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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 25, 2008 on GH
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Spinelli and Maxie staked out Karpov's warehouse. As they got out of the car to investigate some suspicious activity, a car sped down the alley. Spinelli pushed Maxie out of its path, but did not get out of the way in time. He was hit and thrown several feet. Maxie called for an ambulance and fretted about Spinelli's condition.

Nikolas and Nadine waltzed together on the terrace at Wyndemere. She was clumsy but Nikolas seemed to have fun teaching and encouraging her to dance. As they twirled around, Nadine imagined herself as a Cinderella-type girl. She was dressed in a lovely white gown and wore a diamond tiara. Nikolas, as the handsome prince, was suitably attired in a tux. She imagined them waltzing and as they were about to kiss, Nikolas called her out of her fantasy and Nadine stumbled.

Nikolas thought she was dizzy from the spinning, but she said that she was exhilarated and wanted to do it again. As they began to dance, Nikolas looked deeply into her eyes and was about to kiss her, when Nadine's phone rang with an urgent request for her to return to GH. Both Nadine and Nikolas were breathless when she left Wyndemere.

Sam called Lucky to tell him that something suspicious was happening on Pier 52. While she was leaving a message, she heard voices, and hid. She overheard Jerry and Karpov speaking Russian as they walked by her.

Sonny dropped by to visit Kate. Clarice and a seamstress were there to help fit her wedding gown. She tried to hide from Sonny, because she was superstitious about being seen in the dress. Sonny chuckled at her fears and insisted on seeing the gown.

Clarice and the seamstress left. Kate got blood on her wedding gown from a pin that had been left in it. She immediately sent Sonny to her kitchen to bring back salt, not, she told him, as a stain remover, but to lift the bad luck curse. Sonny laughed, but did as he was told. When he got back with the salt, Kate threw it over her shoulder and pretended to spit and made Sonny do the same. Kate went through several silly rituals to ward off the bad luck. Sonny remained skeptical and on the verge of laughter. He started kissing her and they made love on Kate's sofa.

In the afterglow, they talked about the old neighborhood and some of the superstitions of the people there, including the Cerullo family, who were friends to both Sonny and Kate. Kate reminisced about her grandmother. She told Sonny a poignant story about her sister and a broken mirror. She said that her grandmother, Nonna Falconeri, had made them tie 28 white bows, representing the 28 shards of the broken mirror, on every mirror in the house to ward off bad luck. Sonny was touched by the story and wondered if Kate and her sister, Olivia, were close. Kate said no, that they were too competitive with each other. Kate told Sonny that she had not been back to see anyone in the old neighborhood in years. Wistfully, she said that her sister had told her that no man would ever have Kate, and yet she was marrying the best-looking boy in the neighborhood. When Kate left to fix a snack for Sonny, he took out his cell phone and called Mrs. Cerullo to ask a favor.

Jerry dropped in on Alexis, who was working late at the office. He brought a picnic basket filled with all her favorite foods, because he thought she was toiling too hard and not eating. They shared wine and kisses. There was a knock on the door and Sam interrupted. She was not happy to see Jerry there and made her disapproval of Alexis' relationship with him known. When Alexis asked what Sam wanted, she said that she had just stopped by to catch up and left abruptly. Alexis and Jerry kissed a few more times, then Alexis sent Jerry on his way so she could go back to work.

Jason pretended to be Lulu's brother so he could sign her out of Shady Brook. She wanted to see Johnny, so he took her to the Port Charles police station. Lucky did not want her there, but Lulu insisted that she had to see Johnny. Lucky reluctantly agreed. Once in the interrogation room, Logan appeared to her again and Lulu started screaming uncontrollably. Johnny was calming her down when Lucky rushed in and pushed Johnny away as Claudia and several of the detectives looked on.

Lucky blamed Johnny for Lulu's behavior and rushed her out of the room. Lulu seemed to recover her senses and begged Lucky to let her stay with Johnny, but Lucky insisted that she return to Shady Brook.

Claudia remained with Johnny and wondered why Lulu was so upset by Logan's death. Johnny said it was because Lulu had seen the body, but Claudia was skeptical. While they were talking, Scott came in and made mean remarks about Lulu, including that he would call her to the stand to testify. Johnny was inflamed and grabbed Scott. Claudia calmed Johnny down, but Scott was not mollified. He insisted that he would have Johnny transferred from the Port Charles jail to Pentonville Prison.

After Scott left, Trevor came to aid in Johnny's defense. Claudia did not want Trevor, she wanted Ric, but Trevor insisted that Ric had gone away on vacation with his daughter, Molly, and did not care about Johnny. Trevor said that he would see to Johnny's defense.

Claudia excused herself when she saw Alexis leave her office. Claudia let herself in and had just pocketed Ric's phone number, when Alexis caught her and threatened to have Claudia arrested for breaking and entering, and evidence tampering.

Dr. Winters was waiting when Lucky took Lulu back to Shady Brook. Lulu remained mute as Lucky told Dr. Winters that he was pretty sure that Lulu was hallucinating Logan because he had heard her say "You're dead. Stop torturing me," to someone that no one else could see.

Dr. Winters told Lulu that she did not have to talk if she did not want to. Lulu finally responded with angry words to Lucky because he had taken her away from Johnny. When Lucky and Dr. Winters went outside to discuss Lulu's condition, Lulu curled up in a ball beside her bed.

Later, Lulu went to see her mother, Laura. She poured out all her worries and fears, especially that she would end up in hell with Logan forever. She told Laura how much she wished they could talk. She was crying as she laid her head in Laura's lap. Lulu looked up in amazement when Laura's hand stroked her hair. Then Laura said, "Lulu, everything's going to be all right. Mama's here."

Matt made a crack to Leyla about Patrick, wondering how long it would be before Patrick cheated on Robin with a GH nurse. Leyla took exception and caught Matt slack-jawed when she told him that she was the last nurse Patrick had slept with. Before Matt could respond, Spinelli was rushed in.

Maxie did not want Matt to treat Spinelli, but had little choice, since Patrick was off duty. Nadine rushed back from Wyndemere to assist in surgery if necessary and shared her fears-that Matt was subbing counterfeit meds and would hurt Spinelli-with Leyla.

When Matt went to Spinelli's room to tell him the results of his tests, Maxie, Nadine, Leyla, and Liz were also there. Matt told Spinelli that his spleen was damaged and had to be removed immediately. Nadine made an obvious pitch to Spinelli to find another doctor. Matt called Nadine aside and chastised her for disparaging him in front of a patient.

Maxie asked for Liz's opinion and she said that Matt was right; delay could be dangerous for Spinelli. Liz told Maxie that she believed that Matt was a good surgeon and could handle Spinelli's case. When it came time for a decision, Spinelli told Maxie to make it because he trusted her with his life.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jax walked into the Metro Court restaurant to find Carly and Andre Karpov flirting. He was disturbed when he learned Andre's name, aware that Mr. Karpov was the Russian mob boss. Carly admitted she was trying to get information for Jason, but this information only infuriated Jax even more. Carly stormed out after telling Jax she was going to visit her cousin, Lulu.

Nikolas walked in as Alexis was about to have Claudia arrested for breaking into her office. Alexis looked desperately for something that may be missing, while Nikolas tried to calm her down. He said he thought she was overreacting. Alexis was surprised Nikolas was standing up for the Zaccharas. Nikolas explained that he understood Claudia's love for Johnny and wanting to protect him. It was the same way he felt about Lulu. Alexis agreed to let things go for Nikolas' sake.

When Claudia left Alexis' office, she walked out with a note about where Ric and Molly were at in New York. Claudia immediately left for New York and found Ric's hotel. She paid a maid to let her into Ric's room and surprised Ric and his female guest while they were in bed. Claudia demanded Ric's friend leave so they could discuss business. Although Claudia insinuated the woman was a hooker, Ric and his guest explained that they had been law partners in a prestigious law firm. After the woman left, Claudia told Ric they had work to do. Johnny had been locked up for Logan's murder and Ric needed to get him off from the murder charges. Ric said this was something Trevor could handle, but Claudia reminded him of their previous deal. She would give him whatever he wanted if he would get Johnny out of the murder rap.

Lulu was happily surprised when her mother spoke to her. Laura explained she didn't want anyone to know she may be getting better in case she would relapse. Lulu told her mother that she was not visiting, but Lulu had been admitted as a patient at Shadybrook. Laura told her daughter she was stronger than Laura had been. They were not alike. Laura started to drift off again, and Lulu became scared. Laura said she just needed some rest and she would be there when Lulu got back. Happily, Lulu left the room.

Lulu went back to her room and was shocked when Carly came strolling in minutes later. She had a gift bag for her of chocolates, a new jacket, and tabloids. Lulu was ecstatic. Carly was shocked at how well Lulu was doing. Carly reminded her that she understood what it was like to be in Shadybrook. Carly said she needed to make sure she was taking her medication and doing what the doctors told her to do. The most important thing was to be honest with herself, though. Lulu told her cousin about seeing Logan, but she was feeling much better now. She had talked to people who had made her feel better. Carly was puzzled by this statement, but Lulu further explained she had just been talking to other patients.

When Carly left Shadybrook, she went back to the hotel where Jax was waiting in the restaurant. Jerry had been by to see him and warned Jax to keep Carly away from Andre Karpov. Women that crossed Mr. Karpov ended up dead. Carly said she knew all this information, but she was upset that Jax didn't trust her. She reminded him that not all women were as resilient as she was. She didn't want to have the argument anymore, and Jax asked her what was bothering her. Carly explained she had been to see Lulu, and she thought Lulu was delusional. She was doing much better than expected and it worried Carly.

Anthony made it very clear to Johnny that he would use Lulu and do whatever was necessary to keep Johnny out of prison. Anthony would not stop at ruining Lulu's already fragile state of mind. Johnny was furious and reminded his father of his own past mental illnesses. Anthony couldn't sympathize with Lulu, though. Johnny was his only concern.

When Anthony left, Johnny had another visitor. Nikolas came to see him to talk about Lulu and help the two of them. Johnny warned Nikolas to keep Lulu off the witness stand, and he further explained what his father had said during his visit. Nikolas wondered aloud why Johnny was so adamant about keeping Lulu off the witness stand. He asked if there was something Lulu knew that the rest of them didn't. Johnny said he was just worried about Lulu crumbling on the stand. Lulu blamed herself for what happened to Logan, and if Johnny went to prison she would further blame herself for his incarceration.

Spinelli was in so much pain he couldn't make the decision whether or not to have surgery. He asked Maxie to make the decision for him. Maxie was torn until she saw how much pain Spinelli was truly experiencing. When Nadine, Leyla, and Dr. Hunter walked into the hospital room arguing, Maxie interrupted them and told them to do the surgery. Spinelli agreed and once everyone left he tried to say goodbye to Maxie. She was very upset and told him not to say goodbye. He was just being dramatic, and she had experienced similar situations during her past heart surgeries. Maxie told him to think about someone he loved and wanted to live for while he was in surgery to keep him from slipping to the other side. She told him Georgie would push him back to Maxie, though, because Georgie knew how much her sister needed Spinelli. Soon, the doctors came in and Spinelli was taken to the operating room. During the surgery, Nadine kept interrupting and questioning Dr. Hunter's judgment. Epiphany kicked Nadine out of the operating room to allow Dr. Hunter to finish the surgery.

Once Spinelli's surgery was over, he was wheeled back into his room. Dr. Hunter told Maxie everything had gone well, but she asked Epiphany for a second opinion. Dr. Hunter was furious and threw a little hissy fit. Once he was gone, Epiphany scolded Leyla and Nadine in front of Maxie and said Dr. Hunter was an infuriating intern. However, he was still a doctor and deserved their respect. The surgery had gone well, and Epiphany said Spinelli would be up to his usual antics in no time. Maxie went in to visit Spinelli and hushed him when he started to speak. She said he needed to rest and she would be there when he woke up.

Meanwhile, back in the District Attorney's office, Alexis received a visit from Jerry. He asked if she would continue their previous picnic at his hotel room where they could order room service. Alexis said she was much too busy. She asked him if he really liked her or if he was just involved with her to keep himself out of trouble. Jerry was upset by the question and said he thought they had been through this and trusted each other. Alexis apologize but then stuck her foot in her mouth by making a comment about sleeping with the enemy. Jerry decided it was time to leave and said he would see her later.

While in Sam's apartment, Sam and Lucky talked about her involvement in the drug ring. Although Karpov could understand her using some type to recuperate, Sam didn't want to lose out on possibly snagging Jerry Jax on this drug bust. She was determined to prove that the man her mother was sleeping with was a bad man. Lucky reminded her that her job was not to spy on her mother's boyfriends but to put away dangerous drug dealers. They were interrupted when Jerry came knocking on her door, so Lucky quickly hid. He came in and asked why she had interrupted him and her mother during their picnic. Sam admitted she didn't like Jerry to be with her mother, because Alexis was too good for Jerry. He told her that Alexis may be too good for him, but Sam was not. They were alike, Sam and Jerry. They both liked the bad side. Sam agreed that may be right, but she was still not the person she used to be. Jerry got closer to her, and Sam said nothing would happen between them while he was dating her mother. Lucky watched from his hiding spot while Jerry asked Sam how far she would go.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Patrick and Anna shared scones and conversation at Patrick's apartment. Patrick wanted her help in convincing Robin to marry him. They had just started talking about how to change Robin's mind, when she showed up to return the flowers and candy that Patrick had sent in his attempt to woo her.

Anna left them alone to sort out their issues. Robin remained firm that she did not want to get married. She worried that getting married would ruin their relationship. Robin also worried about her dad, Robert, who was in GH undergoing chemotherapy. She did not want to keep the news from Anna, but Robert had insisted that he did not want Anna to know. Patrick said it was because Robert did not want Anna to see him weak. Robin speculated that it was something in the genes that made him so stubborn. Robin said that not wanting to get married was also in the genes.

Anna dropped by the Port Charles police station to see Mac. She told him that he had to help Robin see that marrying Patrick would be the best thing for her to do. Mac said he wanted to stay out of it. He said that even though he did not think that anyone was good enough for Robin, that if she wanted to get married, he would support whoever Robin chose, even Patrick. Anna said that Robin did want to get married, but Robin was afraid to make the commitment because everyone she had loved had died or been lost to her except for Mac. Anna told Mac that he was Robin's security blanket because he had always been there for her. Anna told him that because of that connection, he was the one who could get through to Robin.

Robin returned to the hospital and found Liz in the break room. She tried to commiserate with Liz, but Liz did not share Robin's pessimism about marriage. Liz said that if Robin had the chance to make a lifetime commitment to the man she loved, then Robin should take it. Liz went back to work and Robin was left speechless.

Matt told Maxie that Spinelli's infection was getting worse. She blamed Spinelli's problems on Matt. Maxie railed at Matt, who defended his surgery. Matt threatened to have security remove her but a weakened Spinelli regained consciousness and asked Maxie to stay while the doctor examined him.

After Matt left, Nadine dropped in to check on Spinelli. Maxie fretted that Matt had done something wrong, but Nadine vouched for the job Matt had done in the OR. Maxie was not convinced and asked Nadine to have Patrick stop by for a second opinion.

Patrick arrived with Spinelli's chart, followed in short order by Matt, who demanded to know why Patrick was second-guessing him. Maxie piped up that she had asked for Patrick. Matt responded that she had no authority to do so. Patrick took Matt out to the hall. Matt blamed Spinelli's high temp on counterfeit meds, which, he told Patrick, he had sent to be tested. Patrick gave Matt a dressing down and blamed Spinelli's complications on an inexperienced surgeon.

Out at the nurses' station, Epiphany, Kelly, and Dr. Winters asked Liz questions about Robin, who soon emerged from the break room and realized that the women at the desk were talking about her. When Patrick came by and asked to speak with her, she assumed that it was another proposal, so she told everyone in the area that she did not want to get married. Patrick said it was not a proposal, but a consultation.

He gave her Spinelli's chart. He said he was taking over the case because the surgeon had botched the job. She looked it over as Epiphany, Kelly, and Dr. Winters all made remarks that encouraged Robin to marry Patrick. When Mac arrived with Anna, Robin thought she had an ally, but when she asked Mac to back her up and say that marriage to Patrick was a bad idea, Mac responded that he was not so sure.

At the police station, Ric got Johnny's transfer to Pentonville revoked. Scott was not pleased. He blustered at Ric who responded that his client deserved a vigorous defense. While Ric talked to Johnny, Claudia and Scott exchanged hostilities. In the interrogation room, Ric tried to get Johnny to tell him all the circumstances surrounding Logan's death, but Johnny said he had told everything already.

Alexis showed up and stepped in between Scott and Claudia. Scott ordered Alexis to get Ric's court order overturned, but she refused and said that Johnny would get a fair trial by a jury of his peers. Ric came out of the interrogation room and told both of them that Johnny was innocent. He told Alexis to do herself a favor and drop the charges.

As Claudia listened, Ric told Alexis and Scott that he would get Johnny off because of the prejudicial way that Scott, as special prosecutor, was handling the case. Alexis rose to defend the evidence and Scott huffed away leaving Alexis to confront Ric on her own.

Claudia went to see Johnny, who called Ric a "snake." Claudia responded that Ric was a snake who was going to get Johnny set free. Johnny asked Claudia what Ric knew and she admitted that their father had told Ric that Johnny had killed Logan. Johnny did not like hearing that Ric knew the fabricated version of Logan's demise. Claudia was sure that Ric could get Johnny acquitted, so he agreed to cooperate with Ric as long as Ric blocked all attempts to have Lulu called to the stand.

Ric told Alexis that he could drive a truck through her case. On the contrary, Alexis said that she had a very strong case, but that she was not without sympathy for Ric's client. Therefore, she was going to offer Johnny a deal, voluntary manslaughter, three years in prison. Ric refused immediately. He said that Anthony had far too many enemies for Johnny to survive even one week in prison. Ric said he was confident that he could get Johnny acquitted.

While they were arguing, Scott arrived with a court order removing Alexis as Johnny's prosecutor and making Scott the prosecutor instead. Both Alexis and Ric were momentarily stunned, before Ric recovered and protested. Scott prevailed and told the duo that not only would he prosecute Johnny, but the trial would commence in a few days.

Kate barged in on Jax at his hotel and found Carly in his bed. Kate offered to meet Jax in the office, but he asked her to stay. Kate started talking about business, while Carly made seductive moves on Jax. When Kate protested, Jax backed Carly. Kate was surprised by Jax's action, but continued with her business. When she got up to leave, Jax stopped her. He confronted her with the lie she had told about Carly not giving him a message from her. Carly smirked in the background.

Jax said he had the phone records from the office for the day in question and that there were no calls made to his home. He accused Kate of deliberately sabotaging his marriage. Kate did not know what to say and acknowledged that she had been caught in a lie. Jax was very tough on Kate and accused her of unethical conduct. He also told her to start backing up her phone calls with paperwork. In the background Carly looked like the cat that ate the canary. Kate apologized and said nothing like that would ever happen again. Jax told her that if she ever lied again, he would replace her. After Kate made another apology, Kate and Jax agreed to put the incident in the past and move on.

After Kate left, Carly threw her arms around Jax and told him how happy she was to know that he believed her. Carly and Jax shared a bonding moment. They were kissing when Jerry interrupted them to discuss Carly's relationship with Karpov. Carly told Jerry that she had already promised Jax to stay away from Karpov and she would keep her word. Jerry said a few more things about how dangerous Karpov was to women, then left.

Carly and Jax made love again. Carly wanted to know why Jax believed her and he told her that once he cooled down, he realized that Carly gained nothing by telling the supposed lie. After that, it was just a matter of finding the proof. Jax told Carly that he still was not convinced that all their problems in the marriage were solved, but an optimistic Carly said that they were finally honest with each other and they could make everything work as long as they had that and good sex. Jax seemed to agree.

He told Carly that he did not want to spoil the moment, but he felt that they must attend Sonny and Kate's wedding. Carly said it did not bother her-in fact, she gloated, and she wanted to attend. She wanted Kate to know that Carly got the happily ever after and Kate would get a miserable life with Sonny.

In Sonny's living room, Diane scolded him for inviting Carly and Jax to his wedding. She told him that it was in poor taste to invite someone he was sleeping with to his wedding. Sonny was upset to find out that Diane knew that he had slept with Carly on the limo ride home from settling Michael in an aftercare facility. He thought Max had told her, but she told him Carly had spilled the beans when she thought that she might be pregnant and had come to Diane for legal advice.

Sonny assured Diane several times that he would never be with Carly or any other woman again. He told her that he intended to honor his vows to Kate. A skeptical Diane again warned Sonny not to betray Kate, and then left huffily.

Mike came by next. He wanted to get Kate and Sonny a wedding present, but wanted advice about what to buy the couple that had everything. When Sonny asked Mike how he rated the chances that he and Kate could live happily ever after, Mike told Sonny that he really liked Kate because she was smart, sassy, and really good for Sonny. Sonny then told him about Diane and wondered why people though he and Kate would not last. Mike was frank with Sonny when he told him that it was because for most of his adult life Sonny and Carly had always bounced back to each other.

Mike pointed out all the occasions that Sonny and Carly had reunited in times of crisis. When Sonny protested that he thought that Mike liked Kate, Mike said he was playing devil's advocate. He said he hoped Sonny and Kate would make it for the long haul. He told Sonny that as long as Sonny and Carly had not slept together since Sonny and Kate had been together, then he thought that the marriage might succeed.

After the confrontation with Jax, Kate went straight to Sonny. She told him everything. He told her to let it drop, because no one ever won with Carly, who would never let go of a slight. Kate said that she had to invite Carly and Jax to the wedding, if for no other reason than to solidify her position as head of Crimson. She also speculated that Carly's jealousy over Sonny might drive Carly to make a scene that would cause Jax to see her true colors.

Sonny did not want Carly at the wedding. When Sonny told Kate that he worried that Carly would do something to wreck the wedding and their happiness, Kate wondered what Carly could possibly do.

Lucky and Sam were in her apartment spending some quality time together. Lucky was glad that Sam had stayed home to nurse her wound. She was anxious about the visit that Jerry had paid her the night before and hoped he was not suspicious. Lucky thought that Jerry was after Sam's body. Sam called Jerry "egotistical," and was amazed to think that Lucky would be jealous of Jerry.

Lucky said he was not jealous, but Sam had to remember that in his Mr. Craig persona, Jerry had almost killed Sam. Sam said she had not lost sight of that, but she was convinced that Jerry's close association with Karpov meant that he was in the drug business with him, and she was sure that he was somehow involved with the counterfeit drug business that was permeating Port Charles. Despite Lucky's protests, Sam said that she was sure that Jerry was the key and she intended to continue her undercover work until she got answers.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

At Kate's home, Clarice and Kate were gushing over Kate's wedding gown, anticipating Carly's reaction when she saw Kate in it. They were interrupted by Sonny's arrival. Kate immediately sent Clarice out of the room with the dress. Kate didn't want to take any chances that bad luck would befall them if Sonny saw the dress before the wedding. Sonny felt that planning the wedding had stressed Kate out too much and suggested that she take time off from work. Sonny wanted Kate to pack her bathing suit so that he could whisk her off to Aruba. Initially Kate resisted the idea of a short vacation, but Sonny and Clarice managed to change Kate's mind.

However, Kate wasn't interested in going to Aruba. She wanted Sonny to take her to his private island. Sonny didn't think it would be a good idea given his history of taking women, including Carly, to the island. Kate dug her heels in until Sonny relented.

Hours later, Kate and Sonny arrived at the island. Kate fell in love with it instantly. She found the private retreat beautiful and peaceful. Sonny agreed and admitted that it was one of the reasons that he had purchased the island years earlier. Sonny also confessed that he was glad that he had given in to her request and brought Kate to the island. The happy couple kissed and began making island memories of their own.

At the Port Charles police station, Ric prepared to meet with his client, Johnny, when Claudia sauntered into the interrogation room. She told Ric that, since Johnny didn't trust Ric, she was there as a buffer. She also made sure that Ric remembered their agreement; she would sleep with him in exchange for Johnny's freedom. Ric appreciated the reminder but told Claudia that he had other incentives, besides hers, which drove him. He pointed out that if he could clear Johnny of the murder charges, then Ric could write his own ticket. He also felt that it would convince Anthony that he didn't need two attorneys. Claudia was disgusted by Ric's lack of loyalty to his father. Ric didn't seem bothered by Claudia's reaction, but he did warn her that he intended to collect on her promise.

When Johnny walked in, Ric quickly got down to business. He told the siblings that he needed to know what they were hiding in order to properly represent Johnny. Johnny refused to say anything, prompting Claudia to remind her brother of the consequences. If Johnny were found guilty of Logan's murder, Anthony would go after those close to Johnny, including Lulu. Claudia was surprised when Johnny suggested that the solution might be to take Anthony out before he could harm anyone.

Carly and Jax were kissing in the Metro Court restaurant when Karpov walked up to them. Karpov didn't make any attempt to hide his jealousy over witnessing the intimate moment. Jax, in return, let Karpov know that he knew exactly the kind of man Karpov was. Veiled threats were issued between the two men before Karpov decided to walk away. Carly worried that Jax might have pushed Karpov too far.

Later, Jax arranged for Karpov to meet him back at the Metro Court restaurant. Karpov fumed while he waited for Jax to wrap up a business meeting. Karpov didn't appreciate the lack of courtesy and tried to intimidate Jax. Jax didn't appear worried. He reminded Karpov of his various business connections and then issued an ultimatum. If Karpov didn't leave town quietly, Jax would make sure Interpol was notified and Karpov's business dealings were investigated.

After his meeting with Karpov, Jax went to the police station to talk to Alexis. Jax asked Alexis to help him revoke someone's visa. Meanwhile, Karpov caught up with Carly at the restaurant and sent Jax a warning through his wife. Carly didn't appreciate the bold move and told Karpov that he had threatened the wrong man.

Spinelli remained a patient at General Hospital. His condition didn't appear improved. When Spinelli learned that Jason had not called to check on him, Spinelli began to worry. He was convinced that Jason was in trouble and needed Spinelli's help. Maxie was forced to promise Spinelli that she would track Jason down in order to keep her friend from leaving the hospital.

Later, Spinelli was surprised when he opened his eyes and found Sasha hovering over him. Drifting between reality and fevered hallucinations, Spinelli imagined himself a secret agent. In his hallucination, Sasha was an evil Russian spy. While the real Sasha questioned Spinelli as to Jason's whereabouts, the imaginary Sasha resorted to seduction to garner the information from "Agent Jackal." Neither Sasha was successful. While the real Spinelli mumbled incoherently, Agent Jackal received help from Agent Leyla, who bested Sasha in a fight and sent her on her way.

Maxie was perched in Jason's chair, in his office, when Bernie and Diane walked in. Each believed that they had been summoned by Jason but soon realized that it had been Maxie who had contacted them. Maxie didn't apologize for her deception. She told them that Spinelli was in the hospital and that Jason needed to be notified. Diane agreed and quickly brought up Jason's number before handing her cell phone to Maxie.

Robin found Patrick, Liz, Lainey, Epiphany, and Kelly huddled together at the nurse's station. She mistakenly believed that her friends and Patrick were conspiring against her. Robin told all of them that she appreciated their efforts and understood that they had her best interest at heart but she had no intention of getting married. Kelly pulled Robin aside and gently informed her that she was wrong; they weren't talking about Robin or Patrick's proposal. Robin was embarrassed, and apologized.

Later, Robin used the P.A. system to make an announcement. Patrick slowly walked up to the nurse's station while Robin talked about how wonderful and understanding Patrick was. While everyone looked on, Robin professed her love for Patrick but told him, once again, that she couldn't marry him.

Alice, Edward, and Monica went to Shadybrook to visit Lulu. Unfortunately, the visit did not go well. Almost immediately Lulu began seeing Logan. Lulu became quite agitated so Monica returned Lulu to her room while Edward demanded to speak with a doctor. Monica joined Edward and Alice in the hallway as Lainey approached. Lainey informed the family that Lulu's mental health was fragile and Lulu had been having visions of Logan.

Lulu managed to slip into Laura's room after the Quartermaines left. She was happy to find her mother lucid and decided to tell her the truth about Rick Webber's murder. Laura was stunned when she learned that Scott, not Laura, had killed Rick Webber. Lulu went on to tell her mother that she hadn't told Luke the truth because Lulu had been worried that Luke would kill Scott when he realized that Laura's breakdown had been avoidable. Laura felt terrible that Lulu had been burdened with keeping such an awful secret. Lulu assured her mother that she had been happy to uncover the truth for Laura. Lulu confessed that she knew how destructive guilt could be. Laura seemed surprised by the revelation. She asked her daughter what Lulu had to feel guilty about. Lulu opened up and told Laura about her relationship with Logan. Tearfully, Lulu confessed that she had killed Logan. Laura stood up and went to her daughter. She wrapped her arms around Lulu, while Lulu cried on her mother's shoulder.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kate and Sonny laid in each other's arms and looked out at the island. Kate commented to Sonny that there was nothing he wanted that he could not buy. Sonny said she hadn't done so bad herself. Sonny made plans for them to gamble for a little while and then come back upstairs for dinner. Kate wasn't very happy with the plans. She knew of Sonny's previous schemes to rig the tables so his flame would win all the games. Kate made Sonny promise not to rig any of the games and she wanted to use her own money. She remembered seeing the models in Monte Carlo come in with a millionaire who bank-rolled a night of gambling. Kate was a self-made woman and she wasn't about to let Sonny think otherwise.

After some time at the gambling tables, Sonny and Kate returned to their room. Kate was disappointed, but it was not for the expected reason. Kate had won while they had been gambling, and she was convinced it had all been rigged. She decided to make another bet with Sonny. She wanted him to cut the cards with her. If she won, Sonny would have to pick out her bouquet and she would keep the chips she had won. If Sonny won, Kate would return the money to him. Sonny cut the cards and showed a queen. Kate was disappointed, but Sonny told her to check her card before she got too upset.

In the hospital, Dr. Hunter was obviously upset about the turn of events with Spinelli. He was grateful Patrick had saved Spinelli's life, but Matt was confident it had not been his surgery that had led to Spinelli's problems. Matt felt Spinelli had been given sugar pills instead of the antibiotic the doctors thought they had given him, so he had been left unprotected against infection. Maxie and Robin had been briefly talking in the hall when they heard the exchange between Patrick and Matt. When Dr. Hunter stormed out of the hospital, Maxie soon ran after him. Meanwhile, Anna walked in and Robin was concerned her mother might be sick. Anna said she was just there because Patrick had asked to see her. Robin was annoyed by the information, but Anna tried to remind her that Patrick had changed his ways for Robin. He had publicly announced his love to Robin and every time she turned him down, it was a blow to Patrick's ego. Robin thought her mother was taking Patrick's side, but Anna assured her that she was not.

In his hospital room, Spinelli called Jason to let him know about the hit-and-run. While he was leaving the message, Jason walked in. Spinelli explained that he and Maxie had been on a stakeout and he was hit by a car. They had seen the car barreling towards them and Spinelli pushed Maxie out of harm's way. Jason was disturbed to learn about the unauthorized stakeout but he was more concerned about finding out who had hit Spinelli. Although he had not seen the driver, Spinelli was certain it was Sasha. She had been to see Spinelli in the hospital and Leyla had come in and made her leave. Lovely Leyla walked in just at that moment and confirmed that she had made the woman leave because Spinelli was too sick to have visitors. After Jason left, Liz came in with a cactus for Spinelli. Another patient had been discharged and asked Liz to give it to someone special. Spinelli thought the cactus was for him because both he and cacti were prickly. Liz corrected him and said they were both unique and interesting. Spinelli asked to speak with Liz privately. When she closed his door, he told her he was concerned about Jason's relationship with Sasha. Spinelli thought Jason was getting involved with Sasha in order to get information, and Liz was the only one who could save him.

Patrick came in to check on Spinelli, who was doing much better physically. Spinelli confessed he was distraught for personal reasons, and Patrick offered a project to distract the young patient. After Spinelli agreed, Patrick brought Anna in to make a recording for Robin on Spinelli's computer. During her speech, Anna told Robin that no man should ever be a substitute for her own self-worth. Robin didn't have to make the same decisions Anna had made, such as raising a family on her own. Being adventurous wasn't everything. Sometimes being adventurous was just being courageous enough to be different. Both Patrick and Spinelli seemed touched by Anna's words. She told her daughter in the recording that Patrick loved Robin and Robin loved Patrick. At the end of the day, what else was there?

Dr. Hunter saw Maxie as she ran out on the docks. He grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth, trying to shush her. Jerry came up behind them and put a gun to Matt's head. He asked Maxie if Matt was threatening her. Maxie hesitated but did admit that Matt was a good guy. Jerry put his gun down and told them to have a good day. Jerry walked away, but he didn't go far. He hid behind some crates and listened as Matt told Maxie he was trying to find information about the counterfeit drugs.

Lulu explained to Laura what had happened with Logan. He had gone to Crimson that infamous day and apologized again for cheating on her. Lulu had told him it was the best thing for her because after Logan had cheated on her, she had met Johnny. Lulu felt that her comment to him was what made Logan snap. Logan's worst moment was something she felt was good. She later saw him from Johnny's balcony, and Logan was fighting with Maxie. Lulu was so upset that she had just stood there, frozen. She should have called for help, but she couldn't get her body to move.

Laura understood and told her daughter a story about shots ringing out when Lulu was a baby. Laura had been rocking Lulu upstairs in their home and shots were fired. Laura didn't know what to do, so she just froze. Lulu finished explaining about Logan breaking into Johnny's apartment with an axe and then accidentally stabbing Logan when she was just trying to get away. Laura reassured her daughter that the murder was in self-defense. Lulu had done nothing wrong. Laura didn't worry about Lulu becoming catatonic like her, though. Lulu was stronger than Laura, and Lulu had a different upbringing than her mother. Laura had problems because she had always blocked things out. Lulu wouldn't be like that because she remembered what happened.

Johnny tried to convince Claudia to make plans in case he was convicted of murdering Logan. If Johnny went to jail, their father would come after Claudia. The only way to protect herself was to kill their father. They were interrupted when Anthony came in. He knew they were plotting something and guessed that they were making plans to kill him if Johnny was sent to prison. Ric soon came in and set some guidelines for Anthony, one of which was to never threaten the District Attorney's family. If any harm came to Claudia or Lulu Spencer, Ric said he would personally see to it that Anthony was thrown back in prison. Anthony was upset and said no one talked to him that way. Ric said he wasn't threatening Anthony's life, and Ric's only concern was getting Johnny released. Anthony was powerless in the situation and he knew it. Anthony agreed to Ric's terms and left the police station.

Jason met Liz as she was arriving at her studio. He had received a call to meet her there and was worried something was wrong with Jake. Liz assured him everything was fine with their son. She asked if he was having an affair with Sasha and explained Spinelli's worries. Jason said Spinelli was worried for nothing, because there was nothing going on between Jason and Sasha. Liz hadn't thought there was anything going on between them, but a part of her was jealous. Liz wanted to be with Jason and she was tired of not being able to feel. She had stopped allowing herself to feel because she didn't want to hurt since she couldn't be with him. Jason reminded her they had made the decision to keep Jake and Cameron safe, but Liz said people have affairs and kept it quiet all the time. She asked if he had changed his mind and didn't want to be with her anymore. Liz told him he could leave and she wouldn't try to keep him there. Jason didn't say anything but he didn't leave. They rushed to each other and kissed.

Carly decided to be honest with Jax and told him Karpov was not happy with her. He had tried to flirt with her again, and Carly told Karpov she was happily married. Karpov couldn't understand why Carly had turned on him. Jax assured Carly she wouldn't have to worry about Karpov much longer. He left to meet with Alexis, who had called in some favors with INS. Alexis warned Jax about crossing Karpov, but Jax was just concerned with getting rid of the Russian mobster. Jax soon arrived back at the Metro Court restaurant. Carly watched as Jax and Andre Karpov sat down at a table together. Jax gave Mr. Karpov a first-class, one-way ticket back to Russia. Andre thanked Jax but said he wasn't going back to Russia. Jax disagreed and gave him the papers saying his visa had been revoked.

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