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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 20, 2008 on GH
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Monday, October 20, 2008

At a bar in Mexico, Tracy got arrested for bribery and was handcuffed to a chair. Instead of helping her, Luke kept quaffing drinks with the policeman who arrested her and telling him that Tracy was a snake.

Luke continued to get the officer drunk and talk about Tracy. Eventually he got maudlin and started singing her praises. The officer was convinced. He released Tracy from the handcuffs and wanted to dance with her. She did not want to dance. The officer became insistent and Luke came to her rescue. While Luke struggled with the officer, Tracy grabbed a bottle and hit the officer on the head. He passed out.

Just as Luke and Tracy were about to make their getaway, another policeman showed up and arrested both of them.

Alexis interrupted Sam and Jerry in the hot tub. Jerry told Alexis that Sam had been coming on to him. Sam told Alexis that she was trying to get proof against Jerry and that he had a PDA that contained evidence that showed Jerry was working with Karpov. Jerry insisted that Sam was lying. He offered Alexis the PDA and his password. When Alexis opened the files, she found nothing incriminating. Sam was stunned.

Moments later, Mac showed up with a warrant. He wanted to arrest Jerry, but Alexis insisted that Mac let him go. She advised Sam to get a lawyer. Sam did not think that she needed a lawyer and told them about her undercover operation to nail the counterfeit drug dealers. Alexis almost believed her until Mac's search turned up pharmaceutical drugs that had been stolen and replaced by counterfeit ones at Mercy Hospital.

Jason met Karpov on the docks. Karpov wanted to know where he stood with Jason. He also wanted to know if Sonny was under Jason's protection. Jason said that he had no argument with Karpov, but that Sonny had new friends and allies. Jason told Karpov that if he were smart, he would leave the city.

Sonny wanted revenge against Karpov so badly that he went to Anthony's home and told him that he would take Anthony up on his offer to have Sonny take over the Zacchara mob. Sonny demanded to be in complete charge of the organization with no middleman and no questions asked about his decisions. He told Anthony that his first order would be to kill Karpov.

When Anthony seemed reluctant, Sonny threatened to walk, but Anthony pulled Sonny back in. He played on Sonny's anger and drive to be in charge. He told Sonny that he needed guarantees of loyalty. Sonny said that his word should be enough. Anthony said that what he wanted was for Sonny to marry Claudia.

"Hell no," was Sonny's response. Anthony said that if Sonny married Claudia, that would make them family and he would have no doubt of Sonny's loyalty. Sonny said, "Hell no," again, then stormed out of Anthony's place.

Spinelli found himself in a straitjacket and a padded cell after pretending to be a patient at Shadybrook so that Maxie could sneak Lulu out of the institution. As he tried to explain to the doctor that he did not belong there, Maxie plotted with Lulu to get him out of the cell. Lulu seemed to snap out of her lethargy with Maxie around.

Lulu and Maxie went to the padded cell where Spinelli was being held. Lulu knocked on the door and distracted the doctor while Maxie slipped inside. When the doctor went back inside the room, Maxie yelled. He was momentarily confused, allowing both Maxie and Spinelli to escape and leave him locked in the room.

Back in Lulu's room, the trio argued about a plan to get out of Shadybrook as Lulu shot down most of Maxie's suggestions and they sniped at each other. Just as Lulu was ready to give up, Maxie came up with a plan.

Ric and Claudia met at the Metro Court restaurant. They had drinks and discussed their relationship. Ric wanted Claudia to put aside her insecurities and accept that he liked her. She said that she was not insecure and had no illusions. She knew that she was a commodity and, no matter what, that would not change.

Patrick and Robin shared a tender moment in the lounge. They discussed their upcoming wedding. Robin told Patrick that all her stress had gone away since she had agreed to marry him. She was happy that Maxie was taking care of the wedding plans so that she could just relax and enjoy it. She and Patrick shared a few kisses as they confirmed their love for each other.

Olivia intercepted Jason when he tried to see Kate. Olivia questioned him about his relationship to Sonny. Jason was reluctant to speak up, but Olivia guessed the situation. When Jason said that he wanted Sonny and Kate to be happy, Olivia let him see Kate.

Jason asked Kate for help with Sonny. He told her that Sonny was about to make a very bad alliance. Kate wanted specifics, but Jason did not want to give any. Kate told Jason that she did not believe him because she knew that he did not like her. She asked him to leave.

Olivia came into Kate's room after Jason left. She noted that Jason had not said much. Kate told Olivia that if Sonny was being pulled deeper into the mob, it was all Jason's fault.

Jerry met Karpov on the docks. He gloated about how well his plan to frame Sam and draw the attention away from Karpov had worked.

Sonny ran into Claudia at the Metro Court bar. He thought that Anthony had sent her to try to persuade him to marry her. Claudia was shocked to hear Anthony's plan.

Jason went to Anthony and threatened him if he made an alliance with Sonny. Ric strolled in at the end of the conversation and told Jason that he was making an empty threat because Ric knew that Jason would never go up against Sonny.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sonny told Claudia about Anthony's plan for Sonny to take over the business and marry Claudia. Claudia was shocked and understandably upset about her father's arranged marriage for her. Claudia knew Sonny had wanted to get back in the mob way before Kate was shot. She told Sonny she wasn't interested in an arranged marriage and stormed out of the bar.

At her apartment, Sam tried to explain that she had been doing her own private investigation by working for Karpov. She knew Jerry was involved but she didn't have the evidence, yet. Alexis kept telling her daughter to stop talking and incriminating herself. Sam said she just wanted to make sure her mother believed her and didn't think she was only trying to sleep with Jerry. Lucky suddenly rushed through the door and asked what was going on. He had to pretend that he knew nothing about what was happening, because he and Sam had been working undercover together. Lucky didn't want to compromise his job or any possible evidence in the case. Mac wanted him there anyway, but Sam acted as if her rights were being violated by her ex stalking her when he heard a warrant was being served at her address. Alexis tried to calm Sam and told her to allow Mac to arrest her. Diane would meet them at the police station.

Alexis arrived at the police station first to find Jerry waiting. She asked what he was doing there, but they were soon interrupted when Sam was brought in wearing handcuffs. Sam tried to lunge at Jerry, but the police officers escorted her held her back. Lucky brought Sam into the interrogation room and asked what was going on. Sam told him all the drugs had been planted in her apartment and her fingerprints would surely show up on everything. Jerry was too smart to leave his fingerprints on anything. Lucky was too preoccupied after having learned about Jerry and Sam being caught by Alexis in the hot tub. Sam realized Lucky was jealous and apologized immediately. Lucky asked if she would have slept with Jerry, had it been necessary to get the evidence against him. Sam said she wouldn't have, but Lucky didn't believe her.

Olivia walked into the hospital and asked Patrick how her cousin was doing. Patrick was vague at first, so Olivia pressed him for more details. Patrick said Kate was doing fine and asked if Olivia was keeping Kate's family informed about her progress. He then asked if the family knew about Sonny. Olivia took offense to Patrick's personal questions and asked how he would feel if his daughter was marrying Sonny Corinthos. Patrick just smiled as Olivia walked away.

Sonny visited Kate in the hospital, where she told him Jason had been by to visit. Sonny said he would make sure it never happened again, but Kate was glad Jason talked to her. After her conversation with Jason, Kate was under the impression that Sonny was going back into the mob. Sonny explained he couldn't leave the mob. Once you signed up, you couldn't get out, he told her. He tried, but it was evident that being a mob leader was the only way to keep his loved ones safe. Olivia walked in and interrupted them. Kate said it was okay that she interrupted because she had some things to think about, and Sonny left. Olivia commented on how much alike Dante and Sonny were, and Kate thought perhaps Olivia was changing her mind about telling Sonny the truth about her son. Olivia vehemently denied that she was even thinking about telling Sonny he had another son.

Sonny walked out of Kate's hospital room and saw Mike coming to visit. Mike asked how Kate was doing, but he was surprised Sonny looked so bad, since his son said Kate was doing better. Sonny explained that he thought when he gave up the business that Jason would protect Sonny and the people he loved. Sonny was wrong, though. He went on to explain the arrangement Anthony Zacchara had proposed. Olivia stood outside her cousin's room and listened as Sonny said he would have to marry Claudia to show his good faith.

Claudia rushed into her father's house and demanded to know why he was trying to set up an arranged marriage like they were living in the fifteenth century. They argued until Claudia made a good point about Johnny. She knew her father was only temporarily using Sonny to run the business and would eventually give it over to Johnny. She asked her father where she would be once Sonny had been cast aside. Johnny walked in and asked what they were talking about. Anthony left, so Claudia explained about her father's strange proposal. Johnny was furious to learn about Anthony setting Claudia up with Sonny. Claudia thought it might not be so bad, after all. She finally was in a position of real power within the family.

Robin and Patrick seemed absolutely giddy during their shift at General Hospital. Epiphany, however, was not so giddy. They asked her why she was upset, and Epiphany seemed to think it was only a matter of time before Robin and Patrick started arguing over the wedding. Robin told Epiphany that Maxie was planning the wedding and there would be no arguments. Epiphany just wanted to make sure Patrick and Robin didn't create any more drama for the hospital staff than they already had.

Robin left the hospital and met Jason at the Metro Court hotel. She gave him an invitation to the wedding, but Jason said he couldn't come. Robin really wanted him there, because he had talked to her and reasoned with her. It was Jason's sound advice that had made Robin realize she really did want to marry Patrick. Jason told her he was very happy for Robin and Patrick, but he could only be there for Robin in her heart. He could not attend the wedding.

Maxie and Spinelli tried their best to defend Lulu as Scott continued to berate them all. Lulu seemed to be getting a bit of her spunk back as she defended herself to Scott. The special prosecutor refused to leave until Maxie and Spinelli left, though. He was sure Spinelli and Maxie were there to bust Lulu out of Shadybrook. Maxie carefully stole the note about Lulu killing Logan and left with Spinelli. After they were gone, Scott said he was just trying to do what was best for her. Lulu thought he was gone and went to visit her mother. Scott stood outside Laura's room and overheard Lulu confessing to her comatose mother about killing Logan.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carly and Jax exchanged words at the Metro Court. He tried to dissuade her from selling half of her hotel shares to Nikolas. Jax also told Carly that he knew that earlier in the day, at Wyndemere, she had just been pretending to have an affair with Nikolas in order to make him jealous. Carly pointed out that he was jealous. She said it proved that he still cared for her but was too stubborn to admit it. She said that she hoped he would come to his senses so that they could put their relationship back on track. Jax remained in denial.

In Jason's penthouse, he and Spinelli were going over Internet research that showed Sonny had telephoned Anthony Zacchara three times. As Jason was giving Spinelli new instructions, Maxie burst in and demanded Spinelli's help for Lulu. Jason acquiesced when Spinelli said he could work on Jason's project while he helped Maxie.

Tracy woke up in a filthy Mexican jail cell with Luke, who was snoring very loudly. A beautiful woman showed up and bailed Luke out, but a disgruntled Tracy was left behind.

Lulu saw Johnny peering through the glass in her door at Shadybrook. When he disappeared, she feared she was hallucinating. When she voiced her fear out loud, Johnny came out of his hiding place in the corridor and they hugged. Johnny told Lulu that he loved her and wanted her to get better. Johnny told Lulu that he wished her to have a happy life, "Even if I'm not in it," he said before walking away.

Robin was busily giving orders to everyone around the nurses' station, when Epiphany and Liz lovingly and laughingly told her that she was a control freak and needed to trust that everyone would do their job to make sure that all of Robin's patients got great care while she was out on maternity leave.

After Robin left the station, Epiphany and Liz discussed their plans for Robin's surprise. When Robin came back, Liz was gone and Epiphany told Robin that all her day's appointments had cancelled. Robin thought that it was very mysterious, but before she could do much about it, Patrick swept her away with promises of a special afternoon.

Nadine and Leyla were sorting files at the clinic when Nikolas dropped by. Nadine was flustered and kept her guard up. Because of Carly's earlier flirting to make Jax jealous, she erroneously believed that Nikolas was having an affair with Carly. Nadine tried to act as though she had no claim on Nikolas, without explaining what was really bothering her.

When Patrick arrived at the clinic, she threw herself at him, and pretended that they had something going on. Nikolas seemed both amused and confused. Nadine said she was spending time with Patrick that evening, and she assumed that Nikolas also had a date. Nikolas said, "No," the only person he had hoped to spend time with was Nadine.

After Nikolas left the clinic, Nadine asked Leyla if she had made a fool of herself. Leyla said yes, she had, and told Nadine that if Nikolas still wanted to date her after the way she had just behaved, then it had to mean that he cared for Nadine deeply.

Ric met Claudia at the Metro Court for drinks and was stunned to learn that Anthony wanted Claudia to marry Sonny. Ric tried to persuade Claudia to refuse to marry Sonny, but Claudia had a more pragmatic view. She told Ric that even though she understood that her father was using her as a commodity, she could see how it would give her power and make her valuable.

Carly went to see Jason. She urged him to give the business back to Sonny. She told Jason that she wanted him to be happy. Jason said he did not want the power like Sonny thought, but he felt obligated to keep Sonny from starting a war and hurting all the people who depended on him. Carly said that she knew Jason had taken over the business because of her, but because she had custody of Morgan, Jason could let the business go. Carly told Jason that she wanted what was best for him.

Luke returned to the jail with bail money for a jealous Tracy, who wanted to know everything about the woman who had bailed Luke out. He told Tracy that he had rescued her from a poker game where she was being taken advantage of. He told Tracy that he had won the lady's money back for a favor to be named later, and bailing him out was the favor. Tracy complained, but went back to the bar with Luke to wait for Edward to get the charges against Luke dropped.

The bartender was not happy to see Luke and Tracy, but after a large bribe he allowed them back in. Luke wanted whiskey, but Tracy ordered soda for him, and much to Luke's chagrin, because Tracy was paying, that was what the bartender poured.

The lights were out when Robin and Patrick entered Jake's. When they came on, Liz, Epiphany, Nadine, Kelly, Dr. Winters, and Coleman were gathered near the pool table, which was covered in presents. Robin was both surprised and touched. Many heartfelt words of friendship and happiness were exchanged. Patrick told the ladies that he had picked Coleman as his best man because he had given Patrick good advice and been a friend no matter what Patrick did or said. There was a lot of hugging, including Patrick and Coleman.

Later as Patrick sat at the bar, Coleman told Patrick that he was a babe magnet and he wondered how marriage would go for him. Patrick told him that as much as he loved his bachelor life, he loved Robin more, unaware that Robin was listening. When she told him that she loved him, also, they kissed and everyone at the party shared in their happiness.

Trevor joined Johnny at the bar in the Metro Court and warned him to stay away from Lulu. When Johnny asked, Trevor acknowledged that he was having Johnny followed. He told Johnny that Lulu was unstable and would be bad for him. Trevor told Johnny that he was watching his back because one day Johnny would be head of the Zacchara Empire, and when that happened, Johnny would need Trevor.

Nikolas met Carly in the Metro Court ready to sign the papers that would give him 25% of the hotel. Carly was hesitant. She indicated Jax, who was sitting at a table in deep conversation with an attractive woman. Carly told Nikolas that she expected some resistance because she thought Jax was up to something.

Jax's mystery woman was a real estate broker. Jax was making a deal with her to buy Spoon Island and Wyndemere without Nikolas' knowledge.

Spinelli and Maxie went to Shadybrook to convince Lulu that she did not write the note, telling her she would pay for killing Logan, to herself. They showed her a computer handwriting analysis program that proved conclusively that it was not her hand. Lulu was overjoyed to know that she was not getting worse. The threesome put on their thinking caps to try to figure out who was sending the notes to Lulu, but only got as far as figuring out that someone was trying to keep Lulu in Shadybrook by making her think that she was crazy.

Lulu said she needed some time alone and went across the hall to see Laura and tell her that she was getting better.

As Lulu and Spinelli were leaving, they saw Trevor enter Lulu's room. They hid behind a large potted plant to keep a watch on him.

Jason was in his office, on the phone with Bernie, when Claudia walked in. He told her to leave, but she told him that what she had to say would profoundly affect his business. Jason told her that he already knew that Anthony wanted to make a deal with Sonny. Jason's interest was piqued when Claudia told him that what he did not know was that the deal had to go through her first.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Mexico, Tracy and Luke knocked back shots of tequila while they rehashed their past and waited for Edward to contact them. Luke told Tracy that he would never be free of her and confessed that he liked it that way. Tracy was skeptical. She accused Luke of being an opportunist who repeatedly took advantage of her. Tracy also felt that Luke created drama out of boredom. Luke countered by admitting that Tracy excited him. Eventually, Tracy and Luke became quite drunk and realized that Edward had left them "high, but not so dry." Both shared a giggle over their clever pun, then turned serious. Luke suspected that Edward left them floundering in Mexico because Luke and Tracy were finally out of his hair. Tracy didn't disagree. Unfortunately Luke was blind drunk so when he stood up to start their trek to the border, he promptly fell backwards and passed out. Tracy didn't appear the least bit surprised by her husband's state of intoxication.

At Shadybrook, Lulu went to talk to her mother. Laura sat in her chair, very still and unreachable, as Lulu told her mother about the forged note and the prospect of leaving Shadybrook in the near future. Lulu's only regret was that she couldn't take her mother with her.

In the hallway, Maxie and Spinelli spied on Trevor as he hovered near Lulu's room. Spinelli was convinced that it was proof that Trevor had written the notes that had been left behind in Lulu's room. When Spinelli began to follow Trevor as he left the hospital, Maxie stopped her friend. She insisted that they needed more evidence before they investigated Trevor. Reluctantly, Spinelli agreed. They went to Laura's room and knocked on the door. Lulu didn't hesitate to invite them in. Both were uncomfortable with the idea of talking to Lulu in front of Laura, but Lulu refused to leave her mother's room.

Lulu quickly introduced her friends to her mother, which seemed to ease some of the discomfort that Maxie and Spinelli were obviously feeling. Once they had her attention, Maxie asked Lulu if Trevor might have a reason to wish Lulu ill. Lulu said that it was possible. Trevor had never supported her relationship with Johnny. Maxie and Spinelli felt that, combined with Trevor's behavior moments earlier, was sufficient reason to suspect Trevor of stalking Lulu, so they set out to follow him.

Maxie and Spinelli trailed Trevor to the Metro Court restaurant where Trevor had arranged to meet Johnny for lunch. Hoping to obtain irrefutable proof of Trevor's nefarious efforts, Maxie and Spinelli donned staff uniforms and crept closer to Trevor's table. Trevor was attempting to convince Johnny to call the doctor Trevor had used when Anthony began showing signs of mental illness. As Trevor wrote down the doctor's name, Spinelli tripped and practically stumbled into Trevor's lap. He quickly snatched the piece of paper from Trevor and proclaimed that he had evidence of Trevor's dastardly deeds.

Maxie and Spinelli shared their theory with Johnny that Trevor had been sending the disturbing notes to Lulu. Johnny was skeptical of Trevor's guilt. He seemed certain that Lulu had written the notes herself. Unfortunately the software on Spinelli's laptop computer excluded Trevor as a suspect. The handwriting in the note found in Lulu's room did not match the handwriting on Trevor's note. Vindicated, Trevor urged Johnny to call the doctor that he had recommended, and then walked away.

Carly and Nikolas spied on Jax as he met with a beautiful brunette at a table in the Metro Court restaurant. Carly read Jax's body language and was convinced that Jax was plotting against them. Carly was correct about her hunch. While Nikolas and Carly sat at the bar, Jax was arranging for his attorney to draw up papers for Jax to buy Spoon Island. The lawyer promised to have the papers in Jax's hands promptly, then the two parted.

Carly remained in the restaurant until the attorney returned. Carly boldly lied and insisted that Jax wanted the woman to give Carly the envelope. The lawyer didn't believe her. She told Carly that Jax had expressly instructed her not to hand over anything to Carly. As the ladies debated Jax's intentions, Jax walked up. He introduced Carly to his attorney, Gillian Blake, before showing the young woman to a nearby table. Carly stopped Jax from joining Gillian and pleaded with him to reconsider what he was doing. Jax accused Carly of starting everything by entering into a partnership with Nikolas. Jax made it clear that he intended to win their battle of wills.

Kate listened as Olivia wrapped up a call from Dante. Kate was amazed that Olivia had never hinted to Dante that Sonny was his father. Olivia knew a moment of panic when she looked up and found Sonny walking into the room. It soon became apparent that Sonny had not overheard what Kate had said, so Olivia walked out of the room to give Kate and Sonny privacy. Sonny used the time to try to convince Kate that he had no alternative but to rejoin the mob. Kate disagreed; she believed that Sonny had options and begged him to reconsider his decision. They went back and forth without resolution until Kate was taken away for tests.

When Sonny stepped into the corridor, Olivia was waiting for him. She was furious and didn't mince words as she let Sonny know that she knew about the arrangement for him to marry Claudia Zacchara. Sonny was annoyed as he accused Olivia of eavesdropping in on a private conversation. Olivia defended herself. She told Sonny that she couldn't help but overhear his talk with Mike because they had been standing just a few feet away from Kate's room at the time. Sonny made it clear that he did not intend to marry Claudia. He loved Kate. Olivia didn't believe Sonny. She was certain that in the end, Sonny would choose the mob over her cousin. She recalled an incident from their youth when Sonny had gone after someone out of vengeance. Olivia saw the same determination in Sonny's eyes that she had seen then. She was certain that it was only a matter of time before Sonny capitulated and married Claudia.

Sonny reminded Olivia that 20 years had passed since she had seen him. She had no idea about what motivated him. Olivia vehemently disagreed with Sonny. She warned him that her cousin "Connie" would never be content to be Sonny's mistress. Olivia demanded that Sonny break things off with "Connie" if he intended to marry Claudia.

Later, Sonny returned to Kate's room and heard Olivia's cell phone ring. Sonny decided to answer the phone. It was Dante calling his mother. Olivia walked into the room as Sonny said, "Oh, I didn't know Olivia had a son."

Claudia went to Jason's office to tell him about Anthony's offer to hand over the Zacchara organization to Sonny after Sonny married Claudia. Claudia suggested that there was only one way to keep Sonny from obtaining the power that he coveted. If Jason married Claudia, Anthony and Sonny would both be denied what they wanted. To Claudia's surprise, Jason agreed to marry Claudia immediately.

Before she could blink, Claudia found herself in a limo with Jason on her way to a Justice of the Peace. She tried to get Jason to open up about himself but Jason refused. Claudia took offense to Jason's attitude and insisted they had to find a way to communicate since they were soon to be husband and wife. Jason was blunt as he let her know that their marriage would only be one of convenience. Claudia didn't appear too happy with that idea. She reminded Jason that she was an important player in what happened next and that Jason had to convince her that marrying him was her best option. Jason reminded Claudia that she came to him, not the other way around. He also suggested that she had another option. Claudia could simply leave town.

Claudia was intrigued with the notion but ultimately dismissed the possibility. She told Jason about a time when Johnny had run away and taken refuge with their cousin. When Anthony found Johnny, he had their cousin and the cousin's immediate family killed as a message to Johnny. Claudia refused to leave her brother behind without an ally. After telling Jason the story, Claudia looked up and realized that they had arrived at their destination. She asked Jason if they were going to get married or not. Jason didn't answer.

Lulu relaxed on Laura's bed and offered to read some poetry to her mother. She realized that she had forgotten something in her room, so Lulu dashed off to fetch it. As she entered her room, a shadow was seen lurking behind a corner of the hallway. Lulu returned to her mother's room and worked on her poetry for a while before she decided to go back to her room. As Lulu stepped out of Laura's room, she noticed a note on the floor. Lulu picked it up and read it. The note was the same as the others that had accused Lulu of killing Logan. Lulu turned back around and ran to her mother. She told Laura that the note had dropped from a pad that Lulu had left in Laura's room earlier, which meant someone had been in Laura's room.

Scott Baldwin sauntered in and it quickly became evident that he had been behind the accusatory notes that Lulu had been finding. He was angry because Lulu had killed his son. Scott was certain that Logan had not meant Lulu harm the night that he had been killed. Lulu claimed it was an accident but Scott didn't believe her. He threatened to prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law and see to it that Lulu was given a lethal injection. Suddenly, Laura rose up from her rocking chair and grabbed Scott as she snarled, "Not my daughter, you son of a bitch!" Scott and Lulu wore matching expressions of shocked disbelief as they stared at Laura.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Scott continued to yell at Lulu in front of her unconscious mother. He told the young girl she would have to pay for killing Logan. Scott planned to prosecute Lulu to the fullest extent of the law, including asking for the death penalty. An enraged Laura emerged from her unconscious state and grabbed Scott to pull him off of her daughter. She told him he had no right to bully her daughter and asked if he had no compassion left.

As Laura tried to reason with Scott, Lulu seemed relieved to realize her mother was really awake. Scott explained to Laura that he hadn't known he even had a son until recently. He had met Logan's mother many years earlier in Texas and had a brief fling. The woman had tried to contact him years later, but he never bothered to open the letters. Laura understood Scott's hurt but said he couldn't use that guilt to railroad Lulu. The younger Spencer had only defended herself against Logan and never intended to hurt him. Scott saw similarities between Lulu, Johnny, and Logan's situation with what happened between himself, Luke, and Laura many years before. Laura told Scott if Lulu needed to pay for killing Logan, then Scott needed to pay for killing Rick Webber.

Scott tried desperately to back up and avoid taking any responsibility for Rick Webber's murder. Laura asked Lulu to explain the sequence of events that led up to Logan's death. Lulu told Scott about Logan attacking Maxie and then impaling himself on Lulu's knife, which she had held to protect herself. Scott took these admissions as a confession and wanted to call the police. After much discussion, Scott decided to give Lulu her freedom from prosecution if Laura left with him. Lulu was upset and said she would rather go to trial, but Laura decided otherwise and left with Mr. Baldwin.

Once alone, Lulu used the phone in the hall to try to call Tracy, but there was no answer. The doctor and an orderly found Lulu and asked what she was doing outside her room that late. Lulu tried to explain that her mother had been kidnapped, but no one even bothered to check Laura's room. The orderly carried a hysteric Lulu back to her own room to sedate her. Meanwhile, Laura asked Scott what he had planned since they would be looking for her soon. Scott said he could be very resourceful when necessary. Laura didn't understand what Scott's plans were until he explained he wanted her to fall in love with him again.

Down in Mexico, Tracy and Luke desperately tried to sober up so they could rescue Lulu. Tracy thought they needed to come up with a strategy, but Luke said he didn't need a strategy to protect his daughter from Baldwin. Luke was frustrated that they had to wait for Edward to deal with the money laundering charges, but Tracy said she would deal with Edward if Luke would deal with helping Lulu. Luke started to tell Tracy how he would handle the situation with his daughter, until Tracy brought him a bottle of tequila and told him to get drunk. After his not-so-brilliant ideas, Tracy thought Luke would be more use to Lulu if he were drunk. Suddenly, Tracy decided to check her cell phone and noticed there was a missed call from Shadybrook. She panicked, wondering if Lulu was all right. In the split second she was distracted, Luke took off. As soon as Tracy realized her husband was gone, she grabbed her stuff and raced out the door.

Olivia was horrified to realize Sonny knew she had a son. Olivia quickly hung up the phone with Dante but was soon inundated with questions from Sonny. He wanted to know if Olivia had ever married and if Kate knew about Dante. Olivia said Kate did know her cousin had a son, but Kate was too involved in her own fashion world at the time Olivia was pregnant. The Falconeri woman was sarcastic when she explained to Sonny that, contrary to his own beliefs, marriage was not a requirement to have a baby.

When further pressed by Sonny about Dante's paternity, Olivia claimed not to know who the father was. At the time of her unexpected pregnancy, there were no DNA tests; Olivia didn't care to knock on the doors of her exes when none of them would have wanted the child, anyway. Sonny seemed to understand and said he would like to meet Olivia's son. She put her foot down to that notion right away by telling Sonny she didn't want her son around the notorious mobster. Olivia further explained that she had never married because she never met a man she loved enough to marry. Dante was the best thing that had ever happened to her, though. Before Olivia left, Sonny said he was glad she had her son. Children were the miracle in everyone's lives.

Lucky vented to Nikolas about Sam's involvement in the drug smuggling ring with Karpov and Jerry. Nikolas realized there was no one to bail Sam out, so he offered to arrange for Sam to be released by providing the funds.

Meanwhile, Jerry became Sam's first visitor while she was locked up. He brought her chocolates, but Sam was not charmed. Jerry said he was genuinely sorry for turning her in, but he was pretty sure Nikolas would be bailing her out soon. Jerry wanted to make a deal with Sam, though, to cut Karpov out. Sam asked what the catch was, but Jerry never answered her. Sam started to flirt with Jerry and walk closer to him until Lucky interrupted them. He said he was there to help, but it looked like Sam had all the help she could need. Jerry quickly left, so Sam could try to get back on Lucky's good side. Lucky couldn't be convinced that Sam wouldn't have slept with Jerry if Alexis hadn't walked in that night. Sam asked if Lucky would meet her later after she was bailed out of jail so they could talk. Lucky said he was going out of town, though, because he couldn't deal with the mess at that moment.

Nadine walked in to see Nikolas just as he was getting off the phone, having arranged Sam's bail money. Nadine apologized for her behavior after seeing Nikolas and Carly together. Nikolas explained that his relationship with Carly was strictly professional, and she was just trying to help him button his shirt after he and Nadine had thrown the shirt in their moment of passion. Nadine was embarrassed by her blubbering, but Nikolas said he didn't want her to change. Nadine tried to say that their one-night stand didn't mean anything, but Nikolas said it meant something to him. He told the staff to make sure no one interrupted them; he turned his phone off, and then asked her to turn her phone off. Nikolas wanted absolute privacy so he could express his feelings for Nadine. He cared about her and wanted to continue their relationship.

Claudia and Jason appeared before a minister and his wife to have a quick wedding ceremony. Claudia said she wanted it easy and painless. Jason provided the cash so Claudia could bribe the minister past all the ceremonial parts and straight to the vows. The man was having a hard time marrying Jason and Claudia, since they wouldn't hold hands; Claudia kept arguing; and Jason hadn't said a single word. The minister just couldn't marry them if they weren't in love. Claudia stormed out and told Jason he knew how far she would take the charade. Jason asked for the unsigned marriage certificate and apologized for wasting the minister's time. He gave the man and his wife additional money for the inconvenience.

Back in the car, Claudia asked Jason if he would have really gone through with marrying her, and said if he had just given the organization back to Sonny, Jason wouldn't have to marry her. Jason said too many people depended on him, so he couldn't return the business to Sonny. He reminded her that she didn't have to marry Sonny, but Claudia knew she would go ahead and marry the man. It was the first time she was actually in a position of power within her family, and she wanted to make sure Johnny wasn't cut out of the business completely. Claudia would soon become Mrs. Corinthos, while Jason would soon go to war with his best friend.

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