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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 10, 2009 on GH
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Monday, August 10, 2009

At the Lake house, Kiefer had a meltdown and smashed a glass against a wall when Molly did not provide him with a means for reaching Kristina. When he saw that he had frightened her, he quickly made it seem that his upset was caused by his concern for Kristina.

Kiefer had started pumping Molly for information again when Alexis walked in. Kiefer quickly transferred his oily attention to Alexis. He apologized for letting a glass slip out of his hand and shatter. Alexis said that it was no big deal and she would clean it after he left. Before he departed, Alexis assured Kiefer that she would let him know if they heard from Kristina.

Alexis spent some quality time with Molly, but to her dismay, found out that because of the legal charges swirling around Alexis, none of the children at the day camp Molly was attending, with the exception of Morgan, would speak to her because of Alexis' troubles with the law.

Molly told Alexis that Morgan had gone home with her and that Sonny had picked him up. Molly asked if Alexis was a criminal like Sonny. She also worried about what would happen to her if Alexis went to jail and Kristina never returned home.

Alexis assured Molly that she was not a criminal because, even though she had been charged with a crime, she was innocent and would prove it. Alexis continued to comfort Molly and assured her that Kristina would be found, Alexis would be cleared, and their lives would return to normal. Alexis hugged her daughter closely and said not to worry because, when the time came to worry, Alexis would let her know. Molly was comforted by her mother's calm logic and loving arms.

At the resort where Jerry had provided a room for Michael and Kristina, the teens discussed Jerry and his reasons for helping them out. Kristina was all for leaving matters in Jerry's hands and staying put at the resort.

Michael was more suspicious. When Kristina said teasingly, "You're turning out to be a real problem," Michael flashed back to hearing Jerry say the same thing while he was in a coma. That made Michael even more suspicious of Jerry. He told Kristina that Jerry had been behind the hostage crisis at the Metro Court, and that neither Jason nor Sonny trusted him.

Kristina was reluctant to leave the safety of the resort, but when Michael said he was leaving and asked Kristina to trust him more that she trusted Jerry, she packed her bag and prepared to leave with him. When Michael opened the door, the teen runaways found one of Jerry's henchmen guarding the door, ostensibly to take care of any of their needs, but in reality, Michael understood that they were prisoners

Jerry grabbed Sam and took her to an old burnt-out church, where he taunted her. Jason called her cell phone and left a message saying that he was on his way to the Internet café where Michael and Kristina had last been seen.

Jerry found Jason's number on Sam's phone and threatened to hurt Michael and Kristina if Sam did not follow his instructions. He forced her to call Jason and read a script that he had prepared. Sam did as Jerry asked, but at the end of the message, she warned Jason that Jerry had her.

Jerry got a good laugh as he dragged Sam away and told her that she had done exactly what he wanted her to do. Jerry smirked when he told Sam that warning Jason was a sure way to get him to fall into Jerry's trap. He told Sam that he was going to lock her up while he prepared a suitable welcome for Jason.

GH Recap Photo 090810 Olivia and Dante were in her apartment, arguing about his occupation as an undercover cop, as well as Olivia's very real fear that she might accidentally give him away by showing too much interest in him in public, when Sonny banged on her door. Dante quickly exited via the fire escape and Olivia turned on the TV, but Sonny was not fooled. He accused Olivia of having Johnny in the apartment. Olivia told him no, Johnny had not been there, and then added that it was not any of his business.

Sonny said she was flaunting herself in front of him; otherwise, she would not have made a scene in Kelly's when she advised Dominic, a young man she hardly knew, to quit his job working for Sonny. Olivia did not reveal her relationship to Dominic, but did tell Sonny that she had no interest in him, and ordered him to go home to his wife.

At Mac's house, Robin, Patrick, Emma, Lulu, and Maxie looked on as Spinelli tried to ask Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage. As soon as Mac figured out what Spinelli wanted, he was adamant that he would never consent to a wedding between Maxie and Spinelli. Mac was so disparaging to Spinelli that Maxie jumped in to defend her suitor. Both Robin and Lulu tried to get Maxie to back off, but her inner warrior woman rebelled against Mac's high-handed treatment, and she insisted that she did not need Mac's approval to wed Spinelli.

She encouraged Spinelli to ask her again and, when he did, Maxie accepted Spinelli's proposal. Mac was floored. Robin took him aside and said she would handle it. She sent Mac back to work. Lulu also left. When Robin and Patrick went upstairs to tend to Emma, Spinelli told Maxie how happy he was. When they embraced, Spinelli glowed with happiness, but Maxie looked uncertain.

Dominic dropped in on Claudia when he was looking for Sonny. She called him a traitor, and he asked her what would happen if he told Sonny that she had ordered him to kill Jason. Before she could answer, Johnny walked in. When he mentioned Olivia, Claudia went ballistic and called Olivia a slut and accused her of sleeping with Sonny.

Dominic reacted and defended Olivia. Claudia got more vicious but Dominic held back while Johnny defended Olivia and his relationship to her. When Sonny got home, Johnny told him that he had learned of a Zacchara drug shipment. Dominic added that he had been able to confirm the arrival time and location. Sonny told them to go take care of the traitors and burn the drugs.

After Dominic and Johnny were gone, Sonny told Claudia to stop insulting Olivia. He told her he did not want things to go back to the way they were. She told him that she did not want them that way either, but she said that when she got hurt, she hurt back.

Sonny said that he wanted things to be better between them. He told Claudia that, for that to happen, they had to find some common ground. Then Sonny asked if she were hungry. He said he had the urge to cook. He asked Claudia to join him in the kitchen. Claudia was honored. She was happy and smiling as he escorted her to the kitchen.

Nikolas and Liz had coffee in Kelly's and discussed their behavior the previous evening when they had been drinking and had shared some very passionate kisses. They agreed that they did not want to lose years of a very good friendship because they were attracted to each other when they were drunk. Nikolas gave Liz a kiss on the cheek. As he left Kelly's, he looked back inside with what might have been regret before moving on.

Johnny and Dominic burst into a warehouse and got the drop on two guys and a shipment of dope. They let the guys go, but kept the dope. Dominic wanted to take it back to Sonny's house, but Johnny said no, they would burn it just as Sonny ordered, because the Corinthos mob did not deal in drugs.

Before they could torch the shipment, police sirens sounded nearby. Dominic told Johnny to hide. He said that he would take the fall. As Johnny waited in a hiding place out of sight of the cops, Lucky arrested Dominic.

Jerry dragged Sam to a sleazy bordello, then handcuffed her to a chair and left her alone. While Jason conducted a search nearby, a man entered the room and told Sam that she had better be worth the money he had paid to Jerry for her.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Down at the docks, Johnny hid while Dominic allowed himself to be caught. Lucky didn't make it very far, and all discussion ceased once Diane learned she was on the clock and defending Dominic.

When Diane and Dominic were alone, Diane tried to get information from Dominic. He wouldn't reveal anything except that he was a deck hand for Sonny Corinthos. Diane was frustrated, because it made her job even more difficult if she had no information. Despite the lack of cooperation, Diane demanded the Port Charles Police Department release her client before she left the station herself.

As soon as Sonny's attorney had left, the assistant district attorney appeared and showed some interest in Dominic's case. It appeared the woman was after Alexis' job, so she was quick to take on any job to show off her skills. Dominic asked for pen and paper, and he quickly wrote down a phone number. Mac was surprised when he walked back into the interrogation room and realized he was speaking with Detective Dante Falconeri.

Kate stopped by to visit her cousin at her apartment, and she tried to convince Olivia to reveal the truth about Dante to Sonny. Kate thought Olivia and Sonny were already sleeping together, especially since she saw Olivia's car over at Sonny's house all the time and Sonny's car was constantly at Olivia's apartment. Olivia tried to deny any feelings for Sonny, but Kate was one of the few people who knew the truth about Olivia and Sonny's past. Olivia needed to be honest with herself and especially her son. Revealing the truth to Sonny and Dante was not something Olivia intended on doing, though.

In the church, Jason and Jerry played hide-and-seek as they tried to find and shoot each other. As they searched for one another, they bickered back and forth. Jason was searching for Sam, but Jerry wasn't about to give up her location. He knew he was a dead man if Sam was found.

Jason caught up with Jerry, and the fight quickly turned physical when they ran out of ammunition. The wrestling back and forth was not good for the unstable church, though. It wasn't long before the balcony tumbled down on top of Jerry and Jason.

After hearing the romantic news, Robin was convinced the rush to matrimony must have been because Maxie was pregnant with Spinelli's child. That news shocked Spinelli so much that he passed out. Maxie took her delicate fiancé back to Jason's apartment and she assured him that there was no baby on the way. Maxie wasn't even sure that motherhood was something that interested her.

After a brief knock on the door, Johnny didn't wait, opened the door himself, and entered Jason's apartment. He was surprised to see Spinelli and Maxie kissing on the couch. Johnny offered his congratulations when Spinelli mentioned the engagement.

No one had much of an opportunity to talk before there was another knock on the door. Kate was there with Lulu, and they had arrived to begin all the planning for the newest Crimson event of the year -- the Spinelli-Jones wedding. Kate began talking about bachelor parties and wedding gowns, and Maxie decided to put an end to Kate's control. Kate would not be allowed to pick the wedding date or the location, and especially not the gown. Spinelli was also upset because any events Kate planned would surely make Jason uncomfortable. Maxie announced that she and Spinelli had already set a date -- September 21. Spinelli told everyone that his wedding to Maximista would be everything she had dreamt of, and not a Crimson PR event.

Johnny showed up at Olivia's apartment late that evening and apologized for the late visit. Olivia didn't mind and even offered to make something for him to eat. Johnny wasn't hungry, so they sat down with wine and started talking. Johnny told Olivia about the strange evening and how his partner, Dominic, had ended up arrested by Detective Lucky Spencer. Upon hearing that news, Olivia choked on her wine and found it difficult to control her emotions.

After they had been left alone, Patrick and Robin reminisced about their relationship, engagement, and wedding. Patrick asked Robin what she would do if Emma grew up and started a relationship with a mobster. Robin knew that would be a difficult decision for her. Sonny and Jason were both very close friends to her, but the police commissioner was her uncle. Robin felt that she and Patrick would have to have faith in whomever Emma fell in love with.

After dinner, Robin prepared to take a quick jog with Emma, but Patrick knew there was an ulterior motive. Robin intended to run in the mayor's neighborhood and see what she could find out. Although Patrick didn't like his daughter being involved, Robin explained that Emma would help people relax and spill a little more than normal when questioned.

At their hotel room, Michael and Kristina developed an escape plan. Despite Kristina's fears that the plan wouldn't work, she decided to assist with the plan, anyway. She set the plan in motion, and she asked the guard for food during the next shift change. Next, Kristina started screaming and the guard entered the room and Michael quickly atta cked him. Kristina froze, though, and couldn't make her escape. She stood watching the struggle, still unable to believe that Jerry Jacks could hurt a fly.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jason was seriously injured when the balcony of an old Mexican church collapsed. Jerry managed to crawl out of the wreckage unharmed, but Jason remained pinned. Jerry quickly found Jason's gun and then fired it at Jason. Luckily for Jason, Jerry wasn't accustomed to the gun, so his aim had been off. Jerry pointed the gun at Jason again, but he didn't shoot. Instead, Jerry asked if Jason had any last words.

Jason demanded proof that Claudia had been involved in Michael's shooting. Jerry didn't understand why it mattered to Jason. According to Jerry, the shooting had been accidental after the bullet had ricocheted. Jason didn't care; he insisted that he needed to know if Claudia had been involved. Rather than answer Jason's question, Jerry blamed Jason's predicament on his determination to learn the truth about the shooting.

Jason ignored Jerry's attempt to distract him. He insisted that he needed to know the truth, because Michael had lost a year of his life as a result of the shooting. Jerry pointed out that Jason had killed the triggerman, Ian. Jason refused to let it go, so Jerry confessed that he had been Ian's accomplice. Jason wasn't appeased. Jason demanded to know the truth about Claudia. Jerry refused to confirm Claudia's role in the shooting. Instead, Jerry accused Jason of wanting an excuse to kill Claudia.

Jerry soon grew weary of his games, so he shot Jason. Jerry settled for gravely wounding Jason, rather than killing him, because Jerry wanted Jason to suffer.

In Jerry's apartment, Michael struggled with the bodyguard. At Michael's urging, Kristina fled while the bodyguard was busy with Michael. The guard managed to gain the upper hand moments after Kristina had disappeared through the front door. The guard was furious that Kristina had escaped. Luckily for Michael, the building's fire alarm had been tripped. Before the guard could turn his wrath on Michael, Michael managed to run out the door while the residents rushed to evacuate from the building.

A short time later, Michael and Kristina were reunited. While they grabbed a bite to eat, Michael thanked Kristina for setting off the fire alarm. Kristina smiled with satisfaction because she had been able to help her brother. Michael couldn't understand why Kristina refused to return home where she had a boyfriend, friends, and an easy life. Kristina asked if Michael would leave her in Cancun if their situations had been reversed. Michael admitted that he wouldn't.

Olivia tried to hide her surprise when Johnny revealed that Dominic had been arrested. However, she couldn't hide her worry. Johnny found her reaction curious, but Olivia managed to explain it away. According to Olivia, Dominic's situation was a reminder of how dangerous Johnny's line of work was. Olivia didn't want Johnny to meet the same fate as Dominic. Johnny was touched by Olivia's concern. After he kissed her, Olivia urged him to take a shower before dinner. Johnny asked Olivia to join him, but Olivia insisted that she needed to run to the store for some sauce.

Later, Olivia walked into the Port Charles Police Station on the pretense of taking care of a traffic ticket. While a police officer went to check the records, Olivia's eyes scanned the squad room in an effort to find her son.

In a nearby interrogation room, Mac and the assistant district attorney talked to Detective Dante Falconeri about his undercover assignment. Dante warned Mac that he had to be released before Sonny became suspicious. Diane and Lucky's entrance forced Dante to revert back to his undercover persona. Diane insisted that Dominic's arrest had been a result of an illegal search and seizure. Lucky argued that they'd had probable cause. Lucky was frustrated when the A.D.A. sided with Diane.

After Dominic was released from custody, Diane called Johnny. She told him that the charges against Dominic had been dropped. Diane admitted that she had been impressed with Dominic's conduct during the interrogation. He'd been tight-lipped like Jason, rather than nervous and inexperienced.

Later, Dante met Ronnie at a local laundromat. Ronnie was furious because Dante's arrest had nearly blown Dante's cover. Ronnie's rant was cut short when Olivia marched into the laundromat and ordered Dante to return to Bensonhurst immediately. Olivia insisted that it was too dangerous for Dante to remain undercover. Dante reminded his mother that she was the one who was in danger because of her relationship with Johnny Zacchara.

Ronnie stepped in to caution Olivia that she was jeopardizing Dante by arguing with him in a public place. Olivia realized that Ronnie had a point. On her way out the door, she demanded that Ronnie talk sense into her son. Ronnie admitted that he had reservations about Dante continuing with his assignment. Ronnie was also worried about Olivia's involvement with Johnny and her history with Sonny. Dante was satisfied that he had successfully infiltrated Sonny's organization. He assured Ronnie that Olivia would guard her son's secrets with her life.

When Olivia returned to her apartment, she found Johnny enjoying a snack. Johnny chuckled as he asked Olivia if she had gone to Sicily for the sauce. Olivia claimed that she had gone to several stores because she preferred to cook with the best ingredients. Olivia changed the subject by asking if anyone had called.

Johnny revealed that Diane had called to let him know that Dominic had been released from jail. Olivia pretended to be relieved before she kissed Johnny. Olivia confessed that she enjoyed spending time with Johnny; she decided that she didn't care what anyone else thought about their relationship. Johnny and Olivia made love. Afterwards, Johnny admitted that Dominic had proven that he could be trusted.

Maxie and Spinelli were at the penthouse discussing their engagement. Maxie admitted that she had been honored by the proposal and Spinelli's desire to seek Mac's blessing. However, when Spinelli mentioned the actual wedding, Maxie began to squirm. When someone knocked at the door, Maxie practically ran to answer it.

Lulu profusely apologized as she entered the penthouse. Lulu felt terrible that she had inadvertently involved Kate, who had decided that she wanted Lulu to plan the wedding. To Lulu's surprise, Maxie welcomed the help. Spinelli was delighted to move ahead with the plans. As Spinelli and Lulu sat down to brainstorm, Maxie hovered nearby looking slightly ill.

Lulu noticed Maxie's distress, but Spinelli remained oblivious to it. Lulu tried to help Maxie by changing the subject to shoes; however, the thought of wedding shoes just upset Maxie further. Lulu quickly covered for Maxie by suggesting that they select the best man and maid of honor. Spinelli declared that Jason would be his best man. When Spinelli assumed that Lulu would be Maxie's maid of honor, Lulu reminded him that she was not Maxie's best friend.

Lulu was shocked when Maxie insisted that Lulu agree to be her maid of honor. According to Maxie, Lulu was one of the few people that Maxie trusted. After Lulu relented, Maxie's nervousness returned. Maxie had difficult saying the word "wedding," while Spinelli expressed a desire to break out in song in order to adequately convey his undying love and devotion to his bride.

Ethan was working at the Haunted Star while Nikolas and Rebecca gambled at a nearby table. When Tracy approached the bar, Ethan assured her that he had not been skimming any money till. Tracy announced that she had a proposition for Ethan. Ethan made it clear that he wasn't interested in helping her search for Luke. Tracy laughed at the idea; she wanted Ethan to share everything that he knew about Rebecca. Ethan suggested that Rebecca wasn't after the Quartermaine fortune. As Ethan stared at Rebecca and Nikolas with growing resentment, he confided to Tracy that Rebecca had "landed a much bigger fish."

Rebecca suspected that Nikolas was responsible for her winning streak. Nikolas denied bribing the dealer; however, he did admit that he enjoyed watching Rebecca win. Rebecca confessed that she was having a wonderful time at the casino. She thanked him for suggesting a night of gambling. Nikolas invited Rebecca to show her appreciation by returning to Wyndemere with him. When Rebecca agreed, Nikolas stepped aside to call for the launch.

While Nikolas was distracted, Rebecca approached Ethan at the bar. Ethan commented that Rebecca wouldn't need anyone else's money if she continued winning. Rebecca angrily demanded to know when she had started to matter to Ethan. Ethan warned Rebecca not to pursue that line of questioning. Rebecca argued that she'd been nothing more than Ethan's meal ticket. Ethan insisted that things had changed.

Rebecca agreed; Ethan had a new family and she had found Nikolas. Rebecca insisted that her brief relationship with Ethan was over. Before the argument continued, Nikolas walked up to let Rebecca know that the launch was on its way. As Rebecca and Nikolas left the Haunted Star, Ethan reached for the phone.

At Wyndemere, Rebecca realized that she had left her phone on the launch. Nikolas confided that he had arranged for the phone to be left behind, so that she wouldn't be tempted to answer Edward's calls. Nikolas wanted Rebecca to himself without any interruptions. Rebecca smiled as she reached out to Nikolas. She told him that she was happy where she was. Nikolas admitted that he'd been waiting a long time to hear Rebecca say those words.

Lucky entered the Haunted Star while Ethan cleaned up after closing. Lucky demanded to know why Ethan had called him. Lucky was stunned when Ethan confessed everything, including his and Rebecca's intentions to steal the fortunes of Emily's loved ones. Lucky wondered why Ethan had turned on Rebecca. Ethan told his brother the truth; he and Rebecca had been lovers, but it was over because Rebecca claimed to have feelings for Nikolas.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Robin took Emma for a walk passed the mayor's mansion. Robin hoped that Emma's adorable personality would catch the attention of one of the mayor's employees. While Robin fussed over Emma, a maid stepped outside to check the mail. When she saw Robin and Emma, she bent down to coo to the baby. Robin took the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Afterwards, Robin went to General Hospital. Patrick recognized Robin's smile of satisfaction as she approached. He realized that her outing had been a success. Robin revealed that the maid had told her that Andrea Floyd would rather see the mayor dead than let him go. Robin realized that wasn't proof of Andrea's guilt, but she was confident that it was a step in the right direction.

Lucky went to Liz's house to tell her about Ethan's confession. As he entered the living room, Liz and Lucky heard Cameron cry out. They rushed upstairs to see what was wrong. Apparently Cameron had been frustrated when he had been unable to piece together a spaceship. While Lucky and Liz talked to Cameron about the incident, someone pulled into the driveway and then honked their car horn. It was Cameron's ride. Cameron was spending the day at the aquarium with his friend, Benji, and Benji's mother.

After Lucky and Liz saw Cameron off, they returned to the living room. As they sat down on the sofa, Lucky talked about their relationship. Lucky was happy that they got along and worked well together. Liz agreed. She admitted that as long as they were alive, there was a possibility that they could reconnect. Lucky felt bad for Nikolas, because his brother did not have the same opportunity with Emily. Lucky revealed the details of Ethan's confession about Rebecca.

Liz wasn't surprised to learn that Rebecca and Ethan had been in cahoots and that they had arrived in Port Charles with an agenda. However, Liz and Lucky realized that Nikolas was happy. As much as Liz hated protecting "that conniving witch," she realized that it was possible that Rebecca had grown to love Nikolas. Lucky was torn about whether or not to tell Nikolas the truth. He wondered if Liz would want to know if she were in Nikolas' position. Liz admitted that she would.

After his morning ride, Nikolas found Rebecca in Wyndemere's living room. Rebecca was delighted to see Nikolas. She confessed that she'd had a wonderful evening with him. Nikolas surprised Rebecca by inviting her on a trip to Greece. Nikolas was eager to share his homeland with her, and intended to take Spencer along. Rebecca reminded Nikolas that she had a job and couldn't just take off for an extended vacation. Nikolas bragged that he had some pull at the hospital. Rebecca readily agreed to accompany Nikolas to Greece after he assured her that he could arrange for her to have time off.

Nikolas decided that it was time for Spencer to meet Rebecca. To Rebecca's surprise, Spencer was in residence. Nikolas went to fetch his son. When they returned to the living room, Nikolas introduced Spencer to Rebecca. Spencer was shy, so he said very little. Sensing Spencer's discomfort, Rebecca knelt down to his level. She confided that she was also shy.

As they spoke, Rebecca acknowledged her resemblance to Emily. She explained to Spencer that she and Emily were sisters. Rebecca promised Spencer that she wasn't trying to replace Emily; Rebecca merely wanted to befriend Spencer. Spencer remained quiet, so Rebecca and Nikolas suggested that Spencer return to his playroom to pack some of his favorite toys for their journey.

After Spencer left, Nikolas explained his son's reserved manner. Nikolas revealed that Spencer had grown close to Nadine when Nikolas had been dating her. Spencer had been hurt after she had suddenly disappeared, following the break-up. It had been confusing for Spencer, so Nikolas had refrained from introducing him to Rebecca. Rebecca assured Nikolas that she understood.

Later, Rebecca asked Liz to meet her on the piers. Liz was curious why Rebecca had called. Rebecca admitted that, under different circumstances, she wouldn't have cared what Liz thought of her. However, Rebecca understood that Liz was important to Nikolas. Rebecca was hopeful that she and Liz could find a way to be civil toward each other. Liz admitted that it depended on whether or not Rebecca intended to be honest.

Liz wanted to know what the trip with Nikolas and Spencer meant to Rebecca, whether it was merely curiosity, or if it meant more. Rebecca responded, "I think I'm in love with Nikolas."

Lucky arrived at Wyndemere while Nikolas packed for the trip to Greece. Lucky didn't derive any pleasure from telling Nikolas the truth about Rebecca. Nikolas pointed out that Lucky hadn't told him anything. Lucky revealed that Ethan and Rebecca had been working a scam to get their hands on as much money as possible from the Quartermaines and Nikolas. Afterwards, Ethan and Rebecca had planned to leave town together.

Nikolas wondered why Lucky believed Ethan. Lucky admitted that, initially, he had questioned the validity of Ethan's claims; however, Lucky realized that Ethan had nothing to gain by telling him the truth about Rebecca.

At Anthony's request, Johnny went to visit his father in jail. Anthony accused his son of siding with the enemy. Anthony was concerned because Johnny seemed happily entrenched in Sonny's organization. Johnny realized that his father was responsible for the attempts to sabotage Sonny's territory. Johnny suspected that Anthony had been orchestrating everything from behind bars. Anthony didn't deny it; however, he was curious which side Johnny would take when the grab for power took place.

Johnny confessed that Anthony didn't have to worry about him. Johnny wasn't interested in running the organization, so he tended to go where the wind blew him. Anthony was annoyed by Johnny's lack of family loyalty. Johnny didn't care; he was proud that he wasn't anything like his diabolical father.

After Johnny left, he arranged to meet Spinelli on the piers. Spinelli quickly informed Johnny that Maxie had agreed to marry him, so she was off the market. Johnny assured Spinelli that he wasn't interested in pursuing Maxie. He had called Spinelli to ask for his help to take down Anthony once and for all. Johnny wanted Spinelli to hack into the prison's computer system to transfer Anthony elsewhere, and then ensur e that the elder Zacchara was restricted to solitary confinement until he rotted.

On the piers, Kiefer intercepted Morgan as Morgan headed home. Kiefer demanded to know where Kristina and Michael were. When Morgan insisted that he didn't know, Kiefer became angry. Kiefer claimed that he wouldn't allow Michael to ruin Kristina's life. Luckily for Morgan, Dominic happened along before Kiefer turned violent. Dominic quickly chased off Kiefer. When Dominic bent down to pick up Morgan's tickets, he realized that they were to a Yankees game. Dominic was impressed; he told Morgan that Sonny had raised him right.

Olivia went to the Jacks residence to drop off work-related files for Carly to review. Carly, dressed in a robe, was on the phone conducting business. When Carly ended the call, she took off the robe, revealing that she was dressed for the office. Carly wanted Olivia to drive her to the hotel. Carly was confident that she could get more work done at the office and prove to Jax that she was capable of working and carrying the baby to term. Olivia accused Carly of taking advantage of the fact that Jax was out of town on business and couldn't stop her.

Olivia refused to give in to Carly's demands. Olivia reminded her friend that Carly didn't have the option of working. Olivia implored Carly to think of her baby; Olivia insisted that Carly's daughter needed Carly to focus on resting and avoiding stress. Frustrated, Carly plopped down on the sofa. She decided to change the subject by asking Olivia how things were working out with Dante. Olivia confessed that she missed the days when Dante was a little boy, because things had been simpler then.

As the ladies talked, Morgan entered. Dominic was a few steps behind Morgan. Morgan told Carly about Dominic's timely intervention during the confrontation with Kiefer. Carly appreciated Dominic's assistance with Morgan, but confessed that it was surprising. Dominic had gone from holding hostages to saving Morgan. Olivia was shocked by the comment. Carly revealed how they had met Dominic. Dominic wisely decided to excuse himself.

Olivia went to the laundromat where she angrily confronted Dante about holding a pregnant woman and two children hostage. Dante reminded his mother that Carly and the boys had never been in any danger; he was a police officer, not a criminal. Olivia worried that Dante's true identity would soon be discovered. She begged her son to return home before the truth was exposed. Dante suggested that Olivia be the one to move back to Bensonhurst, so that she wouldn't have to continue lying to everyone.

Olivia and Dante were unaware that Johnny lurked just outside of the laundromat. He walked away before the Olivia and Dante discovered him.

Later, Johnny stopped by Olivia's apartment. Olivia was happy to see Johnny. After she kissed him, she admitted that he was the only person who hadn't gotten on her nerves that day. Johnny wondered if that included Dominic. Olivia was taken aback by the question. Her surprise turned to dread when Johnny revealed that he'd seen Olivia and Dominic in a heated conversation at the laundromat. Johnny wanted to know what they had been discussing.

Carly was surprised when Morgan announced that he had invited Dominic to the baseball game. Dominic immediately sensed Carly's distress. He asked Morgan to fetch a glass of water for him. As soon as Morgan was out of the room, Dominic told Carly that he understood her discomfort. He assured her that he enjoyed Morgan's company. Dominic confessed that he saw a bit of himself in Morgan.

Friday, August 14, 2009

At Olivia's apartment, Johnny demanded to know what Olivia and Dominic had been discussing at the laundromat. Olivia managed to explain the incident away. She told Johnny that she had warned Dominic not to endanger Johnny by failing to properly do his job. Johnny was flattered by Olivia's desire to protect him. After they kissed, Johnny received a text message. He apologized to Olivia because he had to leave.

After Johnny left, Olivia made a phone call. She introduced herself as Olivia Falconeri, Dante's mother. A short time later, Olivia walked into the laundromat where Ronnie was folding laundry. Ronnie was annoyed because Olivia had called his boss to arrange the meeting. He warned Olivia that she was compromising Dante's undercover assignment. Olivia didn't care; she was determined to have Dante transferred to another case.

Olivia reminded Ronnie of their long history. She was furious because Ronnie had authorized Dante to go undercover to bust Sonny. Ronnie reminded Olivia that Dante was a grown man who was capable of making his own decisions. Ronnie warned Olivia that he would not allow her to jeopardize the case. Olivia threatened to do worse if Ronnie didn't get Dante reassigned. Olivia argued that Dante's undercover work was a conflict of interest because she had ties to Johnny and Sonny.

Ronnie laughed at Olivia's suggestion that Dante would be influenced by his mother's love life. He pointed out to Olivia that Dante knew what he wanted. Dante was the type of person who would stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

When Olivia returned home, she found Johnny waiting in the hallway. Johnny apologized because he couldn't stay. He had stopped by to ask Olivia out for a real date. Johnny was tired of meeting at the garage and at her apartment. Olivia was touched by Johnny's desire to take their relationship out of the shadows, so she agreed to go to dinner with him.

At the Jacks residence, Carly was reluctant to agree to Morgan's request to go to the Yankees game with Dominic. While Morgan, Carly, and Dominic discussed it, Jax walked in. Jax apologized for not being able to take Morgan to the game because of a business meeting. Morgan revealed that he had invited Dominic to go with him. Jax wondered how Morgan knew Dominic. Jax bristled when Morgan revealed that Dominic had been the man who held Carly, Morgan, and Michael hostage and then later went to work for Sonny.

Jax decided that he could take Morgan to the game, after all. As soon as Morgan left the room, Jax turned his attention to Dominic. He made it clear that he knew what Dominic did for a living. Jax informed Dominic that he wasn't permitted anywhere near Morgan. Jax couldn't stop Sonny from visiting the boys, but he could restrict Dominic's access to them. Carly supported Jax's decision. She instructed Dominic to call them the next time Morgan tried to make plans with him. Dominic understood Jax and Carly's concern.

Before he left, Dominic told Jax that Morgan was a great kid; he suggested that Jax spend a little more time with him. Jax defensively asked if Dominic was trying to advise him on how to be a father. Dominic clarified that he just knew what it was like to grow up without one. After Dominic left, Carly and Jax settled on the sofa. Carly accused Jax of lying about the meeting being canceled. Jax didn't apologize for the lie; he felt it had been necessary in order to protect Morgan.

Dante entered the laundromat while Ronnie continued folding laundry. Ronnie was in a foul mood because of Olivia's interference in their case. Dante was furious when Ronnie told him that Olivia had called their boss to arrange a meeting with Ronnie in order to petition that Dante be reassigned. Ronnie was tempted to give in to Olivia's demands before she hurt their case. Dante promised to talk to his mother about her behavior. Ronnie made it clear that if Olivia continued to jeopardize their investigation, he would pull Dante off of the case.

Dante went to Olivia's apartment. Olivia refused to apologize for trying to protect her son. While she finished getting ready for her date, Dante accused Olivia of trying to protect Johnny and Sonny rather than him. Olivia denied it; she insisted that Sonny was a violent and dangerous man who wouldn't hesitate to destroy his enemy. Dante was well aware of what Sonny was capable of; it was the reason that Dante was trying to put Sonny behind bars. Dante made it clear that he intended to do his job.

GH Recap Photo 090814 In an old Mexican church, Jason remained buried beneath the rubble of the collapsed balcony. When Jason finally opened his eyes, it was clear that he was in tremendous pain. Despite the agony of his grave injuries, Jason managed to free himself from the debris enough to sit up. While the gunshot wound in his shoulder bled profusely, Jason drifted in an out of consciousness and delirium.

At one point, Jason thought he heard Michael calling out to him. When Jason opened his eyes, Michael was kneeling before him. Jason begged Michael to return home, but Michael refused to go. Jason explained that Michael had not been responsible for Claudia's accident, but the information didn't sway Michael. Michael insisted that he made his own choices. When Jason blinked, Michael was gone.

Next Jason saw Kristina. The vision of Kristina suggested that Michael was a prisoner of Jerry Jacks. The next person that Jason saw was Carly. Carly was angry because Jason had not protected Michael. According to Carly, it was Jason's fault that they had lost Michael again. The next time that Jason opened his eyes, he saw Sam. However, Sam was real. Jason pleaded for her to find Michael, but Sam refused to leave Jason's side. As Sam pulled the rubble off of Jason, she assured him that Michael and Kristina had escaped Jerry's clutches.

Michael and Kristina were delighted that they had landed jobs at a popular resort in Mexico. As they worked in a souvenir shop on the beach, the teens talked about Carly and Alexis. Both kids seemed to miss their mothers. A short time later, a young French tourist entered the shop. The girl was close to Michael and Kristina's age. She wanted to rent a WaveRunner for the day. When she saw Michael, the young lady smiled.

GH Recap Photo 090814 Later, Michael and the French tourist returned from a lesson on how to operate the WaveR unner. Michael insisted that the lesson had been free, but the girl was determined to show her appreciation. She invited Michael to dinner. Kristina smiled from behind the counter while Michael agreed to go out on the date.

On the piers, Rebecca confessed that she had hoped that Liz would meet her halfway. Rebecca was falling in love with Nikolas, so she wanted to make peace with his dearest friend. Rebecca admitted that she had never intended to fall in love with Nikolas; her life would have been easier if she hadn't. Rebecca simply wanted to connect with Emily's friends and family in an effort to get to know her sister. Liz pointed out that it appeared that Rebecca had concentrated her attention on the wealthy people in Emily's life, not the less fortunate.

Liz noticed that Rebecca didn't deny the accusation. Instead, Rebecca focused on explaining her relationship with Nikolas. According to Rebecca, she had to learn to trust Nikolas. Liz's reaction made it clear that she found the admission ironic, given what she knew about Rebecca. Rebecca went on to reveal that she had initially feared that Nikolas wanted a relationship with her because he viewed her as a replacement for Emily. Eventually, Nikolas had proven that he loved Rebecca for who she was, not because of her connection to Emily.

Rebecca confided that, because of her history with men, her defenses had been up when she had met Nikolas. Liz pointed out that, by contrast, Nikolas had been completely vulnerable and open from the moment he had met Rebecca. Rebecca agreed; it had been one of the reasons why Rebecca and Nikolas had fallen in love.

After Liz left, Rebecca called Ethan. She left him a voicemail message to inform Ethan that Nikolas had invited her to vacation with him in Greece. Rebecca wanted Ethan to know that she had decided to tell Nikolas the truth. Rebecca confessed that she couldn't live with the lies anymore.

At Wyndemere, Lucky apologized for having hurt Nikolas by revealing the truth about Rebecca. Nikolas didn't think that Lucky had any reason to regret telling him about Rebecca. Lucky had proven that Liz and Alexis had been right all along. Nikolas demanded to know every ugly detail about Ethan's relationship with Rebecca. Nikolas said little as Lucky reluctantly told him about Rebecca and Ethan's meeting, their months of preparation, and their plans to leave after they had swindled everyone out of their money. The crushing blow came when Lucky confirmed that Ethan and Rebecca had been lovers.

Nikolas couldn't hide the depth of his pain from Lucky. When Nikolas asked Lucky to go, Lucky refused. He didn't want to leave his brother when it was clear that Nikolas was emotionally shattered. Nikolas was adamant that he needed to be alone. Eventually, Lucky relented.

After Lucky's departure, Alfred brought Nikolas a bottle of vodka and a chilled glass. Nikolas instructed Alfred to unpack and to throw out the gifts that Nikolas had purchased for Rebecca. Nikolas also ordered Alfred to dismiss the staff for the evening and to arrange for Spencer to spend the night at Metro Court. Finally, Nikolas made it clear that only Rebecca was permitted entry.

Lucky went to the hospital to tell Liz about Nikolas' reaction when he had learned the truth about Rebecca. Lucky had been shaken by the look of rage in Nikolas' eyes. Lucky was frustrated that because Nikolas had forced him to leave. Lucky confided that Nikolas appeared to have transformed into a Cassadine before Lucky's eyes. Liz reminded Lucky that Alexis and Nikolas had always been the good Cassadines. Liz confessed that she had talked to Rebecca; she was certain that Rebecca had been sincere about her feelings for Nikolas.

Rebecca was smiling as she walked into Nikolas' living room. Unaware of Nikolas' dark mood, she confided that she didn't think Alfred approved of their trip to Greece. According to Rebecca, Alfred had been unable to make eye contact with her. Nikolas was expressionless as he watched Rebecca. With drink in hand, Nikolas slowly walked over to his desk and then took a seat. Rebecca finally realized that Nikolas hadn't spoken a word. Prompted by concern, Rebecca asked him what was wrong.

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