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Jason returned from Seattle after having more surgery on his hands. The doctors told him that they expected him to make a full recovery. The peace treaty between the mob families gave Jason hope for a future with Elizabeth and the boys. Luke accepted Johnny's offer to invest as a silent partner in the reopening of The Haunted Star. Carly and Jax argued bitterly over Jax and Kate working together. Kate reluctantly agreed to hire Lulu as an assistant. Maxie wasn't thrilled to learn that she had competition for her dream job. Sonny focused on his legitimate business, hoping to turn a new leaf. Kate appreciated his efforts and suggested that he invite Michael to the warehouse to watch him work as a legitimate businessman. Claudia and Johnny prepared to have firm alibis for when the hit on Sonny was carried out. Jerry gave Ian the sniper rifle for the assassination. Ian took aim with tragic results.
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A sniper's bullet hit the wrong target
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Monday, March 31, 2008

When the elevator opened in the Metro Court, Spinelli got out. He was dressed in a trench coat and fedora-style hat. Spinelli was thinking out loud, using private eye jargon of the fifties a la Mickey Spillane's "Mike Hammer." On Jason's orders he had followed Sonny. Sonny sat at the bar with Claudia, deep in conversation. Sonny got a phone call about his legitimate coffee business and Claudia eavesdropped. Sonny and Claudia discussed the truce between their families, and Kate Howard. Sonny told Claudia to stay away from Kate and Claudia called Kate a "stick figure." Johnny came in and told Sonny that if he wanted to keep the truce, he'd better stay away from Claudia, who admitted that she had initiated the invitation to Sonny to meet for a drink. Sonny said that he agreed with Johnny and would have no problem keeping his distance from Claudia. He left the Metro Court and Spinelli followed. Johnny wanted to know what Claudia was up to. She told him that she was getting information, and that, in fact, she had the information they needed to take Sonny out and Sonny did not even know that she had it.

Jerry met with Dr. Devlin on the docks. He told Devlin that he would not kill Sonny, because he would not murder someone close to his immediate family and risk Jax finding out. Before they could say more, Alexis spotted them together. Jerry quickly covered by telling Alexis that he had been asking Devlin about Nikolas' condition. Devlin stated that he could not violate a patient's confidentiality, then walked away. Jerry explained his interest in Nikolas by saying that he did not want to think that the poison that Jerry had administered to Nikolas was responsible for the tumor. Alexis believed that his interest in her accounted for his interest in Nikolas and promptly forgot Devlin. She also believed that his interest in Nikolas meant that Jerry had a conscience. As they talked, Alexis said that she did not want to get involved with another bad boy. Jerry grabbed her and kissed her. Then he tried to get Alexis to admit that she had feelings for him. She did not come out and say that she cared for Jerry, but she was smiling when he walked away.

Carly, Jax, Lulu, Kate, and Maxie were gathered in Kate's living room. Carly demanded that Jax force Kate to hire Lulu. Kate insisted that the hiring decisions were hers. When Lulu spoke for herself and let Kate know that she did want the job and the chance to learn the fashion business, a compromise was reached and Kate hired Lulu as her second assistant. After Jax and Carly left Kate's house, Lulu got a lesson in what it meant to be a second assistant. When she rebelled against taking orders from Maxie, she found out that she was at the bottom of the pecking order when her appeal to Kate fell on deaf ears. If Lulu wanted a career in fashion, then it was up to her to tough it out. Lulu told Kate that she had never quit a job in her life and she would not give this one up either.

Sonny went to Carly's house to see Michael. Spinelli followed and hid outside. Michael told Sonny that he wanted to be like him. Sonny told Michael about his life and about how his stepfather was cruel to him. He told Michael that it was different for him, because Michael had loving adults in his life. Sonny encouraged Michael to be his own man and take advantages of all the opportunities that Sonny did not have. Michael still wanted to learn Sonny's business, but Sonny insisted that it would be the coffee business that Michael would learn. As Sonny talked to Michael, Jax and Carly arrived home and discovered Spinelli, who pretended to be looking for Lulu, before he fled. Jax was not happy to see Sonny, but had to agree with the things that Sonny had said to Michael. After Sonny went away, Carly tried to talk Jax out of spending time with Kate. She let her insecurity and jealousy show. Jax admitted that he liked Kate, but said that he loved Carly and asked her to trust him. She said she trusted Jax, but she did not trust Kate. Jax hugged her, but Carly was not happy.

Ric went to see Anthony Zacchara in the prison hospital. He told Anthony that he could get him released by proving that his brain tumor caused him to be legally insane at the time he committed the murders at the Black and White Ball. Because medication was controlling the tumor, Anthony was medically sane, so Ric would be able to get him freed. When Anthony realized that Ric wanted revenge against his father instead of money, he listened to Ric's proposal. Later Trevor showed up. When Anthony asked Trevor if he could get Anthony out of the slammer since the medication had improved his condition, Trevor said that it was not very likely. In fact, Trevor doubted that Anthony would ever leave the prison hospital. Anthony decided to play mum about Ric's visit.

Robin answered a knock and found Patrick. Her hormones were acting up. She was crying because she was holding a teddy bear and did not have mementos for the child she was carrying. Patrick pretended that he was there to consult on a case. Robin told him how sweet he was. Instead of fighting, they enjoyed each other's company, and when Patrick asked Robin if he could do anything for her, she let him get her an order of ribs, which she ate ravenously. An amazed Patrick told Robin how beautiful she was and how he was enjoying watching all the changes that were happening to her as a result of the pregnancy.

Kate sent Maxie and Lulu to a meeting with the party planner. The planner could not provide the desired ambience for the budget. Lulu suggested a compromise, but Maxie rejected it. The planner walked away to let Lulu and Maxie duke it out. Maxie accused Lulu of sabotaging Kate and having no taste. Maxie also told Lulu that it was her dream job and she would not let Lulu take it from her. When she walked away, Lulu was laughing.

Johnny had two of his thugs drag Ric down to the docks. Johnny wanted to know why Ric had been to see Anthony. When Ric suggested that Anthony could be released, Johnny was adamant that Anthony was a madman who should never be released and warned Ric not to help Anthony get out.

Sonny arrived at Kate's as the girls were leaving. Spinelli followed him in. Sonny cornered Spinelli and told him to stop following him or there would be dire consequences. After Spinelli left, Sonny told Kate that Jason was worrying too much. Sonny believed that the truce would give them a lot more time to spend with family and each other.

Claudia met with Devlin and Jerry. She told them that Sonny would be at the warehouse at 7 p.m. on Friday night to accept a shipment of coffee and to sign off on it with the customs inspector. Devlin said that he could do the hit on Sonny. Claudia gleefully announced that they were agreed; Sonny would die on Friday night.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Liz came into the hospital with Jake and Cameron and asked Robin if she would watch the boys while she ran a quick errand. Robin agreed and soon found herself trying to bribe Cameron to get her stethoscope back after he took it from her. Robin begged Epiphany and Patrick to help but both just looked on and enjoyed the scene. Liz soon returned and saved Robin from any further agony. Later, Liz went to check on Monica and give her some support before the trial. Monica admitted she let her life go and tried to hide to pain with alcohol after Alan and Emily died. Liz tried to comfort her and told her Emily would have supported her if she were still alive. They hugged before Monica left to go to the trial. Liz went back to work and Robin soon came over to her and complimented her on how she dealt with life as a single parent to two boys. Liz admitted she sometimes felt like she was barely holding on, but it was worth it. Robin asked about the difference between raising two boys alone and when she was still married to Lucky. Liz said it was definitely different, but she and Lucky were over. She couln't go back. Robin thought Liz should think about a relationship with Jason. Liz was shocked at Robin's suggestion, but Robin said she knew they had a brief relationship and Liz wasn't the type of person to enter into something without feelings. Robin knew how good Jason was with Michael when he helped to raise him, and she felt Jason would be good with Liz's kids, also.

Patrick came to talk to Robin briefly about a patient's chart, and she started talking about raising their baby on their own. He asked if she had a one-track mind and mentioned wanting to take her out and not talk about babies. Robin said she did think about other things and asked what time he would be there to pick her up.

Tracy approached the door outside the living room at the Quartermaine mansion and heard Alice yelling at Luke to "give her more, harder." Tracy burst in to see Alice helping Luke lift weights. She was pleased he was taking his recovery seriously, and Tracy told him she was headed to the courthouse to see Monica. Luke asked her if she regretted bribing Monica. Tracy said no; bribery was a family tradition. Supporting one another was another family tradition, though. After Tracy and Alice left, Sonny came to see Luke. They talked briefly about women and Luke mentioned he had been visited by Claudia Zacchara twice. She was asking around about him, and her dislike for Sonny was obvious. Luke warned Sonny about the dangers of women scorned before Sonny left.

At the courthouse, Nikolas showed up and asked Alexis to take it easy on Monica. She assured him she was only going to make sure Monica got the help she needed. She realized what it would have been like to lose Sam, and she knew Monica was not dealing with Emily's death. Alexis also realized Nikolas was not dealing with Emily's death. She asked him if he had a death wish because he wanted to be with Emily again. He said he didn't have a death wish, and the medicine was working. He changed the subject back to Monica and the trial, and Alexis soon left to go into court. Nikolas walked in to sit next to Sam, who had just been berated by Tracy. Edward stepped in and apologized for Monica hitting Sam and leaving her for dead. When the judge came in, he shocked everyone by starting to bring down a harsh punishment and telling Monica her time for seeking help was over. He told the court that everyone suffered loss, and Monica chose to drink to relieve her pain but that did not negate the consequences for her actions. Sam stood up in Monica's favor and said she was not pressing charges because she understood the grief Monica was enduring. Nikolas also stepped up and asked the judge to rethink his decision. Emily was the person Monica would have turned to during the troubling time after Alan died of a heart attack, but Emily was brutally slain and taken from Monica. Emily had been given to Monica during her breast cancer treatment, and Emily was Monica's comfort during rough times. He begged the judge to reconsider and take Emily's death into account.

Johnny came to see Luke and was amused by Alice's threats. Luke assured Alice he would be fine with Mr. Zacchara, and she soon left. Johnny told Luke he was interested in The Haunted Star. He wanted to front the money to Luke in order to get the ship up and running quicker. Luke wanted to know why Johnny was interested in his vessel. Johnny admitted he was going to launder money through the facility. Luke knew there was more and asked if he was doing it to get closer to Lulu, not realizing Lulu was standing behind him in the doorway.

Sonny went to his warehouses and talked to his associates about taking more interest in his legitimate coffee business. Jax walked in and told him Sonny's interest in spending more time with Michael wasn't in the child's best interest. Carly entered and broke up the fight between the two before Sonny walked away. Later, Carly and Jax were arguing over Sonny's relationship with the boys when Kate walked in wanting to speak with Jax about the office he was leasing. Carly said they were in the middle of a personal discussion and Kate should wait. Kate mentioned she had an appointment and that should take precedence over personal business. Jax agreed and left to speak with Kate, while Carly fumed. Later, one of Carly's hotel employees came to show Carly the bookings for the hotel. She noticed they were booked up for many days, and Kate had booked one of the party rooms at no cost. It was noted to Carly that Mr. Jacks signed off on it, in exchange for free advertising in Kate's magazines. Carly said it could be worthless if Kate's magazine bombed. She said Kate would have to pay for the room. Claudia sat in a corner with a drink and stated loudly to Carly that she agreed with Carly's view of Kate Howard. Carly walked over and took Claudia's drink away and asked her to leave. Carly said her husband would agree with kicking her out since Claudia was the person in the room with her when Carly miscarried her baby. Claudia pointed out that her being next to Carly did not cause her to lose the baby, and suddenly Claudia realized Carly was jealous because Claudia had slept with Carly's ex-husband.

When Kate walked downstairs and realized Maxie had messed up with some of the faxes, she sent Lulu on an errand to meet another famous designer. Maxie was appalled, but Kate pointed out that fashion was a cruel business. Maxie could not afford to make mistakes and make Kate look bad. Later, Maxie sent Lulu on errands to care for a dog, which infuriated Lulu. Before Lulu left, she pointed out that Maxie was messing up the packages that were supposed to be sent out. Maxie soon realized Lulu was right and called Spinelli over to try to help her.

Kate went to see Sonny at the coffee warehouse and mentioned she was getting a great deal on office space from Jax. Sonny was put off at the mention of Jax's name. He told her about Jax thinking Sonny was a bad influence and should stay away from his children. Sonny asked Kate if she felt the same way. Kate told him she thought it was great he was getting out of the mob business and would soon be the legitimate businessman he wanted to become. This could only mean great things for him and his children.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Patrick arrived at Robin's apartment to take her out on a date. Robin was upset because none of her clothes fit. She started talking about all the changes in her body. She said she felt ugly, but Patrick told her she was beautiful. They arrived at the Metro Court and tried to come up with conversation that did not revolve around Robin's pregnancy, but it was stilted. Robin continued to worry about her looks and her pregnancy. She felt guilty and insensitive when she realized that Carly had overheard her bubbling with happiness. Patrick reassured her. He started to order wine then stopped when he realized that Robin could not drink because of her pregnancy. Robin told him to order it anyway. As they read the menu, Robin excused herself and rushed to the ladies room. When she came back, Patrick wanted to leave because Robin was ill, but she assured him she was fine. When she got up to go to the ladies room again, Patrick was very worried, but she said it was only because she had to pee. Once they were back in Robin's apartment, she thanked Patrick for the evening. He told her that it was amazing to watch the pregnancy change her. Robin fell asleep on his shoulder and he tenderly kissed the top of her head.

At the courthouse, Nikolas made an impassioned plea for Monica to the judge in her case. Both Alexis and Diane backed Nikolas up. They both pointed out how justice would not be served by putting Monica in prison. The judge remained adamant about putting Monica in prison, but after Sam also made an impassioned plea, he relented and sentenced Monica to rehab and six months of community service. After the trial, Monica thanked both Diane and Alexis. She found Sam in the hall and thanked her again. Sam said that there were people who would have hit her on purpose, but Monica was not among them. She told Monica that her sincere apology was enough. When Sam walked away, Nikolas offered his support. Edward and Tracy also told Monica how proud they were of her, then took her to rehab. After everyone left the courtroom, Emily appeared and thanked Nikolas for helping her mother.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu walked in while Johnny was making an offer to buy "The Haunted Star" from Luke. Luke told Johnny that he thought the reason that Johnny wanted to use the floating casino was so that he could see Lulu. Johnny told Luke that he thought it was a good investment. Lulu interjected that he wanted it to use for laundering money. She smiled when she asked him if he was buying the old boat for her. He said that she had introduced him to the boat, so, yes; she was part of the reason. Johnny told Luke that the main reason was because the Haunted Star held the only casino license in Port Charles. Lulu pointed out that Luke was bored in the mansion. He agreed to the deal with Johnny on the condition that Luke called the shots on the club and how it was run. Johnny agreed. They shook hands. After Johnny left, Luke told Lulu that she had a problem on her hands. He told her not to carry the romantic illusion that Johnny would change for her. Lulu thanked Luke for the warning, but she told him that she did not need it because even though she was attracted to Johnny, she knew that it would be a big mistake to get involved with him. When she left, Luke retrieved the glass of booze he had stashed behind a couch pillow. Tracy came in while Luke was on the phone trying to recruit dealers for his club. Tracy thought it was one of Luke's other women and hung up the phone. Luke told her that he was re-opening the Haunted Star. Tracy scoffed and when Luke told her that Johnny Zacchara was backing him. Tracy worried that Johnny's backing would bring the FBI down on the Quartermaines.

Carly had a confrontation with Claudia in the Metro Court. She told Claudia to leave because she did not want the hotel to get a reputation for being a place to find "hookers." Claudia told Carly that she had better learn to get along with Claudia. Claudia said that she had a "long, mean memory," and if Carly kept causing problems payback would hit her "in the face, like a fist." Claudia suggested that they agree to peaceful coexistence. She that Carly could buy Claudia's drink and they could play nice. Carly responded by telling Claudia that if she wanted a peaceful co-existence, she would stay away from Carly, Carly's family, and Carly's hotel. Claudia told Carly to have it her way, but when Carly found her life in ruins, she should remember their conversation. Carly got the last word when she said that better women than Claudia had tried to take Carly down, but had failed. Carly was still standing and they were gone.

Over at Kate's house, Maxie was devastated when she told Spinelli that she had sent the wrong magazine mock-up to Paris. She asked him to save her by using his computer magic. She asked him to stop the box she had sent to the incorrect location. She feared that if she made another mistake, she would be fired. As they were trying to get the box delivery stopped, Carly barged in. She wanted to know what they were doing. They did not tell her. She insulted Maxie then told Spinelli not to do anything that would hurt Lulu before stalking out. Spinelli would not recall the package for Maxie, until she swore not to do anything that would harm Lulu. Maxie reluctantly agreed and Spinelli recalled the package.

At the nurse's station, Liz found a notation that Emily had made on a patient's chart. Nurse Nadine was nearby and they discussed Emily. As Liz was telling her how Emily and Nikolas had met while Emily was still a teenager, Nikolas walked in with the news of Monica's sentence. Liz was surprised to hear of Sam's spirited defense. Nadine gave a glowing report of Nikolas' impassioned plea. Before she walked away, Nadine told Nikolas that Emily would have been proud.

Lulu and Carly met up in the Metro Court. Lulu admitted to Carly that she wanted to have a relationship with Johnny, even though she had said the exact opposite to Luke. Carly told Lulu that she understood, because they were a lot alike. Lulu told Carly that she felt that she could pursue a relationship with Johnny because of the truce between Sonny and the Zaccharas. Otherwise, she would not do it because she would never be disloyal to Sonny.

Back at the Zacchara home, Johnny and Claudia discussed their next moves. Claudia wanted to destroy Carly, but Johnny told her to forget revenge. When he told her he wanted to buy the Haunted Star, Claudia was skeptical. She asked Johnny if getting close to Lulu was worth the chance that Luke, who was loyal to Sonny, might stumble on their plan to eliminate Sonny. Johnny told Claudia that if she had covered her tracks as well as she said she had, then there would be no problem with Luke. When Claudia told Johnny that there was no need to launder money in Port Charles. Johnny admitted that he was doing it for Lulu so that she did not have to depend on Nikolas or Luke's rich wife for money. Claudia thought that it was a very sweet gesture. Johnny agreed that they would have to be careful to keep Luke in the dark about their plans for Sonny. Claudia's last comment was that Sonny would die on Friday.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jason returned home from Seattle after his second hand surgery. He was surprised when he came home to find Liz there waiting for him. The couple embraced and kissed. He told her that the surgery went well and with some more physical therapy he should recover soon. Liz showed him a recent picture of Jake on her cell-phone. Jason couldn't get over how much he had grown since he saw him last. He tried to tell her that he had thought about Jake a lot on his trip and came to a decision about his son. However, Liz got called into work at the hospital and wasn't able to find out what he wanted to tell her. Liz was deeply moved by the loving concern of a father at the hospital who was anxiously trying to find out about his son's condition after the little boy was hit by a car while riding his new bike. Liz offered to go check on his son in the O.R. and let his son know that his father was waiting for him to come out of surgery. The boy recovered nicely from surgery and got a good prognosis from the doctor. Liz realized how much of a difference the father made in his son's life and thought about Jason and their own son, Jake. She talked to Robin about how important a father was to a child's life. Robin voiced her doubts about how good of a father Patrick would be to their child someday.

Liz told her that no father was perfect and that the only thing that mattered was how committed the father was in doing what was best for his child. Jason thanked Spinelli for telling Liz what time he was expected home from his trip so that she could be there when he arrived home. Jason talked to Spinelli about his son Jake. He told Spinelli that he had already missed enough of Jake's life and didn't want to miss anymore time away from him. Spinelli asked Jason if he meant that he wanted to claim Jake as his son now.

Carly was upset when she caught Michael playing a violent video game at home. She took the game away from him and told him that she didn't want him to play video games ever again because they were too violent. She told Mercedes, the new nanny to make sure that Michael didn't play video games anymore and that he did his homework since she had to go the hotel that evening for work. She was even more upset when she arrived at the hotel to find that Jax was planning to convert the whole entire third floor of the hotel into offices for Kate for her new magazine. She told the hotel manager that she wasn't going to allow Jax to to do that. Jax showed up and argued with her about his plans. Carly refused to allow him to give Kate the whole third floor to lease for her offices. Jax reminded Carly that he co-owned the hotel and should be able to lease space to his friend Kate since he planned to invest in her magazine and help her run it. Carly objected to the time he was spending with Kate and accused him of doing that as a way to punish her for the miscarriage. Jax explained to her that the reason he had been spending so much time working lately was that he was trying to move on after her miscarriage and work seemed to keep him from getting too depressed. He persuaded Carly to have dinner with him and promised not to say Kate's name or discuss business until after dessert.

Kate visited Sonny at his office. She asked him to join her for dinner at the Metro Court. He asked her for a raincheck on dinner because he had to personally oversee a shipment coming in that the customs officers were going to be looking at. Kate asked him why he couldn't let his own crew foreman take care of that for him. He explained to her that it was important to him to that he be there at the warehouse because he wanted to prove to Michael that he had a business that was legitimate and didn't involve any mob activity or violence. Kate asked him if she could go with him to the warehouse. Sonny told her that she would be bored out of her mind waiting for him to get finished. Kate suggested to him that she bring Michael along to keep her company. Sonny told her he thought Michael would be bored as well. Kate disagreed with him and thought Michael would enjoy going to the warehouse to see Sonny work. Sonny agreed that it was a good idea. Kate asked him if she could pick Michael up alone so she could have a chance to talk to him about how she got accidentally shot by him. Sonny agreed that would be a good idea since Michael felt really bad about what happened and needed to talk to her about it. Sonny called Michael and told him Kate was going to pick him up and take him to the warehouse so he could see Sonny at work. Kate went to the hotel first and apologized to Jax for being late. She asked him if the lease was ready for her to sign. Jax looked it over before letting her sign it. Kate got a call on her cell-phone from Maxie before she was able to sign the lease. Kate told Jax that she had to fly to Houston for some meeting about the magazine and that it ruined the plans she made. Carly wasn't pleased when Jax informed her that he had to fly to Houston for a meeting about Kate's magazine and asked her to go with him. Carly asked Jax what was so important that Kate couldn't go to Houston for the meeting herself. Kate showed up at Carly's house to Pick up Michael. She explained to Michael that she came alone to pick him up so they could have a chance to talk. Michael told her he was sorry for what happened to her and insisted that the gun went off accidentally. Kate told him she didn't blame him for what happened. Michael told her that he was excited about going to the warehouse and seeing his father at work. He told Kate he planned to work for his father in the coffee business when he got older.

Johnny asked Claudia about when she planned to have Sonny killed. Claudia tried to reassure him that Sonny would die soon and asked him to let her handle everything. She told Johnny to make sure to be around a lot of people so he would have an alibi that night. Claudia questioned him about his new business deal with Luke and wondered if Johnny was really more interested in being closer to Lulu than caring about the casino. Johnny told her that Lulu made it clear to him that she didn't want to be with him and so he was staying clear of her. Claudia went to the "Haunted Star" to talk to Luke. Luke told her that he would be running the casino, not Johnny. Claudia brought up the subject of Lulu to him. Luke told her that he stayed out of Lulu's love life and didn't care what guy she got involved with. Claudia told him that Johnny was still interested in Lulu but that Lulu didn't want to have anything to do with Johnny so he was staying away from her. Luke told her that Lulu was still hung up on Johnny even if she wasn't ready to admit it. Claudia warned Luke that it would be a mistake for Lulu and Johnny to get involved with each other and that Lulu could find herself in grave danger. Luke warned Claudia that if anything bad happened to Lulu, he would kill Johnny himself. Johnny didn't like it when Claudia wouldn't give him more details of her plot to kill Sonny. Trevor showed up and told them they had to neutralize Sonny once and for all. Johnny told Trevor that they called a truce with Sonny and couldn't do anything to him. Trevor told Claudia that he knew something fishy was going on with them since he expected them to have tried to eliminate Sonny by now and asked them what they were really up to.

Ian and Jerry discussed who would be the one to shoot and kill Sonny. Ian asked Jerry to do the honors for him but Jerry refused to do it because he didn't want to be the one who killed Sonny and in some way hurt his brother, Jax. Jerry suggested to Ian not to trust Claudia completely because she could be setting him up to take the fall for Sonny's murder. Ian set up his rifle and camped out in Sonny's warehouse to wait it out until it was time to kill Sonny. Sonny cancelled all of his protection at the warehouse and told Max and Milo that he didn't want Michael to see all these men around him with guns. Jason thought Sonny should have some protection around him at the warehouse but Sonny wanted to show Michael that he could do business without violence around him and that the truce he made with the Zaccharas would help him achieve that.

A bullet meant for Sonny strikes Michael A bullet meant for Sonny strikes Michael

Friday, April 4, 2008

Kate told Michael she was interested in learning about Sonny's business. Michael told her to quit the games-both of them knew Sonny's real business had nothing to do with coffee. They talked about the shooting, and Michael apologized again. Kate told him Sonny's life was going to be changing and it would no longer include violence.

While Trevor and Johnny argued, Claudia answered her cell phone. Dr. Ian Devlin was calling to tell her he was waiting, with a sniper rifle. for Sonny. When she got off the phone, Claudia told Trevor she felt Trevor just wanted Johnny to kill Sonny before Sonny killed Trevor. After Trevor left, Claudia told Johnny that Sonny would be dead within the hour. They each needed to make sure they had air-tight alibis, though. Johnny was going to meet with Luke. Claudia didn't think that was a good idea. Luke was a smart man, and being with him could be dangerous. Claudia also pointed out that Johnny should find a girlfriend with a father who could be intimidated. Claudia soon left to find her own alibi. She showed up at the Metro Court, where she and Jerry pretended to be meeting each other for the first time. Claudia went over to the hotel manager and asked for the penthouse suite. When he told her it was unavailable, she got belligerent and asked to speak with the owner.

Sonny insisted to Max and Milo he did not need any guards that night. As he prepared to leave, Alexis came to ask Sonny questions about a dead body found after the docks exploded. Sonny said he knew nothing about it, and he needed to go meet up with his son. Alexis told him a man named Randolph, from Martha's Vineyard, was found dead from a blow to the head. They believed he was connected to Ric's girlfriend, Marianna, but she left town in a hurry. Sonny told her it wasn't his problem; she should talk to Ric. Alexis pointed out that typically Sonny had some sort of connection to people who died near the docks. Sonny confided in her that his life was going to be changing. Michael had shot Kate with a gun he bought from some punks at school, because Michael had been trying to protect Carly and Morgan. Alexis was appalled and immediately thought of Kristina. Sonny assured her he was changing things so his children would no longer be in danger. He wanted his children to inherit something not completely soaked in blood. Alexis became emotional and told him to leave and have a good time with his son. Sonny showed up at the warehouse to meet the Customs agent and see the new shipment arrive. Ian took aim but lowered his gun when Michael showed up. Michael and Sonny goofed around a bit, until one of the workers took Michael off to see one of the trucks. Ian readjusted and took aim as Sonny and Kate talked. Michael walked back over while Sonny and Kate were kissing, and he told them to get a room. Sonny laughed and hugged his son. Michael and Sonny talked about the coffee and how it was legit that time. Michael started to walk away, and as Sonny turned he caught the glint of the sniper rifle. He rushed to Kate and they both hit the ground as the rifle went off and the bullet ricocheted against a pipe. Sonny realized both he and Kate were okay, but suddenly the warehouse workers were yelling that Michael was bleeding.

Spinelli tried to get Jason to think about what a life with Liz would be like. Jason told Spinelli he would never be able to leave the business completely. He'd already tried twice before. It was possible to change things around, though.

Robin told Liz she was an inspiration for raising two kids on her own. They talked about Jason and what a good father he was to Michael. Robin said she knew Jason lost Michael because she told AJ he was Michael's father. She always hoped Jason would get the chance to be a father again, though. Liz admitted she would have been with Jason a long time earlier if she didn't have kids. Robin talked about Patrick and how he didn't know what he wanted. They changed the subject back to Jason and the violence of his life. Robin reminded Liz that she had grown up with parents with dangerous lives, and the most important thing she remembered was the love they all shared.

Carly was not happy when Jax asked her to go with him on one of Kate's business meetings that Kate couldn't attend. She wanted him to stay home and have dinner with her. Jax left Carly behind when she refused once again to go with him. When Carly got home, she was upset to learn that Michael had been picked up by Kate to meet with Sonny. She started to storm out of the house to go get him, when Jason stopped her. After hearing what was going on, Jason agreed that Sonny should have asked Carly before taking Michael to the warehouse, but Sonny was just trying to make things easier for Michael. Jason said Carly should let them stay together for the night, and argue with Sonny later, in a neutral area where the kids couldn't hear them fighting. They were interrupted when Carly got a phone call from the hotel manager, telling her Claudia Zacchara was being difficult. Carly said she would be right there. When Carly showed up at the hotel, she insisted that Claudia leave. Claudia brought up her one-night stand with Sonny, and Carly told her she was acting like a stalker. Claudia said Carly was intimidated because she knew Kate couldn't hold on to a man like Sonny, but Claudia could. Carly had good instincts to keep Claudia away from Sonny.

Jerry showed up at Jax and Carly's house, where the nanny told him that only Morgan was home. He seemed disturbed to learn that Michael and Kate were at Sonny's warehouse. Jerry rushed out of the house and ended up in a wreck with Alexis. He searched frantically for his phone to call Ian, and Alexis approached his car and asked him what was going on.

When Jason got home, he was surprised to see Liz there sitting on his couch. He rushed over and kissed her. Liz told him she knew the sacrifices he made and how much he cared for Jake. She admitted that she had asked him to make too big of a sacrifice. She didn't think anyone's life was perfect. The best thing they could do was to love their children. It wasn't fair to keep sneaking around. She loved him and wanted to be with him, and asked him if he still wanted that. Jason said that was all he ever wanted.

Lulu walked into the Haunted Star and started ranting and raving about Maxie. Lulu picked up the receipts to help Luke with the budget. Luke told her to just quit, but Lulu said that would mean Maxie would win. Luke pointed out that Maxie would only win if Lulu cared. Lulu changed the subject and asked if Luke's "investor" had shown up to inspect the property yet. Luke told her the only reason why she was there was to try to get a chance to see Johnny. Lulu decided that was the time to tell her father there was more money going out of The Haunted Star than there was coming in. Luke called his daughter a coward for not going after what her heart wanted. He left, and a little later Johnny showed up. Lulu told him he was pathetic because he kept trying to be with her. She told him she didn't want to be with him, but he kept showing up at all sorts of places where Lulu was hanging out. Johnny told her the ball was in her court, because she obviously still wanted him but was too scared to go after him. They argued heatedly until Lulu pulled Johnny to her and kissed him.

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