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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 23, 2008 on GH
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Jax, Carly, Jerry, and Alexis were gathered at the Port Charles police station. Alexis was mortified when Jerry made their affair public. Jax continued to be outraged over his brother's involvement with Alexis, while Carly seemed amused by it. Diane walked in while Alexis, spurred on by Jerry, finally admitted out loud that she and Jerry were lovers. Diane was stunned by Alexis' behavior and quickly shuttled her into a nearby interrogation room. Diane gave Alexis a stern lecture. Diane felt that Alexis had behaved embarrassingly inappropriately and warned her to keep her private life separate from her professional life. Alexis didn't argue the point. As Diane prepared to leave, Alexis noticed that Carly and Jax had left the police station but that Jerry had remained behind. She begged Diane to find a way to get rid of Jerry so that Alexis could avoid facing him. Diane tried but failed. As Diane walked out of the police station, Jerry went to the interrogation room. He told Alexis that he was not the kind of man who took orders. To prove his point, he pulled Alexis into his arms and kissed her soundly on the lips.

Carly and Jax returned to their home after leaving the PCPD. Shortly after their arrival, Carly was overcome by a wave of dizziness and nausea. Jax suggested that Carly see a doctor. Carly felt that it wasn't necessary since she didn't have any other symptoms of the flu. Jax smiled and suggested that she might be pregnant.

Jason, Spinelli, and Claudia remained quarantined in Jason's penthouse. Claudia tried her best to nurse Jason through his fever, but he would have none of it. Jason refused to allow Claudia to touch him, much less take off his shirt so that she could give him a sponge bath. Claudia tried to bully Jason into it but instead of complying, Jason yelled for Spinelli. When Spinelli came downstairs, Jason ordered him to find a way to have the quarantine lifted. Claudia countered the order. She insisted that they remain in the penthouse until they were told by medical professionals that it was safe to leave. Jason eventually resigned himself to the fact that he was stuck in the penthouse with Claudia, but made his feelings clear. Jason did not trust Claudia nor did he want her to nurse him during his illness. While Spinelli took Jason's temperature, Claudia took a call from Anthony. Anthony was happy to hear that Claudia was stuck with Jason. He thought it was the perfect opportunity for Claudia to kill his rival. Anthony said it would allow her to work her way back into the family fold and please her father at the same time.

Later, Claudia woke Jason up and offered him some soup, which she had prepared. Jason refused to touch it. Claudia tried to prove that it wasn't poisoned by sampling a bit of it, but Jason wouldn't be swayed. He did not trust anything that Claudia offered him. They were interrupted when Spinelli came barreling down the stairs with news about Ian Devlin's offshore account. Before Spinelli went further, Jason turned to Claudia and ordered her out of the room. Claudia grumbled but left the room. As soon as she was out of hearing range, Spinelli told Jason that someone had made a withdrawal from Ian's account. Jason was certain that the person who took the money was a partner of Ian's and therefore another possible suspect involved Michael's shooting. Spinelli remained with Jason until he fell asleep again. When Claudia came back downstairs, Spinelli asked her to sit with Jason so that he could continue his work upstairs. After Spinelli left the living room, Claudia walked over to the sofa where Jason was resting and carefully removed a pillow. She stood over Jason's prone body with a pillow clutched in her hands while she watched him sleep.

Sonny gave Kate the option to walk away from his uncertain future. Kate refused to go anywhere; she told him that her life was with him. They discussed their feelings and their future. Kate felt that anything was possible because they had found their way back to each other. When Sonny wondered aloud if it was too late for them, Kate grew concerned. She thought that Sonny might want to end things with her. Sonny told her that he didn't want to split up with her but he did wonder if he deserved to be happy after what had happened to Michael. Sonny went on to tell Kate that she had changed him fundamentally and he wanted to honor that. Kate was surprised when Sonny proposed marriage. It was Sonny's turn to be surprised when Kate happily accepted. Sonny then presented Kate with the engagement ring. Kate loved it and offered her hand so that Sonny could place the extravagant ring on her finger. As they discussed their wedding plans, Kate brought up the idea of Diane drawing up a prenuptial agreement. Sonny seemed taken aback by the idea.

At Robin's apartment, Patrick tried his best to convince Robin to move in with him before the baby was born. Robin was hesitant. She didn't want Patrick committing himself to something that he wasn't ready for. Patrick insisted that he wanted to build a life with her and the baby but Robin remained unconvinced. She felt that Patrick was still reeling from finding Robin collapsed on the living room floor. Robin also admitted that she didn't relish the idea of Patrick using the baby as a test run for fatherhood. Patrick thought that what Robin really feared was committing herself to Patrick. He told her that he didn't want to keep having the same argument with her but he refused to give up on them. He wanted to be a part of Robin and the baby's lives. While Patrick went to the kitchen to fetch something for Robin to drink, Robin placed a frantic call to Liz, asking her for help. A short time later, Liz knocked on Robin's door. When Patrick opened it, Liz pretended to be at her wit's end and in desperate need of a babysitter for Jake. Before Patrick could say anything, Liz put Jake in his arms, set Jake's diaper bag on the sofa, and then left the apartment. Robin did her best to try to hide her smile during the entire exchange.

Maxie crashed Lulu and Johnny's date at the boathouse. Even a frosty welcome didn't deter Maxie. Lulu was shocked when Maxie presented her back to Johnny, asked him to rub some sunscreen on her and then dropped her bikini top. Johnny, wisely, declined the invitation. Things remained tense until Lulu and Johnny went for a swim. When Maxie heard Johnny's cell phone ring, she boldly answered it. It was Anthony, demanding to see his son at the Metro Court Hotel. Rather than relay the message, Maxie opted to say nothing. A short time later, she allowed Lulu to chase her off. Lulu and Johnny didn't get to enjoy their time alone. As soon as Maxie was gone, Anthony called Johnny again and ordered his son to the Metro Court Hotel. Left alone at the boathouse, Lulu prepared to leave when Logan approached her. She seemed uncomfortable when he started to tell her that he missed her.

At the Metro Court Hotel, Maxie happened to bump into Johnny in the elevator. Maxie seemed delighted when their elevator suddenly stopped.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Liz picked up Jake from daycare and took him to Robin's apartment at Robin's request. Robin wanted to see how Patrick dealt with caring for a baby. She was amused to watch Patrick as he struggled. Robin saved him from feeding Jake after he successfully changed a diaper, though. When Liz arrived to pick up Jake, Patrick made the girls come clean about their scheme. He knew they had planned it out and had called Jake's daycare to confirm his suspicions. Although reluctant at first, Liz gave her advice to the soon-to-be parents. Liz realized not every man was cut out to be a dad, but it would be important for Robin and Patrick to communicate so one would not expect more than the other was willing to give. After Liz left, Patrick commented to Robin that Liz was very smart and he had forgotten how much real life experience she had. He thought Robin had handled the situation very well, though, since Liz had sided with him. Robin thought that comment was funny, because she felt Liz had sided with her.

After Johnny left Lulu outside at the boathouse, Logan showed up to warn her about the Zacchara family. Everyone in the Zacchara family was evil, even Johnny. Lulu wasn't interested in hearing the same lines, though. Everyone seemed to be warning her lately. Meanwhile, Johnny and Maxie were trapped in an elevator at the Metro Court together. Maxie flirted with Johnny shamelessly, but Johnny reminded her he wasn't interested. Maxie couldn't figure out what had guys so attracted to Lulu. The doors to the elevator were soon opened, just in time for Lulu to see that her archenemy had been trapped with her boyfriend. The two girls fought until Maxie took a low blow and insulted Lulu's mother, Laura.

Lulu later tracked down Maxie at Crimson and told her to never be so cruel as to insult her mother again. Laura was trapped inside her own mind, and it was nothing to be used as leverage in a fight. Maxie admitted she was wrong and should not have brought up Laura. Maxie thought Lulu was on the same track as her mother, though. Illnesses ran in families, from cancer to bipolar disorder. Lulu inherited her mother's genes, so she could be prone to the same psychosis Laura had. Laura's eventual breakdown was due to stress and violence. Although Lulu blamed it on Rick Webber's death, Maxie thought Laura's life of violence with Luke was to blame for Laura's vegetative state. Lulu was headed in the same direction if she continued her romance with Johnny, the son of a mob boss. Lulu, with tears in her eyes, assured Maxie she would be fine. She realized Maxie was trying to look out for her, but Lulu would not have a breakdown.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Logan approached Johnny and the two started to bicker. Scott watched the exchange and saw Logan as he threw the first punch. When the police arrived, Scott demanded Detective Harper arrest Johnny for starting the fight. Johnny stood there frustrated as he was handcuffed and the police read him his rights.

Jason's fever was going down and he appeared to be feeling much better. He told Claudia she could leave, and just as she was about to walk out the door, a pale and sweaty Spinelli walked down the stairs and collapsed. Claudia and Jason got Spinelli on the couch, and Spinelli rambled on in an apparent delirious state. Jason tried to hush Spinelli, to no avail. Although it was difficult at times, Claudia deciphered Spinelli's code and understood that Spinelli was warning Jason about Sonny. Spinelli thought Sonny felt responsible for what happened to Michael. In order to punish himself, he gave up his business, the thing he had worked all his life for, to Jason. Spinelli thought Sonny would find a way back into the business and force Jason's hand to kill Sonny. Claudia and Jason realized Spinelli was worse off than they originally thought and called 9-1-1. At the hospital, Claudia tried to assure Jason that his friend would be all right. She told Jason that Spinelli's thoughts about Sonny were dead on, despite the delirium.

At Sonny's house, Kate explained why she felt they needed a pre-nuptial agreement. They should both be able to keep what they worked their whole lives for, but Kate's main concern was regarding Sonny's past illegal dealings. Although he had changed his ways, the government could always come in and freeze Sonny's assets and investigate previous illegal dealings. Kate didn't want to be held responsible for Sonny's past activities. Sonny wasn't happy about the pre-nup, but Kate distracted him by drawing a bath and inviting him in with her.

Jax wanted Carly to buy a home pregnancy test to find out for sure if she was pregnant. Carly was certain she was not pregnant and was adamant about not taking the test. Jax pointed out they had been having regular sex and not using protection. Carly didn't even want to think about a child growing inside her while her first-born was lying in a coma. They stopped arguing when Morgan arrived home. Jax offered to give Mercedes a ride to see her father on his birthday, so Carly read a book to Morgan. After he was asleep, Carly admitted to her son that she could be pregnant. The problem was she didn't know who the father would be because she had slept with both Jax and Sonny. Carly quickly turned around when she heard the door click. Jax had come home.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

At Sonny's place, Kate told Maxie and Lulu that Sonny had proposed. Maxie blurted out that no matter what, Sonny and Carly always got back together. Both Lulu and Maxie voiced worries, but Kate was happy and unconcerned. She told them that Sonny and Carly were history. Sonny looked on from the stairs as Kate gave Maxie and Lulu instructions. Maxie got a phone call from Jason, who told her that Spinelli was in the hospital. Kate let Maxie go see Spinelli and sent Lulu back to the office. When he came downstairs, Sonny and Kate discussed the wedding. Kate wanted to pull out all the stops and have a very fancy affair. She told Sonny, who wanted to get married right away, that she could not possibly have the wedding before November. She wanted something big and splashy to signify their love and lasting commitment. Sonny pointed out that he had already been through five weddings, but reluctantly agreed that Kate should have what she wanted for her first wedding. Sonny feared that he would not be allowed to be happy because of all the pain and death that had surrounded his life. Kate tried to assuage Sonny's fear and guilt. Later after she made a phone call to Jax, Kate told Sonny that Carly might be pregnant. Sonny looked very happy to hear the news.

At the hospital, Jason asked Liz about Spinelli. Liz comforted Jason and told him what a wonderful friend he was. Claudia also arrived and wanted to know about Spinelli's condition. Jason did not want her around. Maxie arrived at the hospital and met up with Claudia, who wanted to know if Maxie was still pursuing Johnny. Maxie said that she wanted the $20,000 and the humiliation it would cause Lulu, but that Spinelli was important to her also. Claudia got a phone call from Johnny and left for the police station, but not before showing great concern for Spinelli's welfare. Maxie also worried about Spinelli, who was overjoyed when Maxie told him he was perfect the way he was and kissed him on the cheek before leaving his cubicle. Jason also sat with Spinelli, who offered to move out of the penthouse because he feared that he was a burden to Jason. Liz listened as Jason also told Spinelli how much he cared for him and how proud it made him that Spinelli wanted to be his friend.

At home, Carly finished reading a story to a sleeping Morgan. She talked to him about her possible pregnancy, unaware that Jax had come home and was listening to her. Fortunately, for Carly, he did not hear her tell Morgan that the baby could be Sonny's. Jax wanted Carly to have a pregnancy test, but she was in denial and refused to acknowledge her symptoms. Jax agreed to refrain from pressuring her for a few days. Later, after he put Morgan to bed, Jax suggested to Carly that a new baby could bring their family together. Carly worried out loud that it might tear the family apart. Jax did not understand Carly's fears. He tried to comfort her, but she made excuses, rather than tell Jax the truth. Instead she told him that her grief over Michael made her feel completely alone, even when she was surrounded by family. Jax promised to stand by her and tried to soothe her feelings. Carly went to the kitchen to make corn dogs when Jax got a phone call from Kate. Kate told Jax that she and Sonny were getting married. He told her that Carly might be pregnant. Carly overheard him and was angry that he had shared her personal business with Kate. Jax told Carly that she did not have to be jealous because Kate was marrying Sonny. Carly immediately jumped to the conclusion that Sonny was getting married to Kate because he was selfish and guilt-ridden about Michael. Jax wondered if he should be jealous of Sonny. He defended Sonny and told Carly that Sonny was not forgetting about Michael, he was just getting on with his life. Jax told an uncomfortable Carly that they all had to get on with their lives and that was why he was so hopeful that she was pregnant.

Johnny was brought to the PCPD in handcuffs. Alexis and Lucky were there when Scott and Logan came in. Scott lied when he said that Johnny had thrown the first, unprovoked punch at Logan. Scott demanded that Johnny be arrested for assault. Anthony and Trevor arrived to defend Johnny. Anthony tried to intimidate Logan into recanting, but Logan held firm and refused. He upheld Scott's fallacious story and quit as Anthony's bodyguard. When Lulu arrived, Lucky let her watch Johnny through the glass of the interrogation room, so that she could see what a violent person Johnny was. Claudia responded to Johnny's call and also appeared at the PCPD. Anthony wanted to know if she had succeeded in killing Jason. She told him that Spinelli was there at the time and it would have looked too suspicious if both men had died. Anthony did not like her answer. She left him and went in to see Johnny. Claudia told a surprised Johnny how much she liked Spinelli, who did not judge her, but accepted her as she was. She also told him about the rapport between Spinelli and Jason as Lulu watched their easy camaraderie through the glass.

In her apartment, Robin argued with Patrick about his part in her pregnancy. Despite Patrick's repeated attempts to involve himself with Robin and the baby, and his obvious concern for Robin's health and welfare and that of their unborn child, Robin continued to refuse Patrick's pleas to form a family with her and the baby. Robin was so fearful that Patrick might eventually abandon their child that she told him it would be better for the child not to know him at all. Patrick was hurt, but continued to try to persuade Robin that he wanted to be part of a family, but Robin would not allow that Patrick could change. In her opinion he was the archetype bachelor. He told her that she needed him. She said that she could manage just fine without him. When Patrick answered a knock at the door, it was Maxie. Robin had called her to come stay over and tend to her. Patrick tried again to explain that his attitude had changed. He begged Robin to allow him into her life and the baby's life, but Robin remained selfish and unconvinced as she sent a very dejected Patrick away and told him to go back to his bachelor ways because she did not need him or want him to share in her baby's life.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

After dropping Morgan off at day camp, Jax returned home and found Carly busy working. When she was hit by a wave of dizziness, Jax suggested that Carly take a pregnancy test. Carly refused, insisting that she wasn't pregnant. Jax pointed out that she couldn't say that for a certainty, without taking a test. They argued back and forth until Carly admitted that she simply wasn't ready to find out if she was pregnant. Carly felt it was too soon, after everything that had happened with Michael. She would rather wait to find out whether or not she was going to have another baby. Jax seemed understanding and left for work a few minutes later.

As soon as Jax was gone, Carly picked up the phone and called Diane to arrange a meeting. Diane met Carly at Jake's. Carly made certain that she was protected by attorney/client privilege before she announced that she might be pregnant with Jax or Sonny's baby. Diane was stunned. Carly wanted to know if she had any legal grounds to keep Sonny out of the baby's life. Carly was certain that the moment Sonny learned about the baby he would demand a paternity test. Diane didn't disagree but warned Carly that she didn't have any legal right to keep Sonny from asking for a paternity test. She told Carly that just because Sonny gave up his rights to Michael and Morgan, didn't mean he automatically lost his rights to any future children. Diane also reminded Carly that Sonny retained partial custody of Kristina. Carly decided to take matters into her own hands. She told Diane that there would be only one way to stop Sonny and she would pursue it.

Nadine was working at the new free clinic, preparing for its opening, when Nikolas walked through the front doors. As he looked around at the results of their combined efforts, he thanked Nadine for all of her hard work. Unfortunately, they were lacking patients, a fact that Leyla noticed when she arrived at the clinic to volunteer for its opening day. Nikolas suspected that the mayor was behind the empty clinic. Mayor Floyd soon walked in and seemed pleased to see that the clinic was floundering. Nikolas wasn't discouraged. After accusing the mayor of protecting the interests of HMOs and corporations, Nikolas vowed to make a success of the clinic. As the men argued, Nadine walked in with an impressive number of people. They were patients. Annoyed with the turnout, the mayor left in a snit. Nikolas thanked Nadine and asked her how she had managed it. Nadine showed him her wrist ducky and credited it for helping her when she went to the projects in search of people who needed free medical care. Later, Lucky stopped by to congratulate his brother. As they talked, Nadine overheard Nikolas admit that the clinic made him think of Emily.

Kate asked Maxie about the arrangements for a business meeting. When Maxie told Kate that the meeting was scheduled to take place in Paris, Kate ordered Maxie to change the venue so that it was closer to home. Kate didn't think Jax would want to travel to Europe because of Carly's pregnancy. Jax arrived at Crimson a short time later. While the business partners talked, Jax mentioned that Carly had decided to hold off on taking a pregnancy test.

Maxie went to visit Spinelli at General Hospital during her lunch break. While at the hospital, she bumped into a young new doctor.

Tracy visited Monica. Monica was surprised to see Tracy and asked her if she had run out of people to harass. Tracy smiled but didn't engage in the usual banter that they shared. Tracy was worried about Lulu and wanted Monica's advice. Monica pointed out her failures as a mother then told Tracy that if she had to do things over again, she would do whatever was necessary to keep Jason away from Sonny and the criminal lifestyle. Monica urged Tracy to not give up and to do everything in her power to save Lulu's life.

Alexis was surprised to find Jerry waiting for her in her office. They were kissing when Claudia walked in moments later. Claudia demanded that Alexis have Johnny released from jail immediately. When Alexis refused, Claudia dropped all pretenses of civility. Jerry sprang to Alexis' defense and made a few subtle threats to Claudia. Alexis picked up on it and, after Claudia left, confronted Jerry. Alexis wanted to know what was going on between Jerry and Claudia and warned Jerry not to lie because she was fairly certain that Claudia would willingly talk if Jerry didn't. Jerry insisted that, beyond the few incidents that Alexis knew of, he didn't have any association with Claudia Zacchara.

Anthony went to see Johnny at the Port Charles Police Department. He vowed that he would get Johnny released and cleared of all charges, regardless what it took. Anthony was convinced that the only reason Johnny remained behind bars was because the authorities couldn't get to Anthony. After Anthony left, Claudia stopped by to visit her brother. Claudia warned Johnny that Scotty was out for blood. She also felt that Alexis was the reason that Johnny remained in "lockdown." Claudia was certain that if Johnny broke things off with Lulu, she would run back to Logan Hayes and Scotty would be content to let the charges drop. Johnny made it clear that he would not break up with Lulu. Claudia couldn't understand Johnny's attraction to the youngest Spencer. Claudia considered Lulu and her high school dramas, boyfriends beating each other up over her, to be unworthy of Johnny. Johnny declared his love for Lulu just as Tracy walked in demanding to speak with him.

Reluctantly, Claudia left when Johnny told her that he wanted to hear what Tracy had to say. Tracy didn't mince words. She asked Johnny if his father had murdered his mother. She went on to tell Johnny that she had once been married to a mobster and, for a short time, ran his organization. She knew firsthand about mob life and therefore feared for Lulu. Tracy told Johnny that Lulu was much too fragile, like her mother, and that eventually Johnny's life would destroy her. Johnny accused Tracy of throwing out every excuse that she could think of, hoping something would stick. Tracy said that was exactly her point; a million things could happen to Lulu but only one way would guarantee Lulu's safety. Before Johnny could reply, a police officer stepped into the interrogation room and announced that Lulu had arrived and asked to see Johnny.

In the squad room, Claudia spotted Ric Lansing and approached him. She told him that if Ric found a way to have Johnny released from jail, he would have her family's gratitude. Ric suggested that Claudia rethink what she was asking. He pointed out that with Johnny out of the way, the path would be open for her to be Anthony's favorite child. Claudia didn't think Ric had a true appreciation for the dynamics of her family. She told him that if Johnny ever disappeared the first person that Anthony would hunt down and kill would be Claudia.

Scotty went to see Alexis to discuss strategy. He wanted to work with Alexis to ensure that Johnny remained behind bars indefinitely. Alexis wasn't interested in working with Scotty. She told him that the incident at the Metro Court Hotel was being investigated and that preliminary results suggested that it was a mutual fight between two young men over a girl. Alexis wasn't certain that she would be filing any charges against Johnny. Later, Alexis instructed Lucky to go to the Metro Court Hotel and question witnesses who had seen the altercation between Logan and Johnny. As Lucky left, Anthony was wheeled in. Anthony didn't waste any time. He told Alexis that he wanted his son released immediately and then asked Alexis if Kristina enjoyed her lakeside day camp. Anthony then went on to point out the dangers of water and how easily children could fall in and drown.

Jerry returned to Alexis' office and found her quite rattled. Alexis had gone to pick up Kristina from day camp and had spotted one of Anthony's men nearby, watching Kristina. Alexis asked Jerry if he had meant it when he had promised Alexis that he would do whatever was necessary to protect Kristina.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Maxie, on her way to visit Spinelli, ran into the new Dr. Hunter at the hospital. She dropped her PDA/phone, and Dr. Hunter accidentally stepped on it. He told her she should be more careful, but Maxie was not about to let him by without giving him a piece of her mind. Nikolas walked over just as Maxie was yelling at Dr. Hunter. The new doctor was very rude, and Nikolas wouldn't allow allow him to get away with that sort of behavior. He reminded the new resident that he was Nikolas Cassadine, the individual who chose Dr. Hunter out of 2,200 applicants to be a part of the new program. Dr. Hunter would also be volunteering at the clinic, which Nikolas created in his deceased fiancée's memory. Emily Quartermaine was a brilliant medical student who displayed passion, which Nikolas felt Dr. Hunter should learn to display as well.

Jason stayed overnight with Spinelli at the hospital to make sure he would be okay. Claudia came to visit them in the morning but left shortly after Spinelli awoke. Not realizing Liz was in the doorway, Spinelli commented to Jason that he thought Claudia liked Jason. Liz did her best to ignore the comments, but Spinelli made things worse by back-pedaling so Liz would not be hurt. After Liz left, Jason asked Spinelli why he would ever think Claudia liked him. Jason was mad at Spinelli for his meddling, but Maxie came in and interrupted the argument. Jason soon left and Maxie was relieved to see Spinelli was feeling better. Spinelli felt he was to blame for the Asian virus. Maxie agreed he should not have had so much to drink or pretended to be someone he was not. Regardless, it was not Spinelli's fault that the pizza deliveryman had the highly contagious virus. Maxie brought him an orange soda, but Spinelli was still upset about Liz. He wanted to go talk to her, but Maxie pushed him back down on the bed when he tried to get up. Just as Maxie and Spinelli were wrestling in bed, Dr. Hunter came in and told them their sexual escapades would have to wait. Maxie decided to take advantage of the situation and told him they had sex all the time. Spinelli, not knowing what else to do, agreed with Maxie.

Robin was determined to get to work after Kelly cleared her from bed rest. Patrick greeted her at the door with breakfast and hot chocolate. The two started arguing over Patrick's unwillingness to be a father prior to finding out Robin was pregnant. Patrick agreed he made some dumb comments previously, but he was trying to grow up. Robin's mother interrupted them when she walked in and told them she could hear them arguing all the way down the hall. Anna felt Patrick should leave, so he left after Robin agreed with her mother. Later, Robin sneaked out while her mother was on a phone call. When Robin arrived at work, she chatted briefly with Liz before Patrick interrupted them. He presented Robin with a court petition for visitation rights to his unborn child. Robin was furious, but Patrick pointed out that bonding with a child happened even before birth. Patrick asked Liz for her opinion, but she refused to be a part of their argument.

Jerry asked Alexis to repeat to him exactly what Anthony Zacchara said to her when he threatened Kristina. Alexis told him that Anthony asked if she was worried about the lake at Kristina's day camp, because children wandered off and one could drown quickly. Jerry left quickly after promising he could take care of Anthony. When Nikolas stopped by later, he could see Alexis was clearly upset. He asked if Jerry was blackmailing her, but she said it was just the opposite. Alexis refused to give many details but just said that Jerry was taking care of a problem for her.

Meanwhile, Lulu visited Johnny in the interrogation room at Port Charles Police Department. Tracy was also there and tried her best to convince Lulu that Johnny Zacchara was no different than any other mobster. She told Lulu it would just be a matter of time before Johnny would put his family before Lulu. Tracy left, and Lulu and Johnny made plans for that afternoon as soon as he was released. Outside the interrogation room, Claudia showed up in an effort to get Johnny released. Ric also showed up soon after Claudia with a court order for Johnny to be released. Alexis looked over the order, but she said Johnny was set to be released anyway because they were dropping the charges. When Johnny and Lulu came out of the interrogation room, Ric told the younger Zacchara boy that his father wanted to see him. Johnny said he had plans, but Claudia asked if he would truly disappoint their father. Johnny kissed a shocked Lulu good-bye and left with his sister.

When Claudia, Ric, and Johnny arrived at Anthony's hotel room, Trevor tried to kick Claudia out before they started discussing business. Anthony allowed her to say, but he made a point of telling Claudia she had disappointed them by not following through with his instructions. (Anthony was referring to his request for her to kill Jason during the Asian epidemic.) Ric thought Johnny needed to be more careful with Logan Hayes and his father. Anthony warned Ric not to chastise his son. Anthony felt their real problem was Alexis Davis. Ric appeared shocked, but everyone was in for a surprise when Jerry walked in and put a gun to Johnny's head.

Carly arrived home to find Sonny, who was sitting in her living room. He had found out Carly might be pregnant and was demanding a paternity test. Carly said she didn't think she was pregnant, but the baby would not be his if she were pregnant. Carly said she and Jason had grown closer over Michael's shooting. Jax and Sonny were not there for her, so she turned to Jason in her time of need. If Carly were pregnant, she would tell Jax that a paternity test would be needed because Jason might be the father. Carly and Sonny argued more before he left. As soon as he was gone, Carly called and left another message for Jason. Jax came home as she was talking and asked who she was calling. Carly explained she was worried about Jason and would be tracking him down if he didn't call her soon. Jax didn't want her taking any chances for their unborn child, if she was pregnant. Carly promised she would do whatever was necessary to keep their child safe if she were pregnant. Jax pointed out that all rationality flew out the window when it came to Jason.

Sonny left Carly's house and went to Crimson headquarters. He wanted to tell Kate about his fight with Carly and explain what they had fought about. Kate had no interest in hearing about Carly. She did not want Carly to be any more a part of their relationship than absolutely necessary. She changed the subject and the two started talking about the upcoming wedding. They were soon interrupted when Jax showed up to get financial figures from Kate. While Kate left to get the paperwork, Sonny told Jax he should be asking Carly to get a paternity test if she was pregnant.

Jason arrived home to find Diane busily cleaning his penthouse. He told her the virus only lasted four hours, so any additional cleaning was unnecessary. Jason was curious to hear about the business certificates and the possibility of the police department shutting down one of their organizations. Diane told him that Port Charles politics should be the least of his concerns. Carly had a serious, emotional problem. Due to client/attorney privilege, she could not reveal specifics. Jason asked if Carly had mentioned having a plan, and Diane said she was under the impression that Carly did have a plan. Diane mentioned she felt Kate was only a break for Sonny from the catastrophic Carly. Diane asked what pulled Jason and Carly towards each other when Carly always brought him the worst catastrophes. Jason said he would do anything for Carly and he knew she would do the same for him. Diane told him to be prepared to do anything for Carly.

After Diane left, Jason started listening to the numerous voicemails Carly had left for him. Carly soon arrived and pulled out a pregnancy test from the brown paper bag she was carrying. She needed to find out if she and Jason would be having a baby together.

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