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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on GH
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Maxie and Spinelli meet at Kelly's. They act as though they do not like each other, but they seem to have a growing fondness. Spinelli tells her that in their own ways they are very much alike. Maxie tells him they have a date for Logan's trial, then she leaves Kelly's.

The Text Message Killer attacks Sam in her apartment. He cannot resist letting her know that he is Diego Alcazar, who Sam, and everyone else in Port Charles, believes is dead from a bullet that Sam fired. Diego tells her that his father acted quickly to save his life after telling the Port Charles Police, that he would take care of his son's body. Alcazar then kidnapped a surgeon from another hospital and spirited both the doctor and Diego to South America, where Diego recovered from his wounds. Now Diego is back for revenge, he tells Sam. Sam fights and tries to get away, but eventually Diego subdues her. She is bound and gagged, and as Diego is about to open the door to take her away, Maxie stands on the other side, wiping at a spot on her jacket.

Carly gets a phone call from Michael. She tries to find out where he is, but all he does is keep saying that he is sorry and that it is all his fault. Before Carly can find out more, longshoremen chase Michael away from his hiding place . Jax tries to trace the call, but he is unsuccessful.

Alexis is with Kate when Kate wakes. Kate calls for "Olivia." When Alexis questions her, Kate says that Olivia is the name of a model she has not thought about for years. Alexis sees that Kate is disturbed, so she leaves her alone.

Trevor calls on Ric at his home and finds Marianna with him. He exchanges small talk with Ric and insults Marianna. When Ric leaves to finish his shower, Trevor threatens Marianna with immigration problems if she does not get the deed he wants from Ric. Marianna says that she does not care what happens to her, she will not hurt Ric. Trevor laughs at her. When Ric comes back, Marianna leaves the room. Ric tries to talk to Trevor, who continues to insult Marianna. Trevor wants to know if Ric has signed the deed, but Ric is mad at his dad, so he throws him out without giving an answer. After he leaves, Marianna is ecstatic about a dress Ric has bought for her. When he tells her that he is going to visit his daughter and she should stay put, she breaks down in tears and says, "I can't do this anymore."

Sonny manages to evade all the Zacchara guards. He gets inside the house and threatens Johnny with a gun, but Claudia intervenes. An angry, distraught Sonny says he will shoot Johnny if Claudia does not tell him where Michael is. Both Claudia and Johnny adamantly deny any knowledge of Michael's whereabouts. Johnny tells Sonny that they do not know anything and walks away, daring Sonny to shoot him. After Johnny leaves, Claudia and Sonny continue to hold guns on each other. Claudia puts hers down and tries to rekindle the spark she had with Sonny when they had their one-night stand. He is not amenable. He says some very unkind, hurtful things, but Claudia keeps trying to get to Sonny. Jason comes to Sonny's aid and gets him to leave the Zaccharas'. Outside, Jason tries to reason with Sonny, who is so convinced that the Zaccharas are responsible for both Kate's shooting and Michael's disappearance, that he lets his anger blind his common sense. When Jason tells him about calls that Jerry Jax received that may indicate that Lorenzo Alcazar is still alive, he tells Jason to go "chase ghosts" because he can handle the situation without Jason's help. Sonny says that he will do what he has to do. He rushes off to be with Kate, while Jason goes to Carly's, where he learns that Michael has called. As he is about to take the cell phone to Spinelli to trace the call, Carly doubles over with cramps.

Lulu visits Nikolas in his hospital room. She is very concerned that she will become like her mother. Nikolas assures her that she did what she had to do, and that Logan, even if innocent, is as responsible for what happened as she is, because he scared her and did not act with good judgment. After Lulu leaves, Nikolas speaks with Emily and realizes he has to take action to remember whom the killer is. He must do this so that both he and Emily can find peace. Against orders, he leaves his hospital bed.

At the Zaccharas', Johnny comforts Claudia, who is frantically searching for a gun because Sonny took hers when he left with Jason. "You're a mess," he tells her. "I know," says Claudia. "You think this house was hell for you," she says. "You don't know what hell is," she tells Johnny before walking away. Johnny calls Lulu. He says he wants to see her and for the first time he thinks he has a chance to be happy. Before Johnny can leave his house, two men walk in and kidnap him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As Spinelli sits in Kelly's Café, Scott comes in and starts yelling at him about all the problems he caused for Logan. Apparently, Logan has an alibi and is not the Text Message Killer. Meanwhile, Maxie stands outside Sam's apartment, not realizing the killer is only inches away. Mac calls and tells Maxie that Logan Hayes is not the Text Message Killer. Later, Lucky tracks down Spinelli and tells him to turn over everything they have on the Text Message Killer.

A strange woman sits in Kelly's and reserves tables for her "sisters" for the next day. She wants Mike to serve Campbell's soup to her guests.

Robin finds a gift hanging from her locker in the nurse's locker room. She is surprised to see the gift is from Patrick. He comes in and tries to get information from her, but Robin just walks away from him. Later, Nadine and Robin catch up in the locker room. Nadine tells Robin about her grandmother who used to be able to tell the sex of a baby before it was born. She would ask if the night the child was conceived was a happy or sad night for the couple, if the mother woke up on the east or west side, and what the mother ate first thing in the morning. Robin remembers all this information, but Nadine is unable to remember what any of it means. Later, Patrick reveals to Robin his good deed with Joe, the hospital bomber, and his pregnant wife. The charges are still pending, but Patrick arranged for Joe to get a new job and they waived the waiting period for health insurance. Robin is happy, but she just walks away, unable to convey her feelings. Patrick tracks her down in the locker room. She is embarrassed by her hormonal emotions. Patrick tries to tell her that the father of her baby needs to be there for her and the baby. Robin walks away again.

Carly starts to collapse as Jason tells her about Alcazar and the recent activity in his accounts. Jax gets upset that Jason is telling Carly all this information and obviously upsetting her. Jason decides to leave and stay out of the mess at Carly and Jax's house. As soon as Jason leaves, Jax decides it's best to take Carly to the hospital to be checked out. Carly doesn't think this is necessary, but she goes along with it anyway. When they get back from getting her checked out, Morgan asks about Michael. Carly offers some ice cream to Morgan and tells him they will save the middle of the ice cream for Michael when he gets back. When Morgan goes upstairs, Carly talks to Jax about her fears with Michael and everything she's done wrong. Jax does his best to reassure her, but he confides that he is also scared. Later, Carly and Morgan fall asleep on the couch and Jax picks up their ice cream bowls.

Claudia walks into Kate's room while Sonny is preoccupied. She tells Kate it's time for the two of them to get acquainted. Kate doesn't know who Claudia is, but before Claudia can reveal very much information, Kate starts to go into distress. Sonny freaks out and yells at Claudia. He tells Jason to take care of Claudia, while he goes to talk to Dr. Julian. The doctor tells Sonny that Kate needs surgery for her lungs again. She is okay, but they need to operate right away. Meanwhile, Claudia comments to Jason about his role of enforcer for Sonny. She tries to goad him, but Jason doesn't buy into Claudia's comments. When Sonny returns, he is upset that Jason didn't follow his orders. Claudia says she was just checking out her competition, but Sonny says Kate Howard has no competition. Sonny tells Claudia to stay clear of him and anyone he cares about-or else. Claudia asks what the "or else" means. Sonny tells her to ask her brother. Claudia leaves, and Jason questions Sonny about Johnny. Sonny walks away and sits in Kate's empty room.

Marianna and Ric talk about her immigration troubles when there is a knock at the door. Alexis is there with Kristina. Marianna tries to act like the hostess and offers to get some coffee for Alexis. She shows off her skills by knowing how Alexis likes her coffee. When Marianna leaves, Ric asks for Alexis' help with Marianna's citizenship papers. Alexis changes the subject and they talk about the waterfront property, Sam, and the Text Message Killer. Alexis notices Kristina has run off, but Marianna quickly brings her back. Marianna is carrying Kristina, who is resting her head on Marianna's shoulder.

Epiphany continues to struggle with being a patient in her own hospital. Dr. Julian comes to check on her, as does Cassius. Liz also comes in and the two women talk about their children. Epiphany thinks she hovered over Stan too much. She tells Liz to go before Epiphany gets too emotional or the staff will never listen to her again. Liz reminds her that the staff loves her and respects her. They are all anxiously awaiting the day Epiphany returns to her post to boss them around. Cassius comes back and brings Epiphany the urn that held Stan's ashes. Epiphany wonders why Cassius cares so much, but he declines to answer.

Lucky finds Liz at the hospital and tells her he wants to spend more time with the boys. This concerns Liz, because she's worried Lucky will find out she may have been the one who hit Sam. She confides her fears in Jason, and he reassures her that everything will be all right.

Diego takes Sam back to his hideout. Chloroform and wires sit out in the area. Diego tells her it's going to be sad to say goodbye to her.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kate wakes up with Sonny by her side. Once he is assured that she is okay, he leaves when Leo says he needs to examine her. Elsewhere Sonny's thugs have also captured Trevor Lansing.

Sonny goes to an abandoned mental institution where Johnny is being held. Sonny is convinced that Johnny is responsible for Michael's disappearance. Johnny's denial only makes him madder. He tells Johnny that he is in the country where his calls for help can't be heard. Sonny has also taken Johnny's shoes and jacket so that he will find it hard to escape over the snow and rocks. He tells him that he also asked Trevor for Michael's whereabouts, but it appears to Sonny that Trevor might not want Johnny back, since Trevor gave Sonny the same answer as Johnny did, even knowing that Sonny is holding Johnny. Sonny leaves Johnny in a padded cell.

Claudia meets with Jason in Sonny's office. She denies any involvement in either Kate's shooting or Michael's disappearance. She appeals to Jason's reason. She has come because she is worried about Johnny. She wants to know if Sonny has him. Jason acknowledges that it is possible. She offers a truce. Not good enough, says Jason, because Sonny's son is missing. Claudia offers to bring down Trevor Lansing. She tells Jason that she can bring down Trevor without hurting the organization. Jason agrees that Sonny might be interested. Claudia says that her deal will be on the table for 20 minutes. She leaves so that Jason can contact Sonny.

Jason contacts Sonny who accuses Jason of being soft. He will not tell Jason where Johnny is. Sonny is no longer sure that Jason is trustworthy where Johnny is concerned, because Jason treats Johnny more like a little brother than a business rival. He tells Jason to find Michael and to find out who shot Kate. He tells Jason to stick to his priorities. Jason says that finding his sister's killer is also a priority and he does not need Sonny to tell him what his priorities are. When Claudia returns, Jason tells her that Sonny's only priority is finding his son. Claudia wonders out loud about Sonny and Kate. Perhaps, she muses, it is time for her to tell Kate about the hot night she spent with Sonny. Things may be a lot different after she tells, muses Claudia as she exits Sonny's office.

Johnny tears a hole in his cell wall but instead of an escape path, he finds a barred window. In another part of the asylum, Sonny confronts Trevor, who is manhandled by Sonny's thugs. Trevor denies any involvement in either Kate's shooting or Michael's disappearance, but Sonny does not believe him. Trevor tells Sonny that he will file assault charges against Sonny when he gets out. "Who says you're getting outta here?" retorts Sonny.

Lulu looks for Johnny at the hospital. A drunken Scott confronts Lulu. He threatens to have her arrested for hurting Logan. Dr. Devlin interferes and stops Scott from tormenting Lulu. Lucky arrives and sends Scott away. He and Lulu have a heart-to-heart about their love lives before they both head out.

Sam wake up in an old warehouse. She is bound and gagged. Diego rips the gag away and they trade insults. Diego shows her a bomb. He taunts her and tells her that he wants to know that Carly and Sonny also suffer. He leaves with the bomb, which he places and activates in an unknown location. Sam breaks her bonds and escapes through a ventilation duct. After a lengthy crawl through the ventilation system she finally arrives at an exit. When she lets herself down, the light come on and Diego is holding a gun on her. She is back where she started. Diego has set up the fake escape route as a way to torment his captive. Diego tells Sam that he is ready to kill her, but they have one more stop to make before her "bon voyage" will be complete. Diego collects several things from Sam's apartment, so it will look like she left on a trip. He does not see her cell phone, which is on the floor partially hidden by the sofa. Just before he leaves, he puts on his ski mask. He gathers several bags and when he opens the door, Liz is standing there preparing to knock.

As Epiphany gets ready to leave the hospital, Cassius stops by to see her. He tells her that his mother died of a heart attack less that a year before. They were survivors of Hurricane Katrina, who had lost everything and were relocated. He watched as his mother tried to help everyone and put everything back together. He saw the pain in her eyes, but not the strain on her heart. Cassius also tells Epiphany that she is a lot like his mother, but that there is one major difference. Epiphany is alive. That is why Cassius tried to intervene when he saw the same pain in Epiphany's eyes. She is a survivor, he tells her. Epiphany is touched by his concern. Dr. Leo comes by. He and Cassius escort Epiphany to the Go Red Luncheon at Kelly's. At first she is reluctant and walks out because she thinks it is an intervention. Monica follows her out and tells her it is an opportunity to work and educate other women to the dangers of a heart attack. Epiphany is convinced. She returns to the luncheon to share her story with the other heart attack survivors who are attending.

Nurse Nadine is out jogging when she happens upon Nikolas, who has passed out beside a dumpster in an alley. She helps him up. She wants him to go back to the hospital, but he says that he has to go to Wyndemere. He realizes that it is not the Emily part that he needs to remember, but the Nikolas part. Nadine agrees to help him. When they arrive at Wyndemere, he asks Nadine to stay outside the ballroom until he calls for her. Once inside, he sees Emily who encourages him to remember. When he does, she lies dying in his arms again. He wants to stop because he does not want to lose her again, but she begs him to remember and he does. He watches as Diego Alcazar strangles Emily.

Spinelli and Maxie go to Sonny's coffeehouse to continue looking for the Text Message Killer. They still have 12 hours before Spinelli has to turn over his information to Mac. Maxie finds a paper with Coop's writing on it. The letters, "TMK DRN-17" can be read on the paper. Maxie wonders if Coop has left a clue for them. Elsewhere, Diego is standing in front of a building that has "DRN-17" stenciled on it. As Maxie and Spinelli try to figure out what Coop has written down, Lulu walks in and turns over their table, screaming, "You two have done enough already!"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael found a house to hide out in. He fell asleep and was woken up by a woman holding a shotgun on him. She introduced herself as Peg and asked him a few questions about why he may have run away. Michael told her he did something wrong and didn't think his father would ever forgive him. Sonny found Mike sitting at Kate's bedside at the hospital. Mike told Sonny off for not taking the time to inform him that Michael was missing. He also said that he just found out that his own son had found someone to love and didn't tell him. Sonny apologized to him. Mike told him a story about coming to see Sonny one Easter many years ago when Sonny was a teenager, and being told by Sonny's stepfather that Sonny was out somewhere with a girl. He found Sonny with a young woman, dressed in a pretty yellow dress. Mike told Sonny that he hated to ruin the moment by approaching them so he backed off. Mike also advised Sonny to try to be more forgiving of others as well as of himself. After he left, Kate told Sonny that she hated that yellow dress but her cousin Gloria got it for her and she couldn't hurt Gloria's feelings. Sonny brought up the subject of them being in a relationship again. Jax found Carly painting a wall in the nursery. He told her that he knew some corporate people who knew how to investigate missing people without having to involve the cops, and he thought they could help find Michael.

Patrick found Robin getting off the elevator to start her rounds. He confronted her about the baby but Robin wouldn't tell him the truth that he was the father. Joe showed up to ask Patrick for help. He thanked him again for all of his help but he needed to know what was going on with his wife Angela's pregnancy and why her doctor wouldn't tell him what was going on with her. Patrick made a flip remark about how he knew what Joe was going through, not knowing the truth about his wife so he could do something about it. Robin agreed to help as well. They both talked to Kelly Lee about Angela's pregnancy. Kelly told them that Angela had developed anemia and could be passing that on to the baby. She feared for the baby's health. Robin remembered she had a patient with anemia who had just died, even though she had taken all of her medication. Dr. Devlin overheard their conversation and asked Kelly if Angela had been taking over-the-counter cold medicine that contained some wonder drug in it. Kelly decided to check and see. Dr. Devlin explained to them that he had been researching this drug and was disturbed by its side-effects. Robin also remembered that her patient had also taken the same cold medicine. Patrick, Robin, and Dr. Devlin decided to help Kelly in the O.R. Robin and Patrick left the O.R. together and discussed who was going to tell the father. Robin told Patrick she would tell the father herself. Patrick got upset with her for always thinking she could do everything on her own. He asked her if that was why she hadn't told him the truth about the baby.

Nikolas talked to "Emily" about the night she was murdered. She instructed him to lay on the floor of the room while she stood in the doorway where she was supposed to have been strangled to death. Nikolas had another flashback of that night and remembered seeing Emily pull the mask off of the killer to reveal Diego Alcazar. Nadine came into the room after Nikolas had his flashback. He told her what he found out and informed her that the killer was someone who was believed to be dead already.

Jason and Sonny got into an argument over the phone. Sonny accused Jason of taking the side of the enemy by always defending Johnny. Jason asked Sonny if he had solid proof that the Zaccharas kidnapped Michael. Sonny didn't like that Jason was questioning his judgment and hung up on him. Lulu came into Sonny's coffee shop to confront Maxie and Spinelli. She lost her temper and knocked Spinelli's drink and laptop computer on the floor. She screamed at them for giving her false information about Logan being the killer. Spinelli tried to defend himself and Maxie by pointing out that they told her they had only circumstantial evidence on Logan. Maxie got into Lulu's face and told her that what happened to Logan was Lulu's fault and not theirs. Lulu made a remark about Maxie's luck with men, which upset Maxie enough that she slapped Lulu hard across the face. The two women got into a physical fight. Jason ran out of his office to help break up the fight. Lulu ran off. Jason sent Maxie out of his office so he could talk to Spinelli alone. He told Spinelli that Michael was missing and he needed Spinelli's help. He also said that Alcazar could still be alive as well. Spinelli got to work while Jason left the office. He caught Maxie trying to go back into his office, but Nikolas and Nadine walked in and distracted him. Nikolas told Jason that he went back to Wyndemere to try to remember who killed Emily. He told Jason that he finally remembered who killed her-Diego Alcazar. Jason called Max to tell him to go check on Sam. Jason told Nikolas to let him handle things. Nikolas refused to let Jason handle things on his own and insisted he be involved in capturing Diego. Maxie and Spinelli found out where the killer may have been staying, underground in the sewer system.

Lulu went to Johnny's house to look for him but found Claudia there instead. Claudia asked her what she wanted Johnny for.

Diego took all of Sam's belongings and put them in a duffle bag to make it look like she left town. He didn't notice that he left her cell phone lying on the floor under the couch. He put his ski mask back on and went to leave. He opened the door to find Liz standing there. He grabbed her and carried her back into Sam's apartment. He used chloroform to knock her out, placed her in the backseat of the car, and tied her to the door frame. Max found Diego in the parking garage and pointed a gun at him, then noticed that Liz was in the backseat. Diego still had his mask on, so Max couldn't see who he really was. Diego pointed his own gun at Max and the two men had a shoot-out. Diego shot toward Max to cover himself while he got into the car. The shooting woke Sam up. She had been tied up and thrown into the trunk. She had duck tape around her mouth. Diego backed the car up and hit Max with it when Max tried to shoot at his tires. Max hit his head on the cement wall and got knocked out. He called Jason on his cell phone and told him what had happened. Jason, Nikolas, and Nadine showed up at the parking garage to find Max lying on the ground. Jason searched Sam's apartment for clues. Liz woke up in the backseat of the car and saw Diego driving with his mask still on. She asked him who he was. He told her he never sent her a text message like the others. Liz realized he was the killer and asked him who he really was. Diego took off his mask and revealed himself. Liz asked him why he killed Emily. Diego told her that he killed Emily because Jason killed his father and he wanted to make Jason pay. Liz grabbed Diego by the head and scratched him in the face. Diego got angry with her and hit her in the face several times to get her off of him. Liz realized there were orange warning signs and roadblocks ahead of them on the bridge and warned Diego to look where he was going. Diego swerved to avoid the roadblocks and lost control of the car. When it stopped, the car was hanging dangerously over the side of the bridge.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Robin and Patrick start to argue again but are interrupted when Dr. Devlin comes in the room. Robin leaves to talk to Joe. While she is gone, Ian and Patrick talk about Robin. Ian doesn't like her, but Patrick stands up for Robin and says she is strong, stubborn, and compassionate. Meanwhile, Robin talks to Joe about Angie's death. Nothing could have been done differently that would have saved her. Robin takes Joe to see his daughter. He talks about his wife and how he wishes she were still there with them. Robin tells him to take things one day at a time. Patrick watches the three of them. When he finds Robin in the locker room later, they talk about how Angie should have been with Joe and her daughter. It should have been a family of a mom, a dad, and a baby. Patrick asks her what she will tell her child when it asks about its father. Robin says she will deal with that when the time comes. Patrick asks who the father is. Robin tries not to answer, but Patrick asks if he is the father. Robin says yes.

Dr. Ford appears with security guards that have been hired to watch Joe. Patrick overhears what is going on and tries to side with Joe-yes, he came into the hospital with a bomb, but he was desperate. Dr. Devlin comes over and criticizes Dr. Ford and how he manages the hospital.

Lulu goes to the Zacchara house and looks for Johnny. She finds Claudia, instead. Claudia questions who Lulu is and warns her about the dangers of the Zacchara house. Lulu explains to Claudia that she and Johnny had a date and he didn't show up. Claudia is very good at reading people and understands that Lulu and Johnny had sex. She realizes the two care about each other. She decides to use Lulu to her advantage to try to find out what happened to Johnny.

Johnny punches walls in his room until Milo comes in and threatens him. Johnny swears he knows nothing about Michael or Kate, but Milo says he won't be released until he reveals information about them. Milo threatens to give Johnny some "inspiration." When Milo leaves, Johnny punches the wall again and ends up finding a marker in a tear in the wall. He starts writing music notes on the wall with his newfound marker.

Sonny asks a confused Kate if she will still want to work things out between them after she finds out what he has done. Sonny explains his fears that Kate's injury was caused by Trevor or one of the Zacchara's. Kate tells him about her last conversation with Trevor, but she still doesn't think he could have done this. They have problems continuing their conversation because of Kate's pain medication. She tells him she's too exhausted to play hard to get. Sonny tells her he's going to get her a nice, big yellow Easter hat. She warns him that she just might wear it. Kate talks about Easter and Couture. They are interrupted when Lulu comes in and asks if Sonny has seen Johnny. Sonny says he's not Johnny's keeper and he will turn up when he says he turns up. Lulu leaves and Claudia suddenly appears. Sonny has just revealed he is holding Johnny captive. Sonny tells her she shouldn't be so surprised. Johnny won't be released until Michael is safe and sound, though. Claudia swears she knows nothing about Michael's disappearance. If Sonny lets Johnny go, Claudia promises to help find Michael. Claudia's promises mean nothing to Sonny. She tells him she is trying to be fair because of their "history." Sonny comments that history isn't made in hotel rooms with the occasional whore. Claudia is insulted. She smiles and tells Sonny to remember who started this, because she'll make sure he doesn't forget who ends it. Later, Sonny talks on the phone and says Johnny won't go anywhere until Michael is safe. Kate is asleep. She wakes up when Sonny is gone and Claudia is back. Claudia is toying with Kate's hair and tells Kate about her hotel romp with Sonny after Kate and Sonny broke up.

Alexis runs into Jerry and asks him what he is doing there. They talk about Ric, the Text Message Killer, and Alexis being worried about Sam. Suddenly, Alexis realizes Jerry is bleeding. He's been shot. She wants to know who did this to him, but he just says he has a long list of enemies. They talk about the five families. Jerry needs to get his hands on Lorenzo's waterfront property. The other mobsters in Port Charles won't be so nice with Ric when it comes to getting that property. After Jerry leaves, he makes a phone call. He tells the person on the other end that no one will be able to piece together that he is the same person as Moreau. They need to cement their alliance with the Zaccharas. Jerry says he will do whatever necessary to get the waterfront property.

Maxie is scared and wants to go home. Spinelli doesn't seem concerned and is preoccupied with clues. He realizes the killer could go undetected underground. He thinks they can find more clues if they can get past the grate. It leads into a tunnel on Lorenzo's property. Maxie tries to get Spinelli to turn back and get Mac. They freeze in their tracks when they hear a sound. Something is moving. Maxie and Spinelli are trapped between two moving grates.

Alexis leaves a message on Sam's cell phone. She's worried about her. The message causes the phone to beep. Jason finds the phone and picks it up. He hears the recording through Sam's phone of Diego threatening Sam. Jason is shocked that Diego is still alive. He tries to figure out what is going on in the recording and discovers that Diego took Sam and Liz to Hangman's Bridge-the same spot where Jason dumped Lorenzo's body. Jason gets back with Max and tells him to contact Spinelli and make sure he's working on Michael's disappearance. Max tells him that Sonny has it covered, but Jason disagrees. Max asks what he should do about Nikolas and Nadine. Jason tells them someone might come back. They need to stay put. After he leaves, Nikolas confesses to Nadine that he is upset since he hasn't seen Emily. It was supposed to be his choice when he got to say goodbye to Emily. Once she showed him Diego was her killer, she disappeared. Nadine thinks they should go back to Wyndemere. Maybe Emily will appear to him there.

After the car crashes, both Liz and Diego appear to be knocked out. Liz wakes up first and tries to reach for the key. Every move she makes causes the car to slip further. She manages to get the key and gets the handcuffs off. She tries to get out of the car, but it keeps shifting. She hears Sam moving around in the trunk and tries to pull the seat open. Diego wakes up and realizes what is happening. He grabs Liz and they start fighting. Suddenly, he hears sirens. It's Lucky who has just happened upon the accident. Diego points his gun at Liz and warns her not to scream. Liz ducks down as Lucky approaches the car. Shots ring out as Liz yells for Lucky.

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