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Monday, May 25, 2009

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, General Hospital aired a special rebroadcast of an episode from April 7, 2008. In that episode, news of Michael's shooting quickly spread as he was rushed to the hospital. For a complete recap or just to relive that episode, click here. For more archived recaps dating all the way back to 1996, visit our Daily Recaps Archive.

Regular programming resumes on Tuesday, May 26, and will pick up where Friday, May 22's episode concluded.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Robin called Patrick at the hospital and told him she was being released early from her treatment. Always the overachiever, Robin had completed her therapy but wanted to meet with him first. They decided to meet at their favorite restaurant. Robin said she would not be upset if Patrick wanted to call her doctors to verify her story, but Patrick didn't feel that was necessary.

Patrick left the hospital and met Robin at the restaurant where she had stood him up before running away to Rochester. Patrick talked about Emma and how much they had missed Robin. Despite the postpartum depression, Robin was the center of Patrick and Emma's lives.

Therapy had been intense, but Robin had learned a lot. Robin knew she had hurt Patrick and Emma, so she asked Patrick if she had ruined everything. It was up to Patrick if he could forgive her and allow her back into his life. Patrick knew that postpartum depression was a disorder that Robin couldn't control. Robin wanted to make sure they could still be 100% honest with each other, despite the previous few troublesome months. Patrick felt that was something he could still do, so they decided it was time to see Emma.

When they arrived home, Robin complimented Patrick on his housecleaning skills. Patrick didn't take credit, though, and he admitted that he had hired a housekeeper. Both Patrick and Robin said they were nervous about Robin's reunion with Emma, but they didn't delay the inevitable. Patrick watched as Robin walked into Emma's room and greeted their daughter.

Ethan was furious when he heard that Holly was his mother but waited until that moment on the Haunted Star to tell him. As could be imagined, Ethan did not suppress his anger as he made accusations and yelled at his newly discovered mother. Holly tried to explain, but she was still very vague. She said she wanted to find Luke, but knew she couldn't just show up at his door. Holly found Ethan and plotted the scheme that sent Ethan looking for Luke. Holly admitted she had been a coward when she first met Ethan. Although she wanted nothing more than to hold her son in her arms, she took the easy way out and kept her secret to herself.

Ethan decided there was no need for him to stick around, but he told Luke that he would stay long enough for a replacement to be hired at the Haunted Star. Lulu walked in just in time to hear that Ethan was not Luke's son. When Ethan ran from the room, Lulu quickly followed after him to see if she could offer him any comfort.

Holly knew she had made a big mistake, but Luke tried to comfort her and said she still had one hell of a son. They talked about Holly's decision and the deep regret she felt, then Holly ran out of the casino in tears.

At General Hospital, everyone started yelling at each other after Michael said he wanted to live with his father. Sonny, Carly, and Edward were all desperate to keep Michael out of the other ones' care. Michael suddenly couldn't contain his frustration any longer and yelled at all of them. He was done being their pawn and wanted everyone to leave. Jason walked in and helped enforce Michael's decision.

Outside Michael's hospital room, Edward threatened to take Sonny and Carly to court for custody of Michael. Edward wouldn't forget that Sonny was responsible for Michael's injuries. Carly and Sonny agreed that Edward could visit Michael, but he needed to call Sonny or Carly first. They had no intentions of keeping the Quartermaines out of Michael's life.

Jason walked back into Michael's room and asked if there was anything he could do to help the young boy. Michael couldn't believe how out of control his temper was. Jason had experienced a similar situation after his brain injury, and Michael was comforted to realize how much he and Jason had in common. Michael was worried about having a brain injury, but Jason told him not to jump to conclusions. No one had diagnosed any brain injuries with Michael yet.

Jason had Monica paged to check on Michael, and she proved to be a good ally when she arrived. Monica acknowledged that everyone talked around Michael, but no one asked him what he really wanted. Monica promised to do whatever she could to help her grandson, and first, she would deal with Edward.

Monica interrupted Edward, Carly, and Sonny just as Edward was threatening lawsuits again. Monica apologized to Carly and Sonny for Edward's behavior and promised the Quartermaines would not interfere with Michael's recovery.

After Monica had dragged Edward away, Sonny tried to convince Carly to allow Michael to stay with him. Michael's outbursts would not be good for Carly and the baby, or for Morgan. Carly was not about to let Michael live with Claudia Zacchara, so Sonny agreed that Michael should live with Carly and Jax. That news didn't sit well with Michael, though, who still felt as if he had no voice.

Spinelli told Lulu that she had done the right thing when she asked Jason if he could intercede on Michael's behalf. Spinelli also had other news for Lulu, though, and he told her about Johnny and Olivia sleeping together. When Lulu found out that Johnny had been drunk when he slept with Olivia, Lulu was not surprised. Johnny had been just as impulsive and reckless when Lulu had met him. Johnny was no longer in her life, though. Who Johnny slept with didn't concern Lulu anymore.

Maxie tried to proposition Johnny and told him she wanted to light the match and see where things went afterwards. Olivia walked in and interrupted, causing Maxie to take back her offer. After Maxie left, Olivia asked if her timing had been wrong or right. Johnny thought that Olivia's timing was good, because he probably would have taken Maxie up on her offer had Olivia not arrived. There was a reason for Olivia showing up at the shop. She assumed the knife she found in her sofa cushions had been his.

Maxie texted Spinelli and found him waiting for Lulu at the hospital. Maxie greeted Spinelli with a kiss, which surprised the young computer genius. Maxie was grateful that things were getting back to normal. Spinelli knew that Maxie had also realized her trust in Johnny Zacchara had been misplaced. Maxie promised that she had learned her lesson and was not attracted to Johnny anymore.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At the Drake residence, Robin and Patrick stood in Emma's room. Patrick assured Robin that she could take her time reconnecting with Emma. Robin smiled then picked Emma up. Robin beamed with joy as she held her daughter. Robin told Patrick that she thought he was a wonderful father. Patrick returned the compliment.

Robin promised that she would try to be the best mother she could be. She admitted she had felt like a completely different person while she had battled postpartum depression. It had been a surreal experience for Robin. Patrick agreed that, in a way, she had been a different person during her struggle with PPD.

Later, while Robin rocked Emma, Patrick popped his head into Emma's room to let Robin know that dinner was ready. Robin was reluctant to put Emma down for the night. She wanted to spend more time with her daughter. Patrick smiled in understanding as he quietly slipped out of the room.

Lucky and Liz went to Wyndemere. Liz thought that Nikolas could help Lucky accept the possibility that Ethan might be Luke's son. Lucky reluctantly agreed to talk to Nikolas about it. Lucky and Liz stopped short when they found Rebecca in the living room, curled up with a book. When Rebecca noticed their reaction, she asked them what was wrong. Liz responded by asking Rebecca what she was doing. Rebecca answered that she was reading a book.

Liz pointed out that Rebecca was also wearing Emily's robe. Rebecca didn't seem surprised; she shrugged her shoulders as she explained that she had found it in the guest room. Rebecca explained that she had gotten drenched while sailing with Nikolas, so she had changed into the robe while her clothes dried. Lucky found the entire scene had been unsettling because it was very reminiscent of Emily's life at Wyndemere.

Nikolas walked in while Rebecca, Liz, and Lucky were arguing. Rebecca decided to return to the guest room to change out of the robe. Nikolas wanted to know what had upset Liz and Lucky. Liz admitted that she was worried because it appeared as if Nikolas was using Rebecca in an attempt to recreate his life with Emily. Liz added that it should concern Nikolas, as well. Moments later, Liz excused herself. Alone with his brother, Lucky agreed that Nikolas' behavior suggested that he was using Rebecca to replace Emily. Nikolas didn't agree; he defended his relationship with Rebecca.

In the guest room Rebecca changed into her dry clothes then made a phone call to an unknown person. She updated the person on how things were progressing with Nikolas. Rebecca revealed that everyone had warned Nikolas away from her. However, it was having the opposite effect; Nikolas and Rebecca had grown closer. Luckily, she had ended the call moments before Liz walked into the room. Liz wasn't surprised to find Rebecca wearing another outfit in Emily's favorite color and style. Rebecca tried to brush it off as coincidence, but Liz didn't buy Rebecca's act.

Liz remarked that Rebecca appeared to be making an effort to be more like Emily. Liz pointed out that Rebecca had stopped wearing heavy eye make-up and dark colors in favor of a more natural look and lighter colors. Liz warned Rebecca that she would not allow Rebecca to exploit Nikolas' grief. Rebecca countered by suggesting that Liz was attempting to tie Nikolas to Emily's ghost out of a twisted sense of loyalty to her deceased best friend.

Rebecca and Liz returned to the living room. Rebecca didn't hesitate to explain why she had been delayed. Nikolas was angry when he learned of Liz's confrontation with Rebecca. Liz refused to apologize. Nikolas asked if the purpose for Liz and Lucky's visit was to warn him away from Rebecca. Liz revealed that they had sought Nikolas out for help with a family problem. Liz realized that had been a mistake because Nikolas had lost his perspective.

As Liz and Lucky prepared to leave, Lucky invited Rebecca to join them on the boat ride back to Port Charles. Nikolas declined the offer on Rebecca's behalf; Rebecca was Nikolas' dinner guest. Liz guessed that they were going to have lamb with mint, Emily's favorite meal. Neither Rebecca nor Nikolas responded.

Agent Rayner met Alexis at Metro Court's bar. Rayner suspected that Alexis wanted to discuss Sam's private investigator's license, but Alexis clarified that it wasn't about Sam. Rayner perked up as he suggested that Alexis had a romantic interest in him. Alexis told Rayner that she tended to be attracted men like Jerry Jax. Alexis speculated that, were she attracted to Rayner, it could only mean he was a "psycho" like Jerry. Rayner immediately backed down. Alexis explained that the reason she had requested a meeting with Rayner was because she wanted him to check into Rebecca Shaw's background with a fine-tooth comb. Alexis was confident that Rayner could unearth every skeleton and dirty secret that Rebecca had.

Rayner reminded Alexis that using the FBI's resources for unofficial business could pose problems for him. He asked Alexis why she needed the information. Alexis told Rayner about Rebecca's uncanny resemblance to Emily and her sudden appearance in town. Alexis revealed that she suspected Rebecca had been hired by Helena, surgically altered to look like Emily, and then sent to Port Charles with the express purpose of seducing Nikolas. Rayner didn't understand what Helena's incentive was. Alexis explained that Nikolas had a fortune of over ten billion dollars.

Jax stood at the foot of Michael's bed while Michael had a dream of a woman repeatedly apologizing to him. Michael woke up with a start. When he saw Jax, he asked where the woman had gone. It was clear that Michael didn't realize that it had been Claudia's voice he had heard in his dream. Jax had no idea what Michael was talking about.

Jax explained that he had stopped by to get some things straight with Michael before Michael went home. Michael tried to avoid the talk by claiming fatigue, but Jax was intent on having his say. Jax didn't pull any punches; he told Michael that Carly could die from the stress if Michael continued to resent her. Michael offered to live with someone else, like the Quartermaines, in order to spare Carly. Jax didn't take the suggestion seriously. Jax expected Michael to do what was best for the family, especially Carly.

After Jax left, Michael decided to get out of bed. The effort proved to be too much; Michael collapsed a few feet from his bed. Luckily, Lulu found Michael a short time later. She had stopped by earlier, but Jax had been visiting Michael. Lulu helped Michael back to the bed. Michael was frustrated because he was so weak. Lulu admitted that she was impressed that Michael had been able to walk at all, given that he had recently emerged from a yearlong coma.

Sonny went to Jax's office. Olivia informed Sonny that Jax wasn't in. Sonny was annoyed by Olivia's attitude; he reminded her that she was the one who had slept with his brother in-law. Olivia insisted that it was none of Sonny's business whom she had slept with. Sonny pointed out that Johnny was younger than Olivia. Olivia wondered why that mattered.

Sonny admitted that he was married to a woman he didn't love or even like. He had often confided to Olivia about his private life. It disturbed Sonny that Olivia had, in effect, slept with the enemy. Olivia assured Sonny that she would never reveal anything personal about Sonny to Johnny. Sonny didn't think he could trust Olivia with his problems if she continued to sleep with Johnny.

Sonny confessed that what he and Olivia had shared went beyond friendship. Olivia asked Sonny to elaborate, but Sonny refused. Olivia advised Sonny to focus on Michael; it wasn't everyday that someone received a miracle. Sonny opted to leave rather than continue the argument.

When Jax returned to his office, Olivia told Jax about the confrontation she and Claudia had in the lobby. Jax was stunned that Olivia had slept with Johnny. Olivia didn't appreciate Jax's reaction. Jax reminded Olivia that Claudia had been responsible for Michael's shooting. He suggested that Johnny could also be involved. Jax asked Olivia how she could sleep with someone who might have had a role in what had happened to Michael.

Claudia went to Johnny's garage to give him a present: a gun. She wanted Johnny to have it for protection. Claudia also asked Johnny to make peace with Sonny; she was certain it would benefit her relationship with her husband. Johnny assured Claudia that Sonny was satisfied with the garage being a front for mob activity.

The conversation soured when Claudia brought up Olivia. Claudia accused Olivia of taking advantage of an intoxicated Johnny. Johnny snapped that Claudia had no idea what she was talking about. Claudia quickly switched gears by confessing that she was terrified Michael would remember her bedside confessions. Johnny had little sympathy for his sister's plight; he said that she had brought it upon herself.

Later, Sonny stopped by the garage to discuss an illegal shipment. Sonny made it clear that he did not trust Johnny. Sonny was convinced that Johnny's liaison with Olivia had been an attempt to pay Sonny back for all he had done to Johnny. Johnny denied the accusation. Johnny insisted that all of the resentment he had harbored for Sonny had vanished when Michael had been shot.

Sonny suggested that something had changed. Johnny admitted that they had: Michael woke up and Claudia was pregnant with Johnny's niece or nephew. Sonny wasn't impressed. Before Sonny left, he informed Johnny that the shipment had been rerouted.

Olivia went to Johnny's garage to drop off a contact list of custom shops, which she had acquired from her family. Johnny appreciated Olivia's generosity. They briefly discussed how everyone had given them a hard time for sleeping together. Both agreed that they had no regrets.

Olivia prepared to leave, but Johnny was able to bribe her to stay by offering her a beer. Johnny turned on some music and the two slow danced. They kissed as they swayed to the music. Olivia and Johnny agreed that if they slept together again, it would be about them, not anyone else. A short time later, Olivia left the shop.

When Claudia returned to Greystone Manor, she found Ric lounging in the living room. Claudia made it clear that she was not in the mood for Ric's games. Ric assured her that he wanted to make peace for the sake of the baby. Claudia didn't believe Ric. Before long, Ric threatened to tell Sonny that there was a possibility that Ric was the baby's father.

Moments later, Sonny walked into the living room. Sonny demanded to know what Ric was doing at Greystone Manor. Ric claimed he had stopped by to congratulate Sonny on Michael's recovery. Shortly after Ric left, Claudia tried to tempt Sonny to help her pick out things for the baby's nursery. Sonny was in a dark mood; he had no interest in talking about the nursery. Claudia sensed that Sonny wanted to be alone, so she quietly left the room.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

At the Drake residence, Robin enjoyed bonding with her daughter. While they played on the floor, Robin confessed that she was happy to be home. A knock on the door interrupted Robin and Emma's playtime. Robin was surprised to see Ethan standing on her doorstep. She recognized him as the bartender from the Haunted Star. Robin was taken aback when Ethan revealed that he might be her brother. Robin believed that Ethan was sincere, but she doubted that Robert was Ethan's father. She invited Ethan into her home to hear him out.

Ethan handed a picture to Robin. It was the first time that Robin had seen the photo of Robert and Luke. She chuckled as she noted that her father and his friend looked like trouble. Robin quietly listened while Ethan told his story. Robin was surprised to learn that Holly was in Port Charles and had been a guest in her home for several days while Robin had been away. She asked Ethan if he knew where Holly was staying. Ethan wasn't sure, but he guessed that Holly had checked into a hotel after she left Robin's home.

Robin wondered how Ethan felt about the possibility that Robert was his father. Ethan admitted that he didn't know anything about Robert, so he had no idea how to react to the news. Robin reiterated that she didn't think that Ethan was her brother. However, she offered to answer any questions that Ethan had about Robert.

Ethan asked Robin why she was so certain that Robert wasn't his father. Robin explained that her father had been stricken with cancer the year before. As a result, Robert and Robin had spent quite a bit of time talking. Robin believed that Robert would have mentioned if had a son. Ethan suggested that perhaps Robert hadn't known.

Robin decided to do some fact checking. She asked Ethan for the date of his birth. From that, Robin determined the approximate date of Ethan's conception. Robin realized that Robert had been in Port Charles when Ethan had been conceived. She vividly recalled the time because Robert had been working on a case to expose Port Charles's corrupt police chief, Burt Ramsey. Robin didn't recall Holly being in town during the scandal. Robin promised to verify everything with Robert, but Ethan declined Robin's offer.

Luke and Holly were brought into the police station in handcuffs. They had been arrested for theft. Tracy was close on their heels. Tracy, the victim of the theft, assured Alexis and the arresting officer that Luke was innocent of the crime. The police officer insisted that Luke had been Holly's accomplice; Luke had been in the hotel room with Holly at the time of the arrest.

Tracy was livid as she accused Luke of cheating on her. Luke clarified that he had been in Holly's hotel room to gather information, not to have sex. Meanwhile, Holly denied stealing Tracy's sapphire necklace. Holly claimed that Tracy had maliciously framed her.

When Holly spotted Mac entering the squad room, she dashed over to him to beg for his assistance. Mac was delighted to see Holly, but not surprised that she had been arrested. As they talked, Mac mentioned that Robin had returned home. Holly appeared to panic. She implored Mac to help her.

Mac tried to intercede on Holly's behalf, but Alexis couldn't drop the charges. Tracy demanded that Alexis prosecute Holly to the fullest extent of the law. After Luke was released, he tried to persuade Tracy to drop the charges. His pleas fell on deaf ears. Luke's displeasure was evident as he walked out of the police station.

Holly was taken to an interrogation room until her bail hearing. Mac suggested that Holly work things out with Tracy. Tracy offered to drop the charges in exchange for Holly's promise to leave town, without any messy goodbyes. Holly agreed to Tracy's terms on the condition that Tracy would arrange for Holly's immediate release. Tracy wanted to know why Holly had returned to Port Charles. Holly claimed that she wanted to lure Luke away from Tracy. Tracy didn't believe Holly; she suspected that there was more to Holly's story.

After Tracy dropped the charges, Holly went to Robin's house. Robin asked Holly why she had lied to Ethan about Robert being his father. Holly apologized; she hadn't meant to hurt Robin.

Alexis went to the Haunted Star to talk to Luke. She told him that when she had left the police station, Holly and Tracy had been "bitch-slapping" each other. She had been tempted to throw the two women into a cage together, but ultimately decided against it. Luke chuckled at the mental image Alexis had painted for him.

Alexis asked Luke if he had truly believed that Ethan was his son. Luke admitted that he had. Luke opened up to Alexis about his brushes with death in recent years. Luke realized that his time was limited. Luke wanted someone to look at him as if he had something to offer. Ethan had done that.

After Alexis left, Ethan walked into the Haunted Star. Luke started to tell Ethan about his attempt to talk to Holly, but Ethan didn't want to hear anything that Luke had to say. Ethan was tired of everyone lying to him. That got Luke's attention. He asked where Ethan had gone. Ethan told Luke about his visit with Robin and their discovery that Robert couldn't be Ethan's father. Luke's interest was piqued.

At home, Carly expressed her disappointment that she couldn't be with Michael during his first physical therapy session. However, she was determined to go to the hospital. She intended to wait for him in his room while Michael had therapy.

Jax suggested that Carly give Michael some space. Carly was hurt by the lack of support from Jax. Jax admitted that his concern was for Carly. He urged Carly to stay home to rest for the sake of their baby. Carly resented Jax's lack of understanding; she couldn't abandon Michael. Jax and Carly argued for a few minutes until Jax threw his hands up in defeat.

At the hospital, Carly stopped to talk to Patrick. Patrick updated Carly on Michael's recovery. When Carly turned to go to Michael's room, Patrick stopped her. He advised Carly to give Michael some space. Carly refused to consider it, but Patrick insisted. Patrick explained that Carly could do Michael more harm than good by provoking him during his recovery. Carly was devastated, but she agreed to follow Patrick's advice.

Jason paid Michael a visit. Michael had been eager to see Jason because he had questions about the shooting. Jason was reluctant to answer Michael's questions. He suggested that Michael talk to Sonny and Carly. Michael refused to consider it. Michael explained that he needed answers and he trusted Jason to tell him the truth. Eventually, Jason relented.

Michael wanted to know the name of the man who had shot him. He was surprised when Jason revealed that Dr. Ian Devlin had been the sniper. Michael didn't understand why a doctor would want to kill Sonny. Before he could pursue the line of questioning, an orderly arrived to take Michael to physical therapy. Michael tried to delay the session. Jason insisted that physical therapy was essential for Michael's recovery. Michael made Jason promise to return later that day.

At the hospital, Claudia questioned Patrick about the possibility of Michael remembering things he might have heard during his coma. Patrick told Claudia that there had been a few documented cases. Olivia overheard Claudia and Patrick's conversation. She approached them and asked if Claudia and Patrick were discussing Michael's case.

Claudia snapped that Olivia wasn't family. Therefore, their conversation was none of Olivia's business. Olivia held up a packet to show Claudia that she had Michael's medical forms. Claudia snatched the forms out of Olivia's hand, then slammed them down on the counter of the nurses' station. Claudia snarled, "consider them delivered" then stormed away.

Olivia went to Jax's office. She told Jax that Claudia had been asking Patrick questions about Michael's coma. Jax realized that if Michael recalled hearing Claudia's beside confessions, then he might remember hearing Jax and Jerry arguing about the shooting. Jax was frustrated because he couldn't tell Carly the truth without putting Carly and the baby's lives at risk.

Later, Carly went to Jax's office to apologize for their earlier argument. She told him that Patrick had told her the same thing that Jax had about giving Michael space. Carly decided that the best thing she could do was focus on their family. She made Jax promise not to let her push him away again.

Jason went to Sam's office to ask her to help him gather evidence against Claudia. Jason was determined to prove that Claudia had hired Ian Devlin. Jason was certain that Claudia's henchman, Fredo, was the key to unlocking Claudia's secrets. Sam agreed to help Jason, but she refused to accept payment.

Claudia visited Michael after his physical therapy session. Michael recognized her, but didn't realize that she had married Sonny until Claudia mentioned that she was Michael's stepmother. Claudia was surprised that no one had told Michael about the marriage. Michael asked what had happened to Kate.

Claudia explained that Sonny and Kate ended things because he had married Claudia in order to keep peace between the mob families. Claudia told Michael that she and Sonny had grown to care for each other. Michael wondered why, if that were true, no one had thought to mention the marriage to him. Claudia didn't have an answer.

She quickly shifted gears. She told Michael how much Sonny loved him and how he would spend hours at Michael's bedside, speaking to his son. She slyly asked Michael if he recalled hearing Sonny, or anyone else, talking to him. Michael admitted that he only remembered having breakfast with Morgan on the morning of the shooting. Claudia suggested that perhaps it was for the best that Michael didn't have any memories of the shooting or anything about the coma. Claudia promised to help Michael in any way that she could.

Claudia and Michael were unaware that Jason listened from the hallway.

Friday, May 29, 2009

At home, Carly and Jax's kissing quickly turned more intimate until Jax pulled away. Jax was determined that he and Carly could not have sex until after the baby was born. Sex might cause Carly's blood pressure to become elevated, and he was worried his wife would die trying to have sex. Carly rushed to see Dr. Lee for proof that she could still be intimate with her husband.

Holly was also on a mission and arrived at Robin and Patrick's house to seek advice after realizing the situation with Ethan and Luke had not gone as well as she had expected. Holly had hoped she could use Ethan to get Luke back and they could all be one happy family. Robin helped Holly see the flaws in her plan, and Robin asked how Holly even knew Ethan was her son. After Holly gave up an infant son, Robin wodered how Holly could recognize him as an adult. Holly admitted she had done some investigation before finding her son. She was in no shape to care for a child when she had become pregnant, but she had to find out how he was doing when she learned his adoptive parents had died. Holly realized she had to set things straight and admit the truth to both Luke and Ethan.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan and Luke talked about their plans for the future. Luke still wanted to have another paternity test done, but Ethan thought they needed to leave things as they were. Ethan felt they got along great, so they didn't need to be blood-related to continue that relationship.

Holly walked into the casino, shocking Ethan, who was sure she had already left the country. Luke wasn't too surprised, though, and he demanded to know the truth before Holly really did skip town. Holly admitted Luke was Ethan's father.

At General Hospital, Jason listened as Claudia told Michael that she was married to his father. They talked about music, and Claudia offered to put some cool music on Michael's iPod. She even let him borrow her iPod in the meantime. Claudia admitted she didn't think Jason liked her, but Michael said she just didn't understand Jason. Before anyone could comment, a nurse ushered Claudia and Jason out of the room so she could take Michael's vital signs.

Meanwhile, Sonny talked to Patrick about Michael's condition. Sonny wanted Patrick's opinion on where Michael should live, but Patrick didn't want to get involved in a custody battle. Sonny explained that he and Carly were getting along, and they wanted Michael to live with Carly, but Michael didn't seem to want his mother. Patrick stressed that Michael needed a calm environment, and Sonny seemed to understand that comment.

While they were outside Michael's room, Claudia and Jason argued over her bond with Michael. Jason knew Claudia was responsible for Michael being shot, but Claudia also knew that Jason didn't have any proof. Sonny approached them as they argued, but everything stopped when the nurse walked out of Michael's room. The nurse reminded them all that they could not argue around Michael.

Sonny, Jason, and Claudia walked back into Michael's room, where Sonny was clearly surprised by Claudia's quick bond with Michael. Carly overheard as Michael talked about how she was trying to replace him by having another baby. Sonny tried to defend his ex-wife, but Claudia suddenly interrupted and talked about her baby with Sonny. Michael was clearly shocked, but he didn't hold the same grudge against his father and Claudia as he had with Carly and Jax. Carly ran from her hiding spot, crying.

When Jax arrived home and found Carly crying, he asked what had happened. Carly explained the situation she had overheard with Michael at the hospital. Jax's comfort soon started leading down that same intimate path as it had earlier in the day, and once again, Jax pulled away. Carly showed him the note from Dr. Lee, and Jax decided they could finish where they had left off.

At the investigation agency, Maxie walked in and told Spinelli she had "accidentally" broken Kate's PDA while they were out of town. Spinelli was initially more interested in whom Maxie attended parties with, but he was relieved when Maxie said her date had been a gay man. They quickly rushed to Crimson so Spinelli could check the PDA for any evidence while he repaired it.

After Maxie and Spinelli left, Jason showed up and told Sam about Claudia's act at the hospital. They were interrupted when Sam received a phone call. Someone had spotted the man who had bombed Jerry's car. Jason and Sam rushed off and found the man just as he appeared to be leaving.

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