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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 8, 2009 on GH
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Nikolas met Alexis in the Metro Court. At first, he did not want to believe Alexis when she told him that Emily had a twin sister, but was persuaded when Alexis showed him the proof that FBI Agent Rayner had gathered for her.

Nikolas was impressed that Alexis had friends in high places, but was still in denial about Rebecca. Despite an impassioned plea from Alexis, Nikolas defended his relationship with Rebecca and chose to believe that Rebecca was unaware that she was Emily's twin. Nikolas denied any possible agenda on Rebecca's part and assigned Alexis' doubts to coincidence.

Before leaving him, Alexis urged Nikolas to read the dossier that Raynor had prepared, but to do so with his businessman's mind. She told him that eventually he would realize that Rebecca was not Emily. Alexis said that she did not want to see him heartbroken when he realized that he had lost Emily all over again.

Ethan and Rebecca shared a smooch in her room, though she seemed less that enthusiastic. She pulled away and said she thought that they were not supposed to contact each other. He said that he had come to check on her because he thought that she had come to the Haunted Star to see him earlier.

As they talked, it became clear that Ethan and Rebecca were not strangers. A flashback revealed that Rebecca and Ethan had shared drinks at an airport during a storm. Over drinks in the bar, she told him that she had just learned that she had a twin sister. She said that she was on her way to Port Charles to get a share of the life she would have gotten if she had been the twin her parents had kept, instead of the one they had sold.

Back in the moment, Rebecca told Ethan that she wished she had not lied about knowing she had a twin, because it meant that she would have to keep lying.

Another flashback revealed that when Ethan asked Rebecca how she would proceed to get Emily's fortune, she told him that she would introduce herself as Emily's twin. Ethan pointed out what a bad idea that would be. He told her that rich people tended to be suspicious. He told her it would be better to make them come to her. He offered to be her partner for a slice of the pie.

Other flashbacks showed Ethan and Rebecca in bed together, making plans to pull off the perfect con. Ethan tutored Rebecca on all the players. He quizzed her about Monica, Edward, and other important Port Charles denizens. He told her to go to Port Charles and keep being seen until someone approached her. He said that while she did that, he would find Luke.

As they talked in Rebecca's room, Rebecca seemed to develop a conscience. She noted that she really like Monica and Edward, and thought their feelings for her were genuine. She told Ethan that she felt bad about deceiving them. Ethan was very quick to tell her that she was breaking the first rule of the con, which was not to get emotionally invested in the people they were conning. He told her to remember that it was Emily they cared about, not her.

Carly and Claudia had an altercation about Michael and fell down the stairs. Jax, Sonny, and Liz rushed to their aid while Epiphany called for a doctor.

GH Recap Photo 090608 Kristina proved to be trouble when Jason tracked Michael to Alexis' house. Kristina treated Jason like a lackey and threatened to tell her mother that he was coming on to her. Jason called Sam for help. Jason pleaded with Michael to help him with Kristina, so Michael relented and showed himself to Jason. Sam arrived just in time to deal with Kristina while Jason tried to persuade Michael to go back to the hospital.

Sonny was with Claudia when the doctor told them that there did not appear to be any damage to either Claudia or the baby. Sonny wanted to know what had happened. Claudia tried to make it sound like Carly had misunderstood her conversation with Johnny and attacked. Sonny left her alone so he could check on Carly.

Dr. Lee was cautiously optimistic when she told Carly and Jax that both mother and baby seemed fine. She left to get confirmation from the tests she had requested. Jax asked Carly what had happened. She told him that she overheard Claudia saying that she thought she had caused Michael to run away and, she had confronted Claudia.

Jax was upset and expressed his hatred for Claudia. He tried to keep Carly calm, but she was very worried about Michael. Before Jax could check on the search progress, Jason called to say that he had found Michael.

Michael overheard as Jason got the news that Carly had taken a fall. Michael was convinced that Carly had not really fallen, but was manipulating everyone because she wanted to get him back in the hospital. He accused Jason of being under her power. Jason remained calm and eventually convinced Michael to go to the hospital with him.

Sam stayed behind with Kristina, who continued to denigrate Jason. When Sam asked why, Kristina said that Jason had found her at a club where she had gone to rescue a friend, but instead of asking why she was there he had dragged her away without giving her a chance to explain. She tried to bond with Sam over issues that Sam had with Jason for his past treatment of her.

Dr. Lee brought Jax and Carly good news about the baby. Sonny joined them and expressed relief about Carly, as well as Michael's imminent return to the hospital. When he questioned Carly about her spat with Claudia, Jax got territorial, but Carly calmed them down.

Claudia got dressed and called Johnny, who was not returning her messages. She feared that Michael had remembered her confession about her involvement in his shooting. Ric showed up when she got off the phone. She wanted him to leave, but he refused, because he believed the baby was his, not Sonny's.

When Claudia tried to brush past him to leave her room, she started cramping and fell to the floor. Ric called for a doctor.

Jax and Sonny were headed for a confrontation when Liz came in to tell Sonny that Claudia's baby was in trouble. After he rushed away, Jax grumbled that Sonny had made it sound like it was Carly's fault that she and Claudia had tumbled down the stairs. Carly said that she felt sorry for Sonny. She knew he did not love Claudia, but she also knew he was invested in the child Claudia carried.

Carly told Jax that she was sure that if Claudia lost Sonny's baby, she would find a way to blame Carly. Jax repeated that he hated Claudia. Carly wanted to know what had caused such vehement dislike.

Michael arrived safely back at the hospital, where he got confirmation that Carly had really fallen down the stairs. Epiphany did not take any nonsense from him and told him that she was calling Patrick to check on him.

Claudia was in pain and crying as Ric stood by. She begged him to leave and he finally did so just before Sonny arrived. Sonny advised Claudia to stay calm. He wanted to know what happened. She told him that she was on her way out to search for Michael. Sonny said there was no need, because Michael was back safe and sound. She was relieved to find out that Michael had left because he did not like the hospital, not because he remembered anything that Claudia had said to him.

Ethan had just asked Rebecca how she felt about Nikolas and if she was having second thoughts about continuing the con when Nikolas walked in on them. Nikolas wanted to know what Ethan and Rebecca were doing together.

Liz walked Michael over to Carly's room. When he tried to make a disparaging remark about Carly, Liz told him how much Carly loved him and cared for him. Michael entered the room reluctantly. Carly was overjoyed to see him. She merely told him that she was glad he was back. When Jax started to chastise Michael's behavior, Carly stopped him and said that it did not matter, she was just glad to know that Michael was okay.

Michael seemed more like his old self and apologized. He told Carly that he was glad that she and the baby were okay and he was truly sorry if he had caused her worry. Carly was tearful but smiling.

Ric interrupted Sonny and Claudia to give a status report on Claudia and her baby's condition. Sonny demanded to know why Ric was so interested in Claudia's baby.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alexis arrived home and found Kristina sitting on the couch with her schoolbooks all around her. Molly was in her room, there was a casserole in the oven, and Kristina had saved half a brownie for her mother. Alexis was touched and told her daughter she worked too hard. Alexis thought Kristina should have a sleepover with some of her girlfriends, but Kristina reminded her that it was a school night.

Kristina told her mother some of what had happened with Jason, leaving out the parts about her flirting with him. Kristina was annoyed with Jason's behavior, but Alexis assured her that Jason was just a man of few words. It was clear that Kristina worried what her father thought, but Alexis was sure that Jason wouldn't say anything to Sonny. Alexis tried to console her daughter's fears about Sonny's love for her, but Alexis received a text from work and had to leave, which abruptly ended their discussion.

Nikolas walked into Rebecca's room and asked if he was interrupting something when he saw Ethan was there. Ethan said he was just trying to convince Rebecca to join him in a game of high stakes poker at the Haunted Star. Rebecca said she couldn't afford the buy-in, so Ethan thought Nikolas should front the money. Nikolas wasn't interested, so Ethan left after asking them to call him if they changed their minds.

Once alone, Nikolas confided to Rebecca that Alexis had found some information of interest in Rebecca's background. Alexis had received an FBI file when she called in some favors, and received all of Rebecca Shaw's medical history. Rebecca and Emily had been twin sisters, but Rebecca had been given up for adoption in exchange for money. Neither girl knew they had a sister.

Rebecca cried and it seemed as if she hadn't known about Emily being her sister. Rebecca didn't care what Alexis thought. She was concerned with what Nikolas thought about the whole situation, though. Nikolas thought that something inside of Rebecca had prompted her arrival in Port Charles due to the connection with Emily. Rebecca realized that Nikolas was the closest she would ever get to her deceased sister, and Nikolas took Rebecca to the mortuary where Emily rested.

Patrick arrived home to see that Robin had cleaned the house and prepared for a romantic evening between the two of them. Before they could get started though, Emma interrupted them. Later, the hospital called and Patrick had to go back to examine Michael, who had shown back up. Finally, though, Patrick and Robin were able to eat dinner and talk. Robin apologized for her behavior when she refused to seek treatment for postpartum depression. Her opinion was that a lesser man would have left her, but Patrick understood that postpartum depression was a disorder that Robin couldn't control. They ended up making love on the living room floor, all past problems forgiven.

At the hospital, Michael showed concern for his mother, which seemed to comfort Carly. When Jax left to make some phone calls, Carly asked Michael what Claudia could have said that made him leave the hospital. Carly further explained that she had overheard Claudia telling her brother that she thought a past discussion could have upset Michael. The boy couldn't think of anything upsetting they had talked about, but he had remembered her voice talking to him while he was at the aftercare institute. He couldn't remember what people said specifically, but he did remember Claudia apologizing to him.

Carly asked if he remembered her talking to him, especially because she was there so often that the staff almost put a cot in for her. Unfortunately, Michael didn't remember his mother's voice.

Meanwhile, Jax talked with Olivia, who gave out some advice. Jax didn't like the way Michael was treating Carly, but Olivia thought it was best if Jax left things alone until after the baby was born. Olivia knew that not even a man could break the bond between a mother and her child.

Patrick stopped in to check on Michael, and Patrick admitted that it was possible for Michael to remember all of what people had said to him while he was in the coma. There were no other known cases of someone recovering from an injury like Michael's, though, so it was hard to say anything for sure. Jax looked worried about that information, knowing that Michael could resent his stepfather if he remembered that Jax knew who shot him.

In Claudia's hospital room, Sonny was infuriated when Ric walked into the room. Sonny wanted to know why Ric was always hanging around, but Ric countered by asking where Sonny was while Claudia was in distress. Ric inquired further if Sonny had been with Carly, and that assumption caused Claudia's eyes to well up with tears. Claudia wanted to know how Sonny could betray her like that when Carly hated Claudia. Sonny decided to find Dr. Lee to see if something could be given to Claudia to calm her down.

While Sonny was gone, Ric told Claudia that the stress from keeping the baby's paternity a secret was too much for her pregnancy. Ric wanted to get the news out in the open, but Claudia made it clear she didn't want to lose her husband. Ric couldn't understand why Claudia wanted to fight so hard to stay in a marriage with Sonny.

Sonny walked back to Claudia's room and watched as Ric left. Sonny realized something wasn't right with the situation and confronted Claudia about it. Sonny wanted her to have an amniocentesis done to check the paternity of the baby.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Robin and Emma dropped Patrick off at the hospital. Robin intended to take Emma to the park to enjoy the beautiful day. She asked Patrick to join them, but Patrick declined because he had to check on Michael. A call from Olivia changed their plans. Olivia was desperate to see Patrick. A short time later, Robin and Patrick arrived at Metro Court. Olivia begged them for discretion as she led them to one of the hotel's rooms.

Mayor Floyd was on the phone when Olivia ushered Robin and Patrick into his room. Mayor Floyd was furious that he had been left waiting. Robin and Patrick rushed over to the bed where a woman was unconscious. After a flurry of questions, May or Floyd revealed that the woman was his mistress, Brianna Hughes.

Brianna and Mayor Floyd had been having sex in the shower when Brianna had struck her head against the showerhead. According to the mayor, Brianna had laughed the incident off. After the shower, the mayor and his mistress had enjoyed some wine until Brianna had complained of a headache. Mayor Floyd decided to buy some acetaminophen in the gift shop. When he returned to the room, he found Brianna unconscious. The mayor insisted that Brianna had not taken any drugs.

Olivia hustled the mayor out of the hotel room when the front desk notified them that the ambulance had arrived. While Robin and Patrick waited for the paramedics, they discussed Brianna's injury and symptoms. Both doctors agreed that Mayor Floyd's story did not add up.

Helena lurked on the docks, out of view, when Rebecca and Ethan bumped into each other. Rebecca and Ethan assured themselves that they were alone before they openly talked about their scam. Rebecca told Ethan that their plans were doomed if Liz managed to turn Nikolas against her. Rebecca also considered Jason a potential problem. Ethan advised Rebecca to win Jason over.

Maxie went to the penthouse to talk to Jason. Maxie was concerned about Johnny. She told Jason that Johnny had overheard a snippet of Spinelli's recording of Claudia. Jason was surprised by the revelation. Maxie begged Jason to leave Johnny alone. She admitted that she cared for Johnny and defended Johnny's right to protect his sister from potential danger.

A knock at the door prevented Jason from responding. It was Rebecca. She asked to speak to Jason, then looked pointedly at Maxie as she clarified, "alone."

After Maxie left, Rebecca told Jason about the discovery that she was Emily's twin. Rebecca claimed that she had felt compelled to share the news with him because Jason had been the first person to tell her about Emily. Jason told Rebecca that Emily had always loved him and thought only the best of him. Emily had also accepted Jason when others hadn't. Jason was confident that Emily would have welcomed her sister with open arms. Jason intended to honor Emily by doing whatever he could to help Rebecca.

Maxie went to Kelly's to talk to Johnny. She warned him to be careful. Johnny was stunned when Maxie revealed that Jason knew Johnny had heard part of the incriminating recording of Claudia. He quickly left the diner to confront Jason. By the time Johnny arrived at the penthouse, Rebecca was gone.

Johnny explained that Maxie didn't realize what she was in the middle of. Johnny wanted reassurance from Jason that he wouldn't harm Maxie. Johnny also let Jason know that he wouldn't stand idly by while Jason went after Claudia. Jason told Johnny that, if what he suspected of Claudia was true, she didn't deserve Johnny's loyalty. Jason advised Johnny to stay out of his way, but Johnny remained determined to protect his sister.

Nikolas pulled Monica into one of the hospital conference rooms to tell her that Rebecca and Emily were twins. Monica was shocked by the news. She told Nikolas that it made sense to her why Paige had insisted that Monica raise Emily. Monica realized that Paige didn't want another child to go to strangers.

Nikolas suggested the possibility that Rebecca might be conning them. Monica didn't think the theory held water; the Quartermaines had been welcoming of Rebecca since the beginning. Monica didn't think there had been a need for Rebecca to play games. Nikolas confessed that he didn't know what he'd do if it turned out that Rebecca had capitalized on their love for Emily.

After Nikolas left the hospital, he went over to Lucky's house to talk to his brother and Liz. Liz's suspicions only grew when Nikolas revealed that Rebecca and Emily were sisters. Liz was certain that Rebecca had known the truth before she had arrived in Port Charles. Lucky was willing to give Rebecca the benefit of the doubt. Liz was surprised, given Lucky's reaction to Ethan. Lucky replied that the two situations were different. Liz apologized to Nikolas for squabbling with Lucky. She realized that it probably didn't help Nikolas. Nikolas disagreed; he felt it was important to hear both sides.

Monica caught up to Rebecca at the hospital. Monica let Rebecca know that Nikolas had told Monica about Rebecca's connection to Emily. Rebecca admitted that she was still trying to come to terms with the idea of having been given up for adoption. Monica assured Rebecca that the Quartermaines would be there to support Rebecca. Rebecca smiled brightly as Monica welcomed Rebecca into the family fold with open arms. In the hallway, Nikolas watched the two women embrace.

Tracy sat in the Haunted Star, reviewing the accounting books. She pointed out that they hadn't earned any profits because Luke seldom opened the casino. On the few occasions that the Haunted Star had opened, Ethan had stolen from the patrons, which in turn had discouraged repeat business. Luke assured Tracy that he had plans for a high-stakes poker game.

Moments later, Luke's cell phone rang. It was Holly. According to Holly, she was in Dubai and in a desperate situation. When Tracy realized that Holly was on the phone, attempting to lure Luke out of town, she snatched the phone out of Luke's hand. Tracy told Holly to find someone else to rescue her then ended the call. Meanwhile, Holly, who had been enjoying a massage at a luxury spa, appeared miffed by Tracy's interference.

Luke was annoyed with Tracy's insistence that Luke would chase after Holly. He told Tracy that he knew that Holly hadn't been in trouble. Luke confessed that Holly's tactics had become predictable and somewhat insulting to him. However, what concerned Luke was Tracy's refusal to believe that Luke only wanted Tracy.

Tracy put Luke on notice. She told him that if he walked away, he might as well keep on walking because he had run out of chances with her. After Tracy left the casino, Ethan tried to offer Luke some advice about Tracy. Luke appreciated Ethan's support, but assured him that he was perfectly content with Tracy.

Luke asked Ethan if he cared to join Luke when he embarked on his next adventure. That led them to discussing the paternity test that they had taken. The results were due back that day. Luke assured Ethan that the results would confirm what Luke had known the moment he had laid eyes on Ethan: Ethan was his son.

Ethan admitted that he wanted Luke to be his father, but that didn't guarantee that the results would turn out the way that they hoped. Luke refused to consider the possibility that Ethan wasn't his son. Luke insisted that Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan were Luke's legacy to the world. Ethan couldn't sit around the Haunted Star waiting for the test results to come in, so he decided to leave.

Ethan went to Lucky's house to talk to him about Luke. Lucky's hostility was palpable. Ethan suggested that Lucky cheer up; there was a possibility that Luke was not Ethan's father. Lucky grudgingly admitted that Ethan acted too much like Luke not to be his son. Ethan reminded Lucky that attitudes were not hereditary.

Moments later, Ethan received a text message. The results of the paternity test were in. They confirmed that Luke was Ethan's father. Lucky promised Ethan that Luke would break Ethan's heart one day. Lucky advised Ethan to remember that his "big brother" had warned him.

Rebecca went to the Haunted Star to see Ethan. She called out, but no one responded. Rebecca was about to leave when Helena stepped forward. Helena revealed that she had followed Rebecca. Rebecca didn't believe the Cassadine matriarch until Helena mentioned the encounter Rebecca had with Ethan on the docks, her visit to Jason's penthouse, and a stop for some coffee.

Once Helena had Rebecca's undivided attention, she urged Rebecca to join forces with her. Rebecca refused to consider it. Helena threatened to tell Nikolas that Rebecca had been running a scam on him, but Rebecca wasn't swayed. Rebecca pointed out that Helena didn't have any proof. As Rebecca walked away from Helena, Luke stepped out of the shadows.

Helena soon realized that Luke had overheard the entire exchange between her and Rebecca. Unfortunately for Luke, Helena was not alone. While Helena and Luke argued, Helena's henchman crept up on Luke. Before Luke could react, Apollo bashed Luke over the head. Luke fell to the ground, unconscious. Helena thanked her bodyguard, then dismissed him. Helena smiled as she looked down at Luke. She was delighted to have Luke at her mercy once again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

At Crimson, Maxie was frustrated because she had difficulty opening a file on her computer. Lulu worried that the file might contain a virus. Lulu cautioned Maxie not open the file, but she was too late. Maxie and Lulu were baffled when an image of Spinelli suddenly appeared on Maxie's computer screen. They quickly realized that it was a live image. Spinelli yelled, "surprise" as he suddenly appeared behind Lulu and Maxie. He'd been lurking in the Crimson offices. Maxie was delighted to see Spinelli.

Lulu panicked when Spinelli talked about exposing Kate's deception. Lulu asked Spinelli to drop the investigation because she did not want to lose her job. Maxie was conflicted because she wanted Spinelli to succeed as a private investigator. However, Maxie wasn't eager to chuck her career out of the window.

When Kate strolled in, the girls scrambled back to their desks. Kate demanded to know why Maxie and Lulu were fraternizing with Spinelli instead of working. Maxie told Kate that she'd had some computer issues, which she had asked Spinelli to check. Kate wasn't satisfied with Maxie's explanation. Kate demoted Maxie for the day and advised her to call technical support the next time she had computer problems. Kate then invited Lulu to a special lunch outing, which infuriated Maxie.

After Kate disappeared into her office, Maxie told Spinelli that she wanted Kate's lies exposed to the world. Minutes later, Lulu came out of the office to, once again, plead her case to leave Kate alone. When Lulu suggested that the only way for Maxie to remain in the fashion industry was to move to London, Spinelli turned to Maxie for confirmation. Maxie grudgingly admitted that Lulu was correct. Spinelli urged Maxie to reconsider her decision to destroy Kate's career, but without success.

At the hospital, Kelly gently told Claudia that she hadn't found the baby's heartbeat. Moments later, Sonny entered Claudia's room. He asked Claudia why she was crying. Claudia opted to lie; she told Sonny that they were tears of joy. Claudia then threatened to go to the police station to press assault charges against Carly. Sonny ordered Claudia to drop it, then turned his attention to Kelly.

Sonny asked Kelly how soon Claudia could have an amniocentesis. Kelly informed him that it couldn't be done until August, but she didn't think that one was necessary. Sonny instructed Kelly to schedule the test. Sonny explained that he wanted to learn the paternity of Claudia's unborn child.

Sonny and Claudia returned to Greystone Manor a short time later. Sonny was annoyed when he discovered that his living room had been completely redecorated. Claudia told him that she had forgotten to cancel the decorators after her fall down the stairs. Sonny asked if Claudia's attitude was an admission, of sorts, that the baby she carried wasn't his. Claudia accused Sonny of wanting the baby to be Ric's, so that Sonny would have an excuse to walk away. Sonny ignored Claudia's remark; instead, Sonny urged Claudia to tell him the truth. Claudia snapped that Sonny wasn't the most important person in the room, her baby was. Sonny was silent as Claudia stormed away.

GH Recap Photo 090611 Johnny met Claudia at the hospital. Claudia bluntly told Johnny that she might have a "dead baby inside" of her. Johnny couldn't believe that Claudia would have said something like that to him. Claudia cried as she told her brother that Kelly had not been able to find the baby's heartbeat. Claudia also revealed that Sonny had requested an amniocentesis because he wanted a paternity test.

Claudia vowed to make Carly "pay and pay in ways that Carly couldn't imagine" if Claudia had miscarried. Johnny cautioned his sister, "don't go there." He pointed out that there was hope that the baby was fine. Claudia didn't want to feel hope; she didn't want to feel anything.

Later, Kelly prepared Claudia for an ultrasound. Claudia asked Kelly if the baby had been in pain when it had died. Kelly reminded Claudia that they weren't certain that the baby had died. A few minutes into the test, Kelly admitted that she hadn't been able to find the baby's heartbeat.

At home, Carly and Jax readied Michael's room for his homecoming. Carly sensed that Jax was distracted, but Morgan's arrival saved Jax from answering Carly's questions. Morgan was eager to know if Michael would be returning home that day. Jax and Carly tried to prepare Morgan for possible changes in Michael's behavior. Morgan promised to help his brother settle in at home.

As Jax prepared to leave, to purchase some additional items for Michael's room, Carly went downstairs with a last-minute request. Carly wanted some tofu ice cream. Carly could tell that Jax remained troubled. Jax confessed that Morgan's anticipation to see Michael had made him think about Jerry. Carly reminded Jax that he was not responsible for the things that Jerry had done. She advised her husband to focus on her and the baby.

After Jax left, Carly returned to Michael's room to play video games with Morgan. Carly thanked Morgan for helping her during the bleak period while Michael was in a coma. Morgan was concerned that Michael would no longer care for his little brother. Carly assured Morgan that Michael loved him very much.

Alexis met Jax in the park. Alexis sensed that Jax was upset about someone other than Jerry. Jax assured Alexis that Ian had been Jerry's only partner in crime. Alexis suspected that Jax was holding back. She advised Jax not to keep any secrets. Jax told Alexis that Carly and the baby meant everything to him; he would do whatever was necessary to protect them.

GH Recap Photo 090611 Jason became alarmed when he approached Michael's hospital room and heard Michael screaming at someone. Jason ran into the room while Michael ordered Liz to leave. Jason had to physically restrain Michael. When Liz reached for the phone, to request a sedative, Jason asked Liz for the opportunity to deal with Michael himself. Liz hesitated briefly, but then capitulated. After Liz left the room, Michael punched Jason in the face. Jason was momentarily stunned. However, Jason quickly recovered and managed to subdue Michael without further incident.

As the fury drained out of Michael, he turned to Jason with a look of anguish. Michael didn't understand why he couldn't control his temper. Jason appreciated Michael's frustration because he'd had similar fits of rage following his own head trauma. Jason offered Michael words of encouragement. Jason was confident that Michael would eventually gain control over his emotions. Jason promised to help Michael in any way that he could.

Later, Jason went to Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny about Michael. Jason admitted that Michael had hit him. Jason pointed out that even though Michael had yelled at Liz, Michael had never raised his hand to her. However, Jason was worried about Michael's anger. As if on cue, Michael called Sonny. Michael told his father about the incident with Liz and admitted that he was worried about moving in with Carly. Morgan and Carly walked into Michael's hospital room just as Michael asked if he could move in with Sonny.

After the phone call, Sonny confided that he knew Jason had reservations about Michael living at Greystone Manor because of Claudia. Sonny revealed that there was a possibility that Claudia was pregnant with Ric's child. Sonny had no idea what to do with Claudia if it turned out that she had lied about the paternity of the baby.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin discussed Brianna Hughes's case. Patrick suspected that there was more to the story than the mayor had let on. Moments later, Alexis approached the doctors. Alexis wanted to question Brianna, but Patrick turned down Alexis' request. However, he did confide to Alexis that Brianna's injuries were not consistent with a minor bump to the head.

According to Robin and Patrick, Brianna's head trauma was severe. Alexis revealed that a maid had stepped forward claiming to have heard an altercation, which might have led to the injury. Just then, Alexis spotted Mayor Floyd as he stepped off of the elevator.

Alexis informed Mayor Floyd that she would not help him cover up a crime. Alexis warned Garrett that his story did not explain the severity of Brianna's injury. Garrett stuck to his story and threatened to make things difficult for Alexis if she didn't drop the case.

GH Recap Photo 090611 Patrick decided to talk to Garrett after he received updated test results on Brianna's case. Garrett made it clear that he had nothing further to say to Alexis or Patrick, and then walked away. Alexis asked Patrick to keep her apprised of Brianna's condition.

After Alexis left, Matt rushed over to Patrick. Brianna had suffered seizures. A short time later, Patrick determined that Brianna required immediate surgery. Matt volunteered to operate on Brianna. Patrick reluctantly agreed, but offered to scrub in with Matt. Matt was determined to do the surgery without Patrick's assistance. Patrick let the matter drop. While Matt prepared to operate, Patrick made plans to go to the park with Robin.

At the park, Robin realized that Patrick was preoccupied. Robin wondered if Patrick had second thoughts about Matt performing the surgery. Patrick assured Robin that he wouldn't have allowed Matt operate if he had any reservations about Matt's ability.

In the operating room, everything appeared to go smoothly until Brianna's vitals suddenly crashed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

As Matt operated on his patient, Brianna Hughes, she began to go into cardiac arrest. Despite everyone's best efforts, Brianna died on the operating table. Matt left the operating room and asked Epiphany if anyone from the patient's family had ever shown up, but unfortunately, no one was there to notify of the death.

Robin and Patrick overheard Matt as he told Epiphany that his patient had died. Patrick left for the operating room and found Liz cleaning up. She told him she always cleaned up when a patient died during surgery, because she felt it wasn't as heartless as having an orderly do it. Patrick asked what had happened during the surgery, but Liz said that Matt performed the surgery by the book. Patrick felt guilty for being selfish and choosing his family over performing the surgery.

Liz told Patrick that there were two kinds of people --painters and artists. A person could paint a house and be well respected for their work, but that painter would never be confused with Van Gogh. Patrick was an artist in the operating room, and Matt just wasn't brilliant when he had needed to be.

Meanwhile, Robin tried to talk to Matt and help him with some of his paperwork. Matt was in no mood for any help, though. He got mad at Robin and stormed off. Robin tracked Patrick down, and they talked about how they needed to be there for Matt. Unfortunately, Matt overheard their conversation and was not very pleased. Patrick tried to follow his brother, but the conversation turned into a heated argument. Matt felt that some patients died, no matter how well the treatment had gone or who was responsible for that treatment.

GH Recap Photo 090612 Diane approached Matt and Patrick during their argument and effectively stopped the conversation when she said she was representing Brianna Hughes's family. Dr. Hunter was being sued for malpractice and the wrongful death of Ms. Hughes. A simple fall in the shower at the Metro Court should not have caused Brianna to die, and the fact was that Brianna had died while in the care of Dr. Hunter. Robin overheard Diana's comments, and she tried to defend her brother-in-law. Diane asked them if they were all absolutely certain that nothing could have saved Brianna Hughes.

Kristina walked into Michael's hospital room and asked if he wanted to smoke the joint she had. Carly interrupted them when she walked in, wanting to speak privately with Michael. Carly picked up on the fact that something suspicious was going on between the two teens, but Michael claimed he was just asking Kristina to help him to the vending machines to get a candy bar. Carly asked Kristina if she would get Michael an almond candy bar while Carly and Michael talked. Kristina slipped the joint to Michael, who hid it under his sheets, before she left the room.

Despite Carly's best excuses, Michael still felt he should go home with his dad. Robin and Patrick interrupted Carly and Michael with good news. Michael's test results had been returned, and he could go home. After the doctors left, Michael relented and decided to go home with his mother. When the wheelchair arrived, Michael balked at not being able to walk. Carly told him that he had to ride in the wheelchair if he wanted to leave the hospital.

As soon as Carly and Michael were gone, Kristina rushed back and found the joint still under the sheets in the bed. Jason walked in and caught Kristina before she could rush out of the room. When Jason saw the joint, Kristina tried to make excuses and said that Michael was in a lot of pain from physical therapy. Jason told Kristina to keep the illegal drugs away from Michael, but Kristina told Jason that he was the one who needed to stay away from Michael. After all, Jason killed people for a living.

GH Recap Photo 090612 When Michael arrived home with Carly, he noticed the tree by his bedroom was gone. She told him that an ice storm had taken down a lot of limbs, so they had to have the rest of the tree cut down. It was just one of many things that had changed in the past year. When they opened the door, Morgan and Jax were there with a banner and balloons to welcome Michael home. Morgan and Jax were wearing their karate outfits, as they were getting ready for practice.

Michael clearly felt out of place, and as soon as Morgan and Jax were gone, Michael and Carly started arguing. Carly tried to tell her son how much she and Morgan had missed him throughout the past year. She explained that even though life continued, no one forgot Michael.

When he couldn't face his mother any longer, Michael stormed out of the house. He was surprised to find Kristina outside in a car. He jumped in, and Kristina told him she needed his help. Jason had caught her with the joint, and she needed Michael to convince Jason not to rat her out. Kristina couldn't bear to let her mother down. Michael had enough problems of his own, and at that moment, his biggest problem walked out of the house.

Upon seeing Carly, Michael ducked down in the seat and told Kristina to drive away. He couldn't believe she could drive, but apparently it wasn't very well. Kristina explained that the car was for her nanny to use, but she was on a date and Molly was at a sleepover. Kristina was supposed to be at the library. Michael and Kristina agreed that no one had to know where Kristina had been as long as they arrived at their father's house.

Carly called Jason to help her find Michael, but when Jason arrived, he didn't think taking Michael home was such a good idea. Jason felt that Carly was smothering her son, who needed some time to adjust to the way things had changed. Carly cruelly reminded Jason that he had told her to allow Michael to stay at the warehouse that fateful night-and said to look where it had gotten them.

Claudia started to cry as Dr. Lee searched frantically for the baby's heartbeat. Finally, the sound of fluttering could be heard, much to doctor and patient's relief. Dr. Lee didn't think Claudia was out of the woods yet, though. The stress of the uncertainty of the baby's paternity could prove to be too much, and Claudia could lose the baby.

GH Recap Photo 090612 Meanwhile, Sonny told Jason that if a paternity test showed Claudia's baby was Ric's, Claudia would not be under Sonny's protection. Jason needed to be patient, just as he was being patient on Carly's behalf by not going after Jax's brother until after Carly's baby was born.

Olivia showed up and saved Sonny from another argument with Jason about Claudia. She asked to speak privately with Sonny. Olivia had been keeping a secret from Sonny. After Sonny had spilled his guts to Olivia about the love for his children, Olivia had to reveal the information she knew. Sonny told Olivia to get to the bottom line, and Olivia asked if there was any way that the father of Claudia's baby could be Ric.

Olivia told Sonny about arriving at his house one afternoon and catching Ric and Claudia in a very intimate and heated moment. Unfortunately, Claudia also overheard that confession. She burst into the room and started yelling at Olivia for being a whore who had slept with Johnny. Claudia felt that Olivia was just trying to sleep with Sonny, too, but Olivia assured her she didn't sleep with married men. Sonny had enough of the yelling between the two women and tried to break up the argument. That infuriated Claudia even more, though, and she called Sonny a hypocritical bastard.

Olivia stormed out of the house, after she told Sonny that she felt sorry that he had to live in a household with Claudia. Once they were alone, Sonny told Claudia that she could leave if she wanted, and he would not stop her. He still intended to have that paternity test, though. Later, he overheard her telling her baby she loved it as she prepared to move out.

Maxie and Lulu were confused when Spinelli asked to meet at a spa, but the girls were thoroughly amused when they found Spinelli in a robe and facial mask -- complete with cucumbers over his eyes. Spinelli said he was about to crack the case, and he proceeded to take a bite out of one of his pieces of cucumber. Suddenly, they heard Kate's voice and everyone scrambled to hide before she saw them.

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