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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 11, 2009 on GH
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Lulu was chatting with Ethan on the Haunted Star, when Tracy walked in. She immediately grabbed Ethan and planted a kiss on him. Tracy got very upset and told them to stop. When Lulu wanted to know why, Tracy sputtered. Luke appeared behind the bar and wanted to hear Tracy's answers, also.

Tracy cited the low opinion she held of Ethan's character as her reason for not wanting Lulu to be overly familiar with him. Both Lulu and Luke thought she was laughable and told her so.

Lulu continued to flirt with Ethan and, much to Tracy's chagrin, convinced him to go dancing with her. After they left, Tracy tried to convince Luke to keep Lulu away from Ethan. Luke kept pressing Tracy for a reason why, but she evaded him by insisting that she was only doing what was best for Lulu. Luke continued to prod Tracy, but did not confront her with his suspicions that she had faked the results of the DNA test that he had taken with Ethan.

On the pier, Lulu and Ethan talked. She told Ethan that Luke had asked her to flirt like crazy with Ethan in front of Tracy and avoid him the rest of the time. She told him that she did not know why he had asked, but she enjoyed helping her dad. Ethan had a knowing look, but did not tell Lulu about the DNA test.

Nikolas interrupted Alexis while she was offering Rebecca a bribe to go away. Nikolas said that he would offer Rebecca a bribe to stay. After Alexis left Rebecca's newly redecorated room, Nikolas and Rebecca hugged. He told her that he wanted her in his life. When he explained that Alexis' fear of Helena was understandable because as a child, she had witnessed Helena kill her mother by cutting her throat, Rebecca became sympathetic and sent him off to comfort Alexis.

Nikolas caught up with Alexis on the pier and told her that he trusted Rebecca and wanted her to stay. Alexis remained skeptical. She left Nikolas alone on the docks, but not before asking him if her were willing to sacrifice everything, including his family, for a stranger with Emily's face.

Spinelli and Maxie were supposed to be staking out the Crimson layout and concealed tracking device they were using as bait. Instead, while they waited in the car, they started kissing. When Maxie came to her senses and looked at the computer, she saw that the trap had been sprung while they were not paying attention.

Spinelli revved the engine and took off. He proved to be a very bad driver. Eventually Maxie convinced him that his skills were better suited to following the tracking device on the computer, and she was better at driving, thanks to the police driving class that Mac had insisted she complete. This proved a better arrangement

Eventually they followed the tracking device back to Crimson. It, along with the layout had been returned. Spinelli assured Maxie that he would find the culprit who had taken the layout and save her job. Maxie hugged Spinelli and told him that she knew he would keep his word and find the person who was stealing Crimson's advertising plans.

Patrick, Matt, Liz, and the Operating Room team were able to get Michael's heart restarted and continue with the brain surgery, while Carly, Jax, Jason, Sonny, and Claudia waited and worried in the family lounge.

After Michael's heart stopped, Jax wanted to see Sonny outside the lounge. Jason stayed with Carly and Claudia went out to the lobby. Jax wanted to stop the surgery and wait for Dr. Hansen to finish it. Sonny agreed with Jax, but when Jax asked him to call Patrick and stop the surgery, Sonny said he would not do that without Carly's knowledge and approval.

Olivia arrived with fresh fruit for Carly and was upset to see Claudia. Sonny said he had his own reasons for having her there and wanted her to stay. Privately, Jax told Olivia that he could not force Claudia to leave without spilling her involvement with Jerry and the shooting of Michael to Carly and upsetting Carly even more.

While Sonny and Jax talked, Jason tried to help Carly stay calm. He told her to think about something pleasant. Carly remembered the time that she, Michael, and Jason had gone to Florida and spent time on the beach. She reminisced and felt better.

While Jax comforted Carly, Jason went to the lobby and talked to Sonny, whom he urged to send Claudia home. Sonny said Carly was too upset by Michael's surgery to be bothered by Claudia. Sonny told Jason the same thing that he had told Olivia. Sonny said that he had his own reasons for keeping Claudia close.

Johnny showed up in the lobby and tried to get Claudia to leave with him, but she insisted on staying with Sonny.

Sonny, Claudia, Olivia, and Jason were in the lounge with Jax and Carly when Jax suggested to Carly that she ask Patrick to stop the surgery on Michael and wait for Dr. Hansen. Sonny agreed with him. Claudia put in her opinion, which upset not only Carly, but Olivia and Jason, as well.

Carly was torn about what to do. Jason strongly advised her to let Patrick continue the surgery instead of stopping halfway through the procedure.

In the OR things were progressing smoothly. Michael had a bleeder, but Patrick quickly handled the problem and the team successfully implanted four of the electrodes necessary to stimulate Michael's brain and bring him to consciousness.

Sam was at GH working a case when she saw Jason and followed him to the roof. He was glad to see her and told her that he had advised Carly to continue the surgery mainly because he did not want Carly to blame herself if Michael did not wake up. He said this way, if anything happened to Michael, he would be at fault and he would have to live with it, not Carly.

Carly called Patrick in the OR. When she asked him what would happen if they stopped the surgery, he told her that Michael would be stabilized and in a permanent coma with no hope of recovery.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lulu and Ethan stood on the docks and talked about Tracy's disapproval of their "relationship." Lulu knew Tracy was acting very strongly because she cared about her stepdaughter. Lulu and Tracy had grown closer, and Tracy had even offered Lulu a room at the Quartermaines' when Luke was kicked out. Lulu explained that her stepmother didn't want her to date another loser. Ethan didn't take that as an insult, and he understood what Tracy hoped for Lulu's future. Lulu thought Tracy was hiding something about the situation, but neither she nor Ethan knew what it was.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy and Luke argued over Ethan's relationship with Luke. Tracy didn't like how close Luke had become with Ethan. She asked him if he had forgotten that the DNA test proved Ethan and Luke were not related.

When Tracy stormed out, Luke followed her to the docks where she met with Johnny Zacchara. Tracy tried her best to convince Johnny to get back together with Lulu. Johnny felt that was ironic, since during his entire relationship with Lulu, Tracy had done her best to break them up. Tracy explained that Lulu was dating Ethan, but Johnny thought Ethan would still be better than Johnny was for Lulu.

Ethan arrived back at the Haunted Star, where Luke soon showed up. Luke wasn't positive that Tracy hadn't switched the DNA test. With Tracy being a board member at General Hospital, she would have had easy access to the files. Ethan was annoyed that Luke was still sure that they were father and son. Luke couldn't understand why Ethan was so against a blood relationship. Luke and Ethan got along great, so Luke didn't think the DNA test would be detrimental to their friendship.

Tracy walked in just as Luke thought of another solution. If Luke called Holly, she could confirm or deny if Luke was Ethan's father. Tracy didn't think that was a very good idea, because Holly would surely try to manipulate Luke. The phone rang and someone answered, but the connection was lost quickly. The conversation was long enough for Luke to realize something was wrong with Holly, and both he and Ethan were concerned.

At Crimson headquarters, Maxie and Spinelli tried to decide what their next course of action would be to catch the person who was stealing the layouts. Spinelli decided to look through the Metro Court surveillance video to find the culprit. Maxie wasn't sure they would be able to discover the thief if he or she wasn't carrying the layout in plain view.

Spinelli looked closer at their "bait" and noticed the layout had been copied. He rushed over to his computer to search for answers when Kate walked in and asked how the investigation was going. Spinelli tried to answer, but Maxie had to translate and said they had not found the thief yet. Kate reminded them that they had until the next day to find the culprit or she would be looking for two new assistants.

When Lulu showed up later, Maxie and Spinelli gave her an update on their investigation. Lulu was disheartened that the thief was still loose, but Spinelli assured her that he would find him or her, and Maxie and Lulu would keep their jobs.

Meanwhile, Kate took a call in her office and told the person on the other line that she had done what was asked. They needed to leave her alone, because she wouldn't steal any more of her own magazine's layouts again.

At the hospital, Jason and Sam walked to the roof so Jason could get a breath of fresh air and get away from Claudia. He still harbored guilt over Michael's shooting, and he hated not being able to tell Sonny and Carly about Claudia's role in the shooting. It would be especially devastating for Carly to learn that her husband knew Jerry had also been involved. If Jax had never stood up for Jerry after the Metro Court shooting, Jerry wouldn't have been free to collaborate with Claudia, and Michael might not have been shot. Sam reminded Jason that he just needed to focus on Michael and forget Claudia for the time being.

In the operating room, Liz saw the phone blinking and answered the silent call. It was Epiphany asking if Patrick could speak with Carly. Patrick accepted the call and informed Carly that Michael's heart had stopped earlier. Once they restarted his heart, the surgery continued.

Carly asked what would happen if they stopped the surgery at that point. Patrick said Michael would be stable, but he would be in a permanent coma. Patrick assured Carly he could complete the surgery and it would give Michael his greatest chance at recovery. Carly agreed that Patrick was their best bet and told him to continue.

While they waited, Carly and Jax talked about their new house and the construction that would start in the coming weeks. Claudia told them the house sounded nice, but Carly was in no mood to hear anything Claudia had to say. Claudia stormed out of the waiting room, and Sonny followed after her. He saw how upset his wife was as they waited for news on Michael, and Sonny realized that Claudia was genuinely worried about Michael.

Claudia left to pray in the hospital chapel but Ric was soon interrupting her. He truly wanted Michael to recover, but Ric was sure Sonny's revenge towards Claudia would happen regardless of Michael's situation. With or without the baby, Claudia wouldn't get away with her role in Michael's shooting once Sonny found out.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nikolas went to the hospital to talk to Rebecca. When he caught up with her, Nikolas explained that he needed her professional opinion. Nikolas claimed that he had a pain in his heart. He grabbled Rebecca's hand to show her where. He kept her hand and moved it down when he explained that the pain moved to lower regions. Rebecca snatched her hand away before Nikolas could show her exactly where; they both laughed.

Epiphany stood nearby. She was not pleased with Nikolas' antics. Epiphany accused Nikolas of sexual harassment. Rebecca assured Epiphany that she had not been offended. Epiphany was relieved, but she did remind Nikolas and Rebecca that their behavior had been unprofessional. Rebecca agreed with Epiphany. Before Rebecca returned to work, Nikolas made plans to meet her at Metro Court when her shift ended.

Later, Rebecca was on her cell phone. She told an unknown person that she knew that things were moving slower than planned. However, everything was going according to plan. Rebecca quickly ended the call when she spotted Edward.

Edward assured Rebecca that he was not stalking her. Edward explained that he was at the hospital to see his great-grandson, Michael. Edward admitted that he was confused by the hospital's new floor plan and therefore unable to locate Michael's room. As he talked about Michael, Edward admitted that all of the adults in Michael's life, including Edward, had failed him. Rebecca seemed sad for Edward as he bitterly confessed his regrets. When Rebecca offered to cancel an appointment, Edward told her to keep it. Edward advised Rebecca never to let an opportunity pass.

Diane met Alexis in Metro Court's lobby. Alexis was eager to go shopping. While Diane flipped through a magazine of the latest shoe fashion, Alexis and Diane discussed a plea bargain for one of Sonny's henchmen. With business out of the way, the two ladies set out to go shopping. Max managed to intercept them and lure Diane away by showing her that he had the key pass for the hotel.

After Max and Diane made love in one of the suites, Diane started to get dressed. She was desperate to buy a particular pair of shoes. Unfortunately for Diane, her blouse had been torn. Diane resolved to turn to Alexis for help. Diane called Alexis to beg her friend to buy Diane a little black dress. Alexis agreed to deliver the dress as soon as she could.

Rebecca met Nikolas in Metro Court's lobby. She started to tell Nikolas about her encounter with Edward, but changed her mind. Instead, Rebecca asked Nikolas what he had planned for them. Nikolas told Rebecca that he had made reservations for dinner at Metro Court. Nikolas also revealed that he had procured a room for the night.

Nikolas gave Rebecca the choice: restaurant or suite. Rebecca challenged Nikolas to convince her to go the room during their elevator ride to the restaurant. Minutes later, Rebecca and Nikolas barely managed to make it to the room before they were tearing off each other's clothes.

Alexis, was searching for Diane's room when she heard moaning from a nearby room. Alexis assumed that she had found Max and Diane's room. Alexis walked in, chastising Max and Diane for leaving their door ajar. Alexis was struck speechless when she realized that she had walked in on Nikolas and Rebecca.

At Crimson, Maxie was certain that she and Lulu were going to be fired because Maxie had not been able to discover the identity of Crimson's saboteur. Lulu suggested that Maxie fight for her job. Lulu believed that Kate would have a change of heart if she realized how invaluable Maxie and Lulu were. When Kate arrived, she was impressed with Maxie and Lulu's enthusiasm and professional appearance. However, since Maxie was unsuccessful in her task to discover the company's mole, Kate fired Lulu and Maxie.

Spinelli raced in with late breaking news. He announced that he had discovered the identity of the person responsible for the leak of Crimson's shoe layout. Kate took a call from Warren while Lulu and Maxie gathered around Spinelli's laptop computer. Spinelli brought up camera footage from the parking garage. The security cameras revealed that Clarice had left the building with the file.

Kate promptly fired Clarice and had her escorted from the building. After Kate left for the day, Lulu and Maxie took a moment to celebrate. It was short-lived, because Spinelli discovered that Clarice had been innocent. The true culprit was revealed to be Kate. Lulu and Maxie were livid.

On the Haunted Star, Luke overheard Ethan on the phone with an acquaintance named Billy. Ethan ordered Billy to find out what had happened to Holly. Ethan's concern was evident. Luke suggested that perhaps Ethan was upset because Ethan believed that Holly was his mother. Ethan admitted that Luke had planted the seed of possibility that Luke and Holly were his parents in Ethan's mind. Luke confessed that he had never wanted to have children, but he did love the ones that he had.

Both Ethan and Luke suspected that Tracy had altered the results of the paternity test. Ethan wondered why Tracy felt threatened by him. Luke speculated that Holly, not Ethan, threatened Tracy. Tracy sauntered in moments later. She was not happy to see Ethan in the casino.

Tracy was even more displeased when Luke's phone rang and he announced that it was Holly. Luke tried to talk to Holly, but had difficulty understanding her. Holly claimed that there was gunfire where she was. Seconds later, Holly's call was disconnected. Ethan and Luke tried to call her back, but only received Holly's voicemail.

Tracy was certain that it was all an elaborate hoax to lure Luke into a trap. Tracy bet their first alimony check that Luke knew exactly where to find Holly. Luke appeared to have an inkling; he made plans to fly to Singapore. Ethan offered to join Luke.

Luke asked Tracy if they could use the ELQ jet, but she refused to help. Tracy reminded Luke that the last time that Holly had called for help, Luke had found Holly in a five-star hotel. Tracy called her pilot after Luke and Ethan left to catch a flight out of the Kennedy airport. She ordered him to fuel the jet and file a flight plan to Singapore.

Carly was at Michael's bedside when Jax brought Carly some oatmeal for breakfast. Carly appreciated Jax's consideration; she assured him that she and the baby were fine. Patrick entered the room moments later to check on Michael's vital signs.

Carly and Jax were eager to know if there had been any improvement in Michael's condition. Patrick told them that Michael was stable. Patrick cautioned them that it could be hours before Michael emerged from the coma. After Patrick left, Jax asked Carly if there was anything he could do for her. Carly took Jax up on the offer.

A short time later, Olivia arrived at the hospital. She had coffee and breakfast for Carly and Jax. Jax was grateful for Olivia's thoughtfulness. He explained that Carly was certain that Michael was going to emerge from the coma. Carly was so confident that Michael would recover that she wanted his room prepared.

Jax was worried that Carly was setting herself up for disappointment. Olivia understood Carly's need to think positive. She advised Jax to go along with the plan to prepare Michael's room for a homecoming. Olivia believed that it would assure Carly that Jax had the same faith in Michael's recovery as Carly had.

Bobbie checked in on Michael. Carly was happy to see her mother. When Bobbie checked Michael's charts, Carly asked if they indicated how Michael was doing. Bobbie confirmed what Patrick had said earlier. Carly confessed that she couldn't wait until Michael opened his eyes and she heard his voice.

Later, Monica stopped by Michael's room to check to see how her grandson was doing. Bobbie confided that she was concerned about Carly's optimism. When Carly returned to the room, she was delighted by Monica's visit. Carly walked over to Michael to ask him to open his eyes so that he could see both of his grandmothers.

Jax returned after Bobbie and Monica's visits. As he handed her a cup of coffee, Jax revealed that Olivia had lined up a contractor to begin work on Michael's room the following day. Carly was pleased by the news. She told Jax about a recent encounter with one of Michael's classmates. Carly had been surprised by how much Zach had changed, including his voice, in the previous year. It illustrated to Carly how much she was missing of Michael's life.

Patrick returned to check on Michael. Carly sensed that Patrick was troubled. Patrick admitted that he was concerned that the longer Michael remained unresponsive, the less likely Michael would ever emerge from the coma.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

At the Spencer house, Lucky thanked Liz for her understanding when he had to change the boys' visitation schedule because of work. Liz assured Lucky that it had not been a problem. Liz changed the subject to remind Lucky of grandparents' day at Cam's school. Lucky hoped that Cam hadn't counted on Luke attending. Lucky explained that Luke and Ethan had gone off on some adventure.

Liz sensed that Lucky was angry. She asked if it had to do with Ethan joining Luke on the trip. Lucky explained that he was infuriated because Luke had wanted Ethan for a son and didn't appear to regret having been unfaithful to Laura. Lucky was disgusted by Luke's betrayal.

Liz asked if the DNA test had confirmed that Luke was Ethan's father. Lucky was forced to admit that had had no idea; Luke had not bothered to tell Lucky the results of the test. Liz had empathy for Lucky. Liz understood that Lucky's hurt at what he perceived as Luke's rejection. Instead of being proud that Lucky was a police officer, Luke preferred a grifter as a son. Lucky vowed that, regardless what the paternity test had revealed, he would hold Luke and Ethan accountable if they broke the law.

Ethan and Luke broke into a Singapore bar. Ethan realized that Luke was familiar with the establishment. Luke confessed that he had been in the bar a long time before. Luke explained that he had once been involved in a scam in Argentina over a priceless painting. Luke had stood to make a fortune except there had been a snag in the plans. Luke had been ordered to carry out a hit on someone.

If Luke had refused to cooperate, his family would have paid the penalty with their lives. Luke had decided to lure the enemy away, by slipping out of Argentina, so that Laura and Lucky could to flee to safety. The plan had worked and Luke had ended up in Singapore with Holly Sutton.

Luke revealed that during his time in Singapore, Luke and Holly had a brief affair. A few weeks later, Luke and Laura had reunited. Luke suspected that Laura had known of the liaison, but she had never confronted him about it. Neither Luke nor Ethan realized that a woman lurked nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Moments later, Tracy barged into the bar. Luke didn't seem surprised to see his wife. Tracy demanded to know where Holly was. Luke insisted that Holly hadn't shown herself. Tracy didn't believe Luke, so she began searching the bar. The mystery woman ducked out of sight before Tracy discovered her.

Afterwards, two thugs entered the bar. Tracy assumed that they were her hired goons. However, she realized her mistake when they pulled her into a chokehold. Luke and Ethan tried to convince the men to release Tracy, to no avail. Tracy realized that she was in trouble and managed to break free. Luke and Ethan immediately sprang into action. When the dust settled, Luke and Ethan were the only two men standing.

The mystery woman remained nearby. Tracy yelled out to Holly, certain that she was in the bar. Tracy warned that she would not let Holly hurt Luke again.

Dr. Brown led a group meeting for mothers with postpartum depression. Robin was among the women assembled. Robin told everyone about her daily phone calls home to Emma. Robin worried about the time that she had lost with her daughter. The other mothers shared similar concerns. The women took turns talking about the struggles they had faced as a result of PPD. Dr. Brown explained that one of the problems with diagnosing the disease was that the symptoms didn't follow a certain pattern.

As the session progressed, Robin talked about her refusal to take antidepressants. Robin admitted that she continued to resent relying on the medication. However, she understood that she had to take the antidepressants in order to manage the disease. Before the meeting ended, Robin confessed that she looked forward to going home to her daughter.

Claudia returned to the hospital with fresh coffee for Sonny. Sonny appreciated Claudia's thoughtfulness. As they held hands, Claudia noticed that Sonny and Claudia's hands appeared to fit perfectly. Sonny quickly pulled his hand away. He covered up the reaction by assuring Claudia that the threats that he had made against her were in the past. Sonny promised Claudia that he would never hurt the mother of his child. He then gave Claudia the opportunity to come clean. Sonny asked Claudia if she had anything to do with Michael's coma.

Initially, Claudia believed that Sonny had asked the question because she had been raised as a Zacchara. She promised Sonny that she had nothing to do with Michael's shooting. Sonny clarified that he had asked the question because Sonny had been the intended target, not Michael. Sonny reminded Claudia that, at the time of the shooting, Sonny had kidnapped and hurt Johnny. Sonny also pointed out that Sonny had been Claudia's rival. Sonny suggested that Claudia would have been justified to order a hit on Sonny.

Claudia welled up with tears as she looked Sonny in the eye and told him that she would have aborted their unborn child if she had been involved in Michael's shooting. Claudia swore that she had nothing to do with Michael's head injury. Sonny hesitated a moment then assured Claudia that he believed her. Claudia pulled herself together then made an excuse to leave. She promised Sonny she would return to the hospital later.

Jason approached Sonny as Claudia was leaving. Jason said nothing as he watched Claudia walk away. When Claudia was out of hearing range, Sonny asked Jason why Jason continually tried to drive Claudia away. Sonny explained that he was attempting to set Claudia up because he was desperate for proof of Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. Sonny revealed that Claudia's weakness was her desperation to be Sonny's wife and partner. Sonny intended to exploit Claudia's desire to be accepted by Sonny, so that she would drop her guard and eventually slip up.

Jason sat at Michael's bedside when Monica walked into the hospital room. Jason asked Monica for her medical opinion about Michael's condition. Monica reluctantly admitted that she didn't think Michael would wake up. Carly entered the room in time to hear Monica's diagnosis. Monica immediately apologized. Monica told Carly that she hoped and prayed Michael woke up, apologized again, and then left.

Carly was furious. She told Jason that she wanted Michael surrounded by positive energy. Carly refused to have anyone who didn't have complete faith in Michael's recovery near her son. Jax walked in and was immediately concerned when he realized that Carly was upset. Carly reiterated that she didn't want any negative energy around Michael. Jax reminded Carly that she had another son and a baby on the way. Carly assured Jax that she and the baby were fine.

Jason stepped into the hallway to talk to Monica. Jason apologized to Monica for Carly's reaction. Monica assured Jason that he didn't need to apologize or explain on Carly's behalf. Monica had been in Carly's shoes following Jason's accident. Monica understood exactly what Carly was feeling.

However, it was Monica's medical opinion that Michael would not recover. She admitted that she could be wrong, but if she wasn't then she wanted Jason to be prepared. Monica told Jason that, if the worst happened, Jason and Carly would need each other.

Later, Patrick apologized to Monica for failing to help Michael. Monica told Patrick that she had once been like him. Time and experience made her realize that they couldn't save everyone; they just had to do the best that they could.

Patrick went to Michael's room to talk to Carly and Jax. Patrick considered it unethical of him not to be honest with them about Michael's prognosis. Patrick explained that the anesthesia had worn off, so Michael should have woken up. Carly refused to let Patrick finish speaking; she insisted that Michael would wake up.

Patrick went home to spend time with Emma. While he held his daughter, Patrick talked about Michael's situation. Patrick missed Robin and her advice. Patrick promised Emma that her mother would return home soon.

Claudia was not pleased to find Ric sitting in the living room of Greystone Manor when she arrived home. She demanded to know what Ric was doing in her home. Claudia wondered if Ric had a death wish, implying that she and Sonny were close. Claudia went on to reveal that she had told Sonny that she had not been involved in Michael's shooting and that Sonny had believed her. Ric scoffed at the idea; he was certain that Sonny merely wanted to believe Claudia. Claudia didn't see the difference; she insisted that she and Sonny were bonded by the darkness of their lives. Claudia vowed that there was nothing that Ric could do to break that bond.

Ric surprised Claudia by showing her a court order for a paternity test. He explained that while Claudia had been bonding with Sonny, Ric had been obtaining a court order. The moment the baby was born, or Claudia had an amniocentesis, Ric could demand a paternity test. Claudia wanted to see the papers, but Ric refused to show them to her. Ric said that he had been betrayed once too often over paternity issues.

Claudia's anger got the best of her. She knocked Ric's drink out of his hand then demanded to know what Ric wanted from her. Ric made his desire clear: he wanted his child.

Ric and Claudia continued to threaten each other while they argued about the baby. Their argument came to an abrupt halt when they heard a noise by the door. When Ric and Claudia turned, they discovered that Jason stood in the doorway.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Monica broke the news to Edward that although the surgery was successful, Michael would not wake up. Edward was upset and blamed Sonny for placing the boy into a world of violence. Monica reminded Edward that Sonny loved Michael as his own child and they couldn't fix the past.

Rebecca noticed Edward was distraught in the hallway of the hospital. She walked over and asked if there was anything she could do to help, and they sat and talked about Michael. Edward thanked her for being there for him. Although he knew she wasn't fond of her resemblance to Emily, Edward felt like he was able to pretend his granddaughter was still with him when Rebecca's acts of kindness also mimicked Emily.

Nikolas had witnessed the exchange between Edward and Rebecca before Edward left the hospital. Nikolas took Rebecca back to Wyndemere where they each had a glass of wine and talked about the day.

Alexis walked in and saw Nikolas and Rebecca kissing and asked Nikolas why he didn't just sign everything he had over to Helena if he was going to continue the charade of a relationship with Rebecca. Alexis admitted that Cassadines weren't very smart when it had to do with members of the opposite sex, though, and she mentioned her past flings and marriages. Rebecca asked what she could do to assure Alexis that Helena had not hired Rebecca, and Alexis asked what Rebecca had done in Greece.

Tracy watched as Luke and Ethan played cards on the plane ride home from Singapore. In order to get answers to her questions, Tracy was forced to play cards with them. The winner got to ask a question, and the loser had to answer a question. Tracy realized they were cheating, but it allowed Tracy a chance to ask some questions and get answers so she didn't mind too much.

Meanwhile, Lulu walked into the empty Haunted Star and called out for her father. Johnny was also there to speak with Luke. Lulu discovered that Sonny wanted Johnny's interest in the Haunted Star, but Johnny had wanted to make sure it was okay with Luke before Johnny agreed to anything.

Before he left, Johnny told Lulu to have her father call him but said it surely wasn't urgent. He thought Sonny probably had other things on his mind. Lulu didn't know anything was going on with Michael, so Johnny filled her in on the failed procedure before he left.

Jax found Olivia in the hallway of the hospital and asked for advice on how to get Carly to accept that Michael wasn't coming back. Olivia understood that in order for Carly to accept that, Carly would also have to accept that her dreams for Michael would not be realized. Carly would also never have the family of her dreams that she had always hoped for.

Jax asked Olivia if she would talk to Carly, who had not left Michael's bedside. When they arrived in Michael's room, Sonny had also been trying to convince Carly to go home and get some rest. Carly wasn't interested in hearing anything anyone had to say if it meant they wanted her to leave her son. Olivia and Sonny decided it was time for them to leave Jax and Carly alone, and they headed for the hospital chapel.

Once they were gone, Carly told Jax that she wasn't going anywhere and he needed to leave. Jax said he would remain with her for good times and for bad. He would not leave his wife in her time of need. Jax was still concerned about her, though. He knew she needed to get some rest. Michael wouldn't want Carly to risk her own life, let alone the life of his baby sister.

Jason walked in and listened as Claudia and Ric argued back and forth. Jason wasn't sure why Ric was hanging around so much, so Jason asked if Ric and Claudia were working together. Ric, not able to take the heat from Jason, finally left.

Once they were alone, Jason admitted to Claudia that he knew she was behind Michael's shooting. Sonny wouldn't kill her once he found out, because she was the mother of his child. Jason knew she shouldn't be alive, though, and shouldn't have even had the opportunity to become pregnant with Sonny's child. Sonny walked in as they argued, and asked what was going on.

After hearing the news about Michael's condition from Johnny, Lulu visited Michael in the hospital. She apologized for not seeing him more often, but she was happy he was back in Port Charles. Lulu was shocked when Michael suddenly squeezed her hand. She looked up and Michael's eyes were open. Lulu wanted to get a nurse, but Michael asked her to stay with him. He didn't want to be alone, and he wanted to know what had happened to him.

Luke poured himself a drink at the bar in the Haunted Star, when suddenly he heard an English accent. Holly walked in and said they had much to talk about, including their bundle of joy.

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