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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 2, 2008 on GH
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Anthony and Jason watched as the fire that Jason had started consumed Anthony's home. At first Anthony seemed to be mourning the loss of his cherished possessions and memories, but he started laughing and thanked Jason for helping him get rid of all his "junk." Before leaving the grounds, Jason responded curtly to Anthony and said, "Next time I retaliate I'm not going to be so nice."

At the Crimson offices, Spinelli caught Maxie making a play for Johnny. He tried to leave, but Johnny stopped him. Johnny told Maxie that he was not interested in her, despite her repeated attempts to woo him. Lulu overheard the conversation as she got off the elevator and asked Maxie if that was clear enough for her. Maxie tried to make Lulu jealous, but both Johnny and Spinelli told Lulu that the interest was all on Maxie's side. While Lulu and Maxie traded barbs, Johnny got a phone call from Trevor telling him about the fire. When he got off the phone, Johnny told Lulu that the mob war had started.

Claudia helped Nikolas back to Wyndemere after he fell off his horse. She examined him for injuries and accused him of having a death wish. Nikolas told Claudia that if he wanted to die, he would have let the tumor take him. As Claudia helped Nikolas to bed, she noticed his obvious pain. She wanted to take him to the hospital, but Nikolas did not want anyone there to worry or jump to the same conclusion that Claudia had. Claudia teased him about Nurse Nadine and the crush that she had on him. Nikolas said that he was in love with Emily and always would be, so it was not fair to get involved with anyone else. Claudia encouraged Nikolas to take some pain pills, even though he resisted. Before going to sleep, Nikolas told Claudia that he sensed that there was more to her than greed and ambition. He asked who had hurt her. Claudia remained tough, but when Nikolas fell asleep, she had a soft smile on her face as she stroked the hair away from his forehead. Later, when Claudia checked up on Nikolas, he mistook her for Emily and reached for her. When he recognized his mistake, Nikolas apologized to Claudia, telling her that was the worst part-reaching for Emily and realizing all over again that she was gone. Claudia, seeing the tears in his eyes, kissed him tenderly on the lips.

At their home, Carly told Jax that she did not realize the toll that the previous few months had taken on their marriage and that she wanted to make it right. She told Jax that she wanted to fight for their marriage. He said that was all he needed to hear. They shared a tender embrace. Jax was joyful and told Carly that if they were going to have a chance to fix things that they had to talk about everything and be completely honest with each other. He told her that she needed to admit that she was mad at him for making her see the truth about Michael. Carly responded that it turned out that he was right about everything. Carly admitted that she was really angry at fate, for what had happened to Michael. She apologized to Jax for taking it out on him. She told Jax that she wanted to move past her grief over Michael, but she did not know how. Jax told her that they had to take it one step at a time.

Before they could finish their conversation, Lulu rushed in and told Carly that she was the only one who could stop the war between Jason and the Zaccharas. Carly told Lulu that there was nothing she could do. Once the violence started, all they could do was stay out of the way. Jax was upset with Lulu for interrupting. Carly defended Lulu and said that she knew how Lulu felt. Jax told Carly that he had the feeling that she was considering getting involved. He begged her to stay out of the mob war and let Jason handle it by himself. Carly denied wanting to get involved, but when Jax urged her to sever ties with Jason, she refused. An exasperated Jax pointed out that Jason was more dangerous than Sonny. Jax did not understand Carly's insistence on remaining close to Jason. Jax told Carly that even after the hell she had been through, he did not believe that she had learned anything from the tragedy of Michael's shooting.

At the Zacchara compound, Johnny joined Trevor, Ric, and Anthony. Trevor was all for killing Jason immediately. Johnny told them that they had learned how quickly and in what way Jason would respond if they attacked him. Johnny advised his father to leave Jason alone, then left to meet Lulu. Ric also left the compound.

At Sonny's house, Sonny told Kate that he wanted to start a new life with her, one without bodyguards and violence. Kate admitted that it was not only Sonny's violent lifestyle that she feared, but also her own heart. Sonny told Kate about the time that his gambler-father had asked Sonny's mother why she stayed with him and Sonny's mother had said because "you're all I have left." That was too much stress for Sonny's father and he deserted them. Sonny told Kate that in the year since they had become reacquainted, he had lost two of his sons, his best friend, and his business, that everything he had counted on was gone. Kate thought that Sonny was wondering if she could stand the stress, but Sonny told her that he was wondering if it was fair of him to even ask it of her. Kate was overwhelmed and told Sonny that she wanted to have a life with him that did not include the mob. Ric rushed in to tell them about the fire at Anthony's and urged Sonny to make sure that Anthony knew that Sonny was no longer involved with the business.

Disappointed by Maxie, Spinelli went to a shooting range to learn to shoot and "man up." He was awkwardly trying to fire a gun at a target when Sam walked by. She told him that there were other ways to interest women. When they reached his apartment, he denied having manly skills, but Sam told him that there were manly skills that did not include fighting or shooting guns. They were practicing eating at a formal dinner when Jason came home. Sam and Spinelli were uncomfortable and both babbled apologies and explanations while Jason remained silent until he received a phone call from Sonny who was summoning him.

When Jason arrived at Sonny's house, Kate was outside the door to Sonny's study. She heard Sonny tell Jason how to handle the crisis. Jason responded that Sonny was no longer in charge and that Jason was making the decisions. Jason told Sonny that he did not take orders from Sonny anymore. Jason noted that Sonny had wanted Jason to be in charge and Jason was in charge, before stalking out of Sonny's house.

At the docks, Maxie again tried to seduce Johnny in Lulu's presence. Lulu hit the ceiling and Johnny told her not to let Maxie push her buttons. Lulu said she was worried about the impending mob war. Johnny told her that he had advised his father to let matters be, and he believed that his father had listened to him. When he said he had to find a hotel because his house was a pile of ashes, Lulu told Johnny that he could stay with her.

Back at the Zaccharas', Ric surveyed the damage and reported that the house was gutted. Anthony wanted to know about his roses. When Trevor said that they had survived, Anthony took that as a sign to rebuild. Ric assured both Anthony and Trevor that only Jason was involved, and that Sonny had truly left the business. When Trevor remained unconvinced, Ric told Trevor that Sonny had left the business for his sons, but he said to Trevor sarcastically, he understood that doing something for his son was a difficult concept for Trevor to understand. Trevor was all for retaliation against Jason, but Anthony made it clear that they would follow Johnny's advice and keep the status quo for the time being. They would do their business and Jason would do his. Then, said an increasingly agitated Anthony, when Jason let down his guard, they would strike, because "Nothing," screamed an irate Anthony, "Will keep me from putting that guy in the ground."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lulu and Johnny cuddled in bed and talked about how happy they were. Tracy walked in and was horrified to see Johnny Zacchara in bed with her stepdaughter. Johnny found it amusing to hear Tracy talk to Ghost Alan. Unknown to anyone except Tracy, Alan actually sided with Lulu and Johnny. Big Alice and Edward also came into the room after hearing Tracy's fuss. In typical Quartermaine fashion, everyone bickered and gave their opinions of what and who Lulu should and should not be doing or dating. Alice ended up removing Johnny from the house, but not before both Lulu and Johnny praised her for her past wrestling success.

At Sonny's house, Kate and Sonny shared their morning coffee until Kate needed to take a phone call. Sonny overheard Kate telling a distributor their agreed-upon price was non-negotiable and not to be late for their afternoon meeting. Sonny was impressed with Kate's business tactics, but their conversation was soon interrupted when Alexis entered the study. Alexis did not believe Sonny when he said his mob ties were cut. She reminded him she had tried to save him once, but she realized Sonny needed the mob just as much as the mob needed Sonny. Alexis was trying to determine if Sonny or Jason has anything to do with the Zacchara house burning to the ground. Diane entered the study and asked if Alexis was questioning her client without counsel. She also assured Alexis that Sonny was a legitimate businessman with a coffee business. Jason took over the other businesses, but since Diane was also representing Jason she could verify neither of her clients had anything to do with the recent fire. Later, Sonny showed up at Crimson during Kate's meeting with the distributor. Todd, the distributor, wanted to raise the price three times the amount they had originally agreed upon, and he wouldn't guarantee any special placement. Sonny entered Kate's office and introduced himself to Todd, who seemed quite intimidated by Kate's company.

Carly arrived at the hotel and went straight to work. She asked Marty to give special treatment to a family who had recently checked in. Jax soon arrived and was surprised to see Carly working so hard. He thought she had gone to see Michael since she had gotten up so early. Carly had gone to see Michael, but after reading to him, she realized she had to get on with her life. Jax was happy to hear it, and they started to talk business. Carly excused herself to leave a message for Jason. Jax was very upset about that, and he and Carly argued again over her friendship with Jason. Later, Carly talked to Bobbie about advice regarding her relationship with Jax. Bobbie could relate since the tragedy she had endured when BJ died had surely contributed to her divorce from Tony. Carly admitted that her meddling in Bobbie's relationship hadn't helped things, either. Bobbie admitted tragedy could strain a relationship, but Carly and Jax would need to work on it if they wanted things to work out. Carly talked about Jax's jealousy of Jason, but Bobbie agreed with Jax. Carly's relationship problems were with Jax. If Carly wanted her marriage to Jax to work, Carly would have to work with Jax and not Jason. Meanwhile, Jerry ran into his brother and asked if he would accompany Jerry on a trip where they could visit Lady Jane. Jax told Jerry about his problems with Carly, and said he shouldn't be leaving his wife during such a difficult time. Although Jerry admitted the women in his life usually ended up in the morgue, he still offered advice to his brother, suggesting that perhaps Jax gave up too easily. Marriage was not a corporate raid where you collected the good and discarded the remainder. Marriage was a lifelong investment, even during market fluctuations.

Patrick was upset as he listened to Robin and Kelly talk about the bloggers from Robin's site. All the posts seemed to think Patrick was a loser and a dead-beat dad. The bloggers, mostly women, had apparently been to Patrick's site and decided to comment on Robin's site. The expectant fathers, who Patrick's website had been created for, were silent and unfortunately not commenting. A fuming Patrick left the hospital and went to Jake's, where he called Spinelli. Poor Spinelli had brought flowers to Maxie at work, but she couldn't accept the flowers for fear of ruining Kate's ambiance. He made several comments to Maxie about liking her, but she wasn't understanding, and called him her best friend. Spinelli (and his flowers) arrived at Jake's, where Patrick promised help with Spinelli's dating skills. Patrick asked a favor of Spinelli first, though. Soon, Spinelli was talking to a girl in the bar and making great progress. Meanwhile, Robin called Maxie to the hospital for an "emergency." Robin asked Maxie to read one of the thousand negative posts she received in the last half-hour on her site. As soon as Maxie read the post, she asked Robin why Spinelli was blogging on Robin's motherhood site.

Nikolas apologized to Claudia for their kiss the night before. Claudia told him it was no big deal; she was just trying to help. Although Emily was gone, Nikolas still felt he would be cheating on her if he were to date anyone else. He simply wasn't ready yet. Claudia assured him it was just a kiss and nothing more. She reminded him of everything he had going for him. It was the least she could do for him after everything he'd done for her. Nikolas remembered Claudia's secret he had been keeping. Claudia assured him her behavior the prior night had nothing to do with Michael Corinthos. Claudia was a Zacchara and a bad person most of the time. She had used sex to put her in a position of power in the past, but not the previous night.

Johnny arrived at the Metro Court and asked about his father who had checked in the night before, after the fire. Jax approached him and said the Zacchara family was not welcome at the hotel. Carly interrupted them and told Johnny as long as the Zaccharas paid their bills, they would be welcome to stay at the hotel.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jason visited Monica in rehab. He told her that he was sorry for everything that had happened. Monica responded that she forgave him and did not fault him for anything. She said that she blamed Sonny for taking advantage of him when he was young. Jason defended Sonny and told her that Sonny had warned him about the business. Jason declared that he had made his own choices and was responsible for his own decisions. Before he could tell Monica that he had taken over for Sonny, she begged him to leave the mob. After Monica's impassioned plea, Jason confessed that he was in charge of the business. When he told her that Sonny had given up his rights to Morgan, Monica guessed that Jason had agreed to take Sonny's place to keep Morgan safe. When Jason said that he would understand if she did not want to see him again, Monica told him that no matter what he did or how wrong he was, he was her son and she loved him.

Carly countermanded Jax's order for Johnny to take his father and leave the hotel because the Zaccharas were not welcome there. After Johnny left the lobby, Jax and Carly had a heated argument. He accused her of wanting to keep the Zaccharas in the hotel so that she could spy on them for Jason. Carly denied the accusations, but insisted that she was not going to give up Jason's friendship. Before storming out of the hotel, Jax told Carly that Jason was much more dangerous than Sonny, and that all Jax wanted was to keep his family safe.

Sonny looked on as Kate negotiated a magazine distribution deal with Todd, the company rep, in her office at Crimson. When it appeared that Kate was not getting what she wanted, Sonny hijacked the negotiation. As a tightlipped Kate listened, Sonny suggested that a strike might occur, which would halt the distribution of all magazines except Kate's, because Crimson would be handled by friends of Sonny's who were exempt from the strike. Quickly grasping Sonny's implied threat, Todd acquiesced to Sonny's demands. When Todd left, Kate was unhappy with Sonny's actions and let him know how she felt about him taking over her job. As she was reminding him that he no longer had any mob power and could not have it both ways, Jax stalked in. He was irate to learn that Sonny had interfered with the negotiation. He told Sonny that he did not believe that Sonny had given up his illegal activities. Then he demanded that Sonny stay away from both his family and his businesses before stomping out. After he left, Kate told Sonny that Jax had a right to have things his way because he was the principle investor in the magazine. Besides, she thought it was better if Sonny stayed away from her at work because she was known to be a "tyrant," and she did not want Sonny to see her when she turned into a shrew. They shared a passionate look and a tender embrace.

At Wyndemere, Lulu walked in, saw Claudia kissing Nikolas, and went ballistic. Lulu called Claudia a "skank," and other derogatory names. She told Claudia to stay away from her brother. Nikolas defended Claudia and asked Lulu to respect Claudia as a guest in his home. Lulu simmered while Claudia took her leave of Nikolas and the island. Once Claudia was gone, Lulu wanted to know how Nikolas and Claudia had met. Nikolas was evasive and told Lulu merely that they were friends and had met by accident. Lulu warned Nikolas away from Claudia and Nikolas warned Lulu away from Johnny.

Claudia met Johnny in the lobby of the hotel. He brought her up to speed on what had happened during her absence. She assured him that neither Sonny nor Jason had been involved in her disappearance. Claudia warned Johnny that Anthony would be out for blood. Johnny convinced her that he could influence Anthony to keep the peace.

A still-grieving Nikolas stood beside Emily's tomb and told her how much he loved her and missed her. Nikolas told Emily that he did not know how to go on without her.

Johnny was waiting in Sonny's former office when Jason returned from seeing Monica. He wanted a guarantee that Jason would not escalate the turf war. Jason told Johnny that a peace between them depended on Anthony. As long as Anthony did not strike out at Jason, Jason would not attack the Zaccharas. When Johnny suggested that Jason might die in an all-out war, Jason told Johnny that he had nothing to live for and he would not allow Anthony to harm anyone under his protection.

On her way to work, Lulu ran into Claudia in the hotel lobby. Carly observed as Lulu told Claudia to stay away from Nikolas. A confrontational Claudia wanted to know how Lulu would stop her. Lulu hurled insults and did not back down. When Claudia's threats escalated, Carly moved in and stood between Lulu and Claudia. Carly challenged Claudia by telling her that if Claudia wanted to fight someone, Carly would be happy to oblige.

Robin called Maxie to the hospital and showed her the 1,000 negative responses to her blog that she thought had been sent by Spinelli at Patrick's instigation. Maxie agreed to talk to Spinelli. At Jake's bar, Coleman and Patrick looked on as Spinelli talked smoothly about flowers with a beautiful young woman. Just as it seemed that Spinelli was about to score her phone number, the woman's female lover appeared. Spinelli was very disappointed with his effort at wooing. Patrick paid off Coleman after losing his bet that Spinelli would get the girl. Maxie arrived on the scene and confronted Spinelli about the spam on Robin's blog. Spinelli readily admitted his complicity and erased the offending emails. Maxie marched over to Patrick and told him to grow up and stop complaining because it was upsetting Robin. Patrick responded that it was easy for Maxie to say because she was not the one getting trashed on Robin's blog every day. Maxie flippantly reminded Patrick that she was also not the one who got Robin pregnant. Then she told him to "deal with it."

Patrick went to the hospital and apologized to Robin. Spinelli and Maxie went to the Crimson offices, where they interrupted Sonny and Kate kissing. Sonny left after growling a warning at an apologetic Spinelli who had to listen as Maxie extolled the virtues of "dark, dangerous men."

Patrick was back at the bar when Robin stormed in and accused him of sending another 934 negative emails. This time Patrick firmly declared his innocence to a skeptical Robin. At the hospital, Jax talked to doctor Kelly. He wanted to know if he and Carly could still have a baby.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Robin and Patrick sat at Jake's talking about the negative feedback that Robin had received on her blog. Robin was stunned by the cruelty of strangers. Coleman and Patrick tried to convince Robin to ignore the harsh words that were directed at her. Unfortunately, Robin wasn't able to let it go. She felt that shutting down her blog would only give her detractors a victory. She went home and began taping a new blog entry. While she talked, she admitted that she had been harsh in judging Patrick. She was interrupted when Patrick knocked on her front door. He realized immediately that she had been taping another video for her blog. He was worried about Robin and how hard she had taken the criticism. He asked Robin why she believed what a bunch of people, who had never met her, said but ignored the father of her child who loved her? Robin admitted that she had been having a difficult time with the emotional aspect of her pregnancy and had been unfair to Patrick. Patrick felt that Robin was being too hard on herself, especially after she showed him the video that she had been recording just before he arrived. Robin was touched by Patrick's support and the two kissed.

Spinelli, in crisis mode, broke up a meeting between Jason and Johnny. Spinelli was upset because of Maxie's reaction when they had walked in on Sonny and Kate, during an intimate moment. Spinelli felt certain that Maxie had been intrigued rather than shocked. To Spinelli, it indicated that Maxie was interested in dangerous men like Sonny, if not Sonny himself. Jason seemed at a loss for words. When Diane knocked on the door to announce Claudia Zacchara's arrival, Jason jumped at the opportunity to pawn Spinelli off on Diane. When they were alone, Claudia told Jason that he should not trust any peace offering extended by her father. Jason informed Claudia that Johnny had been by earlier with a peace offering. Claudia backpedaled and defended her brother's honor, then started pushing her agenda to have Jason kill Anthony. Jason didn't seem interested in what Claudia had to say and ordered her to leave his office.

Diane nearly choked on her coffee when Spinelli told her his dilemma. When she recovered, Diane suggested that Spinelli seize the day and go after what he wanted. Spinelli took her advice to heart and headed over to Crimson.

Carly and Claudia traded threats at the Metro Court Hotel. Carly wanted Claudia to stay away from Lulu. Claudia wanted Lulu to stay out of Claudia's personal business. Carly pointed out that Claudia didn't have the right to make such a demand when Claudia made her sexual conquests quite public. Lulu agreed to mind her own business if Claudia agreed to stay away from Nikolas. Claudia told Lulu that she didn't get a vote in whom Claudia or Nikolas sleep with. Claudia then turned to Carly and advised her to keep Lulu under control. As soon as Claudia was out of earshot, Carly tried to impress upon Lulu that she was in over her head with Claudia.

Jax talked to Kelly about Carly's chances of conceiving a child. Kelly warned Jax that Carly's recent emotional turmoil would work against them and cautioned Jax that Carly might not be ready to start a family so soon after Michael's tragedy. Jax was confident that Carly would love to have a baby and went home to plan a special evening for Carly. When Carly arrived home, she was surprised to find Jax waiting with a bouquet of lilacs from their garden. He wanted to celebrate their first wedding anniversary even though they had missed it because of everything that had happened with Michael. Carly and Jax spent the evening talking through their problems and reconnected as a couple. Carly had tears in her eyes when Jax gave her a gold bracelet, with charms bearing Michael and Morgan's names, as an anniversary gift. She was at a loss for words when Jax pointed out that there was room on the bracelet to add the name of the baby they had been planning.

Maxie called Robin but got her voicemail instead. She apologized to her cousin for Spinelli's role in helping Patrick spam Robin's blog then ended the call. Kate, who had walked in while Maxie was on the phone, heard the tail end of the message. She was worried that Spinelli had captured video of Kate and Sonny on the desk and had aired it on the Internet. Maxie quickly reassured Kate that Spinelli had not done any such thing. Maxie insisted that, having been a victim of something similar in the past, she would never be party to someone posting a video like that on the Internet. They were interrupted by a special delivery. Karl Levant had sent Kate copies of his new winter designs. Kate was thrilled to be entrusted with the exclusive and used it as an opportunity to teach Maxie a valuable business lesson. Later, Maxie reminded Kate of a luncheon appointment. After Kate left the office, Maxie slipped into Kate's office to see Karl's designs for herself. Maxie was surprised when Spinelli barged into the office. He swept everything off of Kate's desk, including the special designs, then pulled Maxie into his arms and kissed her.

Liz stopped by Wyndemere to visit Nikolas. When she walked into his study and found him looking at a picture of Emily, she reminisced about when the picture had been taken. They both smiled as they talked about Emily. Soon the discussion turned serious. Nikolas worried that, in his grief, he would make self-destructive choices. He also wondered if being attracted to another woman, so soon after Emily's passing, could be considered as unfaithful to Emily. Liz felt that Emily wouldn't want Nikolas to mourn her passing forever. Liz was confident that Nikolas would know when the time was right for him to move forward with another relationship.

Lulu tried to enlist Johnny's help to keep Claudia away from Nikolas. Unfortunately, Johnny felt that Nikolas was the problem, not Claudia. He went to Wyndemere and suggested that Nikolas hire a hooker if he needed to use someone to replace his dead fiancée. Claudia, who had walked in and overheard Johnny, spoke up. She told Johnny that he couldn't dictate whom she slept with.

Lulu went to see Jason about Johnny. She didn't want any harm to come to Johnny in the mob war. Jason couldn't make any promises to Lulu. He reminded Lulu that Johnny had made his own choice about where he stood in his father's criminal empire.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jax gave Carly a beautiful charm bracelet, which she told him she loved. She calmly told him it was a very thoughtful gift. Jax tried to break the tension and told her they could add a charm for every year, but it might get heavy by their 50th wedding anniversary. Carly knew he wanted to add a charm for their child, but she didn't think she would be able to have another child. After the miscarriage and Michael's injury, Carly felt it wouldn't be fair to bring a child into their world. Although Sonny gave up custody of Michael and Morgan, the boys would still remain a target. Jax reminded Carly he loved her and said he would wait until she felt differently about bringing another child into the world. Carly asked if the only reason he wanted a child was to fix what was wrong with their marriage. Later, Jax came to bed and saw Carly crying with the charm bracelet. He held her and they talked until she was feeling better. They continued laughing and talking until things turned romantic.

After walking in on Spinelli kissing Maxie in her office, Kate told Maxie to either come up with a good reason why she shouldn't be fired or clean our her desk. Maxie and Spinelli left the office where Maxie kissed Spinelli again and thanked him for his "act." Maxie was still unaware of Spinelli's feelings for her and thought it was once again one of his schemes. Kate walked into the lobby and asked for an explanation of what had occurred. Spinelli tried to defend Maxie and told Kate that Maxie had been an unwilling participant. Kate kicked Spinelli out of Crimson headquarters for good. As soon as he was gone, Maxie said Kate had treated Spinelli unfairly. Spinelli was a good person. She also reminded Kate about the bribery money Spinelli had retrieved from Ian Devlin's bank account. Kate admitted she might have been out of line.

They were soon interrupted by a phone call from General Hospital. Leyla told Kate about Sonny's father, who had been brought in. He was okay, but he needed someone to pick him up. Kate rushed over and Mike explained he had gotten himself in trouble again with the loan sharks after not paying a gambling debt on time. Sonny had left Mike at the hospital and had gone to "take care of" the loan shark. Mike was worried Sonny had his own addiction-to power-and was not prepared to lose the power to which he had become accustomed. Meanwhile, Sonny had met up with the loan shark and told him never to touch his father again. The man reminded Sonny he didn't have the power to make any threats anymore. Sonny rushed to Jason's office and yelled at Spinelli, who was talking with Jason. Spinelli tried to talk to Sonny and apologize, but Sonny belittled and upset poor Spinelli. Once the boy was gone, Jason told Sonny his behavior towards Spinelli was uncalled for and Sonny didn't have the right to kick anyone out of Jason's office. Sonny seemed to forget the change in power and asked whose office it was, implying it was still Sonny's office. He told Jason to fire Spinelli and stop babysitting him so more work could get done. Sonny wanted Jason to retaliate against the loan shark who beat up Mike.

At the hospital, Nadine vented her frustration to Leyla after a long day in the pediatric ward. The two women talked and Leyla told Nadine she was going to a wedding with Leo. Leyla was a bridesmaid, and she was tired of the grief she received from her mother about not yet being a bride. Leyla's mother felt Leo was the perfect catch, so Leyla was relieved Leo was accompanying her to the wedding. Leyla made it very clear she was not interested in dating Leo, though. After her experience with Patrick, Leyla was in no way interested in dating another surgeon from General Hospital. Nadine went through phone messages and noticed Nikolas had called and wanted to see her. Nadine was excited, but poor Leyla received her own message from Leo saying he had been called to surgery and could not attend the wedding with her. The two girls went their separate ways, and Leyla ran into Spinelli on the docks. She was all dressed up for the wedding and asked if she could help when she noticed Spinelli was upset.

Claudia tried to defend Nikolas to Johnny, but after hearing the assumptions Lulu had told him, he didn't think Nikolas was good for his sister. No matter what anyone said, it didn't seem Lulu or Johnny could be convinced anything good could come from Nikolas and Claudia being friends or becoming involved romantically. Claudia and Johnny left Wyndemere, but they ran into each other again when Claudia entered the garden house. Johnny had expected to see Lulu, and Claudia realized that was where Lulu and Johnny had been meeting for their romantic rendezvous. Sister and brother talked about their childhood until the conversation turned to Lulu. Claudia didn't think Lulu was good for Johnny, and Lulu walked in just in time to hear Claudia bad-mouthing her.

Liz was about to take her break at the hospital when Sam asked to speak with her. Sam apologized for her past behavior. She tried to explain her relationship with Jason and, more recently, Lucky. Sam wanted to spend more time with Lucky, but since Liz didn't allow Sam to be with the boys, their time was limited. The two women talked and seemed to come to a truce. Liz also apologized for her behavior. She said she would not be able to forget what Sam did to Jake, but she would try to forgive Sam. It was unhealthy for the two women to carry these grudges for so long. Liz decided they could start working on integrating Sam into Cameron and Jake's lives. Liz was concerned with doing anything too quickly and said she didn't want to confuse the boys. She suggested maybe Sam and Lucky could take the boys to the fair later in the summer. Sam was very pleased to hear this and thanked Liz. Both women agreed they were happy they had met and talked.

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