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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 12, 2008 on GH
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Johnny and Lulu took a road trip together. Lulu told Johnny that she was there because his father, Anthony, had decided that Johnny and Lulu should be a couple. Further, Anthony's thugs had kidnapped Lulu and taken her to Anthony, who threatened that if Lulu did not keep Johnny happy, he would see that Luke went to prison for money laundering. Anthony did not intend for Lulu to tell Johnny that he was blackmailing her, but she did. Johnny told Lulu that they would have to work together and pretend to be a couple. Lulu told Johnny that despite seeing him almost kill Sonny, it would not be hard because she still cared about him. He smiled and told her that he wanted her to help him find information or financial records that would incriminate Anthony. Lulu pointed out that bringing Anthony down would destroy Johnny's inheritance. He told Lulu that it was worth it if it kept her safe. When they arrived at the Zacchara compound, Lulu and Johnny told Anthony that they wanted to be together as a couple and that they would not let him stop them. A smiling Anthony rolled his wheelchair out of the office. He had a smug smirk on his face as he watched Johnny and Lulu share an impassioned kiss.

On the docks, Claudia and Jerry discussed Michael's shooting. They threatened each other with exposure if either told of the other's involvement in the shooting. As they were arguing, Jerry spotted Alexis. He grabbed Claudia and kissed her. Alexis reacted jealously and Claudia taunted her, but when Claudia said that she and Jerry were business associates, Alexis wanted to know more. Jerry told her that he was in preliminary discussions with Claudia, who added that she was looking for a job since her father had kicked her out of the family business. Claudia also insinuated that if the business proposal that she was working on with Jerry fell through, she was still open to a sexual liaison with him. She sauntered off, leaving Jerry with Alexis, who promptly told Jerry that she would have no dealings with him if he had any with Claudia. Jerry told her that she was jealous, but Alexis denied it, even as she yelled at him and told him she did not care who he had sex with.

At the long-term care facility, Carly broke down and cried in Jax's arms. She finally faced the reality of Michael's situation. After she and Jax comforted each other, she realized that the facility would take good care of Michael. She apologized to the doctor for her earlier behavior. The doctor was kind and understanding and acknowledged the tragedy that affected all of Michael's family and friends.

At the Crimson offices Sonny overheard Jason confront Kate about the money she gave Devlin. Sonny immediately defended Kate. Kate interrupted Sonny's impassioned defense of her and asked Sonny to let Jason leave. When he was gone, Kate admitted that she had paid Ian Devlin one million dollars to leave town. She told Sonny that she was protecting him from being consumed by vengeance. She told him that she did it to save his life and to stop the cycle of violence. Sonny told her that it was not her call to make. Kate told Sonny that she acted out of love because he wanted revenge. She would have preferred to have Devlin tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison, but paid him off to keep him from killing Sonny or, worse in Kate's mind, Sonny killing Devlin out of revenge and being caught by the police. Sonny did not see it Kate's way. He saw what she did as an act of betrayal and said so. Sonny was angry when he walked out. A little later, Jax dropped by in response to Kate's phone calls and found her crying. She told him it was over between her and Sonny because she could not follow Sonny's code. Tearfully she thanked Jax for not saying, "I told you so."

On the Haunted Star Luke played poker with a group that included Sam, who won the first hand. Tracy showed up and begged Luke to stop the game because he was in violation of the court order, which had shut him down. Luke scoffed and called it a "private game," but Tracy had the last laugh with the cops showed up and took down names of all present, including Tracy, who threatened Luke with divorce.

Nadine checked on Nikolas in his hospital room after the surgery and found Emily's engagement ring in his palm. Robin and Patrick came in and told him that the surgery was successful. After they left, Nadine noted that Nikolas has the look of someone waiting for the years to pass so that he could reclaim his lost love.

Jason went to Michael's bedside at General Hospital. He blamed himself for not protecting Michael and apologized to Michael for what happened to him. Carly returned from the care facility. She commiserated with Jason about Michael. Carly told him about her breakdown and about how she trashed the room at the facility. They tearfully talked about the happy times they had shared with Michael.

Sonny went to the Haunted Star to see Luke but found Claudia instead. He was still angry with Kate as he acknowledged that at least he knew who Claudia was because she did not hide who she was or what she wanted. Sonny poured drinks for both of them. Claudia noted that she was with Sonny and Kate was absent.

Luke met Alexis on the docks after she called him to meet with her. She wanted know what was so attractive about women who dressed like streetwalkers and were willing to display their sexuality for anyone. Luke responded that it sounded like Alexis had caught her man's hand in Claudia Zacchara's cookie jar. Alexis denied that Jerry was her man. She then called all men jerks and said that she did not care about Jerry. She warned Luke that his books showed that he made $500,000 in two hours the night that the Haunted Star opened. Because they were friends, Alexis said that she would overlook it, even though it smacked of money laundering, but she warned him that the Feds would not. He accused her of sounding like Tracy, so Alexis threw up her hands and went away muttering to herself.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sonny sat and talked to Michael, telling him about the institute he would be going to. Everyone kept telling Sonny it was the best thing for Michael, but Sonny was not so sure about it. Mike came in and reiterated that Carly and Sonny were making the right decision. Sonny asked if Mike would go with him to the facility, but Mike said he would be a poor second choice. He suggested Sonny take Kate instead. Sonny said Kate had her own reasons for not being involved with him right now, but he understood why Mike wouldn't want to go. Sonny was about to put his twelve-year-old boy in a room trapped by four walls. Mike reminded him he was doing the right thing, and Michael wouldn't want Sonny to torture himself. Michael had loved Sonny and he still did. Mike told Sonny it would hurt, but to hold on to that love and he would be able to walk out of the tragic situation.

Kate was upset after learning that Maxie had not purchased the couture magazines Kate had requested. Spinelli interrupted them and asked when Maxie would be back. Kate said Maxie would be back in a few days, and then she turned her attention to Lulu. Kate thought Lulu should take the opportunity to shine while Maxie was out, and she would also be rewarded. Lulu wanted to know what Maxie did that was so great, and Kate brought up Maxie's rapport with one of the newest designers. Spinelli was especially distraught to learn Maxie was staying in the new designer's loft. He left Kate's and went to Jake's where he ordered a "cold one." Coleman asked if he would like a glass, but Spinelli said he preferred his orange soda in the bottle. Spinelli went over to the pool table after receiving his drink and attempted miserably to play. Coleman approached him and asked what was going on. Spinelli said he was just trying to follow the footsteps on the "master," meaning Jason. Coleman took away the orange soda and offered shots of whiskey to Spinelli. They both took turns taking shots, with Spinelli almost spitting his out. Patrick showed up, and Spinelli offered to buy him a drink in exchange for some advice. Patrick suggested Spinelli gain confidence in himself, never talk about past relationships, and definitely never mention her mother was attractive. Patrick said that advice was all B.P.-before pregnancy. Patrick warned Spinelli to be careful and make sure he didn't get a girl pregnant. It would be all downhill from there, and Spinelli's life would be consumed with the baby.

Kate came out to ask Lulu a question, and Lulu was relieved the question wasn't about business. Kate thought she might be able to learn something from Lulu in regards to her relationship with Johnny Zacchara. Mike interrupted them. He needed to see Kate privately, so Lulu left to take some mail out to be delivered. Kate told Mike that Sonny had ended things between them, but Mike said Sonny needed Kate more than ever. Kate explained how Ian had bribed her, and Sonny couldn't understand her logic. She just wanted to keep Sonny alive. Mike understood, but he wanted Kate to give Sonny some hope. Sonny was going to see the facility Michael would be living in, and Sonny wouldn't be able to see the good things about the facility. Sonny would need Kate.

Meanwhile, Sonny went to the facility that would soon be housing his son. He talked to the administrator about how strange it was to choose a facility where Michael would live for the rest of his life, especially because Michael had no choice. Sonny admitted Carly had finally come around to the realization she could not care for Michael, but Sonny was beginning to have problems dealing with reality that Michael would never wake up. The administrator asked if Sonny had someone to talk to who supported him, like Carly had Jax. Kate stood outside the room and listened as Sonny explained how he had protected her instead of his son at the warehouse shooting. It would only be fitting for Sonny not to have anyone to talk to since his son was unable to talk to anyone, also.

Lulu left the office and found Johnny playing the piano. He was happy to see her, but he wished his father hadn't demanded Lulu put more effort into renewing their relationship. Lulu said they should feel what they felt and not overanalyze it. Johnny said Lulu wouldn't need to fake her feelings when his father wasn't around. Lulu kissed him and asked if the kiss felt fake. They were interrupted when Logan wheeled Anthony into the room and told them not to let his presence stop them.

Robin and Patrick talked in a corner of the nurses' lounge, while Epiphany and Liz listened. Robin tried to explain that she was looking for answers Patrick couldn't give her, like how to shave her legs when she was so pregnant you couldn't reach them. Patrick mentioned that any advice would fall on deaf ears, anyway, because Robin would always do what she wanted. They continued to talk as they worked. When they rounded the corner and arrived back at the nurses' station, Liz had a web address for Robin where experienced mothers gave advice. Robin thanked her, but as she prepared to get on the elevator, Robin told Patrick she had been determined to live her pregnancy and not always do what others suggested. She thought maybe she should do an online diary, in addition to her blog. Patrick thought it would be more fun for Robin to express her concerns to him, but Robin hadn't thought that was a very good idea. Robin went home and started her video blog, saying she wanted to create something for all the single, pregnant women out there. They were all in it together, so they should share their experiences. She was thankful her nausea was over, but she was so hungry that she was upset there were only four food categories. Robin wanted to make sure she didn't gain too much weight, though, especially because the father of her baby already mentioned her mother was hotter than her.

Luke talked to Sam about getting Tracy back on his side until Lucky interrupted them. Lucky was concerned about Luke's drinking and illegal activity. He would make sure Luke didn't get himself so deep in crime that he ended up in jail. Luke told Lucky to stop trying to save him from himself. Lucky just didn't want Luke to get on the wrong side of the law. He asked his father to be careful.

Ghost Alan called Tracy selfish, and while he and Tracy argued, Alice and Edward eavesdropped. Edward was upset, saying Luke Spencer was the reason Tracy was crazy. Luke showed up just as Tracy told Alan she wouldn't take Luke back if he begged her on both knees. Luke asked if she would change her mind if he walked in on one bad knee. Tracy tried to kick Luke out, but Edward and Alice were no help. After Edward and Alice left, Luke told Tracy the two of them were a fact of life. It was time Tracy realized that fact. Luke wanted his wife back, but Tracy said they would never work until Luke was willing to do what he had to do in order to live a long, healthy life. Tracy suggested Luke go find Claudia Zacchara, or another woman like her. Luke said he and Tracy worked well together. There was no one else for him. Luke gave Tracy back her wedding ring and asked her to please wear it again. Tracy asked if they were just supposed to ignore their differences, and Luke thought that was a good idea. Tracy asked how the Zacchara family played into all of it, but Luke said they would manage on their own. He asked if he would have to get down on his one bad knee in order to beg, and he pointed out she would have to help him up. She laughed and it seemed all would be well.

Sam and Lucky went to visit Nikolas and found him unconscious on the floor of his hospital room. Sam rushed to get a nurse. A doctor came in to examine Nikolas and found he'd had a seizure. The doctor asked who gave the last round of anti-seizure medication, and Epiphany said she had given the medication to him less than half an hour earlier. The blood work showed no signs of medication, though. Sam pulled Lucky out into the hallway and said something was not right. The same thing had happened to Liz. She swore she gave medication to a patient, but the blood work showed no evidence of medication.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lucky, Sam, and Liz visited Nikolas after he had a seizure, which should have been prevented by the medication that Epiphany had administered shortly before the attack. Both Sam and Liz remembered that the same thing had happened to a patient of Liz's. That time it had been thought to be negligence on Liz's part, because the medication had not shown up in that patient's blood work-just as it had not show up in Nikolas' just completed blood work. Sam chimed in that her pain medication had also stopped working. Lucky, Liz, and Sam wondered if Dr. Devlin had been counterfeiting medication along with his other crimes. Nikolas confirmed that Dr. Devlin could have been a drug counterfeiter. Lucky, Sam, and Liz were shocked when Nikolas admitted that he had paid Dr. Devlin ten million dollars for a drug that allowed him to have hallucinations of Emily.

At the Zacchara compound, Ric offered to keep Claudia up to speed on the family business, because Anthony had excluded her from business meetings, if she would tell him how the family worked. Ric told her that if she would help him get rid of Trevor, he would help her take over the business. She wanted to know why Ric would think that she could betray Johnny so easily. She asked him if he would betray Sonny. Ric did not answer directly. He pointed out how much he and Claudia were alike. Ric stated that they were both throwaway children and had a lot in common. Claudia listened, but did not agree to Ric's scheme, before she left on other business.

After Spinelli got advice on romance from Patrick Drake and Coleman, the bartender at Jake's, he tried out his new skills, unaware that he had picked a hooker to chat up. Coleman tried to warn him, but Spinelli did not listen, so Coleman called Jason to help Spinelli get a clue. Spinelli was distraught when Jason and Coleman told him that he had been practicing his dating techniques on a "working girl." When Jason wanted to know what the problem was, Spinelli shared that he was worried that Maxie would forget about him while she was in New York hobnobbing with fashion designers.

Logan wheeled Anthony into the Haunted Star. They caught Lulu and Johnny kissing. Both Johnny and Lulu insisted that they would stay together no matter what and that Anthony could not stop them. When Lulu stood up to Anthony and he threatened her, Johnny stood up to Anthony and defended her. Anthony had a sly smile on his lips when Johnny and Lulu left the Haunted Star together.

Once they were gone, Anthony noticed that Logan did not like Johnny and mentioned it to him. Logan admitted his feelings, but said it did not influence his job. He hoped to prove his loyalty to Anthony and move up in the organization. Anthony appeared satisfied by Logan's answer. When Claudia showed up, Anthony asked Logan to leave. Anthony told Claudia that he wanted her to be happy. When he asked what she wanted, she said to be part of the business. Anthony told her that he kept her out of the business to protect her, because he was afraid that she would become power-hungry like her mother. Claudia retorted that the reason Anthony had divorced her mother was not because her mother wanted to be part of the business, but because Anthony had fallen in love with Johnny's mother. Before Anthony could answer, Jason appeared. Claudia pretended that she was meeting Jason because he was helping her find out who had cut her brakes lines and tried to kill her a few days before. She asked Anthony to stay, but when Logan rushed in with a gun to protect Anthony from Jason, Anthony hurried away to avoid being found out as the one who ordered the hit on Claudia.

Claudia thanked Jason, who was really there to see Luke, for rescuing her from Anthony's clutches. She again tried to convince Jason that Anthony had ordered the hit on Sonny that had resulted in Michael's coma. Jason told her that he needed proof against Anthony before he would take any action that served Claudia's agenda.

Johnny took Lulu to the cozy gatehouse in the Zacchara compound because they could watch the main house from there without being seen. Johnny told Lulu that the gatehouse could also serve as their special place-where they could be themselves without having to play a role. Lulu admitted to Johnny that she was scared to love him, even though she felt more for him that she had for either of her previous lovers. Lulu admitted to Johnny that she was afraid to be consumed by love because she was afraid that she would go crazy like her mother had. Johnny told Lulu that he had the same fears that she did. Johnny told Lulu that one of them should show some good sense and pull back, as he smiled and pulled her closer. Lulu was radiant as she kissed Johnny, and he kissed her back.

At their home, Jax talked to Carly about asking Sonny to give up his parental rights to both Morgan and Michael. A tearful Carly talked to Jax about her life with Sonny and realized that even though she did not want to hurt Sonny, she did not want her children to be in danger because of their relationship to Sonny. She blamed herself for being blind to the danger around Sonny. Regretfully, she agreed with Jax that Sonny should sign the papers that Alexis had drawn up for Jax, which would terminate Sonny's parental rights voluntarily.

Back at Michael's bedside, Carly shared a moment with Michael. She told him that Sonny had been a good and loving father, but that as a mother she had to make sure that what had happened to Michael would never happen to Morgan. She explained to Michael that it was her job to protect her children. Tearfully she told Michael that she was going to ask Sonny to sign some papers, and when he did, Sonny would no longer be Michael's father. Outside the room, Alexis warned Jax that the consequences of asking Sonny to give up his children could be devastating if Sonny reacted angrily. Alexis told Jax that she feared that the fall-out would land on him.

When Anthony returned home, Ric was waiting. He asked Ric how much time he was spending with Claudia. A flustered Ric admitted seeing Claudia earlier in the day. He added that Claudia had pumped him for information, but he had not given any away. Anthony pounced and told him to start feeding Claudia information about the business-to tell her anything that she wanted to know. Ric was stunned when Anthony told him that he wanted Ric's help to turn Claudia into a dutiful, obedient daughter.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

At Crimson, Kate gave her assistants last minute instructions as she made preparations to attend a fashion party in Manhattan. Maxie and Lulu were surprised to hear that Kate planned to leave town. They expected her to spend the day with Sonny. They knew that Michael would be moved that day to the private facility that Jax had found. Kate explained that she and Sonny had ended things, but she didn't go into detail about the reasons for the split. Maxie attempted to point out the positive aspects of Kate's split from Sonny but Kate didn't appreciate the gesture. She told Maxie and Lulu that her personal life wasn't really up for discussion. Kate did however reassure both ladies that she had no intention of moving Crimson to Manhattan because things did not work out with Sonny. After Kate returned to her office, Lulu and Maxie immediately went to work making all of the necessary arrangements for Kate's trip later that evening. Both girls were on the phone when Spinelli walked in a few minutes later. He made several attempts to talk to Maxie but she was quite busy. When Spinelli finally did manage to get Maxie's attention, she ended up gushing about her adventures with Federico during her recent trip to the Big Apple. Spinelli had difficulty hiding his jealousy, especially when Federico called Crimson and Maxie squealed with delight.

Nadine walked into Nikolas' room to find him preparing to go home. She felt that it was too soon for him to be released from the hospital. Nik disagreed. He was eager to get home to Spencer and felt that he would be able to recuperate at home better than he would in the hospital. Nadine wondered if the real reason that Nik was eager to check out of the hospital was because he thought returning to Wyndemere would bring Emily back.

Leyla warned Nadine that Nik might never return her feelings. As they were talking, Nik was wheeled past the nurses' station before he was released. He stopped to thank both nurses for their help before and during his recovery from brain surgery.

Sonny walked into his office, at the coffee warehouse, to find Max on the phone. Milo walked in a few seconds later. Sonny was in a snit because Milo had been shadowing him. Sonny reminded Max that he ordered the guards to stand down. Max was apologetic as he explained that Jason had ordered the bodyguards to follow and protect Sonny.

Claudia and Johnny plotted against their father. Claudia insisted that they needed to fabricate evidence that would link Ian Devlin to their father. It would be the only way to convince Jason to carry out the hit on Anthony. Johnny was reluctant to involve Jason. He worried that the more they dealt with Jason, the more likely Jason would be to discover the truth about Claudia's involvement with Ian. Johnny warned Claudia that if Jason ever discovered the truth that she had hired Ian, he would kill her. They were interrupted when Jerry Jacks entered. Claudia was less than pleased to see Jerry, especially when Jerry casually told Johnny about his kiss with Claudia the day before. Claudia brushed off the kiss as nothing more than a petty attempt by Jerry to make Alexis jealous. Just then Ric and Anthony walked in and joined the party. Anthony didn't seem to appreciate Claudia's presence in the room and quickly dismissed her. She tried to hide her annoyance with her father but Jerry appeared to notice it. As soon as Claudia left the office, Anthony demanded answers from Jerry. Jerry explained that he was interested in starting an import business and wanted to discuss leasing the Alcazar piers. Anthony informed Jerry that he had his own plans for the piers and suggested that Jerry talk to Sonny. Jerry had no desire to do business with Sonny. He felt that his interests were more compatible with Anthony's rather than with Sonny's.

Jason spent a few minutes at Michael's bedside before Michael's transfer to the private facility that would oversee his long-term care. When Liz walked in to check Michael's vitals, Jason looked up with tears in his eyes. He was choked up as he admitted, "I don't know how to do this." Before Liz could respond, Jason's cell phone rang. It was Sonny, demanding to see Jason immediately. After Jason left, Liz took a moment to talk to Michael. She let him know that his tragedy made her and Jason realize what could happen to Cameron and Jake. Liz went on to tell Michael that she hoped he was at peace and could sense the love that surrounded him.

Bobbie gave Carly papers to sign so that Michael could be moved to the private facility. When Carly appeared reluctant to sign them, Jax offered to do it for her. Bobbie gently reminded him that only a legal guardian or parent could sign the papers. Carly took the papers from her mother and signed them. Afterwards, the three of them went to spend time with Michael.

Sonny questioned Jason about the events leading up to Ian Devlin's shooting. Jason filled him in on the details including Ian's last words, "There's more." Sonny wondered what Ian had meant. Jason said that he had no idea because his investigation had not revealed an accomplice. Satisfied with Jason's report, Sonny switched gears a bit. He wanted Jason to admit that he blamed Sonny for Michael's shooting but Jason refused to cooperate. Sonny kept pushing until finally Jason yelled out that he considered all three of them-Carly, Sonny and Jason-responsible for putting Michael in the line of fire.

Jax offered to accompany Carly when Michael was transferred the private facility, but Carly declined. She explained that Sonny had planned to ride in the ambulance with her and Michael while his limo followed behind. She intended to ride back with Sonny after Michael was settled in at the facility. Jax was understanding and went into Michael's room to say goodbye. He promised Michael that he would take steps to make certain that Morgan would grow up safe and happy, away from the violence of Sonny's world. He also promised Michael that he would not rest until he found a way to help Michael emerge from the coma. Later, Sonny and Carly were grim-faced as Michael was prepared for the transfer. They both quietly climbed into the back of the ambulance after Michael was loaded in. During the ride, Sonny thanked Carly for not making things difficult for him. Carly said that Michael would have wanted Sonny with them.

At the facility where Michael would be staying, Jason gave the director a book about Africa and asked that it be read to Michael.

Liz found Cassius packing up Michael's things. She told him that it wasn't necessary for him to do it and then took over the sad task.

Jax stopped by Crimson to see Kate. After he gave her an update on Michael, he decided to attend the fashion party in Manhattan with her.

Ric was taken aback when Anthony suggested that Ric romance Claudia to keep her under control.

Claudia didn't appreciate being summoned to the piers by Jerry. She was even more annoyed that he had told Johnny about their kiss. Jerry didn't seem concerned about Claudia's feelings. He expressed his surprise at how impotent she was in the Zacchara organization. Claudia insisted that it was merely an illusion. She told him that once Anthony was eliminated, she would take her rightful place in the family's empire. Claudia then demanded that Jerry help her find a way to frame Anthony for Michael's shooting. Jerry wasn't interested. He felt that it was better to "let sleeping dogs lie." Jerry suggested that Claudia simply hire Jason for the job instead of trying to frame Anthony. Claudia was forced to admit that Jason would only kill Anthony if he thought that Anthony had ordered the hit on Sonny. Jerry found Claudia's penchant for patricide quite diabolical and hoped that she would understand what he had planned to do next. Before Claudia could ask him what he meant by those cryptic words, Jerry plunged a knife deep into her abdomen.

Friday, May 16, 2008

On the plane, Kate explained to Jax how Ian Devlin had bribed her and she had paid him money out of the Crimson magazine bank account in order to protect Sonny. Spinelli managed to get the money back, but she couldn't hide her actions from Sonny. He wanted nothing to do with her after finding out she paid off the man who injured his son. Kate told Jax she would understand if he severed all ties with her after finding out that information. They were interrupted by the pilot telling them to buckle their seat belts, and prepared to land. Jax and Kate were soon at a Couture magazine party, where Warren seemed happy to see Kate. His new editor, Giselle, appeared threatened and tried to upset Kate with snide comments. Kate kept her head high, and Jax even came to her rescue at one point. Kate didn't think anything in the fashion industry mattered when it compared to what happened to Michael.

Spencer welcomed Nikolas home from the hospital with a picture he had drawn for his father. Nikolas assured his son the doctors had fixed him, and he would live a long life. Lulu came to see Nikolas not long after Spencer went to bed. She wanted to check on him, but Nikolas realized Lulu needed some advice. Lulu wanted to know about Nikolas' relationship with Emily and how he knew she was the one for him. Nikolas told Lulu he and Emily were friends and their relationship blossomed after Emily's fight with breast cancer. He just knew she was the one for him, and he would keep her in his heart even after she was gone. Lulu smiled as Nikolas talked, as if she were realizing Johnny might be the "one" for her. Later, Alfred brought Nikolas some tea and it appeared the electricity was out from the storm. Nikolas said he was going out, but Alfred said he shouldn't be going out in the middle of the storm. Nikolas said he wasn't worried about a little rain, and he left.

Jerry stabbed Claudia in the stomach and dumped her in the water by the docks just as Alexis approached him. He dumped the knife in the water and made excuses for being down by the docks. Alexis decided not to investigate Jerry's pathetic stories, and she left to check on Nikolas.

Anthony told Johnny he suspected Claudia had hired Ian Devlin to shoot Sonny. Johnny defended Claudia and made excuse after excuse for her. Trevor came in, and Anthony asked if he had any proof that Claudia was behind Michael's shooting. Anthony also wanted to know if Johnny knew about Claudia's involvement. Johnny started to storm out, but Anthony reminded Johnny he might become more loyal to someone other than Claudia some day.

Later, Lulu met up with Johnny and they talked about the night Lulu first got into the car with Johnny. They admitted they both trusted each other and started to kiss as Trevor spied on them from outside.

The nurses and staff moved Michael into his new room, while Jason, Carly, and Sonny watched. Once Michael was settled in, the administrator assured Carly she would be allowed to visit whenever she wanted because she was family. Jason brought a book for Michael and turned to leave, but Carly told him he should say goodbye to Michael. Jason tearfully reminisced about raising Michael when he was a baby, and he couldn't believe this was what had become of that little boy. Jason left in tears, and Sonny came in to say goodbye to Michael. He told Michael what a good boy he was, and Sonny was to blame for anything Michael ever did wrong. Sonny remembered the last thing Michael said to him was "I love you Dad."

Carly came in last to speak to Michael, and she promised she would be back in a few days. She still refused to believe Michael would never wake up, though, and she just knew he would come back to her. Carly left with Sonny, and they talked about the old days while Michael was growing up. They weren't gone long before Carly started to panic. She wanted to go back to be with Michael. If he woke up, he would need someone there he recognized. Sonny held her and tried to calm Carly, but they ended up kissing instead.

Lucky came to see Liz at the hospital, and she asked if he could watch Jake that night. Cameron was going to a sleepover at his friend's house a few towns away. She didn't want to subject Jake to that long car ride if she didn't have to. Lucky had plans with Sam, but he offered to cancel. Sam would understand, and he wanted to spend more time with his son. Lucky left to pick up the boys and brought them back to Liz at the nurses' station. They went their separate ways with Liz driving out to Jackson's house to take Cameron to his sleepover. On the way back, Liz had to pull over because a tire was going flat. She got out to check the tire and ended up locked out of her car in the middle of a storm. Jason happened to find her when he was going out for a ride. He tried to open her door for her, but his emotions got the best of him and Liz came over to comfort him.

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