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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 18, 2008 on GH
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sam was shot when the DEA intercepted Karpov's shipment on the docks. Luckily, Lucky was there and was able to rescue Sam and protect her from arrest. He wanted to take her to the hospital, but Sam insisted that it was just a flesh wound and she convinced Lucky to take her back to her apartment. When they arrived, Sam was still bleeding. She refused to go to the hospital because she did not want to answer questions about a gunshot wound and blow her cover. Lucky called Liz instead.

At the hospital, Anthony approached Liz and inquired about her relationship to Ric and Jason. She picked up on his subtle threats and responded with her own threat to tell Lucky. Anthony scoffed at the effectiveness of anyone in the Port Charles Police Department, but Liz refused to be engaged further, and sent him off to his appointment with a physical therapist. Shortly thereafter she received a call from Lucky and rushed over to Sam's.

When Liz arrived at Sam's, she figured out that Sam and Lucky's breakup had been a ruse. They apologized for keeping her in the dark and explained that they were trying to find the counterfeit drug ring. Liz applauded their efforts. She stitched up Sam's wound, but told her that she might need additional antibiotics. While Liz got rid of the bloody bandages, Lucky tried again to get Sam to give up her undercover work, but she refused. As they kissed, Liz returned to the room and saw them.

At Sonny's place, Kate interrupted Jason and Sonny before they could finish their conversation. Kate wanted to know if Sonny was going back to the mob. Sonny said no, that he was out of the business. Jason did not confirm or deny Sonny's words. He merely told Sonny that he had said all he had to say and would not be back. After, Jason left, Kate asked a second time if Sonny was going back to the mob. He told Kate that she had heard Jason and that they were merely trying to work out problems in their friendship. A saddened Sonny told Kate that he believed that it was too late to salvage it.

Kate commiserated with Sonny. When Sonny explained his long-term relationship with Jason, he told her how much it hurt him that Jason had sided with Carly to help her take his children away. Kate told Sonny she thought that Jason's actions were reprehensible, but also said that no matter what, she would always be biased toward Sonny's side. Sonny told Kate that Carly had a way of getting Jason to do what she wanted and he did not understand the power that Carly held over Jason. Kate told Sonny that even though he was feeling the loss of Jason's friendship, she thought it was for the best. She told Sonny that she did not think that Sonny could trust Jason any longer.

While Sonny and Kate were cuddling and kissing in the living room, the doorbell rang in the foyer. Max opened it to Sasha, Karpov's lawyer. When Max told her that Sonny was unavailable, she brushed Max aside and rushed past him to interrupt Sonny and Kate. Kate was protective of Sonny, but Sasha insisted that she was the lawyer for a European coffee importer and she had urgent business with Sonny that needed doing before the market opened in Europe. Reluctantly, Kate left them alone.

Sasha used all her wiles to try to woo Sonny back to Karpov, but Sonny told her she was wasting her time. Karpov had lied to him so Sonny was done with Karpov. Sasha left, but not before leaving her card and telling Sonny that Karpov had a way of getting what he wanted.

Kate came back a few minutes after Sasha left. She wanted to know about Sasha. Sonny sensed that Kate was jealous and he allayed her fears. He told her that he had absolutely told Sasha that he would not work for Sasha's employer. Sonny did not divulge details to Kate, but he gave her the gist of his parting with Karpov.

When Kate worried that the coffee business was not enough for him because he was ambitious and might need more, Sonny said that he would find another legitimate business venture to interest him. He told her that she was all he needed and that when Michael had been shot, he had realized how dark and ugly the mob business was. Sonny told Kate that her belief in him had enabled him to walk away.

Karpov ran into Carly on the docks. She was carrying a picnic basket. Karpov tried to persuade Carly to have the picnic with him on his boat. Carly told him that she was meeting her husband. When Karpov started to sound threatening and accused her of leading him on, Carly put on her most seductive manner and convinced him that she was still interested in him, but told him that he would have to make sure that Jason did not object. Karpov was satisfied and let Carly go on her way.

Carly showed up at Jax's hotel room. Jax was reluctant at first, but Carly was very persuasive. She had packed the picnic basket with items from a romantic picnic that they had shared in Alaska. They reminisced and grew closer. Carly made Jax admit that he liked being pursued, but he wondered if he would still be Carly's focus if he gave in to her. Carly was effusive in her love for Jax. While they were kissing, he accidentally bumped her sore ankle, and realized that she had been telling the truth, that she had been hurt, and not pretending, when she fell over a lamp at their home. Carly forgave him and acknowledged that she was not always truthful.

Jax seemed ready to kiss and make up, but Carly showed her love by telling Jax that she did not want to rush him, that she wanted to demonstrate her love by giving him all the time he needed to make his decision about their marriage. Carly told him she loved him and wanted him back as she hobbled out the door.

Mac and Scott arrested Johnny at Shady Brook. Lulu started screaming for Johnny to help her as orderlies put her in a straitjacket. Johnny resisted the police officers trying to restrain him so that he could help Lulu. Nikolas and Claudia arrived in time to see the police officers beating Johnny unnecessarily. Nikolas immediately took charge of Lulu, while Mac and Scott carted Johnny off to jail.

When Scott, Mac, and Johnny arrived at the police station, Trevor, Anthony, and Claudia were waiting for them. Scott refused to let anyone talk to Johnny, including a defense lawyer. When Claudia slapped him, he demanded that she be arrested for assault. Mac took him aside and pointed out that since everyone in the PCPD saw that the assault was a mere slap and arresting Claudia would be seen as harassing the whole Zacchara family-and could eventually weaken the case against Johnny if it appeared that Scott was engaged in a vendetta. Scott relented about Claudia, but was firm about keeping Johnny in jail with no bail to be forthcoming.

Back at Shady Brook, Nikolas dismissed the doctor who had restrained and sedated Lulu and called for Dr. Winters from GH. Before she arrived, Nikolas removed Lulu's straitjacket and asked her what happened. A sedated Lulu tried to explain. Even though she said over and over, "I did it," and "It's all my fault," she did not say, "I killed Logan," so Nikolas still labored under the impression that Lulu had nothing to feel guilty about.

When Dr. Winters arrived, Nikolas told her about Logan's obsession for Lulu, but both continued to assume that Johnny had killed Logan. When Dr. Winters tried to be optimistic with Lulu, Lulu responded that she was like her mother and would never leave Shady Brook.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sam was grateful to Liz for helping her so she wouldn't have to go to the hospital after being shot. Liz asked what the status was of the counterfeit drug ring, and Lucky said it was over. Sam was upset and thought her bullet wound would give Karpov more faith in her. Liz offered some relationship advice and told them both to respect each other's decisions and not be so stubborn. She knew they cared about each other and wanted them to be together. Lucky asked Liz to stay with Sam for a while so she would make sure Sam didn't leave right after Lucky did. Sam thought he wasn't giving in, but he continued and said he didn't want her back with Karpov until she was fully healed. After Lucky left, Sam thanked Liz again for her advice and her medical expertise. Liz told Sam not to give up on Lucky, because he wouldn't let her down.

Nikolas rushed into Lulu's room when he heard her screaming. She told him she just wanted out of Shadybrook, and Nikolas said he would get her out as soon as possible. He asked her if she saw someone in the room with them. Nikolas wanted her to be honest and reminded her he had seen Emily for months after her death. Lulu admitted she saw Logan in the room with them. She was worried she was turning into her mother, but Nikolas insisted she would not fulfill that prophecy.

Edward, Monica, and Alice visited Lulu in Shadybrook and brought her muffins. Lulu apologized for being a brat while she lived with the Quartermaines, but Monica reminded her that the family was famous for being brats. They just wanted her to get better and come home. Alice told Lulu that Tracy was out looking for Luke to bring him up to speed on Lulu's condition.

Claudia came to Port Charles police station and was allowed into the interrogation room to visit her brother. Claudia was upset with Johnny's previous decisions, and running away with Lulu only made things worse. Claudia stormed out when Johnny refused to rat out Lulu, and declared his love for Lulu.

Bernie came to see Jason and noticed how upset he was. Jason explained how he had the perfect shot at Karpov when a little girl went running into Karpov's arms. It was identical to the time when Michael was shot. Jason and Karpov decided to let things be for the moment, but Bernie didn't think that was such a good idea. Bernie did his own investigation on Karpov. The mobster has a history of moving in and telling the locals he was not a threat. Once he established himself, Karpov took out the competition. Bernie felt Karpov was vulnerable at that moment and should be taken out immediately. Jason asked if Bernie was telling this to Jason because it was something Sonny would have done if he was still running the business. Bernie knew how Sonny had run things, but he still felt not making a move on Karpov was a bad business decision.

Cody came to visit Jason after Bernie left, and Jason needed his help in his area of expertise. Before Jason could give him an assignment, though, Sasha knocked on the door. Jason excused Cody, and Sasha came in. She told Jason that Karpov wanted to make sure Jason knew he was not trying to interfere with Jason's business or territory. Jason questioned why Karpov was trying so hard, but Sasha said Karpov was just trying to cover all bases after his deal with Sonny fell through. Jason took a brief phone call and when he hung up, Sasha handed him a drink. She took her blouse off and told Jason sometimes she acted on behalf of her own interests and not Karpov's.

Patrick and Robin went to Kelly's to eat breakfast. After ordering, Patrick changed his mind and corrected their order to something healthier for them both. He said he didn't feel right about eating bad if Robin had to eat better. Later, at the hospital, Patrick tried to ease Robin's caseload so she could rest. She reminded him it was only 10:00 in the morning and she didn't need to rest.

At the hospital, Jolene tried to get Leyla to change her opinion of Dr. Hunter, but Leyla didn't think Matt was involved in the drug ring. They were interrupted when Dr. Hunter walked in and asked for a chart. He said something smelled good, and Leyla said she didn't wear perfume. He asked if she naturally smelled like heaven, and she walked away. He tried asking her out to dinner, but Patrick overheard and told the young doctor to leave Leyla alone or he would be charged for sexual harassment. Dr. Hunter told Patrick he was out of line, and Leyla said she could handle Dr. Hunter on her own. Anna overheard the exchange and seemed interested.

Robin was thrilled when she saw her mother in the lobby. Anna had been given a leave of absence from the agency and wanted to be around until after the baby was born. Robin was excited, but Anna felt Robin might need her more than she originally thought. Anna started to explain about Patrick and Leyla's earlier confrontation with Matt Hunter, but Robin asked if they could talk over lunch at Kelly's. Leyla had overheard their brief conversation, so as soon as the two women were gone she told Patrick what had happened.

At Kelly's, Patrick walked in just as Anna was finishing up summarizing Patrick's sudden urge to protect Leyla from Matt Hunter. Robin wasn't worried, though, and she told Patrick she knew what was going on. The smile on their faces gave it away, and Anna was thrilled to learn she was going to have a granddaughter.

Anthony came to the police station and demanded Alexis release Johnny, or those near her would pay the price. Alexis wasn't worried and told the mob boss that Sonny and Jerry would kill Anthony if he even came near her children. Anthony asked if Alexis really wanted to play chicken with him. Before Sonny and Jerry could do anything to Anthony, Alexis would have already lost those dear to her. He left and reminded her to concentrate on getting his son free.

Alexis went into the interrogation room and showed Johnny two pictures of her girls. She told him his father was threatening to murder her children if she didn't drop the case against him. If Alexis dropped the charges, she would be fired and another prosecutor would pick up where she had left off. Johnny should confess to his crimes, and Anthony would have no motive to kill Alexis' children. Alexis told Johnny that her children's deaths would be on his hands if Anthony murdered them.

Claudia and Nikolas met up outside Kelly's Café where they discussed Johnny and Lulu. Claudia was interested in Lulu and how her illness could help Johnny. Nikolas was upset and said Lulu might be able to help, because Lulu was very ill. She was constantly seeing a dead Logan with a knife sticking in his gut. She was very sick and getting worse by the moment. They decided working together was more important than ever.

Lulu went to her mother's room and told her mother she had been admitted. She didn't like Shadybrook, even though she knew the people there were trying to help. Lucky walked in and Lulu ran to him. He promised her everything would be okay. He didn't think going to visit their mother was a good idea, though. He acted like a worried father and reminded her not to leave her room without telling someone.

After she was all alone, Scott came to visit Lulu. He was very mean and told her he knew she was trying to get away with not testifying at Johnny's trial. Scott wasn't buying her act, though. He would make sure she would testify against Johnny, and her testimony would send him to jail for life.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At Jason's place, Sasha took off her clothes in an attempt to seduce Jason. Jason was not impressed. He picked up her clothes and told her to leave. Spinelli came home before she was fully dressed and got the wrong impression. After Sasha left, Spinelli ranted at Jason about the perils of getting involved with Sasha. Jason finally interrupted Spinelli to deny that he had slept with Sasha, but Spinelli did not believe him and continued to point out all the reasons that sleeping with the enemy was a bad idea. Jason stayed mum and tried to get Spinelli to focus on cracking the code to Karpov's PDA, but Spinelli could not get his mind off the idea that Jason was doing the naughty with Sasha out of grief over giving up Liz. A disgusted Jason left for a meeting and told Spinelli to get to work. Instead, Spinelli called Maxie and left a message.

Nikolas and Nadine got hot and heavy at Wyndemere. They were kissing passionately, when Nikolas pulled back. Nadine wanted more, but Nikolas warned her that there was madness on both sides of his family. He told her that his grandmother was a killer and that he had been unfaithful to Emily. Nadine retorted that he was making it up to Emily by being faithful to her long after she was gone. Nikolas told Nadine that he really liked her and because of that he did not want to hurt her. He stifled her protest and asked her to leave, which she did.

Lucky arrived at Wyndemere after visiting Lulu. He told Nikolas that he had found Lulu in Laura' room. Nikolas told Lucky that Lulu was having visions of Logan. Claudia showed up and overheard Lucky blaming Lulu's problems on Johnny. Claudia immediately jumped to Johnny's defense and blamed Lulu for Johnny's woes. When Claudia said that Lulu had brought in the gun, Lucky tried to deny it, but Nikolas interjected that they both knew that Lulu had brought the gun. Lucky retorted that Lulu did not make Johnny take her hostage.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Alexis tried to get Johnny on her side. She showed him pictures of her children and told him about the threats that his father, Anthony, had made against them. She urged him to confess and let her plead him out as self-defense. Before Johnny could respond, Trevor rushed in and told him to keep quiet. Trevor told Alexis that Anthony would not settle for anything less than complete exoneration.

Trevor begged Alexis to let Johnny go because he feared that his granddaughter, Alexis' daughter by his son, Ric, would also be killed if Anthony did not get his way. Alexis said that she could not do that because Scott would not let her. The mayor would appoint another prosecutor who would not even offer self-defense as Alexis had. Alexis made one more appeal to Johnny, left the photos with him and walked out. Johnny looked thoughtful.

Trevor told Johnny that Anthony was crazed and that they were pulling out all the stops to get Johnny released. He told Johnny that Anthony would go on a killing spree, starting with Claudia, if Johnny had to do any time.

Anna, Robin, and Patrick had a lighthearted breakfast at Kelly's. Anna, Robin, and Mike teased Patrick about being a reformed ladies' man and about how protective he had become of his soon-to-be-born daughter. Mike and Anna discussed the joys of being a grandparent.

Scott went to Shady Brook to harass Lulu, who was getting better until she took a verbal pummeling from Scott. He accused her of faking her illness and threatened to call her as a witness against Johnny. By the time Sonny arrived and stopped Scott, Lulu had curled herself into a ball and was sitting beside her bed with tears in her eyes. Sonny sent Scott scurrying away and knelt beside Lulu. He shared his fight with mental illness. He told Lulu that he had bipolar disorder and that many of the symptoms that she experienced, he had experienced. He encouraged her to let the doctors help and to have hope that she would get well.

Kate, Clarice, and Maxie were attending to business in the Crimson offices. Kate called Maxie aside and told her that Sonny had gone to visit Lulu. Kate could see that Maxie was eager to visit Lulu, so she let her leave work. Kate told Maxie to tell Lulu that her job would be waiting.

Lulu perked up when Maxie arrived with chocolates and cheer. Lulu was glad to see Maxie because Maxie knew the truth and had kept quiet instead of using it to hurt her. Maxie told Lulu that she was happy that Logan was dead. She said that if she'd had a knife when he tried to rape her, she would have killed him without a second thought. She said that she wished that her sister, Georgie, had had a knife to defend herself when she had been attacked and killed. She told Lulu to be happy that she was alive and not dead like Goergie. Maxie told Lulu that Logan deserved to die, and that Lulu had gotten something that Georgie had not: the chance to defend herself.

Lulu seemed to accept that, but said that she could not be happy as long as Johnny was taking the blame. Maxie said that Johnny had his whole demented family to look after him, and that any confession by Lulu would not be believed and would only make matters worse for Johnny.

When Lulu asked what was going on with Johnny's case, Maxie said that Scott was trying to get the court date moved up. When Lulu mentioned Scott's earlier visit and the threat to subpoena her, Maxie told her to forget about Scott and focus on getting better. They ate chocolate, and bonded. Lulu told Maxie that she was happy to see her. When Maxie told Lulu that Kate had said she could have her job back, Lulu sounded almost normal when she quipped that it must be killing Maxie. Maxie smiled in return when she joked back, "You have no idea."

Sonny went to the police station. Trevor tried to stop him from talking to Johnny, but Sonny persisted. He told Johnny about his visit with Lulu. He also told him about Scott's visit to her. He told Johnny that Lulu was too fragile to testify. He suggested that Johnny not allow his lawyer to call Lulu to the stand.

Patrick and Robin were laughing and smiling when they returned to the hospital. Robin went to see Leyla and overheard Nadine telling Leyla that the kiss she had shared with Nikolas was the most intense experience that she had ever had. She said it would never happen again because Nikolas had pulled away and asked her to leave, and she had done as he asked.

Maxie responded to Spinelli's call. He told her that he was researching Sasha and wanted her help to show it to Jason. When she did not understand, he told her that he thought Jason was sleeping with Sasha. When Jason got home, she asked Jason if he was sleeping with Karpov's lawyer. Jason asked how many times he had to say he was not sleeping with Sasha. Maxie then told Spinelli that Jason was many things, but a liar was not one of them. She said that she believed Jason when he said that he had not done the naughty with Sasha. When Jason told Spinelli to listen to Maxie, Maxie told Jason to cut Spinelli some slack because he was a really good friend to Jason. She told a disgruntled Jason to have some patience.

Lucky went to see Johnny, and demanded that he confess in order to keep Scott from calling Lulu to testify. When Johnny said that he was innocent, Lucky got even more argumentative. He told Johnny that Lulu had sacrificed her sanity for him and he perceived Johnny as too cowardly to tell the truth. Johnny said that his confession would make Lulu worse. Lucky knocked over a chair and got up close and personal with Johnny. He shouted at Johnny that the only way to save Lulu was for Johnny to get out of Lulu's life so she would not have to pay for what Johnny had done. Claudia walked in and overheard Lucky. She told him to get away from Johnny or she would have his badge. In a quieter voice, Lucky told Johnny that if he loved Lulu, he would confess. As Lucky tried to leave, Claudia told him that if he loved his sister, he would do whatever he could to save Johnny.

Nikolas paid a visit to Laura at Shady Brook and took her white roses. He told her about his worries for Lulu. He told Laura that Lulu feared that she would end up like Laura. Then Nikolas told Laura about Nadine and the crush she had on him. He said that he liked her, that she was a nice person and she made him laugh, but he thought it would be irresponsible and selfish of him to get involved with her, because he could not give her what she needed. He believed that Nadine would end up hurt in the end.

Sonny showed up at Crimson to tell Kate about his visit with Lulu. He told her that Lulu was fragile and confused. Sonny said that he had shared his personal experience with mental illness with Lulu. He said that he advised Lulu to cooperate with the doctors and believe in herself, to believe that she could get well.

Kate knew that Sonny had bipolar disorder, but they had never really discussed it. Sonny told her that even though medication regulated his condition, there were times when he did not want to take the medication, because he missed the manic part of the disease. He said that he would always take his meds, but he wanted her to know that the cravings were there and there was always the possibility that the medication would stop working.

Sonny told Kate that he hoped that she never had to see him go through a breakdown, but he could not promise that one would not occur. Kate told him that they would get through it. She said that she was going to vow to love him in sickness and health and she would hope he would do the same for her. Sonny smiled and they shared a tender kiss.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

At the penthouse, Spinelli continued to insist that Jason and Sasha were lovers. Jason was frustrated and told Spinelli and Maxie that his private life was not up for discussion. Maxie tried to help Jason understand that Spinelli's concern stemmed from friendship and respect. Maxie felt that Jason should at least listen to Spinelli, even if Spinelli was wrong about his assumption. Jason turned to Spinelli and told him that he appreciated Spinelli's concern. Jason acknowledged that he was under tremendous pressure and had quite a bit on his mind, however, Jason was not sleeping with Sasha.

Unfortunately, Spinelli was not swayed. After Jason left to check on Lulu, Spinelli told Maxie that Jason had protested a tad too much. Spinelli remained convinced that Jason was involved with Sasha. Before Maxie could talk him out of it, Spinelli decided to go on a stakeout. Spinelli was determined to gather proof of Sasha's nefarious ways. Spinelli hoped that it would motivate Jason to break things off with Karpov's attorney. Maxie joined Spinelli on the stakeout. While they were watching Karpov's warehouse, Spinelli began talking about the previous stakeout, when he had collapsed from the heat. Maxie asked Spinelli if he was using Jason's "affair" with Sasha as an excuse to go on a stakeout in an attempt to redeem himself. Spinelli was silent as he looked away with an expression of guilt stamped on his face.

Sonny was furious when Kate walked into his living room gushing about a Faberge gift box that Karpov had sent to her as a wedding present. Sonny took steps to have the gift box returned, much to Kate's ire. She demanded to know why Sonny was upset over the idea of Karpov giving them a wedding gift. Sonny gave her an edited version of the truth. He told Kate that Karpov was a mobster who had tried to lure Sonny back into the business. Sonny went on to tell Kate that he had not succumbed to the temptation. Instead, Sonny explained, he severed all ties with Karpov. Kate was relieved to hear that Sonny had walked away and understood his decision to return the gift.

Lulu managed to place a call to the Port Charles police station from Shadybrook. She convinced an officer to hand the phone to Johnny. Lulu began crying as soon as she heard Johnny's voice. Johnny tried to calm her down, but Lulu was quite distraught. Their conversation was cut short when Scott Baldwin walked into the room and took the phone away from Johnny. After Scott disconnected the call, he told Johnny that the phone call would be logged into evidence as proof that Lulu and Johnny were in cahoots. Scott did his best to push Johnny's buttons until Alexis walked in and put a stop to Scott's tirade. She reminded Scott that she was in charge of prosecuting the case and that Scott's involvement compromised the investigation.

Later, Claudia stopped by to visit Johnny. Johnny was determined to see Lulu and demanded that Claudia help him. Claudia made it clear that the only person she was interested in helping was her brother, not Lulu. Claudia pointed out that Lulu was unstable and would be called as a witness for the prosecution, but Johnny didn't care. He was worried that Lulu was suffering from more than post-traumatic stress disorder and he didn't want to waste time being stuck in jail.

At the hospital, Lulu learned that she could only leave with her doctor's approval, or if Lulu were accompanied by a family member. Even then, she would only be allowed to leave for a short period of time. Lulu was upset and tried to convince Lainey that she needed to see Johnny. He was the only person who could make her feel calm. Lainey didn't think Lulu leaving Shadybrook was in Lulu's best interest. They were interrupted by Lucky's arrival. Lulu was overjoyed to see him and didn't waste any time trying to talk him into checking her out of the hospital. She was surprised when Lucky refused. Lucky felt that Johnny was the last person that Lulu needed to see. Lulu tried everything, including emotional blackmail, but Lucky refused to give in, and stood by his decision.

By the time Jason stopped by to check on Lulu, she was weepy and listless. Jason realized that she was not doing well and asked Lulu how he could help her. Lulu asked him if he believed Johnny was the reason that she was in Shadybrook. Jason told her no; Johnny was trying to protect Lulu. Lulu was grateful and asked Jason if he would help her spend some time with Johnny.

Jerry met with Karpov but things did not go well. Karpov let Jerry know that he suspected Jerry of betraying him. Karpov pointed out that Jerry was involved with Alexis, the District Attorney. Jerry invited Karpov to check him for any wires. In the hallway, Max tried to talk Sonny out of going in to see Karpov. Sonny refused to listen to Max.

Liz stopped by Wyndemere. Nikolas thanked Liz for taking the time to visit with Lulu the previous day. As they sat down to chat, Nikolas confided that he had gone to see Laura. Liz seemed to sense that Nikolas had conflicted feelings for Nadine because of his love for Emily. She suggested that Nikolas keep an open mind. Nadine might not be the one, but she could be a possibility.

At the hospital, Liz and Nadine talked about Nikolas. Nadine vowed that she was through putting herself on the line for Nikolas only to be hurt when he rejected her. Nearby, Layla answered an incoming phone call. It was Nikolas, asking to speak to Nadine. Nadine took the call and was surprised when Nikolas invited her to Wyndemere. Nadine accepted and hung up the phone. Liz and Layla smiled and engaged in some good-natured teasing. Nadine downplayed the phone call and told them that he probably just wanted to make it clear that he wasn't interested in her.

Nadine arrived at Wyndemere to find Nikolas waiting for her with a romantic candlelit dinner. He told her that he wanted to apologize for the way that he had treated her after their kiss.

Epiphany and Patrick were bickering back and forth as they approached the nurse's station. Robin was curious about what they were talking about, but Patrick refused to enlighten her. He asked Robin to trust him and promised her that she would know by the end of the day. Robin jumped to the conclusion that Patrick was going to try to push her to take an early maternity leave. That theory was bolstered by Anna's arrival. Robin made it clear that she had no intention of going on maternity leave early. To emphasize her point, Robin returned to work. While Robin was in an exam room with a patient, Patrick's voice came over the P.A. system. Robin was speechless as Patrick began talking about how much he loved Robin and their baby. As she made her way to Patrick at the nurse's station, Patrick listed all the reasons that he thought Robin was a special and unique person. When he saw Robin, Patrick put the phone down and walked up to her. In front of the hospital staff, Mac, and Anna, Patrick proposed marriage to Robin.

Friday, August 22, 2008

At the hospital, a misty-eyed Patrick got down on one knee and asked Robin if she would marry him. He told her he knew they wouldn't always get along, but they would always have respect for each other. Robin had made him want to commit to someone, and Patrick was ready to commit to her and their family. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and their baby. Robin was clearly touched by Patrick's words, but a crowd had gathered. As Liz, Kelly, Epiphany, Mac, Matt Hunter, and Anna watched, Robin said it was a beautiful thought, but she was too crowded. A very hurt Patrick sat down on the floor while Robin got on the elevator.

Patrick found Robin in the park and sat down next to her on the park bench. She said she finally realized what the woman at the SuperBowl every year felt like. She was referring to the marriage proposal that inevitably always happened upon the huge MegaTron. All those people staring at her, she couldn't say no. Patrick asked if that was what Robin was trying to do-say no. Robin said she wanted to make sure Patrick wasn't just asking her to marry him because they were having a baby together. She thought that was a terrible idea. Patrick agreed. It was a terrible idea to get married just for the sake of the baby. He wasn't asking her to marry him just for the baby, though. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Robin said they didn't need the stress of a wedding, but Patrick said he wanted it. He wanted to say vows to her, so the next time they got into a fight there was a reason to keep trying. Robin told him she loved him, but apologized. She just couldn't marry him. Robin walked away as Patrick sat with tears running down his face.

Back inside the hospital, Robin's friends stood around and guessed why Robin did what she did. They all had their own opinions and debated whether Patrick had changed his old ways. It was time to step in and help Robin out.

Meanwhile, Spinelli and Maxie sat in their car on a stakeout. Spinelli tried to get Maxie to cooperate with his rules for stakeouts, but Maxie wasn't very interested. She knew Spinelli was trying to help Jason out, but Maxie didn't think Jason could be convinced of anything by Karpov's attorney, Sasha. Maxie was more concerned with Johnny and Lulu's predicament. It was only a matter of time before the truth came out and Maxie was charged with aiding and abetting in connection with Logan's murder. Spinelli said there was nothing either of them could do but wait. The stakeout was a perfect diversion to keep them from worrying. Maxie was touched that Spinelli had asked her to go with him on the stakeout just to keep her mind off her own worries. She told him there were plenty of other things they could do to keep their minds off of Logan's murder. Maxie thought there had to be something better to do than a stakeout. Suddenly, Maxie thought she saw someone going into Karpov's warehouse with a gun.

Inside Karpov's office, Karpov told Sonny he had sent the gift as a good-will gesture with no hard feelings. He still thought the alliance with Sonny was good business, though. Sonny wasn't interested in doing business with Karpov after he had broken their previous deal. Sonny made it very clear that Karpov was on his own with both Jason Morgan and the Zacchara family.

After Sonny left, Jerry came out of hiding and told Karpov it would be very bad if Sonny had found him there. Karpov wondered aloud who it would be bad for, Sonny or Jerry. Jerry said Karpov needed to realize the deal Jerry was offering was the best Karpov would receive. Jerry was loyal to whoever paid him, and Karpov would just have to trust him. Karpov's phone rang, and Jerry listened as Karpov talked to the caller about a situation outside the warehouse. When Karpov hung up the phone, Jerry asked if there was a problem. Karpov told him that Jerry might be the solution to the problem.

Back at the stakeout, Maxie wanted to call the police. Spinelli started to get out of the car and told Maxie he needed to investigate further. She went after him and suddenly they saw bright lights. A car was headed straight for them.

Claudia visited with her brother at the Port Charles police station. Johnny asked Claudia to help him get some type of visitation to see Lulu. Claudia felt Johnny needed to stay as far away as possible from Lulu. They argued until Lucky came into the interrogation room and started yelling at Johnny. Lucky had seen Lulu earlier and she was not doing well. Lucky just knew that Johnny and Lulu had talked, which he felt had led to Lulu's deterioration. Johnny started to tell Lucky that Lulu needed him, but Lucky leapt across the room to attack Johnny. Claudia called for help and Detective Harper pulled Lucky out of the room. He told Lucky to go take a walk, while Claudia demanded someone write Lucky up for his behavior. Detective Harper said he saw nothing to write Lucky up about. He just saw a good cop trying to handle an out-of-control murder suspect. Later, Claudia confronted Lucky outside the interrogation room. She told him that what had just happened was a perfect example of why Johnny needed to stay away from Lulu.

At the same time as Claudia was talking to Johnny, Lulu was begging Jason to get her out of Shadybrook so she could see Johnny. Jason reminded her that signing her out would be kidnapping since he wasn't family and she wasn't able to make decisions for herself. Besides, seeing Johnny would only make things worse for everyone. The prosecutors could use that as an excuse that Lulu could testify against Johnny. Jason started to leave, but a crying Lulu asked Jason if he would take the chance to see Jake and Liz if it was his last chance to see them and tell them he loved them. Jason didn't think their two situations were alike, but Lulu told him she wasn't sure if her own condition would deteriorate like her mother's. Lulu feared she would go into a catatonic state, and she wasn't sure what memories she would be able to take with her. Jason took pity on her and decided to check her out. They started to walk down the hall, but a nurse stopped them and asked where they were going. Lulu said she was going for a drive with her brother, and Jason said Dr. Winters had okayed it as long as Lulu was kept out of stressful situations. The nurse seemed appeased by this answer and let them go.

Later, Lucky went to Shadybrook to check on Lulu but couldn't find her in her room. He stopped a doctor in the hall and asked where Lulu was. The doctor said Lulu's brother had left for a ride. Lucky was surprised because Nikolas hadn't mentioned it to him. The doctor said Lulu had improved so much while her brother was there; it had even calmed the doctor's reservations about letting her leave on a motorcycle.

As Claudia relentlessly nagged Johnny about staying away from Lulu, Johnny stared out the window in the interrogation room and suddenly saw Lulu. He opened the door and overheard Detective Harper asking Lulu if she was all right. Lulu said she was fine, but she just really needed to see Johnny. Detective Harper said he would ask Claudia if she would leave, because Johnny could only have one visitor at a time. Claudia spoke up and said no. Lulu would have to come back another time. Johnny didn't agree, though, and told Claudia she would have to leave. Detective Harper took Lulu in and told her and Johnny they would have to remain on opposite sides of the table. He would allow them to hold hands, though. As soon as they were alone, Lulu burst into tears, relieved she could finally be with Johnny. She thought she was getting worse. Johnny asked her to hang on. He promised he would get out of the murder charges and would be waiting for her when she was released from Shadybrook. Suddenly, Lulu saw Logan in the room with her and went hysterical.

Outside the interrogation room, Claudia was furious at Jason for bringing Lulu to see Johnny. She asked if he was intentionally trying to get her brother a life sentence. Jason said he was just doing a favor. He watched as Lucky stormed in and headed towards the interrogation room. Jason stopped him and said he was just trying to help Lulu. Lucky wasn't interested and told Jason to back off or he would have Jason arrested for impersonating Lulu's brother. Before Jason left, he asked Lucky to listen to Lulu. She might be sick, but she needed people to listen to her and understand what she needed. Lucky started to go into the interrogation room, but Claudia stopped him. She said she hated Lulu and Johnny together just as much as Lucky did. Pulling them apart wouldn't solve anything, though. Claudia seemed to get through to Lucky. When Scott Baldwin walked in and demanded Lulu be separated from Johnny, Lucky asked for a few more minutes for Lulu and Johnny.

At Wyndemere, Nadine sat down to dinner with Nikolas and was a bit overwhelmed by all the silverware and fancy place settings at the table. Nikolas told her a story about how he couldn't figure out if he should use a spoon or a fork the first time he ever ate chili at Kelly's. The story eased Nadine's nerves and she was able to calm down. He noticed how much she was enjoying herself and commented how she always enjoyed herself, no matter what she was doing, even new things. Nadine asked if Nikolas was willing to try new things. He started to walk her out and they talked about how Nikolas should open up a bit more. He asked if she had something in mind, and she mentioned they had never danced. Since they were in a castle, she thought maybe they could waltz. He asked if she had ever waltzed before, and she reminisced about waltzing on her dad's feet when she was growing up. They started to dance and Nadine laughed at how much more difficult it was than she remembered.

Kate tried on her wedding gown at her house, while Clarice and a seamstress helped. Everyone was thrilled with how beautiful the bride-to-be was, until Sonny came into the room. Kate rushed to make sure he didn't see her in the gown but soon realized it was too late. Sonny turned around while Kate and the girls rushed to make sure everything was just right. When Sonny turned back to see her, he told her how beautiful she looked. He said he couldn't stop staring at her. They talked about how elegant her dress was, and the two other women left. He was surprised she wasn't getting married in a dress that looked like exploding pillows. She asked if he was implying she wouldn't look good in an exploding pillows dress. Sonny quickly covered, though, and said Kate would look good in anything. Kate looked especially good in nothing, though. He told her he was taking back the comments he previously had said about their wedding. Although he was a very private person, he thought they were starting their life together in a good way with a beautiful wedding. He wrapped his arms around her and was suddenly poked by a pin in her dress. Kate looked down and saw blood on her wedding gown. She said it was the worst possible luck.

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