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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 15, 2008 on GH
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Monday, September 15, 2008

In the jury room, Edward expressed his opinion that Johnny was guilty and urged a speedy guilty vote. The other jurors were not in agreement. When Edward volunteered to be the jury's foreman, Epiphany was elected by a landslide.

Outside the jury room, Trevor and Anthony gloated over Claudia's convincing testimony and the fact that they had paid off one of the jurors to cast a "not guilty" verdict.

Matt and Nadine were trapped in the flames at the clinic. Matt was unconscious. Nadine tried to move him but passed out before she could get them to safety,

Liz went to Jason's place and told him that she wanted to be with him, even if it was only in the moment. Jason tried to discourage her by telling her that they could not have a future. Liz said that she did not care. She said that she accepted what Jason did. She also accepted that they did not have a future together, but she said that she wanted to be with Jason and if all they could have was the moment, then she wanted that.

Jason kept pointing out pitfalls, but Liz answered that it was her choice to make and she would decide when it was time to get out or get hurt. She said that she had thought it all out and she wanted to be with Jason. She asked him if he felt the same way about her as she felt about him. He answered by saying that he feared for her safety and the danger it would put her in. She asked again how he felt. She wanted to know if she was kidding herself to believe that Jason reciprocated her feelings. His response was to kiss her, pick her up, and carry her upstairs to his bedroom where they continued kissing and undressing each other.

Inside the interrogation room, Johnny thanked Claudia for her testimony. He was also grateful that she had not ratted Lulu out. Claudia told Johnny that he was her brother and she loved him, even though she still did not approve of his choice of girlfriends. Later Ric came in. Claudia congratulated him on his handling of the case. He told them not to get overconfident about the verdict, even though he thought Claudia's testimony was very convincing. Ric and Claudia stayed in the interrogation room after Johnny went back to his cell. He wanted to know how much of her testimony was true. She asked if what he really wanted to know was if she had slept with Logan Hayes.

Sonny was with Kate at Crimson. He pulled out all the stops in his attempt to reconcile with her. Sonny insisted to Kate that he loved her and was encouraged when she admitted that she loved him, also. Kate told Sonny that she did not want to be hurt again. Sonny promised that he would never hurt her. Kate wanted to believe him, but she held back. Sonny reminded her of their childhood together in the old neighborhood. Kate said that she had come a long way since then and that she was a different person. Sonny challenged her to break a mirror to prove that she was no longer superstitious, and therefore free of him and the bonds of their mutual past.

Kate told Sonny that she could break the mirror. She took a glass sculpture from him and lifted it several times in an attempt to smash it into the mirror. When she at last admitted that she could not break the mirror, Sonny vowed his undying love and asked her to marry him.

Carly rushed to the hospital and met Jerry, who was there to pick up Jax, who had experienced a climbing accident. Carly worried, and Jerry commiserated. He told Carly that Jax was badly bruised after his breakup with Carly. Jerry told Carly that he understood that she was motivated to destroy whatever was good in her life because he did the same thing. However, he said, Jax did not understand, and he could not get over being cuckolded, especially by Sonny.

Jax emerged from the emergency room with shorn hair, a facial bruise, and a sprained wrist. He was very cool to Carly. She tried very hard to talk to him, but he was distant and cold. He asked Carly if she had told Morgan. When she said no and tried to tell him about her trip to the beach with Morgan, Jax cut her off. As he got in the elevator with Jerry, he told her to call his office if she needed help telling Morgan that they had separated. As the elevator closed, Carly dissolved in tears.

Lucky and Sam shared post-coital chitchat in Sam's apartment. Lucky worried about Sam's safety. Sam was convinced that her womanly wiles were more than enough to get Jerry to spill the beans about the counterfeit drug ring. Lucky's jealousy was somewhat mollified when Sam admitted that if the tables were turned and Lucky had to woo Claudia Zacchara to get information, she would be jealous, also. Lucky hung around while Sam got ready for her date with Jerry. They were kissing when Jerry knocked on the door. Lucky went out through the terrace as Sam greeted Jerry.

Sam and Jerry made small talk. Sam was sultry and seductive. Jerry seemed to be under her spell until he grabbed her by the throat and demanded to know why she was suddenly interested in him.

Nikolas told Lulu about Claudia's testimony at the trial. Lulu had a hard time believing that Claudia could convince anyone that she was sincere. After Nikolas left, Lulu went to visit Laura, who was sleeping. She awakened before Lulu could leave. Lulu wanted to tell her brothers about Laura's recovery, but Laura insisted that she did not want to tell her sons until the doctors knew her prognosis. Lulu agreed to keep the secret.

When Laura tired, Lulu went back to her room and found Lucky waiting. He assumed that she had lied for Johnny and she did not disabuse him of that notion. He told her that he had promised their mom to look out for Lulu and she was stuck with him. Lulu smiled and told Lucky that she loved him and they shared a big hug.

The jurors took a vote and found themselves split on the verdict. One of the older women jurors presented compelling reasons to find Johnny innocent. Even though Epiphany agreed with her, she got suspicious when the older woman was using the break (a time when jurors were not supposed to discuss the case) to persuade other jury members to change their vote from guilty to innocent.

When Epiphany called the jurors back to the table, the woman excused herself to the powder room. Epiphany, Edward, and another juror, followed her outside and heard her on the phone reporting the results of her effort to sway other jurors. Epiphany took the phone, looked at the screen and told Anthony that he was busted.

Shortly after Spinelli arrived back at Jason's, a tearful Carly showed up and wanted to see Jason. Spinelli, who didn't know that Jason was upstairs with Liz, told Carly that he was gone. Spinelli tried to comfort Carly and offered her a cold drink. She accepted. Spinelli went off to the kitchen and Carly went upstairs to wash up.

Carly was shocked when she opened the door to Jason's room and interrupted Jason and Liz who were on the bed kissing and undressing each other.

Ric called Johnny back into the interrogation room. When the guard left, Ric handed Claudia's phone to Johnny. Lulu was on the line. Johnny told her he loved her and Lulu apologized for making his situation worse.

Nikolas arrived at the clinic and noticed the smoke. He started calling for Nadine, who didn't answer. He broke down the door to the drug closet and saw both Nadine and Matt on the floor.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The judge came into the jury room and listened as Epiphany explained overhearing Mrs. Albright on a phone call talking about the jury's discussions. It was Epiphany's belief that Mrs. Albright had been speaking with Anthony Zacchara. Mrs. Albright denied any involvement with the Zacchara family, but the judge decided to remove her, anyway. Mrs. Albright expressed her displeasure before leaving. The judge reminded the jury they needed to start over with their alternate juror and act as if they were starting from scratch. Edward was annoyed that they couldn't just get the new juror up to speed, but the judge demanded they stay there until they had a decision. Edward became even more annoyed that he couldn't go home that night until a decision had been made. The judge gave Edward two options: he could stay and deliberate or he could spend the night in jail for contempt of court. Edward offered to stay with his fellow jurors.

The new juror started out declaring his opinion that Johnny Zacchara was guilty. Edward was happy with this news and went on to demand the jury find Johnny guilty. He said they had a duty, not to Johnny, but to the city they all called home. Epiphany said Edward's speech was very moving and obviously from his heart. No one, not even a mobster's son, should be guilty just because of whom his family was. Johnny did whatever anyone in that room would do -- defended his sister. Epiphany went on to say that everyone in that room would defend their loved ones if they were being hurt.

Once the jury came to their decision, everyone was called back into the courtroom. Scott told Johnny and Claudia not to get used to their little family reunion, because after Johnny was found guilty, their visitations would be limited to every other Tuesday. Anthony started to threaten Scott, but the prosecuting attorney told the elder man to roll away. The jury came into the courtroom and, upon being asked by the judge what their decision was, declared that Johnny Zacchara was found not guilty. An emotional Scott started yelling and screaming to the jury, asking where the justice was for his son. Meanwhile, Johnny held back tears as he hugged his sister. The judge told Johnny he was free to go. The newly acquitted man walked outside the courtroom to meet up with his father and thanked him for standing by him through the entire process. The two shook hands while Claudia went into the courtroom to thank Ric for his outstanding performance as the defense attorney. Ric said Claudia was the key to Johnny's not guilty verdict, but Claudia felt Ric's excellent spin on things led to the jury believing her story. They decided they made a good team .

Nikolas rushed in and tried to pull Nadine out of the burning building first, but she insisted he get Dr. Hunter. Matt was rescued and then finally Nikolas was able to get Nadine out of the building. Everyone was taken to the hospital, where Matt was put into ICU. He had critical burns all over his body, but when Nikolas checked in on him, the young doctor had stabilized. Next, Nikolas went to visit Nadine in her hospital room. She awoke and was happy to see him and to learn that Matt was still alive. Nikolas told her he would have never forgiven her if she had died after insisting he save Matt first. Nikolas admitted he was happy she made it through, because he liked having her in his life.

Carly burst in on Liz and Jason in his bedroom. She quickly left, but Jason immediately got up to see what was wrong with his friend. Liz told him it was okay to go check on his friend, although it was very apparent she wasn't happy with his decision. When Carly came downstairs, Spinelli noticed she was more upset than she had originally been. He offered her a glass of water and asked what was wrong. Jason came downstairs and Spinelli was surprised to find he had been home all along. Spinelli apologized for Carly interrupting Jason's nap, but he soon realized Jason had not been napping when Liz walked downstairs.

Spinelli was distraught that he had inadvertently allowed Carly to interrupt Jason and Liz's private time together. Jason told his young friend to be quiet because he wasn't helping the situation. Liz said she was going to leave because the hospital was short on nurses. Carly actually apologized for interrupting her night with Jason, but Liz said she knew where Carly stood with Jason. After Liz and Spinelli were gone, Carly told Jason that Jax had left her and taken everything. It was for good this time. Jason had predicted it would happen. Carly said she was ruined, because she would never love anyone the way she loved Jax-it hurt her badly.

Sonny was relieved that Kate had decided again to marry him. They talked about the wedding being small, since Kate had already told people the wedding was off. As they talked about their wedding plans, Diane walked in and demanded Kate not marry Sonny. She put on a mock trial where she put Sonny on the witness stand until Kate finally put an end to it. Kate said she loved Sonny and the night Sonny and Carly had slept together was an emotional night for all parties involved. It was a mistake and Sonny wouldn't hurt Kate again. She thanked Diane for being her friend and caring about her. Kate realized Diane was just trying to protect her friend and keep her from getting her heart broken. Jax burst in and said he was disappointed in Kate. Diane and Maxie escaped quickly, and left Kate and Sonny to deal with Jax. Kate's business partner was upset that Kate would take Sonny back so quickly after learning he had slept with Carly. Jax said he was not going to make the same mistake. He and Carly were over for good. That would free Carly up when Sonny decided to go back to her. Kate stood up for Sonny, and Jax stormed off.

Once they were alone again, Kate vented about how everyone thought they could tell Sonny and Kate what to do. Sonny was amused by Kate's anger and realized how lucky he was to have a woman so willing to stand up for him. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her more than ever.

Sam told Jerry she agreed they were a lot alike. She had recently tried to stay on the good side, but it was so much more fun to dance on the wild/bad side. Her show, Everyday Heroes, ended because of her past. Sam was back where she started -- broke, the captain of a boat, with no guy or hobby to keep herself busy. Jerry said he originally moved to Port Charles to reconnect with his brother. The time he had shared with Jax and when Alexis looked at him with hope in her eyes made Jerry like being on the good side. However, there was nothing like the rush from jumping off the top of a cliff. They kissed passionately before Jerry made his exit.

Sam decided she needed to relax and climbed into the hot tub just to climb out again when there was a knock on her door. She answered it to find Lucky, anxiously wanting to know how it had gone with Jerry. After seeing her attire, Lucky wanted to know if Jerry and Sam had slept together. Sam said they had not but they had kissed. Lucky asked what she would do the next time Jerry came over.

Sam got back into the hot tub and was surprised when Lucky came out to the terrace wearing only a towel. He climbed in the hot tub and said she had looked too good to be alone in the whirlpool. Sam said she wanted his hands on her body so she could erase the memory of Jerry's hands all over her.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At the hospital, Matt Hunter was unconscious and suffering from third degree burns. Patrick had taken over his case and was feeling uncharacteristically sympathetic as he talked to Robin. He felt he had to make decisions about Matt's care because his hospital records listed his mother as deceased and named no next-of-kin. Robin said she would ask Anna to use her contacts to find another relative.

Out in the lobby, Anna met up with Noah, who had just returned from a stint in Mynamar for Doctors Without Borders. Anna caught him up on all the happenings and they shared their excitement about becoming grandparents.

Nadine woke up and found Nikolas asleep in a chair near her bed. He promptly woke and began fussing over her. Nadine was touched by his concern. When Nadine left for tests, Liz chatted with Nikolas. He noted how quickly someone you cared for could be gone. Liz told him that she thought that Nadine's close call had made Nikolas realize how much he cared for Nadine. Liz encouraged Nikolas to act on his feelings.

Patrick and Noah greeted each other fondly. Noah told Patrick how proud he was of him and Patrick told Noah that he did not do everything wrong as a parent. They shared a father-son hug.

Robin asked Anna to find Matt's relatives, so Anna got on the phone. Robin left, but Noah arrived in time to hear that a doctor was seriously injured in a fire. When he heard the name, Matt Hunter, he hurried to Matt's room. Anna followed and asked if Noah knew Matt. With a smile on his face, he said "Yeah."

Nikolas was anxious about Nadine's test results so she read her chart to him. The tests showed that she was fine and could be released from the hospital that day. Nikolas told her that she needed care. Nadine thought he meant that she should stay in the hospital, so she was speechless when Nikolas invited her to recuperate at Wyndemere.

Johnny paid Lulu a visit at Shadybrook. She was overjoyed to see him. He reminded her that it was the one-year anniversary of their meeting and gave her a lovely pendant. They were cuddling on her bed when Lainey came by to remind Lulu of her group therapy session. Lulu was reluctant to leave Johnny but acquiesced to Lainey. After Lulu left, Lainey bluntly told Johnny that the best thing he could do to help Lulu recover was to stay away from her.

When Lulu got back from therapy, she found a brief note from Johnny, telling her that it was great seeing her and wishing her good luck on her recovery. She immediately went to Laura's room. Laura was in a deep sleep but awakened as Lulu was leaving. Lulu told Laura that since she was the only one who had seen Laura, she feared that she had traded the hallucination of Logan for the hallucination of Laura. Laura was still incredulous, but Lulu was relieved when a doctor walked in and said he was there to discuss Laura's case.

Anthony was having breakfast at his newly rebuilt estate when Claudia came downstairs. He was jovial, but Claudia kept a safe distance, even when Anthony told her how proud he was of her and her testimony on Johnny's behalf. He said he had a surprise for her, but before more could be said, Trevor and Ric arrived.

Anthony was effusive in his praise of Ric and Ric's handling of the trial. Trevor scoffed that it was really Claudia who had won the case. Anthony gave Claudia credit, but told Ric that he had shown what he could do under pressure and would be rewarded with increased responsibilities. Rick preened. Anthony told Claudia that she, too, would be rewarded. Anthony had his surprise when he told her that he was letting her in on the family business under Ric's supervision.

Trevor was not happy with Anthony's decision. He made as many disparaging remarks as he could think of before walking out of the room in disgust.

Jason interrupted Maxie and Spinelli in the penthouse as they were trying to set Carly up with an online dating service. Jason thought it was a bad idea and told them so. Maxie was quick with the comeback but Jason insisted that they at least get Carly's permission before proceeding. They agreed and left the penthouse with Maxie grumbling that they should try to get Jason set up as well.

At the hotel, Jax and Carly attended a meeting together. After it was over, Jax and Carly talked. He told her that it was painful spending time with her because their marriage was over. Carly said that she loved the hotel and she wanted them to find a way to at least preserve their business relationship. Jax said that there was nothing left for them and walked away.

Diane and Max were having drinks and talking about Kate and Sonny's wedding. Diane told Max that he should have told Kate the truth. Max said that it was not his place. Their argument quickly spiraled out of control as Max told Diane that if she had not been so obsessed with Sonny's cheating, she would not have been haranguing him, and Clarice would not have overheard and told Kate. Diane then erroneously concluded that Max's defense of Sonny meant that he had cheated on her. She told Max that they were through, then steamed out of the restaurant.

In her office, Alexis and Lucky discussed the fire at the clinic. He suspected arson and went to get the test results. As he left, Sam was coming to see Alexis. He told her about the fire and what had happened. They agreed to meet later. Sam tried to talk to Alexis and warn her about Jerry, but Alexis thought she knew what she was getting into with Jerry, so was not of a mind to heed the warning from Sam.

Spinelli and Maxie caught up with Carly in the Metro Court. They told her of their plan. She was not interested until she saw Jax escorting a beautiful woman to a table in the restaurant. Then she decided to let Spinelli use his cyberspace skills to find some eligible men for her.

Diane met Jason at his office, but before they could talk business, Max followed her in. Instead of making up, they continued to argue about each other's faithfulness. Anger followed and Diane finally roared that she never wanted to see Max again. He left Jason's office dejectedly. When he was gone, Diane started bawling loudly and clinging to Jason, literally crying on his shoulder.

Jerry showed up to see Alexis. She told him she had to work, but he hung around. He made casual inquiries about the fire, claiming that he was concerned because he had warned Nikolas about a counterfeit drug ring that was operating in the area. When Lucky came in with the test results on the fire, Alexis did not ask Jerry to leave, so he was there to hear what the police had found out about the arson at the clinic.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diane cried to Jason about her broken heart. She couldn't believe Max would cheat on her. Jason was speechless as Diane talked about Max's wonderful abs and puppy dog eyes. Sonny came in to talk to Jason about the wedding. Diane went off the deep end, in shock and fury that Kate was still marrying Sonny. Diane told both men that Sonny always got what he wanted. She sat down in a heap after mumbling there would be no wedding in her future. Sonny decided it was time to leave and left Jason to deal with Diane. Jason wasn't sure Diane could keep it together for their meeting with the city council. Diane assured Jason she would be just fine. She had pulled all kinds of strings to schedule the special session and had promised she would be there with Jason. When Diane started to mumble and rant again about Max, Jason offered to go by himself to the meeting. Diane told him the city council would be scared if Jason showed up alone. They would think he was preparing to massacre them. She repeated that she would be just fine, and said she would accompany him to the meeting.

Meanwhile, Max was crying to Sonny and Kate about Diane. He thought Diane was cheating on him with Jason. Max talked about how Jason fired him so Jason could be alone with Diane, but Sonny reminded Max that he quit. Max said he was forced to quit. The more he talked, the more Max realized he had to go after Diane. He couldn't let her go. He walked out of the house, determined to find the woman of his dreams. Sonny and Kate both wondered if that woman was Diane. Sonny said he hoped Max found the woman of his dreams, though, because Sonny sure had.

Jax and Leyla sat in the Metro Court restaurant and talked about Jax's recent dangerous excursions. Jax liked the rush of adrenaline he got from climbing without ropes. He asked Leyla what she would like to do, if she could do anything. She told him her aspirations were to become a doctor, but the one thing she would like to do for fun was kayaking in the ocean. Jax offered to fly her to Tahiti where they could go kayaking. Leyla thanked him for the champagne and flowers but said she was aware of his status. She had been the rebound girl before, and she wouldn't do it again.

Carly sat across the room from Jax and Leyla, eyeing them while they talked. Spinelli and Maxie were with Carly, and they had set up Carly on an online dating site. Her screen name was "Caroline on the beach." Carly seemed happy with that. Maxie and Spinelli started going through suitors but none seemed appealing to Carly. She freaked out when Spinelli talked to her about an attorney, "Scotty the Hottie". Carly told Maxie and Spinelli she thought it was Scott Baldwin. Finally, there was one suitor, "DangerDude", which matched Carly on 24 out of 25 points. Carly rushed into Jason's office and told him about her online dating experience. She matched with one guy -- Jason.

Laura's doctor explained to Lulu that he wasn't sure if Laura's success was permanent or not. Laura was taking a trial drug, and very few people in the United States even knew about the drug. No one wanted to let the public know about it, so as not to increase the company's liability. Lulu asked why Nikolas wasn't made aware of his mother's state, being that he was her legal guardian. Laura had signed paperwork when she was still of sound mind saying she didn't want anyone to be notified when she awoke. Lulu said it was a lot to take, and the doctor left so the two women could talk. Lulu asked her mother to forgive her for not believing her. Lulu was afraid Laura was an illusion that she needed during her rough time. Laura understood and forgave her daughter. Laura asked Lulu to still keep the secret, especially after learning Nikolas and Lucky were fighting over Lulu and Johnny. Lulu was also frustrated that Johnny had left before she was done with her group therapy session. He had come to see her and didn't wait around for her. Laura agreed with Lucky and thought Lulu needed to be alone so she could concentrate on getting better.

Later, Lulu came back to her mother's room and was disappointed when she saw her mother asleep in the rocking chair. Laura woke up, though, much to Lulu's happiness. Laura said she had changed her mind. It was time to tell Nikolas and Lucky that she was awake.

Nikolas carried Nadine into her room in Wyndemere where she would be staying. She assured him she was just fine to stay on her own, but Nikolas said it was the only way he could make sure she wasn't following people on the docks or breaking into the police commissioner's house. Alfred came in and told Nadine he was happy she had made it through the fire. Later, Nadine talked to Nikolas about the time she broke her leg when she was younger. She sat down on the bed and asked Nikolas what was going on. She thought they had something going before the fire, but she wanted to know why he had stayed with her in the hospital and insisted she stay with him at Wyndemere. Nikolas said he wasn't sure what had changed, but it was good. They leaned toward each other and kissed.

Robin and Patrick talked about Dr. Hunter, and Patrick said he saw a lot of himself in the young doctor. Robin had paperwork to take Patrick's mind off of Matt Hunter, though. She was filling out the registration paperwork for the hospital. Kelly wanted it filled out one month prior to Robin's due date. They needed to come up with a name for their daughter. After some joking around, they decided on Alyssa Rose. They could not decide on whose last name she would have. Patrick told Robin that having his last name would allow his daughter to be close to her father. It appeared Robin might give in and name her baby Alyssa Rose Drake.

Anna visited Matt in ICU, and she told him Robin had asked her to locate Matt's family. Matt said it was no use. His mother was deceased and his father had never been in the picture. Later, Noah came in to talk to Matt about his injuries. Matt asked why he suddenly cared. Noah had never been a part of his life before the fire. Noah explained that Matt's mother only wanted Noah to pay child support and pay for part of Matt's education, in exchange for Noah not being a part of the child's life. Patrick was outside the room when he heard Matt yelling at Noah. He overheard the young doctor call Noah "Dad."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lulu talked to her mother, and they both decided it was time to let Lucky and Nikolas know that their mother was awake. Lulu said she had been selfish long enough. She no longer needed the one-on-one attention. Laura told her daughter how proud she was of Lulu's success, and Lulu agreed. She thought she would be in a padded room if she hadn't been able to talk to her mother.

A very excited Lulu brought Nikolas and Lucky to their mother's room. They were very curious what she was so excited about, and finally she told them that their mother had asked her to call them. Nikolas and Lucky were both confused, so all three entered Laura's room. Laura was sleeping in the rocking chair, but Lulu said it was okay. It sometimes took a minute for their mother to wake up. Lucky and Nikolas looked at each other while Lulu continued trying, unsuccessfully, to wake Laura up.

At the hospital, Patrick walked into Dr. Hunter's room and asked if he had just heard him correctly. Noah and Matt both confirmed to Patrick that Dr. Hunter was Noah's son. Matt said he was curious about Patrick and Noah, so when the fellowship came up for him to work at General Hospital, he jumped at the opportunity. Matt told them both that he was no longer curious. Patrick asked if his mother had known, but Noah didn't think she had. Patrick was very upset to learn he had a brother and had never known, but he was also upset that his father had never taken care of his other son except financially. Patrick stormed out of the room with Noah soon following.

Robin tried to stop Patrick to talk about their baby, but Patrick was in no mood. Anna and Robin witnessed as Patrick and Noah started shouting at each other in the hallway. Anna acknowledged to her daughter that Noah had not made good choices, but she thought he was still a good man. Robin and Anna went to see Matt and asked if there was anything they could do for him. After all, he was the only uncle Robin's daughter had. She did ask Anna if there was anything else she needed to know, but Anna confirmed she did not have any other children. Matt told them he just wanted a break. He hadn't come there asking for any family. No one took any interest in him until the fire, so he wasn't interested in them after the fire. Patrick walked in and told Matt to be nice to Robin, and the two brothers got into their first fight.

Meanwhile, at the coffee house across town, Jason was furious to learn Spinelli had made a profile for him and put it on an Internet dating site after Jason told him not to do it. Jason knew Maxie was behind it, because Spinelli always did what Maxie asked him to do. Carly told Jason they matched on 24 out of 25 personality traits. She wanted him to guess which one they didn't match on. Jason wasn't interested in playing games, though. They bantered briefly before Carly announced the one trait they didn't match was that they were both stubborn. It was the one personality flaw of Jason's that meant they could never have a romantic relationship. Carly kissed Jason on the cheek and pranced out happily.

Carly arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and saw Max waiting for her at the bar. He squirted breath spray as she walked toward him. Max told Mrs. C that they were both single, and they shouldn't spend the night alone. Carly thought they should give it a week, but Max disagreed. He finally convinced her to have dinner with him. They sat down and the majority of the conversation revolved around Diane. It was clear to Carly that Max had true feelings for Diane. She told him he needed to listen to his heart and do what was right.

In Sam's apartment, Lucky tried to convince her not to go through with manipulating Jerry. He had a bad feeling about it. Lucky hid when someone knocked on the door. Sam opened the door to find Alexis there, wanting to speak with her. Alexis revealed that Jerry had told her Sam had hit on him. Sam was shocked and didn't know what to say. Alexis said she wasn't sure who to believe. Whatever Sam was doing, though, Alexis wanted her to stop. After Alexis left, Sam and Lucky talked about how they never saw eye-to-eye with their parents.

Later, Sam called Jerry and asked him to come over. When he arrived, she asked why he had told Alexis that her daughter had hit on him. Sam asked if Jerry was just trying to call her bluff, and Jerry seemed to agree. Sam reminded Jerry she would not have any type of relationship with him while he was seeing her mother. Jerry asked if she would make it worthwhile if he broke up with Alexis.

Alexis left Sam's apartment and went over to Diane's. They opened a bottle of wine and talked about their problems. Diane was in shock to learn Alexis had walked in on Sam having sex with Ric. Diane said no matter what Sam might or might not be angry about, she had no right to try to steal Alexis' man away from her. Diane started to talk about Max, and it was clear to Alexis that Diane still had feelings for Max. Diane tried to make it seem like she had just let a little fling go too far, but Alexis knew better. Later, after Alexis had left, Diane heard music playing out on her terrace. She walked outside and started crying when she saw Max holding a boom box that was playing a love song.

Spinelli walked into Jason's office, where he was interrogated as to how Jason's profile got put online. Spinelli revealed he was only trying to get Jason to understand his feelings for Liz, the maternal one. Jason was still mad and told Spinelli he was in love with Liz and didn't want to date anyone else. Spinelli was told to go home, and he sadly sulked out of the office.

Sonny gave Kate an excuse that he had an errand to do and couldn't help her with the seating chart. She told him he was worrying her, but he promised he was not getting involved with the mob. She talked about her last Thanksgiving in Bensonhurst. One cousin was crying, one cousin was talking about her latest catch (a plumber's apprentice), and her uncle was drunk. That was when Kate realized it would be her last Thanksgiving with her family. The next year, she ate a turkey sandwich alone in her Manhattan apartment. Sonny promised Kate she could have whatever she wanted for Thanksgiving. He wouldn't be spending the holidays with Michael or Morgan, and Alexis would surely take Kristina out of town. Sonny said it would probably just be Kate, Sonny, and Mike at Kelly's eating macaroni and cheese. Kate was shocked, since both Mike and Sonny were such phenomenal cooks. Sonny explained about an uproar that had occurred one year when he and his father cooked a pig. It was best to keep things simple. Sonny left to run his errand and promised he would stay out of trouble. He reminded Kate to keep Ric and Alexis at different tables, though.

After Sonny was gone, Kate settled down on the couch to read one of her old diaries. A knock soon sounded at the door, and Kate answered it to find Mike. She had called him over and asked if it would be okay if he didn't sit next to the maid of honor, as was tradition. Kate's maid of honor was Giselle, the editor from Couture. Kate knew Giselle and Mike would have nothing in common. Mike was shocked at Kate's choice of maid of honor, but Kate said she didn't have many girlfriends. Mike said he didn't care where he sat. He honestly thought he would be bumped from the best man position. Jason was the one who truly deserved that role.

After Mike left, Kate made the decision to visit Jason at his office. Jason was shocked to see her, but Kate asked if he would attend her and Sonny's wedding. She had looked at the invitation list and had seen the glaring omission. Jason said he could not attend.

Sonny's errand sent him to Bensonhurst. He sat down at a bar and asked for a drink. Another man approached him and said he had some nice threads. The two men recognized each other as old classmates. Sonny's old friend explained he had three kids and had married Mary Therese, another one of their classmates. The man was happy he had gotten out of the mob business when he was younger, because most of those men were dead. Mary Therese soon showed up and recognized Sonny as soon as he smiled and showed his famous dimples. She asked what had brought him back to Bensonhurst.

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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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