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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 3, 2008 on GH
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Monday, March 3, 2008

A handcuffed Liz fought with Diego while he was driving. The struggle caused him to crash the car into a bridge railing. Both Liz and Diego were knocked out when the car crashed. Liz recovered first and managed to get the key and free herself from the manacles. Liz heard Sam in the trunk, but before she could free Sam and escape, Diego woke up and caught her. As they struggled, Lucky and Jason arrived at the bridge simultaneously. Lucky called the accident in to the PCPD. Diego quieted Liz with a gun. When Lucky got out of his car, Diego shot him and Liz screamed. While Diego struggled to subdue Liz, Jason crept out from behind Lucky's car. He pulled Lucky to safety and went after Diego. Diego escaped the car and got away on Jason's motorcycle. Jason had to stay behind to prevent the car from falling off the bridge into the raging river below. He climbed on the trunk and kicked in the back window of the car. Liz climbed out. She rushed over to Lucky and started first aid on his gunshot wound and he was able to sit up. Sam managed to free herself and kick in the back seat. As she tried to climb out through the back window, the car lurched precariously. Jason was thrown backward off the trunk and knocked out. As Lucky and Liz watched, the car, with Sam in it, plummeted off the bridge. When Liz checked on Jason, he was unconscious and had deep bleeding gashes on his hands, which were caused when he tried to hold onto the car and save Sam. As Liz tended Jason, Lucky called out frantically for Sam.

Maxie and Spinelli had gotten themselves trapped in a dank underground tunnel that they believed would take them to the lair of the real Text Message Killer. They bickered and blamed each other for their predicament. Spinelli's computer alerted him that a transaction had taken place in Lorenzo Alcazar's account. Spinelli realized that only two people could access that account, Lorenzo and Diego. Maxie noted that both were dead. As Spinelli reached the conclusion that one of them was alive, Maxie fumed about their situation and missed the obvious.

Patrick cornered Robin in the doctors' locker room and asked her if he was the father of her baby. She finally told him the truth and said "yes." Robin went on to explain to Patrick that she did not get intentionally pregnant by him. She had already made arrangements with the sperm bank, but Georgie's death left her very needy and she came to him for comfort sex. She was not trying to use him and did not cause the condom to break. She did come to tell him to get tested, but when she overheard him tell Leo that his HIV test was negative, she was relieved because there was no reason to tell him anything. Nothing had changed. She would have the baby and raise the baby on her own, just as she had planned to do, and none would be the wiser. Robin continued to vent about Patrick's reluctance to have children and he did not disagree. Patrick admitted that he did not want a child, but now that it had happened, Patrick wanted to be part of the process. Robin told Patrick that she did not want him to act from obligation, so she rejected his reluctant offer of help and support. With very bitter words, she told him to go to some bar and find the hottest chick in the place to prove to himself that he was still eighteen. Patrick left the hospital and Robin stayed behind in tears.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Claudia told Kate that she had a one-night stand with Sonny. Kate tried to find out why Claudia wanted her to know. Claudia pretended altruism, but Kate did not believe her. Kate told Claudia that Sonny was just using her. Kate told Claudia, "You're just a scared little girl." Claudia's comeback was to attack Kate. She called her a phony and a fake and told her that if she were really secure, Kate would tell Sonny about their conversation. "But you won't," Claudia gloated as she sailed out of Kate's room.

Sonny's thug beat Trevor. Sonny was out of control when he showed up and threatened Trevor. Sonny was convinced that the Zaccharas held his son and that they shot Kate. He and Trevor exchanged heated words and Trevor invoked ghosts from their past to torment Sonny further. Sonny did not bend. When he let Trevor go, he told him to let Anthony know that he held Johnny and would do so until Michael was set free.

Sonny went to the hospital to see Kate. He brought her a hatbox. She was pleased by the present, which was a straw hat with a wide yellow ribbon. They exchanged reminiscences of the day he remembered her in the yellow hat. It was a day when he was happy, a day when his dad, Mike, remembered him being happy, Sonny told Kate. Kate was overcome, but as Sonny continued to tell her how much he cared for her, she was flooded with visions of Sonny and Claudia in bed together. Sonny could tell that something was bothering Kate, but she did not tell him about Claudia's visit. She blamed her emotionalism on her medication. When Sonny promised her that nothing would come between them, she pretended to sleep. After he went away, she opened her eyes.

Claudia and Trevor met up in Jake's bar. Trevor was surprised to find that Claudia already knew that Sonny had kidnapped Johnny. He told her that Sonny was out of control and that they could use the situation to their advantage if they could find Michael first. Claudia and Trevor engaged in more verbal sparring before he left to start looking for the missing Michael. As Trevor left, Patrick walked in. After he ordered a drink, Patrick and Claudia made eye contact. In the hospital, Robin had a sonogram and saw her baby for the first time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Maxie and Spinelli continue to argue when Maxie's phone rings. He tells her to answer the phone, but she drops the flashlight and misses her call. Spinelli has another black-and-white daydream where he is a private investigator and Maxie is a sexy mistress. She snaps him out of the daydream when she asks why he's standing so close to her and acting strangely. Maxie tells Spinelli that he must be smart if Jason keeps him around, but she still can't understand how he didn't see Georgie's love for him. Maxie tells Spinelli that Georgie loved him, but she was afraid to tell him. Dillon made promises to Georgie that he didn't keep, and it changed the way Georgie handled her feelings for Spinelli. Spinelli admits he wasn't in the position to give himself to someone the way Georgie deserved. When he does, though, he will give his body and soul to that other person until they give the same back to him. Maxie decides they need to concentrate on getting out of there. She takes her shoes off and tries to get out through the bars, but she ends up getting stuck.

Sonny visits Carly who is worried about Michael. It's been four days since they discovered Michael was missing. Sonny tries to reassure her that he's working on it. Jason and the rest of the guys are doing the best they can to try to find him. Sonny asks her why she's painting, and Carly reveals she is pregnant. Everyone gets into a big fight over Michael. Jax and Carly don't think Sonny is doing enough to find him, but Sonny assures them he's doing everything he can. Sonny asks Carly to trust him to bring their son back home. Meanwhile, Michael talks to the old woman and tells her about shooting his father's girlfriend. He admits he doesn't even know if she's alive. His father told him he shouldn't play with guns and if he ever caught him with one he should run away and never come back. The old woman tells Michael he should call his family, and the longer he is missing, the worse it will be. She brings him a phone and urges him to call home.

Epiphany looks over paperwork at the nurse's station and comments how the hospital was falling apart without her. Patrick and Robin both walk over to Epiphany and welcome her back. It's not long before Patrick and Robin are arguing again. Epiphany mentions that nothing has changed. Patrick dares Robin to go ahead and tell Epiphany what is going on. Robin announces she can handle crying from a baby but not from the father.

Robin runs into Patrick later on and is surprised to see he is still there. They talk about their first pregnancy scare and Patrick's relief when the pregnancy test came back negative. Patrick reminds her they did actually love each other at one time.

Lucky hears Sam screaming from over the ledge and rushes to help. He asks her to trust him and he pulls her to safety. Meanwhile, Liz cradles Jason while ambulances rush to the scene. The paramedics load Jason into the ambulance, and Sam tells Mac and Lucky about Diego. Both Georgie and Leticia were not intended victims of Diego's killings. Instead of Georgie, Diego was trying to kill Maxie. He was trying to kill Carly when he killed Leticia. Liz was also in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mac asks Liz where she was when Diego grabbed her, and she explains she was in Sam's apartment. Everyone questions why Liz was there in the first place. Liz is interrupted and never answers the question. Sam is in pain, so she is transported to the hospital. Mac puts an APB out on Diego. Lucky offers to help find Diego, but Mac wants him to go to the hospital and get checked out.

Nikolas and Nadine argue over Diego and what possible reasons he had for killing his victims. Nadine points out that no matter what Nikolas does to Diego, it won't bring Emily back. Nikolas tells her that what Diego did to Emily and his other victims was wrong-and Nadine can take her moral values and her bag of things and leave. Nadine starts to gather her things, and Nikolas leaves. As he looks at ropes and chains with his flashlight, Nikolas starts to have another attack and starts seeing Emily being strangled. Meanwhile, Diego finds Nadine and starts to strangle her. Nadine yells out for Nikolas to help her.

Jerry visits Alexis and they talk about their recent kiss. Alexis points out that Jerry was the one that kissed her, not the other way around. She thinks Jerry would be best suited with Diane as his attorney. He doesn't like that idea, mainly because Diane isn't as cute as Alexis. She suggests another attorney, but Jerry isn't interested. Alexis tells him their relationship is strictly a business one. Jerry thinks they should pursue a romantic relationship, though. He points out her past relationships with Sonny and Ric, and says it's obvious she has a thing for dangerous men. Alexis tries to sever all ties with Jerry again by recommending he retain Diane as his council, but he cannot be swayed. Alexis tells him neither of them have the time or energy for this.

Dr. Devlin kisses Leyla. She knows she is just a phase for him and someone else will take her place soon. She warns him if he ever kisses her again, she will charge him with sexual harassment. Dr. Devlin leaves to check on Sam. Lucky and Sam are talking about their relationship and trying to make it work again. Dr. Devlin comes in and shuts the curtain in Lucky's face. Meanwhile, Patrick reviews Jason's injury and tells him his finger is barely hanging on by a thread. There is nerve damage and if they don't operate soon, Jason will be lucky to hold even a spoon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spinelli used his computer to attempt to stop the grates from rising but up only temporarily stopped them. He crawled underneath the grate and managed to loosen one of the bars so Maxie could get out. They ran off but stopped when they found Nadine's things scattered about. Spinelli tried out his new detective skills, but he was pretty useless after taking a deep whiff of a chloroform-soaked cloth.

Nikolas started to strangle Diego-until he managed to get free from Nikolas' grasp. Diego grabbed a line of wire and choked Nikolas until he passed out. Diego ran out to find Maxie and started to strangle her. Meanwhile, Emily's ghost came to bring Nikolas back from the brink of death. She told him it wasn't his time to go yet. There were still things for him to do. Nikolas took a deep breath and ran after Diego. When Nikolas saw Diego choking Maxie, he saw Emily in Maxie's place. Maxie stabbed Diego with a screwdriver and managed to get away long enough for Diego to trip over a rope and hang himself. Nikolas, Spinelli, and Maxie ran towards Mac and the police as they rushed to the scene. Nikolas saw Nadine's stuff scattered about just before he collapsed.

Scott rushed past Lulu when she entered Lucky's house and started to yell at her for having ruined Logan's life. Luke bolted up from the couch and defended his daughter, who had no idea he was in the house. Lulu and Scott argued about Lulu hitting Logan, and Luke listened to everything that transpired between Lulu and Logan. Scott related Lulu hitting Logan to Laura killing Ric Webber. After Scott left, Luke tried to get Lulu to open up to him about the situation. She didn't want to talk about it and asked where her mother's old records were hiding. Luke warned his daughter before she left that secrets eventually came out, especially the ugly ones.

Sonny entered Johnny's padded room and noticed the music notes Johnny had drawn on the wall. He asked what the notes were all about, and Johnny told him it was music therapy. Johnny suggested Sonny should try it sometime. Sonny wasn't interested in any therapy Johnny had to offer. Sonny started to beat up on Johnny, but it didn't last very long. Johnny swore he knew nothing about Michael or Kate, and Sonny decided to leave him alone temporarily. Johnny sat alone in his cell and remembered playing his music for Lulu. Meanwhile, Lulu looked at an old record album from her mother's collection.

Jerry threatened to sue Alexis for breach of contract if she refused to remain as his counsel. She didn't think he was serious at first but soon realized he would ruin her life if she didn't help him. After Jerry left, Alexis stayed late at work to try to get some things done. Diane showed up with beer for an intervention. Alexis told her she should be busy with her star client, Sonny. Diane said Sonny was busy with Kate and her pending investigation. Diane asked Alexis for the off-the-record comment about Kate's "investigation." Alexis told Diane about all the parties trying to purchase the waterfront property. Diane compared Sonny and Kate's dangerous relationship to Jerry and Alexis' relationship. Alexis didn't think they compared at all. Alexis told Diane her main concern was finding who tried to kill Sam.

Dr. Devlin tried to flirt with Sam as he reviewed her x-rays. He said his thoughts toward her might mean she should look for another doctor. Sam told him she wasn't interested in finding another doctor. Dr. Devlin told her she would be staying another night for observation, and Sam told him it was just an excuse to continue seeing her. Later, Dr. Devlin went out to the streets and picked up a hooker who looked a lot like Sam.

Marianna and Ric returned home after receiving Marianna's green card and work permit. Although thrilled, Marianna started looking for an apartment and a job so she would not be taking advantage of Ric. He assured her she would not be taking advantage of him, and they both talked about their pasts. They made love on the couch, not realizing Randy had come to Port Charles and would soon be disrupting their bliss. After Ric fell asleep, Marianna got up and contemplated what to do with the waterfront property deed that was easily within her reach. Meanwhile, Randy looked up Trevor Lansing's phone number in a nearby phone booth.

Patrick prepped Jason for his hand surgery and warned him he might never work for Sonny again. Liz listened in on their conversation and apologized to Jason after Patrick left. She felt she had ruined his life when he saved hers. Jason was heavily sedated during their conversation, so he did not have very much to say. Liz asked how Jason knew where to find them after Diego abducted her and Sam. Detective Rodriguez walked in and wanted to know the same thing. Liz told Detective Rodriguez that Jason couldn't answer any questions because he would be going to surgery soon. The detective questioned Liz's actions, but Patrick stepped in and stopped the questioning by threatening to sue if Jason didn't get his surgery quickly. Jason offered his help to Rodriguez, though, by suggesting the police look for Diego at the warehouse where Sam originally shot Diego. Rodriguez asked Jason if he knew that because of his excellent intuition, but Jason told him it was just common sense.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spinelli showed up at Kelly's to get a cup of coffee while Mike congratulated him on being a hero in saving Maxie from Diego. Cassius, an attendant at the hospital, showed up at Kelly's to talk to Spinelli about investigating Stan Johnson's death to find out who killed him. Spinelli promised to do that once he took care of a personal matter. Spinelli went to visit Georgie's grave. Maxie showed up with flowers and asked him what he was doing there. He told her he came because he remembered it would have been Georgie's birthday. Spinelli told her he saw Mac stop by earlier to visit the grave, but that Mac didn't see him. Maxie told Spinelli that Mac wanted her to come with him, but she had told him she wanted to come alone. She told Spinelli that she thought it was somehow right for him to be there with her since Georgie loved him so much. She thanked Spinelli for helping her prove Cooper's innocence and finding Georgie's killer, Diego. Spinelli hugged her after she started crying about how wrong it was for Georgie to be dead while they were still alive.

Liz checked in on Jason after his hand surgery while he was still heavily sedated. Carly showed up and accused her of being responsible for what happened to Jason. Liz tried to reassure her that Jason's surgery went fine but Carly didn't want to hear it. Epiphany showed up and asked Liz for her help. Carly tried to dismiss Epiphany, which didn't go well. Epiphany made it clear to Carly that she wouldn't take any crap from her. Liz told Carly to give Jason the time and space he needed to recover without bringing more of her drama into his life, and suggested she go to Jax, her husband, if she needed anyone. Carly got a sudden sharp pain in her stomach after Liz left. Liz checked up on Jason again after he was admitted into a different hospital room. Patrick told her that they repaired 90% of the damage to his hands and that he was expected to have rehabilitation to help him. She told a sleeping Jason that she would do anything for him and kissed him on the forehead. Later, Liz brought Jake over to see Jason while he was sleeping. Patrick saw her leave Jason's room with Jake in her arms.

Diane visited Kate at the hospital and brought her an issue of Couture magazine to help cheer her up. Diane noticed that Kate seemed a little sad and tried to lift her spirits by discussing her plans to get together with Alexis for another night of fun. They chatted for awhile until Jax showed up to see Kate. Kate confided in him about how she found out that Sonny cheated on her-that the woman he cheated with came to see her to tell her. Claudia showed up at Sonny's office to see him. Max tried to stop her from going into Sonny's office but Sonny came out to see what she wanted. Claudia tried to convince him that she didn't kidnap Michael and didn't think that Trevor did either. Sonny told her that he had no reason to believe her or Trevor, and planned on keeping Johnny until he got his son back. Claudia warned him that if Johnny was harmed in any way she was going to make him pay. While she was on her way to see Dr. Lee, Carly spotted Jax talking to Kate in her room. Sonny showed up to see Kate and found Jax kissing her goodbye after giving her some Belgian chocolates. Sonny asked her if he should be jealous. Jax told him he should be jealous of any man that came to see Kate. Sonny followed Jax outside her room and asked him if he had more of a problem with him than usual and Jax told him he did and walked off. Sonny went back into Kate's room to find out what was on Kate's mind.

Jerry met with his mysterious business associate. The mystery man warned Jerry that if he didn't do what he agreed to do then Jerry's family would be harmed. He told Jerry that Carly was pregnant, which Jerry didn't know. Jerry told him to stay away from his family, and he promised to do what he could to get the waterfront property so that the mystery man's associate could use it to store his product. Ric brought Marianna to the property he now owned, thanks to Skye. He told her that there were a lot of things he could do with that property. Marianna told Ric she had a bad feeling about the building and that she felt something bad was going to happen there. They didn't realize that there was an actual bomb planted in the building they were in. Trevor showed up and tried to persuade Ric to sell the property to him, and promised to make Ric a very rich man. Ric refused to sell him any of the property. Trevor lost his patience with Ric and started insulting Marianna. This angered Ric enough to make him fight back. Their tussle caused them to trigger the timer on the bomb that was taped to the wall. The timer started ticking down from 30 minutes. Trevor warned Ric not to trust Marianna because she was using him to stay in the country. Ric told Trevor to stop trying to ruin his happiness.

Robin went with Nikolas to the water sewage building. He told her that Diego must have hid Nadine somewhere in the building and he needed to try to find her. Robin worried about Nikolas' health and urged him to go back to the hospital with her. Nikolas had another hallucination and saw "Emily" again. Robin saw him look up at the stairs and start talking and realized he had been lying to Patrick and her about not having hallucinations. Nikolas yelled at her to go away and leave him alone. Nikolas talked to "Emily" about trying to find Nadine. Emily wondered if he still needed her for some specific reason. They walked toward the elevator. Nikolas tried to push the door on the elevator but it wouldn't budge. Nadine heard him making noise since she was laying on the bottom of the elevator shaft with rope tied around her and duct tape around her mouth. There was also a bomb taped to the wall above her. She managed to rip some of the tape off of her mouth so she could scream for help. Nikolas heard her and looked through the slit in the elevator floor to find her down there. He told Emily that he found Nadine and had her sent to the hospital to be checked out. Emily told him to let her go now so he could move on with his life. Nikolas told her he didn't know if he could do that. She told him to do it for her.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Liz saw Patrick outside Jason's room and told her Jason needed rest. He saw her bring Jake to see Jason. Patrick asked her what Lucky would say about Jason seeing Jake. He immediately apologized for butting in, but Liz admitted that Lucky probably wouldn't have liked Jason and Jake seeing each other. Patrick told Liz he usually didn't get involved in his patients' business, but he was about to become a father. Patrick told her about confronting Robin and how she didn't deny that he was the baby's father. Liz said she had tried to convince Robin to tell Patrick earlier because the truth had a way of coming out. Liz questioned Patrick if he had hoped Robin would tell him he was not the father. Patrick was not sure what he wanted. He loved the baby's mother, though, and maybe a miracle would happen. Patrick and Liz hugged before Robin walked in on them. Liz told Robin she needed to get back to work and they needed to talk anyway. When Patrick told Robin what he had been talking about with Liz, Robin tried to deny he was her baby's father.

Ric and Marianna kissed in the rigged warehouse, unaware there was a bomb in the building. They left and went to Kelly's. Ric thought they should go somewhere nicer, but Marianna insisted on staying at Kelly's. They talked about her ex, Randy, oblivious to the fact that he had come into town.

Cassius and Spinelli sat in Kelly's with Stan's box. Maxie came over and asked them what they were doing. Spinelli explained they were looking for clues about who killed Stan. When they finally opened it, the box revealed a box titled "The Island of Dr. Moreau." Cassius rushed off to find Epiphany.

Dr. Lee met with Carly and tried to calm her down. He said she should be focusing on keeping herself and the baby healthy. Jax came over to them and asked what was going on. Carly told him it was Michael and Jason. Jax took a phone call just then from Jerry who wanted to meet about a partnership. Jax decided to meet with Jerry and he arrived just as Jerry was finishing up another phone call. Jax told Jerry he didn't trust him. He knew going into business with Jerry was just a way to keep his brother out of trouble.

Sonny talked to Kate's doctor and found out she was going to be released soon. He told her he thought she should rest at his house, but Kate didn't think this was a good idea. She asked Sonny if there was something going on he hadn't told her about, and he said yes. He thought Jax told her about Michael being missing. Sonny revealed to her that he thought Michael was kidnapped by the same person who shot her. He knew Michael was wanting to get into the mob business, and he didn't do enough to stop it. Kate told him she wasn't sure this meant Michael was kidnapped, though. Sonny told her he decided to end it once and for all with Trevor and the Zaccharas. Kate warned him to think before he lashed out. She reminded him of what happened when she rejected his proposal.

Lulu looked at Logan, still unconscious in his hospital bed, but ran away to hide when Scott showed up. Epiphany came to check on Logan, and Scott asked if there was any change. Epiphany assured him Dr. Drake would contact him if there were a change. Scott asked her if there was anything wrong with wanting revenge, and she said no. Epiphany walked out into the hallway where Cassius met up with her and told her they had a lead on Stan's death. Meanwhile, Lulu called Johnny and left another message. After Scott left his son's room, Lulu hung up the phone and went into Logan's room. She asked Logan how she could ever make this up to him.

Claudia walked in to see Anthony, and he called her a slut. She questioned why he would say that to her, and he said it was because of the way she dressed. He asked her what she wanted, and Claudia said Sonny. The thought of Sonny and Claudia made Anthony sick. Claudia wasn't interested in getting dating tips from her father, though. She needed information for a trade from him. She tried to get him to focus and asked him if Trevor was drugging him. Anthony told her no, and he managed to come up with some names and numbers that might help Claudia. He told Claudia if anyone were to hurt her he would make them eat dirt. She was surprised to hear him defend her. Before Claudia left, Anthony asked about Johnny. Claudia promised she would get her brother and bring him to see Anthony soon.

Johnny was sitting on the floor in his room when Milo walked in and told him food would be coming soon. He asked if Johnny was Mozart now. Johnny was surprised Milo knew anything about Mozart. Johnny told Milo that art takes inspiration. He asked Milo if he could spell inspiration, but Milo just walked out. Later, Johnny started to scrawl more music notes on the wall.

Alexis talked to Nikolas about Kristina still thinking Diego would not die. Alexis asked Nikolas what Spencer would think about his father. Nikolas told her he was trying to decide who would take care of Spencer if he were to die. He admitted he did not plan on having the operation. Diego killed Nikolas' reason to live. Emily never hurt anyone. Diego killed her for revenge towards Jason. Alexis was upset to hear this from Nikolas. She wanted him to think about the people that loved him and what his son's life would be like without a father. Nikolas was adamant about not getting the operation and planned on having a living will drawn up so no one could decide this for him. Alexis told him she would contest it. Nikolas said she could not stop him, but Emily appeared and agreed with Alexis. Emily and Alexis both told Nikolas they would not let him hurt himself. After Alexis left, Emily warned Nikolas that he wouldn't be able to just fall asleep and all of a sudden they would be together. She told him his tumor would get worse. His dreams would turn into nightmares. Emily said she could see things he could not see inside of himself. Things would get ugly for Nikolas, and he would lose control. Nikolas didn't believe Emily and thought she was lying because she didn't want him to die. She walked away, but when Nikolas tried to follow he fell down on the table.

Sam walked out of her room. Lucky caught her and she started to fall. She thanked him for catching her, and he thanked her for all her information about the explosives. They found a lot of explosives and the hard drive that was smashed. Lucky and Sam talked about Nikolas and his anguish over Emily's death. Diego took Emily away from all of them. Sam started to leave and thanked him for saving her life, even if it was his job. Lucky told her it had nothing to do with his job-he heard her scream, and he was concerned for her. She said it was just his reflexes, and it had nothing to do with saving the woman he loved. Lucky admitted he shouldn't have thrown her out that night. Sam said she put innocent children at risk, but Lucky said his drugs also put his children at risk. Dr. Devlin came out and interrupted them by telling Sam she needed to be off her hip. He rushed her back into her room.

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