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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 27, 2008 on GH
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Monday, October 27, 2008

At Shadybrook, Lulu, though restrained by a straitjacket, kicked the door of her padded cell and yelled that Scott Baldwin had kidnapped Laura, to no avail. No one responded to her pleas, so Lulu changed her tactics. When a doctor came to check on her, he found Lulu slumped, apparently unconscious, in the corner of her cell. He loosened her straitjacket and went for help. When he returned, Lulu was gone. She then escaped Shadybrook by hotwiring a car and driving it off the grounds.

Scott flew Laura away on a plane. He told Laura that he wanted another chance to make her love him. Laura told Scott that she had only gone away with him to keep him from taking revenge on Lulu. Scott claimed that he was justified in wanting to see Lulu punished. Laura wanted to know how what Lulu had done was any different that what Scott had done when he had killed Rick Webber and let Laura take the blame.

Scott defended his actions by making it someone else's fault. When Laura asked if he wanted her forgiveness, Scott said yes. Laura said she could forgive Scott if he would leave Lulu alone. Scott did not want to do that and again justified his actions against Lulu, while reminding Laura that she had agreed to come with him. When Laura asked where they were headed, Scott said Los Angeles, the scene of their honeymoon, where he hoped that he and Laura would recapture the love of their youth.

In Mexico, Tracy caught up to Luke just as he knocked a guard unconscious. Luke took the guard's gun, and Tracy found the keys to the plane he had been watching. Luke wanted to make a run to the plane. Tracy held out until bullets started flying. They managed to get to the plane and take off. Once in the air, Tracy discovered that they had hijacked a drug smuggler's plane and cargo. She had a few choice words for Luke, who told her to admit that she loved every minute of their adventure, and besides, the plane was the quickest ride back to Port Charles and Lulu. Thing were going just fine until the plane ran out of gas. Tracy and Luke braced for an emergency landing as the plane lost power and began to descend.

Maxie and Spinelli went to the Scorpio house after shopping for wedding supplies. When Robin and Patrick arrived, Maxie explained the process for making little bags of birdseed to be tossed at the bride and groom instead of traditional rice, which she said was harmful to birds. Patrick seemed overwhelmed, and excused himself from the bag-making party. Robin seemed to understand his anxiety and Maxie joked about it.

Sam went to Lucky's house and tried to make up with him, but he was still angry because Alexis found her in a hot tub with Jerry Jacks. Sam told Lucky that she loved him and had always been honest with him. She said that she did not care about Jerry and had only been trying to prove that he was part of the drug ring operating in Port Charles.

Before they could talk further, Lulu burst in and told Lucky that Scott had taken Laura from Shadybrook. Sam left them together to sort out their family issues, but told Lucky that she would be back to fight for their relationship.

Lucky was reluctant to believe Lulu, but she told him that she had killed Logan and that Scott was out to get revenge on her. She told him how Laura had awakened and saved her from Scott as he was threatening her. She urged Lucky to call Shadybrook and confirm that Laura was missing.

Patrick went to Jake's for a drink. Olivia was there and they struck up a conversation. Patrick admitted his fears about marriage. When he asked Olivia why she had not married her son's father, he touched a nerve, but Olivia soon realized that Patrick was merely curious, so she said that she did not know who the father was. Olivia asked Patrick if he would want to know if he had a child. Patrick said absolutely that he did. He said he was overjoyed to be a father and a husband to Robin, even though he knew there would be times that he would miss his bachelor days. Patrick said that he was looking forward to spending the rest of his life with Robin.

Maxie, Robin, and Spinelli finished the birdseed bags and were packing up when Mac arrived. Spinelli and Maxie left to take the birdseed bags to the church and run pre-wedding errands. Robin asked Mac to give her away. Mac was overjoyed, and told her that he would be happy to walk her down the aisle and give her his blessing, but that he would never give her away. They shared a happy hug.

Nadine visited Nikolas at Wyndemere. Nikolas told Nadine that he had feelings for her and she admitted that she had feelings for him, as well. They kissed passionately. Nadine got scattered and started babbling and admitted to Nikolas that he scared her. She worried that she would read too much into his actions and assume he had feelings for her that he did not have.

Nikolas told Nadine that he cared for her very deeply and he was interested to see where their relationship would lead. Nadine was pleased but wanted them to promise each other that they would always be honest about where they stood. Nikolas agreed. They started kissing again but were interrupted by Lulu and Lucky. Nadine left them to deal with their family business, but not before Nikolas kissed her passionately in the hallway, and told her that he would call.

Lulu told her story to Nikolas. Lucky confirmed that he had called Shadybrook and that Laura was gone. When Lucky acknowledged that Lulu had killed Logan, Nikolas apologized for not telling him. Lucky said that it did not matter. All that mattered was finding out where Scott Baldwin had taken their mom.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Patrick took Olivia to the back alley of Jake's, where he had his racecar parked. Olivia was impressed with the engine and the two talked about racing and various tracks in the New York area, including Watkins Glen. As Patrick spoke, it was revealed that he had a passion for driving fast. It was one of the few things that he and his father had bonded over. It also became clear that Patrick intended to give up his car and his love for speed for the sake of his family. Olivia suggested that Patrick reconsider his decision. She warned Patrick that he might end up resenting Robin for it.

Epiphany was surprised to see Patrick working on his wedding day. Patrick shrugged it off. He felt there was plenty of time before the wedding to check on his patients. Epiphany's attention was diverted when Matt walked up to the nurse's station. She was pleased to see that he had shaved his beard. Epiphany felt Matt appeared more professional without the facial hair. As Patrick began to walk away, Matt turned to him and mentioned receiving an invitation to the wedding. Patrick smiled as he casually joked that he knew Matt wouldn't have any interest in attending, but Robin had insisted on sending the invitation. Matt smiled back and confirmed Patrick's suspicions that he would not be at the wedding. Patrick's smiled slipped. As he turned away, there was an expression of disappointment on Patrick's face.

A few hours later, Epiphany was stunned when she saw that Patrick was still working. Patrick insisted that he had plenty of time to finish his rounds. Patrick was confident that he would make it to the church on time for the wedding, but Epiphany strongly disagreed. She asked Patrick why he was tempting fate. Matt stood nearby, listening to the exchange.

Maxie and Spinelli arrived at the church and quickly went to work decorating it for Robin and Patrick's wedding. As he helped Maxie transform the church, Spinelli confessed that he thought Maxie would make a wonderful bride one day. Maxie shattered his illusions by announcing that she never intended to marry. Maxie blamed her mother for her decision. Maxie told him that there had been a time that she had dreamed of the perfect wedding, but it had been for Mac and Felicia. She told Spinelli that the two had eventually married, in a double ceremony with Lucy Coe and Kevin Collins, but within a year, the Scorpio marriage was over. Felicia had left her family and run away with Luke Spencer. Maxie said that she hated her mother. She felt that Felicia was a liar and unfaithful, and hurt everyone she had claimed to love. Maxie promised herself that she would never repeat her mother's mistakes, and therefore she would not ever marry.

Ric entered the Zacchara living room and found Claudia relaxing alone. He was miffed because Claudia had stood him up the night before. Claudia apologized and admitted that she had been unavoidably busy. His annoyance grew when he learned that Claudia had gone to a justice of the peace with Jason. He quickly deduced that Claudia had been the one to suggest the marriage, not Jason. Claudia was unrepentant, but lied and claimed that she had merely been testing Jason to see how far he would go to protect Sonny.

Jason went to Sonny's house to talk to him about Claudia. Jason told Sonny that he had almost married Claudia to protect Sonny from himself. Sonny was not impressed by Jason's near sacrifice. He felt that Jason had made a crucial error in judgment. Had Jason married Claudia, then Jason would have been able to head the Zacchara organization. Sonny went on to accuse Jason of working against him since Jason had helped Carly to strip Sonny of his parental rights to Michael and Morgan. Jason insisted that he had only wanted to protect Sonny, but Sonny didn't believe him. Sonny painted a painful picture of how Kate's shooting had left him shattered. Sonny realized that Anthony wanted a war between Jason and Sonny, but he refused to be vulnerable again. Sonny made it clear that he would stop at nothing to regain the power he had once enjoyed as the head of an organization. If that meant that he and Jason would be on opposite sides, Sonny was willing to accept it. With nothing left to say, Jason walked out.

Ric walked into Sonny's living room a short time later. He quickly got to the point and told his brother not to marry Claudia. Sonny sounded annoyed as he told Ric that he had turned Anthony's offer down. Ric didn't appear appeased and tried to plead his case. Sonny asked Ric what bothered him more: the idea of Sonny running the Zacchara organization or Sonny marrying Claudia. Ric didn't seem to have an answer.

Maxie went to Jason's office and demanded that he attend Robin's wedding. Maxie pointed out that Robin had a powerful impact on Jason's life, and he on hers. Maxie said that Robin would only marry once, and that it was important to Robin for Jason to witness the momentous occasion.

At the Scorpio home, while Robin calmly prepared for her upcoming nuptials, Mac was on the phone ordering his police department to act as security for the wedding. Robin felt that Mac was going too far and told him so. As the two lovingly bickered, the sounds of a helicopter could be heard in the distance. It grew steadily louder, but Robin and Mac appeared oblivious to the sound as they continued to argue. Robin was delighted to see her mother when Anna suddenly walked through the front door. While Mac excused himself, mother and daughter sat down to for a heart-to-heart talk. Anna was sentimental as she reminisced about Robin's childhood. She let Robin know how proud she was of her, and how extraordinary she felt her daughter was. Maxie walked in to find Robin and Anna weepy, and demanded that they stop crying. Maxie was not prepared to deal with puffy eyes before the wedding.

Claudia went to visit Kate in the hospital. She let her rival know that Sonny had been offered a deal to run the Zacchara organization in exchange for marrying Claudia. Kate didn't want to believe Claudia, but the mob princess was relentless. As she twisted fact with fantasy, Kate's insecurities blossomed and eventually she became convinced. Olivia arrived and immediately realized that Kate was rattled. Olivia tossed Claudia out of the room and began reassuring Kate that everything Claudia had said had been fabricated.

While Kate was taken for tests, Sonny arrived to visit his fiancée. He found Olivia in Kate's room and realized right away that she was furious. She told him about Claudia's visit and how upset Kate had been. Olivia was certain that eventually Sonny would convince himself that he should marry Claudia.

Claudia returned to the Zacchara mansion after a shopping spree. Anthony was curious about his daughter's jovial mood as she deposited shopping bags in the living room. Claudia smiled brightly and told her father that she finally had the upper hand and she intended to take full advantage of it. She went on to inform him that her cooperation came at a price. That price was Anthony's agreement to treat her with respect. Anthony scoffed at the idea, and the argument quickly escalated into a shouting match. As the two screamed at each other, Anthony suddenly began gasping for breath. Claudia's anger turned to concern when it appeared that Anthony had suffered some type of seizure.

Liz, wearing her bridesmaid dress, walked into the church. She stopped short when she noticed Jason standing in the aisle by the first pew. Jason seemed to sense Liz's presence and turned. He silently watched as Liz quietly walked to him. He opened his hands and took Liz's when she stopped directly in front of him. Words were not exchanged as they looked deep into each other's eyes and softly smiled.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sonny and Olivia were arguing furiously about whether or not Sonny would marry Claudia Zacchara to get control of the mob when Kate was wheeled back into her room at GH. Sonny was adamant that he would not marry Claudia, but Olivia was equally sure that he would.

Kate accepted Sonny's word, but when Olivia persisted in saying that Sonny's lust for power would lead him to a union with Claudia, Kate asked Olivia if the reason she wanted Kate away from Sonny was because Olivia had feelings for Sonny herself. Rather than answer, Olivia stormed out.

At the Zacchara compound, Anthony started yelling at Claudia when she stood up to him. He had a seizure while he was screaming at her. At first, Claudia thought he was faking, but when she felt his pulse, it was erratic. She wondered out loud if this was God's way of answering her prayers. At that moment, Johnny walked in.

Claudia begged Johnny to let Anthony die, but Johnny insisted that no matter what, Anthony was a member of the family and Johnny would not let him die.

Jason dropped by the church to see Robin, but ran into Liz instead. Mac and Robin arrived and met up with Maxie. They strolled into the sanctuary and interrupted Jason and Liz. Mac threatened to have Jason arrested if he did not leave, but both Robin and Maxie insisted that Jason was an invited guest, so Mac relented.

At the hospital, Epiphany encouraged Patrick to leave and get ready for his wedding, but he insisted that he had plenty of time. Matt was on duty, so Patrick let him know that he and Robin really wanted Matt to come to the wedding. Patrick said that he did not have much family and that he would like to explore his brotherly bond with Matt. Matt appeared both eager and reluctant. Patrick said he would not push, but he really hoped that he and Matt would find common ground.

Maxie, Liz, and Robin shared girl talk before Maxie left to get dressed and Liz styled Robin's hair. Mac caught Maxie before she could leave and they reminisced. Mac remembered when he had first seen Robin as a determined little girl. He talked about how his life had changed as a result of raising Robin, and then adopting Maxie and Georgie, after he married Felicia. When Maxie asked if they had been a burden on him, he told her that his girls had brought joy and happiness to his life and he did not regret one minute of the time they had spent together.

Olivia was waiting for Sonny when he got home. He wondered if Kate was right about Olivia having feelings for him. Otherwise, he asked why she would have broken into his house. Olivia flatly denied having feelings for Sonny. She told him that her only concern was her cousin. All Olivia wanted was for Sonny to be honest with Kate if he intended to marry Claudia Zacchara. Sonny told Olivia that he had no intention of marrying Claudia. Olivia told him that she believed that he believed that, but Olivia said that she knew that deep down, Sonny wanted power, and that if he had to marry Claudia to get it, that was what he would do. She begged him to be honest with Kate if he decided to take that path in order to regain his power as a mob kingpin.

Patrick and Epiphany signed out of the hospital. Epiphany took the elevator, but Patrick hung around for a few more minutes. Leyla told him that she wished the best for him and Robin. As Patrick headed for the elevator, Anthony was wheeled into emergency in serious condition.

Because it was a neurological problem and the on call surgeon was elsewhere, Patrick did the workup and gave Johnny and Claudia the prognosis. Patrick told them that their father had an aneurism that was bleeding in the brain and he needed surgery. Johnny begged Patrick to save his father.

Because the on call neurosurgeon was still 20 minutes away, Matt offered to do the surgery so Patrick could make the wedding, but Patrick said he would do it and Matt would assist. He told Matt that he was a doctor first and that his prime directive was to save lives. He said that Robin would understand if he were late.

As Liz styled Robin's hair, Robin told her how much their friendship meant. She also told Liz that she had invited Jason to the wedding as much for Liz's sake as for hers. After Liz was done with Robin's hair, she left Robin alone to rest. Instead, a relaxed Robin chatted with her baby and told her how much she loved Patrick and what a happy life they would have together.

Anna arrived in time to have a cozy talk with Robin before the ceremony. She brought a note from Robert telling Robin how much he loved her and wished that he could be with her. Robin and Anna shared their love for each other.

Mac was in the vestibule greeting guests when Bobbie arrived. She brought regrets from Lucky and Nikolas, who were taking care of business at Shadybrook. Mac did not seemed terribly thrilled that Coleman was the best man, but they fell into a reluctant truce. Mac was anxious about Patrick's whereabouts, but Coleman told Mac to relax. Together they greeted Edward and Monica, who were the next to arrive. They were followed by Nadine, and then Mike, who made an awkward comment about the previous wedding. Kelly, Epiphany, and Dr. Winters arrived together. and Jax arrived alone.

Back at GH, Patrick, Matt and Leyla scrubbed and operated on Anthony. Patrick kept his focus on Anthony, even though Matt offered to stabilize Anthony long enough for Patrick to call Robin.

Maxie was in a dither when she joined Robin and Anna. Robin told her to relax. Robin hugged Maxie and told her what a wonderful job she had done to make Robin's wedding special. Anna pulled out a beautiful pendant and told Robin that it would be "something old." She said that Philomena, Robin's adopted grandmother, had given it to Anna when Anna married Robin's father. For "something blue," Maxie gave Robin a blue beaded bracelet that had belonged to Georgie. "Something borrowed" was a handkerchief from Robert and they all agreed that "something new" was the baby.

Sonny arrived at the wedding and shared a few words with Coleman. Inside, Sonny ran into Jason. They talked about their early relationship with Robin. Sonny told Jason that no matter what had gone down between them, he was glad that they could both be there for Robin. Jason nodded his agreement.

Speculation about Patrick's whereabouts circulated through the wedding party. Shortly after Mac alerted Robin that Patrick had not arrived at the church, a panicked Spinelli burst into the room with the news that Patrick was nowhere to be found.

At GH, Anthony coded while Patrick and Matt worked desperately to save him.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Laura and Scotty were settled into a spacious suite at an upscale hotel in Los Angeles. Scott was eager to romance Laura but she was uncooperative. As Scott reminisced that the movie Kramer vs. Kramer had been showing in theaters during their honeymoon, Laura tried to help Scott understand that she did not love him the same way that she once had. Scott refused to listen. He was confident that he would eventually woo Laura and that they'd find happiness together. Laura seemed flattered by Scott's desire to win her heart but insisted that their time had passed. Laura said that she would have a difficult time loving a man who would threaten her daughter as Scott had done. Scott was persistent. He kept revisiting the past. He talked about the first time that he had seen Laura. She had been at General Hospital working as a candy striper. The reminder brought a smile to Laura's face and she returned the favor. She recalled that Scott used to carry their marriage license around. She was surprised when Scott pulled out his wallet and produced a folded document. It was their marriage license.

Scott told Laura that he hadn't carried it around all the years that they'd been parted, but he had kept it. He had recently pulled it out when everything with Lulu had begun. The marriage license had been a symbol of hope for him. He told Laura that he had loved other women, but the certificate was something that he kept to remind him that someday he might reconcile with Laura. Laura was touched by the sentiment but reminded him that she did not know how long she had before she slipped back into a catatonic state. Laura desperately wanted to spend what time she had with her children. Scott wasn't opposed to it, but he wanted the opportunity to work things out with Laura. He suggested that they enjoy themselves and visit the sights that Los Angeles had to offer. Laura said that he made it sound like a vacation. When Scott confirmed that it was, Laura reminded him that he had forced her to join him on the trip.

Tracy and Luke arrived at Shadybrook and discovered that Laura had disappeared. Luke and Tracy spoke to one of the doctors and demanded answers. The doctor told them that Lulu had insisted that Laura was awake and talking but no one had believed her. When Lulu stole a hospital van and escaped, they had received a call from Nikolas. Nikolas believed his sister's story that Scott Baldwin had taken Laura. The doctor was only able to confirm that Scott had signed in on the day that Laura had gone missing. That was enough information for Luke. He stepped aside and checked his PDA while Tracy berated the doctor for his incompetence. A few minutes later, Luke announced that Scott had taken Laura to Los Angeles. Tracy was surprised by the news and asked Luke how he had discovered the lead. Luke played it off as a hunch by telling Tracy that Scott and Laura had gone there for their honeymoon.

Luke and Tracy were soon bound for the west coast on a Quartermaine jet. While they were en route, Tracy made it clear that once they had rescued Laura, Luke had to tell her that he was married to Tracy. Luke insisted that he loved Tracy and that Laura was sick, but Tracy wasn't satisfied. She reminded Luke that Laura's illness appeared to be in remission. Tracy refused to stand by again while Luke pretended to marry Laura. Tracy gave Luke and an ultimatum; he had to choose Tracy or Laura. A few minutes later, Tracy heard a strange noise coming from Luke's pocket. When she questioned him about it, Luke began lying. Tracy saw through it and checked the pocket herself. When she pulled her hand out, she was holding Luke's PDA. Tracy realized that Luke's intuition had not led them to Los Angeles. He'd been tracking Scott's credit card activity, which showed a recent charge for a hotel in Los Angeles.

When Luke and Tracy arrived at the hotel, they were disguised as a Dutch couple visiting the popular city. Tracy was not thrilled with the charade, but Luke played it to the hilt. While they checked in, neither noticed as Scott and Laura left the hotel.

Lucky, Nikolas, and Lulu walked into Lucky's house and found Lesley waiting for them. She was anxious to hear news about Laura. Unfortunately, the children were no closer to finding their mother. When they began to grumble about Scott, Lesley reminded them that he loved Laura; more important, Laura had once loved Scott. They realized that Lesley might be helpful with their search, since she knew Laura and Scott's history. Lesley did her best to help her grandchildren. First, she suggested that Scott might have taken Laura to a nearby cabin that they used to go to in the woods. However, they quickly dismissed the possibility because the cabin was too close to Port Charles. Lesley's second guess was New York City, where Laura had gone to as a teenager. Then Lesley recalled that Laura did not have happy memories from the ordeal. She didn't think Scott would risk dredging those memories up by taking Laura there. Finally, Lesley thought about Scott and Laura's honeymoon. When she threw out the possibility that Scott had taken Laura to Los Angeles, the kids agreed that it made sense for Scott to take her there.

Nikolas placed a call to the airport and confirmed that a jet, carrying a male and female passenger, had departed two hours after Laura had disappeared with Scott.

Claudia and Johnny were at General Hospital, in a waiting area, while their father underwent emergency surgery. Johnny refused to believe that Claudia would have let their father die. He was certain that she would have eventually called for help. Claudia did not rush to reassure her brother. Instead, Claudia said that they would have been better off without Anthony in their lives. Johnny quickly changed the subject and asked Claudia if she had been responsible for the notes that Lulu had been receiving at Shadybrook. Claudia vehemently denied it, but admitted that she would have done such a thing had she thought of it. Unfortunately, Claudia said, she was too busy trying to find a way around Anthony's desire to marry her off to Sonny. Claudia warned her brother that if their father survived the surgery and forced her to marry Sonny, she would hold Johnny responsible.

Anthony's health took a turn for the worse during surgery, but Patrick managed to save the man from certain death. While the brain surgery progressed, Patrick touched on a part of the brain that made Anthony's leg move. The doctors and nurses were surprised. They all agreed that the movement would have been impossible for a paralyzed man.

Guests were assembled at the church and waiting for the wedding to start. When they realized that significant time had passed, they began talking about the noticeable absence of the groom. Epiphany told Liz that she would not have the patience for a husband like Patrick, who was late for his own wedding. Liz reminded Epiphany that Robin and Patrick loved each other. Liz was confident that the wedding would proceed. Elsewhere, Edward grumbled to Monica while Sonny and Jason tried mend fences.

Sonny realized, when Jason asked him about wedding etiquette, that Jason had not turned to him for advice lately. He wondered how the two of them had ended up on opposite sides. When Jason started to talk, Sonny cut him off and reminded him that they were at the church for Robin, not to discuss their recent rift. Sonny went on to tell Jason that he might have been proud of Jason, were he not certain that Jason was wrong about Karpov's involvement in the shooting. Jason thanked Sonny for everything that he had done for him over the years and then walked wayaway.

Robin and her family, as well as Spinelli, were gathered in the bridal room of the church. Everyone, but Robin, was concerned about Patrick's disappearance. Each grew more certain, as the minutes ticked by, that Patrick did not intend to marry Robin. Robin disagreed. She had no idea where Patrick was, but she was definite that Patrick had not changed his mind. To ease everyone's fears, Robin called the hospital. Unfortunately, she was told that Patrick had checked out half an hour before Robin had called. Robin remained steadfast in her belief that Patrick would make it to the church in time to marry her. She shooed everyone out of the room so that she could change into her wedding dress.

Radiant in her wedding gown, Robin went to speak to her guests. She thanked them for their patience and promised them that Patrick would arrive soon. Edward wasn't convinced and thought to save Robin from herself. He stood up, with the intention of whisking Robin out of the church before she was humiliated, but Mac stopped him. All heads turned when Patrick ran into the church, calling out Robin's name. Robin beamed as her groom joined her in the front of the church and apologized for being late. He explained that he had been delayed by emergency surgery. Robin and Patrick were set to begin the ceremony but Mac piped up. He refused to allow Robin to marry Patrick without first walking Robin down the aisle.

Mac took a few moments to share some tender words with Robin before he escorted her to her future husband. Father Coates began the ceremony, but before the happy couple could exchange vows, Robin's eyes widened. She turned to Patrick and told him that her water had broken; Robin was in labor.

Friday, October 31, 2008

While on the plane, Nikolas and Lucky wondered how they would find Scott and their mother. Lulu showed them a scrapbook their grandmother had given her. It was a memory book Laura had made from her first year of marriage to Scott. Lulu thought they could use it to find where Scott was taking Laura. They looked through the pictures and were stunned at how in love Scott and Laura were. Nikolas and Lulu couldn't understand how Laura fell for Luke while in love with Scott. Lucky seemed to relate and told them people never forgot their first love.

As Lulu and her brothers were looking at pictures of their mother and Scott wearing matching sombreros, Laura and Scott were arriving at the same sombrero stand and reminiscing. They spotted the wishing well and remembered when Laura had long ago made a wish and then missed her shot. Scott wanted her to make another wish, and she again missed the well with her coin. Scott wanted her to wish for a lifetime of love together, but Laura said her heart belonged to Luke. Scott told her that Scott had lied to her and she wasn't married to Luke as she thought. Luke had been married to Tracy when he and Laura had remarried. It was an actor playing the part of the minister. Laura didn't believe him, so Scott offered his cell phone for Laura to call anyone in Port Charles. Laura called Edward, who confirmed Luke and Tracy had been married for three years. Laura asked to go back to their hotel.

Luke and Tracy tried to check into a hotel in California using Dutch aliases. Luke even claimed to know the governor personally. Everything was going fine until the hotel clerk noticed another guest checked in using the same credit card as Luke had given him. Luke explained he was in business with Scott Baldwin and since their business venture had ended, Scott was not allowed to use the credit cards any longer. Luke was trying to get the clerk to call Scott down to the check-in desk, but the clerk had already called Scott and he was not in his room. Tracy tried to end all the chaos by giving her credit card, but the clerk noticed the name on the credit card, Tracy Quartermaine, was different than the name she was checking in under. They asked the clerk if they were the only ones who ever tried to check in with aliases, and finally, after showing ID, they were given their room key.

Luke asked for Tracy's help to break into Scott's room, but Tracy was done helping Luke. She said he could rescue his damsel in distress by himself. Tracy was going back home. She said things would not end well for them, and Tracy was not the type of person to bow out gracefully. As Tracy left, Luke stood in shock in the parking lot. Suddenly, Luke was shocked even more when Laura and Scott drove up.

As Robin and Patrick began to say their vows, Robin's water suddenly broke and she doubled over in pain with her first contraction. The minister asked if there was a doctor in the crowd, and the majority of the guests stood up. Kelly rushed to Robin and told everyone Robin was her patient. Coleman helped to usher guests out of the church, while Kelly told Robin and Patrick she didn't want to wait for an ambulance. Anna offered to drive the limo, which turned out to be an interesting and scary ride. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Patrick doted on Robin while Kelly started getting vitals. Kelly noticed the umbilical cord was being compromised, so they were going to try to float the cord. As they attempted that procedure, Robin told Patrick she thought they needed to rethink their living arrangements. She even thought they should get a house before their little girl realized her bedroom was a closet. When Kelly realized the baby was in distress, she immediately yelled out for an operating room. Patrick and Robin declared their love for each other and their faith in the hospital staff.

Meanwhile, Mac, Anna, and Maxie panicked as they waited for each update. Liz did her best to keep them informed. When Spinelli walked in, Maxie was relieved to have someone wait with her. She asked Spinelli if he thought Georgie's spirit was still with them. Spinelli thought it could be possible, especially with the type of person Georgie was. Maxie asked Georgie to watch out for Robin and her baby. Spinelli gave Maxie a gift for her birthday, a journal. He had put it together just for her. She called him a genius.

Dr. Hunter walked in, after changing his schedule with another doctor. Leyla asked coyly if he wanted to be near when his niece was born, and Matt just smiled. Sam soon came to speak with Matt about the clinic fire. Matt told her about the shoes he had seen on the man before Matt had slipped into unconsciousness the night of the fire. He and Nadine thought it might be something Jerry Jacks would wear. As they talked, Jerry watched them from around a corner.

After Sam finished her conversation with Matt, she received a phone call from Jerry. He wanted to meet her at the docks. Sam arrived and called out for Jerry, but he wasn't there. Sam pulled her gun on Jason when he rounded the corner. He asked what she was doing there, but suddenly there was an explosion and he and Sam were flying in the air.

At the hospital, Claudia talked to her father. She thought she would have saved him but wasn't sure. Anthony woke up and thought Claudia was her mother. When Claudia corrected her father, he called her a bitch. He thought she would have let him die. Johnny walked in and said Anthony was wrong about Claudia. When Sonny walked in, Claudia said her father needed peace and quiet in order to recover. Claudia said she would marry Sonny, but Sonny didn't want to agree to the marriage. He just wanted to help the family out while Anthony was in the hospital. Johnny said he could take care of his family without Sonny's help, but Anthony wanted Sonny's help. Anthony told his son everything he was doing was for Johnny's benefit, and Johnny had to trust him.

Sonny left Anthony's hospital room and asked a nurse about Anthony's condition. Nadine said Anthony was expected to make a full recovery, but Sonny would need to get more specifics from the doctors. Sonny stepped on the elevators where two men pulled guns on him and said Karpov wanted a meeting. They took Sonny to the docks, where Sonny demanded to know if Karpov shot Kate. Karpov said it didn't matter because the woman lived. Sonny suddenly realized Karpov had not shot Kate. Karpov lunged at Sonny and stabbed him. They tied weights to Sonny's ankles and dropped him into the water.

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