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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on GH
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Monday, March 24, 2008

The police found Randy's body under the pier. Alexis told them to do a complete forensic workup.

Dr. Devlin and Claudia met in her office. They reminisced about their previous business relationship in Milan where Claudia had shipped drugs for him. He agreed to let the Zaccharas move his drugs again if they could keep Trevor out of the loop. Claudia agreed to his terms. Devlin left. Claudia made martinis, which she shared with Johnny when he arrived. They drank and discussed the deal with Devlin and laughed at Sonny because the shipment for Devlin would be a violation of the truce. Trevor heard them talking and told them that they could not cut him out. He warned Johnny against Claudia, but both Claudia and Johnny stood up to him and sent him away.

Ric and Marianna talked about Randy's death while they had dinner at his place. She wanted to go to the police and tell them what had really happened. Ric refused to let her. He argued that the circumstantial evidence and her prior relationship with Randy would make her the prime suspect. Ric also argued that he would not have found Carly and been able to save her life if he had not moved Randy's body, then he changed the subject. Marianna talked about her dream to open a restaurant named in honor of her mother. Ric offered to fund it. Marianna started making happy noises about creating recipes and a business plan. Alexis dropped by to offer Ric her "Disney on Ice" tickets. She told him that she had to work because the police had pulled a body out of the water near the cannery. After Alexis left, Marianna panicked after overhearing Alexis and Ric's conversation. Before she left his home for her place, Ric reassured her again that it was better to stay quiet.

When Ric heard a knock, he opened the door and found Trevor outside. Trevor told Ric that he would give the police the murder weapon that killed Randy, a tire iron with Marianna's fingerprints all over it, if Ric did not immediately sign over the deed for the pier properties to Trevor.

Jason entered the Quartermaine mansion through the patio doors and confronted Monica, who had just poured herself a stiff drink, with proof that she ran down Sam. Monica accused Jason of being the source of her distress, but quickly admitted the truth of her actions when he told her that film from security cameras in the area clearly showed that she hit Sam with her car. He questioned Monica about her drinking. She admitted that she'd had a blackout. She bitterly told Jason that she had good reason to drink. She accused him of putting Sonny and his business above his family. She blamed him for Emily's death, because Diego had killed Emily in retaliation for the death of his father, Lorenzo Alcazar, at Jason's hands. Jason took it all in and calmly told Monica that it was okay for her to hate him, but he wanted her to get help. Later Nikolas arrived to see Monica who was still drinking. He wanted her assistance in setting up a foundation for Emily. Monica lashed out, and then apologized. She and Nikolas shared their grief over Emily's death. Nikolas said he kept living because he asked himself what Emily would want. He suggested to Monica that she ask herself the same question. After Nikolas left, Monica put down her glass, picked up her car keys and left the mansion.

Jason went back to Sonny's office and met with Sam. Jason told her that Monica was the one who had hit her. Sam responded by snidely accusing Jason of fabricating evidence to clear Liz. Jason rationally pointed out that if he had wanted to fake evidence, he would have picked someone other than his mother to blame. Sam realized that he was telling the truth. As she was leaving she said that she would not turn Monica in. She told Jason that she had no desire to hurt Monica and that she would leave that to him. Jason also called Liz over to Sonny's coffeehouse and told her that she was not the driver who hit Sam. The kissed. Then they talked about Monica. Jason felt guilty and wished that he could tell Monica that Jake was her grandson.

Jax and Carly arrived home from the hospital while Sonny was there talking to Michael. Michael told Sonny that Carly was pregnant. Before Carly could tell Michael that she had miscarried the baby, the nanny came downstairs with Morgan. She took the boys away and left Sonny with Carly and Jax. Sonny guessed that Carly had miscarried. Jax blamed the loss of his baby on Sonny's violent world. Carly did not blame Sonny for the explosion but was furious because he had not told her that Michael had bought a gun. She pointed out that Sonny was not respecting that she and Jax were Michael's parents also. Sonny agreed and apologized. He also told them that he had made a truce with the Zaccharas. Jax was unimpressed and left the room. Carly and Sonny said goodbye, then Carly followed Jax to the nursery where she found him sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby blanket. Jax said "I can't take this anymore." He was grief-stricken. He blamed Sonny for all their problems, but Carly pointed out that nothing would bring their baby back. Both Carly and Jax were crying when he stood up and went to Carly. The embraced and gave each other loving comfort for the loss of their child.

Maxie went to Kate's house to plead for a job as her assistant. She told Kate that fashion was her life. Kate gave her a quick quiz and acknowledged that Maxie was up on fashion. When Sonny showed up on Kate's doorstep, she sent Maxie away, but told her she would be in touch. She told Sonny that Maxie reminded her of herself at that age. While Maxie approached Spinelli at Sonny's place to get him to help her seem "smart," Kate listened to Sonny as he told her that he had called a truce with the Zaccharas.

Nikolas went to the hospital to talk to Dr. Devlin so he could make sure that the drugs that would control his tumor and continue to let him hallucinate Emily would be delivered as promised. While they conversed, Johnny and Claudia arrived. They introduced themselves to Devlin and gave the excuse that Claudia's stitches needed tending.

Lucky showed up at Sam's to take her to dinner. She told him that Monica, not Liz, had run her down. Now, she said, he did not have to romance her to keep her from turning Liz in. Lucky looked stunned.

Monica lost consciousness when she crashed her car.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ric and Trevor argued about the piers and the family issues they'd had in the past. Trevor bribed Ric with money and a free life with Marianna if Ric would sign over the waterfront property. Trevor admitted he set up Marianna to meet up with Ric at Martha's Vineyard and "work" him to get the deed to the property. Ric finally realized he would never have a free life with Marianna unless he signed over the piers to his father. He signed the papers and threw them at Trevor. As Trevor left, Ric stood by the fireplace with tears in his eyes.

Sonny told Kate things would be changing since he'd called a truce with the Zacchara family. Kate admitted the mob scared her, but she was willing to deal with that fear because of her love for Sonny. She loved Sonny, but she also loved her career. She expected Sonny to understand and respect her career. Later, Ric came to see Sonny and warned him he had signed the piers over to Trevor. Sonny was upset that Ric gave Trevor such leverage against Sonny. Ric said Sonny would find a way to turn things around like always.

Patrick was worried because of Robin's severe morning sickness, but she reassured him it was normal. She came over to sign some paperwork for Claudia and Johnny and ended up giving herself a paper cut. Claudia threw another fit and refused to have anything to do with Robin or the paperwork for fear of contracting HIV. Jason came in at that time and he and Claudia noticed each other. Claudia was concerned with what he was doing at the hospital, but he told her it was none of her business. Jason later told Robin to stay as far away from Claudia as possible. After Claudia and Johnny were alone, they talked about Jason and how he had a mind of his own. Claudia had an idea of how to deal with Jason. Johnny noticed Claudia sounded a lot like she was taking over, but Claudia tried to assure her brother she was just helping.

A mother and two children came into the hospital, and Patrick noticed she needed some help when the older child started acting up. The mother handed her baby over to Patrick, who was clearly uncomfortable holding the infant. The baby seemed content in Patrick's arms and smiled up at him. Patrick asked both Epiphany and Robin for help, but they just smiled and told him they were busy. After the mother took her child back, Robin and Patrick talked about their own child. Robin told him he wouldn't have to hold their baby if he didn't want to, but she was glad he was the father.

Liz talked to Jason about how she wanted him to be a part of Jake's life. Jason told her that knowing she was raising their son was good enough. They were interrupted when Epiphany called to tell Jason his mother had an accident. Jason went to his mother's bedside immediately. She was distraught and talked about how alone she felt because Alan and Emily were both gone. She said she should be honoring their memories, but instead she was wasting her life. Monica told Jason she loved him, despite the previous things that were said in moments of anger. The moment clearly affected Jason, because when he turned away he had tears in his eyes. Jason walked out of the hospital room and found Claudia outside. He asked her how long she had been there, but she reassured him she was not there to hurt his mother. She wanted Jason's help in killing Trevor.

Michael and Morgan brought a baby gift to Jax and Carly, not realizing yet the baby had died. Carly thanked the boys, but later she explained the baby had stopped growing and had gone to heaven. Michael thought it was his fault, but Carly told him sometimes this just happens. Michael thought Carly should have another baby to make things better. Later, Carly and Jax talked about the miscarriage and how they should have waited longer before they told anyone about the pregnancy. Carly tried to comfort Jax and told him it wouldn't always hurt so badly.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jax and Carly were at home when a package arrived. It was a baby dress that Jax had ordered. He wanted to throw the dress away, but Carly insisted that they keep it for the next time. They commiserated over their lost child but agreed to move on. Carly wanted to try to have another baby as quickly as they could and Jax agreed. She left for the hospital and he went off to a business appointment.

Robin invited Maxie to her apartment. She wanted help decorating an area adjoining her bedroom for her baby. Robin called it a dressing room. Maxie said it was a closet. They talked about babies and all the attention that they required. Maxie was surprisingly knowledgeable. She admitted to Robin that she had done a lot of research when she had faked a pregnancy of her own.

Diane met Jason in Sonny's office. He hired her to defend Monica. Alexis came by to ask questions about Sam's hit-and-run, but Diane refused to allow Jason to say anything, thus frustrating Alexis' quest to gain information from Jason.

Monica was in her hospital room when Tracy came to visit. Monica admitted that she was a drunk and that she was the one who had hit Sam with a car. She said that Tracy and Luke could move back into the mansion. Tracy wanted to call in favors and get the hit-and-run charges dropped, but Monica said that she wanted to face the consequences and go into rehab. When she again said that she wanted to take responsibility for hitting Sam, Lulu walked in and overheard. Monica told Lulu that both she and Luke were welcome to return to the mansion. She admitted that she had missed them. Lulu left with Tracy when Patrick and Devlin came in to check on Monica. Tracy almost said something nice about Monica to Lulu, but stopped herself before she did. After the doctors left Monica, Nikolas came in and they discussed the foundation that Nikolas wanted to set up in Emily's honor. Nikolas told Monica about his hallucinations. Monica said that she would give anything to see Emily and Alan again. Monica told him that he should have the surgery, but said that were she offered the same choice, she would probably take the same action as Nikolas had. After Nikolas left, Alexis stopped by to question Monica. Before Monica could spill her guts and take responsibility for Sam's hit-and-run, Diane showed up and announced that she had been hired by Jason to be Monica's lawyer. She would not allow Monica to answer any of Alexis' questions. Alexis put two and two together and figured out that Monica hit Sam. Monica remained silent as Diane and Alexis left her room bickering.

Outside at the nurse's station, Patrick spoke to Robin, who was defensive about being late, despite having taken personal time off. When Carly arrived, Robin made a comment to her about how she was suffering from morning sickness and how that must please Carly. Carly immediately told Robin that she had miscarried. Robin expressed sympathy. When Carly left to see Kelly, Patrick apologized to Robin for knowing about Carly's miscarriage and not mentioning it to her. After hearing about Carly's loss, Robin decided to take the rest of the day off.

Claudia went to see Luke on his boat. She tried to get him to work with her against Sonny. He told her that everyone who went against Sonny was dead. He did not want to join them. Claudia did not take "no" for an answer. She told Luke to pick a side or he was dead. Claudia poured drinks for both Luke and herself. He told her that she acted like a woman scorned. She leaned over him and told him that she would make an example of him. Tracy walked in on them and was not pleased by the tableau they presented. She exchanged insults with Claudia who left after telling Luke that he knew where to find her. Luke told Tracy that Claudia was a Zacchara, not a streetwalker as Tracy had assumed. He told Tracy that Claudia had come to his boat to threaten his life, but she did not believe him and walked out on him. Lulu dropped by later and told Luke that Monica had decided to let them move back in. They gleefully exchanged memories of their time in the mansion and decided to go back. When they arrived, Tracy welcomed Lulu, but told Luke to find someplace else to sleep.

Jax went to Kate's house and questioned her about the shooting. Kate told Jax that she was convinced that it had been an accident. She hoped that Michael would get the help that he needed. She wanted to talk about the magazine that she was starting, but Jax wanted to talk about Sonny. He tried to get Kate to leave Port Charles and give up Sonny, but Kate remained adamant that she loved Sonny and wanted to have another chance with him. After Jax was gone, Maxie came by. Kate told her she had the job as Kate's assistant. Maxie wanted to start immediately, so Kate gave her plenty to do. When the doorbell rang, Maxie answered it. Claudia Zacchara walked in and offered to back Kate's magazine. Kate asked Maxie to take notes for the next issue on what women should never wear. She then critiqued Claudia's look unfavorably. Claudia retaliated by telling Kate that what Kate was really good at was "losing a guy."

Nikolas looked at his new office at the hospital. Devlin dropped in and congratulated him on starting a program to help people without health insurance. He also told Nikolas that it would be easier to keep supplying the drugs to him as long as he had an office in the hospital. Nadine interrupted their conversation. Devlin left and Nadine asked Nikolas why he was starting the program when, without surgery, he would be dead before he could dispense any money. He told her that surgery was not an option. Nadine wanted to know why Nikolas was acting like he still had a future.

When Carly arrived back home from the doctor's office, she picked up the dress Jax had bought for their unborn child, and started crying. Jason walked in and found her. He hugged her tenderly while she grieved over her lost child and the unfairness of what had happened to her.

Robin took time off from the hospital and went home to practice relaxation techniques. Patrick used his key and came to see her. She told him not to barge in, but they did not argue. They had a serious conversation about Carly's miscarriage. Patrick said it was not Robin's fault, because she had never wished for Carly to miscarry, but Robin felt guilty for all her past mistakes and all the bad karma that she felt that she had built up.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lulu and Luke moved back in with the Quartermaines. Tracy welcomed Lulu back but told Luke he couldn't move back in. Alice informed Tracy that if Luke went away, the whole staff would leave as well. Edward was not happy to see Luke back either, but was interested in joining Luke's weekly poker game with the staff. Tracy didn't like that Edward wasn't objecting enough about Luke moving back in and accused him of taking sides. Edward pointed out to her that if she didn't want Luke back she should have divorced him. Luke told her that the reason she hadn't divorced him was because she loved him. Tracy told him she would let him have another chance but that it would be on her terms.

Nadine tried to persuade Nikolas to have the surgery instead of trying to honor Emily's memory by naming some new hospital program he was setting up in her name. Nikolas told her he wasn't going to have the surgery. Nadine went to Liz with her concerns about Nikolas' condition. She wondered why Liz and none of Lucky's family seemed concerned about Nikolas' health and the fact that he was dying. Liz told her that Nikolas was very stubborn and sometimes it was better if they didn't push him too much. Liz asked Robin and Patrick when they had last seen Nikolas as a patient. Patrick told her that they hadn't talked to Nikolas since they tried to operate on him and he freaked out and refused to let them touch him. Liz pointed out that Nikolas didn't look like someone whose condition was deteriorating at all and seemed to look in good health. Patrick told Liz and Robin that Nikolas could be in remission. Nikolas approached them and overheard them talking about him. He told them that he didn't appreciate them talking about his condition without his permission. Nikolas pulled Nadine aside and told her off for talking to Patrick and everyone about him. He told her to mind her own business. Nadine told Nikolas that she didn't tell them anything about why he really didn't want to have the operation.

Ric met up with Marianna on the docks after her shift at Kelly's. He told her that he sold the waterfront property over to his father. She asked him why he would do that. Ric told her that he found out from his father that she had been working for Trevor all along and was just getting close to him to persuade him to sign over the property to his father. Marianna told Ric that she worked for his father until she fell in love with Ric and couldn't deceive him any longer, then she refused to help Trevor. Ric told her that he didn't blame her for what she did since she did it to survive, but that he couldn't trust her anymore. He handed her a check for a percentage of what he got from his father to hand over the property and told her that Trevor owed her that money for what he put her through. Marianna ripped the check up in pieces. Ric told her that he appreciated the gesture but he would send her another check at Kelly's. Marianna told him she wasn't going to be at Kelly's anymore and was moving back to Martha's Vineyard. She told Ric to come see her there if he changed his mind about them. Ric told her it would be best if they never saw each other again.

Jason went to Carly's house to see her. He found her crying and tried to comfort her. He told her he was sorry for her loss. He also apologized to her for not telling her sooner about Michael's interest in buying a gun. Carly asked Jason why he stopped trusting her and started keeping secrets from her. Jason told her he was worried about how she would react to the news that Jake was his son and was afraid she would do something impulsive and get in trouble. Carly accused Jason of thinking about her as an obligation instead of as her best friend. Jason told her that he was sorry for the time he interrogated her about Sam's hit-and-run. He explained that he was worried that Liz could have done it and wondered if Carly did it and was lying about it. Carly told him that if she had hit Sam with her car, she would have come to him and told him, so he could have helped cover it up for her. Jason asked her if she would have turned Liz over to the police if he had told her what was going on. Carly told him that she might have but she didn't know for sure if she would. They ended up arguing over Liz. Jason told her he wished she would learn to trust him and accept the choices he made. He told her that he wanted her to accept that he loved Liz and that she was the mother of his child. Carly agreed not to say another bad word about Liz to him as long as he agreed never to lie to her again. They talked about the time they first met at Jake's. She told Jason that she dreamed about the time she met him while she was unconscious after the explosion and suggested they could be soul mates if he also dreamed about that time while he was under anesthesia from his hand surgery. Jax came home when they were laughing. Jason told Jax he was sorry for Jax's loss and apologized for not telling Carly and him about Michael buying a gun. Jax told him that he should have apologized for all the violence he brought around his family. Jason left them alone to talk. Carly asked Jax why he had to say something like that to Jason when he came by and cheered her up. Jax told her that Jason seemed to be the only one who could cheer her up lately. He told her he had to go to a meeting with Kate but that he would be home after that. Carly told him she went to see Dr. Lee and that they could try to conceive another baby soon if they wanted to. Jax told her they should wait awhile to do that and concentrate on helping Michael for a while.

Claudia talked to Kate about investing in her new magazine. She had really come over to get in Kate's face and tell her about what Sonny did to Johnny. Sonny showed up and asked Claudia what she was doing there. Claudia told him she had a confession to make, she knew who he was all along when she slept with him that night at the hotel. Kate tried to act like she wasn't bothered by what Claudia was saying. Claudia told Kate that Sonny must have been sex-starved that night and needed a real woman to satisfy his needs. Sonny told Claudia that he knew what kind of woman she was all along and that he would never make the same mistake again with her. Kate dismissed Maxie, who overheard the whole conversation. Sonny asked Kate if she needed an explanation from him about what Claudia told her. Kate told him she didn't really want an explanation. She told him that she knew that he had a dark and dangerous side and she could accept that. Sonny told her that his family kept him from going to that deep dark place in his head. He told her that he loved her and that he would never sleep with Claudia ever again. He asked her if she could trust him. She grabbed him and kissed him and told him she could. Kate met up with Jax to discuss business. Jax told her he was still upset about Carly's miscarriage. Kate told him that she believed Sonny would do what he could to help protect Michael and Morgan and do what was best for his family. Jax told her that he didn't need anyone else defending Sonny at that time since Carly seemed to be doing that also.

Lulu visited Logan at the hospital. She walked around the hallways with him and kept apologizing to him for everything. Logan told her that if she kept apologizing to him he was going to force her to make it up to him by cooking him dinner when he got out of the hospital. Johnny got off of the elevator and walked toward them. Lulu pretended to ignore him and focused on Logan instead. She brought Carly a bag of junk food to cheer her up. Carly told her that she was too wired to eat anything. Lulu filled Carly in on what had been happening in her personal life since they last spoke to each other. Lulu told her that she couldn't stop thinking about Johnny and that she saw him that day at the hospital while she was visiting Logan. Carly asked Lulu if she was using Logan to make Johnny jealous. Lulu admitted that she could be doing that and was very confused about how she felt about Johnny. She told Carly that she made love with Johnny and it was wonderful but then he disappeared and then she saw him after the explosion and they were reunited. She told Carly that she witnessed Johnny put a gun to Sonny's head at the hospital and realized how dangerous and crazy he really was. She confessed to Carly that despite everything she was even more drawn to Johnny because he was crazy and dangerous.

Spinelli arrived at home and told Jason about how Monica came forward and admitted she was drunk the night she hit Sam with her car and that she was entering rehab for alcoholism. Claudia showed up at the penthouse to see Jason. She was charmed by Spinelli and started flirting with him. Spinelli got very flustered around her and tried to resist her compliments. Jason told Claudia to leave Spinelli alone and had Spinelli leave the room. Claudia told Jason that she went to see Kate and that Sonny showed up and they had quite a lot to talk about. Jason cut to the chase and asked her what she wanted. She put down a large metal briefcase and opened it and told him she brought him the gun she wanted him to use to take out Trevor with. She told Jason that if he got rid of Trevor for her, it would go a long way toward honoring the truce between Sonny and her family. Ric went to see Sonny at his office and offered to help Sonny bring his father down once and for all. Sonny told Ric that he had a hard time believing him since Ric already sold his waterfront property over to his father instead of to Sonny. Ric told Sonny that he wouldn't interfere if Sonny decided to kill his father. Trevor showed up at Sonny's office and asked Ric why he was there talking to Sonny.

Friday, March 28

Trevor finds Ric with Sonny, who defends his half-brother in his own way. Wanting to get revenge on Trevor, Ric offers to help get Anthony released from the asylum – for a price. Later, Johnny isn't pleased to learn that the proper medication could cure Anthony.

Jason rejects Claudia's proposal that he kill Trevor. Thinking it's time to eliminate Sonny, Claudia meets with Ian, who in turn summons Jerry. But Jerry tells Ian that if he wants Sonny dead, then he'll have to do the deed himself.

Kate balks at Jax taking an active role in their new publishing venture – but they're soon working as a team. Meanwhile, Maxie throws her new job as Kate's assistant in Lulu's face. Later, Lulu agrees to be Carly's spy and work for Kate. Soon after, Carly tells Kate that she has no choice but to hire Lulu.

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