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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 9, 2009 on GH
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Monday, February 9, 2009

In one part of General Hospital, Nikolas saw Rebecca Shaw.

In another, Trevor told Claudia that everything was working out to his advantage. He expected that he and Johnny would be the last two standing after Sonny killed Anthony and the poison killed her. He gloated as he showed Claudia the missing vial of poison that he called his free pass. Before he could hide the vial, Carly walked in caught him.

In the chapel, Sonny held a gun on Anthony, and Jason held a gun on Sonny. Jason begged Sonny not to shoot Anthony. He said that Spinelli was an innocent and did not deserve to suffer. Sonny fired a shot in the wall, but heeded Jason's request and hit Anthony in the head with his gun instead.

Johnny, Maxie, Robin, and Emma arrived outside the hospital. Jax was there and told them about the quarantine.

Spinelli and Winnifred were in the OR watching the clean-up team, who were preparing to transport the deadly poison, when Spinelli noticed something amiss. He shouted out a warning, but it was too late. He barely had time to guide Winnifred out of the OR before it exploded in flames.

Winnifred and Spinelli were unhurt. After they removed their hazmat suits Winnifred told Spinelli how impressed she was by his quick thinking and fast action. Spinelli was modest. They shared a heartfelt moment before heading out to help evacuate the hospital.

Before Nikolas could speak to Rebecca Shaw, the ceiling collapsed in flames and burning debris separated them. Nikolas told Rebecca to head away from the flames and she did.

Lucky was in the lobby with Epiphany when the explosion occurred. She told him she needed his help to evacuate the hospital. He said he would be back as soon as he checked on Liz.

Sam ran into Lulu. Both were looking for Spinelli. Thy teamed up and started searching for anyone trapped in the smoke.

After the explosion, Carly tried to make Trevor see reason and hand over the biotoxin, but Trevor was completely caught up in his own schemes. He lauded it over Claudia when he poured out his venom and hate for her and wished her endless torment and agony. Carly was sympathetic to Claudia's plight. She told Claudia that Trevor was deranged, and Claudia agreed.

Sonny and Jason heard the explosion and decided to help out. Sonny told Jason that Anthony was Jason's responsibility. Jason took Anthony to a vacant hospital bed and strapped him down. Anthony feared for his life, but Jason said he would be back for Anthony after he had helped with the evacuation. Anthony laughed at the irony that he was under Jason's protection.

After the explosion, Jax and Rayner went head-to-head in the police trailer with Robin, Johnny, Maxie, and Emma standing by. Jax told Rayner he was going in for Carly, whether Rayner liked it or not. Robin wanted to talk to Patrick, who called Rayner to report the OR explosion.

Rayner did not mention that Robin was there, and Patrick hung up to go try to keep the fire from spreading to the room that held the oxygen tanks.

Maxie wanted Robin to take Emma to Mercy, but Robin insisted that she was needed at GH, and she sent Johnny and Maxie to the hospital with Emma.

At the bar, Luke played pool with Ethan in an attempt to draw him out and find his real motive for being in Port Charles and coming to Luke. Ethan owed Luke $500.00, and Luke told him to pay up or play the game perfectly. After Ethan successfully ran the table five times and matched Luke's drinks shot for shot, he told Luke that he had come to Port Charles because he had known Holly in Australia and she had spoken fondly of the place.

When Luke took his turn at the table, Ethan turned away and took a rumpled, blurry picture out of his pocket that might have been Robert, Luke, or any number of Port Charles residents.

Luke remained suspicious of Ethan, and when he caught Ethan tossing his drink into a pitcher of beer, and then pretending to down it, he tacked another hundred on to Ethan's bill. Ethan lost his temper and Luke told him that if he wanted to be good at the con, he had to remember to never let the mark see him sweat.

Sam and Lulu met up with Jason, who told them what he knew. They kept looking for survivors while investigating the path of the fire.

Nikolas found Patrick, who pressed him into service with a fire extinguisher. Patrick hoped to put it out or at least prevent it from reaching the stored oxygen tanks. Despite a valiant effort, they were forced to retreat.

Olivia was with Kate, but worried about what was going on. Kate insisted that Olivia also look for the DVD she wanted to deliver to Sonny. Olivia was nonplussed by Kate's obsession for the DVD, but Kate refused to share the reason she wanted it to go to Sonny. Olivia left Kate and went looking for answers about the crisis.

On the way to Mercy in Johnny's car, Maxie was glad when Emma stopped crying. She told Johnny that she really did not want to be a mother. Johnny told her she would be a good one, but Maxie said she was too selfish.

Liz noticed the smoke and was struggling to get up when Rebecca entered her room. Liz was stunned. Rebecca told her to remain calm and she would get help. Liz was speechless when Rebecca left.

Epiphany would not let Jax into the hospital, so he threw a chair through the door. Several patients exited. Epiphany threw up her hands and returned to the evacuation. Jax went in search of Carly.

Sonny found Carly outside Claudia's room. She told him that Trevor had the poison. Sonny went looking for Trevor.

Trevor found Anthony strapped to the bed where Jason had left him. Trevor taunted Anthony and ignored his plea to be untied. Trevor let Anthony know how much he despised him, then left him alone.

Sam, Jason, Winnifred, Spinelli, and Lulu were studying the hospital evacuation plans when Nikolas and Patrick arrived. The group looked to Patrick, who gave instruction to start evacuating patients. Sam and Jason left to make sure that the west stairwell was clear.

Lucky and Jax met in the stairwell, but it was blocked above. They headed out together to find Liz and Carly.

Sonny caught up with Trevor, but Trevor dared Sonny to shoot him before he could release the deadly poison. Sonny hesitated and Trevor walked away.

Jason and Sam checked the west stairwell and found it completely filled with smoke.

Rebecca was trapped in the smoke and took several wrong turns that brought her directly into the path of the fire.

At Mercy, Johnny used his Zacchara clout to get preferential treatment when it appeared that Emma would have to wait a long time to be seen by a doctor. When Johnny apologized, Maxie said she did not mind and, in fact, he could feel free to do it any time for her.

The doctor was very abrupt and treated Maxie scornfully as he asked questions about Emma and her exposure to the elements. When he took Emma away for tests, Maxie became increasingly concerned about Robin's behavior toward Emma. Maxie said that if anything bad happened to Emma, Robin would blame herself, and Maxie said she would blame Robin, too.

When the doctor came back, he told Johnny and Maxie that Emma had pneumonia.

Amid the chaos, Robin and Patrick managed to connect on the phone. He wanted to know about Emma. Robin was blasé when she told him that she had sent Emma with Johnny and Maxie so that she could help with the evacuation. She hung up before Patrick could say more.

Sonny found Anthony. Anthony wanted to be cut loose, but Sonny told him that either Jason would come for him or he would fry in the fire.

After Robin and Epiphany wheeled patients out of the hospital, Robin was ready to return for more, but Epiphany told her that she had done enough, and ordered her to go to Mercy to be with her sick child.

Spinelli and Winnifred found Carly with Claudia. They asked Carly to evacuate Claudia. She agreed. Claudia told Carly to leave her and save herself. Carly aid that Claudia had been injured because she had attended Carly's benefit. She told Claudia that they would make it out together. Claudia made it to the wheelchair and Carly pushed her out of the room.

Olivia got the scoop from Patrick and hurried back to Kate so that they could evacuate the hospital together.

Nikolas rushed into Liz's room. She tried to tell him about Rebecca, but he was too busy trying to get her to safety to listen.

Sonny caught up to Trevor just as he reached the edge of the fire. He threatened Sonny with exposure to the poison again, but Sonny said that fire would destroy the poison. He told Trevor that if he shot him between the eyes, Trevor would fall backwards into the flame and the toxin would be destroyed.

Trevor laughed, Sonny fired, the oxygen tanks exploded and Trevor fell backwards. The explosion also felled Sonny, who lay unconscious next to flaming pieces of walls and flooring. flooring.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jason and Sonny met up in a hallway, and Jason asked what had happened to Trevor. Sonny said there had been an explosion and he hoped Trevor was dead. Sam approached them just as Sonny told Jason to go look for Anthony. Sonny left, and Sam told Jason that it appeared as if Sonny and Jason were on the same page again.

Carly pushed Claudia through the hallways while looking for a way out of the hospital. They were unknowingly behind Olivia and Kate, who were also searching for an escape route. Kate was still trying to convince Olivia to go back and look for the missing DVD. The two sets of women met up in a hallway where a nurse told them to wait by the elevators and someone would come back to help them out. Claudia became agitated and wanted to make sure Carly had a backup plan in case no one came back to rescue them. Kate announced that no one should save Claudia after all she'd done and all she should pay for. Olivia blew up at Kate, and told her to stop her rants about Claudia. Carly laughed at the two cousins bickering, so Kate took her frustration out on Carly by telling her she deserved all the bad things that had happened to her.

Sonny approached the group of his ex-significant others and Olivia mentioned how uncomfortable the situation must be for him. Sonny wanted to help save all the women, but Claudia saw the DVD under a chair and insisted Olivia and Kate be the first to go. Sonny could come back to get Carly and Claudia. As soon as Sonny was gone with the two women from Bensonhurst, Claudia insisted Carly also leave. Claudia said she just wanted Sonny to come rescue her. Carly wasn't sure about it, but left anyway. She crossed paths with Sonny in the hallway, where he warned her that Trevor could still be on the loose. They both warned each other to watch their backs, and left in opposite directions. Meanwhile, Claudia fell on the floor and managed to get the DVD before Sonny rounded the corner and found her. He put her back in the wheelchair and wheeled her over to where he had stashed Kate and Olivia.

Tracy told Lulu to go save herself, because it would be easier for Lulu to get out on her own. Lulu said she wouldn't leave her stepmother, though. It wasn't just for Luke, either. Lulu could never forgive herself if she let anything happen to the best stepmother she ever had.

Meanwhile, Nikolas found Monica and Edward and led them to a safer hallway that wasn't filled with smoke. Edward apologized to Nikolas for trying to convince Emily not to marry him. Edward had been worried about Nikolas' genes, but Nikolas had proven he was a good man. Nikolas offered to stay with Monica while Edward checked on Tracy. While Edward was gone, Nikolas and Monica talked about Emily and how much they missed her. Unknowingly, Nadine listened in as Nikolas told Monica that his love with Emily was once in a lifetime. Edward returned after speaking with Tracy and seeing she was getting back to her normal, agitated self.

Jason continued searching hallways and stumbled upon a girl lying on the floor. He scooped her up just as the fire got worse, and rushed her into a safer area with a gurney. He couldn't stop staring at her when he noticed how much she looked like Emily. He apologized and told her she looked like his sister who had passed away. Sam entered the room and immediately gasped as she saw Emily's look-alike. Jason asked Sam to take care of the woman while he went on his way to rescue more people. Sam introduced herself to the young woman, who said her name was Rebecca Shaw. Sam brought Rebecca around the corner to where Edward and Monica were staying. Edward was speechless, and Monica gasped, "Emily," when she saw the young woman.

Epiphany asked Jax and Lucky to help out wherever they could. Even Robin was helping out while her newborn daughter was at Mercy Hospital with a high fever. Meanwhile, Patrick found Matt trying to help Liz. Patrick wanted his little brother to take it easy, but Matt wasn't about to be pushed back after feeling like the whole tragedy was his fault. Matt told Patrick he could vent to him if Patrick needed to. Patrick finally let loose and said the situation was grim. The only way out appeared to be through the roof, and the blizzard was making a helicopter landing too difficult. Patrick was only worried about Robin and Emma, though, and he explained the situation to Matt.

Meanwhile, Robin worked to evacuate people while a young woman with a newborn baby fretted over taking her baby out in the cold. Robin realized she hadn't worried that much when she took Emma out that night. Epiphany and another nurse headed to the nursery to get more babies for transport, and Robin followed. Epiphany asked Robin to bundle up a little girl in the corner, and Robin had difficulty picking the little girl up. She started to squirm as the newborn girl began to fuss.

Jax walked into the temporary headquarters for the emergency personnel and asked Mac for an update. Mac had spoken with Patrick, who had informed him that a rooftop evacuation was the only way to rescue people above the fifth floor. Mac couldn't risk it, though, because the blizzard was making helicopter flights too dangerous. Jax wouldn't allow all those people to just burn, though. He decided to volunteer to fly his helicopter to the top of the hospital.

Carly walked around another corner and found Winnifred and Spinelli sitting together with their laptops. The two computer nerds had been monitoring the weather reports all night and had established email contact with Mac. Just as Carly approached, Spinelli received word that a volunteer was offering to fly a helicopter to the hospital's roof. That volunteer was Carly's husband, Jax.

Lulu found Liz still having difficulty breathing. Matt was still trying to help her, but Liz asked for a moment alone with Lulu. Liz took the time to ask Lulu for help if she didn't make it out alive. Her boys would be lucky to have the best dad ever to care for them, but Liz knew Lucky would need help. Lulu promised she would help, but she asked Liz to gather the strength to fight. Liz had two wonderful boys to fight for, and she needed to live for them. Lulu left to go check on Tracy. It wasn't long before Lucky burst through the doors and grabbed Liz in his arms.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

While they played pool, Luke gave Ethan pointers on running successful cons. Ethan asked Luke if he had ever been in a situation that had terrified him. Luke recounted an incident involving Robert Scorpio when Luke had faced a firing squad. Luke also revealed that Robert had been married to Holly Sutton at one time. Ethan asked if was possible that Holly had picked up her special con from Robert. Luke dismissed the possibility. He was certain the secret she had shared with Ethan had Spencer written all over it.

Trouble found the pair when an armed man, named Roger, walked into the bar. Ethan's friend, Nina, accompanied him. Roger pointed the gun at Ethan, making it clear that they were his targets. Luke decided to fake a heart attack in an effort to get the two of them out of a dangerous situation. Ethan caught on pretty quickly. Luke kept Roger distracted with his antics while Ethan picked up a bottle that he smashed over Roger's head. Roger collapsed onto the pool table, unconscious. Nina went to check Roger. It turned out that Roger was Sheriff Roger Dault.

Jason and Nikolas were in the stairwell at General Hospital, using extinguishers to put out small batches of fire so that people could make their way to the rooftop. While they worked, Nikolas asked Jason if Rebecca had said anything to him. Jason said that she had asked him why he was staring at her; he thought he might have said something about Emily. At that point, Jason said, Sam came up to ask him to help fight the fire. After the men had the last of the fires out, Jason and Nikolas returned to the floor where people were waiting to be evacuated.

Robin was in an examination room with an infant in her arms. As she rocked the baby, she talked about Emma being at Mercy Hospital. Robin was teary-eyed as she told the baby that Emma was very sick and probably needed her mother. Epiphany walked in to let Robin know that they were ready to transport the baby to another hospital. When Epiphany tried to take the baby from Robin, Robin stopped her. Robin said she was fine, then led the way out of the room still holding the baby.

Maxie and Johnny waited in an exam room with Emma. Maxie was worried about Robin because of her odd behavior. She had no idea why Robin had put Emma in Maxie's care instead of staying with her sick child. Maxie was concerned that she would make the wrong decision on Emma's behalf. When the doctor walked in, he told Maxie and Johnny that their daughter's test results suggested that they had two options available to treat Emma's pneumonia. The doctor reviewed both avenues with them, but Maxie was unable to decide which course to follow.

Dread of making the wrong choice prompted Maxie to reveal to the doctor that they were not Emma's parents. The doctor was not amused. He made it clear that he needed one of Emma's parents to make a decision as soon as possible. Johnny went to find Robin while Maxie stayed behind with Emma. After Johnny left, Maxie prayed for Georgie to watch over Emma.

Nikolas approached Patrick, Sam, and Edward as they hovered over a distraught Monica, who was seated in a wheelchair. Edward explained that Monica had fainted when she saw a woman who bore an uncanny resemblance to Emily. Sam told them that the woman's name was Rebecca Shaw. Monica couldn't get past how much Rebecca looked like Emily. She was convinced that the two had to be related. Nikolas agreed, but he had no idea how; he didn't recall Emily mentioning a sibling. Monica was certain that if there had been a second child, Emily's biological mother would have told Monica.

Nearby, Nadine and Matt quietly talked about Leyla's passing. Matt felt guilty because he had inadvertently released the toxin that took her life.

In another area, close to where Nadine and Matt sat, Liz begged Lucky to take care of the boys if she didn't make it. She wanted Lucky to promise that he would not risk his life to save hers.

Mac was on the phone trying to get answers from Agent Rayner, but had little success. Alexis walked in just as Mac ended the call. She was upset because Jax was attempting to land a helicopter on the hospital's rooftop in the middle of a blizzard. As they were talking, word came over the police radio that the helicopter was out of control. Alexis started for the door, but Mac stopped her when they heard a loud explosion. He warned her that she wouldn't want to see what was out there if the worst had happened to Jax in the crash.

Carly stood on the roof of the hospital, watching in horror as Jax's helicopter crashed. She stared in disbelief when she realized that there weren't any emergency vehicles rushing to his aid. Spinelli was on the rooftop with Carly. He pleaded with her to go back inside. Carly didn't want to, but Spinelli prevailed.

The pair went inside to find Winnifred. Winnifred was frantically typing away on her laptop in an attempt to get a signal so that she could communicate with the outside. Carly refused to believe that Jax had perished in the helicopter, despite what she had seen. Jason soon joined them. When he learned what had happened to Jax's helicopter, Jason took Carly aside to comfort her.

In another area of the hospital, Kate spotted the DVD she had been looking for. It was under Claudia's wheelchair. When she heard Sonny express his appreciation to Claudia for exposing Anthony's role in Kate's shooting on her wedding day, Kate couldn't keep quiet. She called Sonny over, clearly intending to tell him about the DVD. Unfortunately, Sonny didn't give Kate the opportunity to say much. He was determined to find help and walked away. Kate decided to enlist Olivia's help. She told her cousin that she found her DVD, then pointed it out.

Olivia wanted nothing to do with the DVD. Claudia, meanwhile, tried to do her best to keep Kate away from the damaging piece of evidence by accusing Kate of being so desperate to be with Sonny that she'd use any excuse. The three bickered until Olivia stood up and fetched the DVD. Once Olivia had it in her hand, she surprised Kate by telling her that what she was about to do was for Kate's own good. Kate was stunned when Olivia followed that statement up by walking away with the incriminating evidence in her hand.

Sonny and Patrick converged in the hallway were Spinelli, Winnifred, Jason, and Carly were gathered. They discussed their options and decided that they needed to get everyone to the rooftop in the hopes that another rescue attempt would be made. Carly was determined to find Jax, so she slipped away with the intention of making her way to the lobby where the helicopter had crashed. When Jason noticed that she was missing, Sonny and Jason went to find her.

Alexis was thrilled when Jax walked into the temporary shelter where the police were working. She threw herself into Jax's arms, relieved that he had survived the crash. Jax explained that he had jumped out moments before the helicopter exploded. He wanted Mac to give him a police helicopter so that he could make another attempt to land on the hospital roof. Mac refused to consider it; the conditions were much too dangerous. Jax wouldn't back down. He reminded Mac that he was an experienced pilot. He knew where he had gone wrong during the first attempt. Jax was confident that he could land the helicopter if he was given a second opportunity.

When Mac finally capitulated, Alexis spoke up. She pulled rank to deny Jax his request, but Jax eventually changed her mind.

Olivia walked up to a hospital room, opened the door ,then threw the DVD into the burning room. Sonny approached her moments later. When he asked her what she was doing, Olivia told him that she was saving Kate from heartbreak. Sonny had no idea what Olivia was talking about. He dragged her away from the inferno, then told her to get Kate and Claudia to the rooftop for a rescue. When Olivia returned to Kate, Kate was furious when she learned that Olivia had destroyed the DVD.

Patrick returned to the people gathered in the hallway waiting for evacuation. He told everyone that they were to head to the rooftop. Edward turned to Nikolas to plead with him to find Rebecca Shaw.

Nikolas found Rebecca a short time later. She apologized for walking away when Monica had fainted. Rebecca said that she had panicked. Nikolas reassured her that she had nothing to apologize for. He then told her that everyone was headed to the rooftop. Rebecca wanted to know why Nikolas was so eager to help her.

The doctor told Maxie that antibiotics were no longer an option for Emma. He warned Maxie that Emma's condition was dire; he needed one of her parents to authorize treatment as soon as possible.

Robin walked into the temporary police shelter to update Mac on what was going on at the hospital. As she was talking, Johnny walked in. He told her that Emma was in critical condition and that Robin was needed at the hospital. Robin had little reaction to the news. When she didn't follow Johnny, he reminded her that it was urgent. He had to practically drag Robin out of the door with him.

On the rooftop, the patients gathered just as Jax landed the helicopter. Edward helped Monica while Lucky helped Liz. Sam watched as Lucky kissed Liz after she pleaded with him to fly to safety with her. Nearby, Winnifred threw herself into Spinelli's arms. She didn't want to leave the hospital without him.

Inside, Sonny found Carly wandering the hallways looking for a way to the lobby. He told her that they needed to get to the rooftop, but Carly resisted. When they heard a loud groan, they looked up just as the ceiling gave way.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Luke and Ethan sat in jail using packages of crackers as currency to bet on games of "Rock, Paper, Scissors." Much to Luke's annoyance, Ethan was in the lead. Eventually Luke tired of the game so he decided to find a way out of jail. He suggested that Ethan watch and learn, then called out for a deputy. When a deputy named Charlie appeared, Luke went to work. Luke told the deputy that his son, Lucky, was a police officer. Luke also told Charlie that one of his friends was Alexis Davis, the District Attorney. Charlie was impressed. Luke also invited Charlie for a night of gambling on the Haunted Star, compliments of Luke. Charlie asked if the invitation could include his brother. Sensing that he had Charlie on the verge of releasing him, Luke agreed. Charlie smiled then informed Luke that his brother was the sheriff. As Charlie walked away, Ethan chuckled over Luke's failure.

A visit from Ethan's friend, Nina, presented Ethan with a chance to persuade her to help him get out of jail. To gain her cooperation, Ethan told Nina what she wanted to hear; he considered them a couple. Nina immediately offered to distract Charlie so that she could get her hands on the keys to the jail cell. It took a bit longer than anticipated, but in the end, Nina came through. Unfortunately, Charlie figured out what she was up to. He managed to snatch the keys away from Nina before she could open the cell door.

Maxie rocked Emma in her arms in an effort to comfort the crying baby. She was relieved when Robin finally arrived to take over. Robin stared at Emma for a few moments then slowly took her into her arms. Maxie and Johnny watched as Robin cuddled with Emma on an exam bed, gently rocking her. When the doctor came in to talk to Robin about Emma's condition, Maxie and Johnny stepped out of the room.

In the hallway, Johnny updated Maxie about the situation at the hospital. Maxie was upset when she learned that Spinelli remained inside the hospital. Her first instinct was to go to help him, but concern over Emma's illness kept her from acting on it. After the doctor stepped out of the room, Maxie checked on Robin and Emma. Emma rested peacefully in her mother's arms, so Maxie asked if there was anything that Robin needed. Robin asked her cousin to find Patrick and bring him to Mercy Hospital.

After Maxie left, Robin sang a lullaby to Emma then told her daughter about how she had met Patrick. She finished the tale by telling Emma how much Robin and Patrick loved their daughter. A short time later, the doctor returned to check on Emma. The news was good; Emma's condition had taken a turn for the better. The doctor credited the power of a mother's love for the improvement.

On the rooftop, Jax rescued more people from the burning hospital. He was frustrated to learn that Carly had not been located. While Edward, Tracy, and Matt were boarding the helicopter, Patrick assured Jax that they would find Carly.

Nikolas tried to explain to Rebecca why everyone was having a strange reaction to seeing her. Rebecca understood that she bore a resemblance to Emily, and that they were all grieving for Emily, but she didn't see how it concerned her. When she started to walk away, Nikolas stopped her. He told her that it was her business if she was related to Emily. Rebecca seemed to become annoyed by the suggestion. She insisted that she wasn't, but Nikolas didn't believe her. He told Rebecca that she didn't just look like Emily; she was an exact replica of the woman he had loved. Rebecca's discomfort grew; she refused to look when Nikolas offered to show her a picture of Emily. Instead, Rebecca ran off before Nikolas could stop her.

Sam found Jason in a smoke-filled hallway. She tired to get him to go to the rooftop, but Jason refused. He was determined to find Anthony Zacchara, because he was the only bargaining chip Jason had to bargain with the FBI to keep Spinelli safe.

Winnifred updated Mac on the situation at the hospital. She also let him know that she was frustrated that she had been ordered to evacuate. She thought she could have been more useful at the hospital rather than out of it. Mac didn't agree. He said that Agent Rayner needed her at the police station. Before she left, Winnifred asked Mac if he would make every effort to rescue Spinelli from the hospital. He reminded her that there were many people with loved ones at the hospital, but reassured her that he would do his best to see that Spinelli made it out.

Maxie arrived at the temporary police shelter a short time later. She was eager to hear if there had been word from Spinelli. When Mac told her that Spinelli remained inside the hospital, Maxie decided to sneak in to the hospital to find her friend.

Claudia was slowly making her way down the stairwell to the lobby when she bumped into Trevor. Trevor seemed to take delight in tormenting Claudia. He bet her that she wouldn't make it out of the hospital alive. Claudia tried to ignore him, but Trevor was relentless. The more he talked, the more erratic he sounded. He gloated about his prowess in stealing the biotoxin, then waved it under Claudia's nose. Claudia warned Trevor that Sonny would hunt him down if anything happened to her. Trevor laughed at the empty thread. He promised Claudia that Sonny would feel nothing but relief to have the burden of an unwanted wife lifted.

Trevor finally managed to push Claudia's buttons when he told her that Johnny would quickly get over losing his sister, something that Claudia feared deep down inside. Claudia lashed out, but Trevor quickly overpowered her. He knocked her around then threw her down a flight of stairs. Claudia lay in a crumpled heap as Trevor made his way to the rooftop.

On one of the floors of the hospital, Patrick found Lucky, Ric, Olivia, and Lulu gathered. He urged them to head to the rooftop, but Olivia was reluctant to go. Olivia wanted to find Kate first. Patrick told her that she didn't have time. His temper flared as he yelled at everyone. He told them that they were making matters worse, not better, by remaining in the hospital. After Patrick walked off, Ric turned to Lucky to ask him if Trevor had made it out on one of the helicopter flights. When Lucky told him that he hadn't, Ric decided to search for his father.

A short while later, Ric found Trevor in one of the hallways. Trevor had no interest in being rescued by his son. He threw Ric's offer of help back in Ric's face, along with some painful parting comments. Trevor told his son that Sonny had been more loved than Ric ever would be. He advised Ric to get used to that feeling, then took off.

Next, Trevor bumped into Kate as she tried to make her way to safety. Trevor started to help Kate, but Kate said that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She told him that she regretted their past relationship and wanted nothing more to do with him. Trevor insisted that he loved Kate and wanted to share his life with her. Kate was disgusted by the offer; she told him that she was ashamed to have ever been involved with him. When he showed her the biotoxin he had secured, Kate was stunned. Just then, Sam approached them. Trevor told Sam to stay back, then ran off. Sam followed Trevor while Kate remained behind.

A short time later, Jason carried Claudia to a waiting area. Kate was there. She told Jason about her encounter with Trevor and how Sam had followed him when Trevor fled with the biotoxin. Kate warned Jason that Trevor was unstable. When Claudia confirmed Kate's assessment, Jason asked Claudia why she hadn't told him that she'd seen Trevor earlier. Claudia admitted that she had been afraid if she had, Jason would have left her behind so he could find Trevor.

On the rooftop, Jax took another batch of people to safety. Among the rescued were Lucky, Lulu, Olivia, and Ric.

Spinelli had limited success on his laptop. He discovered that the northwest utility closet had hardwire access. Spinelli realized that he could patch his laptop in and connect with the authorities, which would make rescue attempts easier. He didn't want to risk his laptop succumbing to fire, so Spinelli decided to leave it behind while he went to see if the utility closet could be accessed. When Spinelli went into the closet to confirm that it had hardwire access, the worst happened. The door slammed shut, trapping Spinelli inside.

Patrick came upon Spinelli's abandoned laptop.

Nikolas managed to find Rebecca, but she was uncooperative. She wanted Nikolas to stay away from her. While she yelled at him, a fiery wall collapsed on top of her. Nikolas went to help Rebecca. He promised her that he would not let anything happen to her.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rebecca was stuck under a fallen beam, so Nikolas found a piece of debris big enough to use as a wedge so Rebecca could get out. Just as they started to try to escape again, more debris fell and Nikolas was knocked unconscious. Rebecca couldn't get him to wake up, so she grabbed his arms and tried to pull him to safety. Once they were out of the immediate danger zone, Rebecca slapped Nikolas until he woke up. Nikolas thought she was Emily when he first awoke, but Rebecca quickly got him back up to speed and they headed towards the roof to be rescued.

Carly and Sonny had been knocked unconscious from the partial collapse of the ceiling in one of the hospital hallways. Sonny awoke first and managed to wake Carly up. They both climbed out of the rubble and started to walk towards the south stairwell after it appeared to be their only option. As they climbed down, they talked about how when disaster struck, the two of them were always there for each other. Carly thanked her ex husband for helping her.

Jason brought Claudia to where Kate was waiting and left the two women there to be rescued. After Jason was gone, Kate admitted she had seen the DVD from Jerry and knew that Claudia was responsible for Michael being in a coma. Claudia denied everything, including the existence of the DVD. She called Kate delusional.

Maxie walked up stairs in the south stairwell at General Hospital complaining about how tired she was and how Spinelli owed her for rescuing him. Johnny stood outside and overheard a policeman saying a blonde girl with high heels had managed to get into the hospital. Johnny also found a way in without anyone stopping him, and he started to make his way up the stairs in the south stairwell. Johnny ran into Carly and Sonny trying to make their way down, and they tried to discourage him from continuing the search for Maxie. After a compromise couldn't be reached, Johnny left Sonny and Carly and continued to go up the stairs.

Jason met up with Patrick in one of the hallways, and Patrick asked where Spinelli was. Patrick had found Spinelli's laptop and was worried, thinking Spinelli would never leave his laptop behind. Jason said it was possibly Spinelli was doing something risky and stupid, trying to save someone's life. The two men left in opposite directions, and Patrick rounded the corner to find Kate and Claudia arguing. Patrick said Kate and Claudia would be the next people rescued once Jax returned. There was only a small window of time left that Jax would be able to continue with his rescue efforts.

Sam and Trevor stood on the roof where Sam tried to talk Trevor into giving over the toxin. Trevor couldn't be convinced as he felt the toxin was his insurance policy. Sam pulled a gun out, but Trevor told her not to underestimate him like everyone else has done.

Jax arrived with his helicopter to make another rescue attempt, and Kate, Claudia, Nikolas, and Rebecca were there to board. Patrick promised Jax he would find Carly, but these four people were available to be rescued then. Patrick gave medical information to Jax to relay to Mercy officials, and Jax headed off towards the other hospital. Sam and Trevor watched the helicopter as it flew away, and Trevor became enraged. He took the toxin out of the bottle and said he would throw it on the ground. Then, Sam would be responsible for killing all the innocent men, women, and children down below. Trevor planned to tell the officials he had rescued the toxin from whatever mobster died in General Hospital. Just as Trevor started to throw it over the ledge, Sam made a leap for it. Trevor flew over the edge of the rooftop, and Sam followed.

Jason rushed out to the rooftop and saw no one, so he started to go back inside. He heard Sam grunting, and he quickly turned around. Sam was barely holding on to the edge of the rooftop, but she had managed to grab the ball of toxin and held it gingerly in her hand. Jason looked around and it wasn't long before he found Sam hanging over the edge. He grabbed her arms and started to pull her to safety. Just as Sam made it back over the edge, she dropped the toxin. Jason managed to grab it, though.

Alexis sat in her office trying to work as the hospital chaos ravaged on. Diane walked in, talking about all the clients she could possibly lose since most of them were at General Hospital. Diane realized she was being insensitive since many of Alexis' loved ones were trapped in the burning building. Diane tried to be the voice of reason and said Sonny seemed like he had nine lives. Sonny would make it through the latest disaster, and Ric would, too. Ric might emerge a little worse for wear, but he would be okay. Jax was another person Alexis was worried about. Diane said Jax would not only come out of the crisis okay, but he wouldn't even have a single hair out of place. Alexis smiled a bit and seemed to agree with Diane about the three men. Sam was who Alexis was most worried about, though.

Alexis received a phone call and heard Ric had made it out of the hospital. They didn't know anything about Kate, though. Diane was worried about Kate and the possibility she might not be around to loan them anymore fabulous clothes. Diane also wondered aloud about Carly's safety, and Alexis assured Diane that Carly always made it out of crisis. Alexis started talking about her regrets as a mother to Sam. Alexis decided she would do her best to make things right if Sam made it out alive. The two women continued to try to comfort each other, but as time went on their hope started to diminish.

Nadine helped get Matt into an ambulance for his ride to Mercy Hospital. Matt didn't want to go, but he finally revealed that he mostly didn't want to leave his brother. He didn't realize that Patrick was at that very moment boarding Jax's helicopter. Matt thanked Nadine for her help but said she could go care for someone else, like Nikolas Cassadine. Nadine said Nikolas didn't care about her as much as she cared about him. Matt realized that Nadine had her heart broken.

They were interrupted when Patrick walked over to their ambulance, making Matt much more relieved. The three medical personnel talked about whether or not General Hospital would be rebuilt. Patrick became emotional and reminisced about everything that had happened in his life at General Hospital. He would make sure the hospital would be rebuilt. They decided to head out to Mercy Hospital but were stopped by Agent Rayner. He wanted to speak with Patrick. Matt would have to go to Mercy on his own. Matt was upset that Patrick was being drawn into the questioning. Matt thought he would have more information than his brother, especially since Matt had been the one who performed the initial surgery that started all the chaos. Nadine noticed Matt was getting more agitated, so she decided it was time to go to Mercy Hospital. Just as Nadine prepared to shut the ambulance doors, Nikolas and Rebecca walked over and asked if there was any more room in the ambulance.

Lulu walked into Tracy's hospital room at Mercy Hospital and thought her stepmother was asleep. Tracy spoke up and said she was not sleeping and wanted to speak to Lulu. Tracy had been worried Lulu wouldn't make it out of General Hospital, and she was worried what she would tell Luke. Tracy couldn't get over the fact that Lulu never left Tracy's side until she was put on the helicopter. Tracy said she was grateful to be Lulu's step monster.

Tracy soon reverted back to her own self and demanded Lulu find out who else had been rescued. She also wanted Lulu to find out where the hell Luke was. Lulu left to check on the status of others being rescued and brought back a coffee for Tracy. Luke wasn't answering his phone, but Lulu said her father wasn't very good at communication. Tracy asked how Lulu would feel if Johnny didn't answer his phone, and Lulu revealed that they had had a fight. Lulu didn't even know if Johnny was in Port Charles or knew about the fire. Tracy could see in Lulu's eyes that she regretted the fight, but Tracy warned her stepdaughter not to belittle herself and go crawling back to Johnny.

Liz awoke to find Lucky at Mercy Hospital with her, and she was relieved. Lucky told her he wasn't giving her a choice. She had to concentrate on getting better. Dying wasn't an option. Lucky left briefly to find out if Nikolas had been rescued yet. When he came back, he didn't have any new information. Liz told him about the Emily look-a-like at the hospital. Liz knew Nikolas would do anything to save that woman. Lucky decided he needed to go look for his brother.

Back at the temporary headquarters for the rescue personnel, Agent Rayner invited Claudia and Kate inside to wait for their ambulance ride to Mercy Hospital. Jax's helicopter had only taken them down to the ground where they could safely wait for transportation. Claudia immediately said she had nothing to say without her lawyer present, but Kate spoke up and said she would be willing to give Agent Rayner any information he needed. The first question for the ladies was who had the missing ball of toxin, and Kate and Claudia both responded that Trevor Lansing had it and planned to use it as leverage. Agent Rayner said they had just found Trevor's body. It appeared he had jumped from the roof to avoid burning to death.

Agent Rayner left to speak with Patrick, giving Claudia and Kate more time to bicker back and forth. Claudia was visible relieved to see Sonny as he walked through the door, though. He had finally made it out.

Meanwhile, Carly talked to firemen and policemen about the pilot of the helicopter that had crashed. She was worried about her husband. After not receiving any help, a frustrated Carly looked around for anyone who could help her. Jax saw her and called out to her, and they both rushed towards each other. They embraced and kissed, thankful to have found each other alive.

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