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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 22, 2008 on GH
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sonny met Kate's cousin, Olivia, in a Bensonhurst bar. They talked about old times, including the brief period that she and Sonny had dated when they were sixteen. Olivia was still harboring resentment against Kate, who she referred to as "Connie," because Kate had changed her name and ditched her family in order to have a better chance at success in the fashion world. Sonny tried to get Olivia to look at what had happened from Kate's point of view and to understand that it had been difficult for Kate to make that sacrifice. Sonny said that he admired Kate for taking the risks she had in order to get what she wanted.

Olivia was not very forgiving, even when Sonny told her that Kate had regrets also and missed her roots in Bensonhurst. Eventually Sonny told Olivia that he wanted to bring something of the old neighborhood to the wedding as a gift for Kate. Olivia thought he meant cannoli, but Sonny told Olivia that he wanted her to attend the wedding. After Sonny was appropriately cajoling, a reluctant Olivia agreed to attend "Connie's" wedding.

Kate went to Jason's office and asked him to attend the nuptials. Jason said, "No." Kate thought it was because he had sided with Carly over custody, but Jason said it was because he did not want to go if Sonny did not know he was coming. Kate told Jason that Sonny thought of him as family and that she had come to personally invite him. Jason thought about it, but told Kate that he felt that it was best if he did not surprise Sonny by showing up without a personal invitation. A disappointed Kate left Jason's office.

A tearful Carly dropped in on Jason. She was trying to come to grips with her split from Jax. Jason listened as she poured out her regrets over sleeping with Sonny and breaking Jax's heart. She was ready to "lie, cheat, and steal" to get Jax back, but Jason said that was what got her into her predicament. A distraught Carly went back to the hotel.

At Sam's apartment, Jerry told Sam that he wanted to pursue a relationship with her, after they shared a scorching kiss. When he wanted to go to a hotel, she told him that Alexis would find out and she did not want to be the one to hurt Alexis. Sam told Jerry that she would not sleep with him until he had broken up with her mom. Jerry looked thoughtful when he left Sam's apartment.

Laura did not wake up when Lulu brought Lucky and Nikolas to visit. After repeated attempts to wake Laura up, Lulu became increasingly frantic. Nikolas and Lucky feared the worst. When Dr. Winter came in, Lulu told her that she had met the doctor treating her mom and explained everything that Dr. McGinnis had told her. Dr. Winter checked out Lulu's information, but there was no such doctor on staff and Laura's chart showed no change in her condition. Dr. Winter told Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu that she believed that Lulu had hallucinated the events as a coping mechanism.

After Lucky and the doctor were gone, Lulu broke down with Nikolas. Nikolas told her not to worry. He suggested that all the love that had existed between mother and daughter had been at work to help Lulu when she needed it most. He suggested that since she really was better the "coping mechanism" had been successful.

Noah went into Matt's hospital room to talk about treatment options for Matt's condition. Hot on his heels was Patrick. Matt told Noah that since Noah had had no use for Matt as a child, Matt did not need Noah as a dad, now that Matt was an adult. Patrick told Noah that he had no use for him as a dad, either. Matt did not bond with Patrick and sent him away just as he had Noah.

Kate was at home looking at photos from the past, and reading the diary she had kept when a teen. Maxie brought over some Crimson business, but saw the photo of a young Kate with Olivia and started asking question. Kate pretended that Olivia was a girl from boarding school named Mallory or Madison.

Maxie was surprised to learn that Kate had no family. She told Maxie that she was an only child of deceased, only-children parents. Maxie remarked that the lack of family explained why Kate had gone back to Sonny after he had cheated on her with Carly. Kate told Maxie that it was not appropriate to take potshots at the boss. Maxie immediately curbed her loquacious tongue.

Out at the nurses' station Patrick told Robin that he feared that he would be a bad parent because of what Noah had done to him and Matt. Robin assured Patrick that he had nothing to fear because there was no such thing as a bad dad gene. If Patrick wanted to be a good dad, and Robin was sure that he wanted to be, he would be.

In the lounge, Noah was surprised to learn that Anna did not hate him. She told him that even though he had made mistakes in the past, she knew that he would do better with his family in the future. He told her that her confidence in him should make him want to go to an A.A. meeting instead of going to a bar where he could sink into a bottle. Anna looked perplexed as he walked away.

Robin dropped in to see Matt. He tried to be sarcastic with her, but she put him in his place by pointing out that his behavior toward Patrick had been combative and argumentative. She told him that Patrick had had a rough life with Noah as a dad, also, and even though he had recently had a better relationship with Noah, Patrick had still put their bond as brothers ahead of his connection to Noah.

Maxie showed up at Jason's penthouse to see Spinelli, who was excited when she asked him to be her date at Kate and Sonny's wedding. When Jason showed up, Maxie wanted to know what he was wearing to the wedding. When Jason said he was not attending, Maxie started telling him all the reasons he should be there. When Jason left for a meeting, Maxie was still giving him reasons to attend.

Kate found Carly in the Metro Court and warned her away from Sonny. Carly got combative and let Kate know that the situation could still change because the marriage was not a done deal. Kate took that as a threat, but got the last word when she told Carly that she and Sonny loved each other and that she shared a connection to Sonny that Carly could never understand. Then before walking away, Kate said that she was the woman that Sonny had been waiting for all his life. Carly looked amused.

A very sad Lucky went to Sam's apartment. He told her about Lulu's hallucinations and shared his pessimism about Lulu, as well as his fears that Lulu was getting worse and would soon be in the same condition as their mom, Laura.

Patrick went to see a prickly Matt, who responded sarcastically to Patrick's offer of a truce. Patrick did not take the bait. Instead he told Matt that even though they did not like each other, they were brothers and Patrick intended to honor that bond. Matt looked as though he wanted to relent.

A tearful Lulu went to see Laura. She told an unresponsive Laura that the bad news was that she had needed Laura so much that she had made Laura up in her head. She said that Nikolas was right. Laura was real to Lulu. Laura was there when Lulu had needed her most and had saved Lulu when she thought her mind was lost. Then very gently, Lulu laid her head in Laura's lap.

At home, a very happy and sentimental Kate read her diary aloud and relived the time that Sonny had been flirting with her after his break-up with Olivia. She did not think he was serious about going out with her until Olivia flounced in and told Sonny that if he wanted to go out with her cousin, he was welcome to. That made Kate mad, so she agreed to date Sonny. She smiled as she recalled the incident that led to their first date. Then she picked up the photo of her with Olivia and looked at it longingly.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As Jason prepared for a meeting, Spinelli tried desperately to get Jason's measurements for a tux. Jason became exasperated and asked what Spinelli was trying to do. Spinelli said Maxie just didn't want Jason to end up with a bad tuxedo or one that didn't fit just because he didn't plan ahead for the wedding. Jason said he would not be attending the wedding. Spinelli was frustrated because he had promised Maxie that he would get Jason to go to the wedding. Jason told his young friend to find another way to impress Spinelli's girlfriend. Spinelli was suddenly giddy at the thought of Maxie as his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Maxie visited Lulu at Shadybrook. Lulu initially had not wanted to confide in Maxie, given their past history together. Maxie admitted they had not always been friends, but she felt they had bonded after Logan was killed. Lulu finally admitted to Maxie that she had been talking to her mother to get through Johnny's trial and the visions she had of Logan. Maxie thought it was exciting news that Laura was awake until Lulu revealed she had been hallucinating all along. Laura was not awake and had not awakened at all during the time Lulu was at Shadybrook. Lulu said she was crazier than ever. Maxie rushed over and hugged Lulu. She told Lulu not to give up. She would make it through this and come out a better person. Maxie reminded Lulu that she had a wonderful guy who loved her and was waiting for her. Before Maxie left, Lulu thanked her for the kind words.

Later, Lulu visited her mother and thanked her for being there, even if it was just in her head. The shadow of a person could be seen outside Laura's room as Lulu talked about Logan's murder. Lulu said she would not allow herself to become a lifeless body in a rocking chair. She would get out of Shadybrook and make a life for herself to show her gratitude to Laura. The person outside Laura's room left quickly before Lulu walked out to find them.

At the Metro Court, Jax interrupted Carly as she talked to her manager about hotel business. Carly and Jax sat down to discuss their divorce. Carly wasn't ready for the divorce, but Jax wanted to proceed. He said he had planned on hiring Alexis, but Carly didn't like that idea. Alexis and Carly had never gotten along, and Carly didn't want Alexis badgering her during the divorce. Jax said he would choose someone else if Carly was uncomfortable with Alexis, but Carly finally gave in and said Jax could use his good friend as his attorney if he wanted. Carly admitted she objected to the whole idea of the divorce, though. Her heart and body hadn't caught up with what her mind already knew. Jax agreed that he felt the same way. Carly walked away when Alexis approached Jax. Alexis sat down and agreed to be Jax's attorney after he explained the situation. Alexis reminded Jax that she and Carly had not always seen eye to eye, but Alexis still felt Carly did love Jax in her own way.

Meanwhile, Johnny showed up at the MetroCourt and asked Carly for a favor. Lulu's doctor didn't want him to visit her, but Johnny didn't want Lulu thinking he was abandoning her. Carly promised she would make sure Lulu knew Johnny was only staying away at the doctor's insistence. Johnny also asked if Carly would let him know how his girlfriend was doing. He was very worried because Lulu was so fragile. Carly seemed happy to see how much Johnny loved Lulu, and promised she would update him on Lulu's condition.

After Johnny left, Maxie soon came to see Carly. She was there to find out if Carly was attending the wedding since she had not RSVPed. Carly assured Maxie she would not be attending the wedding, but Maxie did her best to convince her to go. If Carly went to the wedding, Maxie thought the newly single woman would feel better about herself and make Kate mad at the same time. Carly was quickly convinced to attend the wedding and said she would try to get Jason to accompany her.

Maxie arrived back at Jason's penthouse and told Spinelli all that she had done. When Spinelli learned that Maxie had convinced Carly to attend the wedding, he felt it might not have been one of her best moves. Carly was not known for her calm behavior. She could cause a ruckus and ruin the entire wedding. Maxie knew she couldn't stop Carly from going to the wedding at that point. All she could do was make sure Kate never found out that Maxie had been the one to convince Carly to attend.

Vito walked in and found his sister, Olivia, sitting at the bar. He wanted to know why she had been seen with Sonny the previous night. Vito didn't like Sonny and reminded his sister how she cried and cried when Sonny had dumped her. Olivia said Sonny was only there to invite her to his wedding to their cousin, Connie, a.k.a. Kate Howard. It was Sonny's surprise to Kate. Olivia asked her brother to take her to the airport, but he told her to take a cab or a bus.

Sonny walked into Kate's house and said he was reporting for wedding duty. Kate was mad and wanted to know where he had rushed off to the night before. Sonny said it was a surprise for the wedding and he would not tell. Kate tried to get it out of him, but Sonny wouldn't budge and even commented how cute Kate looked when she was mad. Since they were being honest with each other, Kate admitted she had run into Carly and told her to stay away from Sonny. The groom didn't appear to be bothered by this information. They started to make out until the doorbell rang. Kate frantically rushed Sonny out so she could let Reverend Norris in.

Sonny later walked in and Kate made it appear as if he was just arriving. The minister asked some questions and asked how many times they had been married. Kate said this was her first marriage, and Sonny said this was his third or sixth marriage, depending on how you viewed it. Sonny further explained he had married his second wife four times in the Catholic Church. When Kate learned that Sonny and Carly's marriage had not been annulled and was a true divorce, she was distraught. Reverend Norris said they could still get married because his church recognized state laws, so as long as Sonny's divorce was final he could remarry. Kate was relieved and they started to talk specifics about the ceremony. Kate said they wanted traditional wedding vows, except she would not say "obey".

Anthony yelled through the phone at one of his employees and said things would soon be changing in the organization. Jason walked in and Anthony quickly got off the phone. Jason said he had information that Anthony was planning to land a shipment at Pier 24, which was off-limits due to their truce. Anthony said back in the day he would have landed the shipment and started an all-out war with Jason. They would learn who the last man standing was, but as luck had it, Anthony couldn't stand anyway. He promised Jason the shipment would not land at the pier, and Jason left. Once Anthony was left in peace, he stood up and threw a glass at the wall.

Anthony was back in his wheelchair when Ric and Trevor walked in later. Anthony was furious at Trevor's rookie mistake with the piers. He declared that Trevor was no longer in charge of imports. Anthony wanted Ric to take over. He should report to Anthony's office at 8:00a.m. the next morning. Trevor followed Anthony out and told his boss that Lulu was still a problem. Johnny was vulnerable and should not be left to wait for Lulu to get out of Shadybrook. Anthony said Trevor might be able to redeem himself if he convinced Johnny to leave Lulu.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jason went home to the penthouse and found Spinelli pirouetting to Greek music in anticipation of dancing at Kate and Sonny's wedding. Jason asked Spinelli to do him a favor. As Spinelli did "Stone Cold's" bidding, he babbled about how happy he was that Jason was finally getting together with the "maternal one." Jason admitted to Spinelli that he had asked Liz to marry him the day before Michael was shot, but retracted his offer after the shooting in fear for her safety.

Diane's knock on the door interrupted them. She told Jason that a prime piece of dock property was available, but that they had to act immediately if they wanted to purchase it. Jason was ready to go with Diane, but Spinelli put up a spirited argument as to why Jason should not dump his personal plans for business. Despite Diane's arguments to the contrary, Jason told her that if he had to act immediately, he would pass on the opportunity. After Diane left, Spinelli was out of his mind with happiness because "Stone Cold" had followed his heart instead of being controlled by his business.

Olivia got on a plane to fly to Port Charles. She was especially nervous when she was seated next to a nun. After the nun said that she had taught school and Olivia admitted that she had gone to Catholic school, they struck up a conversation. She told the nun about her relationship to Sonny and Kate and shared her fears about the reunion.

At home, Kate kept seeing bad omens and Sonny kept reassuring her. Eventually the talk turned to Kate's family. Kate told Sonny how she had stopped seeing them as her Kate Howard persona became more successful. Kate told him that she had kept in touch with her mom, secretly. She said that her mom was always there for her, encouraging her, whenever she phoned home. She was tearful as she shared her regrets about not seeing her parents before they died because she was building her career.

Carly was in the Metro Court, on her cell phone, ordering a dress for the wedding and Jax overheard. He chastised Carly for attending the nuptials. She told him that she was not going to stay home alone. She told him that she regretted what she had done and that it had ended their marriage, but she intended to get on with her life. Then she sashayed away.

Lulu called Johnny and begged him to visit her. He was reluctant to interfere with her therapy, but she insisted and he accepted. Claudia entered the Zacchara living room and heard the end of the conversation. She tried to get Johnny to break off with Lulu, but Johnny got huffy with her and stalked out of the room.

Ric came in as Johnny was leaving. Claudia urged Ric to tell Lucky that Johnny was headed to Shadybrook. Ric quickly figured out that Claudia wanted him to tell because she did not want Nikolas to find out that she was meddling in Lulu's relationship to Johnny. Ric wanted to know when Claudia was going to make good on the promise she had made to sleep with him if he got Johnny acquitted of murder. She told him to get on her good side and talk to Lucky.

Nikolas visited Lulu at Shadybrook. She was happy and upbeat. When she told him that Johnny was coming, Nikolas did not approve. He worried that Lulu was depending on Johnny for her recovery instead of on herself. Lulu said that even though she had hallucinated her mother's presence, the advice that she had received was good and that she did realize that she had to find the strength within herself to get well. She said that she was not depending on Johnny, but that she loved Johnny and wanted to see him.

After Nikolas left, Carly came to visit. She was not disapproving of Johnny as Nikolas had been. Carly advised Lulu to hang on to the man she loved. When Carly got tearful, Lulu realized something was wrong. A regretful Carly told the whole sordid story of her breakup with Jax. Lulu was amazed because she thought Carly and Jax had had the perfect love.

Alexis and Jax were in the Metro Court lounge discussing the potential ramifications of Carly's impending attendance at Kate and Sonny's wedding when a confrontational Diane arrived. At first, Jax thought Diane was talking about the upcoming divorce, but Jax walked away when he figured out Diane and Alexis were squabbling over a dress.

Diane claimed that she had first rights to the designer dress that they had both purchased at the hotel's boutique to wear to the wedding. Alexis made the same claim. Diane remarked that she knew both of them well enough to know that even if they both agreed not to wear the dress, they both would. Alexis blurted out that they would look like the Olsen twins.

Lucky sought out Liz at the hospital to ask her if he could take the boys camping with Sam for a week. Liz thought about it and decided that it would be good for the boy to get to know Sam. As Lucky was getting on the elevator, Ric was getting off. When Ric told Lucky that Johnny was headed to Shadybrook, Lucky's temper flared.

Liz got a call from Jason. When she met him at her studio, he asked her to spend a week in Italy with him.

When Kate and Sonny got to the church for the wedding rehearsal, disaster struck. First Maxie brought bad news that Giselle, Diane's maid of honor, had been injured and would not be able to attend the wedding. Then she heard Mike and the minister arguing about whether Mike had seen a raven or a crow in the bell tower. Mike was convinced that it was a bad luck raven and not a crow.

Before Sonny could smooth over the raven versus crow battle, Maxie dropped another bombshell when she announced that Clarice, Kate's backup maid of honor, had food poisoning. Since Kate was out of friends-she did not want to have to choose between Diane and Alexis and end up hurting both-she drafted Maxie.

Kate was ready to proceed, but when she opened her bouquet box and found lilies, she was completely distraught. She claimed that there were too many bad luck omens and she could not go through with the wedding, and then bolted from the church.

Lulu was upbeat about seeing Johnny, but Dr. Winter disapproved. She thought Johnny was detrimental to Lulu's recovery. She told Lulu that she did not get to decide who her visitors were. Lulu was not happy to find out that someone other than herself could decide on her visitors.

Lucky grabbed Johnny by the throat outside Lulu's room. He screamed at Johnny to stay away from his sister.

Ric reported back to Claudia that he had sent Lucky off to Shadybrook without mentioning her name. Claudia told Ric that she was going to fulfill her promise to him. She said that he could start getting next to her by being her date to Kate and Sonny's wedding.

Kate came back into the church and told Sonny that she was being silly. Sonny said that nothing could interfere with their love. That reassured Kate. She called for Maxie, who produced a stunning lily-free bouquet. Kate then walked down the aisle to join Sonny for the wedding rehearsal.

Carly was standing near the front desk when Olivia checked into the hotel. She had a sly smile on her face when Olivia said that Sonny Corinthos had made the reservation.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Liz met Jason at her studio. She was taken completely off guard when Jason asked her to go to Italy with him. They had always talked of seeing Italy together, so the choice had a special meaning to them. Liz was delighted by Jason's romantic gesture and happily accepted his invitation. Jason was eager to embark on their trip; he wanted to fly out after Sonny's wedding. Liz didn't think she would have a problem rearranging her schedule. Lucky had plans to take the boys camping for the week and Liz had accumulated vacation time, which she needed to use before it expired. Before they left the loft, Jason and Liz kissed and agreed to meet at the airport.

Lulu became upset when Lainey explained why she felt it was a bad idea for Lulu to see Johnny while she remained in treatment. Lulu refused to listen to Lainey's professional advice and insisted on being allowed to see Johnny.

In Shadybrook's hallway, Lucky slammed Johnny up against the wall and warned him to stay away from Lulu. A few minutes later Lulu spotted Johnny, from her bedroom window, as he left the facility. She called out to him, but he apparently didn't hear her. Lucky heard the commotion that Lulu made and rushed into her room. He tried to calm his sister down, but Lulu was furious when she realized that Lucky had turned Johnny away.

At the Zacchara mansion, Ric questioned Claudia's motives for wanting to attend Sonny's wedding. Claudia was evasive but managed to convince Ric to be her escort. Later, while Claudia made arrangements for a dress to wear to the wedding, Johnny walked into the living room. He was in a surly mood after his encounter with Lucky. Claudia wasn't very sympathetic. She felt that Lulu was too fragile for Johnny and ill-suited for their lifestyle. Johnny didn't agree. He worried that it had been a mistake to stay away from Lulu.

Lulu managed to get a call through to Johnny. She begged Johnny to visit her. Since it was late, and past visiting hours, Johnny agreed to drive to Shadybrook the following morning.

Carly stood nearby as Olivia checked into the Metro Court Hotel. When she heard that Sonny had made Olivia's reservations, Carly's interest was piqued. She didn't waste any time introducing herself to Olivia as Sonny's ex-wife. Carly made a point of also mentioning that she had been married to Sonny four times.

It wasn't long before Carly had Olivia spilling all of her secrets, or more accurately, Kate's. Olivia not only revealed that Kate was from Bensonhurst but that Kate's real name was Connie Falconeri. Olivia went on to tell Carly about Sonny and Connie's relationship when they were teenagers. Carly lit up like a Christmas tree when Olivia told her the lengths that Kate had gone to in order to hide from her past.

At the church, Kate was blissfully unaware of Olivia's arrival in Port Charles. She and Sonny walked through their wedding, practiced their vows and talked about their honeymoon plans before they went their separate ways to prepare for the evening's festivities.

Sonny made a brief stop at his home before picking Kate up for their rehearsal dinner. Milo had ended a call just as Sonny walked in. Sonny was understanding when he learned that Max was visiting his father in Sicily. As Sonny and Milo discussed the Giambetti patriarch, Anthony entered through the patio doors. He apologized to Sonny for threatening Kristina's life when Johnny had faced legal woes. Anthony wished Sonny well, as one father to another, and then took his leave.

Anthony returned to the Zacchara mansion where he found Claudia making plans to attend Sonny's wedding. Anthony was curious why Claudia wanted to go to the wedding. She explained that she simply wanted to know who the guests were. Anthony was impressed with Claudia's instincts. He then made the startling suggestion that they consider becoming Sonny's allies.

Kate was stunned when she turned around and found Olivia standing in her living room. The cousins hugged and shared an affectionate reunion. Kate realized immediately that Olivia was the surprise that Sonny had been talking about.

As the two visited, Kate appeared to stiffen each time Olivia called her "Con." Eventually, Kate was forced to remind her cousin that she had her name legally changed to Kate and preferred to be called that instead of Connie. Sonny soon joined them, and seemed oblivious to Kate's growing discomfort. Things took a tense turn when Sonny boldly asked Olivia to be Kate's maid of honor. Neither seemed to notice how Kate had stiffened. Kate recovered quickly and did the gracious thing. She assured Olivia that she was a welcome addition to the wedding party and told her that she would have a dress sent to Olivia as soon as possible.

Nikolas tracked Nadine down at the hospital. He was annoyed that she had returned to work before she was fully recovered. When Nadine mentioned a possible clue about the counterfeit drug ring, Nikolas tried to get the details. Unfortunately, Nadine remained stubbornly secretive, so Nikolas was unaware of what she had planned next.

Dressed in black, Nadine managed to sneak onto a Russian cargo ship. She hid when she heard two men approach. Her luck ran out when they discovered Nadine's hiding spot. Nadine's situation went from bad to worse when Sasha stepped onto the deck. Sasha seemed to take delight in letting Nadine know that the sailors only spoke Russian and suspected Nadine of being a spy.

Jax overheard Carly order a complimentary fruit basket for Olivia. Jax appeared to bristle when he realized that Carly was sending the gift to an associate of Sonny's. Jax tried to rescind the order, but Carly refused to give in. She reminded Jax that she had every right to send complimentary gifts to their guests then stormed off.

Shortly afterwards, Nikolas arrived for a scheduled appointment with Jax. Jax tried to put off their meeting, but Nikolas refused to be dismissed. Jax was taken aback when Nikolas told him that he wanted to buy the Metro Court Hotel. Jax was flattered but declined the offer.

At Jason's penthouse, Carly pleaded with Jason to take her to Sonny's wedding. Jason sensed that Carly was up to something. Jason refused to help Carly if she planned to sabotage Sonny's wedding to Kate. Carly assured Jason that she didn't have any tricks up her sleeve. She wanted to attend the wedding so that she could watch as everything fell apart for Kate.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nadine struggled to get out of the ropes that had her bound. Just as she was able to get up, two thugs came running after her and caught her before she could escape. With her arms still tied behind her back, Nadine called Nikolas while Andre's lawyer threatened her. Nikolas listened as Nadine said she would just swim away if she were thrown overboard. Nadine was trying her best to give Nikolas clues as to her whereabouts. Andre's right-hand woman quickly figured out Nadine's game and found her cell phone behind her back.

Nikolas had been at the hospital asking Leyla if she had any information about the recent clues Nadine had been investigating. When he received the phone call, he realized Nadine was on a ship, possibly by the docks. Leyla remembered Nadine talking about a ship named Odyssey. Nikolas rushed to the docks and quickly found the ship he had been looking for. He boarded the Odyssey and stormed the deck, quickly finding Andre Karpov's lawyer. She was surprised and caught off guard. Nikolas held a gun to her head and demanded that Nadine be let go. The two thugs holding Nadine dropped their guns overboard and Nadine and Nikolas quickly jumped overboard.

Maxie was furious when she couldn't find the dress that had been ordered for her. She walked into Kate's house while yelling at the person on the other end of her cell phone. Maxie hung up the phone when Olivia walked into the living room wearing the maid of honor's dress. Olivia introduced herself and explained that Sonny had asked her to be Kate's maid of honor. Kate didn't know Olivia was there yet, though. She was going to head over to the church to see what she could do to help Kate prepare for the wedding. Maxie said she probably didn't need to rush over, because Kate would probably be getting her makeup done.

Meanwhile, Kate was meeting with her wedding planner in the church. They talked about the wedding preparations that had been completed, and Kate seemed pleased with the results. A man walked in with red roses, which the wedding planner said could not be used in the church since they didn't match the colors of the wedding. Kate stopped her and wanted to look for a card. The flowers might be from her father-in-law, and she didn't want to offend him. They soon found the card, but Kate was shocked to see the flowers were from Andre Karpov. The wedding planner looked through the guest list and noticed he was not invited to the wedding. Kate appeared disturbed by the flowers and told her wedding planner there had been no mistake. Andre Karpov was not invited to the wedding, nor should he have been. Kate insisted the flowers be taken to General Hospital for someone to enjoy.

After the wedding planner was gone and Kate was alone in the chapel, Mike came to see his future daughter-in-law. He thanked her for the tuxedo and for loving his son. Kate made Sonny happy, and she also brought father and son closer together. Mike felt Kate was the reason Sonny left the mob business and started his life over. They hugged and Mike left so Kate could prepare for the wedding.

Maxie walked into Jason's penthouse and told Spinelli what had happened while she was at Kate's house. She wasn't sure about Olivia and had a bad feeling about all of it. Maxie insisted Spinelli get on the computer and look up information about Olivia Falconeri and Kate Howard's family tree. Soon, Maxie and Spinelli learned that Kate had grown up being Constanza Falconeri. Maxie seemed very disturbed by this revelation. If the general public found out Kate was a fake from Bensonhurst, Kate and Maxie's fashion career would crash and burn.

Diane overheard both Claudia and Carly as they demanded their dresses from the Metro Court boutique. Claudia and Carly each seemed happy to learn the other was attending the wedding. Diane, on the other hand, was less than thrilled. As soon as Alexis arrived in the lobby, Diane told her friend about the possible catastrophe. Alexis realized how serious the situation could be for Kate, but at the same time, Alexis knew Claudia and Carly had a penchant for violence. Alexis was not in the mood to be beaten up. She thought it would be best if they just warned Sonny. It seemed to be their only viable option.

Jason stopped by Sonny's house to warn him that he would be escorting Carly to the wedding. Sonny knew Carly was unpredictable but he didn't seem too worried. Sonny reminded Jason of the time he had shown up at Jason's office. He had come there that day to invite Jason to the wedding. Diane and Max's breakup had taken precedence and Sonny never had the right opportunity. Sonny was glad Jason would be attending the wedding. They talked about when Jason took the business over from Sonny and how Jason didn't think people like them could ever be happy. Sonny hoped he was proving Jason wrong by marrying Kate.

After Jason was gone, Robin arrived at Sonny's house to wish him luck in his marriage to Kate. She couldn't go to the wedding, because she had an emergency consult that night at the hospital. They talked briefly about the baby. Robin said Stone would have been happy for them. All he had wanted for the two of them was for them to find happiness and purpose.

Jason arrived at the Metro Court to pick up Carly. Diane tried to talk to Jason but was sidetracked by Carly's dress and hair. She finally got her moment to warn Jason that it was not a good idea to escort Carly to Sonny's wedding. Jason assured Diane that Carly would not cause any problems at the wedding.

Dr. Winters talked to Lulu about her mother and why she had needed her mother so badly. Lulu wasn't very interested in the session and said she had needed her mother because she was going crazy just like her mother. Lulu no longer needed her mother, though. Johnny had been acquitted and was going to be there to help Lulu. Dr. Winters didn't seem to think it was wise for Lulu to put all her faith in Johnny Zacchara. Lulu became frustrated, but Dr. Winters let her off the hook and said they would talk more at their next session.

Not long after Dr. Winters left, an orderly came into Lulu's room. It was Johnny! Lulu was thrilled to see him. He had the invitation to Sonny and Kate's wedding and wanted to know if she would go with him. Lulu was willing to go anywhere with Johnny, so they quickly snuck out and she changed in the car.

At the church, Sonny welcomed the guests while Kate and Olivia made their final preparations. Sonny met his father at the chapel and thanked him for being his best man. Sonny had been feeling bad about feeling so happy while his son was in a coma. Sonny knew Michael would have just wanted everyone to be happy. Later, other guests began to arrive. Sonny didn't seem fazed as Ric and Claudia arrived. Diane and Alexis also came and tried to warn Sonny about two of his guests. Sonny was not to be deterred, though. The two women walked away as Jason and Carly arrived. Jason left Sonny and Carly alone to talk, and Carly explained she truly wished Sonny all the happiness in the world. Although she still didn't like Kate, Carly just wanted Sonny to be happy. Jax walked past Sonny and Carly hugging, and Carly appeared to get upset.

Everyone was settled in the church while Kate and Olivia began to fight. Olivia had brought Kate a necklace that all the women in their family wore on their wedding day. Kate seemed touched at first but she soon realized she couldn't wear it because she was not a part of that family anymore. Kate made the excuse that the necklace didn't go with her dress. Although it seemed like the two women would get along at first, they soon were screaming at each other, loud enough for the guests seated in the church to hear. Olivia said Kate was used to hiring someone to fulfill her every need. If the hired help didn't do what she wanted, Kate would just fire them. Well, Olivia was not hired help and could not be fired just for telling Kate off. Finally, Olivia decided she would wear the necklace, and stormed out.

As everyone took their seats, Sonny and his father walked down the aisle to take their place at the altar. Olivia was next to walk down the aisle. Finally, everyone stood as Kate began to walk down the aisle. Sonny was as giddy as a schoolboy as he watched Kate and noticed how beautiful she was. Kate arrived at Sonny's side and everything stood still. Suddenly, a shot rang out.

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