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Monday, June 29, 2009

Liz and Lucky were in Kelly's discussing Lucky's anger issues. She had just asked him why he hated Ethan so much when Lulu arrived with Ethan in tow.

Everyone tried to make nice. Liz was willing to make friends with Ethan, but she warned him that she did not like Rebecca, and she would not be surprised if Rebecca tried to use Ethan to make Nikolas jealous.

When Lucky said that Ethan was more Luke's son that he was, Ethan said he did not know if that was an insult or a compliment. Lucky made a few more sarcastic comments to Ethan, who said he was not going to waste his time trying to fit in, and then walked out.

At Wyndemere, Rebecca told Nikolas that since they'd had an Emily-type date, she wanted to suggest that they have a date more in keeping with what Rebecca would do. She told Nikolas that it would be a chance to peel away another layer and he would have a chance to find out something about her that no one else knew.

Nikolas was intrigued, and when Rebecca requested a DVD player, Nikolas gladly complied. She pulled out her favorite horror movie and they started watching. At first, Nikolas did not get into the spirit and marveled at Rebecca's pleasure in the genre. Rebecca explained that gore was both scary and funny at the same time. She told Nikolas that it gave her pleasure and she reminded him that she had warned him that she was odd.

Nikolas finally understood the delights for himself when Rebecca screamed and burrowed her face into his chest and he got the chance to put his arms around her. After that, they laughed, ate popcorn, and enjoyed the corny parts of the movie.

The atmosphere was appropriately eerie with the lights out and lightening flashing outside. Rebecca kissed Nikolas, then screamed in earnest. Over Nikolas' shoulder, she had seen Ethan standing silently near the door when the room was lit temporarily by lightening. When Nikolas inquired if Rebecca was okay, she told him that she had an urgent need to have a bath, and hurriedly departed the room, leaving a puzzled Nikolas behind.

Reporters swarmed Alexis at the Port Charles Police Station because Mayor Floyd said that his arrest for murder was bogus. He accused Alexis of pursuing a personal vendetta against him because he had dumped her after they had an affair.

Kristina, who was standing at the back of the room, was stunned. She wanted to defend her mother, but Robin convinced the girl to go outside with her instead. Once there, Robin told Kristina about her experience with the press when Robin's mother had been police chief, and she and her family had weathered a scandal. Kristina was comforted and took a cab home.

The mayor demanded that Alexis resign, but she refused. She told the reporters that she would recuse herself and have an assistant DA handle the case. Mac hurried the reporters away as he ordered his men to book the mayor. The mayor threatened him with dire consequences but Mac remained stoic as he carried on with the arrest.

Alexis asked Robin and Patrick if they were sure about what had happened. They told her that Brianna had definitely taken two blows to the head. Alexis blurted out that it was no excuse, but that she had only slept with the mayor one time and that was the night that she walked in on her then husband Ric, and found him in bed with her oldest daughter, Sam.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jason begged Monica to take Michael, but to treat him gently. Edward blustered that if Jason wanted to help Michael, he should set an example and move back, also. Monica started to rail at Edward for interfering, but Jason interrupted her to tell a flabbergasted Edward that he was right.

Jason apologized for his behavior toward all the Quartermaines at the time of his own accident. He told them how sorry he was that he had made the choices he had when he was angry and unsure after the car accident had left him brain-damaged.

He also told them that the choice he made then was the reason he could not move back with them. He told Monica and Edward that he did not want the violence of his life to touch their lives. Both Edward and Monica were moved. Jason hugged Monica and shook Edward's hand before leaving. Monica and Edward promised Jason that they would give Michael all the love and care that he would need.

Carly was not happy about the sporty new car that Sonny had bought for Michael parked in the Corinthoses' driveway. She tried to talk to Sonny alone, but Michael had a mini-tantrum of his own when Carly made her feelings known. She expressed her fears that the car was too dangerous for Michael to drive. Rather than get into an argument, Michael walked away. When Carly tried to follow him, Sonny stopped her.

She was irate with him because he did not consult her about the car. He explained that he was just trying to do something nice for Michael. Carly expressed her very real fears about teenagers and fast cars.

Maxie went to Jason's and wanted to talk to Spinelli who did not want to let her in, but Maxie persisted. She told Spinelli that she wanted to be with him in all ways, but Spinelli said that he did not want to make love to Maxie because he did not want to risk losing what they had. He told her that the last two times that they had slept together had led to huge problems between them and he did not want to risk that again.

Maxie was completely honest with Spinelli about her past motives and behavior, but assured him that she had changed. She said that her love for him was soul-deep and she would never stray from him again. Despite his initial reluctance, Spinelli was drawn in and began kissing Maxie passionately.

Sonny left Carly in the driveway and followed Michael into the house. Sonny was unable to explain Carly's point of view to Michael in a way he could understand. They were at loggerheads when Kristina called. When Michael said he needed to see her, Sonny let Max drive him over to her home.

Carly met Jason outside when he arrived at Sonny's. She showed him the car and asked him to get rid of it. Jason refused. He said that the damage had been done and it would not help Michael. Carly disagreed. She said that she did not care how mad Michael got at her as long as he was safe. Carly said that she did not want him risking his life in that car.

Jason told her that she needed to calm down for her baby's sake. She said that she would when she knew that Michael was safe at the Quartermaines.

At the lake house, Michael and Kristina shared their teenage angst. Michael was mad at Carly because she would not let him have the car and Kristina worried that everyone would think her mother was the town slut. Alexis arrived home a few minutes later and wondered what Michael was doing there unchaperoned. Kristina spat out that Alexis was a fine one to be chastising Michael when she had just been outed as a woman with no morals.

Nikolas was eating popcorn and enjoying the horror movie alone when Liz arrived. He told her that he did not want to talk about Rebecca. She said she was there to talk about Lucky, but since he had mentioned Rebecca, she still did not like her. Nikolas said that he did like Rebecca and that he was thinking of asking her to move in.

Rebecca confronted Ethan on the patio. He said he was there to check up on her. She said she had everything under control. Ethan agreed that she had the prince literally eating popcorn out of her hand. He said he just wanted to remind her which man was the mark and which man was the partner. Rebecca said she knew which was which, and reassured Ethan by kissing him passionately.

Spinelli and Maxie were on the couch kissing ardently when Jason walked in. Maxie wanted him to leave, but Spinelli leaped off the couch and said that Jason had arrived just in time.

When Carly found Sonny inside the house, he apologized and told her that she was right, that he should not have purchased a car for Michael without discussing it with her. Carly was somewhat mollified. Then Sonny told her that his day with Michael had been very bad, because Michael informed him that he wanted to learn the business. Sonny added that Michael did not mean the coffee business.

Carly was not pleased and told Sonny that "wanting to learn the business" was exactly why Michael could not live with him. When Carly told Sonny that she had decided that Michael would live with the Quartermaines, Sonny asked if she was joking. Then he said that there was no way in hell that he would let Michael live with the Quartermaines.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Liz expressed her doubts about Rebecca to Nikolas, but Nikolas said he couldn't live in the past any longer. Emily was gone, and Rebecca was there. Emily would want Nikolas to be happy. Liz admitted defeat and said she just wanted Nikolas to be happy. She really didn't want him getting hurt, though.

Ethan tried to convince Rebecca to return to her room at Kelly's with him. Ethan needed to be with her, but Rebecca was in no mood. Ethan reminded Rebecca that the plan was for Rebecca to step in and receive anything Emily would have received from the Quartermaines, and Ethan would take his cut from the proceeds. Rebecca insisted nothing had changed, but she would run too great a risk to leave with him that evening. Ethan left just as Nikolas entered the courtyard searching for Rebecca.

Once Nikolas found Rebecca, they kissed, but it was evident that Rebecca was jumpy and distracted. She thought she heard a noise and tried to check it out. They couldn't find anything, so Nikolas kissed and held her in a passionate embrace. They ended up in the living room and made love. Nikolas asked Rebecca if she would stay, and she agreed. Nikolas told her that he hadn't meant for her to stay just for the night. He wanted Rebecca to move in with him.

Nikolas followed Rebecca outside and asked if everything was too sudden. He wanted to know if he had asked too soon for her to move in with him. He assured her that he was over Emily, and he was asking her to move in with him for her own qualities and not Emily's.

Spinelli tried to explain to Maxie about courtly love, but Maxie thought it would be easier if they just dated like normal people. Spinelli mentioned the relationship between Johnny and Maxie, so she called Johnny over to vouch for her. Johnny assured Spinelli that, although they were tempted, Maxie never cheated on Spinelli with Johnny.

Kristina was upset with her mother for having an affair with her married boss. She called her mother a slut, but that was the limit for Alexis. Michael started to defend Kristina, but Alexis made it very clear that Michael needed to butt out of the conversation and call a ride to return home.

After Kristina stormed off upstairs, Michael waited for his ride and confronted Alexis about her dislike for him. It had not been lost on Michael that Kristina had never been allowed to attend Michael's birthday parties when they were younger. Alexis tried to explain that she had tried to shelter Kristina from Sonny's lifestyle, but it had not been her intention to keep Michael and Kristina apart. Michael wasn't very satisfied with that answer, but he left as soon as his ride arrived.

Once Michael was gone, Kristina tried to show Alexis how the recent revelation had affected the teenager's life. Kristina had received over 30 text messages regarding the situation. Alexis tried to explain that she had slept with Mayor Floyd during her bout with cancer, but Kristina was in no mood to hear excuses. She felt that Alexis wanted her children to always be perfect, but Alexis had been a hypocrite with her own actions. Alexis reassured her daughter that she never expected her to be perfect. The best way to get through that ordeal was to stand together, but Kristina wanted no part in the team that involved Alexis.

Carly and Sonny argued over where Michael should live. Sonny knew that Carly was upset that Michael wanted to live with his father and not Carly. Sonny thought Carly was being unreasonable about allowing Michael to live with the Quartermaines, especially after Jason's experience when he had been younger. Even though Carly felt it was the best choice for Michael, Sonny was adamant that his son would not be living with the Quartermaines.

Once Carly had left, Michael arrived at Sonny's house and told him about the evening at Alexis' house. Sonny was shocked to learn about Alexis' affair with Mayor Floyd, but he understood the frustration the teenagers felt with Alexis. Sonny told his son a story about trying to take Michael and Kristina for ice cream, and by the time he had convinced Alexis to allow the trip, the ice cream shop had closed.

Carly left Sonny's house and drove straight to see Jason. She filled her best friend in on the situation, and he promised to talk to Sonny and take care of it. Carly didn't want Jason to fix all her problems, though. She needed to handle that situation on her own.

Jason decided to speak with Sonny, so he left for Sonny's house as soon as Carly was gone. Michael assumed that Carly had sent Jason to do her dirty work and convince Sonny to let the boy live with his grandparents. Michael expressed his dislike of the idea, but Sonny told his son to at least allow him and Jason to speak about it.

Jason knew that Sonny helped him create a life out of nothing after his own accident. He didn't regret most of his life, but he did regret that those decisions cost him Jake. Despite that, Jason knew he probably wouldn't have survived as long as he had if it weren't for Sonny. Jason was concerned for Michael's safety, especially emotionally. Jason didn't want Michael to end up the way he had.

As they reviewed paperwork for the hotel, Jax and Olivia talked about Michael and the uphill battle Carly would face with Sonny. Olivia knew Sonny wouldn't be happy about his son living with the Quartermaines, no matter what excuse Carly and Jax had.

When Claudia arrived for a meeting, she barged into the room but was surprised to learn that it was Jax who had called the meeting. Olivia quickly left the room, and Jax told Claudia that he knew she had hired Ian Devlin to shoot Sonny, which caused Michael's brain injury. Jax also knew about the DVDs and even had one. Claudia asked what Jax wanted in exchange for that information, and he revealed that he wanted Claudia's help in convincing Sonny to allow Michael to live with his grandparents. Carly walked in and asked why they were meeting.

Patrick filled Johnny and Coleman in on the situation with his brother and the malpractice suit. They had been able to shift the blame onto Mayor Floyd and possible murder charges, so Patrick was celebrating. Although Patrick wished Robin were there with him, she had remained home to care for Emma, especially since she couldn't drink. Apparently, Robin had a change of heart, because she arrived at Jake's and asked for a cola on the rocks.

Patrick and Robin confronted Maxie and Spinelli while they were at the bar at Jake's. They all wanted to make sure all the evidence was correct before the mayor? trial. Spinelli agreed that the first and most obvious answer was not always the correct answer.

Meanwhile, Ethan called and left a message for Lucky. Liz heard the message and arrived at Jake's instead. She didn't want Lucky getting involved in anything dangerous at Jake's. Liz wanted to know what it was that Ethan wanted. He offered a drink to Liz, but she declined and even offered to drive Ethan home. Ethan cut to the chase and said he was concerned about Luke, and he appeared to be the only one who was. Liz assured Ethan that Luke was more resilient than Ethan thought.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At the Davis residence, Patrick and Robin explained to Alexis that they might have jumped the gun when they had accused Mayor Floyd of murder. Robin took full responsibility for the error; she blamed the rush to judgment on her eagerness to exonerate Patrick of wrongdoing. Alexis couldn't believe that she might have arrested the wrong man. Robin added that they had no idea who had murdered the mayor's mistress.

GH Recap Photo 090701 Shortly after Patrick and Robin left, Diane stopped by for a visit. Diane was frustrated because she believed that society had double standards when it came to affairs. According to Diane, it was perfectly acceptable for a man to cheat on his wife; however, if a woman cheated, then it was "off with her head." Alexis feared that things would get worse for her as a result of her one-night-stand with Garrett Floyd.

Diane wondered what Alexis had been thinking when she had gone to bed with the mayor. Alexis confided that it had been a difficult time for her. Alexis had discovered that Ric had cheated on her, she had been undergoing chemotherapy, and she had been under the influence of medical marijuana. In a moment of weakness, Alexis had succumbed to the mayor's kindness.

At Metro Court, Claudia dared Jax to tell Carly what they had discussed before Carly had joined them. Jax opted for an edited version of the truth. He told Carly that he had hoped to enlist Claudia's help to keep Michael from living with Sonny. Claudia smiled with satisfaction and appeared to take delight in making Jax squirm by hinting that Jax had secrets. Carly didn't seem to pick up on the undercurrents of the conversation. Before Claudia left, she made it clear that she would not help them.

Carly couldn't believe that Jax had turned to Claudia for help. Jax admitted that he'd been prompted by guilt. Jax felt somewhat responsible for Michael's reluctance to live with them. Carly didn't blame Jax for the situation that they were in. However, she was determined to face the problem head-on. Carly believed that Michael moving in with the Quartermaines was the only sensible solution for their dilemma.

At Jake's, Ethan knocked back shots while Liz tried to find out what was keeping Ethan in Port Charles. Even drunk, Ethan managed to keep his secrets. However, he did suspect that Lucky couldn't accept him because Ethan was a constant reminder of Luke's infidelity. Liz explained that Lucky's issue with Luke had started long before Ethan had arrived in town. Again, Liz wondered why Ethan continued to remain in town. Ethan decided to turn the tables on Liz by asking her what she thought he should do: remain or leave. Liz told Ethan that only he could determine if it was worth his while to stay in Port Charles.

As Liz helped Ethan to a cab, Spinelli and Maxie entered the bar. Spinelli had forgotten something earlier. Coleman admitted that he was delighted to see Maxie. Spinelli listened with growing disbelief as Coleman made some suggestive comments about Maxie. Spinelli warned Coleman that he had crossed a line. Coleman realized that Spinelli had misunderstood the situation, so he explained to Spinelli that he simply wanted Maxie's advice about how to increase his business. Coleman considered Maxie an expert because of her clubbing experience with Crimson.

Maxie and Coleman tossed ideas around until Spinelli felt compelled to speak up. Spinelli thought that they were on the wrong track. He suggested that Coleman improve the atmosphere by adding romance. Spinelli believed that a venue of poetry and music would attract more customers. Coleman and Maxie were skeptical, so Spinelli jumped up and began reciting romantic poetry to Maxie. Coleman was impressed enough to take notes.

GH Recap Photo 090701 Johnny was in a foul mood because Claudia had asked to meet him at Jake's. Claudia explained that Jax had tried to blackmail her. Johnny's mood didn't improve when Claudia revealed that Jax knew about Claudia's connection to Ian Devlin and Michael's shooting. Johnny told Claudia that Jax obviously wasn't eager to share the secret, or else Sonny would have been told. Claudia wanted Johnny's emotional support, but Johnny didn't have any to spare. Johnny was up to his eyeballs in Sonny's business and doing everything in his power to stay one step ahead. Johnny reminded Claudia that she had made her choice long before, so she had to live it.

On Spoon Island, Nikolas asked Rebecca to move in with him. Rebecca seemed reluctant to agree. She worried about what people would say, and feared that Nikolas would end up regretting extending the invitation to her. Rebecca was also concerned about how the living arrangements would affect Spencer. Nikolas regretted that he hadn't had the opportunity to introduce Rebecca to his son. Nikolas assured her that he would rectify the problem as soon as it was safe for Spencer to return home. Nikolas didn't want to risk Spencer's safety while Helena continued to be a threat.

Rebecca remained conflicted about accepting Nikolas' invitation to live with him. Nikolas hammered away at Rebecca until she finally relented. An untimely phone call interrupted their moment of happiness. It was Ethan. Ethan was in Rebecca's room and demanded to see her. For Nikolas' benefit, Rebecca pretended Ethan was someone from the hospital. She tried to get out of meeting Ethan, but Ethan threatened to go to Spoon Island to fetch her if she didn't show up within fifteen minutes.

Ethan was impressed when Rebecca arrived at her room with minutes to spare. He confessed that he had been willing to give her five minutes leeway. Rebecca was furious with Ethan, especially when she realized that he was drunk. Ethan set aside his bottle of booze and then threw Rebecca to the bed. He accused Rebecca of wanting to take her dead sister's place. Rebecca tried to deny the charge, but Ethan didn't seem to believe her. When he tried to lean down to kiss her, Rebecca suggested that he go to sleep instead.

Ethan admonished Rebecca; she was with Ethan, not Nikolas. According to Ethan, Nikolas was a mark, nothing more. Ethan warned Rebecca that, if she refused to be with him, he would endear himself to the rich people of Port Charles by revealing Rebecca's true agenda. Rebecca got up from the bed as she assured Ethan that nothing had changed. Ethan walked up behind Rebecca and nuzzled her neck. Rebecca gently guided him back to the bed.

When Ethan was seated, Rebecca stepped away and slowly began undressing. Her back was turned to Ethan as she confessed that things were more complicated than she had anticipated. When Rebecca turned back to look at Ethan, she realized that he was fast asleep. Rebecca walked over to Ethan. As she softly stroked his hair, she repeated how complicated everything was.

At Wyndemere, Lulu was surprised when Nikolas announced that he had asked Rebecca to move in with him. Lulu admitted that she was shocked, but she was in no position to judge them if Rebecca made Nikolas happy. Nikolas found Lulu's reaction refreshing. Lulu changed the subject; she confessed that she had stopped by to talk to Nikolas about Ethan's situation. Lulu was concerned because of the way that everyone had treated Ethan since they had learned that he was Luke's son. Nikolas realized that Rebecca had been subjected to the same kind of censure because of a similar accident of birth.

At Greystone Manor, Michael eavesdropped on Sonny and Jason's conversation. Sonny refused to allow Michael to be a part of his violent business, but he was also reluctant to deny Michael's request to live with him. Jason reminded Sonny that he had to put Michael's needs ahead of his own. Jason understood that it was a difficult decision, but Michael's safety had to come first. Sonny confessed that he considered Michael his firstborn son. Sonny knew he shouldn't have favorites, but Michael was special to him.

When it appeared that Sonny was about to capitulate, Michael stepped forward. He begged his father not to give in to Jason's demands. Michael warned Sonny that Jason was trying to guilt Sonny into pushing Michael away. When Michael admitted that he had overheard everything, Sonny realized that he knew how much Sonny loved Michael. Sonny told Michael that he wanted nothing more than to have Michael live with him, but it wasn't safe. Sonny made it clear that Michael couldn't live at Greystone Manor.

Carly and Jax walked in moments later. Carly was annoyed that Sonny had told Michael about the Quartermaines, but didn't dwell on it. When she offered to drive Michael to his grandmother's house, Michael insisted that Jason take him.

Carly and Jax returned home to break the news to Morgan. Morgan was disappointed because he didn't think he would see much of his brother while he lived at the Quartermaines. Carly promised Morgan that Michael would return home by the time the baby was born.

Michael was impressed when Jason ushered him into the Quartermaine mansion. Michael couldn't believe that the mansion was bigger than Sonny's home. Edward was thrilled when he walked out of the living room and found Jason and Michael standing in the foyer. Edward called out to Monica and Tracy before he showed Michael into the living room.

When Tracy and Monica appeared, everyone began bickering in typical Quartermaine fashion. Jason was forced to remind everyone that they were behaving poorly in front of Michael. Monica apologized and then invited Jason to join them for dinner. Jason declined the offer. Before he left, Jason told Michael that if things didn't work out at the Quartermaines', he was to call Jason.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dominic's very life was at risk by walking into Johnny's garage. Dominic had a proposal; he wanted Johnny to help him infiltrate Sonny's organization. Johnny realized that Dominic intended to strike at Sonny from within. Johnny refused to have anything to do with the plan. Dominic was disappointed. He accused Johnny of not appreciating Dominic's help when he had saved Johnny's life. Johnny scoffed at the idea of Dominic protecting him during the shootout in the woods. Dominic chided Johnny for his slanted view of the incident. He insisted that Johnny had never been in any danger, then.

After Dominic left, Olivia walked in. Olivia told Johnny that she intended to spend the weekend in Bensonhurst visiting with her family. As she talked about her relatives, she realized that it might be her cue to invite Johnny to meet everyone. Johnny assured Olivia that he understood why she didn't want to introduce him to her family. Olivia admitted that Dante would have a problem with his mother dating someone close to his own age. Johnny seemed to appreciate Olivia's honesty. He pulled her close for a heated kiss.

At the Davis residence, Molly showed Kristina a link that one of Molly's friends had emailed to her. Kristina read the blog entry about Alexis' scandalous affair with the mayor. She advised Molly that a real friend would never have sent such a link. Kristina also informed Molly that the comments, which had been posted about their mother, were lies. When Alexis walked into the living room and realized what her daughters were reading, she scolded Kristina. Alexis assumed Kristina had shown the blog to Molly.

Alexis sat down with Molly to talk about the unflattering comments that had been said about Alexis. Alexis felt horrible that Molly had learned about her transgression in such a cruel manner. Alexis took full responsibility for what she had done and made it clear that it was her mess to clean up, not Molly's. Molly wondered how she should respond if any of her friends mentioned the scandal. Alexis agreed with Kristina's suggestion that they don't not say anything.

Alexis changed the subject by reminding her youngest child that Molly had plans to meet a friend. Kristina asked for a lift to the library, but Alexis said no. Alexis intended to have a talk with Kristina when she returned home. A short time later, Alexis chastised Kristina for showing Molly the blog. Alexis explained that Molly was too young to understand everything.

Kristina snapped back, "Got it. No scandal blogs for Molly." Alexis was taken aback by Kristina's sarcasm; she asked Kristina what had happened to her. Kristina shot back that she'd been disillusioned by Alexis. The two argued bitterly. Alexis realized that she had made mistakes, but she was Kristina's mother and wanted to be treated as such.

Later, Alexis gathered her things as she explained that she had to go to work. The tension was thick, but before she left, Alexis made a point of telling Kristina that she loved her. Alone, Kristina wandered outside. She was startled when Dominic suddenly walked up and greeted her.

As Carly strode into Jax's office, she asked him to talk her down. Carly was worried that Michael would manipulate Edward and Monica and take advantage of their desire to spoil him. Jax reminded Carly that Michael wasn't exposed to the mobster lifestyle with the Quartermaines. When Carly suggested going to see Monica and Edward, Jax realized that Carly was looking for an excuse to visit Michael. He assured Carly that Michael was safe, which is what they had wanted.

Jax distracted Carly by urging her to select bathroom tiles for their new house. It worked until Morgan came racing into the office. Morgan was anxious to see his brother, so Jax arranged for a limo driver to take Morgan to the Quartermaine mansion. After Morgan left, Carly's frustration about not seeing Michael grew. Jax was confident that if Carly gave Michael space, it would help repair their relationship. After Jax was called away for a meeting, one of the hotel staff brought Morgan's hat to the office. Morgan had left it behind earlier. Carly decided to take the hat over to the Quartermaines.

Edward walked into the living room to find Michael using two chairs for physical therapy. Michael explained that he didn't want to go to the hospital for his sessions. Edward revealed that they had a fully equipped gym in the east wing of the mansion and promised to hire a private physical therapist to help Michael. Michael thanked Edward for his generous offer. Edward assured Michael that if there was anything else he needed, all he had to do was ask. Michael took advantage of Edward's invitation; he mentioned that Sonny had bought him a car.

Later, Michael returned from a session with the physical therapist. Edward grew concerned when he noticed that Michael was in pain. Monica was livid after she answered Edward's summons. She worried that Michael had overdone it and reprimanded Edward for hiring someone who had pushed Michael too hard. Michael rolled his eyes as he overheard Monica and Edward argue. When they entered the room, Michael easily manipulated Monica and Edward into easing up on him.

Shortly afterwards, Morgan arrived for a visit and commented on the car he had seen in the driveway. Edward confirmed that he had arranged to have Michael's car delivered to their front door. Michael was excited when he realized his car was outside. He asked Edward's permission to drive it.

Edward pointed out that Michael didn't have a driver's license. Michael claimed that he was a good driver and promised that he would stay on the property. As soon as Edward relented, Michael and Morgan dashed out the door. A short time later, Carly arrived looking for Morgan. She was outraged when Edward told her that he had given Michael permission to drive.

In the car, Michael told Morgan that they were nearing the tree that AJ and Jason had crashed into when Jason had suffered irreparable brain damage.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Due to the extended Fourth of July/Independence Day holiday, ABC aired a special rebroadcast of the episode in which Michael awakened from his coma.

To read out complete recap of that episode, click here.

This programming change had been planned for and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumes Monday, July 6, and picks up where Thursday, July 2's episode concluded.

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