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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 27, 2009 on GH
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Monday, April 27, 2009

On the new mezzanine level at General Hospital, Robin stopped to chat with Kelly after Emma's pediatric check-up. When Robin told Kelly that she had stopped taking her antidepressants, Kelly told her she was irresponsible and needed to follow her treatment. When Kelly reached out her hand to Robin, Robin jerked back, bumped the stroller and sent it and baby Emma careening down the stairs.

Fortunately, Patrick was there to catch both Emma and the stroller before either was damaged. Patrick cuddled Emma, and Robin apologized for forgetting to set the brake. Patrick worried that Robin was not paying enough attention to Emma's welfare.

In Jason's cubicle, Monica told an unconscious Jason that she loved him and worried about his head injury. Carly got there just in time to overhear the last part and fainted, but Jax was there to catch her.

Patrick was concerned about Robin's forgetfulness and Emma's close call. Robin said it would never happen again. Kelly joined them, but before she could tell Patrick that Robin was off her meds, she was paged to Carly's bedside.

At Sonny's place, Ric and Claudia engaged in verbal fisticuffs. Ric threatened to tell Sonny that Claudia's child belonged to him, not Sonny. Claudia insisted the child was Sonny's not Ric's and that Sonny would believe her. When Ric insisted that the child was his and Sonny would eventually get wise, Claudia lifted her hand to slap him, but Olivia walked in and interrupted the confrontation.

Claudia told Olivia to leave, but Olivia said she was not going anywhere. Ric wisely left the ladies alone. Olivia told Claudia that she was Sonny's friend and she knew about the pregnancy. Claudia responded that Olivia was jealous. Olivia ignored Claudia's threats and insults but told Claudia that she had overheard Ric claim to be the baby's father. Olivia said that it would not be long until Sonny heard it also.

Sonny welcomed Michael back to General Hospital. He had a talk with his comatose son and told him about the upcoming surgery and what it could mean. When Dr. Hensen came to check on Michael, Sonny asked her to explain about the surgery. She told Sonny that if the surgery were not done soon, Michael's body would start to atrophy. She told Sonny that even though the chances for recovery were slim, the surgery was the only hope that Michael had. Dr. Hensen told Sonny that every day they waited decreased Michael's chances for recovery.

After hearing the Doctor's doctor's opinion, Sonny told her to go ahead and prep Michael He told her that he was sure that Carly would want the same thing. Sonny said that he would let Carly know immediately. After Dr. Hensen left, Sonny sat with Michael and told him about the decision he had made on his son's behalf.

Maxie showed up at GH to meet Robin, but met Matt instead. They flirted, then he told her about Jason. Maxie immediately rushed to Jason's cubicle, where Monica was examining him. When Monica left, Maxie told Jason that he had to wake up because Spinelli and a lot of other people depended on him. She slapped him, but when she raised her hand again, Jason's eye's popped open and he grabbed her wrist.

Carly was admitted to the hospital. Kelly wanted her to stay overnight. Carly insisted she was all right, but Kelly insisted that they needed to run tests. Carly kept Jax in the dark about her blood disorder. She sent him away to check on Jason so she could talk to Kelly.

Alone with the Doctordoctor, Carly tried to remain chipper and upbeat, but Doctor Kelly recommended that Carly tell Jax what was going on with her. Carly insisted that she wanted her baby and did not want to worry Jax.

Liz and Nikolas had dinner together at Kelly's. Liz suggested they were eating at Kelly's because Nikolas wanted to keep an eye on Rebecca and find out how her date with Lucky turned out. Nikolas thought that Liz might be a little jealous herself.

Liz said, that, on the contrary, she thought that Lucky was dating Rebecca because he had been attracted to Emily in the past, but Emily had chosen Nikolas. This time Lucky seemed to have a chance with the Emily look-alike. She though thought that Lucky was attracted to Rebecca because she looked like Emily.

Nikolas denied that he was attracted to Rebecca because she looked like Emily. He told Liz that it was her personality that interested him. Liz laughed at that.

Robin and Patrick were still discussing Emma's near-fatal fall, when Mac joined them. He offered to drive Robin and Emma home after he heard about the accident. Robin said she was supposed to meet Maxie, but Mac said that his rights as an uncle trumped Maxie's.

Olivia and Claudia were still sparring when Sonny called to tell Claudia that Jason had been hurt in an explosion. She relayed the news to Olivia, who left, but not before calling Claudia a "skank." Olivia said that she could hardly wait for Sonny to kick Claudia to the curb when he found out the baby was not his.

After Olivia left, Claudia called the henchman who had planted the bomb in Jerry's car. She told him that he had better make sure that nothing could be traced back to her.

Monica and Matt examined Jason while Maxie watched. Monica was thrilled that Jason was awake and showed no signs of serious injury. Jason asked what had happened to Jerry. Matt told him that Jerry was gone, but the police were looking for him.

Jason wanted to see Carly. When Matt told Jason that Carly had been admitted because she fainted, he insisted on getting out of bed and seeing her. Despite pleas from Monica and Maxie, Jason left the cubicle to find Carly.

Spinelli rushed to the ER and found Maxie waiting. He was so relieved to find that Jason was okay that he hugged Maxie and called her "Maximista." For a while it appeared that things were good between Spinelli and Maxie again, but when the initial shock wore off, Spinelli retreated from her.

Maxie wanted to know why they could not be friends. Spinelli said that they were friends, but he had hoped for something more. He said that since Maxie did not feel as strongly about him as he did about her, they could not go back to the way things had been before. Maxie was disappointed when Spinelli said he did not want to live in a fantasy world, and then walked away from her.

Patrick paged Kelly so that they could compare notes about Robin. Kelly told Patrick that Robin was off her meds and in denial about the seriousness of her condition. Then Patrick asked if Kelly thought that Robin had pushed Emma on purpose. She said. "No," that it had been an accident. Kelly said that Robin had become angry, pulled away from her Kelly, and bumped the stroller unintentionally.

Both Kelly and Patrick were concerned about Robin's lying and her volatility when confronted with her lies. Patrick had an idea about how to help Robin, and started making phone calls.

Jason found Carly and they talked. She told him about her condition. He encouraged her to discuss the situation with Jax, but she insisted that she would have the baby despite the risk to her health. Neither was aware that Jax was listening to their conversation.

After Jason left, Jax told Carly that he had heard everything. He wanted to know all the details. She told him that she had a blood-clotting disorder and that she had a fifty-fifty chance of having a stroke or embolism. She said that the medicine she needed to treat the disorder would harm the baby.

Jax did not want to take the risk with Carly's life, but Carly was convince convinced that she would beat the odds. She made a cogent and compelling argument for taking the risk when she pointed out how difficult it had been to get pregnant and how much a child that they made together would mean to them.

Mac took Robin home and was very supportive. He told her that an accident could happen to anyone. When Robin told him that she wondered if she would ever get her life back, Mac complimented her on how well she was dealing with her post partum depression. Robin looked uncomfortable when Mac said he was proud of her for going to therapy and taking her medication.

Sonny and Jason met up in the hospital. Jason told Sonny that the bomb had been meant for Jerry, who had disappeared. They also talked about Michael. When Sonny found out that Carly had been admitted to the hospital, he left to find her, and Jason went off to look for Jerry.

Nikolas was lurking near Kelly's, which was dark and closed when Rebecca and Lucky arrived back from their date. They laughed and agreed to go out again. Nikolas looked on as they shared a goodnight kiss.

Claudia was shocked when Jason showed up to talk to her about the bomb that had been meant for Jerry.

Sonny told Carly that he had scheduled surgery for Michael because Dr. Hensen had convinced him that a delay would not benefit Michael. Carly started crying when she told Sonny she was no longer sure that she wanted to attempt the surgery. Jax entered the room, saw Carly crying, then grabbed Sonny and told him that upsetting Carly could be fatal for her.

Patrick sat in his living room with Mac, Maxie, Kelly, Liz, Matt, and Dr. Brown. When Robin entered the room and wanted to know what was going on, Mac said that they were worried about her and were there to help. Patrick added that it was more than worry. He said that they need to get everything out in the open before any more harm was done.

When Robin realized that it was an intervention, she got angry and grabbed her keys to leave, but Patrick would not let her go. He told her she was sick and she was not going anywhere until she agreed to get some help.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Carly's hospital room, Sonny asked why Jax was worried about Carly dying if she became upset. Carly explained that she had a blood clotting disorder called ZBT. If she continued with her pregnancy, she had a fifty percent chance of dying. Sonny was extremely upset and wanted Carly to terminate the pregnancy. She wouldn't listen to anything he said, though. Carly told Sonny that her mind was already made up. She would carry her little girl to term.

After Sonny left, Jax told Carly that he agreed with her ex-husband. Jax didn't want to lose Carly. He wanted the baby, but he didn't want to sacrifice his wife and raise their child alone. Jax wanted Carly to think about the reality of the situation.

Carly pointed out that in reality she saw Michael's hand move. In reality, there was a fifty percent chance she and their baby would be okay. In reality, Jax and Carly were together against all odds. Jax agreed that Carly made a compelling argument, and he smiled at his wife.

Max and Milo walked into Carly's hospital room and said they were there to guard her. Jax wasn't thrilled with the thought of Sonny's goons protecting Jax's wife. The brothers were excited and already working on a diet and exercise program for Mrs. Jacks. Carly smiled at her bodyguards and said she would ask Dr. Lee to get them up to speed with her condition.

At Sonny's house, Jason asked Claudia what she knew about Jerry's car bombing. Claudia assumed Jason was asking if she was behind the bomb, so she instantly became defensive. Jason said he just wanted information, but suddenly Claudia doubled over in stomach pain. Jason asked if she was okay, and the pain seemed to subside. Claudia poured herself a glass of water and told Jason she was tired of his accusations. They were interrupted when Sonny arrived home and demanded Claudia leave.

Once they were alone, Sonny told Jason about Carly's blood clotting disorder. Jason already knew, and Sonny seemed upset that Jason had not told him earlier about the condition. Sonny's main concern was making sure Carly terminated the pregnancy. Sonny wanted Jason to convince Carly to have an abortion.

Once Jason had left, Claudia walked downstairs and witnessed Sonny as he threw a glass at the wall. Claudia asked what had happened, and Sonny told her that Carly was pregnant. He was worried about the mother of his sons because she could die if she continued the pregnancy.

Jason arrived home and called Diane over to give him some advice. He told her his suspicions about Ian Devlin having an accomplice when Michael had been shot. Diane knew Ric wasn't credible, so his claims about having Jerry's DVD didn't convince her of anything. However, Diane was convinced that there was something to the story after Jason said Jax had also admitted to having a DVD.

Jason was sure Claudia had hired Jerry and Ian to kill Sonny, but he didn't have the proof. Diane agreed with his theory and knew they needed Jerry to tie up all the loose ends. Jason was sure Jerry had survived the car bomb, because Jerry was gone from the emergency room by the time Jason emerged from his unconscious state.

Jason felt that Claudia had tried to kill Jerry to make sure he couldn't confirm Sonny's suspicions. If Claudia were behind Michael's shooting, Sonny would make her life hell. Claudia was crazy, though, and the child would be the one most affected by Sonny's rage.

Friends and family of Robin gathered at her house for an intervention. She wasn't receptive at first, but Dr. Brown said there would be consequences if Robin didn't take responsibility for her actions.

Maxie was the first one to talk to Robin. She said she had looked forward to bonding with Robin while they dolled Emma up as she grew. Robin hadn't become the mother Maxie thought she would be, though. Maxie still couldn't understand Robin's actions the night of the General Hospital fire.

Robin started to explain and became angrier and angrier. Robin started to make accusations towards Maxie by reminding her cousin of when she had manipulated Lucky by faking a pregnancy. Finally, Robin kicked Maxie out of the house and the girl left in tears.

After Maxie was gone, Mac defended the girl and told Robin that Robin had been too rough on her. Maxie was just trying to help. Kelly spoke next and said she missed her friend, and Liz apologized for having become an enabler when she was only trying to help.

Matt was the last one to talk to Robin before Patrick. Matt admitted he didn't know Robin as well as some of the other people that had talked to her that evening. Robin had been the first person to reach out to him and include him in their family, though. He could see how much Robin, Patrick, and Emma loved each other, and he begged her to get treatment.

After everyone had left, Patrick told his wife that he loved her and wanted her to get better. He feared that she didn't want a life with him and Emma anymore, though. Robin disagreed and said she wanted to be with them. She would take her medication and go to therapy as directed.

Dr. Brown said that her previous treatment was no longer an option. Robin would need to be admitted for in-patient therapy. Robin was very upset, but she tearfully said her goodbye to Emma. She apologized to Patrick for everything she had done. Patrick promised that he and Emma would be waiting for Robin when she was done with treatment.

After Maxie left Robin's house, she went to Johnny's garage and threw herself in his arms. She hid her face in his neck while she tried to explain about the intervention at Robin's house. Maxie felt that Robin had called her a terrible person, and suddenly Maxie heard Spinelli's voice. She looked up and Spinelli was there in the garage and told her she wasn't a terrible person. Maxie was shocked and she told Spinelli and Johnny about everything that had happened. Lulu interrupted when she Lulu walked in.

Lulu was there to drop off Johnny's CDs, but Maxie asked if they could all just go back to the way things were. It was apparent Lulu couldn't go back, though. When Maxie told Johnny about Lulu splitting the apartment in half, he laughed. Once Spinelli and Lulu were gone, Maxie realized she would never get Spinelli back.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy asked Luke if he had a plan to find out if Ethan was his son. Luke said he was just going to ask the boy, but Tracy didn't think that was a good idea. When Ethan walked into the room, Tracy decided it was time to leave. Ethan and Luke opened a bottle of liquor and began to talk.

Luke asked about the picture Ethan carried in his wallet. Ethan acted as if he didn't know who Robert Scorpio was, and he said Holly Sutton had given him the picture. She had told Ethan that Luke was the best con artist ever, and if they ever ran into each other, Ethan should try to learn a thing or two from the master.

Luke decided to be blunt and asked Ethan if he was Ethan's father. Ethan laughed and reminded him that people often liked to gossip. Luke wanted to have a DNA test done, but that upset Ethan and he told Luke to go to hell. Ethan stormed off.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tracy went to the Haunted Star to talk to Luke. She immediately sensed that Luke was depressed. Luke confided that Ethan had not shown up for work. Luke also revealed that he had suggested taking a DNA test to confirm that Ethan was his son. Ethan's reaction had been to storm out.

Tracy didn't see why Luke was disappointed. Tracy remained convinced that Ethan's arrival in Port Charles was part of an elaborate scam instigated by Holly. Luke suspected that Holly had secretly sent Ethan to Port Charles, so that Luke would figure out that Ethan was his son. Luke was determined to prove that Ethan was his son.

Sonny confronted Jax in Metro Court's lobby. Sonny accused Jax of being selfish by risking Carly's life, so that Jax could have a baby. Sonny demanded that Jax convince Carly to have an abortion for the sake of her two children who needed their mother.

Jax's answer was to punch Sonny. Sonny quickly returned the favor. Olivia was forced to step in before the men could continue to trade blows. She suggested that both men consider Carly's feelings. Olivia didn't think that Carly would appreciate Jax and Sonny assaulting each other.

Jax reminded Sonny that Sonny was Carly's ex-husband. Sonny had no say in the decisions that Jax and Carly made regarding their child. Olivia pointed out that there was a 50 percent possibility that Carly could carry her child to term without any complications. Sonny thought that the odds were too low to take such a risk.

When Sonny brought up Michael's name, Jax had enough. Jax promised to "kick [Sonny's] ass" then have him arrested if Sonny didn't leave Jax's hotel immediately. Olivia once again played peacemaker; she convinced Sonny to leave.

After Sonny's departure, Jax admitted that he couldn't believe that Sonny had stooped low enough to mention Michael's name. Jax reiterated that the decision about Carly's pregnancy was none of Sonny's business.

Lulu and Maxie were working at Crimson when Ethan walked in. Ethan wanted to return the money that he had stolen from Crimson. Lulu explained that she had already replaced the money with the cash that she had taken from the Haunted Star. Ethan insisted on paying his own way.

Kate approached Lulu and Maxie to ask about an assignment she had given them. Maxie was clearly unprepared. Kate was about to reprimand Maxie when Lulu stepped in and covered for Maxie. Ethan stood nearby, listening to the exchange.

After Kate was mollified, Maxie and Lulu returned to their desks. Maxie asked why Lulu had stood up for her. Lulu didn't offer explanations; she simply asked Maxie to be thankful.

Meanwhile, Ethan admitted that he had been impressed by Lulu's act of kindness. Lulu changed the subject. Lulu wanted to know why Ethan was trying to settle his debts. Ethan explained that he was leaving town. Lulu wanted to know why, but Ethan was evasive. He told Lulu that he hoped that their paths would cross again in the future, and then he left.

Maxie again thanked Lulu for coming to her rescue. Lulu admitted that she had done it because Kate would have likely fired both of them. Lulu also admitted that she no longer blamed Maxie for her breakup with Johnny. Lulu realized that her relationship with Johnny had not been destined to last.

The tension returned when Johnny walked into Crimson. Kate wanted Maxie and Johnny to attend a meeting for an upcoming red carpet event. Maxie and Johnny seemed reluctant to continue their working relationship, but Lulu intervened. Lulu pretended that she didn't have a problem with Maxie and Johnny working together.

Johnny was furious as he stormed into Greystone Manor to confront his sister. Johnny couldn't believe that Claudia had arranged a hit on Jerry Jacks that had nearly cost Jason his life. Johnny thought it had been a foolish risk for Claudia to take. Johnny feared Sonny's reaction if he learned of Claudia's latest stunt. Johnny's anger mounted when Claudia mentioned the baby.

He accused Claudia of using the baby as a shield. Claudia denied the accusation, but Johnny wasn't convinced. He warned Claudia that her baby couldn't save her from everything.

After Johnny left, Claudia called Fredo. She blasted Fredo for telling Johnny about the hit she had ordered on Jerry. She quickly ended the call when she noticed that Sonny had walked in. Claudia was shocked to see a bruise on Sonny's face. She asked Sonny what had happened.

Sonny told Claudia about his argument with Jax. Claudia asked if Sonny feared his sons loosing their mother or Sonny loosing Carly. Sonny didn't answer Claudia's question.

Later, as Claudia handed Sonny an icepack, Claudia talked about Carly. She told Sonny that if the worst happened, and Carly died, his children would still have him. She also pointed out that they would have her as a stepmother. Claudia believed if the boys grew to accept Claudia as their stepmother, it would help their own child.

Sonny leaned close to Claudia. In a deadly whisper, Sonny warned Claudia never to talk to him of Carly dying. Claudia swallowed nervously as Sonny walked out of the room.

On the phone, Patrick rearranged his work schedule with Epiphany. Epiphany seemed annoyed by Patrick's request. She asked him if he had a nanny to watch his daughter. Patrick explained that the nanny had the day off. After Patrick ended the call, someone knocked on the door.

It was Matt, suitcase in hand. Matt explained that he intended to move in with his brother to help care for Emma while Robin was away. Patrick seemed reluctant to accept the offer, but Matt was adamant. Patrick warned Matt that he might be in over his head, caring for a baby, but then relented.

Liz stopped by, during her break, to check on Emma. Patrick and Liz helped Matt pack Emma up for an outing in the park. Before Matt left, Patrick revealed that babies were "chick magnets." Patrick advised Matt to make it clear that he was Emma's uncle, not her father.

After Matt left, Patrick admitted that he felt guilty because Robin hadn't received treatment sooner. Liz reminded Patrick that he had done the best he could, under the circumstances. She admitted that Patrick had made a few mistakes, but overall he had done everything he could to get Robin the treatment that she needed. Liz was certain that Robin would come to realize that.

When Matt returned from his outing with Emma, he admitted that he'dd had an amazing time. Matt looked forward to their next outing. While Matt went to get ready for a shift at the hospital, Patrick talked to Emma about how much they missed Robin.

Liz was having a bad day at the hospital. She brightened when she spotted Lucky with cups of coffee in hand. Her joy turned to disappointment when Lucky made a beeline for Rebecca, who was on break.

Nikolas approached Liz as she watched Lucky and Rebecca. He asked Liz if it bothered her seeing Lucky and Rebecca together. Rather than answer the question, Liz asked Nikolas why he was at the hospital. Nikolas explained that he had an appointment with Patrick. Liz told Nikolas that Patrick had rearranged his schedule because Robin had been checked into a facility for treatment of her postpartum depression.

Nikolas continued to watch Lucky and Rebecca. Liz told Nikolas that it didn't matter how they felt about Lucky and Rebecca's relationship. Lucky and Rebecca were free to do as they pleased.

Lucky flirted with Rebecca while they sipped coffee. Rebecca asked Lucky if all of the attention he was showering on her was actually for the benefit of his ex-wife. Lucky didn't answer Rebecca's question.

Lucky ran into Ethan on the docks. Ethan revealed that he was returning to Australia. Ethan decided to give Lucky some parting advice. He suggested that instead of Lucky trying to be better than his father, Lucky simply be grateful that he had Luke in his life.

Lucky went to the Haunted Star to tell Luke about his encounter with Ethan. Luke appeared disappointed by the news that Ethan intended to leave town.

Later, Luke went to the airport to stop Ethan from going to Australia.

At the pier, Rebecca was lounging on a bench, enjoying the sun during her break. She sat up when she noticed Nikolas approach. Rebecca told Nikolas that she and Lucky had plans for another date. Nikolas suggested that Lucky's interest in Rebecca might be for Liz's benefit. Rebecca bristled at the idea. She told Nikolas that the tension she always felt around Nikolas was why she thought they should stay away from each other. To prove her point, Rebecca left.

At the hospital, Rebecca brought an MRI to the nurse's station. Epiphany was irritated; she demanded to know why a critically ill patient's MRI had been delayed for an hour. Rebecca shrugged her shoulders as she explained that they had been backed up.

Liz didn't appreciate Rebecca's cavalier attitude. Liz called Rebecca out on her unprofessional behavior. Rebecca was unrepentant as she mouthed off to Liz. Epiphany stepped in, reminding both women to put aside their personal differences.

After Epiphany walked away, Rebecca called Liz a "little snip," then suggested that Liz get over it if she had a problem with Lucky dating Rebecca.

Later, Liz walked to the nurse's station while Lucky sat nearby, waiting for Rebecca. Rebecca flounced passed Liz, with a smug smile, as she made her way to Lucky. Liz ignored Rebecca, but Nikolas didn't.

Nikolas approached Liz and asked her to smile. Liz asked him why, but did as he requested. Instead of answering Liz, Nikolas asked if Lucky and Rebecca were watching them. Liz confirmed that they were. Nikolas pulled Liz into his arms then kissed her passionately.

Lucky and Rebecca had nearly identical expressions of stunned disbelief as they watched Nikolas kiss Liz.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

At the penthouse, Jason was on the phone with Carly. Jason admitted to Carly that he was worried; he wanted Carly to take care of herself and the baby. When Jason ended the call, Maxie asked if Carly was okay. Jason answered, "No." He did not elaborate beyond that.

Jason asked Maxie why she was at the penthouse. Maxie explained that she needed Jason's help to win Spinelli back. Maxie wanted Jason to convince Spinelli to forgive her. Jason refused to talk to Spinelli on Maxie's behalf. He insisted that it was up to Maxie to work things out with Spinelli.

Maxie prattled on about how hot, and probably good in bed, Johnny was. Jason suggested that Maxie refrain from talking about Johnny in front of Spinelli. Jason explained that Spinelli felt threatened by Johnny. It was one of the reasons Spinelli threw himself into harm's way.

Maxie didn't think that Spinelli had to prove himself to her. Maxie hatched a plan; she decided that actions spoke louder than words. She quickly left the penthouse, determined to win Spinelli back.

Lulu went to McCall and Jackal P.I. to see Spinelli's new office. Spinelli was hopeful that Lulu had a job for them. Lulu admitted that the reason for her visit was to set the record straight. Lulu wanted Spinelli to know that she no longer blamed Maxie for Lulu's breakup with Johnny. Lulu realized that her relationship with Johnny had been doomed.

Lulu was certain that Maxie deeply regretted hurting Spinelli. Spinelli was grateful for the betrayal because it had hardened his heart. Spinelli was confident that he was a better gumshoe for the heartache.

Spinelli went to the penthouse. Spinelli wanted to carry a gun. Jason advised Spinelli against arming himself with a weapon. Jason explained that even a skilled marksman could make a mistake. Jason pointed to Michael's tragedy as an example of how things could go wrong when a gun was involved. Jason assured Spinelli that he was smart enough to do his job without a gun.

When Spinelli returned to his office, Maxie was waiting. Maxie claimed that a stalker was terrorizing her. Maxie insisted that she didn't have anyone, but Spinelli, to turn to. Spinelli eagerly accepted the case. He vowed to protect Maxie from harm.

A short time later, Winnifred arrived for work. She was dismayed when Spinelli told her that they had been hired to protect Maxie from a stalker. Winnifred found the timing suspect. Spinelli ignored Winnifred's warning.

On the docks, Maxie hired a man to pretend to be her stalker. Maxie wanted the man to attack her, then flee when her rescuer interceded. The man was reluctant to agree to the plan until Maxie assured him that he wouldn't be harmed.

Luke went to the airport to persuade Ethan to stay in Port Charles. Ethan refused to consider taking a paternity test. Luke asked Ethan what he was afraid of. Ethan admitted that if the paternity test revealed that Luke was Ethan's father, and then it would mean that Luke had abandoned his child.

Luke was certain that Holly had sent Ethan to him in order for Luke to prove paternity. Ethan didn't want to believe it. Ethan reminded Luke that Holly had the means to support a child. If she was his mother, then it meant that she had given him up for adoption and sealed the records. Ethan also didn't want to be Luke's replacement for Lucky, the son who had turned out to be a disappointment to Luke.

Tracy found Luke at the airport. Ethan told her, in no uncertain terms, that he did not want nor need Luke as his father. Tracy asked Ethan to prove it; she invited Ethan to board the plane to Australia. Ethan hesitated a few moments then bent down to pick up his backpack. Luke stopped Ethan from taking a step further.

Luke was certain that Ethan would eventually regret not taking the paternity test. Luke suggested that they take the test. If Ethan decided to leave town afterwards, Luke would pay for Ethan's ticket.

Later, Luke, Ethan, and Tracy went to General Hospital. When Luke explained that he and Ethan needed a paternity test, Epiphany burst out laughing.

Jax turned to Patrick for help. Jax explained Carly's situation with her pregnancy. Jax wanted Patrick to agree to be part of Michael's surgical team because he believed it would calm Carly's fears, which in turn would reduce her stress. Patrick reminded Jax that he was not a miracle worker. However, Patrick did agree to work with Dr. Hensen

When Jax informed Dr. Hensen of the decision, she realized that she had little choice, but to welcome Patrick to the team.

Later, Patrick and Dr. Hensen discussed Michael's case. Patrick was concerned that time was running out. Dr. Hensen wanted to delay surgery, but Patrick believed that time was of the essence.

Jax went to Jason's penthouse. Jax asked Jason to postpone going after Jerry. Jax promised Jason that if he waited to kill Jerry until after the baby was born, Jax would not interfere.

Lucky and Rebecca were stunned when they saw Nikolas kiss Liz. Lucky accused Nikolas of acting out of spite. Liz reminded Lucky that she and Nikolas were single.

Lucky couldn't believe that Liz had gone along with Nikolas' childish antics. Nikolas didn't appreciate the way that Lucky addressed Liz. Nikolas insisted that Liz deserved to be treated right. Furious, Lucky asked Rebecca if she was ready to leave. Rebecca hesitated, stared at Nikolas for a long moment, and then followed Lucky out of the hospital.

After Lucky and Rebecca left, Liz turned to Nikolas to ask, "Now what?"

On the docks, Rebecca made a phone call while she waited for Lucky. She told the mystery person on the other end, "It's not working out as we planned and I'm not so sure that I can turn him around. Look, I'm doing my best. It's not that easy." Rebecca quickly disconnected the call when she saw Lucky approach.

Lucky and Rebecca planned to take a boat ride. They started to go to the boat, but Lucky lagged behind. Rebecca wondered if he wanted them to wait for Nikolas and Liz.

Lucky admitted that he had hoped Nikolas and Liz, on their way to the Wyndemere launch, would have spotted them. Rebecca asked if Lucky's interest in her was about one-upping Nikolas. Lucky denied the accusation. Lucky assured Rebecca that he enjoyed her sense of humor, taste in music, and her tough act. Lucky added that he wasn't ready for marriage; he just wanted to go for a ride on the boat. Rebecca was satisfied with his answer. She agreed to continue their date.

Later, Rebecca and Lucky returned from their outing. Rebecca confessed that she'd had a wonderful time, particularly when Lucky had handed over control of the boat. Lucky agreed that the ride had been enjoyable. Neither was ready for their date to end, so they decided to go out for drinks.

Nikolas and Liz walked into Jake's. Liz sarcastically admitted that their stunt at the hospital had felt good; she hadn't made such a complete and utter fool of herself like that in quite some time. Nikolas was unrepentant. Liz suggested that Lucky had been right; the only reason Nikolas had kissed her was to punish Lucky for going out with Rebecca. Liz challenged Nikolas to fess up.

Nikolas admitted that a part of him had wanted to teach Lucky a lesson. However, Nikolas confessed that he had kissed Liz, in part, because she had been a great friend and a patient listener.

Coleman approached their table to take their order. Coleman was surprised; they were a pairing that Coleman had never expected to see. Nikolas reached over to caress Liz's cheek, as he revealed that he had never expected it either. Nikolas added that it was better late than never. Liz smiled.

As the two drank shots of tequila with beer chasers, Nikolas realized that it was the first time that he and Liz had gone out drinking together. Liz confided that she had spent several nights, out with the girls, at Jake's. As they continued to reminisce, Liz revealed that there were times that she wished she could return to the past. Nikolas was surprised by the admission. He thought that Liz was happy and had a wonderful life. Liz agreed that it was great, but she had no one to share it with.

Liz talked about Lucky and Jason. She told Nikolas that her split from Lucky had been painful. When she and Jason had ended things, Liz was left feeling heartbroken and lonely. Liz admitted that a part of her would love to get back together with Lucky. However, another part of her was terrified to go down that road again because they had never managed to make it work. Liz was convinced that if she and Lucky tried again, they would end up crashing and burning. Liz didn't want to risk putting her children through that.

Later, as the alcohol continued to flow, Nikolas reminded Liz that they were two unattached and available people. Liz agreed that she was unattached, but he would always have Emily. Nikolas admitted that in the beginning he had been drawn to Rebecca because of her resemblance to Emily. However, time had made him realize that she was a completely different person. Liz was skeptical.

Nikolas revealed that if Rebecca had been a way to fill the void left by Emily then he would have chosen Liz instead. Liz was surprised by the admission. Nikolas explained that Liz was the closest thing he had to Emily because she had been Emily's best friend. Liz also had the same way of looking at things, talking about things, and teasing him as Emily had. Nikolas knew that Liz felt Emily's loss just as strongly as he did. It made him feel comfortable talking to her about Emily.

Nikolas also revealed that there were times, when he was with Liz, that he didn't miss Emily. Liz was touched. She lightened the mood by confiding that Emily had talked about Nikolas often. Among the many things Emily had told Liz, was that Nikolas was a wonderful kisser. Liz used to think that Emily had exaggerated until Nikolas had kissed Liz at the hospital.

Liz confessed that their kiss had caught her off-guard. Nikolas wondered why he didn't see the possibility of a relationship with Liz before. Nikolas pointed out that things were easy and comfortable between them, they had history, and they were best friends. Nikolas believed that it would take just a slight shift for them to see each other through different eyes.

Liz agreed with Nikolas. Nikolas asked Liz to lean in closer. When she did, Nikolas kissed her. Lucky and Rebecca walked in moments later; they stopped short when they saw Nikolas and Liz kissing.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lucky and Rebecca rushed out of Jake's after witnessing Nikolas and Liz kissing. Coleman made a point of telling Nikolas and Liz that their friends had seen them before they stormed out. Liz wanted to know what Lucky's reaction had been, but Coleman tried to be a gentleman and said his eyesight was bad. Nikolas asked Coleman to just be honest, and he admitted that Lucky looked as if he'd been punched and Rebecca looked shocked.

After Coleman left them alone, Nikolas told Liz he would take the blame for their kiss. She could tell Lucky that Nikolas had taken advantage of her while she was drunk. Liz didn't like that excuse and said she enjoyed the kiss just as much as Nikolas had. They talked about Liz and Lucky's relationship through the years, and Liz admitted she might not be completely over Lucky. Nikolas thought all four of them could be trying to prove a point to themselves that they could get over their past relationships.

Liz asked Nikolas if he really thought he could have a chance with Rebecca. Since she had earlier confessed to conceiving Cameron upstairs with Zander, Nikolas decided he could be honest, too. When Rebecca had first arrived in town, Nikolas had only been interested in her because of her resemblance to Emily. As he learned more about her, though, he developed feelings for who Rebecca really was. Nikolas felt he was a fool for allowing Helena and Alexis to make him suspicious about Rebecca. Liz said Nikolas needed to be honest with Rebecca, and they decided to get a cab and leave.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Rebecca arrived back at her room above Kelly's after a brief stop at the store. They talked about the early years in Liz and Lucky's relationship, and how Lucky's addiction to pain pills had been the final straw. Rebecca said she felt sorry for anyone involved with Nikolas, because even Emily couldn't live up to his standards anymore. Lucky defended his brother and said Nikolas was still grieving.

Lucky was happy he was getting to know Rebecca better, but she laughed when he told her that. Rebecca felt she was an open book and there was nothing to know. They complimented each other and started kissing, which quickly became passionate. Suddenly, Lucky stopped and pulled away from Rebecca. He was afraid they would regret any decision to get more intimate, and Rebecca agreed it had already been an emotionally draining night.

Nikolas knocked quickly on Rebecca's door before he burst through it. He was shocked to see Lucky sitting shirtless on the bed next to Rebecca.

Back at Jake's, two men walked in and got some beers from Coleman. They scoped the place out as they discussed finding their next target to rob. One of the men seemed concerned about keeping the other man in line, because he couldn't afford another sexual harassment charge. When Coleman checked on them later, they asked if they could get credit for some more drinks. Coleman just smiled and told them to take as much time as they needed with the beer they already had.

At the office, Sam walked in and told Spinelli she had their first client. Spinelli corrected her and said Maxie had someone stalking her, so Maxie had hired Spinelli to nab the stalker. Sam told Spinelli about her client, Mr. Latham, who thought his wife was cheating on him. They each prepared to work on their separate cases, but before they left each other, Sam begged Spinelli to call her or Jason if he needed backup. Spinelli was determined to prove to everyone, including their clients, that he was strong and dangerous.

Spinelli soon received a phone call from Maxie who said she was on the Elm Street pier, and she thought she the stalker was behind her. She abruptly hung up the phone and Spinelli was frantically rushing out the door to save his damsel in distress.

Meanwhile, one of the men from Jake's crept out from the shadows and demanded Maxie's purse from her. Since Maxie had bribed a Crimson photographer to hire someone to stalk her, she thought nothing of the man and told him good job. She wanted him to wait until Spinelli got there, though. The man got upset and grabbed Maxie, pushing her up against the wall.

At the hospital, Claudia met with Dr. Lee and asked how quickly she could get an amniocentesis and a paternity test. Ric listened as Dr. Lee said Claudia could have a paternity test done in August.

Ric interrupted the ladies and told Dr. Lee that Claudia was unsure if the baby she was carrying was Ric's child or Sonny's child. Dr. Lee was clearly uncomfortable and offered to refer Claudia to a different physician.

Claudia arrived home and was happy to see Johnny was there as she had requested. Johnny wasn't happy about being there, though. Claudia explained to her brother that Ric was becoming a problem, and she wanted Johnny to kill Ric.

Johnny didn't think Ric's death was necessary, since the DVD from Jerry had been erased, but Claudia was worried that Ric would tell Sonny about the paternity test she needed. Johnny thought that might be the best thing for Claudia. He wanted Claudia to leave Sonny, but Claudia didn't want that at all. She couldn't figure out why he wouldn't help her.

Meanwhile, Sonny arrived at Jason's and was surprised to see Jax waiting for him. Jax wanted to make sure Sonny didn't tell Carly about Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting. Sonny was more concerned about Carly carrying Jax's baby, though. Sonny felt Jax should have tried harder to convince Carly to terminate the pregnancy.

Jax told Jason and Sonny that his priority was to lessen Carly's stress. He wanted to wait until after the pregnancy to tell Carly about Jerry. Sonny explained that he to find Jerry so they could get the answers they needed about Michael's shooting. Jax told Sonny that he should just concentrate on Michael and the procedure that would be done, but Sonny was furious and felt that Jax was trying to tell him how to be a father.

After Jax left, Jason said there was no way they could hurt Jerry because of Carly's condition. He agreed with Jax, and he didn't want to upset Carly. Sonny still wanted answers from Jerry, but Jason asked what Sonny would do if Jerry confirmed that Claudia was behind Michael's shooting.

Sonny wasn't sure what he was going to do. He couldn't kill a pregnant woman, and he couldn't kill a woman who had just given birth to his child. Sonny knew he also couldn't allow Claudia to get away with her role in Michael's shooting if they confirmed she had a role.

Sonny and Jason left the penthouse separately. Jason was just hanging up his cell phone when Sam called out to him. She was wearing a bikini and had been investigating a client's wife. Sam jumped into Jason's arms from a balcony above where he was standing and told him to run.

After the meeting with Sonny and Jason, Jax stopped at Sonny's house, knowing the mobster wouldn't be home. Jax interrupted Johnny and Claudia's conversation when he walked into the living room.

After Johnny left, Jax told Claudia that he thought they could be of use to each other. He congratulated her on her pregnancy, and Jax thought the pregnancy would be the perfect time for Claudia and Sonny to get closer. If Claudia helped keep Sonny away from Carly, Jax would help Claudia with Jerry. Claudia acted like she thought Jerry was dead, but Jax knew better and called her on the bluff. Before they could discuss anything else, Sonny walked in and asked why Jax was there.

Patrick had his brother paged at the hospital so they could discuss Michael Corinthos. When Matt reviewed the chart and the upcoming procedure, he thought Patrick was crazy for participating. There was a six percent chance the procedure would work, but there was a 20% chance Michael could die. The influential people in Michael's life could kill Patrick or ruin his life if things didn't turn out well.

Patrick tried to explain to his brother that he had taken the bullet out of Michael's brain, so he wanted to be there when Michael woke up. Matt pointed out that Patrick wasn't even going to be the lead surgeon, but Patrick was content to just be on the team. Matt felt Patrick was trying to punish himself for Robin's postpartum depression. Just because Patrick missed his wife and thought his personal life was in ruins, that didn't mean he had to ruin his professional life, too.

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