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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 17, 2008 on GH
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Carly confronted Jax in the hotel lobby and tore up their divorce papers. She begged him for another chance at their marriage. She insisted, but he resisted, so Carly told Jax that she would contest the divorce.

When Jax scoffed, Carly called out to Diane, who was heading for the boutique. Carly wanted Diane to represent her when she contested the divorce. Diane said fine, as long as the clock started ticking immediately and, in addition to her regular fee, she wanted a 20% discount in the boutique, as well as shopping hours to accommodate her busy schedule.

Carly agreed, then asked Diane to tell Jax how she would proceed. Jax looked amused until Diane took him to task about his absences from home during his marriage to Carly. She also told him that he was lucky that Carly wanted to stay married because any other woman would take him for everything he had if he showed them the same callous treatment that he had shown Carly. By the time Diane had finished, Jax was speechless. As she left, she noted that the boutique would be closing in four minutes.

Lulu and Johnny were standing in front of a burned-out Kelly's when Claudia came along and pointed out all the ways that Lulu was bad for Johnny. Johnny and Lulu walked away after telling Claudia to mind her own business.

Sasha reported by telephone to a disguised voice coming from a speakerphone. She informed the voice that Jason's coffeehouse had been burned to the ground, that sentiment was turning against Sonny, and that their plans were on schedule.

Sam and Maxie exchanged girl talk while the thug sent by Sasha lurked outside the door. Maxie apologized to Sam for sending Liz to Jason's. Sam denied that she felt anything other than friendship for Jason, but Maxie was not convinced. They talked and laughed, then noticed the door of Sam's apartment opening.

Instead of Sasha's henchman, it was Lucky. Maxie was flabbergasted when Lucky and Sam told her that their break-up had been a ruse to find out about the drug ring. Maxie said her goodbyes and left Sam's place. The thug, who was hiding around the corner, followed her out of the building.

Olivia was trapped in the office of Jason's coffeehouse as it burned. Sonny happened on the scene as the barista stumbled out. He told Sonny that Olivia was in the office. Sonny went in to get her. Jason arrived on the scene in time to help them both out of the fire. The paramedics arrived and Olivia was taken to General Hospital.

Liz and Epiphany were talking about Jason at the nurses' station when Patrick slowly pushed a wheelchair holding Robin and Emma to the desk. Epiphany told him to sign the papers so Robin and the baby could leave, and to stop obsessing. Robin, Liz, and Epiphany shared a laugh at Patrick's overprotective behavior as he wheeled his ladies into the elevator for the trip home.

Nadine bumped into Nikolas in the park. She told him she thought it was unfair that he would be deported. He told her not to worry because he had lawyers working on it. Nadine said that according to her Internet research, there was only one way to keep Nikolas in the country, and that was for him to get married. Nikolas was stunned when Nadine said that she would marry him, and then added that even though it would be an illegal marriage-of-convenience, she felt that it was the correct thing to do because Nikolas had done so much for her. Before Nikolas could reply, she left to run errands in preparation for their marriage.

Patrick's overprotectiveness continued on the ride home. With Robin and the baby securely strapped into the back seat of his new mini van, Patrick dove home at 15 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. Robin delighted in pointing out his eccentric behavior. Patrick did speed up a little and eventually they got home.

Once inside the apartment, Emma needed changing, so Patrick did the dirty deed. When that was done, and Emma had gone to sleep, a very tired Patrick was eager for some rest, and noted that the baby book said that newborns slept for 12 to 18 hours a day. He told Robin that they ought to be able to catch some rest while she slept. He also told Robin how much he loved her. Just as Robin said that it seemed like newborns only slept an hour at a time, Emma started crying. Robin and Patrick laughed.

Sonny and Jason talked as the fire crew worked to put out the coffeehouse blaze. Sonny told Jason that they had to retaliate. Jason told Sonny that there was no "we." He also said that there would be no need to retaliate if Sonny had not killed Karpov. Sonny said that he had no choice, because Karpov had stabbed him and tossed him in the harbor. Jason maintained that Sonny was at fault for jumping to conclusions in the first place. Jason said that he would do what he had to in order to protect his men. He said that Sonny was on his own against Karpov's mob.

Carly almost had Jax convinced to give her another chance when Kate arrived in the hotel lobby. When Kate told them that her engagement to Sonny was over because she had been wrong about Sonny breaking his bond to Carly, Carly could not resist twisting the knife and telling Kate how pathetic and bitter she was.

Kate responded by telling Jax not to fall for Carly's act and give their marriage another chance. Kate said that Carly would always run back to Sonny and vice versa, just like everyone had warned her. Before more could be said, Kate got a call from Epiphany about Olivia, and rushed off to GH.

After Kate left, Carly's magic hold over Jax was also gone. When she asked if Jax was buying into Kate's rhetoric, Jax told Carly that he agreed with Kate. Carly said that Kate was smearing Carly as a way of going after Jax. Jax said no, that Kate would wait for him to come to her, and that was exactly what he was going to do. He left an open-mouthed Carly behind as he walked away without looking back.

Spinelli intercepted Lucky as he tried to talk to Jason and Sonny, but Jason said it was okay. When Lucky asked what happened, Jason said to talk to his lawyer. Sonny, however, spilled the beans and told the truth about what he knew as Jason watched. Sonny walked away and so did Lucky.

Jason told Spinelli to get to his computer and start finding out everything he could that would help them combat the Russians. After Spinelli left for the apartment, Cody arrived.

Matt and Liz exchanged pleasantries at the nurses' station. He told her that Olivia was fine and could go home the following day. He was less forthcoming when Sonny arrived, but Liz Olivia's room number to Sonny after Matt walked away. As soon as Sonny headed down the hall, Liz grabbed her bag and left the hospital.

Olivia was finishing a telephone conversation with her son when Sonny walked in. She immediately blamed Sonny for her predicament. He wanted to know if she would at least acknowledge that he had saved her life. She did, but told him she would not have been in trouble in the first place if it were not for his vendetta against Karpov. They continued to bicker, but more playfully, unaware that Kate had arrived and was sullenly eavesdropping on their conversation.

Johnny and Lulu found their way back to Kelly's. When Johnny offered to help with the rebuilding, Lulu said that her family would not take Zacchara money. Johnny said that the money that had just bought their dinner and provided the gas for his fancy cars and all the other perks that they enjoyed came from the Zaccharas. Lulu said that maybe it was time for Johnny to make changes in his life. After a moment's thought, Johnny told Lulu that she was right.

Jason told Cody that it was time to strike against the Russians. Jason also said that when he was done, no one would ever dare come after him again. Before he could say more, Liz arrived on the scene.

Sasha's thugs grabbed Maxie as she walked through the park. A few minutes later, Spinelli happened on the scene and found Maxie's apparently lifeless body lying in the same spot where Georgie had been murdered.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jax talked to Marty in the Metro Court lobby until Carly showed up. Carly and Jax used Marty to argue by having him relay messages for them. Marty was just trying to figure out if the marble Carly wanted for the hotel was still going to be ordered, despite the high price. Jax and Carly used the marble as a metaphor for their relationship. Carly thought it was something so rare and beautiful it was worth fighting for, but Jax said they needed to look at the bigger picture. He felt the marble was too expensive and would cost the hotel too much in the long run. They decided they would just continue to disappoint each other, but no decision was made about the marble for the hotel.

Nikolas came into the hotel and told Carly he would have to be a silent partner in the hotel for a little while. He explained his legal woes with Homeland Security trying to deport him. He said Nadine had offered to marry him to allow him to stay in the country. Carly thought that was funny, but Nadine interrupted the laughter when she walked in to talk to Nikolas. She didn't think it was a good idea for him to be talking to Carly if they were going to be getting married. Nikolas told her he didn't think they would be getting married. Soon, Jax revealed to the group that he owned Spoon Island, Nikolas' piece of property.

Sonny visited Olivia in the hospital and got her to admit she was madder at herself than she was at him. She thanked him for saving her life just as Kate walked in and witnessed the exchange. Kate felt Olivia was flirting with Sonny, but Sonny asked why Kate cared. Since Kate was the one who broke off their engagement, it shouldn't matter who Sonny flirted with. Once Sonny was gone, Olivia tried to tell Kate she was way off base. Kate reminded Olivia of the days back in Bensonhurst when the Olivia/Kate/Sonny triangle first started. Olivia had broken up with Sonny but suddenly wanted him back once Kate decided she was interested in him. Olivia didn't care about the past, though. She told Kate she had been through too much to keep Dante's father a secret, and wouldn't go back to Sonny and jeopardize her son's life.

Liz walked up as Jason was giving orders to Cody. Once they were alone, Liz hugged Jason, thankful he was okay. Jason told her it wasn't a good time for her to be around him. Liz explained that two of her patients had died that day. She was with a man when he was told his fiancée had passed. He cried for the time he had missed spending with the one person who meant more than anything else to him. It made Liz realize she wanted to be with Jason.

Lucky was walking into the crime scene when he saw Jason and Liz talking. He immediately walked over and chastised her for being seen at a crime scene with a known mobster. She was undoing everything he had done by declaring himself as Jake's father. Lucky escorted Liz back to the hospital where Sam was waiting. Sam wanted to know details about the fire, but Liz asked for a moment alone with her ex-husband. Liz wanted Lucky to butt out of her relationship with Jason and told him she thought Lucky and Sam's relationship was comparable to her and Jason's relationship. Lucky said she was fooling herself if she thought she could have any type of a real life with Jason.

Spinelli walked into the park and found Maxie unconscious on the steps, in the exact stop Georgie had been found. He rushed to her and was thankful she still had a pulse. He tried calling 9-1-1, but got a message saying all the operators were busy. He decided to pick Maxie up and carry her to General Hospital. Dr. Hunter met him at the hospital and told Spinelli he needed to wait in the waiting room so the doctors could do their job with Maxie. Spinelli was distraught at the thought of leaving his Maxamista, but Leyla comforted him as he waited. As soon as Maxie had been checked out, Matt allowed Spinelli to visit his dear friend, despite not being family. Matt assured him that Maxie would be fine, and she just had a bump on her head.

When Spinelli was alone with the unconscious Maxie, he confessed his love for her and told her he didn't think like was worth living without her. Maxie woke up just as he finished his confession and she smiled at him. Mac came in and demanded that Spinelli leave. He said Spinelli's work with Jason had brought violence to Maxie and Georgie's lives, and he wouldn't lose another of his girls. Spinelli left, and Maxie tried to reason with Mac. She told him Spinelli was her only true friend.

Johnny and Lulu arrived back at his room, where Lulu asked why he hadn't talked to her during their ride home. She asked him if his sister had been right. She wondered aloud if she made his life complicated. Johnny assured her that she was the only good thing in his life. They kissed and lay down on the bed and made love. When they awoke later, Lulu told Johnny that their love used to scare her. She had grown to understand their love. Johnny was still upset with not believing her when she was being blackmailed. Lulu wasn't deterred and said there were too many people in their lives that were butting into their relationship.

Ric went to Sonny's house and was surprised to find Claudia there. Claudia told him she would be marrying Sonny, and Ric asked if she was telling him that so he would talk her out of it. Ric warned Claudia not to cross Sonny. If Claudia thought she could pull a fast one over Sonny, she was mistaken. Ric said Sonny would chew her up and spit her out. Sonny walked in just as Ric was finished his speech, and asked if Ric had forgotten the part about Sonny throwing a party. Before he left, Ric told Sonny to ride everything out. Jason would take care of the Russians, and Sonny didn't need to marry Claudia. Sonny wasn't deterred, and Ric left. Claudia told Sonny that Ric just thought he had a chance with her. It was a sweet but unrealistic thought.

Jason went to visit Olivia as she and Kate were talking about Sonny and Dante. He offered to pay for Olivia's medical bills, but Kate said she would be taking care of her cousin's medical expenses. Kate also told Jason that she and Sonny had broken up, and that Sonny was planning to marry Claudia in order to gain the Zacchara family's power.

Later, Sam met up with Jason and tried to convince him to let her help with the Russians. She reminded him that she had been spending time with them and working with them on her undercover drug bust. Sam wasn't like Liz, and Sam thought Jason wasn't in the position to turn down help.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Johnny dropped by to see Luke on the Haunted Star. Luke tried to get Johnny to bet on the roulette wheel, but Johnny talked Luke into cutting cards instead. Luke cut a queen, but Johnny drew a king and told Luke that he was guessing that he had just won his right to keep his share of the Haunted Star.

Luke and Johnny had a drink together. Johnny told Luke that he had not had anything to do with the Zaccharas' attempt to get Luke arrested on money laundering charges. Luke said that he believed Johnny, but was not keen on the rest of Johnny's family.

Johnny and Luke agreed on a new deal together, one that would give Johnny more income and would be kept secret from the rest of his family. Just as they reached an agreement, Lulu walked in on them and jumped to the conclusion that Luke was warning Johnny away from her. She protested, but as Johnny left, he kissed her forehead and told her that her name had not come up in his conversation with Luke. She was appropriately apologetic.

Lulu stayed and talked to Luke. She told him about killing Logan and her stay in Shadybrook. Luke was mortified to hear all that Lulu had been through. Lulu said that she was convinced that Laura had come back to help her. Lulu told Luke that being close to her mother in Shadybrook was worth all that she had been through. She asked Luke what Laura's return meant to him.

Sonny was on the phone with Olivia's son, Dante, when she walked into her room at General Hospital. Olivia immediately took the phone away from him and told Dante that she was okay and that there was no need for him to come to Port Charles to look after her. As soon as she hung up, Olivia started telling Sonny to stay out of her business. They were bickering playfully when Kate walked in and accused Olivia and Sonny of flirting to make her jealous.

Both Olivia and Sonny denied an interest in the each other. After Sonny left, Kate told Olivia that it might be time to turn over a new leaf and tell Sonny the secret that she had been keeping for Olivia: that Dante was Sonny's biological child.

Sam went to Sasha, who was running the Karpov gang, and asked for a job. Since Sam had worked for Karpov before, Sasha told her to come back to the warehouse later because she had a job for her.

A tired and distraught Spinelli returned to Jason's apartment. He was putting Jason's gun away when Jason found him. He told Jason that he wanted revenge for Maxie. Jason told Spinelli to let him handle it. Spinelli thought it was because Jason thought Spinelli was a wimp, but Jason said no, it was because hurting someone else left a dark, dirty hole in the heart and he did not want Spinelli to feel the darkness. Before he could say more, Bernie called and an unconvinced Spinelli used the call as an excuse to exit.

Jason had no choice but to talk to Bernie. He told Bernie to get everyone ready to retaliate for the harm done to Jason's property and friends.

Patrick was home with Robin, but Robin told him to go to work and let her take care of the baby. Patrick was reluctant, but left for General Hospital after Robin insisted that she needed time to bond with Emma.

Sam met Lucky on the docks and told him that she had a job with Sasha. Lucky wanted her to stand down, but she insisted that she was the only one who could do the undercover work necessary to stop the drug smugglers.

Tracy met Edward at the hospital for a board meeting. He wanted her to vote with him to make Monica Chief chief of staff, so that she would not be home all the time talking about the Twelve Step Program.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany and Liz welcomed Patrick back. Epiphany cautioned Liz about the danger inherent in her relationship with Jason.

Robin was home alone with Emma when she Emma started crying. Despite Robin's best efforts, she could not get Emma to quiet down.

Spinelli slipped into Sonny's home through the patio door and took Sonny's gun from a secret compartment. Before he could make his exit, Max stopped him and wanted to know what he was doing there. Spinelli concocted a story about making peace between Jason and Sonny. Max believed him and let him go.

Spinelli went to see Maxie. She was glad to see him and told Spinelli that she was happy that he had not taken Mac's dressing down the previous day to heart. Spinelli told Maxie that Mac had been right. Spinelli felt that Maxie's association to him was the reason that the Russians had grabbed her. Maxie tried to protest, but Spinelli told her that he had to stay away from her for a while in order to protect her. Maxie said that she could not get along without Spinelli's friendship, but Spinelli was not swayed. He was determined to protect Maxie and, as he left, he told her that it would be a while before she saw him again.

Jason met with Cody and told him to get all the men prepared. Jason intended to call a meeting with Sasha for the ostensible reason of making a truce. Once she was in the meeting, Jason intended to attack the warehouse where her remaining men were housed. Jason told Cody to make sure there were no civilians inside, and then Jason wanted to make sure that none of the Russians left the warehouse alive.

Patrick kept asking for baby advice while Liz tried to discuss patient business. Finally Epiphany told Patrick that while the entire staff was very happy for him and Robin, they actually preferred doing medical business rather than baby business. She advised him to go home if he could not keep his mind on his job.

As Patrick went back to the charts, his cell phone rang. It was Robin telling him that she could not quiet Emma. As he left, Epiphany told him to go be with his family. Patrick smiled as he got on the elevator and said that he like the sound of the words, "my family."

Patrick arrived home to a distraught Robin, who feared that she was already causing trauma to Emma because she could not quiet her. Emma stopped crying as soon as Patrick picked her up, which made Robin felt even worse about her ability to bond with her child.

Max was waiting when Sonny got home. He told him about Spinelli's visit. Sonny was not impressed. Max opened the door to Kate, who wanted to see Sonny. Sonny thought that Kate had come by to make up, but Kate said just the opposite. She told Sonny that she wanted to level the playing field and share a secret with him that she had been keeping. Sonny was nonplussed as Kate told him the secret was about his son.

Sam showed up at Karpov's warehouse and got a piloting job with Sasha, who told her to hang around until it was time to go to the ship. Sasha left for her meeting with Jason. Sam was told to wait in the corner, as Sasha's men opened a crate of guns and each took one.

Outside the warehouse door, Jason, Cody, and their men prepared to enter the warehouse. When Jason opened the door, they entered with guns blazing and Sam was caught in the crossfire.

Elsewhere on the docks, Spinelli got the drop on the Russian with the tattoo that had assaulted Maxie. With gun drawn, he leaped out from behind a crate, pointed the pistol and said, "This is for Maximista."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the Haunted Star, Lulu talked to Luke about his marriage to Tracy. Lulu wanted to know if Luke intended to leave Tracy for Laura. Luke explained that he didn't have any plans resume his relationship with Laura. He felt that too much time had passed and he had moved on. He was content to remain married to Tracy and hoped that Laura would one day find happiness and a new love. Lulu admitted that a part of her wanted her parents to get back together. Luke understood but told Lulu that it wouldn't happen. After Lulu left, Luke walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. As he took a sip of the alcohol, Tracy walked in. She wasn't surprised to find Luke on the floating casino.

Luke was happy to see Tracy and began telling her about his plans for the Haunted Star. He also told Tracy that he would be staying in Port Charles for the foreseeable future. Tracy was dubious but Ric's untimely interruption prevented her from questioning Luke further. Luke asked Ric if he had brought the money that Johnny had promised. To Luke's annoyance, Ric told him that he had not. He said that Anthony wasn't eager to part with his money and hand it over to Luke because of Luke's history. Luke was annoyed and threatened to open the Haunted Star without the Zaccharas' backing. Ric warned Luke against crossing Anthony, but Luke wasn't intimidated.

After Ric left, Tracy resumed talking about Luke and Laura. Tracy was adamant; she would not be Luke's second choice. Luke told her she wasn't a consolation prize, but Tracy didn't believe him. She was convinced that Luke would eventually run off with Laura. Luke insisted that he was committed to their marriage, but he failed to convince Tracy. She told him that he had ripped out her heart and stomped on her pride in Los Angeles. She refused to give Luke that kind of power over her again. Determined to move on with her life, Tracy told Luke that their marriage was over. She told him never to call her "wife" again and walked out. Luke vowed to win Tracy back.

On the docks, Spinelli held two of Karpov's men at gunpoint. The Russians weren't intimidated by Spinelli and called his bluff. Spinelli panicked and ducked behind some crates. Luckily, Johnny was on hand to save the day. He took the gun from Spinelli and chased off the Russians. Spinelli was horrified that he had failed to follow through with his threats to the Russians. Johnny pointed out that Spinelli had not shot the men when he had the chance because, at his core, Spinelli was a descent human being. Johnny felt that Spinelli should be thankful for that rather than ashamed.

Lulu received a call from Maxie asking Lulu to meet her at the hospital. Maxie was worried that Epiphany would try to stop her by calling Mac. Lulu helped Maxie slip out from under Epiphany's watchful eye, and the two women made their way to the penthouse. Maxie was desperate to find Spinelli because she was terrified that he would end up hurt-or worse-in his attempt to avenge her assault. Thankfully, Spinelli and Johnny chose that moment to return to the penthouse. Maxie was greatly relieved when she saw Spinelli. Her joy turned to concern when Spinelli and Johnny told her and Lulu about what had transpired earlier on the docks. Maxie was furious that Spinelli had taken a dangerous risk with his life. Lulu was equally upset and read Spinelli the riot act.

At Wyndemere, Alfred brought Nikolas a cup of tea and talked to him about Nikolas's possible deportation. Nikolas seemed more upset about Jax's purchase of Spoon Island. Nikolas was furious that Jax had literally snatched up the ground from under him. The gentlemen were interrupted by Nadine's arrival. She was beside herself and rambling about not being able to marry Nikolas as promised. Alfred and Nikolas made an attempt to follow her incoherent babbling, to no avail. Finally, Nadine plopped down on the sofa and, with some encouragement from Nikolas, explained that she had to leave town on a family matter. She was upset that the untimely departure would cause problems for Nikolas. Nikolas assured Nadine that he had everything with the INS well in hand and that she could leave town without worry. Nadine was greatly relieved.

Olivia donned her coat and left the hospital in a rush. Epiphany tried to stop her, but Olivia was determined to stop Kate from talking to Sonny.

At Sonny's, Kate tried to tell Sonny about Dante. Unfortunately, Kate wasn't clear. She talked about how unfair the mothers of his children were by keeping his children from him. Kate was convinced that the darkness in Sonny stemmed from him being separated from his kids. When Kate seemed to focus on just one mother, Sonny asked her to clarify if she was talking about Carly or Alexis. Sonny appeared surprised when Kate told him neither. Before she could continue, Olivia barged into the living room and demanded to speak privately with Kate. Kate turned to her cousin and the two proceeded to have a veiled argument about Kate's intention to tell Sonny about Dante. Sonny understood that they were talking about him, but nothing beyond that. Eventually, he reminded the feuding cousins that he was present and didn't appreciate their cryptic comments.

Kate agreed to keep the secret for a while longer. When Kate prepared to leave, she asked Olivia to join her. Olivia declined the offer. She told Kate that she needed to settle a few things with Sonny. Kate bristled and had another brief spat before Kate walked out. When they were alone, Sonny asked Olivia what their argument had been about. Olivia told him that Kate was desperate and jealous because she wanted Sonny back. Olivia then proceeded to try to convince Sonny to stay away from Kate to spare Kate further heartache.

Their conversation drifted to the past and the two reminisced about their younger days. Olivia wanted to know if Sonny had pursued her cousin in order to hurt Olivia after she had broken things off with him. He admitted that in the beginning, he had been motivated by a desire to get back at Olivia, but he had fallen in love with Kate along the way. Olivia tried to steer the discussion away from Sonny's feelings for Kate. She reminded Sonny that he had made a life for himself and gotten out of Bensonhurst. Olivia went on to tell Sonny that it appeared his life had gone well until Kate had walked back into it. She told him that Kate's constant reminiscing only held Sonny back. She suggested that he break away from that cycle and move forward without Kate.

Kate returned to the hospital to pick up some antibiotics. While she talked to Epiphany she innocently said that she after everything she had been through, she didn't want to end up dying of pneumonia. Meanwhile, a Russian thug stood nearby listening. As Kate prepared to leave, Anthony Zacchara, in his wheelchair, approached her. He took delight in tormenting Kate about Sonny and Claudia. Kate was disgusted and accused Anthony of being a pig. When he suggested the share the elevator, Kate told that she would rather die. Anthony chuckled and advised her to be careful what she wished for.

Gunfire was exchanged between Jason's men and the Russians. Sam was caught in the middle and tried to scramble to safety. She had managed to get her hands on a gun when Jason came around a corner. She fired her gun but missed Jason. Jason was surprised to see Sam and demanded to know what she was doing in the warehouse. He didn't give Sam an opportunity to answer as he hustled her to safety.

Liz was surprised when Lucky told her that Sam had called and asked to meet him at his ex-wife's house. Her surprise turned to stunned disbelief when she learned that Lucky had heard gunfire in the background. Liz worried that Sam might be inviting danger into her home and reminded Lucky that the children were upstairs. Lucky quickly backpedaled and suggested that he might have been mistaken about what he had heard. A few minutes later, Jason and Sam arrived at the house. Jason pulled Liz aside and quickly explained that the Russians were retaliating and a mob war had broken out. He wanted her to pack up the children and go into hiding along with Sam. Sam, meanwhile, tried to bring Lucky up to date on what had transpired at the warehouse. A phone call from the police department interrupted her. When Lucky ended the call, he questioned Jason about the shootout at the warehouse and the dead bodies found inside the torched building. Jason said little beyond that he did what he had to do.

Lucky insisted that the women and children be taken to a remote cabin that Lucky knew of, rather than one of Jason's safe houses. Everyone agreed, and Liz went upstairs to pack a few things and fetch the boys. After Jason left, Sam sensed that Lucky was troubled. She wondered if he was mad at her, but Lucky didn't answer. Later, as Liz and Sam loaded the back of Liz's car, Sam asked Liz not to blame Jason for leaving. Liz seemed genuinely confused by the advice, and clarified that she did not have a problem with Jason's abrupt departure. Just then, Lucky walked around to the back of the car and told Sam and Liz that he had received a call from Mac. Mac wanted Lucky to follow up on a lead that they had received on the Russians. Liz told Lucky to go. She assured him that they wouldn't have a problem following the directions to the cabin. As Liz, Sam, and the kids pulled out of the driveway, a Russian thug stepped out from behind some bushes. He reached for his cell phone and placed a call.

Jason returned to his penthouse. Spinelli immediately realized that Jason was a man on a mission. Jason explained that with Liz and the children safely out of town, he could focus on the mob war and eliminating the Russian threat.

Sonny went to Anthony Zacchara and told him that he was prepared to marry Claudia. Anthony was pleased while Ric looked furious.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spinelli confided in Jason that he had taken one of Jason's guns and tried to avenge Maxie's injuries from the Russians. Spinelli was upset because he couldn't be the hero for his love, Maxie. He had drawn his gun on two Russians down by the docks, but froze up and couldn't shoot them. If Johnny hadn't shown up, Spinelli probably would have been killed. Jason told Spinelli that he didn't need to shoot anyone to be Maxie's hero. Spinelli was too smart for that. Jason told his friend that if he wanted to be Maxie's hero, Spinelli needed to stay true to the man that he was.

Meanwhile, Sonny visited Ric and Anthony and tried to convince Anthony to let him take over the organization without marrying Claudia. Anthony said Claudia was part of the package deal, so Sonny agreed to marry her. Sonny made it very clear that he would be in charge of the Zacchara organization once he and Claudia were married. He would not allow Anthony to control the organization any longer. Despite being in the same organization again, Sonny told Ric he didn't trust him. Anthony tried to appease the men and said they would soon be family. Anthony even planned to let Sonny carve the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. Sonny said marrying Claudia was just a business deal. It was a win-win situation for all of them. Anthony needed someone to lead the organization, and Sonny needed an organization behind him in order to stand up to the Russians. Anthony thought that must be a hard pill to swallow, to come to Anthony for help. If the one person who Sonny had trusted to take over the Corinthos organization would have allowed Sonny to take the business back, there would be no deal between Sonny and Anthony. Sonny assured his future father-in-law that he would handle Jason. Anthony said he was counting on it.

Olivia showed up at Jason's penthouse and asked him to let Sonny back into the mob business. Jason said he wouldn't talk business with Olivia, especially since he hardly knew her. Olivia thought Jason should make peace with Sonny before something terrible happened. If Sonny married Claudia, Kate would be devastated. Olivia knew Sonny and Jason must have had a close friendship for them to have worked together all those years. She couldn't believe Jason wanted Sonny in alliance with the Zacchara family. They were interrupted when Ric knocked on the door. He was shocked to see Olivia there, but he told them he had interesting news for both of them. Sonny had agreed to marry Claudia and take over the Zacchara organization. Jason asked if Ric was telling him that to warn him, but Ric said he was just telling Jason so that if he wanted to stop it, he would get moving.

Sam and Liz drove towards the cabin Lucky had set up for them, and made small talk along the way. Sam talked about camping with the boys until suddenly they heard a loud bang. At first they thought it was a gunshot, but it ended up just being a blown tire. Sam quickly changed the tire so they could get on their way again. Liz thanked Sam and said she had been apprehensive at first about hiding out with Sam. Both women admitted to being a little jumpy when the tire blew, but they smiled as they seemed to bond.

Once they arrived at the cabin, Liz got the boys settled in and called Jason, while Sam unloaded the car. Jason was furious when he learned Lucky had not gone with them to the cabin. He still had his doubts about whether or not Liz would be better off at one of his safe houses. Liz said they were fine, but their cell phones didn't work. She gave Jason the phone number to the cabin before he had to get off the phone. While Sam was outside gathering firewood, she heard enough rustling in the leaves to know they were not alone. Sam went inside the cabin and locked the door before telling Liz that they had been followed. Liz picked up the phone to try to dial out, but the phone line had already been cut. Sam told Liz they were on their own.

After Jason hung up the phone from speaking with Liz, he answered the door to find Detective Harper. Jason was being arrested for murder and arson.

Johnny walked into his apartment and was surprised to find his sister there. They briefly reminisced about their short time in the apartment together. Claudia had always loved the view from the windows. They laughed when they remembered eating bags and bags of popcorn as they watched old movies. Claudia said she would miss the apartment, and Johnny asked where she was going. Claudia said Sonny had agreed to marry her, so she would soon be moving into his house. Johnny was furious and yelled that marriage was supposed to be between two people who loved each other. Claudia just laughed and said marriage wasn't about love for her. Claudia wasn't the romantic type, and it was just a business deal. He thought it would be very risky for Claudia to be living under the same roof as Sonny, especially if he found out Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. Claudia had every intention of making sure Sonny never found out about her role in the shooting. Johnny thought perhaps Claudia was just trying to get her father's approval, but she disagreed. Claudia said she was doing everything for Johnny. Marrying Sonny would strengthen the organization for Johnny when he was ready to take over.

Anthony called Johnny and Claudia, and asked them to come see him. As soon as they arrived, Anthony confirmed that Sonny had agreed to marry Claudia. It had been clear to Anthony that Sonny still wasn't sure of his decision, and he wanted Claudia to go to Sonny's house that night. It was Claudia's job to do whatever was necessary to make sure Sonny didn't change his mind.

Jax showed up at Wyndemere and goaded Nikolas by telling him all the plans he had for turning Spoon Island into a spa. The two men bickered until Carly showed up and tried to put an end to all the nonsense. Once Jax was gone, Carly tried to explain Jax's actions to Nikolas. It had been a very hard year for Jax after Carly had miscarried their child and Michael had been shot. It had devastated Jax when Carly turned to Sonny instead of Jax after the shooting. Carly always seemed to be sucked back into Sonny's world. Nikolas understood the tragedies Carly and Jax had faced throughout the past year, but he didn't feel it was an excuse for Jax's actions. Jax was the man who lied to Nikolas about Spencer's paternity while he claimed to be the baby's father. Nikolas also was no stranger to tragedy.

Jax came back into Wyndemere while Carly was still there, and told Nikolas that surveyors would be coming to the island the next day. Jax had told the workers that Nikolas would cooperate fully with them, but Nikolas assured him that he would not cooperate at all. Carly offered a deal to get both men what they wanted. She thought everything would work itself out if Nikolas sold his share of the Metro Court hotel back to Carly and Jax sold Spoon Island back to Nikolas. Jax wasn't interested in making peace, though.

As Tracy poured herself a drink, Alan made his ghostly appearance and told her alcohol wouldn't ease a broken heart. Edward, Monica, Alice, and Lulu soon piled into the family room where they all took turns asking about Luke's return. Lulu was anxious to get some DVDs for her father to watch, while Monica asked Tracy to make sure her bickering with Luke was kept to a minimum when he returned. Tracy announced that Luke would not be returning to the Quartermaine mansion, but Luke suddenly appeared and disagreed.

Alice gave Luke a massage in the middle of the family room while the family gathered around and talked. Tracy remained adamant about kicking Luke out, but Monica and Edward gave her trouble. Lulu stood up for her stepmother, much to Tracy's relief. She told Lulu that the young girl would always be welcome in the Quartermaine mansion, even if Luke no longer lived there. Monica took offense to that statement, since Monica was the true owner of the house. However, Monica agreed that Lulu could stay there as long as she wanted. Luke asked for a moment alone with Tracy, so everyone abided by his wishes and left. Luke told his wife that he wouldn't allow her to give him up. He loved Laura because she was the mother of his children, but he loved Tracy as his wife. Laura was his past, but Tracy was his future. Tracy, however, wasn't impressed with his speech. She told him she was a fool to believe in him and he should go try to win Laura back, not her.

Lulu arrived at Jake's as Johnny and Coleman were talking. Johnny was warning Coleman that all things "mob" were about to change. Lulu was full of excitement and rambled on to Johnny about her morning with the Quartermaine family. She knew he wasn't paying any attention when she mentioned lots of wild sex, and Johnny didn't even turn to look her way. Lulu asked what had him so distracted and he told her about Claudia and Sonny's wedded future. Lulu knew he was feeling guilty about the whole situation, since Claudia was claiming to be marrying Sonny for Johnny's benefit.

Back at Sonny's house, Milo told Max that their father was planning another visit to Port Charles in the near future. Milo couldn't keep a straight face, though, even after Max yelled at him and told him it wasn't funny. Sonny soon came home and asked to speak with Max. He told his bodyguard that he would be marrying Claudia Zacchara and taking over the Zacchara organization. Max didn't think that was a good idea, but Sonny said he needed to get inside the organization in order to find out who shot Kate. Karpov had denied shooting Kate, even in his dying breath. Sonny wasn't sure who shot Kate, but he felt he could get more information from the inside of the Zacchara organization. He wouldn't be played, though. Sonny intended to play the Zacchara family.

Later, Claudia showed up and told Sonny there was one little problem with them getting married. He still hadn't asked her to marry him. Sonny said he had suspected she would come asking for a proper proposal and engagement ring. He threw a ring box at her and asked her from across the room if she would marry him. Meanwhile, Olivia watched from outside on the patio.

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