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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sonny told Jason that he wanted the business back, but Jason refused to let go. Sonny was angry, but Jason told him that he was only doing what Sonny had taught him to do. No matter how many times, Jason told Sonny that he did not want to start a war or kill Karpov on circumstantial evidence, Sonny still wanted Karpov dead. When Jason refused to do Sonny's bidding for the third time, Sonny left Jason's office and told Jason that he was dead to him.

Carly and Jax squabbled in the hotel lobby. She tried to get him to sell his share of the hotel to Nikolas, but Jax refused. He said he loved the hotel. Carly told him that since he thought it was so hard to be around her, he could sell his share instead of having to work with her every day.

Carly told Jax that she had to leave in order to catch a commercial flight to Montreal for a business meeting. Jax also planned to attend the meeting, but he was flying there in his private jet. He did not want to invite Carly along because it brought back memories of the passion they had shared on the plane, and he did not want to chance that they might connect on a sexual level.

Jax decided to play gentleman and offered the plane to Carly in exchange for her commercial flight. Before she stalked out of the hotel, Carly told Jax that she had been getting herself where she needed to go long before she met him, and she could still take care of her own transportation.

At the Zacchara mansion, a distraught Johnny, grieving over his separation from Lulu, sought comfort from Anthony. Anthony thanked him for trying to stop Karpov's freighter with his much smaller boat, but told him to leave the dirty work to others. Johnny told Anthony that now that he was reconciled because he had resigned himself to his fate as the Zacchara heir, he did not understand why Anthony did not want him to get involved in the operation.

Johnny and Anthony shared a warm tÍte-ŗ-tÍte, until Johnny discovered an open cabinet door, and the suitcase inside. As he put together the gun, he also put two and two together and realized that Anthony was behind Kate's shooting. Anthony admitted that Kate had been shot as revenge for Sonny's treatment of Johnny when Michael disappeared. Anthony gloated that he would not get caught because everyone thought that Karpov shot Kate.

Johnny also realized that Anthony would not trust anyone but himself with the job. So he grabbed Anthony and pulled him out of his wheelchair. When Johnny let go, Anthony slumped to the floor and continued to act as though he was paralyzed from the waist down. Johnny was not convinced. When Anthony would not stand up and admit that he could walk, Johnny laid the gun across the wheelchair's arms and told Anthony that he was leaving. He told Anthony he could either call for help and let that person see the gun , thereby and riskking their questions, or Anthony could stand up and put the gun away. Johnny was betting that Anthony would stand up. As Johnny left the living room and walked down the hall. Anthony got up, did a little dance and said proudly, "That's my boy."

Nikolas happened upon Nadine and Spinelli on the docks. As soon as she saw Nikolas, Nadine pulled Spinelli into a smooch. When it was over, she pretended to be surprised to see Nikolas. When Spinelli tried to explain, Nadine rambled on that both she and Nikolas were free to see other people and that they had no strings on each other. She told Nikolas to go on about his business, and he did.

After Nikolas left the docks, Nadine told Spinelli that she had slept with Nikolas and did not know how to act around him. She worried that she had messed everything up. Spinelli comforted her.

Nikolas went to the hospital to talk to Liz. He was unsure about what was happening with Nadine. Liz told Nikolas that Nadine was overcompensating. She was trying not to show how much she cared by showing how little she cared. Nikolas understood and went in search of Nadine, but found Spinelli instead.

Spinelli assured Nikolas that he had no designs on Nadine. Before parting, he added that Nadine was using fuzzy logic, but that if Nikolas would share his true feelings with Nadine, everything would be made clear. Nikolas turned to leave also, but spotted Nadine on the stairs leading to the pier. She called out to him, but tripped and tumbled down the steps. Nikolas rushed to her. He called Nadine's name as he cradled her unconscious form.

Ric treated Claudia to lunch and both were surprised to learn that they shared a similar taste in music. Claudia wanted to know Ric's ulterior motive for dating her. He said that while he always did what was in his own selfish best interest, he was genuinely attracted to her. Claudia asked Ric to walk her home. When they got to her apartment, she invited him in for a drink. They talked about themselves and their daddy issues. Both admitted that they had a hard time trusting anyone and that both were familiar with betrayal.

Claudia told Ric how much she admired his smarts and legal skills. Ric admitted that he like liked to win against long odds and that he would have take taken Johnny's case, even if Claudia had not agreed to have sex with him if he won. He offered to let her off the hook, but Claudia said she always paid her debts. Ric gave Claudia one last chance to walk away, noting that if they slept together, it was probably just a matter of time before one betrayed the other.

Claudia agreed but kissed Ric anyway and he kissed her back. They undressed each other and shared a very passionate interlude. Afterward, they lay on the couch, laughing and holding each other. Just as they started some serious kissing, Johnny walked in on them.

While Olivia stood outside Kate's room, using her cell phone to talk to her son, Dante, Patrick was inside examining Kate. Kate woke briefly and told Patrick that he had to tell Sonny that he was the father of Olivia's son. Patrick told Kate that she would be able to tell him herself.

Olivia came back and asked Patrick what Kate had said. He told her that Kate had merely mumbled a few words before falling back asleep.

After Patrick departed, Olivia apologized to Kate for getting angry with her before the wedding. She thanked Kate for keeping the secret about her son's paternity, even from their family. Olivia realized that it would have been easy for Kate to tell Sonny about Dante when they reconnected, but she had not. Kate had remained loyal to Olivia and Olivia vowed to remain loyal to Kate.

Sonny walked in and heard the tail end of the conversation. Olivia breathed a sigh of relief that he had not overheard her comments about his son, Dante. She told him what Patrick had told her. Sonny left for the chapel.

Kate woke up and asked for Sonny. Olivia tried to comfort her, but Kate got agitated because she remembered being shot, and she thought that the reason Sonny was not by her side was because he was dead. Olivia told Kate that Sonny was not hurt, but that Kate had been shot because Sonny had lied to her. He had not quit the mob as he told her he had. Kate's eyes were wide with pain.

Anthony rolled his wheelchair into the chapel and sympathized with Sonny. He told him that he knew how betrayal felt. He offered Sonny the help and resources of his organizations. Sonny's response was to ask Anthony, "What's the catch?"

Jason met with Cody and told him about his meeting with Sonny. He said that he was telling Cody because all the other lieutenants had previously been with Sonny and might want to side with Sonny against Jason. Cody said it was already happening and that he had been ask to switch sides. Jason was stunned when Cody said that he had agreed to side with Jason's opponents.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anthony offered his organization to Sonny, but Sonny didn't take the offer seriously. He asked what Anthony would gain from Sonny taking over. Anthony explained that he was an old man. There were people out there that would try to take over if he were to make it known that he was retiring. The organization would not be as vulnerable if Anthony announced that Sonny Corinthos was taking over, though. Sonny asked why Anthony wasn't turning the business over to Claudia or Johnny. Anthony said Johnny was still too young and immature, and Claudia was Claudia. She couldn't be trusted to run the business. Sonny didn't seem interested, and stormed out.

Olivia told Kate that Sonny was still in the mob. Kate wanted Olivia to give her all the information she had, so Olivia told her about Sonny making a deal with Karpov. When Olivia told her cousin that Carly had given her some of the information, Kate no longer believed that Sonny was still in the mob. She told Olivia that usually everything Carly said was a lie.

Later, they talked about what a great job Patrick had done. Kate thanked Olivia for making the decision for Kate to have the necessary surgery. Olivia said the man with the scalpel deserved the credit, but Olivia also thought Sonny deserved some praise. She talked about how much love and conviction Sonny professed when he came to Bensonhurst. His lies had caused Kate to get hurt, though. Kate stopped Olivia and said her cousin had always disliked Sonny, and one of the reasons was because she had his son. Olivia said she had dated a lot of men around the time when she got pregnant, but Kate knew Olivia had only slept with Sonny. Olivia didn't want Sonny or Dante to know who the boy's father was. Kate told Olivia that Sonny was a good father, but Olivia didn't want her son to end up shot like Kate had been. Kate told Olivia to stop blaming Sonny, but Sonny walked in just at that moment and told Kate she was right to blame him. Sonny said he had not kept her safe, so he felt responsible. Nothing was more important than Kate getting better, though.

Later, Diane came to visit Kate at the hospital. Diane and Olivia instantly seemed to bond over their dislike for Sonny and Kate's relationship. Olivia left Diane and Kate alone so she could take a phone call from her son. Olivia did her best to convince Dante not to come to Port Charles. Meanwhile, Kate asked Diane if Sonny was still in the mob. Diane couldn't betray attorney/client confidentiality, but Diane did tell Kate that Sonny had not entirely changed his business.

Jason and Cody talked about the men that could be turning against the organization and helping Sonny. Cody thought most of the men would be loyal to Jason, though. The men Cody had talked to liked the way Jason ran the business, but Jason knew Sonny was aggressive, and most of the men would appreciate that aggressiveness against men like Andre Karpov and Anthony Zacchara.

Spinelli walked in and Jason put him right to work looking up who Sonny had called within the organization within the past few days. Soon, Spinelli had a list of men whom Sonny had called multiple times. Cody left to contact those men while Spinelli and Jason had a moment alone. Spinelli couldn't figure out why Jason wouldn't just turn over the business to Sonny. The war wasn't necessary. Spinelli knew Jason didn't really want to be in control, but he couldn't understand why he didn't give Sonny back his power. Jason tried his best to explain that he couldn't back out of his position of power since he had already accepted that responsibility.

Cody and Jason stood outside a warehouse and listened as Sonny tried to convince one of their lieutenants to betray Jason. After hearing enough of the conversation, Jason walked in and told Sonny it was over. It wouldn't do anyone any good if the organization betrayed itself. Sonny tried to get the other associate to side with him, but the man said Jason was in charge and that had been a good decision for the business. Jason told Sonny he had already talked to all the other lieutenants, and Sonny became upset. He couldn't believe Jason was turning his back on him during his time of need. Sonny told Jason he hoped he wouldn't regret that decision later, but Jason said he already regretted his decision.

Nikolas brought Nadine to General Hospital where Leyla rushed her back to be checked out. Nadine was obviously embarrassed, but Nikolas wanted to stay and make sure she was okay. He offered to wait and take her home after she was checked out. Before she was whisked away, Nadine said it wasn't necessary.

Liz came over to talk to Nikolas while Nadine was being checked out and they talked about Nadine and Nikolas' relationship. Nikolas thought Nadine didn't like him, but Liz pointed out that Nadine was humiliated, but she obviously had a crush on him-especially since she had just literally fallen head over heels for him.

It seemed like Nikolas was starting to understand why Nadine was acting the way she was when Nikolas was allowed to go back and check on Nadine. Dr. Hunter was with Nadine and told Nikolas that his patient would be fine. Nikolas was surprised to see Matt already back at work, but Matt said he had bills to pay and he was a resilient young man. Nikolas offered to help with the bills, but Dr. Hunter said he didn't need any more charity. Matt thanked Nikolas for pulling him out of the fire, but Nikolas pointed out that Nadine had insisted Nikolas rescue Matt first. Nadine sheepishly told Matt that her actions were just to make up for all the grief she had previously caused him. Matt thanked Nadine, but told her to stop investigating him.

After Dr. Hunter was gone, Nikolas told Nadine he had been worried about her. Nadine was very humiliated, especially because she still thought Nikolas didn't care for her. She told him she had asked him to meet her on the piers so they could talk. She had wanted to make sure they could still remain friends and business associates, despite the fact that they had slept together. Nikolas told her their relationship would not change. After Nadine left, Nikolas appeared confused by what had gone on between him and Nadine.

Johnny was furious when he walked in on Claudia and Ric having sex in the living room. The two lovebirds quickly dressed, but Johnny wanted Ric to leave immediately. Ric didn't want to leave, though. He enjoyed his time with Claudia and didn't want to be pushed out. Ric and Johnny fought until Ric made a comment about Lulu and infuriated Johnny. The younger man punched Ric, but Claudia stopped the fight when she knocked Johnny out with a blow to the back of her brother's head. Claudia quickly ushered Ric out before Johnny could awake. Ric left and went back to Anthony's house. Anthony was shocked and impressed with Ric's already black eye. Ric told him that Johnny had caused the injury. When Anthony asked what the fight was about, Ric told him it hadn't mattered. The main thing was that Anthony needed to watch his son to make sure he didn't interfere with Anthony's plans for Sonny.

After Ric was gone, Claudia quickly got ice for Johnny's head. She offered to stay up and watch movies with him, because she wanted him to stay awake so she could keep an eye on him. Johnny was still mad at her for sleeping with Ric and told her she didn't need to sleep with him. Johnny had been acquitted, so Ric's services were no longer needed. Johnny said he would kill Ric the first time he hurt Claudia or made her cry. That information seemed to please Claudia.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Anna dropped by the police station to see Mac. She told him that Robin needed some cheering up after Patrick turned down her marriage proposal. He agreed to go see Robin.

Nikolas happened upon Nadine, who was in the clinic cleaning up after the fire. When Nikolas tried to tell her that he missed her the previous evening and that he had hoped that she would come to Wyndemere instead of going home, Nadine got flustered. She babbled on about the ineffective drugs that she had gotten from General Hospital to treat her injuries. She was still mortified by the fall she took in front of Nikolas and by the ugly bruise on her face. Nadine acted as though her night with Nikolas was totally without expectation. She continued to send mixed signals before rushing away from a baffled Nikolas.

Carly was in the hotel engrossed in comparing colored tiles, when Jax walked by. He stopped to admire Carly. She did not notice him when she backed up and bumped into him, and she dropped the tiles. Jax picked up the pieces and apologized. He told her that he loved to watch her mind at work and surmised that she was deciding on the new tile color for the spa. She agreed that she was trying to choose. Carly noted that one of the tiles was the color of the water in Fiji, where they spent their honeymoon. Jax said the other was the color of red that her hindquarters had turned after she sat on a sea urchin. They appeared to be getting closer when Alexis interrupted and reminded Jax of their meeting. Carly realized immediately that the meeting was about their divorce.

Jax and Alexis went to the lounge to talk. Alexis advised Jax to hold on to his real estate, especially the hotel in Montreal. Jax said he bought it for Carly and wanted her to have it. Carly, who was eavesdropping nearby, told Jax that she did not want the hotel in Montreal because she did not want to move. She told Jax to keep the hotel and give her the Metro Court. While Jax and Carly continued their discussion privately, Jerry sat down by Alexis. When he did, a dragon etching was visible on his black shoes. Jerry tried to convince Alexis to go up to his room, but Alexis opted to go back to work instead.

Jason was in his office when Max came in to ask a favor. Max was obviously uncomfortable. He began by asking if Jason was aware that his father was the notorious Maximus Giambetti. Jason did not know that Max was the son of the legendary gangster, but he did know that Max's father had been deported 20 years before. Before Max could tell Jason what he wanted, his brother Milo rushed in and wanted to know if Jason would help. Max kept dancing around what he wanted as he explained that he and Milo had different mothers and that his father had just divorced a sixth wife. Max kept repeating that he and Milo always traveled to Palermo to visit and that he never expected his father to come to the States to visit him. Jason asked Max to get to the point, but before he could, Diane walked in and Max was diverted again. Jason got a phone call from Liz and he rushed off to see her. He told Diane to listen to what Max wanted and advise him on what to do.

At General Hospital. Robin and Patrick were unnecessarily sharp with Epiphany. She told them to keep their personal business away from work and not to take their bad moods out on the staff. When she left, both Robin and Patrick were appropriately chagrined.

As Nadine and Matt cleaned up the fire damage at the clinic, he told her that the police had found the device that had started the fire, so it had definitely been arson. She asked Matt if he remembered anything from before he passed out. He said he remembered a pair of black shoes with a dragon on them. Nadine said that she thought she had seen those shoes. She also said that they had to find out about the drug ring or they would never be safe.

Max still had not told Diane the favor he wanted of Jason when the door opened and his father walked in. Both he and Milo, who his father called Magnus, were cowed. It was immediately obvious that Maximus thought his son Max was the head of the mob. Max introduced Diane as his lawyer, instead of his girlfriend. Maximus immediately took liberties and gave Diane a slap on the behind.

Jason went to see Liz at her studio. She wanted to give back her ticket, but he told her to keep it. Jason regretted that they could not go to Italy. Liz understood that Kate's shooting and its aftermath were taking up most of Jason's time, but she wanted to know if there would ever be time for them. Jason said that Kate's shooting illustrated that once you were in the business you could never get out.

Liz wanted to know why Jason did not give the business back to Sonny. Jason said that he could not because Sonny was not rational. He said that there were too many people depending on him and he could not let them down. Liz wanted to know why Jason could not let go and just be happy. A remorseful Jason said that after all the things that he had done, he did not deserve to be happy. After telling Liz again how much he regretted not going to Italy with her, he turned his back and walked out on her.

Lucky and Sam brought the boys back to Liz's place after their week of camping out. They put the boys down for a nap and started fooling around on the couch. They were about to get hot and heavy when Sam stopped them. She told Lucky that the boys were upstairs and Liz could come home at any minute. Lucky said that he had already told Cameron that Sam was his girlfriend. Sam was very glad to hear that. She told Lucky that it made her feel very good to know that he thought of her that way because she had come to care for him and the boys very deeply. They had just started kissing again when Liz walked in.

Mac caught up with Robin at the hospital. He brought her chocolate chip cookies and a raspberry smoothie. She said he always knew how to cheer her up. He listened to her tell how upset she was that Patrick had not accepted her proposal. Mac sympathized with her and told her how much he loved and admired her. She told him how silly she felt for putting herself on the line and being refused by Patrick. Mac told her that he knew that she could do anything that she put her mind to. She told him that he was her rock and that she was very grateful that he was always there for her.

While Mac and Robin were talking in the lounge Patrick strolled by on his way to the nurses' station. Mac walked over to him, took out his handcuffs and told Patrick he was under arrest. When Patrick asked why, Mac slapped on the cuffs and said, "Failure to yield-to my niece."

Nadine went to the Metro Court and disguised herself as a maid. She let herself into Jerry's room and searched it. Jerry came in and noticed that his things were out of place. He caught Nadine in the closet and dragged her out. He had his arm around her throat as he threatened her and told her that if she wanted to know what he was capable of, then she should ask Nikolas.

Jax heard Nikolas asking the front desk clerk to tell Carly that he had arrived for their meeting. Jax told Nikolas to leave and to quit bothering Carly. Nikolas said that Carly could make her own choices. Before things escalated, Carly appeared and said that she was glad they were together because she wanted to see both of them. She told them that she had decided to only sell half of her shares in the hotel to Nikolas so that she could stay involved. Jax was shocked and said it would not happen. Nikolas looked amused.

Jason was talking on his cell phone and not paying attention to his surroundings when he rushed into his office. When he looked up, he saw Max sitting in the chair behind his desk. Diane and Milo were standing beside him. Jason saw Maximus sitting in front of the desk and heard him ask Max what kind of organization he was running. Maximus wanted to know if anyone in the organization showed Max respect. Max looked uncomfortable. Jason looked confused.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

At the Metro Court, Jax was furious when he learned that Carly intended to sell half of her hotel shares to Nikolas. Carly defended her decision by explaining that she wanted to work less, so that she could spend more time with Morgan, but Jax didn't believe her. He was convinced that Carly was doing it out of spite. When Carly mentioned Nikolas' plan to honor Michael by adding a playground to the hotel, Jax pounced on it as an excuse. He accused Nikolas of using Michael's tragic situation to manipulate Carly into agreeing to sell him part of the Metro Court. Jax then tried throwing Nikolas' past in his face, reminding Nikolas of his affair with Jax's wife, Courtney. Nikolas shot back that Jax had absolutely no room to talk, given that Jax had lied about Spencer's paternity for months and kept Nikolas from his son. Jax latched onto it as a new excuse, suggesting that Nikolas' interest in the hotel was motivated by a desire for payback. Jax then stormed off, vowing to block all attempts by Nikolas to buy into the Metro Court.

Carly turned to Nikolas after Jax left and asked him if there was any truth to what Jax had said-was Nikolas trying to punish Carly and Jax for what had happened with Spencer? Nikolas assured Carly that their past had nothing to do with his interest in the hotel and stuck to his story; he wanted the Metro Court because he liked the way it looked from Wyndemere. Carly didn't believe that the hotel's view was the reason Nikolas wanted the Metro Court, but she let the matter drop. As they discussed his ideas for the hotel, Carly appeared to become more convinced that Nikolas was truly interested in building up the hotel. She also seemed to appreciate his honesty when Nikolas warned Carly that he would go up against Jax if he thought it would be in the hotel's best interest. She appeared to believe Nikolas when he assured Carly that would be the only reason he'd go up against Jax.

Jerry was none too pleased when he found Nadine hiding in his hotel room. Nadine's situation turned grave when Jerry reached into a drawer and pulled out a syringe. He injected Nadine with an unknown substance that almost immediately rendered her unconscious.

Jason walked into his office to find Max, Milo, Diane, and Maximus Giambetti assembled within. Maximus didn't waste any time expressing his disapproval over Max's "bodyguard." He found Jason's mode of dress to be disrespectful to Max and demanded that Jason resolve the situation promptly. Jason played along for Max's sake and left. He returned a short time later, dressed in a dark suit. Maximus was pleased with Jason's new appearance and gave Jason his approval. Things took a tense turn when Bernie called regarding an emergency. Playing the boss, Max answered the call and tried to take care of the problem, but clearly was in over his head. Diane came to Max's rescue by distracting Maximus and leading him out of the office.

As soon as Jason and Max were alone, Jason laid down a few ground rules. Jason had all of his calls redirected to his penthouse and gave Max three days to play mob boss before Maximus was sent on his way. Jason reminded Max of the volatile situation they faced in Port Charles as a result of Kate's shooting. He warned Max that when the three days were up, Jason intended to resume his position with the mob, regardless of whether Maximus was in town or not.

Mac hauled Patrick down to the police station and tossed him into the interrogation room. He was talking to Patrick about Robin's proposal when Robin rushed in, clearly out of breath. Both men urged her to sit down, wearing matching expressions of concern. Robin realized that they were worried that she might be in labor and quickly calmed their fears. She was out of breath from racing to the police station. Satisfied that Robin was fine, Mac told Patrick and Robin that they needed to work things out. To make sure that they had ample opportunity to do so, Mac kept Patrick in police custody and walked out of the interrogation room.

After Mac stepped out of the room, Patrick and Robin had a heart-to-heart talk. They took turns opening up about how they felt and what they meant to each other. Both were clear that they wanted a life together. Finally, Patrick got down on bended knee and asked Robin to marry him. With tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face, Robin happily accepted Patrick's proposal of marriage. Mac walked in as the lovebirds were kissing. He was happy for both of them when they announced their engagement to him.

At Kate's bedside, Sonny told Kate that he felt responsible for her shooting. He continued to insist that Karpov had ordered the hit on Kate. Kate had no reason to doubt him and told Sonny about the flowers that Karpov had sent to the church before the wedding. Sonny seemed to take that as further proof of Karpov's guilt. He told Kate that, regardless who had pulled the trigger, Sonny was guilty of putting Kate into the line of fire. Kate didn't agree, but her protests fell on deaf ears. Sonny told her that because of the shooting, he had no other alternative but to exact revenge. He used that as an excuse to justify his decision to return to the mob. Kate was crushed and tried to talk Sonny out of it, but he could not be swayed. Sonny insisted that he had to defend what was his.

At Crimson, Maxie did her best to keep Crimson afloat with Spinelli's help. Olivia was surprised when she walked in and overheard Maxie on the phone as she gave Clarice business instructions on Kate's behalf. Olivia reminded Maxie that her cousin was in the hospital and couldn't possibly have approved anything for the magazine. When Olivia threatened to discuss the incident with Kate, Maxie confessed that she had not discussed business with Kate.

Spinelli defended Maxie's actions, which seemed to impress Olivia. She appeared to take an instant liking to Spinelli, whom she likened to a cross between Shakespeare and a "crazy surfer dude." To Maxie and Spinelli's surprise, Olivia offered to help the duo. She suggested that they advise everyone that Olivia had temporarily taken over for her cousin so that any magazine gaffes could be attributed to Olivia. If everything went well with the magazine's next issue, Maxie was welcome to take full credit.

Maxie was delighted with Olivia's suggestion. After Olivia left, Maxie went back to work, throwing Olivia's name around to make sure that Maxie's orders were followed. Spinelli was thrilled when Maxie told him that it appeared that they would have to work through the night...together.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sonny talked to Olivia as she fixed the car. They argued back and forth until Alexis walked up to ask Sonny some questions about Kate's shooting. Sonny still wasn't willing to reveal any information, but Olivia was. She told Alexis that Kate had been shot by Andre Karpov, a Russian mobster. Sonny had made a deal with him, and the deal went south. Andre said he had nothing to do with it, but it didn't convince Olivia of his innocence. Alexis thanked Olivia for her information and said she would contact her for a formal statement at a later date. Sonny was upset and asked Olivia what she was doing.

Robin came into Kate's room, and they talked about Sonny. Robin knew Sonny would want revenge for Kate's shooting, but she thought Kate could be the only person to talk Sonny out of revenge and rejoining the mob. Kate used that opportunity to ask Robin if she would tell the father of her baby that she was pregnant with his child if he was a dangerous man.

Patrick had overheard Robin and Kate's conversation, and he came clean to Robin after she left and went back to the nurse's station. Robin didn't care that he had overheard her conversation, but he wanted to know what she would do if the child she was carrying had a dangerous man as the father. Robin laughed off his question and changed the subject to the wedding. Surprisingly, they both agreed they wanted to get married before the baby was born. They talked about eloping, but Robin couldn't fly with her due date approaching so quickly. She also wanted to get married in a Catholic church, since that had been her grandmother's wish. There were certain people she wanted to invite, especially Epiphany. Robin and Patrick looked at a calendar together and set the date for their wedding - October 29.

Patrick left the hospital and went to Jake's, where Ric and Claudia were playing pool. He asked for two shots, and Coleman thought he wasn't happy with his recent engagement. However, Patrick was upset about the knowledge of Sonny having another child and not knowing what to do with that information. Olivia soon walked in and asked for a beer. Claudia sat down next to her and introduced herself. Claudia said it was a shame Kate had gotten shot, but it came with the territory. Olivia seemed angry when Claudia asked how Sonny was doing. After having rented a room from Coleman, Claudia went upstairs with Ric.

Alexis called Andre Karpov to her office and told him she would be investigating him for the shooting of Kate Howard. Andre was displeased and told her he had nothing to do with Kate's shooting. Alexis knew she might not have any proof regarding the shooting, but she knew Andre was smuggling drugs into Port Charles. After Andre left, Sonny stopped in and told her to stop any investigation involving Andre Karpov. Alexis thought Sonny only wanted the investigation to stop so there wouldn't be a police presence, and he could take out his revenge against Mr. Karpov. Sonny told Alexis she couldn't stop him from exacting revenge.

Jerry was upset when Andre called and wanted to meet with him. Andre was equally upset about his recent meeting with Alexis. Jerry said he would handle his girlfriend, but Andre wanted Alexis killed.

At Jason's office, Carly walked in and was surprised to discover Jason dressed in a suit and Max sitting behind the desk. Max introduced her as his girlfriend, or "Little Lady." Carly seemed shocked, but Diane seemed upset. Max and Carly explained they had just begun their relationship, because Carly was recently divorced. Max's father wanted to have dinner with Carly, but she kindly declined, and left.

At Crimson, Spinelli and Maxie hid while the armed men searched the offices. As soon as they left, Spinelli and Maxie came out of hiding and found a note that said, "Next time, Kate Howard will die."

Maxie and Spinelli immediately took the note to Jason, but they were surprised to find Max sitting behind the desk. Spinelli did not immediately realize what was going on, but Maxie quickly understood. Maxie took advantage of the situation and asked for drinks, snacks, and a fashion magazine from Max's new bodyguard, and Jason complied. Maxie also hit it off with Max's father by complimenting him and Max's so-called business. Mr. Giambetti wasn't sure what to make of Spinelli until Max revealed Spinelli was the computer genius of the organization. Max's father laughed and said he also had a computer genius when he ran a mob. The man also talked funny, and Max's father said it was a sad day when he had to be killed. Spinelli looked upset at this news, but Maxie advised it was not wise to question a successful businessman. Finally, they got down to business and showed the note to Max and his father. Max's father immediately said that it was not the work of Andre Karpov. He knew of Mr. Karpov's reputation, and the Russian mobster wasn't that sloppy or obvious.

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