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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on GH
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Jason and Sam were in their hotel room trying to figure out a way to save Spinelli from prison when Winnifred arrived with news that she had been promoted. After she left to find Spinelli, Sam suggested that Winnifred might be in a position to make the evidence against Spinelli disappear.

Jason balked at the idea and told Sam that he did not want to do anything to hurt Spinelli or Winnifred like he had Michael.

In the hotel garden, Maxie and Spinelli admitted their love for each other. When Spinelli said he had to leave the country, Maxie told Spinelli that if he left her, she would turn to Johnny. Spinelli was very unhappy with the idea, but was reluctant to think that Johnny would cheat on Lulu. Maxie convinced him by telling him the truth about the night of the blizzard when she and Johnny had almost hooked up.

At the Mercy nurses' station, Patrick told Liz that he was leaving early to share a romantic dinner with Robin. He said that they were in a good place after he and Robin talked earlier in the afternoon. He was convinced that he had been too critical of Robin and that the tension in their relationship was his fault.

Liz told him not to be so hard on himself, but Patrick was convinced that he had overreacted when he thought that Robin might be suffering from postpartum depression. He admitted that he should have been more patient and he should have let her observe when he did the procedure on Michael, instead of expecting her to stay home with Emma.

Robin took a detour on her way to meet Patrick and ended up outside a bar on the outskirts of Rochester. She called Mac, and, without giving a reason, asked him to call Patrick and tell him that she was okay and that she would explain later.

Once inside the pub, Robin ordered a shot of tequila and told the bartender, Ruth, that her name was Nancy and that she was a pharmaceutical rep from San Francisco with no husband or children.

As Patrick was about to leave to meet Robin, he got called to do emergency surgery. He asked Liz to phone Robin and let her know. Liz's call went to voicemail when Robin screened the call and ignored her ringing phone.

Ruth was enthralled as Robin wove a tale about her imaginary, carefree life in San Francisco. Robin was just getting into a detailed description of her non-existent apartment, when a baby started crying. Ruth told Robin that she was a single mother, and had been forced to bring her baby to work because her babysitter was ill.

As Ruth showed off her baby, she told Robin that she had held a great job at a local factory since high school, but it had closed suddenly and she had been forced to take what work she could get. When Robin asked about nearby childcare, Ruth said that it was hard to find a childcare center that was both affordable and open at night.

Ruth's love for her daughter was obvious as she told Robin how much she envied mothers who could stay home with their children all the time. She said that she worried about every minute that she missed of her child's life and growth. Robin made encouraging comments and seemed to agree with Ruth.

After Ruth put the baby to sleep again, she asked if she had taken too long away from the bar. Robin said, "No." Ruth said that she was glad, but that she would always put her child first no matter what, even if it meant losing her job.

Robin made ready to leave, but said that Ruth had helped her put things in perspective and see what really mattered most. She left a generous tip when she exited the bar.

Lulu was out of her mind taking phone calls and putting out fires at Crimson when Johnny walked in. She told him that being there without Maxie made her appreciate how much work Maxie had done when she covered for Lulu. Kate came in a few minutes later and Lulu realized that Johnny had arrived because Kate had summoned him.

Kate wanted to talk about an upcoming fashion show that she expected Johnny to attend with Maxie. Johnny tried to get out of it, and Lulu suggested alternative dates for Maxie, but Kate insisted that Johnny was the one she paid to show up for public appearances. She was firm when she insisted that Lulu research talking points for Johnny to study before the fashion show.

Jax and Carly were at their home eating chips, drinking champagne, and cuddling on the couch when Diane showed up with a post-nuptial agreement. Both Jax and Carly were insulted, but ever-practical Diane pointed out that between them, their divorce count was in double digits.

Jax and Carly insisted that their marriage would last and that they did not need an agreement. Diane wished them well, but cited Carly's well-documented history with Sonny and Jax's temper where Sonny was concerned. After having her say, Diane left the lovebirds alone-and left the agreement behind.

After a passionate interlude in Sonny's study, Claudia and Sonny discussed the party, a.k.a. mob summit, that would solidify Sonny's power base and raise money for Michael's foundation. Despite their passion, Sonny still had trust issues with Claudia. When he asked her if she was hiding anything major from him, she said that they both had secrets, but there was nothing important that he did not know about her.

Sonny wanted to know exactly what Claudia thought her place was to be. She said that she wanted to be his ally and to support him. Sonny made it clear that he was not going to share the power equally with her. Claudia said that she was happy with what she had.

As they discussed who would be at the mob summit and how they would handle each attendee, Sonny told Claudia that he was glad to be married to someone who understood the business like she did.

Claudia wanted to put Johnny on the guest list. Sonny said that he would think about it. He gave Claudia a thoughtful look when she said that there were members of the family who might take action if Johnny was not there.

At another location, an unknown person played Jerry's final DVD. On it, Jerry congratulated Claudia for finding the DVD before Sonny found out that she had hired Ian Devlin and was therefore responsible for Michael's shooting and subsequent coma.

Sam wanted to know why Jason equated Winnifred and Spinelli with Michael. Jason said that he had failed Michael because time after time he had shown Michael that violence was the solution to every problem. He told Sam about the times that Michael had been kidnapped and even though Jason had saved him, it had always been with a gun.

Jason had tears in his eyes when he said that Spinelli and Winnifred were innocents, just like Michael, and he did not want to use Winnifred like he had Spinelli and potentially ruin her life as he had Michael's and Spinelli's.

Sonny called Jason and asked him to come home in time for the summit so that all the other mobsters would realize that Sonny was in charge and that Jason had willingly returned to the number two spot. Jason agreed.

Spinelli and Maxie joined Jason and Sam and announced that Spinelli would not be leaving the country, but would be returning to Port Charles. Jason tried to talk him out of it, but both Maxie and Spinelli were insistent that he would return. Winnifred showed up and announced that she had been promoted and had security clearance high enough that she could make the evidence against Spinelli go away.

Jason tried to show Winnifred the dangers and pitfalls in her plan, but she was confident in her abilities and would not listen to any arguments to the contrary. Jason was outnumbered and gave in reluctantly as they agreed to return to Port Charles together.

Liz waited for Patrick to finish surgery so that she could tell him that she had been unable to contact Robin, who had not reached the restaurant, returned home, or picked up the messages on her cell phone.

In Rochester, Robin checked into a hotel room. She took off her shoes, sighed, then lay down on the bed and closed her eyes.

When Sonny told Claudia to invite Ric, she was reluctant. Sonny said that Ric would do anything to curry Sonny's favor and, after Ric had been excluded for a while, Sonny wanted to see what his brother would do to get on his good side.

As Jerry's DVD played again, the camera pulled back to reveal Ric as the listener.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Agent Rayner showed up at Jason's apartment as Jason and Sam talked about Spinelli's whereabouts. After showing them a search warrant, Agent Rayner's men started searching Jason's apartment, but they were unable to find Spinelli. Before the senior FBI agent left, he threatened to delay Sam's private investigator's license. He also put an APB out on Spinelli, calling him armed and dangerous. Spinelli would be shot if Jason didn't bring Sonny in.

Meanwhile, Spinelli was hiding out at Maxie and Lulu's apartment. When Maxie called, she made Spinelli promise not to tell Lulu about how she almost slept with Johnny. After they hung up, Lulu walked into the room and told Spinelli that Maxie and Johnny were going out again that evening. Spinelli freaked out and almost spilled the secret, but he quickly covered it up. Lulu told him not to worry. They had to have faith that Maxie and Johnny weren't interested in each other.

Winnifred knocked on the door of the apartment, and Lulu quickly answered it. Winnifred wanted some privacy, but Lulu wasn't about to leave her own living room. Winnifred tried to speak in code to Spinelli, but Spinelli just wasn't getting what the young FBI agent was trying to say. Finally, Lulu agreed to leave the room so they could talk in private. Once they were alone, Winnifred told Spinelli that Agent Rayner was in town and that was their chance to destroy all the evidence the FBI had against Spinelli. They decided they needed to take action.

Spinelli stayed back at the apartment while Winnifred went to the local FBI office to try to hack into Agent Rayner's computer. She was unable to get past the firewalls, though. Winnifred called Spinelli, who, after some initial problems, was able to hack into the system. Suddenly, Winnifred heard Agent Rayner talking right before he opened the door to his office.

Winnifred quickly hid under the desk and held the phone so Spinelli could listen to the conversation. Agent Rayner was talking to Alexis about his earlier threat on Sam. He admitted to putting an APB out on Spinelli, saying he was armed and dangerous. Alexis dropped her papers near the desk where Winnifred was hiding, but offered to pick them up herself. Once Spinelli heard that news, he decided to dress up in a nice suit and sunglasses to become a man of action.

Later, Alexis met up with Nikolas at Kelly's and called her nephew a stalker for continuing to pursue Rebecca. Nikolas said he wasn't stalking the woman, but it was clear that he wasn't able to convince Alexis of that fact. It was made even worse when Lucky walked in and started to flirt with Rebecca, talking about their date the night before. When Nikolas left the café, he found Sam at the docks and asked what the status of her relationship with Lucky was. Sam said Lucky didn't want a relationship, but that made Nikolas wonder out loud why he was pursuing a relationship with Rebecca.

After meeting with Nikolas, Sam went to Kelly's. She found Rebecca there and asked if Rebecca could be a little more sensitive when it came to Lucky and Nikolas. Rebecca said she didn't need to make any excuses for going out on one date with Lucky. Sam and Nikolas would just have to deal with it. Meanwhile, Lucky met Nikolas on the docks. Nikolas warned his brother to stay away from Rebecca, or else.

Also meeting on the docks were Carly and Kate. Carly had overheard Kate calling in and asking if she was still supposed to meet with Jax that afternoon. Carly told Kate the meeting would not go as planned, because Carly and Jax were renewing their vows that very day. Kate tried to be nice and said she didn't want Jax or Sonny. Carly would be able to happily continue her life with Jax.

Kate said she could have ruined Claudia's life, but Kate would be no better than anyone else if she stooped to that level. Carly wanted to know what Kate knew about Claudia, but Kate avoided answering the question. She couldn't leave things well enough alone, though, and Kate said she hoped for Jax's sake that Carly really loved him. Kate feared Sonny and Carly would get back together. Carly tried to turn the tables and said she blamed Kate for taking Michael to the warehouse on that fateful night. Kate reminded Carly that she could have pressed charged when Michael had shot her.

After leaving from her meeting with Kate on the docks, Carly went to Jason's apartment. She knew he was distressed about Spinelli and knew it must be serious. Carly was trying to learn how to deal with the fact that her son would never come back to her, though. She knew once she had seen Patrick's face that Michael wasn't a candidate for the new treatment. Carly asked Jason if she was throwing herself at Jax the way Sonny had thrown himself at Kate while he was grieving for his son.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Maxie went out on their "Crimson date" and ended up drunk at the end of the night. Maxie couldn't stop goading Johnny by saying she knew that he wanted her. Finally, Johnny admitted that he did want to kiss her again. Maxie passionately grabbed Johnny and they started to kiss. Suddenly, Johnny and Maxie realized they couldn't continue making out and pulled away from each other.

Back at Crimson, Lulu asked Kate how long Maxie and Johnny's charade would continue. Kate didn't know, but she said it would continue as long as she needed it to. Kate also warned Lulu that it might be better for her to get out of her relationship with a known mobster before it was too late. Soon, Johnny and Maxie were back at Crimson, where Lulu was waiting for them. She walked out and noticed the lip gloss on Johnny's collar and asked where it had come from.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Patrick asked Liz to babysit Emma while he went in search of Robin. He was worried because Robin had failed to come home the night before. Patrick was also frustrated because the police refused to act until a person had been missing a full 24 hours. Patrick was about to leave when his phone rang. It was Mac. Mac had called to let Patrick know that Robin had left a message with Mac. Mac assured Patrick that Robin was fine, but he was unable to provide more details.

Patrick was hurt because Robin had called Mac rather than her own husband. Liz felt bad for Patrick. She suggested that perhaps Robin wasn't ready to speak to Patrick. Liz believed that Robin was feeling overwhelmed and Patrick represented all of the things that Robin couldn't deal with at that moment. Patrick admitted that his patience was wearing thin. It was difficult for him not to take Robin's rejection personally. Patrick walked out of the door without another word.

At Jake's, Coleman had NASCAR driver, Jeff Burton, autograph a picture for him. Patrick walked in seconds later; he was in a foul mood. As Patrick sipped his drink, he discussed the possibility of heading to a racetrack to drive. Jeff Burton spoke up when he heard Patrick mention a racetrack in Atlanta.

It soon became clear to Jeff and Coleman that Patrick had no idea who Jeff was. Patrick dismissed comments that Jeff had made about racing. Instead, Patrick arrogantly bragged about having once been a semi-professional driver. Jeff smiled indulgently when Patrick suggested that Jeff didn't know what he was talking about when it came to racing. Patrick got his first inkling that something was off when Coleman waved away Jeff's attempt to close his tab before leaving.

After Jeff left, Patrick asked Coleman why he had let the man drink on the house. Patrick was mortified when Coleman explained that the man Patrick had just insulted was a professional racecar driver.

Later, Patrick returned home. He apologized to Liz for walking out on her. He also admitted that he had not gone looking for Robin; he'd been too busy making an "ass" out of himself at Jake's. Liz told Patrick that she had compiled some reading material on postpartum depression that she hoped would help Patrick and Robin get the help that they needed. Liz also told Patrick that she had arranged for a sitter to stay with Emma until Robin came home.

Robin returned to the bar that she had stumbled across after she left Port Charles. Things took an interesting turn when Robin met a man named Brad Seagrave. Robin introduced herself as Nancy Green, a pharmaceutical sales representative from San Francisco. Brad had been hired to do some carpentry work at the bar. As he went about his tasks, Robin and Brad flirted. Eventually, Brad invited Robin to go on a spontaneous road trip with him; his sister had given him tickets to an opera. Robin was flattered, but hesitated accepting the date. Brad realized that Robin wanted to be anywhere but where she was at that moment.

At Crimson, Maxie and Johnny explained away the lip gloss that Lulu had found smeared on Johnny's shirt collar. They claimed that it must have happened when one of the models or starlets, whom they had hobnobbed with, had hugged Johnny. Lulu believed them, but she was fed up with Maxie and Johnny's escapades. Lulu wanted Johnny to quit his job as Maxie's escort. Johnny told Lulu that he loved her, but that wasn't enough for Lulu. When Johnny invited Lulu for a long drive, Lulu readily accepted.

In Agent Rayner's office, Winnifred huddled under Rayner's desk while Alexis argued with the FBI agent. Alexis was furious because Rayner had threatened to block Sam's private investigator's license. Winnifred experienced a moment of panic when Alexis dropped her purse. Winnifred and Alexis locked eyes as Alexis bent down to retrieve her handbag. Luckily for Winnifred, Alexis covered for her.

Meanwhile, Rayner warned Alexis that he would make her relationship with Sonny public. Alexis wasn't intimidated by Rayner's threat. She informed Rayner that there weren't any secrets in Port Charles; everyone knew she had slept with Sonny. Winnifred's hiding spot was almost exposed minutes later when Winnifred sneezed. When Rayner questioned Alexis about the noise he had heard, Alexis lied. She told him that the noise was a result of something that she had eaten. Alexis went on to scold Rayner; it was rude of him to ask about it. Rayner bit back a smile.

Eventually, Alexis managed to lure Rayner out of his office. She was unaware that Spinelli was hiding behind a potted plant, nearby. As soon as Rayner and Alexis were out of eyesight, Spinelli slipped into Rayner's office. Winnifred was glad to see Spinelli. The two went to work. They hacked into the FBI's system then found all records of evidence that the FBI had against Spinelli. Spinelli couldn't help but review them first. Winnifred reminded Spinelli that their time was limited. Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong when Spinelli began to delete the files.

Sonny went to Carly's house to tell her about Claudia's party plans. Sonny was speechless as Carly glided down the stairs dressed in an elegant white gown. He told Carly that she looked amazing. Carly was pleased. She informed Sonny that she and Jax intended to renew their wedding vows that day. Sonny teased Carly, but then told her that, all kidding aside, he was happy for her.

As they sat down, Sonny told Carly about Claudia's idea to host a party for mobsters in order to raise money for Michael's foundation. As they talked about Claudia and the party, Carly realized that Sonny was content with his marriage. She told him that she was happy for him. Sonny appreciated Carly's support.

The two then began to talk about Michael. Sonny told Carly that he had asked Robin to examine Michael. Sonny also assured Carly that he understood if she wasn't ready to get her hopes up about Michael's chances for improvement. Sonny was willing to carry the torch of hope until Carly was ready. Sonny believed that they needed to keep every option open in case there was a way to help Michael. Carly appreciated Sonny's understanding. She gave him her blessing to move forward with his plans.

Sonny stood up to leave. Before he walked out of the door, he told Carly that she had always made a lovely bride.

At the Metro Court hotel, Olivia updated Jax on the wedding preparations. Jax was eager to renew his vows to Carly. Olivia was impressed by Jax's romantic streak.

Jax and Carly met at the conservatory. When the minister failed to show, Jax and Carly decided to exchange their vows anyway. Each spoke from their heart as they declared their love to each other and their commitment to the marriage.

Olivia was annoyed when Sonny showed up at the Metro Court hotel and accused her of always being the bridesmaid, but never the bride. She realized moments later that he had deliberately set out to provoke her. Olivia didn't appreciate Sonny's games. Sonny asked whom she was saving herself for. Was there a man whom she wanted who had rejected her? Olivia insisted that she could have married 50 times if she had been willing to settle. Olivia believed that there wasn't a man alive she couldn't have if she set her mind to it.

Marty called out to Olivia to let her know that Jax's mail had arrived. Sonny was surprised that her job as operations manager included sifting through Jax's mail. Olivia ignored Sonny's taunt. Moments later Olivia was startled to find a package addressed to Jax from his brother, Jerry.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

At the Drake residence, Patrick thanked Liz for the information that she had gathered on postpartum depression. He confessed that he had recognized many of Robin's symptoms as he flipped through the pages. Liz was a supportive friend as she advised Patrick to seek guidance from a therapist on how to approach Robin about PPD. Liz reminded Patrick that Robin was in denial about her condition. She was certain that Robin had pulled away from her family because she thought it was best for Emma. It was an act of love, not betrayal.

As Liz left, Mac arrived to talk to Patrick. Maxie was close behind her uncle. Mac was furious with Patrick; he believed that Patrick had driven Robin away. Patrick explained that Robin suffered from PPD. Mac refused to consider the possibility; he threatened to take Emma home with him. Patrick made it clear that Mac would not be allowed to leave with Emma.

Maxie stepped in to defuse the situation. She told Mac that there was something wrong with Robin. Maxie admitted that she had first noticed it the night of the hospital crisis. Mac listened quietly as Maxie recounted each incident where Robin had behaved out of character. Mac kept trying to make allowances for Robin's behavior until he ran out of excuses. Maxie pleaded with her uncle see the truth-Robin was in trouble. Maxie insisted that everyone needed to be on the same page if they were going to help Robin when she came home.

At the bar, Robin confessed to Brad that she had not been honest with him. Robin went on to explain that she had been hurt, in the past, by someone whom she had loved. Brad seemed disappointed that Robin wasn't ready to date, but he accepted Robin's decision.

A short time later, Ruth returned to the bar. She had her daughter with her. Ruth asked Robin to hold the baby while Ruth went to fetch the crib. Robin was reluctant to take the baby, but Ruth gave her little choice. Brad teased Robin when he noticed how uncomfortable she appeared while holding the little girl. Robin explained that she wasn't used to children and that babies didn't seem to like her. Ruth chuckled because her daughter, Anna, appeared content in Robin's arms.

The moment Robin was able to hand Anna back to Ruth, she did so. Brad watched as Robin grabbed her things then practically ran out of the bar.

Robin returned to her motel room. She made plans to check out, but instead of leaving town, Robin returned to the bar. Robin explained that she had left earlier because of an important conference call. Brad believed Robin's lie. Robin then surprised Brad by asking him if his invitation for a date was still open.

Alexis went to Jason's penthouse to tell him that she had caught Agent Winnifred Leeds huddled under Agent Rayner's desk. Alexis also let Jason know that Spinelli had been lurking in the FBI building disguised as a "Blues Brother."

At the conservatory, Jax and Carly exchanged vows. The minister arrived as they were kissing. He offered to leave, but the Jackses insisted that he perform the wedding ceremony. They told the minister that it was important to them.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Sonny noticed that Olivia tensed up as she sifted through Jax's mail. He asked Olivia about the package in her hand. Olivia appeared concerned as she started to open it. Sonny stopped Olivia from following through with her impulse. He reminded Olivia that it was a federal offense to open another person's mail. Olivia made it clear that she was not worried about breaking the law. However, she did put the letter opener down. Olivia tuned Sonny out in order to focus on her work.

Alexis' arrival quickly distracted Sonny. He told Alexis about the party that he was hosting. He also informed Alexis that he and Jason had reached an understanding.

After their wedding, Carly and Jax went to the Metro Court. Alexis immediately realized what they had been up to when she spotted them in the lobby. Alexis warned Jax that she would not offer any discounts for their next divorce. As Alexis walked away, Carly reminded Jax that Alexis' reaction was the reason they had not invited anyone to their wedding.

Olivia spotted the happy couple in the lobby. She told Carly and Jax that the honeymoon suite was ready for them. Carly was delighted. Olivia asked Jax if he had a minute to spare to discuss business, but Jax declined. His priority was his honeymoon, not work. Olivia smiled in understanding.

Later, Jax approached Olivia in the lobby. He wanted Olivia to close the pool to guests so that Carly and Jax could have the pool to themselves. Olivia agreed in exchange for Jax opening the package that she had been holding for him. She said that the marks on the envelope had seemed familiar. When Carly joined Jax in the lobby, he told Carly that they had some business to attend to before they went swimming.

At Maxie and Lulu's apartment, Spinelli ignored Jason's phone calls. Winnifred wondered why Spinelli didn't want to talk to his friend. Spinelli explained that he was afraid to talk to Jason because Spinelli had broken his promise to stay in the apartment.

The matter became moot minutes later when someone knocked on the door. While Spinelli hid, Winnifred answered the door. Jason was furious as he barged into the apartment. He demanded that Spinelli show himself. When Spinelli stepped out of hiding, Jason yelled at him. Jason told Spinelli that he had taken an unnecessary risk by sneaking into Rayner's office. Spinelli tried to justify what he had done, but Jason was more interested in the results.

Spinelli admitted that they had been able to destroy the evidence on file. Unfortunately for Spinelli, they discovered that a backup file had been downloaded onto a flash drive. The flash drive remained hidden at an undisclosed location.

Maxie walked into the apartment just as Jason warned Spinelli that if he continued to take risks then Jason would be forced to send Spinelli and Winnifred into hiding. Maxie accused Winnifred of secretly plotting for that very thing to happen.

Later, Winnifred and Spinelli worked on their computers, searching for the location of the flash drive. Winnifred asked Spinelli what he would do when they found it. Spinelli confessed that he intended to don a disguise to retrieve it. Spinelli was excited when he finally managed to track down the location of the flash drive. Upon further investigation, he learned that they would need a higher security clearance than Winnifred had.

Winnifred and Spinelli decided that they would break into Rayner's office. They would wait until Rayner was busy with Sonny's party, and then slip into the agent's office so that they could use his computer to elevate Winnifred's security clearance. Afterwards, Winnifred and Spinelli planned to steal the flash drive.

At Claudia's request, Johnny went to Greystone Manor to visit his sister. Claudia's joy turned to frustration when Johnny refused to attend her party. Johnny reminded Claudia that he was out of the family business. Claudia pleaded with Johnny to reconsider, but Johnny refused. He warned Claudia that she was getting in too deep with Sonny and she would eventually convince herself that she could trust Sonny. When that happened, Johnny feared Claudia would confess her role in Michael's shooting to Sonny. Claudia dismissed the possibility; she reminded Johnny that she was not stupid.

Johnny warned Claudia that the truth was out there. Johnny believed it was only a matter of time before Sonny discovered it. Johnny was certain that when that happened, Sonny would kill Claudia.

Claudia went to Jason's penthouse to make certain that Jason would attend the party at Greystone Manor. Jason was uneasy when he discovered that Claudia had planned the party, not Sonny. However, Jason did say that he would be at the party for Sonny's sake.

Johnny was waiting when Sonny arrived home. Johnny offered to be at the party in exchange for Sonny's agreement to divorce Claudia. Sonny was taken aback by the ultimatum. Johnny explained that he was trying to protect his sister from emotional hurt.

When Claudia arrived home a short time later, Sonny told Claudia about Johnny's demand for Sonny to divorce Claudia.

Rayner went to Jason's penthouse. The agent insisted that Jason wear a wire to Sonny's party.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Patrick, Mac, and Maxie were gathered at the Drake residence. Mac believed that Patrick was somehow responsible for Robin's postpartum depression. Maxie explained that Robin's condition was hormonal; Patrick didn't cause it. Mac insisted that Patrick's lack of support contributed to the situation deteriorating. Maxie defended Patrick. She told Mac that Robin's denial had made things worse.

Maxie claimed that Robin had a gift for rationalizing everything. Maxie was certain that when Robin returned she would have a perfectly reasonable explanation for leaving town. However, that didn't change the fact that Robin desperately needed help.

Mac decided that he would go in search of Robin. Patrick believed that it was his responsibility, as Robin's husband, to find his wife. The two men argued about who would look for Robin until Maxie threw her hands up in the air then left.

When Mac received a call, Patrick correctly guessed that Mac had information on Robin's whereabouts. Patrick pleaded with Mac to tell him where Robin was. Patrick thought, for Emma's sake, that it was important for him and Robin to work out their problems. Mac reluctantly told Patrick that Robin had been found in a motel in Rochester.

At the bar, Brad was delighted when Robin told him that she had changed her mind about going out with him. They sat down to sip on a beer while they checked the paper for a movie to go to. Robin wanted to see a French movie; Brad wanted to see something more lighthearted. They agreed on a movie then left the bar.

Later, Robin and Brad returned from the movie. They had seen the French movie, after all. The movie appeared to parallel Robin's life. The story centered on a woman who had left her family. Brad sensed that the movie somehow struck close to home for Robin, but Robin denied it. At one point, as the two talked about the movie, Robin leaned over to kiss Brad.

At Jason's penthouse, Agent Rayner insisted that Jason wear a wire to Sonny's party. Jason refused to comply with Rayner's demands. Rayner reminded Jason what was at stake. He told Jason that he would have Spinelli arrested immediately if Jason did not cooperate. Rayner made it clear that he knew exactly where Spinelli was hiding out. Jason tried to dig in his heels, but Rayner would have none of it. He painted a bleak picture of Spinelli's future behind bars. Rayner then reminded Jason that Sonny was a career criminal.

Later, Jason asked Diane to meet him at his penthouse. Jason explained his situation to Diane. Diane told Jason that Spinelli's case was difficult to defend. Her only hope would be to plead diminished capacity. Jason feared that it would crush Spinelli to be deemed mentally unfit. Diane warned that it would only be a temporary solution. Diane believed that the FBI had a very strong case against Spinelli; eventually Spinelli would be convicted of criminal wrongdoing.

After Diane left, Jason called Rayner. Jason agreed to wear the wire. A short time later, Rayner gave Jason last-minute instructions as Jason was fitted with a listening device.

Sam went to Rayner's office to talk to the agent about her private investigator's license. Sam wanted to know what it would take for Rayner to approve her PI license. Rayner told her that when the situation with Spinelli was resolved, he would back down. Sam was furious; she accused Rayner of being a hypocrite. During her tirade, Sam ripped Rayner's identification card from his jacket. She flung it back at him as she stormed out of the office. When the door was closed, Sam opened her hand. It appeared that Sam had switched Rayner's identification card.

At Maxie and Lulu's apartment, Spinelli showed Winnifred his latest disguise: a military uniform. Spinelli believed he would be able to blend in when they broke into the facility where the flash drive was stored. Winnifred worried that the uniform would draw too much attention. She asked Spinelli to reconsider his decision to leave the apartment. Spinelli insisted on being a man of action. He refused to sit in the apartment while others saved him from disaster. Winnifred understood Spinelli's need to take charge of the situation. She asked Spinelli to trust her; Winnifred had another idea.

Maxie arrived home to find Spinelli dressed as a maintenance worker. Maxie became upset when she realized that Spinelli intended to leave the safety of the apartment. While Winnifred stepped out of the apartment, Maxie begged Spinelli to change his mind. Spinelli explained to Maxie that he needed to be in charge of his own destiny. For Spinelli, it was a matter of honor. A short time later, Winnifred returned to the apartment to tell Spinelli that it was time for them to leave. Maxie kissed Spinelli then made him promise to return to her safely.

Jax and Carly returned to their honeymoon suite. They were in an amorous mood, so the package that Jax had brought up was dropped on the floor and forgotten. Later, as Jax and Carly cuddled on the sofa, in post-coitus bliss, Jax remembered the package. He retrieved it from the floor then opened it. Inside was a DVD. Jax wanted to watch it, but Carly had other plans. She lured her husband back to bed by dropping the sheet she had wrapped around her naked body.

Some time later, Jax and Carly snuggled together in bed. Carly talked about Michael. She admitted that it helped her knowing that the man who had shot Michael was dead. She confessed that she wouldn't be able to handle it if the person responsible for Michael's shooting were walking around. Carly ran to take a shower when Jax reminded her of their dinner reservations. Jax decided to view the DVD. After he put it in the player, Jerry's image came on screen. Jerry announced that he had a confession to make.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny told Claudia about Johnny's ultimatum. Johnny agreed to attend the party in exchange for Sonny's promise to divorce Claudia. Claudia asked Sonny if she should change for the party or pack her things. Sonny asked Claudia if Johnny's demand was Claudia's way of letting Sonny know that she wanted out of the marriage. Claudia turned the question around on Sonny. Sonny admitted that he was satisfied with their marriage. Claudia seemed relieved as she confessed that she was content to be married to Sonny.

As Claudia gathered her things, so that she could go upstairs to change, she explained that Johnny's desire to obtain a divorce for Claudia was her brother's way to protecting his sister. Sonny found the statement curious. He pointed out that it was not the first time Claudia and Johnny had claimed that Claudia needed protection from Sonny. Sonny wanted to know exactly how he posed a threat to Claudia. Claudia managed to talk her way out of it without arousing Sonny's suspicions.

Before Claudia went upstairs, Jason's name was mentioned. Sonny told Claudia that he trusted Jason implicitly.

While Claudia changed for the party, Ric arrived at Greystone Manor. Sonny offered Ric a position within the organization, but he made it clear that he expected Ric to be completely loyal to him.

Diane stopped by to see Max before the party. She warned Max to be careful about what he said and to whom he said it. She stressed that Max was to be extra careful talking around Jason.

Later, Jason arrived at Greystone Manor. When Max tried to search Jason, Jason pulled away. Luckily for Jason, Sonny intervened; he told Max that Jason didn't need to be searched.

Claudia didn't hide her disdain for Ric when he showed up on her doorstep. Ric sauntered into Claudia's bedroom with complete confidence. He told her that Sonny had offered him a job, then revealed that he had one of Jerry's DVD's. Claudia's smile fell when she saw a familiar DVD in Ric's hand.

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