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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 22, 2008 on GH
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Robin asked Robert to walk her down the aisle, but he said no. Robert said that it was really Mac's place to do it, because he had been a better father to Robin. Robin said that Mac had done it at her first wedding and would not mind if Robert did it at this wedding.

Robin said that Robert was her father and since he was in remission, she wanted him to walk her down the aisle. Robert said he would do it if Mac agreed. Then Robert told Robin that he needed some air and left the apartment.

On the docks, Sasha was about to tell Jason where to find Sam when a sniper shot her. Jason held her and demanded that she tell him where to find Sam. With her dying breath, Sasha said the words, "white rock." Jason quickly left Sasha and the crime scene.

Sam was cold and hurt, and she fell asleep and dreamed that she had stopped Jake's kidnapper when he was taken from the park, instead of standing by and saying nothing. A tear fell on her cheek as she slept.

Sam was startled awake. She forced herself to get up. She tried to hobble around the pit she was in, but fell to the ground instead.

Sonny, Carly, and Morgan shared a lovely interlude at Carly's house. Sonny told Morgan that Michael wanted Morgan to have fun and have a wonderful Christmas. He said that even though Michael's body was sleeping, his spirit was there watching over Morgan. Sonny told Morgan that Michael was his very own Christmas angel.

Carly had tears in her eyes as she listened. She sent Morgan upstairs and told Sonny that Morgan needed him, and she hoped that there would be healing. Sonny was encouraged and wanted to know if she was relenting and letting him see Michael because it was Christmas, or if she planned to let Sonny see Morgan on a regular basis.

Carly was torn, but ultimately admitted that Morgan needed Sonny in his life. She told Sonny that he had to keep Morgan safe and could not let anything happen to their child. Sonny agreed with her, and said that the safety of his loved ones was the reason he had rejoined the mob.

When Morgan came back downstairs, he had made a Christmas angel that he and Sonny hung on the tree. As Sonny held Morgan on his knee, Morgan told Sonny and Carly that Michael was looking down on them and helping them have a happy Christmas.

At Sonny's house, Jerry taunted Claudia from the grave. She watched a video made by Jerry. He let her know that there was evidence hidden in Sonny's house that would connect her to Michael's shooting. He said, "The first DVD is hidden in the window to your soul."

Claudia was frantically searching around the windows when Ric barged in. He wanted to know what Claudia was doing. She said she was searching for a broken Christmas ornament. Ric was still suspicious when he found the ornament by the desk. He wanted to know why the ornament was so important. Claudia said she was trying to win Sonny's trust.

Ric spotted the cover for the DVD that Jerry had sent Claudia and started asking questions. Claudia distracted him by taking him to her bed. Ric seemed sincere when he offered to help Claudia with what was troubling her, but she said what she wanted was him.

After they made love, Ric told Claudia that Sonny was very unforgiving to those who betrayed him. Claudia said that she was already gaining Sonny's trust and that she would not be leaving Sonny's place anytime soon.

Spinelli was on the phone frantically trying to locate Jason, when Jason arrived at the penthouse. He informed Spinelli that Sasha had been killed in an ambush and asked him to make an untraceable call to 9-1-1. As soon as that was done, Spinelli began a search for the words "white rock," he found several matches, but a quarry outside of town seemed most promising. Jason and Spinelli left to check things out.

Kate ran into Jax at the hotel. She invited him to spend Christmas with her, but he told her that he intended to spend it with his mother, Lady Jane, who was suffering the loss of Jerry more that she was letting on.

Luke was on the phone talking to his Cuban cigar connection when he stumbled across Sasha. Robert showed up a few minutes later. They talked about old times and were about to leave when the police showed up and handcuffed them both.

Mac arrived on the scene just as Robert and Luke were being taken to the station. He vouched for them and accepted their explanation for being at the crime scene. Luke took his leave when he heard that his Cuban cigar connection had been busted at the free clinic.

Mac was overjoyed to hear that Robert was in remission. When Robert told Mac that Robin wanted him to walk her down the aisle, Mac thought it a very good idea. Robert tried to cede the job to Mac, but Mac did not take no for an answer. Mac said that Robert could either walk Robin down the aisle or he could spend Christmas in jail. Robert opted to walk Robin down the aisle.

Anna and Patrick got back to Robin's apartment with food and drink. When Robin told Anna that Robert had left abruptly, she told her not to fret, and was confident that Robert would be back. While Patrick tended Emma, Robin asked Anna to be her matron of honor. Anna was overwhelmed. Robin said that when she had nearly died, she remembered Anna telling her to take her strength. Robin told Anna that she really wanted to share her wedding day with her mom.

Jason found Sam in the quarry just in time. He leaped into the pit and woke her up. Spinelli came prepared with a thermal blanket for Sam. As Spinelli waited for the EMTs, Jason tried to keep Sam awake. Jason told Sam to keep talking. Sam told him about her vision and how much she regretted letting Jake be kidnapped from the park. She was crying as she told Jason how sorry she was.

Robert, Patrick, Robin, Anna, and Mac shared a meal and toasted family. Robin summed up the meaning of family as she told each of them how much they meant to her and how grateful she was to have family around her so that they could share Christmas together.

Sonny was in a good mood when he arrived home. Claudia was ready to apologize for the tree, but Sonny stopped her and thanked her for repairing the ornament that he had broken. Claudia was surprised by Sonny's suddenly playful mood.

Carly and Morgan caught up with Jax before he left the hotel so that Morgan could give Jax his Christmas present. Jax seemed thrilled to see them. When Morgan pointed out that Carly and Jax were standing under the mistletoe, Jax planted a long, passionate kiss on Carly.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As Santa was fumbling around with the PDA Mrs. Claus had given him, Spinelli walked in and threatened the intruder with kung fu. Santa told Spinelli he knew the young man didn't know kung fu and asked for his help with the electronic gadget. Spinelli was thrilled to see the reindeer on the roof of the Metro Court hotel but asked where Rudolph was, since he didn't see a red nose. Santa said he didn't need Rudolph's help because it was a clear night, but he hoped it was okay that he took a few carrots for the rest of the reindeer. Spinelli said an extensive amount of data had been lost so Santa said he would come back at 11:59p.m. for the PDA. Part of the lost data was the Port Charles residents' wish list. It was Spinelli's job to find out what everyone in Port Charles wanted for Christmas. If Spinelli could fix the PDA, Santa said there might be something extra in his stocking.

Spinelli went to answer a knock at the door and was thrilled to see Maxie. He brought her to see Santa, but the jolly man was gone except for his coat. Maxie didn't believe Santa had been there, but decided to accompany Spinelli on his rounds.

Lulu walked into Lucky's and wished him a merry Christmas Eve. Johnny was working, so Lulu decided to keep her brother company since Liz had the boys. It wasn't long before Nikolas and Luke showed up and decided to order pizza. Luke asked where Lucky's Christmas tree was, and Lucky explained he hadn't gotten around to getting one. Lulu said they could go to the tree lot where Johnny was working, but Luke surprised them with news of a tree. A truck had driven past outside and a tree fell off and rolled right up to the door just as Luke had arrived. Nikolas brought the tree in without much help from the rest of the family.

Lulu was pleasantly surprised to answer a knock at the door and find Spinelli and Maxie there to deliver Christmas tidings. Spinelli gave a strange key to Lulu and told her that Father Christmas worked in mysterious ways. Lulu thought Spinelli was acting stranger than usual, but went back to decorating the tree after Spinelli and Maxie had left. Luke talked about his first Christmas with Laura and how she had batted her eyes and convinced a store owner to give her an angel tree topper for free. Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas looked everywhere for that angel to put on their own tree. Lucky brought down all the Christmas boxes and the angel wasn't in any of them. The last box felt empty and it was locked. Lulu gave it a chance and tried Spinelli's key in the lock. The box sprung open and revealed the angel. Suddenly, the phone rang and it was Laura. Luke talked to her first, and then everyone wished her a merry Christmas.

Patrick walked in the door with eggnog lattes just as Robin was having a meltdown. The house was a mess, the tree was half-decorated, and Robin was sure Patrick had forgotten to pick up the dessert. Patrick offered to go pick it up then, but the shop had already closed. Patrick noticed Robin was searching for something and asked if he could help. Robin couldn't find the necklace her mother had given her on her wedding day. It was the same necklace Robin's grandmother had given Anna on her wedding day. Before long, Anna and Robert showed up and Anna mentioned how beautiful Grandmother Filomena's necklace would look on Robin with her blouse. Robin brushed the comment off, because she didn't want her mother to know she had lost the necklace.

Robert and Anna decided they should start with dessert first, since the past year had taught them to go with the sweet stuff first. Robin was getting ready to tell them they didn't have any dessert when there was a knock at the door. It was Spinelli and Maxie asking for Christmas wishes. Robin said they already had everything they could wish for. Spinelli offered up a gift anyway before leaving. Everyone was shocked to open the gift and find cookies. Everyone except Anna was hesitant to eat something from Spinelli, but Anna took a bite and was in awe. Robert was next to try the cookies, and they insisted Robin try them. Patrick wasn't very happy about Robin trying something edible from Spinelli, but Anna and Robert insisted they wouldn't let their daughter do something that would hurt her. Robin took a bite and couldn't believe the cookies were the exact same cookies her grandmother used to make for Christmas. Grandma Filomena had promised to give Robin the recipe, but had died before giving it to her granddaughter. There was another surprise, though. Patrick found the necklace Robin had lost.

Edward, Monica, and Tracy had all decided to have a miserable Christmas, but Alice was doing her best to get them all in the Christmas spirit. Tracy and Monica had each decided not to go to the hospital Christmas party to avoid each other and ended up together at home. Edward reminded them about Lila loving the holidays and how Emily used to help her decorate the Christmas tree. They couldn't bear to celebrate the holidays without Emily and Lila. Alice tried to convince them to have a Christmas dinner, but they were all reluctant to celebrate at all. Alan made his presence known to Tracy and asked her to tell Monica he loved her. Tracy told him to tell her himself. The arguments were halted when Spinelli and Maxie showed up. He had a gift, but he wasn't sure whom it was for. Tracy and Edward decided to go to the Christmas party, so Spinelli decided the gift must be for Monica. She wasn't in the mood for a gift, though, so Spinelli put it under the tree. Alan talked to Monica about a pair of glasses he said she had needed because Monica only saw what she wanted to see. Monica put the glasses on, and suddenly she could see Alan. She wasn't sure if he was a ghost or if she was finally going crazy, but she didn't care. They bickered back and forth just like old times, and Monica couldn't believe how much she had missed her husband.

Diane was looking forward to spending Christmas Eve at Max's house, cuddled up with her beau, singing Christmas carols, and roasting chestnuts. Just as Max arrived, Diane thought she had seen something strange on top of the Metro Court hotel. When Max showed up, he delivered bad news by saying they would have to move their festive activities to the Metro Court hotel. Sonny had business associates in town that needed a place to stay, so Max had been run out of his own home. Diane was upset and stormed off, thinking Max didn't want to spend Christmas with her.

Diane met up with Bernie and ranted and raved about Max destroying their Christmas plans. Bernie did his best to keep up with Diane's ramblings. He tried to tell her about Chanukah and the meaning of the holiday. Bernie reminded her that he was a widower and had no one to spend the holidays with. Everyone in his family would light their menorah candles, though, as a way of being together.

Maxie and Spinelli ran into Max, and he asked desperately for Maxie's help with Diane. Max explained the situation, and Maxie said Christmas wasn't about a specific place. It was about whom you were spending it with. Maxie explained that Diane just needed to know Max wanted to be with her. With that, Spinelli revealed a pawn ticket for Max.

Next, Spinelli and Maxie headed over to see Bernie and Diane. Spinelli handed a phone to Diane and told her to call Max. With Max on the other end, Diane told him to stay put. She was coming to him to spend the evening with him. When she arrived, Max handed her the snow globe he had gotten from the pawnshop. He had also planned an outdoor picnic for just the two of them. Diane was thrilled. Meanwhile, Bernie was still reeling over Diane's actions. He couldn't believe how she could be hard as nails one minute and then totally soft over a bodyguard. As Spinelli and Maxie left, Bernie lit his menorah candles and recited his Hebrew blessings.

Spinelli and Maxie sang "Jingle Bells" as they returned from their Christmas quest. Maxie was stunned to see Santa as he thanked her for helping Spinelli. Spinelli was distraught because he didn't find out what everyone wanted, but Santa reminded him that he didn't need a PDA to know what everyone wanted for Christmas. Spinelli was confused and asked what the true meaning of his mission was. Santa revealed that it took a very special person, one who was generous and good and true, to see into people's hearts. Spinelli handed back the PDA and asked if they could snap a picture together. Santa agreed and they all said "Gingerbread" as the picture snapped. After Santa was gone, Maxie left to see Mac at the police station.

The next morning, Maxie awoke and called Spinelli to tell her about her strange dream. She had received a gift and opened it, which prompted the call to Spinelli. Maxie told her good friend to open his gift. They had both received the picture of themselves with Santa from the previous night. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Due to the Christmas Eve holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup featured encore presentations of some recent memorable episodes.

General Hospital featured the Emmy-winning episode in which Luke underwent heart surgery and experienced his version of heaven. The episode originally aired December 24, 2007.

There will be no new programming on Thursday, December 25. Regular programming will resume on December 26, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday schedule.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of your favorite ABC Daytime soaps -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital were not shown.

Regular programming will resume on December 26, 2008, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday pre-emption.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Patrick tried to talk to Emma about their important day, but Maxie knocked on the door and interrupted them. She rushed Patrick back to his own apartment and told him the hospital staff had strict orders to turn him away at the door if he tried to show up at work. Robin came out of her room after Patrick had left and Maxie explained she didn't want anything going wrong during the second attempt at a wedding. Maxie continued to freak out when Robin started to put nuts on her waffles, thinking Robin was allergic. Robin calmed her down and assured her that she was not allergic to nuts. She tried to reassure her cousin that the wedding would go off without a hitch, but Maxie reminded her of everything that had happened last time. Robin said Maxie didn't need to worry about Emma causing trouble the second time around, because a nurse was coming to watch the little girl.

There was soon a knock at the door, but it was Mac, not the nurse, who had arrived. Since Mac wasn't walking Robin down the aisle, he would be her personal chauffer. That idea brightened Maxie's day and she tried to convince Mac to use the sirens and lights to escort the bride to the church. After Maxie had gone, Mac remembered when Robin had told him she was HIV-positive. Making that day all the more special was the fact that Mac had worried he would never see Robin get married after her diagnosis.

When Sam awoke, the first name she uttered was Jason, but it was Lucky walking into her room at that moment. Lucky told her that hypothermia had been everyone's main concern with Sam and her hip was fine. Jason knew enough to keep Sam's temperature from dropping any lower while they had waited for the ambulance. Sam started to apologize about calling him Jason and said he had been the last person she saw before she passed out. Lucky said he was more concerned about why she kept getting herself into positions where she needed saving. Sam said Sasha had been instrumental in Jake's kidnapping and had tried to kill Sam more than once. Sam wasn't going to wait around for Sasha to strike again. Lucky couldn't understand why Sam hadn't trusted him enough to tell him what was going on, but Sam said she knew what he would have said. Lucky sarcastically said he understood why she wouldn't keep going to someone who never said what she wanted to hear, and he walked out.

Spinelli woke up and was relieved Jason was back, safe and sound. Jason told him the war was over and the Russians were leaving town. Spinelli asked if that meant Sonny and Jason would reconcile, but Jason avoided answering the question. Spinelli commended Jason on the carefully placed explosions from the previous night that were causing all the Russians to leave town. Spinelli started to leave to get ready for the Scorpio/Drake wedding, and Jason said he would not be attending the second round. He didn't want to bring any violence to Robin on her wedding day. Spinelli understood and said he would bring Jason's good wishes to Robin. As Spinelli was going upstairs, he turned to ask Jason again about reconciliation with Sonny. Jason said he wanted peace with Sonny, but he wasn't sure if it was still possible.

Maxie arrived at Jason's penthouse to pick Spinelli up for the wedding and Jason let her in. He asked if everything was going okay, and Maxie said the odds were already stacked against Patrick and Robin with all the mob influence in their town. Spinelli came downstairs to hear Maxie ranting and raving and asked why she was in such a tizzy. Maxie said history always repeated itself, so she was sure something would go wrong. Spinelli said the potential for violence had been greatly reduced, and the national weather service predicted beautiful weather. Maxie suggested a power outage might destroy the wedding, but Spinelli promised to personally monitor the power grid just as the lights flickered. Spinelli rushed to calm a frantic Maxie down as they headed to the church.

Claudia heard Sonny saying they would be landing a shipment on one of Jason's piers and told him he was asking for trouble. Sonny said Jason was too focused on the Russians and by the time he realized what was happening, Sonny would have a foothold. Claudia said Sonny was taking a risk that Jason wouldn't retaliate, but Sonny said Jason wouldn't do anything for a while. Sonny, though, was going to get ready to go to the church for Robin's wedding. Claudia couldn't believe Sonny would go to the wedding, considering his past bad experiences with weddings at that certain church.

Sonny asked why Claudia cared and wondered aloud if she was keeping track of his movements. Claudia said Sonny was being paranoid and imagining things. Sonny asked if he was also imagining Claudia's strange activity with her laptop. He wanted to know what she was hiding. Claudia lied and said she had to sneak around because of his insistence that they not have sex. Claudia had needs and Sonny wasn't fulfilling them. Sonny just couldn't believe she was having sex with his brother. Claudia laughed and said Ric desperately wanted to swim with the sharks. Liz Webber had really done a number on Ric, and he still believed in true love and love at first sight. Sonny also believed in love and started to explain about the kind of love Robin and Stone had for each other. Suddenly, he realized it was no use and decided to go see Robin at the church.

Robin was embarrassed with her "lights and sirens" arrival at the church, but she arrived safely and on time for her wedding. Anna was already there and ready for some private time with her daughter while they did makeup. They laughed about Emma being pushy, just like they were. Meanwhile, Mac found Robert pacing in the chapel. He realized Robert was panicking over giving his little girl up. Robert thanked Mac for taking care of Robin when he wasn't around, but Mac turned around and thanked Robert for entrusting his little girl to him.

Sonny walked into the church and found Patrick just outside the chapel. Patrick said he couldn't wait to marry Robin, and Sonny said he wished he could witness it. Given the circumstances, Sonny felt it would be best if he didn't make a public appearance. He didn't want to put Robin in any more danger. Sonny said he realized Patrick knew about Robin's past and how she had been hurt before. He wanted to make sure Patrick knew the leap of faith Robin was taking by making a commitment to him. Patrick said he was honored Robin was making that leap of faith with him. He would do whatever was necessary to give Robin everything she deserved.

Robert walked into the chapel a little later on and found Patrick. They decided it was time for the father-in-law/son-in-law talk. Robert asked Patrick what he wanted to hear from Emma's husband on the day of their wedding. Patrick said he would want to hear how blessed the man was and that he was committed to making the marriage work, despite each other's flaws. He wanted to hear that the man would never intentionally hurt Patrick's little girl and he would promise to value her, honor her, and love her. He acknowledged that relationships take work, and Patrick wanted to hear that his future son-in-law would never take his daughter for granted, and their love would grow more every year. Robert decided Patrick was fit for his little girl and gave his blessing.

Anna knocked and walked back into the room where Robin was getting ready. Anna couldn't believe how beautiful her daughter looked, and Robin warned her mother not to make her cry. Anna discovered she had left her gift in the car and left to get it. While she was gone, Robin remembered showing Stone the mantilla her mother had worn when she married Robert. Robin had always imaged herself wearing it for her own wedding. In her memory, Stone put the mantilla on her head and told her she would make a lovely bride. Tears streamed down Robin's face until she was brought back to reality by a knock at the door. It was Sonny, and he was there to give Robin his best wishes. Robin said she was just thinking about Stone and how he had wanted Robin to find love again. Stone's dying wish had come true and Robin had found love again. Robin thanked Sonny for his support. When Stone had died, Robin wouldn't have been able to pull through without Sonny. Jason was also instrumental, though, as Sonny pointed out. Robin said she was blessed to have both men in her life.

Meanwhile, Claudia was re-watching Jerry's DVD. She couldn't figure out the riddle about the window to her soul. She looked behind a picture frame and was standing on the fireplace hearth when Jason walked in and asked what she was doing. Claudia immediately became defensive and asked if Jason were there for a pre-emptive strike. She asked if he was trying to break into the house, but Jason said he always looked into a room before he entered. He asked why she was acting so weird. Claudia was saved when Sonny came home and both he and Jason realized they had stayed away from Robin's wedding for the same reason. Jason told Sonny about his strike against the Russians. Sonny wouldn't need the Zacchara family anymore, and Jason wanted Sonny to end the alliance.

As Alexis brought her daughter home from the hospital, Sam told her about her strange dreams when she was suffering from hypothermia. Sam had dreamt Alexis was there urging her to live. She thanked Alexis, even thought it had been a dream. Alexis was happy her daughter was okay. When they opened the door, Lucky was sitting on the couch. Alexis asked what was going on between the two of them, and Sam admitted they had not really broken up. Suddenly, everything made sense about Sam's involvement with the drug shipments and Jerry. After Alexis left, Sam asked Lucky what the status of their relationship was. They were briefly interrupted when Lucky talked on the phone to Cameron about Christmas. Once he finished up, though, Lucky said he wanted to get back to the place where he and Sam could trust each other. Sam said she wanted the same.

Matt showed up late and frantic at the church. Patrick calmed him down and explained that no one had arrived yet. Matt said a patient had come in at the last minute and Patrick sidetracked him by asking about the patient. Matt couldn't believe that Patrick was so calm. Patrick said he was madly in love with Robin and he wasn't giving anything up. His heart would do a little dance every time he got a voicemail or text message from Robin. Every time he looked at Emma, his heart filled. The wedding was a public acknowledgement for Robin, but he already knew he would be with Robin forever.

Luke walked into the church and found Robert looking a little seasick. He couldn't believe something like a wedding would cause Robert so much grief, but Robert told Luke he would understand when his own little girl was walking down the aisle. Anna walked in just as Luke was leaving and asked if Robert had run him out. Robert said that Luke had just seen into the future. Robert had also seen Patrick earlier, but he assured Anna he had not run the groom off.

Anna said Patrick had surprised them, and probably even himself, with how much he had grown recently. Watching Patrick with Emma made Anna regret her decision to keep Robin apart from Robert during her first six years. Robert said it was water under the bridge, but Anna said it was her bridge. They both agreed they had a wonderful daughter that they didn't deserve. Maxie suddenly walked in and asked what they were doing sitting there when a catastrophe was about to occur. They asked what had happened and were stunned when she said nothing. Spinelli tried to calm her down and tell her that perhaps her instincts were wrong, but Maxie tried to convince Spinelli to pat everyone down as they entered the church. She was also worried about Carly's interference, but Spinelli had hacked into Carly's PDA and discovered she would be tied up in business meetings all day.

Edward, Epiphany, Lainey, and Kelly all arrived at the church for the wedding. Epiphany said she was grateful the wedding would put an end to the drama of the Scorpio/Drake courtship, but Lainey said she had enjoyed the front row seat.

As Robert prepared to knock on Robin's door, he remembered seeing her for the first time. When he finally entered her room, he couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Anna walked down the aisle first and finally, it was Robin's turn. Everyone turned to watch as Robin gracefully approached and stood next to Patrick.

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