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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 7, 2008 on GH
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Kate and Jax flew to New York in Jax's plane. Kate told Jax that she was really sorry about Carly's upset. Kate said that she had no idea that Carly was so threatened by Kate. She wondered how Jax could be attracted to Carly, who was so mean-spirited. Jax said that he saw another side of Carly. On the limo ride into Manhattan, Kate told Jax to say, "No comment," when asked about her engagement to Sonny, because it would cause buzz in the press and help the Crimson magazine launch. Just before they arrived at the event they were attending, Kate lost her ring and told Jax not to move because she did not want the ring to slip behind the seat. She was on the floor trying to reach around Jax to get her ring as the limo doors flew open and the paparazzi started snapping photos of Kate and Jax in what appeared to be a compromising position.

Jason returned to his penthouse to find Carly urging Spinelli to use his computer skills to dig up dirt on Kate because a furious Carly had learned that Kate had kissed Jax. Jason tried to stop her, but Carly was determined to get information on Kate that would force her to leave town. Jason sent Spinelli away so that he could talk to Carly. When he asked her why she was going after Kate, she told him that Kate had kissed Jax. An incredulous Jason replied that Carly had made love to Sonny. He then asked her which was worse, Kate kissing Jax or Carly sleeping with Sonny. Carly explained her behavior as a "mistake" that she regretted, but insisted that Kate's kissing Jax was a deliberate attempt on Kate's part to ruin Carly's marriage to Jax. Jason tried to reason with Carly, but she was so convinced that Kate was out to get her that she would not listen. Jason told her that if she did not drop her vendetta against Kate that Sonny would get mad and tell Jax that Carly and Sonny had sex in the back of a limo. Then Jason asked if that was what Carly really wanted. He asked her if she wanted Jax to find out that she had sex with Sonny.

In Anthony's hotel suite, Anthony called Claudia "a manipulative tramp," when she tried to explain the youthful behavior that led to Anthony finding Claudia in bed with Trevor when she was sixteen. Claudia explained that she only slept with Trevor in hopes of getting Anthony to see how bad Trevor really was and send him away. Claudia was hurt that she was sent away instead. Anthony told her that she took after her mother, that she was always scheming and could not be trusted. Despite Claudia's explanation that she was young and Trevor used every excuse to touch her, Anthony persisted in calling Claudia a tramp. He said that he had sent her away because he did not want her manipulating Johnny as she had attempted to manipulate him. Claudia said that she loved Johnny and only wanted to protect him. Anthony told Claudia that the bond she had with Johnny was unnatural. A tearful Claudia insisted that she would never hurt Johnny. Anthony said that she already had when she hired Ian Devlin to shoot Sonny.

Claudia said that she, too, was in trouble and that as a child she had expected her daddy to protect her, but he had not. She also told Anthony that she knew he had sent a hit man to kill her. She grabbed a letter opener, and thrust it into his hands. As she was urging Anthony to kill her, Johnny walked in and stopped their argument. Neither Anthony nor Claudia would tell Johnny what they were actually arguing about, but Johnny did find out that Anthony was aware of his and Claudia's part in the shooting and subsequent coma of Michael. Claudia said that she had to tell Anthony that they were involved so that he would not kill Jerry, whose death would then trigger the release of information linking her and Johnny to the shooting. After Claudia apologized and left the suite, Johnny wanted to know why Anthony was so hard on Claudia. Anthony said it was because Claudia was only interested in herself and could not be trusted. Anthony stated that Claudia would eventually turn on Johnny because that was what women did. Johnny responded that perhaps women turned on men because men betrayed them first.

From Johnny's apartment, Lulu saw Logan beat up Maxie. Logan saw her and called Lulu's cell phone. When he told Lulu that he was coming over to talk to her, Lulu phoned Lucky, but he did not answer. She also called Maxie who did not respond. She made a flurry of other calls, but no one responded. As she tried to leave the apartment, she saw Logan and ran back inside and locked the door. Logan tried to cajole her into unlocking it by telling her that Maxie was faking and not injured at all. When Lulu would not let him in, Logan broke down the door with an axe. Lulu turned out the lights, found a knife and hid, but Logan found her and she dropped the knife on the floor when he grabbed her. When she tried to run, he restrained her and put his hand over her mouth until she promised not to scream. He would not let go of her until she promised to hear him out. Logan pleaded for a second chance with a very frightened Lulu. He told her that he had come back a different person after serving in Iraq. He told Lulu that he was a better person with her. When Lulu, under duress, agreed to give their relationship another chance, Logan tied to kiss her, but realized she was holding back. When Lulu tried to get away from him, he threw her to the floor. She picked up the knife and stood up. Logan lunged for her and was impaled on the knife that Lulu was holding in her hands.

Sonny was at home perusing a book of recipes that Kate had left for him to look over. She left him a note explaining that he could put his cooking expertise to use and plan the menu for their wedding reception. Sonny had just gotten started on the book when Robin dropped in to visit. They talked about Robin's pregnancy and Sonny's impending marriage to Kate. Robin told him that she hoped that he and Kate would be happy together. They discussed his grief over Michael and her grief over Stone's death several years before and what it took to recover from such devastating life events. After Robin went back to the hospital, Claudia stopped by. She said that everyone thought she was a slut, so she came to see Sonny because he was the man who brought out the slut in her. As Sonny watched, she started taking off her clothes.

Johnny found Maxie passed out on the floor of the Crimson offices. She told him that Logan had come to the offices and blamed her for ruining his life. The last thing that Maxie remembered was Logan standing over her. She thought that he was going to rape and kill her, but he was distracted by something that he saw through the window. When Johnny looked out, he realized that Logan had been looking at something, or someone, in Johnny's apartment.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Robin came home to find Anna measuring the windows for bulletproof glass. She also mentioned to her daughter that great strides were being made with Kevlar curtains. Robin reminded her mother that Patrick was the father of her child, not Sonny or Jason. Anna was just trying to keep her family safe, despite the heavy mob influence in Port Charles. They sat down to talk and Anna explained her thoughts on Robin's behavior. Anna realized Robin had no control over her HIV status, but the one thing she could control was Patrick's relationship with their unborn child. Apparently, these comments had hit too close to home, as Robin left and said she needed to get some air.

Robin went to Kelly's for takeout and ran into Jason. She asked him for some advice, like he used to give her when they had dated. Robin explained what had been going on with Patrick, and Jason did his best to understand. He pointed out the pregnancy had changed Robin and it could very likely also change Patrick. They stopped talking suddenly when Liz started to walk into Kelly's and stopped when she saw them.

Patrick talked to Epiphany about who could assist him on a surgery when Noah walked in and asked if he could participate. The two chatted very briefly about Noah's work abroad before Patrick agreed to let his father assist with the surgery. During the surgery, Noah asked if Patrick and Robin were getting along any better. Patrick mentioned Robin's hormones from pregnancy and Noah was shocked to hear the news. After the surgery was over, Noah mentioned he hoped Robin wasn't relying on Patrick to be a hands-on father. Patrick was stunned and upset by his father's comments. When the lawsuit was brought up, Noah offered to testify on Robin's behalf.

In the penthouse, Jason tried to talk some sense into Carly regarding Kate and Sonny's relationship. Jason realized Carly was still in mourning over Michael and all of her actions were due to that. Spinelli ran through the door and yelled out that Jason needed to rush to the Valkyrie's side. Spinelli was shocked to see Carly in the room and tried to skirt around his comments. Carly forced the information out of Spinelli, though. He had set up a search engine to notify him of any activity with Jax's name. He was alerted to a press picture of Kate with her head in Jax's lap. Carly thanked Spinelli for his hard work, and left.

Meanwhile, Kate freaked out in Jax's airplane. She realized the press had taken pictures of her when she was desperately looking for her engagement ring in the floor of Jax's limousine. Jax wasn't worried, though. He and Carly trusted each other, and Kate and Sonny should trust each other, also.

Sonny pushed off Claudia's advances and explained he was in love. He realized Claudia was feeling bad about herself and was trying to punish herself. Claudia explained her past to Sonny. Anthony had always been a little crazy, but after he had killed Maria, things had gotten worse. Claudia knew Trevor was bad news so she had developed a plan when she was only 16 years old. She planned things just right for her father to walk in on her and Trevor having sex. Things hadn't turned out the way Claudia had planned, though, and she ended up being the one who was banished. Sonny understood Claudia's feelings, but he said he would never treat his own daughter the way Anthony had treated Claudia. Later, after Claudia left, Carly showed up. She showed Sonny the picture of Kate and Jax and demanded he get his fiancée under control.

Logan stumbled away from Lulu and she realized she had stabbed him. She offered to go get help, but it was too late. The last thing Logan told Lulu was that she would never get over him. Johnny and Maxie rushed in and discovered Logan was already dead. Lulu told the whole story to Johnny about seeing Logan assaulting Maxie and then him coming over to "explain himself" to Lulu. He had taken an axe to the door to get in and had a blank look in his eyes when he talked to Lulu. Maxie thought Mac would believe Lulu's story but had doubts about Scott Baldwin. She reminded them all of Scott's reaction when Lulu had knocked Logan unconscious. They decided the best thing was to cover it up. There were many people who had wanted Logan dead. They would have no problems hiding the body. When Claudia walked in and saw the body on the floor, Johnny immediately said he had killed Logan.

When Jax and Kate finally arrived back in Port Charles, Jax went home to wait for Carly while Kate rushed to Sonny's house. A very nervous Kate stuttered and stumbled over her words as she tried to explain what happened while she was away with Jax. Sonny, with a stern look on his face, said he already knew what had happened. Meanwhile, Carly arrived home and was surprised to see Jax. She told him he would need to explain why Kate's head had been in his lap and why their marriage wasn't in trouble.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Claudia walked into the apartment that she shared with Johnny and found Maxie, Lulu, and Johnny standing around Logan's dead body. When Claudia asked what had happened, Johnny told Claudia that he had killed Logan in self-defense. He said that he was alone when Logan broke down the door and attacked him. When Claudia asked what set Logan off, Maxie jumped in and said that Logan had come to the Crimson offices and become crazed when Lulu told him that she loved Johnny and only Johnny. Lulu tried to step up and take the blame, but both Maxie and Johnny covered for her. When asked why she had not immediately called her daddy, the police commissioner, Maxie said it was because she did not want her involvement known. Claudia accepted the explanation given by Johnny, Maxie, and an obviously shaken Lulu. Maxie and a reluctant Lulu left the apartment to create an alibi for themselves, while Johnny and Claudia stayed behind to dispose of the body. Johnny and Claudia made a plan to dispose of the body in such a way that neither of them would be implicated in the killing, and their father, Anthony, would not find out.

Kate went to Sonny's home because she wanted to explain about the paparazzi photo that seemed to portray her with Jax in a compromising position. When she tried to explain, Sonny sounded angry, but was actually teasing her. After Kate fell all over herself apologizing, Sonny said that he trusted her and believed her. He was just stringing her along because she looked so pretty when she got mad. They laughed and Sonny wanted to celebrate, but first Kate had to do damage control. After Kate got off the phone, she worried about what form of retribution Carly's vindictiveness would take. Kate speculated about how long it would take for Carly to start throwing herself at Sonny. When Sonny said that he loved Kate and was marrying her, not Carly, Kate told Sonny that if he ever slept with Carly it would be all over for Kate and Sonny permanently. Sonny did not meet her eyes.

Carly was home when Jax tried to explain the paparazzi photo to her. Carly was irate, but was willing to give Jax the benefit of the doubt. She confronted him about kissing Kate on the plane on the night that Carly and Sonny took Michael to the long-term care facility. Jax told Carly that the kiss was a mistake, and that he was not attracted to Kate. He had only kissed Kate because he was feeling shut out and lonely. Carly scoffed at him and accused Jax of putting Kate's needs ahead of hers, and then stomped angrily out of the house.

Outside Kelly's, Robin thanked Jason for his insights about Patrick. When Liz arrived on the scene, Jason excused himself and noted that it was dangerous for anyone to be seen in the open with him. As he departed, he told Robin that if Patrick really cared for Robin and her unborn child, he would do whatever was best for the child. Robin seemed to listen. Liz sat down to talk with Robin. Robin persisted in thinking that Patrick did not really want to be a father. Liz asked Robin if Patrick was truthful with her. When Robin said, "Yes," Liz asked Robin why she could not allow herself to believe him. She asked Robin to at least consider the possibility that things would work out with Patrick.

Spinelli went to Kelly's to get takeout. While he was talking to Mike, Lulu followed Maxie into the restaurant and they staged a very public argument as an alibi for the time of Logan's death. The girls left Kelly's and went to Maxie's room. When Lulu wondered why Maxie was helping her, Maxie told her that she had been very frightened that Logan would rape and kill her and that she did not wish that on anyone, even her worst enemy, and besides, Lulu had saved her life by distracting Logan away from her. Maxie told Lulu that if she'd had a weapon, she would have killed Logan when he attacked her. Lulu still blamed herself. She said that Logan loved her and all he wanted was for Lulu to love him back. Instead of loving him, Lulu felt guilty because she had killed him. In a comforting gesture, Maxie moved to the bed and sat next to Lulu.

Jason returned to his penthouse and found Carly waiting for him. She was upset about the photo of Kate and Jax and blamed Kate for all her problems. When Carly got angry about the kiss between Jax and Kate, Jason realized that Jax and Kate had kissed on the same night that Carly had sex with Sonny. When he pointed that out, Carly rationalized that sleeping with Sonny was an act of grief between two people who would never be together again and therefore was "old cheating," but the kiss between Jax and Kate was "new cheating" and therefore much worse. When Jason asked if she had told Jax about the sex with Sonny, she said she had not because it would destroy her marriage to Jax, and besides, she continued, the kiss was much worse than sex with Sonny. Jason appeared nonplussed and tried to reason with Carly, but she would not be swayed by any opinion but her own. Jason told Carly that she was giving him a headache after she said that everything she was doing was for Jax's own good. When she left, Jason appeared dazed. Spinelli showed up with soup. He wanted to know how to talk to irate females. He wanted to know how Jason soothed Carly. A rueful Jason admitted that he was not always successful. They commiserated with each other about their woes with angry women.

Carly went back to Jax, who did his best to convince Carly that he loved her and would put her first. He told Carly that he was sorry that he had hurt her, but that there was nothing going on with Kate. Carly tried to get Jax to dump his investment in Crimson. Again, he denied any romantic interest in Kate and said he would sell his interest in Crimson as soon as the magazine launched and he could recover his investment. She retorted that he could afford to lose the money. He told Carly again that he loved her and was committed to their marriage and that he would never go to a party or be alone with Kate on a plane again. They kissed and held each other, but Carly's face was tearful and grim.

Patrick, Anna, and Noah discussed the impending court trial. Noah insisted that he would testify for Robin if Patrick did not call off the court hearing immediately. Anna said that she would testify for Patrick. The three were still arguing when Robin returned to her apartment. When Noah said that Patrick would be a rotten father, Robin defended Patrick. Noah said that Patrick only had him as a role model and that he had been a bad father to Patrick. Anna said it was about control issues for Robin. Robin said that it was not about Noah or Anna, it was about how Robin and Patrick could best raise their child. Robin chastised Noah for his demeaning comments about Patrick. A hopeful Patrick was crushed when Robin reiterated that she did not think that fatherhood was what Patrick really wanted. She said that she loved and respected Patrick and believed that he believed that he could be a father to their child, but she had been prepared to raise her child alone and she was still prepared to do so, and that was what she would tell the judge in the upcoming custody trial.

Nurse Nadine was at the clinic with Nikolas. While he worked in the back, she worked on the books. When Nadine heard a loud thump, she ran outside and found Logan's body on the sidewalk. When the PCPD arrived she told the detectives that she had seen a dark car speeding away. She gave the police the first three letters on the license plate, "ATJ."

In the parking garage, Johnny removed a license plate, with the letters "ATJ," from a dark sedan and replaced it with a different plate. While holding the plate, Claudia told Johnny that even if Nadine had seen the car and gotten a license plate number, the plate could not be traced back to them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

At the free clinic, Lucky and Detective Harper questioned Nadine about what she had seen when she discovered Logan's lifeless body. Nadine answered their questions but couldn't give them much beyond a vague description of the car, dark sedan, and the first three letters of the license plate. When Matt Hunter walked into the clinic, he was questioned as well. Matt told Lucky and Harper about the argument he had witnessed between Logan and Maxie the day before. Matt went on to tell the police detectives that Logan had been combative and appeared to have been looking for a fight.

Later, Nadine and Nikolas went to the police station to continue answering questions. Nik was concerned that Nadine's involvement might spell danger for her. He was worried that the same people who had killed Logan would try to kill her, if they learned that she was a witness. Nadine insisted on doing what she could to help the police solve the murder.

In Jason's office, Spinelli asked his friend for relationship advice. Before Jason could answer, Diane walked in and announced that Logan Hayes had been found murdered. She asked Jason if he had an alibi for the previous night. She was dismayed when she learned that his two closest friends, Spinelli and Carly, could provide an alibi for him. Diane perked up when she learned that Robin Scorpio could provide an alibi as well. Diane was certain that a respected, and pregnant, doctor would make an ideal witness for the defense in the event that Jason was charged with Logan's murder. Jason pointed out that he did not murder Logan and therefore did not see the need for alibis and witnesses. Diane reminded Jason that Logan worked for the Zaccharas, Jason's mob rivals, which made Jason a prime suspect in Logan's murder. Spinelli realized that the only way to clear Jason of any potential murder charges would be to find the real killer. Spinelli turned to his computer and began checking for surveillance tapes in and around the piers, hoping to spot something that would lead them to the real killer.

Detective Harper arrived at Jason's office shortly afterwards. When he began questioning Jason, Diane went into attorney mode. She told Harper that her client refused to answer any questions at the advice of his attorney. In response, Harper pulled out the handcuffs and arrested Jason. At the Port Charles Police Department, Diane told Jason that the police could hold him for 24 hours. She went on to reveal that the evidence against him was flimsy at best and that the police wouldn't be able to keep him in custody. Before she left, to attend to another case, Diane told Jason that she had arranged for him to have visitors since he tended to be quite popular when he was in custody.

Jason stood in a lineup while Harper asked Nadine if she recognized the driver of the car that she saw speeding away after she found Logan's body.

Holed up in Maxie's bedroom, Lulu was distraught over Logan's murder. Maxie tried to calm Lulu down but Lulu was determined to call the police. Maxie reminded Lulu that a number of people had actively covered up the murder for Lulu and they didn't deserve to get into trouble for their efforts. Lulu countered that she had never asked anyone to lie on her behalf. Lulu went on to confess that she never intended to kill Logan. Maxie believed her but said that it might be difficult to prove to the police since Lulu had put Logan in a coma, with a pipe wrench to the head, not too long before. Lulu asked if Maxie felt even the slightest bit of remorse over Logan's death. They were interrupted when Mac knocked on Maxie's bedroom door. He was surprised to see Lulu and Maxie together, given their history. Maxie explained that she and Lulu were trying to work things out. Mac seemed pleased to hear it, but then turned somber and broke the news to them that Logan's body had been found. Lulu was stone-faced and silent while Maxie pretended to be shocked. To keep Mac's attention focused on her, Maxie told Mac about her encounter with Logan on the pier.

Claudia made arrangements to dispose of the damaged penthouse door, which had been replaced, then rejoined her brother in the penthouse. When she began discussing replacing the blood-soaked rug, Johnny spoke up. He didn't think it was a good idea because it would arouse suspicion. Claudia disagreed; she thought it was too risky to leave the rug in the penthouse. Claudia's main concern wasn't the rug but rather, Lulu. Claudia felt that Johnny had a blind spot when it came to Lulu, who, according to Claudia, was all over the place emotionally. The discussion was shelved when Maxie and Lulu showed up. Claudia wasn't pleased to see them. She asked the girls if anyone knew that they were at the penthouse. Maxie assured her that no one saw them or knew where they were. Claudia made it clear that from that point forward, Lulu and Maxie were to take orders from her. Moments later, a phone call from Anthony called Claudia away.

Ric walked into Anthony's room and found Trevor had already arrived. Anthony got to the point quickly. He told them that his informant at the police station let Anthony know that Logan had been murdered. Ric worried that Johnny would be the prime suspect because of Lulu's connection to Logan. Trevor disagreed but Anthony didn't. Anthony suspected Johnny was guilty of the murder and ordered both attorneys to make certain that his son did not go to jail for the crime. When Mac arrived to question Anthony, they were surprised to learn that the police suspected Anthony of the deed. Anthony laughed and told them that he had fired Logan. Ric backed up the claim and suggested that Logan probably had been killed in a bar fight. When the police departed, Anthony said that they had left too easily. He suspected that they were focused on someone else for the crime.

When Claudia arrived to see Anthony, Trevor and Ric tried to question her about Logan's murder. Claudia refused to answer their questions so Anthony sent them away. When they were alone, Anthony asked Claudia if Johnny had, by chance, told her when or where he had killed Logan. Claudia tried to pretend that she didn't have any knowledge of the crime but Anthony knew about the door that Logan had broken down. Anthony appreciated Claudia's desire to cover up her brother's crime but he wanted more from her. Anthony ordered Claudia to go to the police and confess to witnessing Jason Morgan murdering Logan Hayes.

Maxie went into a panic when she arrived at Jason's office and found Spinelli working feverishly to find surveillance tape to clear Jason. To Spinelli's horror, Maxie dumped soda all over his keyboard. Spinelli explained that Jason had been arrested and that it was of utmost importance that they find the real killer. Maxie fired back that Jason would never be convicted of the crime because he didn't kill Logan. Spinelli found Maxie's conviction curious. He asked her how she could be that certain of Jason's innocence.

Lulu continued insisting on calling the police and confessing to Logan's murder. Johnny tried to talk her out of it. He warned her that Scotty would not stop at anything to make certain that his son's killer paid for the crime. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Mac.

Robin and Anna were having breakfast before they were scheduled to appear in court for the custody hearing, when Patrick, and then Noah, dropped by. Patrick brought Robin her favorite pastries, while Noah was there to offer Robin moral support. Anna took the opportunity and tried to get Patrick and Noah to work through their issues. It did not go well. Noah was convinced that Patrick was inherently unable to be a good father to his child because of the kind of father that Noah had been. Noah warned his son to walk away from his baby before he ended up with a mountain of regret, like Noah. After Noah left, Robin asked her mother to leave as well. Robin wanted to talk to Patrick. When they were alone, Robin told Patrick that he was a better man than Noah gave him credit for. Patrick chuckled, without humor, and pointed out that Robin just didn't think he was good enough to be a father to their baby. Before Robin could respond, Patrick went on to tell her that he loved her and their baby and that was why he had to go through with the custody petition.

Matt received a phone call from a mystery person. Matt apologized for not making arrangements for the counterfeit drugs sooner. He went on to explain that the person that he intended to set the deal up with suddenly turned up dead. Matt decided to resort to his contingency plan.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Robin and Patrick arrived at the courthouse with their attorneys, and Robin was upset when it appeared the trial could get ugly. Noah and Anna both arrived and said they would not be able to testify. When the trial started, Patrick took the stand and declared his love for Robin and the baby. Although he had not wanted to be a father initially, he loved Robin and the baby and wanted to be a part of his child's life. Robin stood up to apologize and stopped the trial. She told Patrick he could see her and the baby anytime he wanted.

Outside the courtroom, Noah said he was proud of his son for spilling his guts on the stand. Meanwhile, Anna pushed Robin to talk to Patrick, especially after the public announcement. Robin decided to take her mother's advice and approached Patrick. She told him she was happy he wanted to be a father to their baby, and they both told each other they loved one another. They all thought Robin, Patrick, and the baby would make a wonderful family. They were interrupted when Anna received a text message from Eli Love. He would be coming to town, but Anna was disappointed she could not be with him as much during this tour because she was preparing to be a grandma.

While Nadine prepared to look at a photo line-up of possible suspects in Logan Hayes's murder, Carly burst into the police station and demanded Jason be let go. Nadine admitted she only saw a black sedan dropping off the body and just barely got a glance at the driver. The police officers were furious at Carly's interference, but they allowed her into the interrogation room to talk to Jason. As they talked, Carly admitted to Jason that she had to stay away from the hotel temporarily because she started a disaster with Kate and the press. Carly allowed the press full access to Crimson headquarters and also started a rumor that Kate had previously had an affair with her former boss, Warren.

At the coffee shop, Spinelli and Maxie talked until Sonny interrupted them. Spinelli told Sonny that Jason had been detained as a suspect in the murder of Logan Hayes. Sonny wanted to know how much evidence the police had against Jason, but Spinelli refused to give out any information. Sonny was no longer a part of the mob business, so Spinelli was not allowed to reveal any confidential information to him. Sonny said Jason would not last long in the mob business if he continued to have stupid people like Spinelli working for him. After Sonny stormed out, Jason arrived and reassured Spinelli he was doing a great job. Jason needed Spinelli to find any surveillance videos that might reveal the driver of the sedan that had dumped Logan's body. Spinelli went right to work.

At Crimson, Kate was ecstatic that her former assistant had crossed the line and left Couture to work for her. As Kate was explaining to Jax what a huge asset the magazine was gaining, members of the press barged in asking questions and taking pictures. The press wanted to know if Jax's marriage was on the rocks and why Kate's head was in his lap in the infamous photo. They also mentioned the rumor that Kate had an affair with Warren years earlier when she was working for him. Sonny showed up just in time and was also bombarded with questions.

The chaos at Crimson was soon over, and all members of the press were gone when Carly showed up. She called out for Kate and was surprised the office appeared empty. Sonny walked into the office and explained Kate had been crying her eyes out in the bathroom due to Carly's stunt. Carly wanted Sonny to make sure Kate stayed away from Jax, but Sonny gave his ex-wife an ultimatum. If Carly didn't leave Kate alone, Sonny would tell Jax that his wife had seduced him in the limousine when they came back from admitting Michael to the nursing home. Jax walked in just in time to hear this last bit of information.

At Claudia and Johnny's apartment, Mac and Lucky showed up to interrogate Johnny. They were surprised to see Lulu there, so Lucky invited her for coffee to allow Mac and Johnny some privacy. Lulu was hesitant to go, but she ended up going to Kelly's with her brother after much persuasion. Lucky used that time to talk to his sister about the danger she was putting herself in the middle of by dating Johnny.

Meanwhile, Claudia went to her father's apartment and told him she took care of erasing all evidence from Logan's murder. Anthony wasn't very confident in his daughter's ability, but he was even more shocked to learn Lulu and Maxie had been there when Claudia discovered Logan's body in the apartment with Johnny. Claudia assured Anthony she would do whatever was necessary to protect her brother, but Anthony decided to take matters into his own hands. He had Maxie kidnapped and brought to him for questioning. Anthony was even more shocked when Maxie revealed she and Lulu were not friends and had staged a fight to provide each other's alibis. Anthony demanded Maxie tell him everything she knew about the murder.

Johnny was not pleased when Claudia admitted she had talked to their father, and he knew Lulu and Maxie had been in the apartment and witnessed Logan's dead body. Johnny went looking for Lulu and found her at the coffee shop with Spinelli. The computer genius had just told Lulu that his current assignment was finding Logan Hayes's true killer. Johnny saw Lulu's stunned face and asked Spinelli what he did to upset her.

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