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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 16, 2008 on GH
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Monday, June 16, 2008

At Robin's apartment, Robin and Patrick bonded over their baby. As Patrick tended to Robin's needs, she admitted that she was really glad that Patrick wanted to care for her and the baby. Patrick admitted to Robin how important she and the baby were to him. Their tender moment was interrupted by Mac, who insisted that Robin move back home with him. He called Patrick a womanizer who played at being a brain surgeon. Patrick was rightfully insulted, but Robin defused the situation and both she and Patrick assured Mac that Patrick wanted to take care of Robin and was, in fact, taking care of her. Mac left, a little less disgruntled than when he arrived. Robin and Patrick shared more tender words between then. She told him how wonderful he was and how lucky she felt to have him. He told her how much he wanted to be part of her life and their baby's life. They were laughing and crying when they heard loud pounding on the door. When Patrick opened it, Epiphany was there. She told Patrick that he could leave. She brought in her bags and announced that Mac had hired her to take care of Robin and her unborn child around the clock until the child was delivered. Both Robin and Patrick were incredulous.

Jason interrupted an argument between Claudia and Jerry on the docks. Jerry had told Claudia to keep quiet about the fact that he had stabbed her or he would tell Jason about the part she played in Michael's shooting. Claudia covered by making it appear that they were talking about leasing property on the waterfront. After Jerry left, Claudia thanked Jason for rescuing her again. Before going on his way, Jason warned Claudia to be careful of Jerry.

Carly met with Alexis in her office. Alexis was terrified that her daughter Kristina would be hurt, as Michael had been, as a result of her relationship to Sonny. Alexis pleaded with Carly to go to Sonny for her. Carly told Alexis that she had talked to Sonny about Kristina's custody, but he had refused to surrender it. Alexis begged Carly to try again, but Carly refused. Alexis was frantic when Diane arrived. Carly used Diane's entrance as an excuse to leave. Diane tried to comfort Alexis. She told Alexis that she had investigated family law and had sought many noted legal opinions on Alexis' behalf, but had been discouraged to learn that Sonny voluntarily giving up rights to his boys would not serve as a precedent to force him to give up rights to Kristina. Diane was very sympathetic, but pessimistic about success for Alexis in a court battle. Diane tried to get Alexis to come with her to the Haunted Star and put her troubles on hold for an evening. A distraught Alexis lashed out and hurt Diane, who fled. Alexis rushed to the door to apologize. Instead of Diane, Alexis found Anthony Zacchara on her doorstep. While kindly assuring Alexis that he would not hurt Kristina, Anthony was nonetheless threatening. After a dialogue where Anthony said he doubted the validity of Sonny's assurances that he had cut his mob ties, a shaken Alexis told Anthony to leave.

After leaving Alexis in her office, Carly went straight to Jason's apartment. She replayed her conversation with Alexis for him, and then told Jason that she was heartbroken to see how torn up Sonny had been on Father's Day when she took him a present made by Morgan. A part of her wanted to tear up the custody agreement. Jason told her she had to do what she thought was right. Carly said that she had done the right thing, because being around Sonny was dangerous for Morgan. Carly said that it was difficult for her to find a balance. Jason told Carly how much he admired her strength. He told her that going on with her life was the way that she would get through the terrible tragedy of Michael's shooting. Carly verbalized that she had to take care of her husband and child. Both she and Jason had tears in their eyes as they hugged. Carly thanked Jason before heading out to meet up with Jax.

At the Haunted Star casino, Spinelli fell apart in front of Giselle when Maxie showed up. He was unable to continue his charade as a suave, debonair Aussie, a la Jax. Sonny arrived and, to add insult to injury, called Spinelli "freaky boy," which sent Spinelli scurrying away to the bar with Maxie. Maxie was insistent that Giselle was important to Crimson and that she would not let Spinelli mess it up, unaware that her interference had outed Spinelli, who gulped down several cocktails. Meanwhile, Giselle, who had been enjoying Sonny's coffee industry stories, was discomfited when Jax and Kate joined them and she figured out that Sonny was Kate's gangster boyfriend. When Giselle repeated a rumor about Sonny and Kate, Jax mentioned that rumors could be harmful and referenced one that was circulating about Giselle and a senator. Kate played along and an embarrassing moment was avoided. Sonny excused himself and went to the bar. Kate followed and wanted to know what was wrong. Sonny told her that there were times when she could help and times when she could not and this was one of those times when she could not help him. Kate understood, gave him a kiss and went back to Giselle, who Sonny termed "a barracuda." Kate was amused that Sonny noticed.

Ric came over and tried to talk to Sonny, but Sonny did not want to hear anything that Ric had to say and walked back over to Kate, Giselle, and Jax. Carly arrived and Jax introduced her to Giselle, who realized that Carly had also been married to Sonny. Giselle commented on how chummy they all were. Later, when Giselle was alone with Kate, she speculated that there might be more to Kate's relationship with Jax than business. At the bar, Carly tried to reach out to Sonny. She apologized for being inconsiderate of his feelings. She told him that she intended to move on and that he had every right to do the same. Before Sonny could respond, a bitter Alexis arrived and caused a scene. She accused Sonny and Carly of being selfish and thoughtless. She said that they were a twisted dysfunctional couple that couldn't care less about what happened to Morgan and Kristina. Both Sonny and Carly were too stunned to respond.

The mayor, Nadine, and Nikolas met in the building where Nikolas planned to house his free medical clinic, endowed in honor of Emily. The mayor, while lauding Nikolas' civic-mindedness, was loathe to let the clinic open. The mayor told Nikolas that there was too much at stake. Nikolas asked the mayor if he took kickbacks from drug companies. The mayor was properly insulted, but held firm with Nikolas. The mayor said that Nikolas would not get the permits that he needed to build the clinic. The mayor advised Nikolas to send those people that he intended to aid with the clinic to the park, where they would benefit from the free medicinal benefits of fresh air and sunshine. After the mayor left, Nadine was outraged by the mayor's smugness, but was also ready to give up. Nikolas vowed that the clinic would become a reality, no matter what the mayor said. After Nadine left, Lulu dropped by to ask for advice from Nikolas. She told him about her conversation with Carly, which made her realize that any choices that Johnny made not only affected her, but those round her, especially those she loved. Nikolas told her that he could not tell her what to do, because he could not tell her whom to love. Nikolas advised Lulu to follow her heart.

Claudia found a drunken Spinelli, lying flat on his back, raving about Damian and the Jackal. Claudia felt sorry for him and tried to help. Eventually, because Spinelli could not stand up, Claudia carried him home on piggyback. She managed to get him to Jason's place. When Jason opened the door to his apartment, Spinelli was on the couch, on top of Claudia, making groaning sounds.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sam tried to devise a plan to get out of the Mexican jail. Initially, Lucky thought Sam's plans were silly. After not being able to come up with any better plans, he decided to go along with her plan to fake an illness. They both started yelling for the guard, and Sam started coughing and moaning. When the guard came to their cell, everyone was surprised that the guard and Sam were old friends who had "pulled jobs" together in the past. He agreed to help them out and let them out of jail. Sam and Lucky escaped the jail and found some solace in the privacy of Mexico's outer limits. Lucky talked about being on the run with his father when he was younger. Sam and Lucky pulled each other together and kissed.

Jason walked into his penthouse and was upset to see Spinelli lying on top of Claudia. He demanded Claudia leave Spinelli alone, but she pointed out Spinelli was on top of her. Jason realized Spinelli was drunk and asked why he had been drinking. Spinelli explained he was trying to take the edge off while he was trying to learn dating tips from Jax. Claudia had found Spinelli on the docks, preparing to sleep there for the night. She took him back to Jason's penthouse, but Jason didn't appear grateful. The two bickered until Spinelli asked Claudia if she would like to "break bread with them."

Claudia told Jason he needed to order some pizza for Spinelli before he threw up all over the floor. When the pizza arrived, Jason told Claudia to leave. She replied she hadn't stocked her fridge in her new apartment since her house had burned down. She would eat her pizza and leave. Claudia told Jason he wasn't very nice to Spinelli. If Jason were nicer, maybe Spinelli wouldn't need to drink to feel good about himself and try to land a date. Spinelli thanked her for standing up for him but said it was unnecessary. Jason provided him with a job and a place to live, in addition to their friendship. Jason admitted he didn't always treat Spinelli the way some friends do. Claudia and Jason continued to argue over how he treated Spinelli until Jason asked Claudia if she was done with her pizza yet. Claudia opened the door to leave, but a man in a full bio-suit came in and told her she couldn't leave. The man who had delivered the pizza had a form of the Avian Bird Flu, which was highly contagious. Everyone would have to stay in the penthouse, because they were all under quarantine.

Johnny and Maxie ran into each other at the overlook when they were both trying to find a quiet place alone. Johnny asked if she had been following him, but she said it was purely accidental they both ended up in the same place. Maxie showed him a letter she received accepting Georgie to a foreign exchange program in Italy, and reminisced that Georgie was so smart. Although Maxie wasn't the greatest sister, Georgie loved her anyway despite her faults. Johnny knew the feeling and said he wouldn't know what to do if something happened to Claudia. Lulu found them talking and told Maxie to stop hitting on Johnny. He told Lulu to give Maxie a chance to explain. This wasn't how it appeared. Lulu told Johnny everything Maxie did was for an agenda. Lulu said Maxie was a liar and Johnny shouldn't believe anything she said. Maxie told Lulu about the scholarship and foreign exchange program for Georgie. She hadn't gone to all that trouble to create a fake letter and use her sister's death just to snag Johnny.

After Maxie stormed off, Johnny told Lulu to cut Maxie a break. Lulu admitted she didn't trust Maxie, and she was beginning to lose her trust in Johnny when he was with Maxie. Later, Lulu met up with Maxie and apologized for the hurt Maxie must be feeling from Georgie's death, but explained that it still did not mean Maxie could flirt with Johnny. Maxie said she liked Johnny and would not stop trying to get with him. Maxie offered to place a wager on the roulette table. If Maxie won, she would get a date with Johnny, free and clear. If Lulu won, Maxie would have to leave Johnny alone. Maxie asked Lulu to repeat the wager, which she did; Lulu was unaware Johnny was walking in the room. Johnny told Lulu he was not a poker chip to be betted on. He would take the challenge and go on a date with Maxie.

At the Haunted Star, Alexis yelled at Carly and Sonny about the ongoing custody battle. Jerry pulled Alexis away before too much damage could be done. Alexis and Jerry went back to his penthouse, where Jerry demanded to know what set her off that night. Alexis revealed Anthony Zacchara had come to her office earlier in the day and mentioned what great leverage Kristina could be for him. Jerry assured Alexis he would protect Kristina. He admitted he was also a criminal, and he pointed out the crimes he had committed while in Port Charles. There were much worse things Alexis didn't know about, though. Although Jerry wouldn't come out and incriminate himself, he told Alexis she would never see Anthony Zacchara again if he ever threatened Kristina. Although Alexis realized the danger with Jerry was no better than the danger she faced with Sonny, she gave in to the temptation and they kissed. Alexis pulled away and tried to leave. She knew it was dangerous to get into a relationship with Jerry. He told her she was trying to keep from being happy, and he wasn't going to let her get hurt. He pulled her back towards him and they kissed again.

Diane and Max stood in the Haunted Star and talked about Alexis and her paranoid rant. After yelling about how dangerous Sonny was, Alexis left with Jerry, a known criminal. Diane felt she was partly to blame for Alexis' breakdown. She had just told Alexis earlier in the day that there were no legal grounds to take custody of Kristina away from Sonny.

Carly thanked Sonny for standing up to Alexis for her. He knew Alexis blaming Carly and yelling at the two of them would do no one any good. He said Alexis had one thing wrong, though. Carly and Sonny would never get back together. Carly told Sonny she didn't think Kate was the right woman for him, either. Carly left to go home and was surprised to see Jax waiting for her in the living room. They had not said good-bye to each other at the Haunted Star. Jax was upset to see how quickly Carly and Sonny came to each other's defense when Alexis had started yelling at them. Carly admitted she would always care for Sonny. They had a history together and a family. They did not work as a couple, though. That part of her life was over. Carly talked about her love for Jax and their dreams together. Jax came over and silenced her with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sonny stood outside and talked about Alexis. Kate thought Alexis had a point. Even when Alexis wanted to be with Sonny, she realized Carly and Sonny would never be over. Sonny asked if Kate was still talking about Alexis or if she was talking about herself. Sonny stood up for Carly again and said he would always care for her. He was in love with Kate, though. Sonny told Kate she could always make him feel better when he was upset. She made him believe in himself, and he loved her for that. Kate said she did believe in Sonny, and she believed they could have a wonderful life together.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alexis walked into her office to find vases, filled a rainbow of flowers, scattered everywhere. Nikolas was close on her heels. He asked if someone had died when he took in the sea of blooms in his aunt's office. Alexis immediately started digging through the flowers, searching for a card. Nikolas, meanwhile, began telling Alexis about the mayor's efforts to keep Nikolas from opening the free clinic. Eventually he realized that Alexis wasn't listening to him because she was too busy sifting through the flowers. He quickly found the card that had been sent with the flowers and held it up to her. Before handing it over, he read the card and learned that the flowers had been sent by Jerry Jacks, after what had clearly been an intimate evening. Nikolas was furious. He reminded Alexis of all the horrible things that Jerry had done since returning to Port Charles, starting with the Metro Court hostage crisis. Alexis, in turn, told Nikolas that she saw a different side to Jerry. Alexis also admitted that she was tired of being lonely. Nikolas thought that those were poor excuses. He warned her that she could end up with more than a broken heart. Jerry could cost Alexis her life. After Nikolas left, Diane walked in. She took one look at the flowers and figured out who had sent them and why. Diane said that Alexis had lost her right to lecture Diane about Max. She went on to warn Alexis that by sleeping with Jerry, Alexis had effectively lost her ground for Sonny to give up custody of Kristina. Alexis couldn't argue with Diane's logic. The two friends chatted for a bit before Diane had to leave. She passed Jerry on her way out. Alexis pretended outrage over Jerry's grand gesture with the flowers, but Jerry saw through Alexis' act. Eventually, Jerry wore Alexis down and they ended up in a passionate kiss, which was how Ric found them when he walked into Alexis' office.

Patrick was frustrated when his attempts to talk to Robin were thwarted by Epiphany. Epiphany was determined that Robin would get the bed rest that she needed in order to recover. Restricting phone calls from Patrick was one of Epiphany's methods. Later, Patrick managed to sneak into Robin's apartment while Epiphany was on an errand for Robin.

Sonny walked into his living room and found Ric waiting for him. Sonny was annoyed. He didn't appreciate his brother letting himself into Sonny's home when he wasn't there. Sonny thought Ric was there to discuss Anthony Zacchara but he wasn't. However, Ric did defend working for Anthony. He told Sonny that the only reason he went to work for Anthony was to bring down his father. Sonny wasn't interested in hearing Ric's excuses so Ric changed the subject. He told Sonny that he admired him for doing more than just talking about leaving the mob. Sonny appeared a bit uncomfortable with the praise. He reminded Ric that he was too late to help Michael but that he wanted to set a good example for Morgan and Kristina. As Ric left, he told Sonny that he hoped Sonny succeeded. Shortly after Ric's departure, Trevor stopped by for a visit. Sonny reluctantly invited Trevor in to hear what Trevor had to say. Trevor surprised Sonny by telling him that eventually Sonny would change his mind about leaving the mob. When that happened, Trevor predicted that Jason would not be eager to turn the empire back over to Sonny. Trevor went on to speculate that Sonny would need an ally. He surprised Sonny by offering to be the person to help Sonny regain control of his organization. Sonny told Trevor that he would never turn to him for help. Trevor chuckled and advised Sonny never to say never.

Carly and Jax enjoyed breakfast together at home before starting their day. Carly felt confident that things between them were improving daily and thanked Jax for his understanding and support. When Jax asked Carly what she had planned for the day, Carly started talking about her work at the Metro Court Hotel. It was personally gratifying to Carly because she felt in complete control there.

Kate and her crew took over the lobby of the Metro Court Hotel for a last-minute fashion shoot. As Kate supervised the direction of the shoot, Maxie impressed her boss with fashion accessory suggestions for the model. Lulu stood on the sidelines saying and doing little. As the session progressed, Carly walked in. She was furious when she realized that Crimson had taken over her entire lobby for the photo shoot. Carly didn't hesitate as she walked over to the photographer and demanded that he stop taking pictures. Kate was livid. She reminded Carly of the publicity the shoot would generate for the Metro Court Hotel and how delighted the guests were to have an inside glimpse into the fashion world. Carly wasn't swayed by Kate's arguments. She reminded Kate that she had never asked Carly for permission to use the lobby. Just then Jax walked in. Both women immediately began pleading their cases to him. Elsewhere, Maxie asked Lulu if she planned on intervening on the magazine's behalf. Lulu made it clear that she didn't and then began taking bets on who would prevail. Maxie was horrified at Lulu's lack of loyalty.

Carly listened as Kate tried to convince Jax to side with Crimson. Jax and Kate were taken off guard as Carly suddenly switched gears and accused Kate of being so worried that Carly would seduce Sonny away from her that she had decided to pursue Jax.

Lucky and Sam woke up snuggled together in a sleeping bag on a beach in Mexico. Lucky was impressed when they were surprised by a venomous snake and Sam pulled out a gun and shot it. Later, Sam went into a blind panic when she saw a spider near their campfire as they sipped their morning coffee. Lucky grinned as he scooped up the arachnid and carried it away. When Sam settled down, they started talking about their relationship. Lucky pointed out that Sam had a habit of always talking as if they were about to split up. To Sam's delight, Lucky admitted that he didn't want their relationship to end. Eventually, they returned to the Mexican bar where they had been arrested. The bartender didn't appear pleased to see them. However, he did tell them that Luke might have been by the bar recently. Lucky did a quick search for the jewels and turned up a note from Luke letting them know that their mission had been accomplished. Sam seemed disappointed so Lucky suggested that they take their time returning to Port Charles.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

At Robin's apartment, Robin and Patrick plotted ways to keep Epiphany occupied, and out of their hair, so that they could spend time together. They didn't have long to plot as Epiphany soon returned to Robin's apartment and found Patrick huddled with Robin on the sofa. Patrick jumped to his feet and immediately put his plan into action. He played on Epiphany's desire to get back at Dr. Ford by asking her to double check the charts of the patients who were dispensed the wrong doses of medications. After Epiphany left, Robin and Patrick felt bad for sending her on a wild goose chase. It turned out that Epiphany realized what they had done and returned to the apartment. By then, Robin had decided to set a few ground rules, starting with Patrick being allowed to visit. Epiphany wasn't inclined to argue. She told them that they should have found their backbone sooner, reminded the lovebirds that they were adults who were about to become parents, and then left the apartment with her suitcase in hand.

A short time later, Mac had gotten wind of Epiphany's sacking and stormed over to Robin's apartment. Robin panicked and asked Patrick to hide. Reluctantly, Patrick agreed and stepped into the closet. Robin invited her uncle in. Mac didn't waste any time. He began listing all of Patrick's faulted faults and then insisted that Robin move into Mac's home. Robin refused. She told Mac that she wanted Patrick by her side. Mac refused to even consider it and started in on Patrick again. In the closet, Patrick listened until he'd had enough and stormed out to confront Mac. Patrick told Mac that he loved Robin and their baby and had no intention of stepping aside. Mac responded by placing Patrick under arrest and handcuffing him.

At the Metro Court Hotel, Kate and Carly continued to plead their cases, about the photo shoot, to Jax. While the ladies argued, Lulu took the opportunity to slip away, leaving Maxie behind to do the work. Things took a catty turn when Carly brought up Sonny's name. Kate couldn't believe that Carly would defend her relationship with another man in front of Jax, her husband. Before things turned nastier, Jax stepped in. He told Kate that it was inappropriate for her to comment on his relationship with his wife and then turned to Carly and told her that the photo shoot should be allowed to continue. Carly capitulated but decided to hang around and supervise Kate. Kate resumed her work, with helpful input from Maxie. Ric stopped by and happened to see Carly sitting off to the side. He took a moment to offer his condolences about Michael. He invited her to call on him, if she needed his help. Carly appreciated Ric's effort to show her kindness, but she told Ric that she would never need his help. Later, Tracy found Carly to for help, dealing Lulu. Maxie listened in on the conversation and learned that Lulu and Johnny were spending time together at the Quartermaine boathouse.

After slipping away from work, Lulu went to Johnny's apartment and "kidnapped" him. She took him to the Quartermaine boathouse where they spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and water. Lulu did her best to try to to convince Johnny to break his date with Maxie but failed. Johnny was determined to see it through so that he could get it through to Maxie that he wasn't interested in anyone but Lulu.

Nikolas stopped by General Hospital to see Nadine and discuss plans for the clinic.

Ric barged into Alexis' office and found her and Jerry wrapped up in a lusty kiss. Alexis pulled away from Jerry and demanded to know what Ric was doing in her office. Rather than explain, he warned her that the press was in the building. Jerry made himself scarce while Alexis dealt with Ric. She demanded that Ric respect her privacy and not comment on her relationships. Ric felt that they needed to get along for the sake of the girls but warned Alexis that Jerry would turn on her in a heartbeat. Later, Jax stopped by to see Alexis. When he saw her office filled with flowers, he quickly realized that they were from an admirer. Alexis blurted out that she had slept with Jerry. Jax tried to talk to Alexis about Jerry but didn't have much success. When Jerry returned to Alexis' office, Jax greeted his brother with a fist to Jerry's face.

Sam and Lucky returned to Sam's apartment after their adventure in Mexico. As they dropped their bags, Sam began talking about how she had always been searching for something to make her happy. Lucky asked Sam if she was happy and seemed disappointed in Sam's lack of response. However, he pushed her for an answer until Sam finally admitted that she worried she would revert to her possessive and destructive ways if she let herself feel any happiness. She didn't want that to happen with Lucky. She went on to talk about Lucky's relationship with Luke. Lucky didn't see how his relationship with his father related to his future with Sam. Sam explained that unlike Luke, Lucky was a great father who put his kids first and, by extension, their mother. Sam wondered where she fit in.

Before he could answer, Sam confessed to recently visiting Liz at the hospital. Sam admitted that it had been an impulse when Lucky had cancelled a date with Sam in order to be with the boys. Sam told Lucky that Liz was justified for wanting Sam away from the children and that she wanted to apologize to Liz for the things that she had done. Lucky appeared surprised by the news but before he could comment, Sam continued. Sam told Lucky that Liz told her that Sam was good for Lucky but was worried about Sam's place in Lucky's life. Liz didn't want Cam to become confused. Sam understood that and it made her think about her relationship with Lucky. Sam admitted to Lucky that she was an emotional coward. Lucky felt that Sam was making everything much more complicated than it needed to be. He told Sam that they needed to trust each other. Sam smiled, said she would try, then kissed Lucky.

Spinelli felt responsible for exposing Claudia and Jason to a dangerous virus. He became distraught when he learned that there were some very disturbing side effects that included deep and prolonged delirium during which the patient could ramble private thoughts. Jason and Claudia appeared less than pleased to hear the news. After a brief call with Johnny, Claudia invited Spinelli to a game of pool to break the boredom. Jason listened as Claudia flirted with Spinelli while she taught him how to shoot pool. Annoyed with the banter, Jason stood up, walked to the pool table and wrenched the pool stick out of Spinelli's hand. When Jason barked at Claudia to leave Spinelli alone, Claudia responded by daring Jason to a game of pool. He wasn't interested and walked over to his desk.

Claudia followed Jason and did her best to push his buttons. She taunted him, gloating that she had done research on Jason and had learned quite a bit about him. Jason turned and gave her his full attention. Claudia took that as a sign to continue. She began talking about Jason's life as a Quartermaine, heir to a vast fortune, and then the accident which that left him brain damaged. Unwisely, Claudia tried to use his injury to bait Jason. Jason responded by bringing up Michael's brain damage, which effectively shut Claudia up. Jason wasn't done though. He noticed Claudia's reaction and suggested that she looked suspiciously guilty. He went on to call the person who was responsible for Michael's shooting a few vile names before threatening to question Claudia if she fell ill and became delirious. Moments later, disgusted with Claudia's company, Jason decided to go to his room. On his way up the stairs he was overcome with dizziness and collapsed. Spinelli and Claudia rushed to Jason's side and realized that he had a high fever.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Max picked up Kate's engagement ring and got back to Sonny's house shortly before Diane arrived. He tried to keep Sonny's secret, but Diane flustered him so badly he ended up showing the engagement ring to her on bended knee. Diane thought he was proposing, so after seeing the huge five-carat ring answered yes to the unasked question. Diane left to share the news with Alexis, and Sonny came home to get the ring. Max explained what had happened, and Sonny demanded Max get the ring back. Max admitted he didn't really want to marry Diane, but he didn't want to insult her by asking for the ring back. Sonny didn't care what Max did, but he had to have the ring back by that night.

Jerry and Jax threw punches at each other in Alexis' office until Detective Harper barged in and arrested them both. Alexis was relieved for the distraction when Diane walked in and said she was engaged to Max. Although Diane didn't want to get married, she couldn't say no to a five-carat diamond ring. Alexis told Diane she would have to return the ring to poor Max and tell him they would not be getting married. When Diane left to give Max the news, Alexis made some phone calls to make sure no charges were pressed against Jerry and Jax. Carly and Kate showed up at the police station to bail Jax out of jail, but Kate quickly left when Carly made it clear she was not needed. After hearing the story, Carly was amused that Jerry and Jax had been fighting over Alexis.

Diane went back to Sonny's house in order to tell Max she couldn't marry him. Meanwhile, Max was trying to figure out a way to tell Diane they couldn't get married. They both blurted out their feelings at the same time, much to everyone's relief. No one's feelings were hurt, and Sonny got the ring back. Diane explained that career oriented women didn't have time for marriage. Kate entered the living room just then and asked who was getting married. Diane covered nicely and explained her stance on marriage, albeit her feelings for Max.

Meanwhile, Mac arrested Patrick for stalking and took him to the station. Robin called Maxie and asked for her help in dealing with Uncle Mac. Maxie and a wheelchair-bound Robin arrived at the police station and demanded Patrick to be set free. A reluctant Mac agreed, and Robin and Patrick went home. Robin showed Patrick how she was planning to convert her dressing area into the baby's nursery. Patrick was astounded she would try to squeeze the baby's room into such a small space. After measuring the crib, there was only two inches to spare in the room. Patrick asked Robin to move in with him. He wanted to be closer to her and the baby, and his apartment had more room. Robin couldn't believe he was asking for this type of commitment.

After swimming, Lulu and Johnny kissed passionately until he started to pull her towards the boat house. Lulu confessed she had slept with Dillon there and had gotten pregnant. She came clean and told Johnny the truth about stealing Dillon away from Georgie, getting pregnant, and having the abortion. Johnny didn't appear judgmental and acted as if he understood Lulu's plight. Tracy arrived to speak with the young couple and asked Johnny if he could guarantee Lulu's safety. Johnny admitted he could not make any promises, but Lulu said she understood the dangers in Johnny's life and had chosen to be with him anyway.

At Jason's penthouse, Claudia called the health department for advice in dealing with Jason's condition. Spinelli frantically tried to do something to help Stone Cold and made him some juice from a berry with special antioxidants. Jason realized Spinelli was trying to help, and he did his best to ease young Spinelli's mind. Claudia also helped and asked Spinelli if he could look up some information on the internet. After he left, Claudia brought some water and a washcloth in to give Jason a sponge bath.

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