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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 9, 2009 on GH
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Jason returned home to his apartment and found Maxie there. She had packed a bag for him and, after giving him some grief about his lackluster wardrobe -- jeans and black t-shirts, she insisted that he leave immediately and try to locate Spinelli.

Jason said that he could not do that. Maxie apologized for reading Spinelli's letter to Jason and wondered why she had not noticed that Spinelli was subdued and needed her help. She told Jason that Spinelli was an innocent and believed the best about people. Maxie worried that unscrupulous people would take advantage of him. She told Jason that Spinelli needed them-Jason to be the brawn and her to be the light of Spinelli's life.

Jason told Maxie again that he could not go looking for Spinelli because Spinelli was a grown man and had to make his own choices. Maxie pleaded with Jason to forget his manly code, but Jason was unmoved by her pleas to find Spinelli.

Spinelli and Winnifred were in a rundown diner in the Los Angeles area. After congratulating themselves for using Spinelli's cyberspace skills to help the diner owner get his credit back, with Winnifred puckered up for a kiss. Spinelli did not notice.

When a cute brunette, who introduced herself as Cassandra, came over to the table, Winnifred recovered her poise quickly. Cassandra ignored Winnifred, but Spinelli was flattered by Cassandra's praise for his abilities. After hearing Cassandra's tale about a vengeful ex-husband, Spinelli was on the point of agreeing to help when Winnifred asked to speak to him alone.

Once alone, Winnifred told Spinelli not to be so trusting of Cassandra's story. He pointed out that she was starting to sound just like Maxie had when Maxie had warned Spinelli not to help Winnifred. Winnifred responded that Maxie had been right about her and that maybe he should take heed before he got himself in trouble again.

Winnifred told Spinelli that women had intuition about people and that Spinelli should consider that his hubris was getting him in trouble because it was making him show off for a pretty, "older" woman. Spinelli denied that Cassandra's looks had anything to do with helping her. Spinelli took offense when Winnifred retorted that he liked his women to be cute, blonde, and vapid.

Spinelli left Winnifred to sit with Cassandra. He agreed to go to her room and help her with a scheme to get the money from her ex-husband that she claimed rightfully belonged to her.

Robin hurriedly hushed Lulu, who had just pilled out her story about Ethan and his claim that Robin had been on the Haunted Star and had told him she had no children as Patrick walked in the door. Lulu tried to repeat her tale about Ethan to Patrick, but Robin cut her off and covered by saying that Lulu would have to speak to Luke on her own. She made it sound like Lulu had come to her to ask her to intercede with Luke.

Before Patrick could find out more, Emma started crying and Robin sent Patrick to take care of her. Once he was gone, Robin told Lulu that Patrick worried about her, and he would get overprotective if he knew her wallet had been found anywhere near the Haunted Star. Lulu bought Robin's story and agreed to drop the matter of Ethan, and his story that Robin had been on the Haunted Star earlier that day, drinking and denying that she had a child.

Lulu was gone when Patrick finished feeding Emma. He and Robin had another argument. She accused him of overreacting and continued to deny that she had postpartum depression or that there was anything wrong in her behavior or her relationship with Emma.

She told Patrick that being a parent was harder that she thought and she wanted her life back. Patrick wondered where that would leave Emma.

Sonny jumped on Claudia's slip about Michael's condition, but she said she was only repeating what he had told her. Sonny let his anger show, along with his fear and guilt about Michael's condition. He told Claudia that he was angry all the time and that he was haunted by the thought that someone else, besides the deceased Ian Devlin, might have had a hand in the attempt on Sonny's life that had injured Michael.

Claudia tried to soothe Sonny by telling him that Michael would most likely want him to be happy. Sonny said that he would, but Michael would also want revenge. Sonny told Claudia that Michael had wanted revenge on the person who had killed Leticia and Emily and that he did, too.

Rebecca went to the Haunted Star to ask Luke what to do about Nikolas. Nikolas was lurking near the door and heard Luke tell her to stay as far away as possible. He noticed Nikolas, invited him in, then made himself scarce.

Rebecca said she was glad that Nikolas was there. She said that she should have gone to the source instead of going elsewhere in the first place. She said that she had been selfish in the beginning and she could have been more compassionate toward Nikolas and his grief.

She asked Nikolas what she could do for him. Nikolas told her that he realized that she was not Emily, and no matter how much Rebecca looked like Emily, she was not Emily and could not take her place. Nikolas said that there was nothing she could do for him. He told Rebecca that he had been wrong to transfer his grief over Emily to her and that it would never happen again. Then he left the Haunted Star.

Carly went to see Jason. She wanted to get some feedback about the test she was contemplating for Michael. Jason said it was not his place, but Carly insisted. She said that she was holding back despite the fact that the doctors had assured her that Michael would feel no pain.

Jason cautioned her about getting her hopes up, but Carly said that no matter how much she might hurt if the procedure did not work, she did not want to deny Michael any chance of recovery. Jason told Carly that she had her answer about what to do. She acknowledged what Jason had said and they shared a familial hug.

Nikolas went to see Alexis in her office. He wanted her to get aggressive with Jax so that Jax could not take over Spoon Island. Alexis wanted to know if Nikolas was throwing himself into a Jax attack because he did not want to think about Rebecca. Nikolas said that Alexis was right. He told her that he had finally realized that Rebecca was not Emily, and Emily was not coming back.

Alexis told Nikolas that she loved him and wanted only the best for him, and it would be a lot easier on him since he had come to that realization. She said that she was glad that he was giving up his obsession with Rebecca and wished him happiness.

Maxie went to Sam for answers. She persuaded Sam to tell what she knew. Sam said that Spinelli had booked a ticket to Los Angeles. Maxie left Sam's place and headed back to Crimson. Once there, she persuaded Lulu to start phoning hotels in the San Pedro area, the nearest port to Los Angeles. Lulu said that Spinelli got seasick and would not go there, but Maxie told Lulu she was sure he would because it was near the harbor and Spinelli's superheroes always hopped a freighter. Lulu accepted the logic and agreed to help.

Sonny went to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Luke said he would not give advice, but Sonny said what he needed was a sounding board. He told Luke about the experimental treatment and how guilty he felt about leaving all the responsibility for the decision to Carly. He told Luke that he had been an emotional coward. Luke pointed out that Carly had forced Sonny to give up all rights, so technically he did not have any say, anyway.

Sonny said that he and Carly had moved past that point and had grown closer. He worried that he had shut down and left no room for hope. He had forced himself to be reconciled to the fact that Michael would never recover. He said that he was starting to think that his attitude was just a cop-out.

Lulu and Maxie tackled the list of hotels and asked for Hudson Rorschach, because Maxie was sure that Spinelli would adopt the alias of his favorite superhero. Maxie's hunch proved correct when she talked to the diner owner who said that Hudson Rorschach was staying there. Winnifred overheard and was distressed to know that Spinelli had been located.

Spinelli was gaga over Cassandra, and slightly groggy after he helped her move money from a secure government account, ostensibly belonging to her evil ex-husband, to hers. She continued to flatter him as she talked to him outside the diner. He started feeling dizzy and passed out before he could get inside. Cassandra bent over him and told him to sleep well because she had plans for him.

Sam went to Jason and told him that she was going after Spinelli. She said that Spinelli had the kind of skills that evil people would want to use and they would not care what happened to him. She asked Jason if he was coming with her or if she was going after Spinelli alone.

Robin was still in denial about her problems. She told Patrick that she needed her work as much as he did and that she had been wrong when she thought that she could be a stay at home mom. She said that everything would be okay if he would just help her hire a nanny so that they could both work. He said fine, they would get a nanny and, in the meantime, he would stay home with Emma, never mind if someone needed brain surgery. Robin retorted that he was making his job more important than hers.

Before they could say more, Carly knocked on the door. When Patrick opened it, she told him that she wanted him to perform the procedure on Michael.

Kate went to visit Claudia and brought out the big guns. She threatened to go to Claudia's enemies and tell them that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. When Claudia wanted to know to whom Kate would talk, Kate said that she could tell Jason or even Carly. Claudia was about to respond when Sonny walked in and wanted to know why Kate was talking about Michael to Claudia.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spinelli woke up in a concrete room with three computer monitors on a desk in front of him. Soon, Cassandra walked in, but it took Spinelli a while to realize she wasn't the damsel in distress she had claimed to be. Cassandra had lied to Spinelli when she told him about her husband taking all her money. It had all been a test, and Spinelli had passed with flying colors. Cassandra revealed that she was an art thief and needed Spinelli's expertise to crack a computerized safe. She told him she wouldn't kill him if he succeeded.

After Cassandra left Spinelli alone in his prison, Spinelli's conscience took the form of Maxie. On one side was Good Maxie who battled with Bad Maxie over what Spinelli should do. Finally, Spinelli decided to try an escape. Unfortunately, he didn't make it far before Cassandra caught him.

Back in Port Charles, Maxie decided she had to go hunt for her friend. Lulu would take care of Crimson business while Maxie was gone. Once Maxie arrived in Los Angeles, she quickly found Winnifred at the café talking to the owner about her "boyfriend." Maxie wasn't very happy about Winnifred's conversation and told her so. When Maxie learned that Spinelli had been taken hostage, she was even more upset that Winnifred hadn't protected her friend.

At Sonny's house, Sonny walked in and realized Kate and Claudia had been arguing. Claudia seemed very nervous as she waited for Kate to drop the bomb about Michael's shooting. Kate realized she was just as bad as Claudia if she revealed the truth. Sonny wouldn't listen to anything anyone ever said, so Kate decided it wasn't worth it.

After Kate left, Sonny asked Claudia what they had been talking about when he walked in. Claudia lied and said she had told Kate about the experimental procedure that was being done on Michael. Sonny was upset, because he didn't want everyone to know what was occurring.

Meanwhile, Lulu held down the fort at Crimson. Kate called Johnny in and asked him to attend another event with Maxie. Johnny informed Kate that Maxie had left town, but he could take Lulu. Kate didn't like that idea, since Maxie and Johnny were already known as the faces of Crimson. Kate was in a terrible mood, so when Lulu said she wouldn't give up her life outside of Crimson, Kate became enraged and told the girl to go home early. Johnny took Lulu back to the garage and told her he had used his money from Crimson for the first month's rent. He planned to open his own garage. Lulu was thrilled and kissed Johnny.

Once Sonny had left to go to Michael's long-term care facility, Claudia went to Crimson to visit Kate. Claudia wanted to know what Kate wanted in exchange for her silence. Kate said she didn't want anything from Claudia. When the phone rang, Kate excused Claudia and answered the phone.

In Michael's room, Carly told her son about the test Patrick would be performing. It wouldn't hurt Michael, but it would tell the doctors if he was a candidate for an experimental treatment that could bring him back. Carly wanted Michael to try his hardest during the test, but she would accept that he would never come back to her if the experimental treatment couldn't be done.

Patrick arrived at the facility and warned Carly that the outcome might not be what she wanted. Carly understood there were no guarantees, so Patrick left to prepare for the test. Robin soon arrived to observe the surgery, but Patrick wasn't happy about her making the trip. When Carly and Jax walked out of Michael's room and saw Robin, Carly was furious. She didn't want Robin anywhere near the operating room while the tests were being done on Michael.

Robin was only there because Sonny had asked her to consult on Michael's situation, but everyone was upset that she hadn't told anyone she would be there. When Sonny showed up, he didn't defend Robin except to say that he had asked her to be there. As soon as Robin was gone, Carly told Patrick he could begin the procedure.

Back at Kelly's, Liz and Rebecca sat at a table and talked. The two women seemed to be getting along until Liz asked if Rebecca was related to Emily. They were interrupted when Lucky walked in and approached them. Liz noticed that Rebecca was flirting with Lucky, but poor Lucky didn't see it. Rebecca made it abundantly clear, though, when she asked Lucky out.

Back at Sonny's, someone walked into the living room and reached behind a cabinet to reveal one of Jerry's DVDs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ethan and Luke were on the Haunted Star perusing a racing form. Each picked a favorite horse to win at a Costa Rican racetrack. Unfortunately, Ethan didn't have any cash to bet with and Luke refused to extend Ethan a loan. Lucky walked in while Ethan tried to cajole Luke into changing his mind, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead, Luke asked Lucky if he was interested in placing a bet on the horse race. Lucky declined the offer; he reminded his father that it was illegal.

Luke changed the subject by introducing Lucky to Ethan. The young men appeared to take an instant disliking to each other. Lucky's opinion of Ethan didn't improve when he learned the circumstances of Luke and Ethan's first meeting. Lucky accused Ethan of being a grifter. Lucky's mood turned sour when Luke informed his son that Ethan was the Haunted Star's new bartender.

Tracy's arrival drew everyone's attention to her. Lucky asked Tracy if she was okay with Ethan's presence in the casino. Tracy made it clear that she didn't have any issues with Ethan. Luke and Tracy's lack of concern about Ethan's shady past frustrated Lucky so he decided to leave. Before Lucky could take more than a few steps, Luke called out to his son. When Lucky turned around, Luke ordered Ethan to return Lucky's wallet. Ethan tried to pretended that he had no idea what Luke was talking about, but Luke would have none of it. Begrudgingly, Ethan handed over Lucky's wallet.

Lucky was livid; he threatened to arrest Ethan. Luke tried to diffuse the situation by reminding Lucky that he didn't have any witnesses to the crime. Lucky was stunned by his father's support of Ethan. Lucky turned to Tracy, in an effort to enlist her cooperation, but she sided with Luke. Lucky's outrage turned to hurt. He lashed out at his father, but Luke was unapologetic. As Lucky and Luke argued bitterly, Tracy jumped into the verbal battle. She asked Lucky if it had ever occurred to him that Luke might have been a better father if Lucky had been a better son. Tracy went on to suggest that if Lucky wanted Luke's respect, Lucky should consider showing his father some first.

Luke stepped in before things could escalate, but it was too late. Lucky stormed off, disgusted by the entire exchange. After Lucky's departure, Luke sent Ethan on an errand so that Luke could have a moment alone with Tracy. As soon as Ethan walked out of the room, Luke told Tracy that he didn't want her to involve herself in his problems with his children.

Spinelli remained Cassandra's prisoner in a secret location. When he managed to hack into the museum she planned to steal from, Cassandra was delighted. She was even more pleased when Spinelli tried to use Sonny Corinthos' name to secure his freedom. Cassandra admitted that after the heist, she had planned to kill Spinelli. However, after learning that he was affiliated with Sonny, Cassandra changed her mind. Cassandra hoped to fence her stolen goods through Sonny in exchange for Spinelli's safe return.

At the out of town diner, Winnifred, Maxie, and Sam anxiously awaited news from Jason. The ladies were disappointed when Jason returned to the diner without Spinelli. Winnifred decided to use her computer skills to learn Cassandra's identity, to no avail. Maxie was impatient with their lack of progress to locate Spinelli and Cassandra, so she asked Winnifred for a complete description of Cassandra, including what she had been wearing. Winnifred had no idea why it mattered, but she cooperated. As Winnifred described Cassandra's long coat, Maxie realized that it was a designer coat.

After a quick call to a boutique, where the coat was sold exclusively, Maxie had the names of customers who had purchased the coat. Within a short time, they discovered that Cassandra was an art thief. Thanks to Spinelli's quick thinking, by sending Winnifred random pop-up ads with clues, Jason, Sam, Maxie, and Winnifred deduced what Cassandra's plans were as well as where she planned to strike next.

Patrick called Robin from the long-term care facility where Michael was a resident. He told her that Michael's procedure went well, then asked Robin how things fared at home. Robin bristled at the question. She sniped that everything was fine.

Carly and Jax received crushing news when Patrick informed them that Michael wasn't a candidate for the experimental procedure. Jax wanted to get a second opinion, but Carly refused to consider it. Carly decided that she needed to accept that Michael would not emerge from the coma. She asked Jax to give her some time alone with her son before Jax and Carly left the hospital. After Jax left the room, Carly confessed to Michael that, while she knew she had to, she didn't know how to let go of her son. Carly told Michael that he would always be a part of her; nothing would ever change that.

When Jax returned to see if Carly was ready to leave, Carly looked up at Jax. Neither Carly nor Jax was aware that the machine, which monitored Michael's brain activity, showed a sudden spike.

Matt stopped by to visit Robin and Emma. Robin suspected that Patrick was behind the visit, but Matt insisted that it had been a spontaneous decision. Robin apologized for jumping to conclusions. Matt assured her that he understood; he claimed it was normal for women with post-partum depression to be moody. Robin was outraged by the suggestion that she suffered from PPD. In her fury, she threw Matt out of her home.

When Matt returned to the hospital, he ran into Patrick. Patrick was incensed when Matt confessed that he had suggested to Robin that she suffered from PPD. Matt was unapologetic. He warned his brother that Patrick's denial about Robin's situation would not help; she needed to talk to a professional.

Mike was delighted when he saw Robin walk into Kelly's, pushing Emma's stroller. As Robin settled down at a table, Liz entered. Liz lit up when she saw Emma. While Liz picked up Emma, Robin watched with a slightly strained smile. When Liz sat down to cuddle with the baby, Robin carefully broached the subject of PPD. She asked Liz if Patrick had asked Liz to check on Robin and Emma because he feared that she suffered from PPD.

Liz made it clear that Patrick had not asked her to check on Robin. Liz said that she visited Robin because they were neighbors and friends. Robin appeared to relax. She admitted to Liz that she was ready to return to work. Liz understood Robin's desire to work, because she knew how easy it was for a new mother to become wrapped up in being a mommy to the exclusion of everything else.

When Mike told Liz that her pick-up order was ready, Liz tried to hand Emma back to Robin. Instead of taking her daughter from Liz, Robin offered to fetch the box of food while Liz strapped Emma into the stroller. After she walked Liz to the door, Robin's cell phone rang. It was the hospital notifying Robin of an emergency situation. Robin snatched up her coat, then left Kelly's without a backward glance at Emma.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Robin arrived at Mercy Hospital minutes before several ambulances, transporting injured children, were scheduled to arrive. A doctor updated Robin on the situation before they prepared for the incoming traumas.

Later, Robin consulted with a doctor on staff about the injuries that she had treated. The doctor thanked Robin for her help. Minutes later, Nikolas entered the hospital. When he saw Robin, he commented that she looked stressed. Robin brushed away his concerns as the two friends sat down to visit with each other.

Nikolas mentioned that he was scheduled to meet Edward and Monica in order to go over plans for General Hospital's re-opening. Nikolas worried that Edward and Monica were going to be on his case because of Rebecca. Robin offered Nikolas words of encouragement. As Nikolas walked away he told Robin to give his love to Emma. Robin realized that she had left Emma at Kelly's. In a panic, Robin ran out of the hospital.

Lucky confronted Ethan on the docks. The argument quickly escalated into a physical altercation. Rebecca sprang into action when she saw the fight. She forced the two men to pull apart. Rebecca was surprised when Lucky let Ethan walk away. Lucky took responsibility for throwing the first punch. He told Rebecca that he feared Ethan was scamming Luke.

Rebecca and Lucky made their way to Kelly's. They were standing by the front door when Robin raced past them. Lucky was concerned that something was amis,s so he followed Robin into Kelly's to ask her what was wrong. Robin was crouched by Emma's stroller. Her baby was fast asleep and appeared to be unharmed. Robin quickly made up a lie about having left her cell phone in the car. Robin claimed that she had asked Mike to keep an eye on Emma while she fetched the phone. Lucky looked around but didn't see Mike. Robin deftly changed the subject by asking Lucky what had happened to his forehead.

Rebecca used the opportunity to try to persuade Lucky to go to the hospital to have the injury stitched up. Robin agreed that his cut needed attention. Lucky capitulated when Rebecca offered to accompany Lucky to the hospital. Robin returned to Emma's side after Lucky and Rebecca left. Robin apologized for leaving Emma at Kelly's while her daughter slept peacefully.

Luke and Tracy were on the Haunted Star discussing Lucky's outburst after Ethan had stolen Lucky's wallet. Luke appreciated Tracy's support, but he made it clear that he did not want her to interfere when it came to his relationship with his children. Luke suspected that Lucky wanted Luke's approval. He told Tracy that he wished Lucky would get on with his life without seeking validation from Luke.

Later, Johnny arrived at the Haunted Star looking for Lulu. As if on cue, Lulu walked into the casino. Without preamble, Lulu told Luke and Tracy that Johnny had opened a garage. Lulu wanted Luke and Tracy to send their auto repairs and maintenance Johnny's way. Tracy laughed at the idea. According to Tracy, sending her car to Johnny would be tantamount to scooping caviar onto corn chips. Luke, on the other hand, promised that he would do what he could to help Johnny's business grow.

Johnny expressed his displeasure after Luke and Tracy left. Johnny resented that Lulu had made him look like a charity case. Lulu assured Johnny that she had only been trying to help him drum up clients so that he would not need the money he made escorting Maxie around town on Crimson's behalf.

While they argued, Ethan strolled in. Ethan didn't attempt to hide that he had overheard the spat between the lovebirds. Johnny's ire mounted when Ethan offered to be Lulu's date so that she could pay Johnny back for stepping out on her. Johnny issued a warning to Ethan, then started to leave. Lulu stopped Johnny before he made it to the door. Johnny and Lulu exchanged apologies then kissed. After Johnny left, Lulu turned her wrath on Ethan. Ethan was unapologetic for trying to provoke Johnny.

Jason parked his car behind the museum that Cassandra intended to rob. Sam, Maxie, and Winnifred piled out of the car moments later. Maxie and Winnifred were engaged in their usual bickering until Jason was forced to call a halt to it by reminding the two ladies that they were there to rescue Spinelli.

Winnifred believed that she should be in charge of the rescue mission, since she was a FBI agent, but Jason quickly vetoed that idea. When Jason and Sam checked their guns, Winnifred asked them if they had permits. Maxie pointed out that the men they would be up against didn't care if anyone had permits for the guns that they carried.

After they put a plan of action together, Jason, Sam, and Winnifred entered the building. Jason stopped Maxie from following them. He insisted that she remain with the car to await their return. Maxie was disappointed, but she complied with Jason's wishes.

While Maxie waited in the car, a police officer approached her. He told her that she was parked illegally before he asked to see her license and registration. Maxie flirted with the officer until he let her off with a warning instead of a ticket.

Inside the museum, Cassandra gave Spinelli 20 minutes to open the safe; if he failed, then Spinelli would die. Spinelli managed to accomplish his task with only seconds to spare. After Cassandra left to fetch the painting, Spinelli tried to convince one of Cassandra's goons to release him. When the goon failed to give in to Spinelli's wishes, Spinelli took matters into his own hands. Spinelli jumped on the man's back in an effort to overpower him. The commotion alerted another goon, who burst through the door with his gun raised. Luckily, Jason, Sam, and Winnifred were seconds behind the man with deadly intentions. Jason subdued both criminals before Winnifred placed them under arrest.

As Maxie continued to wait inside the car, Cassandra and one of her goons emerged from the back door of the museum, carrying a stolen painting. Cassandra and her accomplice quickly loaded the painting in the back of a van, which was parked nearby.

To keep Cassandra from leaving, Maxie decided to confront the art thief. Maxie wove a convincing story. Maxie told them that she was Brad Pitt's assistant who had been dispatched to retrieve the painting. Cassandra almost bought the story until Maxie made a slip by referring to Cassandra as "Miss Prescott." Cassandra demanded to know how Maxie knew her name. Unfortunately, Maxie couldn't come up with a plausible lie. Cassandra ordered her thug to throw Maxie into the back of their van, but before he could follow the order, Jason, Spinelli, Sam, and Winnifred came to Maxie's rescue.

At the long-term care facility, Carly sat by Michael's bedside. She was crushed because Michael was not a candidate for the experimental procedure that might have reversed the coma he was in. A knock at the door heralded Sonny's arrival. When he asked Carly how the evaluation went, Carly, teary-eyed, walked into Sonny's arms.

Sonny was disappointed. When Sonny and Carly began to reminisce about Michael, Carly confessed that she believed it was time for her to let Michael go. Sonny told her that letting go would not diminish the pain of knowing that their son was in a persistent coma. A short time later, Jax entered Michael's room to take Carly home. Before they left, Sonny thanked Jax for everything he had done for Michael. Jax said that it had been easy because he loved Michael.

When Sonny was alone with Michael, he decided to call Robin. Sonny wanted Robin to give him a second opinion about Michael's condition. Sonny asked Robin to keep the request between them, because Sonny didn't want Carly to get her hopes up again. However, Sonny felt that something was telling him not to give up. While Sonny spoke to Robin, one of the monitors that Michael was hooked up to showed a brief spike in brain activity.

Jax and Carly returned to Port Charles. Before they went home, they decided to take a walk. Jax surprised Carly with the announcement that he wanted to take a trip to Fiji so that they could renew their wedding vows.

At Mercy, Rebecca and Lucky waited for a doctor to patch up Lucky's injury. Rebecca entertained Lucky with a story about how she had needed stitches on her chin after falling on a coffee table while she pretended to be a rock star. Nikolas stood nearby, eavesdropping on the conversation.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Outside of Kelly's, Patrick walked up as Robin apologized to Emma for leaving her behind at the diner. Robin looked like a deer caught in the headlights when Patrick told her that he knew what had happened. Her panic turned to relief when Patrick expressed his regret for confiding to his brother that Robin might be suffering from post-partum depression. Robin eased Patrick's worry; she told Patrick that he had every right to talk to his brother about his concerns.

Patrick changed the subject to ask Robin how her day with Emma went. Robin opted to lie to her husband. She told Patrick that she had spent several hours in the park showing Emma the pond and rocking her daughter in her lap while sitting on a swing. Patrick appeared greatly relieved to hear that Robin had spent an enjoyable day with their daughter. Robin's web of lies almost unraveled when Liz happened along. She thanked Robin for her help earlier that day. Luckily, Liz didn't reveal enough for Patrick to question Robin's story.

Later, at Mercy Hospital, Matt approached Patrick. When Matt brought up Robin's PPD, Patrick cut Matt off. He told Matt that he no longer believed Robin suffered from the disorder. Patrick cited Robin's story about rocking Emma on a swing as proof that Robin was bonding with their daughter. Patrick told Matt that he intended to spend more time with his wife, starting that evening. He asked Matt to cover his rounds so that Patrick could take Robin out for a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant. Patrick believed if he devoted more time to Robin, many of their problems would melt away.

Nikolas was not happy when he witnessed the easy camaraderie between Rebecca and Lucky as they waited in the hospital's lobby. Lucky called Nikolas over when he noticed his brother standing nearby. Nikolas explained that he was at the hospital on business, not because he was following Rebecca. The encounter became more strained when Lucky invited Nikolas to join Rebecca and him for a night on the town. Nikolas declined the offer.

Later, at Nikolas' request, Liz met him at Kelly's. Liz sensed that Nikolas was stressed. She guessed that it had to do with Lucky and Rebecca. Nikolas was surprised that she knew the two were spending time together. Liz admitted that she had bumped into Lucky and Rebecca earlier. Lucky had told Liz that Rebecca wanted to become more familiar with the town, so Liz had encouraged him to do what he wanted. In hindsight, Liz realized that it might have been inconsiderate of Nikolas' feelings. Nikolas told Liz that he knew he didn't have a right to be jealous, but that was exactly how he felt.

In Los Angeles, Winnifred waited for the authorities to arrive to collect Cassandra and her accomplices. Jason suggested that Winnifred take full credit for the arrests, so that Spinelli's life on the run would not be traced back to her. Winnifred was reluctant to agree, but capitulated when Jason pointed out that Rayner would take Spinelli back into custody because he was a flight risk.

Jason, Sam, Spinelli, and Maxie checked into a posh hotel of Maxie's choosing. Jason wasn't pleased with the arrangements, but Maxie argued that hiding in plain sight was a good idea. Jason explained that Spinelli needed to flee the country because the minute he stepped foot in Port Charles, Rayner would arrest Spinelli. Maxie was devastated when Spinelli supported Jason's plans. Maxie stormed out of the hotel room in a fit of fury, washing her hands of Spinelli once and for all.

Spinelli tracked Maxie down a short time later. Maxie apologized for her outburst, declared her undying love for Spinelli, and then kissed him.

At the museum, Winnifred waited for the FBI to arrive at the scene. Rayner was furious when he confronted his agent. He reminded her that she was not a field agent. He also pointed out that she had lied about her reasons for requiring a short leave of absence. After Rayner read Winnifred the riot act, he surprised her with the news that her escapades had impressed their superiors. Winnifred was speechless when Rayner went on to tell her that she would receive a commendation for her role in the capture and arrest of the art thieves. In addition, Winnifred would also receive a promotion as well as a bump in security clearance.

Back at the hotel, Sam had an idea to protect Sonny and Spinelli. She asked Jason what if they had someone working on the inside of the FBI who could destroy the evidence that they had against Spinelli.

Jax and Carly decided to renew their vows at the same conservatory where they were married. Carly wanted it to be a private affair with just the two of them. Jax thought it was a fabulous idea. The two went home where they made love.

Claudia, posing as Monica, was attemping to get information about Michael's test results when Sonny returned to Greystone Manor. Claudia disconnected the call before Sonny could question her about the phone call. Sonny's mood was dark as he informed Claudia that Michael was not a candidate for the experimental treatment. He was stunned when Claudia suggested throwing a party. Claudia explained that they could host a party for prominent mobsters in order to raise money for Michael's foundation.

Sonny was reluctant to agree because he feared that the FBI would be all over the party. Claudia didn't see that as a problem. She said that there was nothing illegal about throwing a party to quietly raise money for a worthy cause. Claudia also pointed out that the party would be a wonderful opportunity to show everyone that Sonny was in charge, Jason was his enforcer, and Claudia was Sonny's wife and partner. Sonny eventually agreed to the party. With that settled, Sonny and Claudia had sex.

As Robin drove to meet Patrick she came to a fork in the road. One direction led to Port Charles while the other direction led to the highway. Robin took a moment to weigh her options, then decided to head to the highway.

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