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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 2, 2009 on GH
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Agent Rayner called Jason and told him that Spinelli was in custody and was about to be transported to a federal prison. Jason, who was standing outside a warehouse where Sonny had taken the ransom to Anthony, said that he needed a little more time. Rayner gave him an hour.

Sonny gave Anthony the money and wanted Claudia. Anthony was gleeful when he told Sonny that Claudia was up on the roof strapped to a bomb.

Nikolas invited Alexis to dinner, but instead of a fancy restaurant, he took her to Kelly's so he could see Rebecca. When a waitress other than Rebecca came to take their order, Nikolas gave her a twenty so that she would send Rebecca over.

When Rebecca came over to take their order, Alexis jumped to Rebecca's defense and tried to persuade Nikolas that his behavior was actionable. She presented such a cogent case, that Rebecca defended Nikolas' right to spend time getting to know her.

Alexis said her work was done and she left to get a martini. Nikolas stayed behind to watch over Rebecca. When she came out of the kitchen with a large order, he tried to help. Instead he made things worse. He spilled the order, slipped in the mess and performed unintentional slapstick pratfalls as he tried to help clean it up. Rebecca started laughing when she attempted to help Nikolas up and fell on top of him.

Jax and Carly exchanged kisses in the lobby of the Metro Court. Carly was grateful that Jax was so understanding about the need to guard Morgan because of the danger to Sonny. When Jax was called away, Olivia sat with Carly.

Olivia was very understanding of Carly's situation. She told Carly about her childhood memories of Sonny and the irony of his relationship to Claudia. Both Olivia and Carly agreed that even though they no longer had a relationship with Sonny, they would always care about him.

Agent Rayner told Spinelli that he was in custody because Jason was not acting fast enough to corral Anthony. Maxie, Lulu, and Johnny showed up and demanded to see Spinelli. Since they were on Mac's turf, Maxie felt brave enough to face down Rayner, who threatened to arrest her, but let her see Spinelli anyway.

Jason put a gun to Anthony's head, as he was about to make a clean getaway. Anthony was smug and tried to talk his way out. Jason did not waver.

Sonny found Claudia on a snow-covered roof. She was gagged, strapped to a bomb, and bound to a chair with duct tape. As soon as Sonny removed the gag, Claudia told him to save himself and get away from her. Sonny refused, and instead called Jason for tech support with the bomb.

Anthony chattered and tried to interrupt Jason's concentration, so Jason decked him. Then Jason helped Sonny defuse the bomb and save Claudia, who was amazed that Sonny had cared enough to stay by her side. Jason called Rayner and told him where to pick up Anthony.

Lucky went to the hospital to see Liz. He told her about his breakup with Sam. Lucky and Liz agreed that they would always love each other and that no matter what, their kids could always count on them as family.

Agent Rayner was smug when Anthony was brought into the police station. Anthony asked to see Johnny alone and Rayner agreed. Lulu did not want Johnny to see Anthony, but Johnny said it might be the last time he ever talked to his father, and he wanted to speak with him. Lulu felt useless and left the police station in a huff.

Jason called Carly to tell her that the crisis had passed. Jax heard the tail end of the conversation and was happy that all was well. Carly told Jax how much she loved him, and he returned the sentiment. They shared a long, warm kiss in the lobby of the hotel.

Maxie was waiting when Spinelli was released. She told him that she wanted to make it clear that he was the essential person in her life, and she intended to take care of him. Spinelli followed her gladly.

Anthony told Johnny that he had come close to telling Sonny that Claudia had been responsible for Michael's shooting, but he had not. He told Johnny that secrets had a way of coming out, and he had no doubt that Claudia would be found out and when she was, she would die at Sonny's hands.

Claudia remained shaken when Sonny took her home. She was still in shock that Sonny had risked her life to save her. She told him she was in awe of him and that she was very thankful that he had cared enough to save her. She said that she was very fearful of what she was feeling.

Sonny asked Claudia if she ran from her fear. She said, "no," that she usually ran into it. They moved into each other's arms and began a passionate kiss.

Jason and Rayner met near the warehouse. Rayner said that Jason's evidence against Anthony was solid and that Spinelli had been set free. When Jason tried to walk away, Rayner told him that his job was not done. He demanded that Jason next deliver evidence against Sonny.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Claudia and Sonny made out in the living room of Sonny's house until Claudia pulled away. She asked Sonny if he was sure he wanted to be in that moment with her and no one else. Sonny answered by continuing to unbutton his shirt. They quickly undressed and were soon making love in the bedroom. Afterwards, they cuddled and talked. Sonny was still curious about Anthony's comments before he was hauled away. Claudia acted like it was no big deal, but Johnny saved Claudia when he walked into the house and started calling her name.

After Claudia had put her robe on, she went downstairs to greet her brother. Johnny was there to take her home. Since their father had been taken into custody, Claudia could escape the business arrangement/marriage. Claudia couldn't be convinced to leave, especially since she and Sonny were getting along so well. Johnny warned his sister that no matter what feelings Sonny and Claudia had for each other, everything would be ruined if Sonny found out Claudia had a role in Michael's shooting.

Jason arrived home to find Sam waiting at his door. She was there for the party Spinelli and Maxie were throwing to honor Jason. They were very grateful for Jason helping save Spinelli from prison. Jason was upset and said Spinelli still wasn't off the hook. Even though Anthony had been delivered to the Feds, they wanted Sonny.

Sam and Jason tried to enjoy themselves while Maxie and Spinelli played pool and toasted to Stone Cold. When Spinelli and Maxie offered a piece of cake to Jason, he couldn't take the celebration any further. Jason asked Maxie and Sam to leave so he could speak with Spinelli privately. Maxie wasn't happy with Jason, but Sam helped usher the girl out the door. Once they were alone, Jason told Spinelli that the deal with the FBI wasn't over yet. As much as Jason tried to explain, Spinelli didn't fully understand the situation.

Patrick arrived home and fed Emma while Robin rushed to get ready to run errands. Patrick wanted Robin to stay home with him and Emma, but the to do list had gotten too long for Robin to ignore it any longer. Patrick understood Robin's need to leave the house, which made Robin feel guilty. He insisted she go, but Robin promised she would be home soon.

Patrick talked to his young daughter until there was a knock at the door. It was Sonny. The environment at his home had become deep, so Sonny wanted to see Emma and re-evaluate his situation. While Sonny was there, Patrick received a phone call from the hospital. One of his patients was ill and needed immediate surgery. Sonny offered to babysit Emma, and Patrick agreed.

Robin, arriving home, was surprised to see Sonny at her house with Emma. They changed the subject to Sonny and his new bride, and Robin wanted to know if he planned on divorcing the horrible woman, since Anthony was in jail. Sonny said he wouldn't divorce Claudia because of her commitment to him when she told him about her father double-crossing Sonny.

In the apartments above Kelly's, Rebecca brought Nikolas' clothes to him, not expecting him to be wrapped in a towel when she opened the door. She offered to make dinner for him so they could talk, and Nikolas was appreciative. Nikolas, in turn, offered to provide Rebecca with a free room at the Metro Court hotel, but Rebecca said she wasn't interested.

Once downstairs, Rebecca laughed at the stories of Nikolas' childhood and how he was a true prince. When she commented about princes only being from fairy tales, Nikolas' smile changed and Rebecca guessed correctly that Emily used to say that very thing. When Alexis walked through the door of Kelly's, she was surprised to see Rebecca and Nikolas talking, and she asked him how things were going between the two.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At Mercy Hospital, Patrick gave Liz a checkup. After he updated her medical chart, Patrick sat down to talk to her about Robin. Patrick wanted to know if Liz thought Robin suffered from post-partum depression. Liz reminded Patrick that she wasn't qualified to diagnose Robin. However, she did admit that Robin seemed a bit overwhelmed. Liz thought that it could simply be a result of being a new parent. Liz explained that being home alone all day with a newborn could be stressful. Liz credited Audrey with helping her through the difficulties of motherhood after the birth of Jake and Cameron.

Patrick realized that Liz had a valid point; he told her that they were looking for a nanny to help Robin. Lucky interrupted them when he brought the boys to visit their mother. Patrick watched as Liz happily greeted her children with hugs and kisses.

Later, Patrick returned to Liz's room to let her know that her blood panel came back with good results, so she was free to go home. Liz was delighted by the news and made plans with her children to celebrate her homecoming with ice cream, cake, and pizza. Meanwhile, Lucky took a moment to thank Patrick for everything he had done during the crisis at General Hospital. Patrick humbly downplayed his bravery then left the room.

Nadine met Nikolas at Kelly's for lunch. When Nadine noticed that Rebecca was working at the diner, she realized why Nikolas had chosen to have lunch at Kelly's. Moments later, Rebecca approached their table to take their order. Nadine quietly watched as Rebecca joked with Nikolas about the disaster that followed when he tried to help her with an order. When Rebecca walked away with their order, Nadine told Nikolas that she couldn't ignore the fact that Nikolas was still in love with Emily.

Nikolas didn't deny his feelings for his deceased fiancée. He apologized to Nadine for leading her to believe that he was ready for a relationship when he clearly wasn't. Nadine didn't hold it against Nikolas. She wished him well then left.

At Mercy Hospital, Nadine prepared Matt's discharge papers while he packed his bag. Matt thanked her for her help, then reminded Nadine that she was also recovering from the fire at General Hospital. When he suggested that Nadine take care of herself, Nadine started to cry. Matt looked uneasy and out of his element. He offered Nadine a tissue then asked her what he had said to upset her. Nadine assured him that he hadn't done anything wrong; she was touched that he had cared enough to be concerned about her welfare. Nadine's explanation appeared to confuse Matt even further.

At Winnifred's request, Sam met the FBI agent outside of Kelly's. Winnifred told Sam that Agent Rayner had gone back on his agreement with Jason. Rayner had decided that he wanted both Sonny and Anthony's arrests and convictions in exchange for Spinelli's freedom. Winnifred begged Sam to talk to Jason and Spinelli in order to warn them that their situation was dire. According to Winnifred, Rayner would follow through with his threat to send Spinelli to jail for life. Sam agreed to do what she could to help Spinelli.

Spinelli had a picture of himself on his laptop. He was in the process of adding a beard and mustache to the image when Jason walked into the penthouse. Jason was curious when he saw what Spinelli was working on. Spinelli explained that he needed to alter his appearance if he hoped to compete against Johnny for Maxie's affection. Jason told Spinelli that he shouldn't have to change in order to impress Maxie. Spinelli dismissed Jason's advice. Spinelli pointed out that Jason probably never had to worry about feeling inadequate.

Rather than argue with Spinelli, Jason tried to change the subject. Unfortunately, Spinelli cut Jason off, claiming that he was late for an appointment with Maxie. Spinelli dashed out of the door before Jason could stop him.

A short time later, Sam stopped by the penthouse to talk to Jason. Jason was in a foul mood because of the situation with Rayner. Sam told Jason about Winnifred's warning. Sam suggested that they use Winnifred's help to get Spinelli out of his predicament. Jason refused to consider it. He insisted that it was his fault that Spinelli was in the mess that he was in. Jason felt it was his responsibility alone to get Spinelli out of the FBI's clutches. Sam disagreed with Jason. She told Jason that there had to be a better way to help Spinelli than to send him into permanent hiding.

Lulu went to the Haunted Star to talk to her father. She found Ethan, with his hand in the cashbox, instead. When Ethan failed to give Lulu satisfactory answers to her questions, Lulu decided to call the police. Luckily for Ethan, Luke walked into the casino before Lulu could carry out her threat. Luke confirmed that Ethan worked for him, then he introduced the young man to his daughter. Lulu was unimpressed when she learned how Luke and Ethan had met.

A few minutes later, Tracy walked in. Ethan immediately turned on the charm to flatter Tracy. Lulu's opinion of Ethan didn't improve. After Tracy dragged Luke away for an important meeting, Lulu accused Ethan of running a scam on her father. Ethan professed his innocence, but Lulu didn't believe him. Lulu warned Ethan that she intended to keep a close eye on him.

Robin went to Crimson to invite Maxie to lunch. Maxie appreciated the offer but said that she was swamped with work. However, she did take a few minutes to visit with Robin.

Maxie told her cousin that she was concerned because she sensed that something was off with Robin. Robin didn't deny it, but she attributed it to stress. Robin said that she felt pressured by Patrick because he seemed to constantly question her behavior. Maxie was sympathetic and offered Robin words of encouragement. Robin appreciated Maxie's support.

Later, Robin went to the Haunted Star, where she found Ethan with his hand in the cashbox. He explained that he was the new bartender, then offered to make her a drink. Robin sat down at the bar and accepted the cocktail. While Robin sipped on her drink, she asked Ethan about his accent, explaining that her father and uncle were from Australia. Ethan was a bit vague about where he was from. Instead, he focused on Robin. When he noticed her wedding ring, Robin confirmed that she was married. She also revealed that she was a doctor at General Hospital. However, when Ethan guessed that she didn't have any children, Robin didn't correct him.

Winnifred witnessed a suspicious transaction between Spinelli and another man on the docks. She appeared worried when she realized that Spinelli purchased a manila envelope.

After Spinelli left the piers, he went to Crimson to talk to Maxie. At first, Maxie seemed unaware of Spinelli's somber mood as she prattled on about work. When she realized that Spinelli was unusually subdued, she asked him what was wrong. Spinelli brushed off her concern, assuring her that everything was fine. Maxie took Spinelli at his word, even though in the next breath he pulled her close then kissed her. Before Maxie could say anything, the phone rang. She asked Spinelli to meet her after work, then turned to answer the phone. Spinelli's expression was sad as he took a long look at Maxie before he left,

Lulu arrived at Crimson full of apologies for being late. Lulu blamed her tardiness on Ethan, then ranted about him being a scam artist. Maxie's understanding and assurance that she had everything under control brought Lulu up short. Lulu sensed that Maxie was troubled. When she asked Maxie what was bothering her, Maxie admitted that she was worried that Spinelli had lied to her when he assured her that everything was okay with him.

Spinelli returned to the penthouse to pack his belongings. Before he walked out of the apartment, Spinelli took a moment to write Jason a note. He left the note, along with the door key, on Jason's desk.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward had a surprise for Monica. Tracy gave it away when she walked in, with Luke in tow, grumbling about Edward inviting freeloaders to live with them. Monica assumed they were referring to Luke until a knock on the front door announced a visitor. Edward rushed to answer the door. Minutes later, Edward ushered Rebecca into the living room. Monica was surprised to see the young woman. Tracy had a less than enthusiastic reaction. It soon became clear that Edward's surprise for Monica was news that Rebecca was moving in. Tracy thought it was a terrible idea.

Tracy didn't believe Rebecca's sudden appearance in Port Charles was coincidental. Monica and Edward disagreed. Before long, Rebecca had a front row seat to a Quartermaine family squabble. Rebecca tried to explain that she was merely there for a visit, but no one seemed to pay any attention to her. Monica was busy reminding Tracy that it was Monica's home and therefore up to her who lived under the roof.

Nikolas walked in during all of the mayhem. He reigned in the feuding Quartermaines then accused them of being unfair to Rebecca.

Jason found Spinelli's note when he arrived home. The note explained that Spinelli couldn't put Jason in a position of choosing between friends. Therefore, Spinelli decided to take matters into his own hands by leaving town, never to return.

Spinelli sat down on a plane, headed to parts unknown. He noticed a magazine that a fellow passenger was reading and commented on it. When the passenger lowered the magazine, Spinelli was shocked to realize that it was Winnifred.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

At Mercy Hospital, Matt witnessed Patrick berating a nurse. Matt intervened before the situation escalated. Matt apologized to the nurse on behalf of his brother, then pulled Patrick aside to talk to him. Patrick admitted that he was mad at Robin, not the nurse. With some prodding from Matt, Patrick confided that Robin had been behaving oddly.

Patrick told Matt about Robin's frantic search for a new house, her inability to nurture Emma, and her request for a nanny. Patrick was worried that Robin suffered from post-partum depression. Matt suggested that Patrick consult a professional, but Patrick was resistant to the idea. He decided that Robin just needed more time to accustom herself to motherhood. Matt referred Patrick to a colleague who specialized in post-partum depression. Before Matt walked away, he urged Patrick to call the doctor.

At the Haunted Star, Robin told Ethan that she didn't have time for children. Ethan was curious about Robin's upbringing. He was impressed when Robin told him that her parents were spies. She also told him that she hadn't met her father until she was six years old. Ethan revealed that he had been abandoned by his birth parents as a baby. Unfortunately, Ethan's adoptive parents were killed years earlier, so he was alone in the world.

Ethan couldn't help but wonder why people bothered having children if they never spent any time with them. Robin was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. She quickly gathered her things then left before Ethan could stop her. Afterwards, Ethan noticed that she had left her wallet behind.

On the docks, Robin stopped to call home. Judy, Emma's babysitter, answered the phone. After Robin offered tips to keep Emma content, she told Judy that there had been a change of plans. Robin said that she needed Judy to stay with Emma for the remainder of the day. Luckily, Judy agreed.

In Metro Court's lobby, Jax noticed that Carly seemed upset. Carly admitted that she had received a monthly update on Michael's condition. Carly said it was difficult for her to review the reports because they reminded her how much she missed Michael. She was also frustrated because the reports never showed that Michael was improving. Jax listened as Carly told him that her visits with Michael were taking their toll on her. It crushed Carly every time Michael's eyes fail to open during her visits with him.

Jax suggested that they search for possible new treatments. He was surprised when Carly revealed that she had found one.

At Greystone Manor, Max informed Sonny that the men in Sonny's organization enjoyed working for Jason. Max warned Sonny that the morale issue needed to be addressed before it became a problem. When Carly walked into the living room, Max excused himself. Carly stopped Max from leaving. She told Max that she had news about Michael.

Carly told Sonny and Max that there was an experimental procedure, which might help Michael. She had learned about it when she had organized the head injury benefit in Michael's honor. Max was excited when he heard the news, until Carly cautioned him that it wasn't a cure. Max apologized for the misunderstanding. Meanwhile Sonny asked to speak to Carly privately. Before Max left, Sonny instructed Max to keep the news about Michael confidential; Sonny didn't want anyone to know about his private business. Max assured Sonny he wouldn't tell anyone.

Alone with Sonny, Carly explained that the experimental procedure required surgery. The doctors would implant electrical probes, which would stimulate Michael's brain. Carly said that the doctors were working on a permanent process intended to "wake up" the brain. According to the doctors, the risk of complications from the procedure was less than five percent. Carly told Sonny that the doctors required the consent of both parents to begin testing Michael to see if he was a candidate for the treatment.

As they talked, Carly realized that Sonny didn't believe that the procedure would be successful. Carly understood that his reluctance to hope stemmed from his guilt over the shooting. However, Carly couldn't give up hope that Michael would one day recover. Sonny trusted Carly's instincts. He told Carly that he would give his consent if she decided that Michael should have the surgery.

Later, Sonny went to Mercy Hospital to discuss Michael's case with a doctor. He was surprised when he saw Robin working. Robin explained that she had ended her maternity leave early. Patrick appeared pensive after he overheard the exchange.

Nikolas defended Rebecca while Tracy accused Emily's look-alike of having an ulterior motive for moving to Port Charles. Tracy believed that it was beyond a coincidence that Rebecca turned up in a town where another woman, who had the same exact face, once lived. Tracy didn't understand why Rebecca continued to stay in Port Charles when her job at General Hospital had literally gone up in flames.

Monica, Edward, and Nikolas argued with Tracy until Rebecca had enough. Rebecca told them that she was sorry for their loss. then left. Nikolas followed Rebecca out. Tracy turned to an unusually silent Luke to ask him if he had anything to add to the debate. Luke said that he had plenty to say, but not to anyone in the room.

Rebecca made her way to Kelly's via the piers. She stopped because Nikolas continued to follow her. She thanked him for his concern, but assured him that she could make to Kelly's on her own. Nikolas apologized for the scene at the Quartermaines'. He accused them of being overbearing. Rebecca disagreed; she thought Nikolas had been the one who had been overbearing. Rebecca insisted that she could have handled the situation at the Quartermaines without interference from Nikolas. Nikolas apologized again, but Rebecca wasn't satisfied. She told Nikolas that she wanted him to keep his distance from her.

Nikolas promised he would stop showing up at Kelly's as much as he had been, but he would continue to get his morning coffee there. Satisfied with the compromise, Rebecca wished Nikolas well, then walked away.

Luke returned to the Haunted Star after leaving the Quartermaine mansion. Troubled, Luke sat down at the bar. Ethan filled several shot glasses with alcohol then passed them to Luke. Luke knocked back the drinks as he began to talk about his relationship with Nikolas. He told Ethan that he had despised Nikolas when he had first met him. Over the years, their relationship had its ups and downs, but Luke and Nikolas had never been close. Luke explained that Nikolas had been through a difficult time recently. Luke had the uncomfortable urge to offer Nikolas advice.

Lulu walked in while Luke was drinking. She was furious when she realized that Ethan had served her father alcohol. As Lulu accused Ethan of trying to take advantage of her father, Luke quietly observed. Luke suspected that Lulu had returned to the Haunted Star to check out Ethan. Lulu vehemently denied it, but Luke didn't believe her. Luke decided to leave so that Lulu and Ethan could spend some time alone to get to know each other.

After Luke left, Lulu noticed Ethan playing with a wallet. She immediately accused Ethan of stealing it. Ethan told her that a woman named Robin, who was a doctor at General Hospital, had left it behind earlier. Lulu didn't believe Ethan. She said that the Robin she knew would never stop off at the Haunted Star in the middle of the day for drinks. When Ethan mentioned that Robin didn't have children, Lulu was convinced that he had made the story up. She explained that Robin had a baby.

Luke encountered Nikolas on the docks. As he approached Nikolas, Luke said that he understood what Nikolas was going through. Luke said that it was impossible to hit rewind. It didn't matter who Rebecca was, because in the end, she wasn't Emily. Nikolas realized that Luke had a point, but he didn't know how to turn off his feelings. Nikolas explained that from the moment he saw Rebecca, his heart had opened up. The love Nikolas thought he'd never feel again came back. Nikolas didn't know how to deal with those feelings.

Rebecca returned to the Quartermaine mansion to apologize to Monica. Rebecca regretted her abrupt departure. Monica, in return, apologized for Tracy's inhospitable behavior. Rebecca said that she understood Tracy's desire to protect her family. As they talked, Monica mentioned Nikolas. Monica hoped that Rebecca would give Nikolas a chance.

Claudia approached Michael's room just as a doctor walked out. Claudia stopped him to get an update on Michael's condition. The doctor appreciated that Claudia made regular weekly visits to check on Michael. However, he had nothing new to report. Michael remained in a persistent vegetative state. According to the doctor, it was unlikely that Michael would improve.

Claudia thanked the doctor for his time. As he walked away, Claudia entered Michael's room. She talked to Michael as if they were old friends. When she noticed that his family pictures had been moved, she adjusted them so that they faced Michael. Claudia tucked the blankets around Michael then sat down to talk to him. Claudia was overwhelmed with guilt; she blamed herself for Michael's fate.

In the hallway, Carly arrived for a visit with Michael. Before Carly reached for the doorknob, she took a moment to compose herself.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Claudia sat in Michael's room at the long-term care facility and told the unconscious child she was sorry for what she had done to him. She panicked when Carly opened the door, but a doctor called out to Carly so Claudia was able to escape unnoticed. When Carly finally walked into her son's room, she noticed a chair was out of place and someone had been there. Jax walked in and said he had been the culprit. He apologized for not being around when Michael had been shot. Jax wanted to be there and support Carly with the decision regarding Michael's experimental treatment.

Meanwhile, Jason explained to Sam that Spinelli had run away after overhearing Jason as he talked about hiding his friend outside of the country. Jason was lost without Spinelli and didn't even know where to look. Sam offered to help and rushed out the door, thinking she might have a lead.

Sonny came to visit Jason about business, but Jason was still preoccupied with finding Spinelli. Jason explained the situation to Sonny, who wasn't very sympathetic. Sonny admitted that Spinelli annoyed him, and Sonny would be happy if Spinelli wasn't around to sidetrack Jason. Sonny also pointed out that Jason would be tying Spinelli to the mob permanently if he tracked him down. Jason admitted defeat and went to find Sam to tell her the news.

Spinelli and Winnifred sat in a café, trying to decide where they would escape to. Winnifred daydreamed about Spinelli rescuing her, and she leaned in for a kiss from Spinelli. Snapping back into reality, Spinelli was not aware of her intentions, so Winnifred sat back and concentrated on the task at hand. When both Spinelli and Winnifred heard the café owner say he was going out of business due to credit issues, Spinelli decided that was the perfect opportunity to put his cyber skills to work. Soon, the café owner's credit had been re-established, but no one saw the mysterious girl in the corner watching them celebrate.

Back in Port Charles, Rebecca eavesdropped as Luke and Nikolas talked about the similarities and differences between Rebecca and Emily. Luke told Nikolas that even if Emily were to come back from the dead, things wouldn't be the same. Life changed people, as Luke knew more than anyone else. After Luke left, Nikolas looked up and saw Rebecca as she looked him in the eye and walked away.

Luke walked into the Haunted Star and overheard Lulu and Ethan arguing. Lulu had found Robin's wallet and thought Ethan had stolen it. Luke wasn't concerned, which irritated Lulu even more, so she left. It wasn't long before Rebecca was coming to visit Luke. She wanted to know how she could help Nikolas. It was Nikolas' turn to eavesdrop as Luke told Rebecca the best thing she could do for Nikolas would be to leave him alone.

At Mercy Hospital, Sonny asked if Robin would mind consulting on Michael's experimental treatment. She was happy to help, but Patrick walked over to the group and said Robin wouldn't have the time. Sonny was aware of the tension and left the pair to sort things out. In the lobby of Mercy Hospital, Robin and Patrick argued. Patrick was concerned about Emma and Robin's lack of attention to their daughter. He handed Robin a card for a psychiatrist that specialized in postpartum depression. This enraged Robin even more, and she stormed out of the hospital.

Robin arrived home and started doing laundry until Maxie stopped by. Robin explained the fight with Patrick to her cousin. Maxie offered some good insight and said Patrick was just getting used to the parenting thing. Maxie had heard mothers talk about the feeling they had the first time they held their child, and Robin couldn't expect Patrick to understand that sensitivity. Maxie also pointed out that Robin wasn't making things easy for Patrick.

Maxie was done with Robin's problems, and she needed help with her date with Spinelli. Maxie and Spinelli were going to see a movie, and Maxie needed a refresher on the time/space continuum. Soon, Maxie was on her way to Jason's, but no one was there to answer the door. Maxie let herself in with the key she was supposed to have returned. She sat down at the desk to wait and saw the note from Spinelli saying he was running away.

Back at Robin's house, Lulu stopped by with Robin's wallet. Robin hadn't even noticed it was missing, but Lulu explained that the new bartender at the Haunted Star must have stolen it. He was claiming that Robin had been at the bar in the middle of the day, but Lulu didn't believe him. Patrick walked in as Lulu said Ethan was also making claims that Robin said she had no children.

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