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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on GH
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Monica, Liz, and Carly are driving in the rain. Monica is drinking, Liz is dozing off, and Carly is crying. Sam fights off the "Text Message Killer," but runs into the path of an oncoming car, which does not stop after hitting her. A badly shaken Monica goes back to the hospital locker room. After changing to her hospital scrubs, she fills a large garbage bag with clothing and her silver drinking flask. She discards it all in the trash bin-then she calls the police to report that her car has been stolen.

At Anthony's bedside, Trevor and Johnny meet Claudia, the sexy woman from Milan with whom Sonny spent a torrid night, who is also Anthony's daughter and Johnny's half-sister. Anthony wants to know why she is there and so does Johnny. She points them to Trevor, who makes it sound as though he asked her to come home because of Anthony's condition. Claudia is quick to let the men know that she is not the timid fearful mouse who was sent away to Milan. She is no longer frightened of either Trevor or Anthony. As they continue to converse, Anthony tells them he is okay. Then he calls for his dead wife, Maria, and asks them all to leave. Trevor and Johnny do, but Claudia stays behind. Before he leaves, Claudia gives Johnny a sisterly hug and kiss, but he does not respond. When she is alone with Anthony, Claudia lets him know that she is still bitter about being sent away when she was 16. Anthony asks Claudia what she wants. "Everything," she tells him. "Good luck with that one," responds Anthony. "I don't need luck, I learned a lot of things while I was gone," she says. With a heartfelt sincerity, Claudia tells Anthony that she loves him, but if he tries to stop her from getting what she wants, she will kill him.

Outside Johnny lets Trevor know that he sees through him. Johnny knows that Trevor brought Claudia back so that she could be the figurehead and Trevor could still run the business. Johnny laughs at Trevor and tells him that he thinks Claudia is not going to be as easy to manage as Trevor originally thought. Johnny is going to sit back and watch Trevor twist in the wind. He leaves but Trevor waits for Claudia to emerge. When she does, he tries to take control, by questioning why she did not meet his driver at the hotel as arranged. Claudia responds firmly that where she goes is none of Trevor's business. "The faster you learn that the faster we'll get along. If we ever get along at all," says a confident Claudia as she walks away.

Sonny goes to see Carly at her home. Instead he finds Jax and Kate there. Both are wearing bathrobes. He wants to jump to the wrong conclusion, but Jax and Kate are quick to dispel that notion. Sonny's hostility to Kate continues, but softens a little when she tells him that Jax knows her dark secret-that she is really Connie Falconeri of Bensonhurst. Jax leaves them alone. Kate stands up to Sonny. She tells him that she will not be subjected to his cold shoulder. He says it is her time to waste. She corrects him. "It is our time to waste," she says, "A time when we could be happy." She tells him that Connie and Sonny would not have made it, but Kate and Sonny can. Sonny tries stop her, but she persists. Kate tells him that he wants Connie more than Kate and she wants to be Kate Howard more than she wants to be Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. Sonny replies angrily that since she has everything figured out that they must be done. On the contrary, counters Kate, this is something they can build on and if need be she will do it herself while he nurses his wounded pride. "You've got a hell of a surprise coming," growls Sonny. "Maybe I do," says Kate calmly. "But I think you're worth it. I think we're worth it." Sonny asks, "Am I supposed to care?" "You already care," says Kate. "I say we're done," responds Sonny. "And I say we're not," Kate comes back. They look each other in the eye; Sonny makes a muttering sound and walks out. Jax comes back in the room. As they start talking, a disheveled Carly storms in and starts hurling accusations. She orders Kate out of the house and runs upstairs crying. Jax orders a cab for Kate, who dresses quickly, and leaves. When Carly comes downstairs, Jax notices a cut on her head. She tells him that she had an accident.

Jason waits at the safe house for Liz. When she finally arrives, she is badly shaken. She tells him that she was dozing off at the wheel and that she must have fallen asleep, because she remembers waking to the sound of running over something. All she wants now is to sleep and feel safe in his arms.

Nikolas leaves the hospital and ends up on a sidewalk somewhere in Port Charles with Emily. When she asks where the car is, Nikolas does not know. The last thing he remembers is swerving when he saw her standing in the road. They both fear that he is getting worse. Nikolas realizes that he should not have left the hospital and should not be driving. When he returns to the hospital, Patrick and Robin tell him that Dr. Devlin has joined their team. In the past he treated a patient with a tumor similar to the one Nikolas has.

Johnny is on the docks when a still tense Sonny shows up. Sonny taunts him about not having his bodyguard close by. When Johnny taunts back that he is unarmed, Sonny pulls a gun, chambers a round, then points it at Johnny. Just as he is about to give in to his anger and use Johnny as a scapegoat for his rage, Lulu appears and screams for him to stop.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lulu walks down to the docks as Sonny aims his gun at Johnny. She tells Sonny to leave Johnny alone. Sonny and Johnny both try to get Lulu to stay out of their argument. Johnny says the elder mobster has wanted to kill him since the Black and White Ball. He thinks Sonny plans on getting rid of the Zaccharas one by one until only Trevor is left. Johnny says he wants out of the business, but Sonny tells him that people in their business can't get out of it. Johnny says Sonny just hasn't found a good enough reason to get out of the business, yet. Johnny knows Sonny won't shoot him in front of a witness. Johnny keeps goading Sonny until finally Sonny hits Johnny with the butt of his gun. Sonny tells Johnny he is crazy, just like Johnny's old man. When Sonny finally leaves, Johnny tells Lulu to stay away from him, and says she should go be with Logan. Lulu asks him what she should do if she wants to be with Johnny. She rushes over and kisses him. She says she wants him to realize that life is worth living. He agrees that life is worth living, but he's just lonely. He tells her that someone that was long gone has come back into his life. Lulu realizes he is talking about a girl.

Anthony wakes up to find Sonny in his room. Sonny asks him how he feels about dying tonight. Anthony comments about how bad the security must be since Sonny managed to get into his room. Sonny says he is a powerful man-he can get what he wants. Anthony realizes how terrible Sonny appears to be. He knows something is keeping Sonny up at night, and it can't be Anthony, so it must be a woman. Anthony makes a snide remark about Sonny coming into the mob business through the back door of a strip club. This comment angers Sonny, who pulls out his gun. Anthony tells him that he has no class if he's going to shoot a cripple. Anthony says things were just about to get interesting.

Liz wakes up from a nightmare. Jason is there and asks her what the bad dream was about. She says that in her nightmare she was driving and she saw Sam holding Jake in the middle of the road. Suddenly, Jake was safe in the back seat. Jason says he is there for her. Liz acknowledges she feels safe when she is with him. Liz and Jason talk about how they want to have a family together. Liz asks him if there's anything they can do in order to have a family. Liz realizes "family" is a foreign concept for Jason. She loves their time together, but she wishes he could see what it is like to be a part of a real family. They fall asleep together by the fire, and sleep until Liz wakes up from another nightmare.

Carly asks Jax to promise not to be mad at her before she tells him anything. When he finally agrees, she tells him about driving and swerving when she saw something in the road. She wasn't wearing her seatbelt so she hit her head on the steering wheel. He starts to yell at her about how she shouldn't be driving at all, let alone in bad weather. She reminds him that he promised not to be mad at her. She still can't tell him what she was doing, so she rushes upstairs to check on the boys. When she finally comes back down, Jax thinks Carly needs to go to the hospital to be checked out for her head injury. Carly finally reveals that she was on her way home from the hospital when she had her little mishap. She was trying to call him, but realized she wanted to tell him the good news in person-she's pregnant. Jax is ecstatic. He worries about the baby and thinks she should be checked out after her accident. Carly says she is fine. He can't wait to tell people, but she wants them to keep their secret for a little while.

Ric calls Alexis to check on her and the girls. She asks him if he's made a decision about the waterfront property. He says he set the papers down a few days ago and hasn't looked at them since. She tells him that he sounds rested. Ric says he feels better than he has in a long time. He asks her to give the girls his love and they hang up. Alexis walks onto Lucky's porch where he answers the door. She tells him that she received a package for Sam from the studio. Lucky tells her to hold on to the package. Sam is gone, and she won't be coming back to his place.

Ric walks into a diner where he sees Marianna. She tells him that the diner is closed, but he says he is just there to walk her to the bus stop. She offers him some tea and they sit down together. Marianna looks at pictures of Molly and Kristina. Ric explains that Kristina is his brother's child. Marianna thinks it is strange that the same woman slept with two brothers. Ric compliments Marianna on her beauty and reaches over to kiss her. Marianna pulls away from Ric. He asks her if she is unavailable or just not interested. She's not sure how to answer him. They go back to Ric's place where he offers her some wine. She declines and doesn't appear to be opening up to him. Ric offers to take her back to the bus stop, but her hard exterior suddenly seems to crack. Marianna tells him he was very dark when he first came to town. He's starting to open up now, and maybe she should open up, too. They embrace each other and kiss.

Sam lies in the road, while the Text Message Killer starts to get up. Jerry finds her in the road, and rushes her to the hospital.

Maxie picks the lock into Coop's room, and she and Spinelli enter to search for clues. Jerry overhears them talking about Coop. If Coop wasn't the Text Message Killer, then perhaps the real killer left clues when he came to kill Coop. If Coop was murdered and something was left behind, then the killer could be coming back. Maxie finds a box in one of Coop's desk drawers. She thinks it's a Valentine's Day gift. Suddenly, they hear a noise and rush to hide. Maxie sneezes just as someone enters the room. It is Logan. He claims to be there to see if Coop had any cash. Maxie can't believe how low he is sinking. Before Logan leaves, he warns the two that investigating into Coop could cause more trouble. After he leaves, Spinelli finds a pill bottle on Coop's bed. Maxie doesn't know of any prescriptions that Coop was taking, but Spinelli reveals there is only one pill left. They don't know what the pill is, but Maxie doesn't think it's a narcotic. Spinelli looks at the desk more and finds Logan's dog tags.

Patrick doesn't understand why Robin has such a problem with Ian consulting on Nikolas's case. Ian overhears their conversation and tells Monica more about his experimental research. The patient is still alive, but he jokes that the patient now has webbed feet. Robin gets upset with Ian and Patrick and is even more frustrated when they can't find Nikolas. Patrick tells Ian to ignore Robin because her attitude is due to pregnancy hormones. Ian tells Robin he is going to go find Leyla in the lunchroom. When Ian leaves, Patrick apologizes to Robin for his comments. Later, Ian tracks down Patrick and asks him if Robin is going to get in their way. Patrick stands up for Robin and says he would trust her with his life.

A police officer takes down Monica's information about the supposed theft of her car. He asks her why she took over an hour to report the theft. Tracy walks over to hear this information and is curious as to what is going on. She tells the police officer that Monica just left after being told that she could no longer operate. She makes a comment about Monica being drunk. The police officer asks Monica if she is lying about her car being stolen. She doesn't directly answer his question. Instead, Monica tells the officer that Tracy can't be trusted. She's a liar who was just thrown out of the family house for forging Alan's will. They all watch as Jerry brings Sam in. Patrick gets her vitals and they decide they need to do surgery. Alexis rushes in and asks what monster could have left her daughter on the side of the road.

Logan walks down to the docks and sees Lulu and Johnny together. Johnny says they were just saying goodnight and leaves. Lulu is stunned by his coldness. Logan walks over to her and starts to collapse. She takes him back to Lucky's house, where she ices down his ribs. Johnny watches from outside the window as Lulu gets blankets for Logan to sleep on the couch.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

At General Hospital, Alexis waits for Sam to wake up from her coma. The police find Monica's car, which has been crashed into a park bench. They think it was used by joy riders. Tracy thinks differently. She puts Monica on notice that she will find out what really happened to the car because Tracy does not believe that it was stolen. Tracy thoughtfully watches as Monica gets a ride with Bobby and leaves the hospital in her scrubs. Luke approaches Tracy, but she is not interested in him. When he tries to make up with her, she lashes out and walks away.

At the safe house, Jason finds blood on Liz's car. She and Jason immediately conclude that she must have hit a small animal. Jason goes to the crash site and finds detectives there. He learns that Sam was the victim of a hit-and-run driver. He does not reveal any information. Later, Liz meets Lucky in the hospital and also learns of Sam's accident. Lucky blames himself, and tells Liz that the Text Message Killer may still be out there. He relates to her that a seemingly frightened Sam had called to tell him that she had received a message from the killer, but he did not believe her. He is still not sure, so he has not said anything because he does not want to panic the public. After he leaves, Liz goes to Sam's room and looks inside. Her phone rings. It is Jason. He asks if she can talk. Liz says no, that she will call him back. Both fear that Liz is the hit-and-run driver. As Sam awakens, Liz stands beside her bed and whispers, "My God, did I do this to you?"

At the Zacchara stronghold, Johnny finds humor in the conflict brewing between Claudia and Trevor. Trevor tries to assert his authority, but Claudia puts him in his place. When Trevor exits the room, Claudia tries to repair her relationship with Johnny, who chastises her because she did not stay in touch with him after she left for Europe. She tells him that she loves him and that there is no real escape for them from their family and its obligations. "Love kills," she tells him. When Claudia is alone in the office, Trevor comes in with a peace offering. He brings her a rose, as if that might manipulate her into doing what he wants. Claudia sees through him and, when he threatens her, she threatens him back. When she questions his relationship with Sonny, he backs down, and answers that it is "complicated." Claudia accepts his evasion, but tells him that she will not always do so. She lets him know in no uncertain terms that the family holds the power, and that while her father is institutionalized, she, not Trevor, will run the family. They need to shake up Sonny and the other families, she tells Trevor. He responds that he will think of something. "I already have," says a determined Claudia.

Ric wakes up happy after sharing the night with Marianna. She is worried about how people on the small island of Martha's Vineyard will look at her after she spent the night with him in a fancy hotel. Ric leaves the room to get coffee for the two of them. She finds a folder and starts to look over the papers that will transfer the pier properties to Ric and is surprised when the phone rings. She answers it. The call is for her. It appears, from her end of the conversation, that her relationship with Ric started as a set-up so she could get the papers for someone else, but after a night with Ric, she no longer wants to cooperate if it will hurt him. When Ric returns with coffee and muffins, he senses that something is wrong. Marianna says it is because she has always wondered what it would be like to stay in the hotel. Ric invites her to spend the day with him. She accepts and he hands her a present. She is reluctant, but he convinces her to accept the warm coat he has purchased as a gift for her. Before they leave the room, the phone rings. Ric answers it, but no one is there. They head out of the room for a walk on the beach, leaving the unsigned pier property documents behind.

Luke walks into Lucky's place and finds Lulu with Logan, who is wearing a bathrobe. He immediately concludes that they have slept together. Before Logan can assure Luke that he has not slept with Lulu, she jumps in and tells Luke it is none of his business. Both Luke and Lulu are astonished when Logan vows his undying love for Lulu. He tells Luke that even though he is an impatient person, he will do whatever it takes and wait as long as it takes for Lulu to know how much he cares for her. Luke leaves and Logan again tells Lulu how much he cares for her, even though he has no money to give her things. Lulu responds that she does not care about material things. All she wants is to know that she is loved-that she is the only one, and that she is safe and free to be herself. They snuggle on the couch.

Jason walks up behind Johnny on the docks. Johnny asks if he's there to kill him on behalf of Sonny. When Jason demurs, Johnny says he is having trouble believing something someone just told him. When Jason asks what it is, Johnny answers, "Love kills. What do you think?" Rather than answer, Jason walks away.

When Lucky arrives at the crash site, he learns that the CSI team has found a tire print and that Jason, for no apparent reason, has been there as well.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Luke finds Tracy at his old casino. After she informs him she wants a divorce, he tries to persuade her that they are good for each other. He suggests that they stay on the yacht and hang around and eat free dinners from Kelly's. Tracy doesn't find that idea very appealing. Luke walks over to her to be close to her. She almost gives in to her feelings and kisses him. She admits she misses him but that it isn't enough and moves away from him. Luke tells her he isn't someone who gives up that easily. Tracy walks out the door. At Lucky's house, Lulu snuggles up to Logan on the couch. Logan rambles on about how he always hoped to find a woman special enough to chase away the nightmares he has about fighting in Iraq and thinks Lulu may be that woman. He starts to kiss Lulu on the couch. Lulu kisses him back but doesn't want to go any further. Logan gets a little aggressive with her and thinks she wants to make love to him. She pushes him away and says no to him. Logan accuses her of giving him mixed messages about wanting him. Lulu makes it clear to him that she meant what she said when she said no to him and asked him to back off. Logan brings up Johnny and accuses her of wanting him instead. Lulu tells him to leave Johnny out of it. Scott shows up to talk to Lucky .Lulu answers the door and then walks out of the house. Logan tells Scott what happened with Lulu. Scott tells him about how Lulu had to find out in court that her father had raped her mother. Later, Lulu finds Johnny at the casino playing piano. She is happy to see him there and asks him about what song he was playing.

Sonny asks Max to pick Michael up from school and bring him back to his office. Jason gets his message and asks him what he needs him to do. Sonny asks him to find someone. Jason seems very distracted about something and keeps checking his cell phone for messages. Sonny notices it and asks him what is going on. Jason doesn't give him any answer. Sonny becomes worried about the Zaccharas and what they are up to, especially Johnny. Jason suggests that he leave Johnny and his family alone for the moment and wait for him to make a move first. Sonny is very antsy and wants something done immediately. Later, Michael comes to see Sonny. Michael guesses that he has been called to his office because Jason told him about the gun situation the other day. Sonny tells Michael to stay away from guns and let him and Jason protect the family. Michael isn't too pleased with Sonny and makes some remark about how they weren't able to protect Emily and Leticia. Jason returns to Sonny's office but still seems very distracted. Sonny wants to talk to Jason about finding out who this Moreau guy is and why he kidnapped Lulu. Jason tells him that he tried to find out who Moreau is but couldn't find anything about him that would help them. He gets a phone call and tells Sonny he has to go. Sonny isn't too pleased with being dismissed by Jason. Back at the Zacchara estate, Johnny accuses Trevor of bringing his long-lost sister Claudia back to take over, so Trevor can control her better than he could Johnny. Trevor denies he has any hidden agenda where Claudia is concerned. Johnny is still suspicious of Trevor and wonders why Claudia would come back to town after being gone for years without a letter or phone call to him in all that time.

Claudia overhears their conversation and feels bad for Johnny and what he had to go through without her being around. Johnny finds her outside the office and realizes she heard everything. Claudia talks to Johnny about how she was sent away years ago and that she tried to say goodbye to him by giving him a toy piano but he smashed it to pieces and wouldn't say goodbye to her that day. Claudia talks to Trevor alone about the changes she plans to make now that she is in town and running the business. She demands that he set up a meeting with the five families. She tells Trevor that she especially wants to meet Sonny. Trevor is against the idea of her meeting the five families since they don't know she even exists. She tells him that it is about time she introduced herself. Trevor ends up agreeing to let her have the meeting but insists on being there with her to protect her.

Sam wakes up in the hospital to find Liz standing there watching her sleep. She asks Liz what happened and why she is in the hospital. Liz explains that Sam was hit by a car and the driver took off without stopping. Sam remembers being hit but doesn't know who hit her. She asks what Liz is doing in her room. Liz notices Sam is getting agitated and her heart rate is going up and offers to go get her a doctor. Sam doesn't believe Liz cares what happens to her and tells her she wants Lucky not a doctor. Liz takes off. Later, when Sam wakes up again, she finds Lucky by her bedside. She is relieved to see him. He tells her he is investigating her hit-and-run and is very businesslike with her. Sam tells him about what happened when she called to tell him about the text-message she got from the killer and how he didn't believe her. She explains that the killer attacked her but she fought him off long enough to run away. She tells him that she was chased by the killer and she ran off toward Route 9 to try to get help. She saw car headlights and that is all she remembers. Lucky is skeptical about her version of what happened. He tells her not to tell anyone else what she told him. Sam is hurt when Lucky doesn't automatically believe her.

Meanwhile, Carly starts working on decorating a nursery for her unborn baby. Jax arrives at home and notices her car isn't in the driveway, He asks her about it. She tells him she had someone bring her car into the shop to have it repaired after last night's storm. Jax thought she only got a few scratches on the car. Carly is evasive and tells him that she didn't want the scratches to rust. Jax lets it go and they discuss the nursery and the baby.

Another possible suspect in the hit-and-run accident was Nikolas, who tells "Emily" that he shouldn't drive a car ever again since he blacked out the night before and doesn't know what happened with his car. Nadine, the nurse at the hospital, finds him on the docks talking to "Emily." She tells him she knows he talks to her and that she thinks it is wonderful. Nikolas admits that he sees Emily as if she really is there and that she answers him and he can touch her also. He rants about how he is afraid to have the surgery to remove the tumor because it might mean he won't ever see Emily again. He tells Nadine that he thinks this is the cruelest thing God could have ever done to him. Nadine tells him to think of it as a gift from God instead, and cherish every moment that he can see and feel Emily. Nikolas thanks her and when Emily appears to him again, he decides to enjoy the moment with her.

Liz, meanwhile, calls Jason and asks him to meet her at the safe house. Jason meets her there and the two of them embrace. Jason tells Liz that he knows about what happened to Sam. She tells him that she went to see Sam at the hospital earlier and that Sam didn't look too good. She tells Jason that she is worried that she may have been the one who hit Sam with her car. Jason is worried about the same thing

Friday, February 8, 2008

Max talks to Sonny about the meeting that has been set up with the Zacchara family. Sonny thinks Johnny has set it up since Johnny went crazy at their last meeting. Max says Johnny didn't call the meeting. Sonny demands they be prepared and wants guards everywhere.

Trevor calls Claudia (who is having drinks at the Metro Court bar) and tells her they need to talk and discuss a plan for the meeting with the five families. Claudia says she's already in Port Charles. She continues to talk on the phone as Carly and Jax enter the hotel bar. Trevor is horrified that Claudia intends on going to the meeting without a plan. She tells him just to introduce her, and she will wing the rest. Meanwhile, Jax sees Kate sitting at the bar and wants to say hello. Carly agrees, reluctantly, and heads over to the bar. She walks over just as Claudia turns around with a drink in her hand. The drink ends up all over Carly, and both women apologize to each other. Carly thinks Claudia looks familiar, but Claudia says she gets that all the time. Carly introduces herself as one of the owners of the hotel, and Claudia compliments her on her obviously savvy business skills. The two women look at Jax and Kate sitting together discussing Kate's new magazine. Carly tells Claudia that the man sitting over there is her husband. Claudia mentions that Kate looks familiar. Claudia and Carly talk about Kate's international magazine. Neither woman likes Kate Howard's sense of fashion and they seem to bond over this.

Sonny walks in and asks for a table. He looks around the room and doesn't look happy. Claudia excuses herself to the ladies room, and Sonny leaves after receiving a phone call from Max. Kate is horrified that Sonny doesn't pay her any attention. Jax and Kate realize their conversation needs to end soon, as everyone is staring at them. Jax asks one last question, though. Since Kate used to be Connie, where does Connie's family think Connie is right now? Carly comes over before Kate can answer the question. She tells Kate to go outside and throw herself at Sonny in the parking lot. Kate gets her last jab in at Carly before Jax drags the two women apart. Meanwhile, Max tells Sonny there's a new Zacchara in town.

Marianna and Ric run into his apartment and Marianna collapses on the bed from laughter. Ric says he's never seen someone so excited about a seashell. She has a silver dollar in her hand and she tells him it's not common to find them in the sand during this time of year. Each one has a flower shape on it and rattles when you shake it. Inside are broken pieces that her mother used to compare to doves: they should be released, even if you have to break it to release them, and it's what's inside a person/silver dollar that counts. Ric says her mother must have been a very smart woman. Suddenly, Ric says the wrong thing and Marianna gets upset. Marianna makes it apparent she has been very hurt by men in the past. Ric uses Marianna's previous comments against her and tells her not to keep her beautiful inside all bottled up. He doesn't know what the future holds, but he does know what she's done for him. They seem to make up, and Marianna tells Ric she will leave so he can make his important decision. He tells her about his relationship with Liz and how he broke her heart. He wonders why he keeps coming back to Marianna's coffee shop. He says it can't be due to the cooking! She laughs and tells him he has so much good in him, despite what his father says. Ric asks what his father has to do with any of this. She covers and says it was obvious his father doesn't believe in him after the conversation in the café. He must not see the little boy that was out in the sand with her this afternoon. When Ric leaves the room briefly, Marianna's phone rings. It's Trevor, and he wants her to deliver on her promise to him.

Scott brings Logan to General Hospital to have his ribs checked out. Logan is horrified that he didn't know about Laura being raped by Luke. He never would have pushed himself on Lulu if he had known that. Scott leaves him to check on Sam. Logan looks mysterious when his father mentions that Sam was left for dead.

Lucky talks to Sam about being attacked and the possibility of the Text Message Killer being alive. He's not convinced she's telling the truth, but he does agree it's worth looking into. She tells him to go find her phone. It was left on the docks. She still can't believe her actions have caused such bitterness in Lucky. After Lucky leaves, Alexis talks with Patrick about Sam's condition. He tells her that Sam will heal, but Alexis should stop pressuring Sam to remember things. Scott walks over and suggests he step in as DA while Alexis helps Sam recover. Alexis says it will be a cold day in hell when she lets Scott take over for her. Alexis leaves and Scott runs into Lucky. Scott asks if Sam has remembered anything, and Lucky tells him about Sam running from her attacker when she ran out into the road. She did kick her attacker pretty good in the ribs, though. Lucky leaves while Scott watches his injured son walk into the elevator.

Lulu listens as Johnny finishes playing a beautiful piece on the piano. He tells her about the song. She says she doesn't know why she's there, but he knows why. She makes him feel funny, but in a good way. She agrees that she feels the same way about him. He apologizes to her for anything he has done that may have hurt her. She wants to look forward to their future together and leave the past behind them. Logan watches them from outside as they kiss. Johnny says he doesn't want to hurt her, but he can't offer her anything right now. She says she is not hurt, and Johnny leaves.

Liz tells Jason she might have been the one to hit Sam. She left the hospital against doctor's orders and fell asleep at the wheel. A judge would never believe that she didn't hit her on purpose because of all the animosity between the two women. Jason tells her not to panic. Liz says that he can't cover this up. It will just make things worse.

At home, Michael is upset when he finds Morgan in his room. He makes Morgan leave and then locks the door. He grabs some money and his gun and leaves. He finds his previous gun dealers on the docks. They think he wants to return the gun, but he came to buy bullets. Grandpa Mike comes down to the docks to see the brief exchange and demands Michael tell him what is going on. Michael shows Mike the bullets, and Mike asks him if he has a gun. Michael denies it, but he is upset when Mike makes him throw the bullets into the water. Mike walks away briefly to call someone to pick Michael up. While he is away, Michael puts one bullet he did not throw away in his pocket.

Spinelli and Maxi meet at Kelly's to discuss Coop and who could have killed Georgie. Maxie is still convinced of Coop's innocence. Spinelli reviews the evidence they have until Mac interrupts them. Maxie asks Mac if they have any more evidence that Coop might not be the killer. Mac reminds her the case is closed. He came to find out if Coop had any family. They need to release Coop's remains to a family member. Maxie doesn't know of any family Coop might have had. Maxie leaves Kelly's and runs over to General Hospital to see Robin. Epiphany is acting strangely, which has Robin worried. Jerry comes over and tells Maxie about Sam's accident. He offers to take her to Sam's room, since Robin is busy. Besides, he wants to talk to her about her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Logan comes into Kelly's where Spinelli is still researching clues. He asks if Spinelli has seen Lulu. Spinelli says that he has not, but doesn't really answer when Logan asks if he would actually tell the truth. Logan leaves and Jason comes in. He has a job for Spinelli. He needs information on stolen cars and any auto body work that may have been done recently. Spinelli does his work quickly and finds three cars that are having repair work done. Nikolas Cassadine's car was stolen and found later in a chop shop. He never reported it stolen, though. Monica's car was reported stolen and was found coming back from the same area where Sam was hit. Carly's car was not reported stolen, but it was having a bumper replaced. After Jason leaves, Cassius comes in and demands a status report on Stan's death. Epiphany is under a lot of stress, and if Spinelli and Jason can't find some answers soon they should step aside and let Cassius uncover the truth. Outside of Kelly's, Jason calls Liz and tells her there is no conclusive proof that she is the one that hit Sam. She tells him to hurry and get back to her. She has a feeling something bad is happening. He tells her he loves her and gets off the phone. Lucky walks over to him and asks what he knows about Sam's hit and run.

As Jerry walks Maxie to Sam's room, he offers to pay for Coop's final expenses. She can't believe he wants to do something like that, but they are quickly interrupted when Alexis walks out of Sam's room. Maxie quickly slips in, while Jerry and Alexis talk. She tells him she needs a stiff drink, and he offers to take her out. Diane walks over to Alexis and says Alexis needs fresh air and Diane's taking her for a walk in the park. Diane tells her they might even walk past a bar. Meanwhile, Sam tells Maxie the Text Message Killer is alive. After they finish talking, Maxie leaves and finally delivers the pill bottle she found in Coop's room to Robin. She asks her to find out what it is, and Robin agrees to do this and not tell Mac, for now.

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