door and open it. They go inside to check out what is inside. The door ends up closing behind them and they realize they are trapped inside it. Later, Spinelli shows up at Lulu's room, carrying a tray of food and drink for her. He pretends to be a monk who took a vow of silence. Jerry's goon is guarding the door and lets him go inside to bring in her tray. He warns Spinelli to watch out for her because she is wild. Spinelli goes inside her room and thinks she is sleeping. He goes to wake her up and finds out she made the bed look like she was sleeping inside it to fool the guard. The guard starts to wonder what is taking Spinelli so long and goes to investigate. Spinelli notices there is a hole in the wall big enough for Lulu to climb through. The guard confronts Spinelli about what he is doing in there. Spinelli manages to hit the guard over the head and knock him out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sonny grabs his fortune from the machine. Kate wants to see it, but he tells her it's just a stupid card from a stupid machine. He doesn't want to jinx it. Moose approaches them again and whispers something to Sonny. He tells Kate that she still looks familiar. Sonny offers to take Kate somewhere else for dessert. He has something special for her. He takes her to the old movie theatre that the used to go to when they were younger. He pulls out dessert: chocolate covered raisins. She wants to get some water, but he tells her he will get it. He wants to get her favorite candy. She tells him that she's looking at her favorite candy. Sonny sits and fiddles with the ring while he waits for Kate to get back. He sees a young couple and thinks of he and Kate when they were younger. Kate comes back and they settle in to watch the show. Suddenly, the film stops. Sonny goes to see what is going on. When he comes back, he tells her that management is going to get the movie back on soon. He wants to take her somewhere. They go outside and talk about the streets and how busy they are. Sonny tells her that he was always trying to find shortcuts and hide in the shadows to get away from his stepfather. He tells her that this is where he laid it out on the line for her. This was where they were supposed to meet that night. He waited a long time, and here she is. He doesn't want to talk about the past or the future anymore. He gets down on one knee. She asks him what he is doing. He says, "What does it look like I'm doing?"

Spinelli tells Logan that he found Lulu's room, but she has escaped. Logan offers to come in and find Spinelli, but the cell phone signal fades in and out until it drops altogether.

Johnny bangs against the wall. He tells Lulu they have to find a way out. Lulu is concerned because Johnny is still bleeding. She asks him who is behind all of this, besides him. Johnny tells Lulu about Mr. Moreau. Lulu cannot believe that Johnny blew off Moreau. He tells her that he's already told her too much. She says that she doesn't know anything. Besides, she's the one that got nabbed. Johnny tells her that everyone knows too much about him and how he feels and how they think he feels. She asks if he's referring to her. He says how he feels and what he does about it are two different things. She asks how he found her, and he explains about Spinelli and her boyfriend pulling together for a joint effort. She asks if he means Logan. He asks her if there are any other boyfriends he doesn't know about. She laughs. She gives him a bottle of rum to pour on his leg. He groans in agony. He notices she is cold and offers his coat. They pass the bottle of alcohol back and forth. They talk about Spinelli dressing up like a monk and laugh. He remembers her being gutsy and trying to bait his dad at Wyndemere. They talk and laugh until he puts the bottle down and they lean in to kiss. He pulls away, though, and tells her they can't do this. He wants her. What man wouldn't want her? But he doesn't want them to be together because of 200 year old rum or because they have nowhere else to go. Logan loves her. He doesn't want to get in the middle of that. Suddenly, his leg gives out. He needs a doctor. The door opens and Spinelli is there. He tells them that Logan is still out front waiting for them. Lulu asks if he left a trail so they could get back, but Spinelli tells them that he got hungry. Johnny asks Spinelli if he can get Lulu back safely. Lulu asks him why he isn't coming back with them. Spinelli and Lulu leave and find their way back to Lulu's room in the monastery. When they get back, a guard brings Logan in and tells Lulu he is glad she found her way back. Spinelli stays hiding. Meanwhile, Johnny closes the door but keeps it from locking. He starts gathering ammunition rounds.

Jerry talks to a client and tells him that his shipment will arrive by tomorrow with no complications. His client wants him to guarantee there won't be any unforeseen complications and calls Jerry an old friend. He thinks Jerry needs to get a hold of Alcazar's waterfront property. Jerry says he is working on it. They talk about General Hospital. The man wants to know about the people that work there.

In the locker room, Patrick tells Robin that she needs to be lying down. She comments that he tells all women they need to lie down. He was referring to her recent collapse, though. Robin tells him that Nikolas has admitted himself into the hospital, so she has work to do. He asks her if there's a reason she's being more hostile than usual. She tells him she's not being hostile. Leyla walks over and mentions how Patrick's niceness usually is what gets women in bed for him. Robin throws up her hands and tells them she's not involved in this conversation. She gets up and starts to become dizzy. Leyla tells Patrick to bundle up. It's about to get a lot colder.

Nikolas lies in the hospital bed as Nadine walks in. She asks him why he looks disappointed. Was he expecting someone else? He tells her he was hoping it was Robin. He still needs to apologize for knocking her down. He also needs to apologize to Joe. Nadine tells him that it wasn't even a real bomb that Joe had strapped to him. Emily appears and Nadine asks Nikolas if it's easier to talk to Emily at home. He says yes. It's more intimate at home, and that is where she died. She tells him to remember that he's not the only one who has lost someone. He apologizes. She wishes him luck with any news from Patrick and Robin. After Nadine leaves, Emily talks to Nikolas. He wishes he was home for her birthday. They were supposed to be married and wake up next to each other every day. Emily tells him that she doesn't know about forever or tomorrow. She's here with him today, though. She's not sure if she's good for him, though. He tells her that he wants Patrick to help him. He wants the tumor removed. Once it's gone, he wants to go on a long trip with her and Spencer. He closes his eyes. Patrick comes in to see Nikolas. Emily peeks in to hear the news. The tumor is larger, but it is pressing on a part of his brain that causes dreams and hallucinations. Nikolas doesn't understand. Patrick asks him if he's seeing things that defy a rational explanation.

At Jake's, Nadine walks over to Leyla and mentions the last time they were there and the resulting fiasco. Leyla tells her that she needs to find a way to deal with Patrick. Her parents raised her better than this. Nadine tells her she needs to learn to let loose with men. Leyla says she's not that type of girl. Nadine thinks she should become that type of girl.

At the nurse's station, Kelly comes over to Robin and asks how she's feeling. Robin tells her she doesn't want to get into it. She's had enough people fussing over her today. Kelly tells her to get used to it. That's how it will be when she gets pregnant. Robin says she wants a no fuss pregnancy. She tells Kelly that she's picked a donor from the sperm bank. They talk about some tests that should be complete by now. They are going to contact the lab so Robin can get pregnant soon.

In the locker room, Leyla comes back to see Patrick. He tells her he thought there was an emergency. She tells him this is the emergency. She takes her coat off to reveal that she's only wearing panties. She walks away, while he stares. He chases after her and asks what they will do if someone comes in. She tells him some people have to sleep and some people have to sleep around. She pulls him on top of her and they start to kiss. When they are finished, they both agree that the sex was incredible. He asks what they will do now. She tells him its business as usual. She doesn't want to impede on his turn with the nursing staff. Now he thinks the sex was about revenge. She tells him it was just about pure pleasure. She can focus on her career and still sleep with a man and it means nothing. Leyla leaves and goes back to the bar to meet Nadine. She tells her that now she's that kind of girl.

Kelly meets up with Robin to tell her that she's pregnant.

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