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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 29, 2008 on GH
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Kate and Sonny's wedding got off to the perfect start as Kate, in a lacey designer-original dress, walked down the aisle of a tastefully decorated, picturesque chapel. When she reached Sonny, she handed her bouquet to Olivia and turned to face him. As they looked lovingly into each other's eyes, a shot rang out. Spinelli covered Maxie, Jax protected Carly, and Jason pulled his gun and started looking for the shooter. Both Sonny and Kate were surprised to see a bright red spot appear on her wedding gown just before she slumped to the floor. As the guests rapidly left the chapel, Olivia tried to stanch the blood flow. Sonny begged Kate to hang on and Mike dialed 9-1-1.

The wedding guests milled around outside the chapel waiting for the ambulance and police. Diane told Alexis that she had warned Kate against Sonny to no avail. She said that she had told Kate to walk away from Sonny the first time she had been shot. Diane speculated about the bond that had kept them together despite the danger.

While Johnny comforted an obviously distraught Lulu, Maxie told Spinelli that she feared Lulu would crack for good. Carly offered Lulu words of comfort as Jax hovered nearby. Lulu wanted to leave, but Alexis came over and said that they all had to stay until the police arrived. Johnny took matters into his own hands and spirited Lulu back to Shadybrook.

Inside the church Olivia, Jason, and Sonny worked frantically to save Kate. While Olivia followed Jason's instructions to keep pressure on the wound, Sonny made an impassioned plea for Kate to survive. She was barely conscious as she mumbled something about a secret she had to tell him. Both Olivia and Sonny told her it could wait until she was better.

Ric told Claudia that she did not seem surprised about the shooting. She said she was not because no one ever gets out of the mob "business." Claudia said that the only thing she wondered was whether the intended victim was Sonny or Kate. Claudia called Kate "deluded" because she thought Sonny could leave the business and make it stick.

Cody showed Jason a bullet casing that he found in the choir loft. They concluded that Kate, not Sonny, was the intended target, because the shooter had had time for a second shot, but did not take it.

Spinelli wanted to go help Jason, but Maxie did not want to be left alone, so she tagged along. They found Jason conversing with Cody. Jason wanted Spinelli to use his cyber skills to identify the shell casing that they were examining. Spinelli wanted to do something more "manly," but Jason was insistent that Spinelli not be associated with him when the Port Charles Police Department (PCPD) arrived.

Carly thanked Jax for throwing himself on top of her when the shot rang out. A shaken Jax admitted that all he could think of was that Carly might end up like Michael. Just at that moment, Mike pressed Carly into medical service, since her one year of nursing training was as close to a doctor as he could find in the crowd. He took her back into the chapel to help Kate, and Jax followed.

Both Carly and Olivia applied pressure to Kate's wound as Kate talked about running out of time. Sonny held her hand and told her to hang on. As the ambulance sirens grew louder, Sonny told Kate that she was his first love and he would always love her. Carly had tears in her eyes as she and Jax exchanged a longing look and listened to Sonny vow his undying love for Kate. The EMTs arrived and took Kate away. Sonny would not leave her side and was allowed to go in the ambulance with her.

The PCPD arrived and Mac quickly separated Maxie from Spinelli. He told her that she was in danger whenever she was with Spinelli. Maxie injected a note of sanity when she said that she was at her boss's wedding and that she had every right to be there. She told Mac that she had invited Spinelli to be her date, so he could not blame Spinelli for the shooting.

As the police questioned guests, Carly told Jax that she had come to the wedding expecting fireworks, but not a shooting. When she started to tell Jax that Kate was really Connie... Jax finished "Falconieri" for her. Carly was disappointed to learn that Kate had shared her deep, dark secret with Jax and that he had kept it from her. Before she said more, they were questioned and released by the police.

Tracy showed up at Shadybrook and hit the roof when she found Lulu's room empty. She was gone when Lulu and Johnny got back to Lulu's room, but she arrived shortly after Lulu had assured Johnny that it was not his fault that going to the wedding had turned out to be a bad decision.

Tracy dragged Johnny out of the room and across the hall to see Laura. Tracy did not mince words when she told Johnny that if he did not walk away form Lulu immediately, Lulu might become a vegetable just like Laura.

Monica was grumpy when Sonny showed up in the ER with a wounded Kate. She chided him for all the times he had accompanied a gurney into GH. He wanted to stay by Kate's side, but Monica made him wait while she did her examination.

Mac questioned Olivia about her argument with Kate. When Olivia told the truth, that their argument started when Kate had said that she would not wear the family necklace because it clashed with her dress, Mac recognized her genuine concern and let her go to Kate's side. Claudia showed no regret when she and Ric were questioned, but that was not enough to hold them, so the cops let them go also.

Scott went after Jason and tried to find some reason to arrest him, but Diane came over and refused to let Jason answer questions. Scott blustered and threatened to have them both arrested. Mac put two and two together after questioning the witnesses and figured out that Sonny, Lulu, Johnny, and Cody had all left before being questioned. Scott referred to Johnny and Lulu as, "My son's killer and his accomplice."

After tending to Kate's injuries, Monica told Sonny that Kate needed a neurosurgeon to perform the complicated surgery necessary to remove the hollow point bullet lodged at the base of her spine. When Sonny pleaded with Monica to save Kate, she mocked him by asking, "How many times have you made the same plea to a doctor because a somebody has been unlucky enough to be standing next to you?" Monica walked away and left Sonny pondering.

Sonny reluctantly relinquished his seat next to Kate's bedside when Olivia played the "next of kin" card. Once Sonny had left the room, Olivia assured Kate that she had not come to Kate's wedding to tell Kate's secret to Sonny. Olivia begged Kate to get better and promised that she would never reveal the secret.

Lulu was cool to Tracy when she came back in without Johnny. Tracy tried to let Lulu know that she cared about her. While they talked, an orderly served Lulu's dinner. After Tracy left, Lulu lifted the plate cover and found a note that said, "You killed Logan. You should pay."

When Jax and Carly arrived back at the hotel, Morgan and his nanny were waiting. Morgan had seen a TV announcement of the shooting and thought that Carly had been shot. Both Carly and Jax assured him that they were okay and would not leave him. Carly squatted down to hug Morgan and Jax laid his hand on Morgan's shoulder.

Lucky and Sam stopped by Liz's house to pick up the boys for their camping trip together. Lucky got irate when Liz said she was going away with Jason. When Lucky tried to forbid it, Sam pointed out gently that as long as Liz kept her relationship with Jason separate from the boys, he had no say in who Liz kept company with, just as Liz had no say in who Lucky kept company with. Lucky seemed to get a grip and acceded to Sam's assessment that it was only fair to meet Liz halfway. They parted on a good note.

Liz arrived at the airport early for her trip to Rome with Jason. But when time passed and passengers boarded the plane, she was left in a quandary as she waited forlornly for Jason.

Claudia met Karpov on the docks and berated him for Kate's shooting. Karpov insisted that his hands were clean and that he was blameless.

As Sonny waited outside Kate's room, Jason reported his findings. Sonny acknowledged that Jason had been right when he had told Sonny that it would not be easy to leave the business. Jason took no pleasure in it and shared his sincere sympathy for Sonny. When Jason told Sonny that Cody had found a shell casing and that they were analyzing it before taking action, Sonny got hot. He was convinced that Karpov's shooter had pulled the trigger and he wanted immediate action to "send a message to Karpov" to stay away from Sonny and those around him. Jason looked uncomfortable.

Ric went to the Zacchara mansion after the wedding. When he entered the living room, Anthony, who was out of his wheelchair and putting away a gun said, "Looks like you caught me," and flashed Ric a maniacal grin.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

While Kate was unconscious in the ICU, Sonny demanded Jason retaliate against Andre Karpov. He just knew Mr. Karpov was responsible for Kate's shooting. Jason said he wanted to get more information before he acted. Spinelli soon came to the ICU and told Jason that the bullet that shot Kate was Russian and it was shot from a Russian gun. Sonny again insisted Jason kill Andre, but Jason didn't think the Russian mobster was their man. That thought was confirmed for Jason when Andre approached them in the hallway. Sonny pushed Andre up against the wall and threatened him, but Andre said he would not hold Sonny's grief against the man. Andre said he was just there to express his condolences.

Meanwhile, Olivia sat in ICU and talked to her dear cousin. She talked about dating Sonny and how he had dumped her for Kate all those years earlier. Olivia said she should have told Sonny the truth back then, or even when he came to Bensonhurst. It might have saved Kate's life. Later, Olivia confronted Sonny and called him a liar. She said it was obvious after seeing her cousin get shot that he was not out of the mob. Sonny insisted he had not lied and was truly out of the mob. Olivia said she wanted to hear him say it was entirely his fault.

Later, Monica came to talk to Olivia and Sonny. She said Kate's vitals were not stable, so she could not be operated on, yet. She desperately needed the surgery, though, and she would have it as soon as she stabilized. Sonny insisted Monica continue trying to contact Patrick Drake. He was the best neurosurgeon in the area, and Sonny wanted to make sure Kate wouldn't be paralyzed. Olivia told him he must be dreaming, because Kate would be lucky to come out of the shooting paralyzed and not dead.

Lulu immediately called Johnny after seeing that the note from her room had disappeared. He didn't want to go to Shadybrook, but she insisted and said someone knew she had killed Logan. When Johnny arrived, she told him about the note in her food tray. She confronted the orderly who had brought her food, but he insisted he didn't know anything about the note. When Lulu came back to her room, the note was gone. Lulu could see by looking at Johnny's face that he didn't believe her. Johnny reminded her of how she made up Laura being coherent during his trial. Lulu said it didn't matter if she made her mother up or not, as long as Lulu was getting better. Johnny said Lulu was not getting better. Every time Lulu and Johnny were together, Lulu got worse. The couple moved into the hall and their shouts caused the doctors and orderlies to come running. Johnny watched as Lulu was carried away while she screamed that she was not crazy.

Jax assured Morgan he would protect him and his mother, while Carly reassured her nanny that she had done the right thing by bringing Morgan to her. Later, Jax insisted Carly and Morgan temporarily move into the Metro Court. They would be safer in the public eye with the hotel's state-of-the-art security. Carly pointed out that Jason already had guards on the house, but Jax thought mob security was a joke. Carly relented, and she and Morgan arrived soon at the Metro Court. After Carly and Jax read a story to Morgan, they walked out of the boy's room to have a private conversation. Carly said Jax was her hero, not because he shielded her from bullets or protected her son, though. Jax was Carly's hero because that night had proved he still loved her. They leaned in to kiss, and Jax passionately held on to Carly.

Ric didn't seem too surprised to see Anthony standing on his own two feet. He was curious what was going on, and Anthony elaborated and told Ric all about his plan to take over the mob in Port Charles. Anthony framed Andre Karpov and shot Kate. No one was going to suspect Anthony, especially since he was wheelchair-bound. Sonny would not have the manpower to retaliate against Andre, so he would insist Jason do it. Sonny's one fault had always been his emotions, and he would act before he verified the facts. Jason would not act, though, until he made sure he knew whom the shooter was. That would cause Sonny to betray Jason and turn to another mob family, the Zaccharas. Anthony would provide the necessary shelter for Sonny and would take Jason out. Once Jason was eliminated, Anthony would kill Sonny. Ric wasn't so sure it was a foolproof plan, but they were soon interrupted when Trevor and Claudia walked in. Luckily, Anthony sat back down in his wheelchair right before they entered the room.

Trevor was extremely distraught over Kate's shooting and rambled on and on about Andre Karpov. Claudia said Andre was not the shooter. She had just met with the Russian mobster and when he heard Kate had been killed, he looked genuinely surprised. Anthony thought it was naïve of Claudia to believe Andre, but she insisted he was not the shooter. Anthony pointed out that Andre might have been surprised to learn his shooter had shot the wrong person, but he was surely to blame. The police soon came to question the family, and Anthony insisted they had nothing to do with the shooting. Trevor was willing to cooperate and give them information about Andre Karpov, so he soon left for the police station. After he was gone, Anthony told Claudia he wanted her to go to Sonny and promise that the Zacchara family had nothing to do with his fiancée's shooting. He wanted her to offer him whatever he needed during his time of grief.

Liz desperately tried to get Jason on the phone to find out what was going on. They finally talked, and Liz was filled in on the details of Kate's shooting. She quickly returned to Port Charles and arrived at the hospital to help out.

Jason and Sonny continued to fight outside Kate's hospital room. Sonny wanted Jason to take immediate action against Andre Karpov, but Jason said he had to make sure he was retaliating against the correct person. There were too many lives at stake within his organization to risk killing the wrong person. Sonny was furious and told Jason he was a traitor and a coward. He told him to get out. Jason left and met Spinelli in the hall. Spinelli was prepared to go to war, but Jason said he needed more information before he could retaliate against Kate's shooter. Just as Liz walked in, Jason said that was the reason why he couldn't be in a relationship.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In the hotel suite that Jax had reserved for Carly and Morgan, Jax and Carly were kissing passionately, but Jax stopped them from going farther. He told Carly that making love would not change anything. They admitted that they both still loved each other. Carly begged Jax to come back to her. She told him that he had her whole heart and all he had to do was take it. Jax was sad when he responded that it hurt too much to be Carly's husband. Despite impassioned entreaties from Carly, Jax refused to recommit. He left Carly alone in the suite, but not before Carly told him she was determined to get him back.

Spinelli and Jason were in the hospital waiting area when Liz approached Jason. She told him that what happened to Kate was awful but it did not matter. She still wanted to be close to him. Spinelli was all for it, but Jason was reluctant. He did not want to put Liz in the same position as Kate. He told her there was something that she needed to see.

Anthony, Claudia and Ric were at the Zacchara mansion discussing the shooting. Anthony told Claudia to go to Sonny and offer condolences on behalf of the Zaccharas. Claudia was willing, but Ric objected. He told Anthony that his plan might backfire because Sonny was a hothead and might lash out at Claudia just because she was in his line of sight. Anthony said that he had faith in Claudia's ability to handle men and then sent her off the see Sonny.

After Claudia left, Ric remained unconvinced that Anthony's plan to send Claudia to Sonny was a good one. Anthony told Ric to relax because nothing was more convincing that a liar who thought that he was telling the truth. Anthony told Ric that he was not showing proper respect for the brilliance of Anthony's plan. Ric said he was having trouble with Anthony's methods. Anthony said that he was being subtle. He said that he could have blown up the whole church. Ric, who was in the church for the wedding, gave a sarcastic "thanks for that."

Anthony chuckled that his plan was also devious because he was using Sonny against himself. By shooting Kate with a Russian gun, he had put Sonny into an unreasonable rage against Karpov, the perceived shooter. Anthony figured that Sonny would ask Jason to eliminate Karpov. He also figured that Jason would not take on Sonny's personal vendetta. Anthony planned to make an alliance with Sonny to eliminate Karpov, get Sonny to eliminate Jason and take back the business, and then, when Sonny was comfortable, eliminate Sonny.

A distraught Johnny came in and poured himself a drink. Anthony was not happy to hear that Johnny had been to the wedding with Lulu. Johnny did not care about anything except his inability to help Lulu. He continued to drink and when Anthony said that Lulu was not good for Johnny, Johnny proceeded to enumerate all the ways that he was not good for Lulu.

As Johnny ranted on, Trevor came in and said that Karpov was using the distraction of the shooting to land a shipment. Trevor was all for retaliation. Ric thought it was better to let theshipment through so that Jason would have to handle it and perhaps solve the Karpov problem for them. Anthony was not sure that the time was right to start a war between Jason and Karpov. When he turned and asked Johnny's opinion, Johnny said they had it covered and walked out with the bottle of whiskey.

Claudia tried to get into ICU to see Kate, but Epiphany did not let her. However, Sonny saw her in the lobby and as Ric had predicted, turned his anger on her. But as Anthony said, Claudia had a way with men. She told him that her family was not involved, but offered their support. When she left, Sonny told her that if did not know for sure that it was Karpov, he would be coming after her family also. She did not tell him about her conversation with Karpov, but she did touch Sonny with her sincere concern for Kate's life.

Olivia blamed Sonny for Kate's shooting but not as much as Sonny blamed himself as he recounted his experience with Michael. After Jason took Liz to see Kate and warned her that she could be lying there, Olivia took Jason to task for making Kate the poster child for what happens when you marry the mob. Liz left and Jason apologized. Olivia left Jason alone with Sonny, who tried to persuade him to act against Karpov. Jason remained firm with Sonny and refused to start a mob war without proof.

After Jason left, Olivia, who had overheard part of the conversation, confronted Sonny. She was firm when she told him that violence brought more violence. She also reminded him that she had known him for many years. She reminded him that she had seen him berserk because of his violent temper and his need for revenge. Olivia was adamant that Kate would not want Sonny to give in to his anger or to kill in her name or take revenge

When Sonny tried to make Olivia believe that he wanted to kill Kate's shooter to keep his family safe, Olivia told him not to kid himself because what it really was, was payback. Before Sonny could respond Robin and Patrick arrived. Robin immediately comforted Sonny and told him that she and Patrick would be there for him.

Sonny introduced Robin and Patrick. When Patrick started running down the case and Sonny asked how soon he could operate, Olivia pulled rank and let them all know that she was the next of kin and she would be making the decisions about Kate's care. Olivia was very abrupt with Robin when she tried to defend Sonny, and despite Sonny's glowing recommendation, questioned both doctors' credentials.

Patrick became very professional at that point and told her to take all the time she needed to check him out. He cautioned that the longer they waited the more likely Kate was to be paralyzed. Olivia became less testy with Robin after Sonny said that Olivia was entitled to her feelings. He told her to consult with the doctors but to make sure that she made the right choice for Kate. Olivia wanted to be sure that Kate walked again, but all Sonny cared about was that she lived.

When Olivia asked for Patrick's assessment, he told her that the bullet was lodged very close to Kate's spine. If they operated too soon, Kate could die on the table, but if they waited too long the damage from the bullet would cause paralysis. Patrick said he was sure that he could save Kate's life and that if he operated at the opportune moment, there was an excellent chance for a full recovery. Olivia decided to let Patrick continue on the case but she remarked to Sonny that she hoped that Patrick was as good at surgery as he was at running his mouth.

Spinelli caught Jason in the waiting room and wanted to know if he was going away with Liz. Jason said it was not safe for them. Before Spinelli could make more arguments in favor of "the maternal one," Jason got a call from Carly who wanted to know what was going on. After he hung up, Jason left Spinelli at the hospital while he went to check on Carly.

Nikolas and Nadine were sharing food and kisses at Wyndemere. She thanked him for saving her from a near drowning after Nikolas rescued her from Karpov's henchmen. When the kissing started to get hot and heavy, Nikolas pulled away and said he needed to go ride his horse. Nadine was incredulous when Nikolas told her that her room was down the hall.

When Nikolas returned from his ride, Nadine was waiting for him. She said that her last thought before she nearly drowned was regret because they had not fully explored their attraction to each other. Then Nadine put her arms around Nikolas and told him that it was time to stop thinking and just go with it. They began kissing and undressing each other. Nikolas and Nadine made love. Afterwards, Nadine's face was lit by a smile as she lay curled in Nikolas' arms.

Jason met Carly in her suite. He told her that Kate, not Sonny, was the target. She guessed that he had a lead. Jason affirmed that he did, but cautioned that it could be taking him and Sonny in the wrong direction. When Jason told Carly that the bullet was Russian, she concluded that it was Karpov. Jason said that he had confronted Karpov and believed that he was not involved. Carly argued that Karpov's character indicated that he was capable of shooting Kate.

Jason said that bottom line it did not matter. The act was personal, against Sonny and Jason could not put his organization at risk for an act of personal revenge. He said that he felt bad for Sonny, but he had to say no. Carly speculated on how long it would be before Jason caved in to Sonny's demands. Carly wanted to know when Jason had ever been able to refuse Sonny anything, even when he was wrong.

Johnny was on the docks with his bottle when one of Anthony's men tried to take him back to the mansion. Johnny knocked the man out and gloated that he was taking his boat out to run circles around "that Russian freighter."

Ric was waiting up for Claudia when she got back from seeing Sonny. She reported that Sonny had admitted that he was naïve to believe he could leave the mob for a white picket fence. Ric laughed when he questioned whether Sonny had used those exact words. Claudia replied that unlike Ric, Sonny was easy to read. As Ric moved closer to her, he said that he had been very up front about his interest in her.

Claudia changed the subject and said that Karpov had been genuinely surprised that Kate had been shot. She wanted to know why Ric was going along with her father's belief that Karpov had engineered the hit. When Ric said that it made sense, Claudia said that it did not.

Claudia told Ric that he did not trust her and he said that she did not trust him. Ric said that there was a lot of chaos going on and he wanted to see how it played out for him. When he leaned in to kiss Claudia, she avoided him and accused him of playing her. As she walked away she smiled and said, "I kinda like it."

Outside Kate's room, Sonny told Olivia not to take a chance with Kate's life. Olivia retorted, "Like you did."

Inside the room Patrick examined Kate, who came briefly to consciousness. She mumbled that she had to tell Sonny a secret, even if it meant he hated her. As Patrick held her hand, she said "Tell Sonny he has," before lapsing back into unconsciousness, leaving Patrick to question, "Has what?"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

At Wyndemere, Nadine woke up with Nikolas in his bed. They were enjoying playful post-coital cuddling when Alfred entered the bedroom, pushing a breakfast trolley. Nikolas seemed to be at ease with the butler's presence in the bedroom, but Nadine didn't. Her expression of horror made it clear that she found the entire incident unsettling. As soon as Alfred left, Nadine gathered her belongings and made an excuse to leave. Nikolas was disappointed that they wouldn't spend the day together, but was willing to settle for dinner. Nadine declined the invitation, claiming that she had prior engagements and would be too busy to meet Nikolas.

A short while later, as Nikolas prepared to leave Wyndemere, he asked Alfred if anything had struck Alfred as odd about Nadine's behavior earlier that morning. Alfred confessed that he found Nadine odd, in a good way, at the best of times however, he had not noticed anything unusual that morning. Nikolas confided that his ego had been bruised by Nadine's sudden desire to leave. Nikolas had thought that their night together had meant more to Nadine than a casual encounter.

At the hospital, Nadine arrived to start her shift. Layla was delighted to see her friend and immediately asked for details about her night with Nikolas. Nadine caught Layla up on recent events, including the news that she and Nikolas had been intimate. Layla was happy for Nadine because she knew that Nadine had genuine feelings for Nikolas. Nadine admitted that she had been bothered by Nikolas' blasé attitude when Alfred had brought them breakfast. It had made Nadine feel as if she and Nikolas had merely had a one-night stand. Layla suggested that perhaps Nadine had overreacted to the situation and jumped to the wrong conclusion. She advised Nadine to tell Nikolas how she really felt about their night together.

Johnny was taken to the Port Charles police station after he intentionally crashed his speedboat into a freighter. Scott found it odd that Johnny had suddenly become suicidal so soon after his acquittal for murder. Johnny remained silent for a short time and then reminded Scott that he could not be charged twice for the same crime. Johnny then made the shocking confession that he had killed Logan. Scott was furious, especially when Johnny began to provide lurid details of Logan's last few minutes of life. Driven past rational thought, Scott threw himself at Johnny and began pummeling him.

Ric and Claudia rushed into the interrogation room. While Scott was pulled off of Johnny, Claudia proclaimed her brother's innocence despite having no idea who had provoked the fight. Eventually, Ric managed to settle everyone down long enough to get to the bottom of things. When Scott told Ric that Johnny had confessed to Logan's murder, Ric reminded Scott that double jeopardy applied and Johnny could not be tried for Logan's murder again. Scott couldn't argue the point so he focused on the crimes that brought Johnny to the police station in the first place. Unfortunately, Scott soon learned that he wouldn't be able to press charges. It appeared that the freighter that Johnny had run into had disappeared. Without the vessel, there wasn't a crime.

In the squad room, Claudia cozied up to Ric and reminded him of their bargain; if Ric kept Johnny out of jail, then Claudia would sleep with him. Claudia became annoyed when Ric declined her invitation. However, she was mollified when Ric explained that his rejection was not personal. Ric intended to gather information at the police station that he could use to his advantage at a later time.

Diane, Max, and Jason were gathered in Jason's office discussing Kate's shooting. Diane was completely against the idea of Jason retaliating for the shooting and made sure her views on the matter were heard. Before she stormed out, she told Jason that she did not want to have to buy funeral clothes for Max's burial.

Alone with Jason, Max admitted that he was flattered by Diane's obvious concern for him, but he made it clear that he would follow Jason's orders if Jason decided to make a move against Karpov. Max was stunned when Jason told him that there would not be a retaliation for Kate's shooting. Max wondered how Jason could turn his back on Sonny after everything his mentor had done for Jason over the years.

Sonny was sitting vigil at Kate's bedside when Olivia walked in and offered him some coffee. Sonny appreciated the gesture but the tension between them remained thick. As they talked about Kate, Olivia broached the subject of Sonny's decision to leave the mob. Sonny swore it had not been an empty gesture; he had truly left the mob behind him. Olivia remained skeptical but couldn't pursue her line of questioning because Patrick joined them.

Patrick wanted to check on Kate before she was prepped for surgery. Olivia took the opportunity to dash off to the hotel so that she could wash up and change before Kate's operation. Sonny remained behind and spoke to Patrick about Kate's prognosis. Sonny admitted that he had hoped that Kate would have woken up before her surgery. Patrick surprised Sonny with the news that Kate had been conscious for a short time during the night. She had asked Patrick to give Sonny a message, but unfortunately she had drifted back into unconsciousness before she could say anything else.

Before Patrick left to prepare for the operation, he told Sonny that he couldn't give him any guarantees, but that he would do his best to save Kate's life. Patrick then gave Sonny a few minutes alone with Kate before she was taken to surgery.

Alone with Kate, Sonny talked to her about his feelings. He asked Kate to take their love with her to the operating room and begged her to beat the odds so that she could come back to him. Sonny then began talking about their wedding and how he felt overwhelmed with his love for Kate when she had walked down the aisle. Sonny once again pleaded with Kate to pull through the operation and then told her that he would lay down his life for her. Moments later, Kate's eyes fluttered open. She seemed determined to tell Sonny something, but Kate proved too weak and slipped back into unconsciousness before she could say anything further.

Sonny remained in Kate's room after Epiphany took Kate to surgery. While Sonny waited, he went through Kate's things and found their wedding rings. At that moment, Robin walked in. She saw her friend's hurt and quickly comforted him with a hug. They pulled apart and started talking. Robin assured Sonny that Kate's chances of recovery increased because she had Patrick for a surgeon. She told him that Patrick was a brilliant doctor whom she deeply admired. Loving him just gave her a better understanding of just how skilled Patrick truly was. Sonny appreciated the glowing endorsement, which seemed to put his mind at ease. As the old friends talked, Sonny appeared to find a reason to hope. He credited Robin for that and thanked her. Sonny felt that as long as life continued, there was a possibility for happiness.

Patrick soon returned with the news that Kate had made it through the operation. Once Kate was settled back into her room and Sonny was left alone with her, Sonny made a promise to Kate. He told her that he had decided to reclaim the reigns of his mob empire and vowed to make the person who had hurt her pay for shooting Kate. Sonny swore that no one would ever come after him or his again. Meanwhile, Jason had entered the room and heard Sonny's declaration.

At the Metro Court Hotel, Olivia took a moment to talk to Carly before returning to the hospital. Olivia didn't mince words. She asked Carly how honest Sonny had been when he had insisted that he had left the mob behind him. At first Carly was reluctant to say anything, but Olivia proved to be quite persistent. Carly gave Olivia a brief recap on what had led Sonny to leave the mob. Carly also revealed that Sonny had eventually gone into business with Karpov, but that they had quickly had a falling-out. Olivia was furious after she wrongly concluded that Karpov had sent a hitman to Sonny's wedding to retaliate for Sonny's defection.

Nikolas tracked Carly down at the Metro Court and offered to buy the hotel from her. Carly was surprised to learn that Nikolas had recently approached Jax about buying the hotel and that Jax had turned down the offer. Carly wondered what had triggered Nikolas' sudden interest in buying her hotel. Nikolas told her the same story that he had told Jax. He became interested in the piece of real estate because he had a perfect view of it from Spoon Island. Carly didn't believe a word of his story. She suggested that the real reason Nikolas wanted to buy the hotel was either because he was looking for a challenge or he wanted an opportunity to go up against Jax. Nikolas didn't deny either theory. As they continued to talk, Nadine walked into the lobby and spotted Carly on the sofa with Nikolas. From Nadine's vantage point, it appeared that Carly and Nikolas were flirting. Nadine's expression indicated that she did not like the idea of Nikolas having a dalliance with Carly.

Patrick found Robin alone in the staff locker room. Robin seemed troubled, so he offered to take her out for some fresh air and a walk. Robin appreciated Patrick's concern, but she wanted to talk to him instead. Patrick sat down as Robin began speaking. She told him that Sonny reminded her that time and love were precious. Robin didn't think she should be so arrogant as to take either for granted. Robin continued to pour out her heart as she told Patrick that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Robin then proposed marriage to Patrick. Patrick's expression was blank and he remained ominously silent as Robin looked down with expectation shining in her eyes.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Robin told Patrick she finally realized what she really wanted - to marry him. After spending time with Sonny, she understood how rare it was to fine true love. Life was short and love was rare. Robin felt ridiculous for not realizing how lucky she was. Robin got down on one knee and asked Patrick to marry her. Patrick said no; he told her he had been selfish by focusing on his own needs and not Robin's needs. Robin needed to be single and independent in order to feel safe. Patrick said he couldn't marry Robin because he loved her too much. He kissed her and walked away.

Anna came into the nurse's lounge to look for Robin. They were supposed to go shopping for the nursery, or closet as Anna often called it. When she saw her daughter, Anna asked why she wasn't ready yet. Robin told her about Patrick turning down her proposal. Anna was relieved to learn her daughter finally realized her true love for Patrick.

Sonny and Olivia talked about Kate's surgery. Dr. Drake had told them she would make a full recovery and would even be able to walk again. Olivia told Sonny that would not get him a free pass just because Connie (Kate) would recover. When Olivia started talking about Sonny getting out of the business and then making a side deal with Karpov that had gone bad, Sonny guessed that Olivia had talked to Carly. They continued to argue until Patrick came in to check on Kate. Olivia thanked him for helping Kate. Patrick told them both that Kate should be waking up from the surgery soon. Patrick warned them that Kate could be incoherent when she woke up, especially since she was insisting on telling Sonny something right before the surgery. Olivia looked scared.

After Patrick left, Mac came into Kate's hospital room and asked for a statement from Olivia and Sonny. Olivia said she didn't know any more than she had already told Mac. Sonny gave no information at all, though. He said Kate fell into his arms as she was shot while walking down the aisle. He told Mac he knew nothing else. Mac knew Sonny was lying and said Sonny knew who shot Kate. Mac thought Sonny was probably planning retaliation already.

After Mac left, Olivia prepared to go back to wait for Kate to wake up. Sonny told her he needed to take care of some stuff and asked Olivia to tell Kate he loved her if she woke up. Patrick soon came in to check on Kate and asked Olivia to leave while he examined his patient. As soon as Olivia walked out of the room, her phone rang. She argued with her daughter for a while and insisted she needed to stay with Kate. Olivia made it very clear that her daughter was not to come to Port Charles. While Olivia was outside, Kate woke up. Patrick told her not to talk, but Kate insisted Patrick tell Sonny that Olivia had his child.

Nadine witnessed Carly adjusting Nikolas' collar and immediately assumed something was going on between the two of them. Nadine tried desperately to listen to their conversation but was too far away to hear anything. She crouched in a corner as Nikolas tried to convince Carly to sell her share of the Metro Court hotel. Nikolas thought it would be best for Carly to sell out so she wouldn't have to work with Jax any longer. Carly didn't disagree, but it was very hard for her to even think about leaving her hotel. She had worked very hard for the hotel and didn't want to give it up because it was finally succeeding.

After Nikolas left the hotel, Marty tried to stop Nadine from approaching Carly, but it was to no avail. Nadine wanted to know what was going on, but she didn't believe Carly when she told the young girl that nothing had been going on.

Jax saw Nikolas on the docks and was immediately on the defensive. Jax thought Nikolas was taking advantage of Carly by asking her to sell her share of the hotel to him. Nikolas said it was just a business deal, but Jax was still upset. Nikolas left, so Jax went to the hotel and had Marty pull Carly out of a conference call to meet with him. Jax wanted Carly's assurance that she wouldn't sell her share of the hotel to Nikolas. Carly said she put too much hard work into the hotel to sell, but she wanted Jax to sell his share to Nikolas.

Bernie tried to talk Spinelli into convincing Jason that going to war with Karpov was the wrong idea. Jason walked in on their conversation and Bernie admitted what he was talking to Spinelli about. Jason said Bernie would do better to speak with him directly, instead of going through Spinelli. After Bernie left, Spinelli told Jason he thought going to war was the right thing to do. Jason needed to do right by Sonny. Spinelli thought Karpov's men wouldn't retaliate once Karpov was dead. They were interrupted when Spinelli's phone rang. It was Nadine asking to see him right away. Jason told him to go, so Spinelli left to meet Nadine at the piers.

Spinelli arrived at the docks, and Nadine told him it wasn't exactly a life-threatening emergency. She babbled on in style typical of Spinelli, and Spinelli had no idea what she was talking about. Nadine said she wanted to make sure Nikolas knew he wasn't the only fish in the sea. Just as Nikolas arrived, Nadine grabbed Spinelli and kissed him.

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