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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 13, 2009 on GH
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Spinelli saw Johnny kiss Maxie and got very angry. When Spinelli told Johnny how much it would hurt Lulu, Johnny replied that he and Lulu had just broken up. That made Spinelli so mad that he punched Johnny and scuffled with him. Johnny did not fight back, but disengaged himself from Spinelli. After telling Spinelli he was sorry, Johnny left the docks.

Maxie tried to explain that it was only a kiss, but Spinelli did not see it that way. When Maxie tried to tell him how much she cared for him and how important he was to her, he did not buy it. He asked her if she had the same primal attraction to him that she had to Johnny. When she could not answer in the affirmative, Spinelli broke up with her and wished her well.

Nikolas was in Kelly's when the doctor called Rebecca with news about her biopsy. Rebecca seemed very upset and Nikolas took her in his arms to comfort her, but she said she was fine and that she had gotten good news. She was cancer-free. She said that she had been so prepared for bad news that she was momentarily stunned to get the good news.

They celebrated with an ice cream sundae and grew closer. Halfway through the sundae, Rebecca excused herself to take a phone call in private. She loudly told the person on the other end to stop bothering her, because she had just dealt with a very scary health crisis.

Nikolas responded to Rebecca's raised voice, but she hung up and told him that it was a friend from home who was being too needy. Nikolas appeared to believe her; they finished the sundae and Nikolas walked her to her room. Nikolas told Rebecca that he was very interested in her and wanted to get to know her better. Rebecca said that she felt the same. She kissed him on the cheek before leaving him at the door.

Carly overheard Claudia talking to Kelly in the hospital lobby, but Claudia saw her and pretended that she was getting information on ways to prevent pregnancy instead of ways to get pregnant. As soon as Claudia left, Carly tried to get information on Claudia's conversation with the doctor, but Kelly did not violate doctor-patient confidentiality.

When they reached Kelly's office, Carly wanted to know if she could get pregnant again. Kelly was not encouraging. She told Carly that she wanted to do more tests because she feared that Carly had a condition that would cause blood clots. When Carly said that she might already be pregnant, Kelly pointed out all the dire consequences, including the possibility of Carly's death and the death of her unborn child.

At Sonny's house, Ric spilled the beans about Claudia's part in Michael's shooting to Jason and Sonny, but Jason did not believe him and Sonny wanted proof. Ric produced Jerry's distinctive DVD, which Sonny recognized. Ric told him that Jerry had hidden them in Sonny's house for Claudia to find as part of a sick game.

When Sonny said it sounded far-fetched, Ric said that Jerry had been in business with Ian Devlin and both had some kind of deal with Claudia. Ric said that the hit on Sonny was strictly mob revenge gone horribly wrong.

Jason said that Ric was lying, and Ric said that Jason was jealous. Sonny said it was time to watch the video, just as Claudia entered the room. Sonny told her to stay for the show. When Sonny pushed the button, the DVD failed to load. Ric tried unsuccessfully to make it play. He accused Claudia of sabotage.

Claudia remained cool and pretended ignorance about the DVD. She called Ric a liar. He responded by accusing her of wiping out the DVD. Jason took Claudia's side, but Sonny wanted more proof, and said that if either Ric or Claudia left town, he would take that as a sign of guilt.

Ethan was upset when Lulu showed up at his motel. He yelled at her and wanted to know who told her where he lived. He calmed down when she told him he was losing his con man cool. They had a friendly conversation until Ethan mentioned Lulu's relationship to Luke and hit a nerve. Lulu got upset and angry. She told Ethan that he did not know anything about her. He tried to apologize, but Lulu flounced out of his room after a few choice words.

Spinelli found Johnny in Kelly's. Johnny tried to apologize, but Spinelli told him to save it. He told Johnny that it would be okay if Johnny got together with Maxie, but it had better be because he cared for her and not to satisfy his lust. Spinelli was very clear when he told Johnny that if Johnny hurt Maxie in any way, Spinelli would avenge her.

Maxie was waiting when Lulu got home. She tried to apologize, but Lulu would have none of it. She called Maxie selfish. Lulu said she had lost the only two friends that she had. Then she told Maxie to pack her bags and get out of the apartment.

Carly went to see Michael. She told him the predicament she was in about her health. She told Michael that she loved him and asked him to send some good thoughts her way. As Carly turned her back and left the room, Michael's hand moved.

After Jason left with Ric, Sonny made a drink for himself and Claudia. She thanked him for not believing Ric. He told her that it was the least he could do, lacking evidence. He told her that should proof of her involvement surface, there would be no place she could hide from him.

Jason took Ric to the docks and put a gun to his head. Ric asked if Jason was going to kill him just because Jason hated him. Jason said no, that Sonny wanted proof, so Jason would wait until he got it, though he was convinced of Ric's guilt. Ric said that Jason was going to look like a fool, because Ric had a duplicate DVD and the truth would come out and vindicate him.

A woman walked into a dark and empty General Hospital on the evening before the grand reopening. She went directly to the computer. After she typed in a few letters, it was revealed that she was Helena Cassadine. She looked at the computer screen and started laughing maniacally.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nikolas found Rebecca on the docks waiting for him. He had arrived earlier than usual, and Mike had told him that Rebecca might be waiting for the launch. Nikolas and Rebecca seemed to flirt with each other until Nikolas leaned in for a kiss. Rebecca pulled away, and Nikolas asked her if she still thought he wanted to be close to her due to her resemblance to Emily. Rebecca said she didn't worry about Emily's effect on Nikolas anymore, and Nikolas told her he no longer thought of Emily when he saw Rebecca.

At General Hospital, Monica and Patrick watched as Epiphany yelled at two interns for showing up at Mercy Hospital instead of reading her memo about being at General Hospital for the re-opening ceremony. Epiphany threatened the two interns with the giant scissors that were waiting to cut the ribbons at the ceremony.

Monica liked the changes that had been made to General Hospital, but she noted that some things-like Epiphany-never changed. Alexis was cheerful when she walked in and greeted Epiphany, but the head nurse reminded Alexis of the last party that had been held at General Hospital. Alexis admitted that the past was alarming, but she would still be attending the ceremony later that afternoon.

Epiphany was thrilled that Robin was back at work, especially after she fixed their printer issues from earlier in the morning. Robin said that everyone except her husband seemed happy to have her back at work. She had caught Patrick talking to Liz about the new daycare center at the hospital, and assumed Patrick wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom with Emma.

Robin tried to confide in Dr. Lee, but her dear friend knew that Robin wasn't as innocent as she claimed to be. As they talked, they witnessed Patrick as he gave a toy car to Liz for Cameron. Dr. Lee realized Robin was jealous of Patrick's behavior towards Liz.

Matt found his brother sitting in the waiting area of the hospital looking over some charts, and asked if they should flip a coin to see who would perform the first surgery in the new operating room. Patrick said he wasn't interested and Matt could perform the surgery. Matt asked if Patrick no longer desired a challenge, but Patrick said he had enough challenges at home, and walked away.

Tracy visited Lulu at her apartment and could tell the girl was still devastated by her breakup with Johnny. Lulu said she was just fine, but Tracy knew by the amount of clutter that Lulu was far from fine.

Tracy tried to sidetrack Lulu by asking if she had found anything out about Ethan. Lulu said she had found Ethan staying at a motel just outside of town, which was strange, since Luke would have allowed Ethan to stay at the Haunted Star. Ethan was also jumpy when Lulu showed up at his motel door. Lulu didn't notice anything to make her think Ethan was anything more than a con man with people out to get him, but Tracy wasn't so convinced.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan made an elixir for Luke's hangover and they talked about the previous night's business. Lucky walked in and wanted Ethan to leave, but Luke said Ethan could stay. That annoyed Lucky, but he decided to continue the conversation he had intended to have with Luke.

Lucky was worried about Lulu since her breakup with Johnny. Lucky thought they could all spend the evening together, attending the reopening of General Hospital and having dinner. Luke wasn't interested, though, and said Lulu was more resilient than Lucky thought. That news infuriated Lucky, who began to yell at his father.

Ethan stood up for Luke and said most people would be grateful to have a father like Luke. Lucky gave up after he realized Ethan had already bought into Luke's stories. After Lucky left, Luke thanked Ethan for defending him. Luke wasn't thrilled with the conversation regarding fatherhood, though.

Ethan said he wasn't making anything up. He had meant what he had said. Luke told the young man to go easy on Lucky. His son was always upset because he hadn't lived the life with his father that he had wanted. Luke asked Ethan if there was anything in his past that made him angry, and Ethan admitted that there was.

Luke decided to be a nice boss, and allowed Ethan the afternoon off. Ethan took the opportunity to visit Lulu, who answered the door by shoving a box in Ethan's face. Lulu had thought it was Johnny at the door, so she told him she never wanted to see him again as she shoved the box towards him. Ethan smiled and said that she surely hadn't meant him. Lulu wasn't thrilled to see Ethan at her doorstep.

Johnny and Claudia talked in Sonny's living room about a second DVD that Claudia was sure Ric had kept with his attorney. Claudia didn't care how Johnny did it, but she wanted him to confiscate the disc before Ric had a chance to show it to Sonny. Johnny wasn't sure how he was going to accomplish that feat, but Sonny walked in and interrupted them. He was furious that Claudia was telling Johnny about the situation with Ric, but Claudia denied telling her brother anything. Johnny followed her lead and said he was just checking on how Sonny was treating his sister.

Sonny visited Carly at the Metro Court and asked her opinion about Claudia and Ric. He wanted to know whom he should believe if they were telling contradicting stories. That was a hard question, even for Carly. She admitted that she didn't like Claudia, but Carly also knew that Ric would do anything to hurt Sonny. It seemed like Carly thought Claudia was the lesser of the two evils. Sonny noticed how pale Carly was and said he hadn't seen her like that since she was pregnant with Morgan.

Tracy walked into the Haunted Star and found her father waiting for her. He wanted to know if Tracy had told Luke about Ethan being his illegitimate child. Tracy said she had no facts yet, and wouldn't tell Luke anything until she knew something for sure. Edward didn't like that, but he felt smug when Luke walked in and asked what was going on.

Edward told Luke that he needed to pour himself a drink, because Tracy had something to tell Luke. After Edward was gone, Luke asked if Tracy really had something bad to tell him. He was hoping they could spend the afternoon together, drinking margaritas.

Ric grabbed Claudia while she was walking on the docks and tried to threaten her. Claudia told him it wasn't a good idea to make threats towards her, and he let her go. After Claudia was gone, Ric called his attorney and said he needed to get the DVD as soon as possible. He knew he had told her it was only to be released in a life or death situation, but he knew someone was going to die. It just wasn't going to be him.

Later, Ric walked into his attorney's office and found Johnny standing next to an open safe. Ric asked where the DVD was, and Johnny said it was gone.

Sonny arrived back home to find Claudia preparing to leave to stay at the Cosmopolitan hotel. She didn't feel safe at Sonny's house anymore, and Claudia didn't want to cause any excess aggravation to Carly. Sonny tried to convince her to stay and said if she were guilty, he would find her no matter where she was staying. Claudia became more upset after asking Sonny if he thought she was innocent, and he responded by saying that she had nothing to worry about if she was innocent.

Olivia noticed how pale and dizzy Carly was, and she overheard Carly's conversation with her mother. Bobbie was going to the reopening ceremony for General Hospital, but Carly said she couldn't make it. Carly was afraid it would be too emotional for her, and she also said she hadn't been feeling well and might be coming down with the flu that Morgan had previously. Bobbie was clearly worried about her daughter, who promised to lie down later.

After Bobbie was gone, Olivia asked Carly if she had seen a doctor yet. Carly admitted that she had talked with Dr. Lee, who reviewed her medical history. Dr. Lee was concerned because it appeared Carly might have a condition that caused her blood to clot and blood pressure to rise when she was pregnant. If Carly were pregnant, Dr. Lee felt Carly should strongly consider an abortion, because continuing the pregnancy could kill her. Carly wasn't concerned, though, because after her last miscarriage, the doctors had told her she would need fertility treatments in order to get pregnant. Carly surely couldn't get pregnant, and her life was too complicated to make an impossible decision.

Olivia knew that Carly needed to know as soon as possible, and Carly owed it to everyone who loved her to find out. Olivia gave Carly a pregnancy test in a plain white paper bag. She said they were friends, and she was trying to reach out and help her friend.

Nikolas started the opening ceremony for General Hospital's reopening by making a speech and thanking members of the community. Monica spoke next, and Epiphany handed her the giant scissors to cut the ribbons. Suddenly, the lights went out. Helena's face appeared on the television monitors, and she said her grandson had done so much good for the hospital-however, no good deed of Nikolas' would go unpunished until he met her demands.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jason went to Greystone Manor to question Claudia about Ric's accusation that she had hired Ian Devlin. Claudia went on the offensive. She admitted that she thought Jason would be the last person to believe anything that Ric had said. Claudia accused Ric of trying to set her up.

Claudia managed to dance around Jason's questions while spinning a web of lies about Ric. Claudia insisted that Ric was the one who had hired Ian, not her. Jason wasn't convinced of Claudia's version of the truth. Her desperation spoke volumes to Jason.

Jason pointed out that, at the time of the shooting, Claudia had more reason to want Sonny dead than Ric did. Jason promised to uncover the truth. He warned Claudia that she would pay dearly if she had arranged the hit on Sonny.

Ric was horrified when he discovered that Jerry's DVD was missing from Claire's safe. Johnny insisted that he had not stolen the DVD from Ric's attorney. Claire walked into her office moments later. She demanded to know what Ric and Johnny were doing in her office.

Ric asked Claire where his DVD was. Claire pointed to the safe, which was open. She insisted that only the partners of the law firm knew the combination to the safe.

Johnny left, satisfied that Ric didn't have the DVD. Claire asked Ric what was going on. She reminded Ric that anything he told her would be protected by attorney/client privilege.

Ric revealed that the DVD had been proof of Claudia's involvement in the shooting that had left Michael in a coma. Ric explained that he needed to find the DVD, because Sonny suspected Ric of hiring the shooter.

Later, Ric arrived home. Jerry Jacks, gun in hand, was waiting in Ric's living room. Ric guessed that Jerry was there because of the DVD. Jerry confirmed that he knew Ric had the DVD. Jerry didn't appreciate that Ric had been using the DVD to stir up trouble.

Johnny gave Claudia the news that Ric's copy of the incriminating DVD was missing. Claudia was worried that Sonny had gotten his hands on it. Johnny believed that Sonny would have confronted Claudia if he had it. Johnny reasoned that since the DVD was missing, Sonny would assume that Ric had lied. Johnny believed that Claudia no longer needed to get pregnant in order to save her life. Claudia admitted that she wanted to have Sonny's baby anyway.

At Metro Court, Carly stood behind the reception desk. While Carly contemplated the pregnancy test kit that she held, Olivia approached. Olivia quietly advised Carly to take the pregnancy test. Carly confessed that she didn't want to know if she was pregnant. Olivia reminded Carly what was at stake.

Carly said that she had a thousand things on her plate; she promised to take the test eventually.

Later, Carly spoke to Jax on the phone. Olivia was nearby. Carly ended the call without revealing that she might be pregnant. Olivia made another attempt to persuade Carly to take the pregnancy test, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Diane informed Carly that the building plans for Carly and Jax's new home had been put on hold. Carly insisted that Diane resolve the problem; Carly wanted to move into her new home as soon as possible.

When Carly became lightheaded, Diane helped Carly to a sofa. Diane was concerned about Carly's health, but Carly assured Diane that everything was fine. Diane appeared doubtful, but she didn't pursue it.

Max arrived at the hotel moments later. Diane pulled Max aside to tell him about Carly's near fainting spell. Max revealed that the last time Carly had suffered fainting spells, she had been pregnant with Morgan. Max's comment confirmed Diane's suspicions; she was certain that Carly was pregnant. Diane jumped to the conclusion that Carly was trying to hide the pregnancy because Jax wasn't the baby's father.

Max agreed that it was a possibility that Sonny was the father of Carly's baby. Diane rationalized that if Carly was pregnant with Sonny's child, then she'd reach out to Jason. As if on cue, Jason walked into the lobby. Diane and Max quickly learned that Carly had asked Jason to stop by. Max decided to pull Diane away before she said too much to Jason.

A short time later, Carly told Jason that she might be pregnant.

Patrick tried to talk to Robin at the nurse's station, but Robin was defensive. The talk quickly turned into an argument, so Robin walked away.

Robin approached Kelly to ask her if she could prescribe Robin something other than the antidepressants that Dr. Brown had given Robin. Kelly wasn't comfortable with the idea of Robin switching medications. Robin countered that she didn't like taking the antidepressants. Kelly gently urged Robin to discuss it with Dr. Brown.

A few minutes later, Matt asked Robin to consult on a case. Robin snapped at Matt. She accused him of trying to keep an eye on his "crazy" sister-in-law.

Patrick turned to Liz after his argument with Robin. He speculated that Robin might feel guilty for cheating on him. Liz reminded Patrick that it was Robin's postpartum depression talking. Patrick wondered if that was true. He suspected that their marriage might be falling apart for reasons other than PPD.

Robin took offense when she heard Patrick confide to Liz. She reminded Patrick that their marriage problems were private. Patrick resented Robin's attitude; he insisted that he needed someone to talk to. Robin didn't appreciate Patrick telling everyone that she had PPD. The argument escalated until everyone within shouting distance heard every angry word between the Drakes.

During heated exchange, Patrick accused Robin of driving to Rochester and sleeping with a stranger.

In a taped message, broadcast throughout General Hospital, Helena Cassadine warned everyone that no good deed went unpunished. Before the tape ended, she promised to see her grandson, Nikolas, soon.

Everyone was rattled by Helena's cryptic message, especially Monica and Edward. They were worried what Helena's reaction to Rebecca would be if Helena learned of Rebecca's existence. Nikolas agreed; he urged Rebecca to return to the Quartermaine mansion with Monica and Edward.

Alexis asked Nikolas what made him think that Helena wasn't already aware of Rebecca. Nikolas refused to even consider the possibility that Rebecca and Helena were in cahoots. Alexis followed Nikolas to the boat launch in an attempt to sway her nephew. Alexis reasoned that Rebecca's sudden appearance in town, her answers for everything, and her relationship with Nikolas were beyond mere coincidence.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy warned Luke that Ethan was up to something. Ethan stood nearby, eavesdropping on the conversation.

Luke admitted that Ethan was probably running some kind of scam, but Luke didn't seem concerned. He told Tracy that he saw a part of himself in Ethan. Luke also confessed that Ethan was the son that he had raised Lucky to be. Luke loved Lucky, but they had nothing in common.

Ethan finally revealed himself. He offered to answer Tracy's questions. Tracy demanded to know what Ethan's connection to Holly Sutton was. Ethan claimed that his acquaintance with Holly had been brief and limited.

Lucky's arrival interrupted Tracy's interrogation of Ethan. Lucky informed Luke that Helena had resurfaced. Tracy was furious when she learned that Monica and Edward had taken Rebecca to the Quartermaine mansion.

Ethan wondered who Helena was. Luke warned Ethan that he would meet Helena soon enough. Luke was confident that Helena would make her way to the Haunted Star. Luke explained that he and Helena had a pseudo-sexual relationship.

Lucky told Ethan that Helena had once kidnapped Lucky and made everyone believe that Lucky had died. Luke's lack of concern disgusted Lucky; he stormed out without another word to his father.

A short time later, Alexis arrived at the Haunted Star. She admitted that she needed Luke as a sounding board. Luke poured a generous amount of alcohol into a glass for Alexis then invited her to speak her mind. Alexis told Luke about her theory that Helena had sent Rebecca. Luke didn't discount the possibility. Luke was certain that Helena had something big planned.

Rebecca found Nikolas on the docks. Nikolas urged Rebecca to return to the Quartermaine mansion, but Rebecca refused. The Quartermaines had filled her head with all kinds of horrible stories about Helena. Nikolas told Rebecca that all of the stories had been true; his grandmother was truly evil.

Rebecca insisted on standing by Nikolas when he faced Helena. She considered it a fair exchange for the support Nikolas had shown her during her cancer scare.

Later, Nikolas and Rebecca arrived at Wyndemere. Nikolas warned Rebecca that Helena could be lurking in the castle. Rebecca didn't appear worried, which prompted Nikolas to remind her how diabolical his grandmother was. Helena's sudden appearance gave credence to Nikolas' claims.

Helena sauntered into the living room as she greeted her grandson. When she took in the sight of Rebecca, Helena asked whom the "intriguing creature" before her was. Nikolas watched Helena and Rebecca closely. Rebecca didn't appear the least bit intimidated by Helena.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

At Greystone Manor, Johnny told Claudia that she didn't need to have Sonny's baby in order to save her life. Johnny reasoned that, without the DVD, Ric didn't have proof of Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. According to Johnny, it was Ric's word against Claudia's word. Johnny was certain that Sonny would believe Claudia over Ric.

Claudia insisted that the only way for her to go from "whore to Madonna" was to have Sonny's child. Claudia believed that she would be untouchable if she were the mother of Sonny's child. Johnny insisted that Claudia didn't need a child for protection.

Sonny overheard the last part of the conversation as he walked into the room. He asked Johnny what Claudia needed protection from. Claudia quickly blamed it on Ric. She claimed that she had told Johnny about Ric's constant threats. Johnny believed that she needed protection from Ric, since Sonny allowed his brother to harass Claudia.

Johnny took advantage of the opportunity; he asked Sonny for a position in Sonny's organization. Sonny made it clear that Johnny would start out at a low-level position until he earned Sonny's trust. Johnny grumbled about the offer, but ultimately accepted it.

After Johnny left, Sonny asked Claudia what angle she was working. He wondered why Claudia had not told Johnny about the DVD. Claudia insisted that she didn't want to upset her brother. She feared what Johnny's reaction would be if he thought Claudia was in danger from Sonny's wrath. Claudia took the opportunity to proclaim her innocence. She also pretended to be deeply hurt by Sonny's lack of trust.

Claudia made the mistake of bringing up Sonny's children. Sonny snapped that he would never bring another child into the world. He refused to expose a child to what Michael had suffered. Claudia wondered if Sonny had pushed his children away after Michael's shooting. Sonny denied the accusation, but didn't elaborate.

Moments later, Jason called Sonny to tell him that he had news about Ian Devlin. Sonny quickly ended the call. He told Claudia that he had to leave. He asked Claudia what her plans were. Claudia said that she intended to buy some pastries for Sonny, then return home.

Jerry held Ric at gunpoint. Ric wanted to know what the purpose behind Jerry's DVD had been. Jerry explained that the DVD had been part of a game. Claudia had rejected Jerry's advances, so Jerry decided to terrorize Claudia for his own amusement. Jerry intended for Claudia to find all of the DVDs and destroy them. Ric was not supposed to find them.

Jerry wanted to know why he should keep Ric alive. Ric was quick to promise help with Jerry's future endeavors. Jerry accepted Ric's offer. Before Jerry left, Ric asked if he could assume that Claudia had nothing to do with Michael's shooting. Jerry advised Ric to never assume anything.

Later, Johnny pushed his way into Ric's house then began tossing around threats. Ric pointed out that Johnny's behavior confirmed Claudia's involvement in the shooting. Johnny was undaunted; he warned Ric to leave Claudia alone. Ric pointed out that it was out of their hands, since the incriminating DVD was missing.

Jason went with Carly to her house. She wanted Jason to keep her company while she took the pregnancy test. Carly's behavior worried Jason; he feared that she was anxious about the pregnancy test because Sonny might be the father. Carly confessed that she was apprehensive about the test because Dr. Lee suspected that Carly might have a life-threatening disorder.

Carly revealed that she had not had the test, which would confirm that she had the blood clotting disorder. Jason urged Carly to take the pregnancy test and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee. Jason was called away before Carly could take the pregnancy test.

An infuriated Robin followed Patrick down the hospital corridor. She demanded to know why he had aired their "dirty laundry" in public. Patrick confessed that he had gone to Rochester and seen Robin with another man. Robin's fury mounted; she slapped Patrick. Robin couldn't believe that Patrick had spied on her and then lied about it.

Patrick responded that he had been shell-shocked after seeing his wife with another man. Robin explained that she had met Brad and enjoyed an evening with him, but insisted that they had not had sex. Patrick asked Robin why he should believe her.

Patrick admitted that he didn't think their marital troubles were a result of Robin's postpartum depression. Robin's temper flared. She accused Patrick of trying to blame her for all of their problems. Robin walked away in disgust. However, Patrick was close on her heels.

Carly arrived at the hospital for an appointment with Dr. Lee. She was told that Dr. Lee had been called away for an emergency Cesarean section. As Carly turned to leave, she bumped into Robin. Robin assumed that Carly had overheard Robin and Patrick; she asked if Carly had enjoyed the argument.

Carly denied that she had heard anything, but Robin didn't believe her. Robin ranted at Carly, calling her a "bitch." Carly ignored Robin's nasty comments. She told Robin that she understood what Robin was going through. Carly advised Robin to get treatment for Emma's sake. Carly walked away without a backward glance.

Patrick turned to leave, but Robin stopped him. The anger seemed to drain out of Robin as she told Patrick that she loved him. Robin realized that she was destroying everything in her life, but she had no idea how to stop herself from doing it. She swore on Emma's life that she had not slept with Brad.

Patrick apologized for his mistakes. The two embraced and held each other tight.

When Jason arrived home, Spinelli told Jason that he had found proof that Jerry Jacks had withdrawn money from Ian Devlin's offshore account.

A few minutes later, Sam arrived at the penthouse with news about her business venture with Spinelli. Sam had found an office, which she wanted Spinelli to see. While Spinelli dashed upstairs to fetch some things, Jason told Sam that Jerry Jacks had resurfaced. Jason wanted Sam to help keep Spinelli out of Jerry's way.

Spinelli returned to the living room carrying a box. When Jason checked the contents of the box, he discovered a gun inside. Jason reminded Spinelli that the last time that Spinelli held a gun, he had shot himself in the foot. Spinelli reluctantly agreed stay away from firearms. Jason confiscated the gun from Spinelli.

Sonny arrived at the penthouse a short time after Sam and Spinelli had left. Sonny was incensed when Jason told him that Jerry Jacks was alive. Sonny and Jason realized that the only way they would discover who was involved in Michael's shooting was to question Jerry Jacks.

Jerry lay in wait for Claudia. When Claudia walked along the piers, carrying a box of pastries, Jerry showed himself. Claudia demanded to know what Jerry wanted. To Claudia's surprise, Jerry informed her that he had arranged for all the DVDs to disappear. He warned Claudia not to come after him; she wasn't clever enough to outwit him. Jerry promised retribution if Claudia made a move against him.

At Wyndemere, Helena admitted that Rebecca bore a striking resemblance to Emily, but beyond that, Rebecca was a cheap imitation. Rebecca didn't appreciate Helena's dismissive tone. Helena wasn't impressed by Rebecca's bravado. She told Rebecca that Nikolas' only interest in Rebecca was her resemblance to Emily.

Alexis applauded Helena and Rebecca on their performance. Helena, Alexis, and Rebecca threw around insults until Nikolas stepped in. He demanded to know what Helena wanted. Helena revealed that she desired a special painting, which was stored in the vault at the bank.

Alexis remarked that the painting was simply a ruse designed to confuse everyone. Alexis warned Nikolas that Helena had an agenda. Nikolas asked what was special about the painting. Helena claimed that it was a portrait of Saint Gregori, which had been painted by one of Helena's lovers. Helena promised chaos to Nikolas' business holdings, and carnage of his employees, if he refused to turn the painting over to her. Nikolas agreed to Helena's demands, but insisted that he would need a few days to arrange the transfer.

Rebecca made another attempt to stand up to Helena. Helena ignored Rebecca. As she breezed out of the room, Helena told Nikolas that Laura was doing well in France. As a parting shot to Alexis, Helena suggested her stepdaughter try some collagen because Alexis was not aging well.

Rebecca couldn't believe what a horrible woman Helena was. Alexis wasn't impressed; she accused Rebecca of being a plant for Helena. Rebecca had enough of the insults and stormed out of the castle. Alexis warned Nikolas that Rebecca wanted him to chase after her; she advised Nikolas not to do it.

When Carly arrived home, she made an appointment to see Dr. Lee on Wednesday, or earlier if an appointment became available. After she ended the call, Carly started to go upstairs. Carly was on the staircase when she became dizzy. Carly fainted then tumbled down the stairs.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Carly sat on the couch at home and anxiously answered the phone when it rang. She thought it was Jason and asked why he wasn't over there yet. Jax responded by telling her that he was flying home as fast as he could. He asked whom she was waiting on, and she explained that she had fallen and asked Jason to go to the house. Carly tried to change the subject and told Jax about Helena crashing the hospital re-opening ceremony.

Olivia arrived while Carly was on the phone with Jax, and overheard Carly explaining about her fall down the steps. Once Jax had hung up, Olivia started quizzing Carly. Carly explained that she had made an appointment with Dr. Lee, but that didn't satisfy Olivia. The test was a week away, and it was only to determine if Carly had the blood disorder.

Olivia wanted Carly to take the pregnancy test, but Carly said she had her own superstitions and it had to be done a certain way. Carly promised to take the test that day. Olivia said that Carly and Jax were her dear friends, and she wouldn't be able to face Jax if something happened to Carly, and Olivia had done nothing about it.

At the Corinthos house, Sonny found Claudia in the living room and demanded to know about her relationship with Jerry Jax. Claudia said she hardly knew the man. Her father and Jerry had business dealings together, but Claudia had never been involved. Sonny said that parts of Ric's story checked out, and he warned her about what would happen if Ric's entire story were true. Claudia said she wasn't surprised that Ric had intertwined truth with lies to make his story more believable.

Meanwhile, Spinelli told Jason that he couldn't find any more information on Jerry Jax. Spinelli thought Jason should talk to Jax and Carly, but Jason was totally against that idea. Things were hard enough on Carly, and Jason didn't want to upset her unnecessarily.

Spinelli left after receiving an urgent call from Maxie, and Sonny soon showed up at Jason's penthouse to talk about Claudia and Jerry. Jason asked what Sonny would do if they found out Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. Although Sonny had been surprised at how well his marriage was going with Claudia, he would deal with her like anyone else who hurt his child.

Before Sonny left, he told Jason that he didn't want to hurt Carly with information about Michael's shooting. Besides, the last time Sonny had seen Carly, she hadn't looked well. He asked if Jason knew anything, but Jason just assured him that Carly would tell Sonny if and when there was anything to tell.

Jax called Olivia from his plane and asked how Carly was really doing. Olivia said that her ankle would be fine, but Jax knew there was something else going on. Olivia tried changing the subject, but Jax knew what she was doing. He did admit that he hadn't had much luck finding treatments for Michael, and Jerry was also missing.

Before they hung up, Olivia told Jax that Carly needed her husband. Before he told Carly anything about Jerry, Jax needed to return home and see Carly for himself.

Jason visited Carly at home, and she quickly told him that she needed his emotional support to take her pregnancy test. Carly explained that if she was pregnant and had the blood disorder the doctors suspected, she might have to terminate the pregnancy. Carly went into the bathroom to take the test, and Jason helped her back to the couch when she was done. She wanted Jason to read the test, but he didn't want to touch it. Carly pleaded, and Jason took the test from her and stared at it.

Meanwhile, Jerry was in the area and circled around in a car. He wanted to make sure the coast was clear. When Jax stopped by to visit Michael at the long-term care facility, he found Jerry already in Michael's room. Jax listened in as Jerry talked to Michael and said Michael had suddenly become a lot of trouble.

While Sonny was gone, Johnny visited his sister at the Corinthos house. They talked outside about Claudia seeing Jerry on the docks the other day. Jerry had destroyed the evidence except for one DVD that Ric had. Claudia was sure that Jerry didn't want to hurt Carly and Jax, so Jerry would do whatever was necessary to make sure no one found out the truth about Michael's shooting.

Johnny wasn't so na´ve and said Jerry would hurt anyone who got in his path. Johnny wanted to kill Sonny, but Claudia pointed out that Jason would retaliate and kill both Claudia and her brother. Johnny said Claudia needed to figure out what to do before it all played out. Claudia felt that getting pregnant as soon as possible was her best option.

Later, Claudia walked down the steps into the living room with a pregnancy test strip in her hand. She hid it and tried to act like nothing was going on when Sonny suddenly walked through the door.

Maxie went home to her apartment to wait for Spinelli and found Lulu had redecorated. All of Maxie's things were on one side of the room, and Lulu had a small television sitting on a milk crate in front of a lawn chair. Lulu wanted Maxie to move out, but wanted everything separated in the meantime.

Lulu was thrilled when Spinelli arrived and acted very cold towards Maxie. He commented on Lulu's nice beach chair, and Maxie noticed that Spinelli was talking normal. He even called her Maxie instead of Maximista. Spinelli asked what the emergency was, and Maxie made up a story about her computer moving files around. Spinelli quickly realized she was lying and told her to contact her magazine's technical support staff in the future.

After Spinelli was gone, Lulu laughed at Maxie and told her that was what she got for trying to steal Johnny while leading Spinelli on. Maxie said not everyone was perfect. If anything good had come out of that, it was that Lulu was all alone.

At the hospital, Liz noticed how worn-out Patrick was and he explained he was up a lot with Emma the previous night. Patrick didn't say much, because he didn't want to betray Robin. Liz told him they were all friends, and Patrick couldn't bottle his emotions inside of himself.

Matt walked over to Patrick and Liz, and he kept trying to interject into their conversation. Liz finally had enough and handed papers to Matt to get him to leave. Later, Liz found Matt and Patrick arguing over a patient. She broke up the fight and told Patrick to take a walk.

Meanwhile, Robin met with her therapist and admitted she hated having to go through treatment. That had been very apparent to the therapist, though. Robin didn't want to take medication, but the therapist insisted it was working. Robin tried to say that it affected how she treated Emma. The therapist asked some questions and got Robin to admit she was still able to make life-and-death decisions at the hospital. The therapist didn't think it was necessary to change anything, and she warned Robin that abruptly stopping the medication would cause Robin to crash.

Robin arrived at the hospital and tried to apologize to Liz. Being the good friend that she was, Liz hadn't taken anything personally, and offered to get together with Robin and Emma for a play date. Robin was clearly not interested, though.

Robin asked Liz and Matt if they had seen Patrick, and they said they did not know where he had gone or how long he would be gone. No one mentioned the fight, but it seemed like Robin knew they were hiding something. Later, Robin secretly threw her medication away in a hospital trashcan.

Patrick had gone to Jake's to vent to Coleman. After Patrick asked for coffee instead of alcohol, they talked about how exhausted Patrick always was. Coleman wasn't very sympathetic towards Robin, and he said that Patrick deserved someone better than a cheater. Patrick defended his wife and said she hadn't cheated. She was suffering from postpartum depression, and she was doing things out of the ordinary. Robin had said she would go to treatment and take her medication, but Patrick wondered aloud how long that would last.

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