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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 7, 2009 on GH
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its daytime lineup. This scheduling change was planned and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 8, and pick up where Friday, September 4's episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At the carnival, Sonny found Alexis with Molly and Morgan, who were shooting pretend assault rifles in a game Coleman was manning. Sonny knew Alexis wasn't happy over the choice of game, and he reminded her that he wasn't to blame. Alexis countered that, although Sonny had not actually recommended the game, his lifestyle promoted violence.

Morgan and Molly were both upset when they couldn't hit the target. Sonny asked Coleman if he was taking money from children for a game that was rigged. Coleman said it was all for charity, but Sonny bribed Coleman to fix the gun. Morgan was thrilled when he hit the target and won the Yankees helmet he had wanted.

Claudia and Kristina were in line for the Ferris wheel when Michael found them and told Kristina that Alexis was looking for her. He actually managed to convince Kristina to leave, despite objections from Claudia. Before they left, though, Kristina mentioned that Michael had a feeling something bad was going to happen, and she talked about the fortune-teller. Claudia told the kids not to pay any attention to a carnival fortune-teller. She said they were only there to take money away from carnival attendees.

Kiefer found Kristina with Michael as they were looking for Alexis. Kristina begged Michael to give her a little time to be with Kiefer. Michael wasn't happy, but Kiefer and Kristina headed off towards the rides.

Rebecca asked what the point of the game was, since hitting each other with the baseball was all Ethan and Nikolas seemed capable of. Ethan said he was just trying to knock some sense into them . Rebecca showed she could throw a baseball by knocking down all three jugs with just one throw. Nikolas helped Rebecca pick out a teddy bear that Spencer would like, and Rebecca left to give the bear to the little boy. Nikolas told her to return with Spencer if he was awake.

After Rebecca left, Nikolas told Ethan to have patience. Nikolas intended to dump Rebecca after he was done with his revenge. Even though Ethan didn't like Rebecca with Nikolas, Ethan said she didn't deserve to be hurt. Liz walked over and heard the conversation. She asked Nikolas what he was doing, and Nikolas said he thought people were supposed to play games at carnivals. Nikolas walked away, and Ethan told Liz to stop Nikolas from hurting Rebecca. He told her she was supposed to be the almighty ethical one.

In the Metro Court, Jason and Sam were investigating Deidre, when Spinelli texted Sam and gave her the phone number for the person with whom Deidre was talking Jason and Sam recognized the number as Edward's, and Sam decided to drop the investigation. It was apparent that Deidre and Edward were an item, and Sam didn't want to get in the middle of the old man's joy.

Meanwhile, Edward was enjoying a drink with Andrea. Unbeknownst to him, the drink was poisoned. As soon as Edward polished off his drink, Andrea told him she had taken too much of his valuable time, and she prepared to leave. Andrea didn't get far, because Robin and Patrick spotted her.

Robin told Edward and Andrea to wait, because she had something she wanted both of them to hear. She said Edward had rented a room within eyesight of the room where Brianna Hughes had been murdered. Edward denied renting a room at the Metro Court, but Robin said she had the credit card records to prove it. Andrea told them she wouldn't be a part of that invasion of privacy, and she warned Edward to stay away from Robin. Robin said that Edward could testify that Andrea was in the area at the time of Brianna's murder, but Edward denied that he would testify against Andrea. After Andrea left, Robin wondered aloud what gave Andrea her confidence.

Back at the carnival, Dominic and Lulu approached Alice's game. Dominic wanted to give it a try, but Lulu told him the cards were always stacked in favor of the house. It was something she had learned when she was five years old. Dominic was surprised Lulu had learned anything about gambling when she was only five, but he offered her a deal. If he could ring the bell, she had to stay with him at the carnival and try to have some fun. If Dominic didn't ring the bell, Lulu could leave.

Dominic approached Alice and bribed her to make sure he hit the bell. Alice thanked him and stepped away, and Lulu tried to give Alice money to make sure Dominic didn't ring the bell. Alice took her money and walked away, leaving for a break and allowing Mercedes to take over.

As it turned out, Dominic didn't need a bribe and won a stuffed animal for Lulu. She thanked him for the platypus, and he didn't know what she was talking about. When she said duck, he understood, though. He told her she didn't need to use fancy words, even if smart girls did impress him.

When Dominic's phone rang, he apologized and left to answer it. While Lulu was alone, Johnny approached her and complimented her stuffed beaver. Lulu said it was a platypus, but Johnny asked who could tell with a stuffed animal. Lulu told him girls could always tell what kind of stuffed animal they had. Dominic approached them and apologized to Lulu. He said he had to go to the warehouse; it was one of the bad things about being the low man on the totem pole. Johnny offered to go in his place, and Dominic thanked him and said he owed him. Johnny said no, because he owed it to Lulu.

Sonny found Carly and Jax, and Carly asked where Morgan was. Morgan was on a ride, and Carly was excited to see him. Jax and Sonny thought Carly intended to ride, also, but Carly said she just wanted to watch her son.

As Carly and Jax left, Sonny turned to leave and bumped into Olivia, spilling her popcorn. They reminisced over the old days at Coney Island as Sonny bought Olivia new popcorn. Sonny told her that the days at Coney Island were some of the best of his life, and Olivia was touched. Sonny told her it meant a lot to him that he had been Olivia's first.

Dominic ran into Sonny and Olivia, and Olivia became nervous and tried to escape. Sonny reminded Dominic that he was supposed to be watching Sonny's kids, though, so Dominic was quick to make his exit. Olivia had put a lot of hard work into the carnival, so Sonny didn't think she should have to leave.

Sam and Jason walked into the carnival, and Sam talked about how fun carnivals were and how much she missed them. They were barely there when Spinelli, dressed as a clown, and Maxie appeared. Sam and Jason were amused at the sight of Spinelli. Maxie, though, looked less than thrilled to be there. Spinelli asked what had happened to their client, and Sam explained that she had dropped the case due to a conflict of interest.

Michael walked into the fortune-teller's tent, and the woman said she had expected him. She asked what had taken him there, and Michael said he was just looking for a laugh. The fortune teller said that Michael had a gift, but he didn't know it yet. He hadn't been born with it, but had acquired it after a deep year-long sleep. Michael couldn't figure out how she had known that, but then he said that Kiefer and Kristina must have gone to the fortune-teller earlier and set him up.

As Alexis and her girls were talking, Andrea walked over and threatened Alexis. She said Alexis would soon be arrested, so she should enjoy her last family outing. Alexis was furious that Andrea would say anything in front of Kristina and Molly. The girls quickly left, but Alexis and Andrea continued their bitter argument.

In jail, Anthony Zacchara told his visitor that he wanted every one of Sonny's warehouses hit. Anyone who got in the way also needed to be dealt with, starting with their old henchman, Dominic. The hit would take place right away, during the carnival.

Meanwhile, Maxie helped Spinelli wipe the clown makeup off. They started to kiss but the phone rang and stopped them. Spinelli answered, and it was a business associate looking for Jason. The caller simply needed paperwork delivered to one of the warehouses, and Spinelli offered to help. There was no need to get Jason involved with something as simple as paperwork.

Jason and Sam approached the game Coleman was running, and Sam mentioned that she wanted a bear. Jason paid Coleman and started to shoot. After numerous attempts with the rigged gun, Jason pulled out his own gun. Coleman decided to avert a disaster, and handed Jason the bear that Sam wanted.

Jason and Sam walked away from the game but stopped when Jason saw Liz with Jake on the merry-go-round. Lucky was snapping pictures, and they seemed to make a happy family. When the ride was over, Jake started to run away from Liz. She yelled out to him, and Jason watched the scene from a distance.

Edward got in his car and called Deidre to apologize for not making it up to their room. He hung up the phone and started the car. Just as Edward put the car in reverse, he started coughing. He continued backing out and started towards the carnival. Suddenly, Edward grabbed at his chest, obviously experiencing chest pains. He passed out and slumped onto the steering wheel, and his foot pressed down on the accelerator. As he neared the carnival, the parking lot attendant tried to stop Edward and was hit. Max was the next victim to be hit by Edward's car. The Port Charles residents watched as the car continued barreling into the fairgrounds.

Spinelli arrived at the warehouse, but no one appeared to be there. Just as Spinelli turned on the lights, the gunmen entered. Spinelli tried to leap out of the way as the hail of gunfire started.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In jail, a guard entered the visitor's room to handcuff Anthony. Anthony grinned as he looked up at the clock and noted that it was 4:30 p.m.

At the carnival, the fortune-teller warned Lulu, "Something wicked this way comes."

As Edward drove to the carnival, he suddenly clutched his chest and then collapsed. The car crashed through the carnival ,and mowed down people and rides in its wake. One of the first causalities was Andrea Floyd, who had been arguing with Alexis just moments before. Max was also injured as he pushed a woman out of the way from the oncoming car. As Morgan stood frozen watching Edward's car careen toward him, Dominic sprang into action. He managed to shove Morgan to safety before Edward's car hit Dominic.

Elsewhere at the carnival, Jason, Liz, and Lucky stood frozen in horror as Jake wandered off seconds before Edward's car tore through the carnival. Jason, Liz, and Lucky raced to the area where they'd last seen Jake. As they frantically dug through the wreckage, they heard a baby cry out. It was Jake. Liz snatched her son up in her arms the moment they found him. Paramedics quickly loaded Jake onto a gurney and then raced him the hospital. Liz and Lucky followed Jake.

Jason remained behind, wandering through the devastation in a state of stunned disbelief while the injured crowd slowly made their way to medical aid.

Ethan rushed to Edward's car. Edward was unconscious as Ethan pulled Edward out of the car. Robin and Patrick quickly surmised that Edward had suffered cardiac arrest. After Edward was taken to the hospital, Nikolas joined Rebecca. Nikolas explained that he had sent Spencer home with the nanny. Rebecca was relieved that Spencer had not been harmed.

Nearby, Olivia raced to her son's side when she realized that he had been injured. Dominic insisted that he was fine, but it was apparent that Dominic had been gravely hurt. Sonny found Olivia's concern for Dominic curious. Olivia managed to explain it away while she watched the paramedics work on her son. Before Dominic was taken away, Sonny thanked Dominic for saving Morgan's life.

At one of the rides, Molly called out for her sister. Claudia was forced to hold Molly back when the young girl attempted to run to the ride where she'd last seen Kristina. Claudia warned Molly that it was unsafe for her to search for her sister. When Claudia spotted Lulu, she asked Lulu to take Molly to the hospital. Molly refused to leave until Claudia promised to stay behind to search for Kristina.

Claudia stopped one of the rescue workers to ask if they had found Kristina in the debris. The rescue worker explained that the ride that Kristina had been on had disintegrated; he did not hold out much hope that there had been any survivors.

Inside the hospital, Robin checked out Molly. Robin quickly determined that Molly had only suffered minor scrapes and bruises. However, she asked that Lulu keep an eye on Molly in the event that Molly started to show signs of shock. Lulu decided to take Molly to the cafeteria. Molly was grateful for Lulu's company.

Alexis was anxious to find her daughters. When she ran into Mac at the hospital, she begged him to help her. Max advised Alexis to check with the emergency room in case Molly or Kristina had been admitted. Moments later, Molly ran up to the mother. Alexis dropped to her knees in relief as she hugged her daughter fiercely. Afterwards, Alexis asked Molly where Kristina was.

As Claudia continued to search for Kristina, a leg was seen poking out beneath the rubble of one of the rides.

Patrick was concerned about Dominic's injuries, but Dominic continued to downplay them. Dominic refused to cooperate when Patrick asked Dominic for the name of a family member to contact. Dominic claimed that he didn't want his mother to worry about him. Dominic was also bothered by the number of people waiting for an update on his condition, so Patrick offered to send everyone away.

After Patrick left, Morgan entered the examination room to talk to Dominic. Dominic tried in vain to hide that he was having difficulty breathing. Morgan thanked Dominic for saving his life, and then offered to give Dominic his New York Yankee helmet. Dominic wanted Morgan to hang on to it. Moments later, Dominic was seized by a coughing fit that produced blood.

When Morgan returned to his family, Carly suggested going home. Morgan didn't want to leave, but Carly insisted that it was best for everyone. When Michael overheard that Kristina was missing, Michael took off to search for his sister. Carly tried to call out for her eldest son, but Michael ignored her.

Sonny was stunned when he approached Olivia while she was saying some Hail Marys for Dominic. Sonny questioned Olivia's concern for a man that she barely knew. Olivia appeared to panic for a moment until Sonny unwittingly provided Olivia with a logical excuse. Sonny suspected that Dominic reminded Olivia of Dante. Moments later, Patrick emerged from Dominic's examination room.

Sonny immediately offered to cover all of Dominic's medical expenses. Patrick appreciated the assurance; however, he was more interested in contacting Dominic's family. Patrick explained that Dominic was bleeding internally, but they were unable to determine the source of the injury.

When Milo arrived at the hospital, a woman approached him. She introduced herself as Louise Addison; she claimed that she had been talking to Max when the car crashed through the carnival. According to Louise, Max had saved her life by pulling her away from the path of the car. Milo was shocked when Louise revealed that Max was unconscious and the doctors suspected that Max had suffered a spinal cord injury.

Epiphany questioned Rebecca about Monica's whereabouts, because she didn't know how to reach Jason. Epiphany explained that someone needed to make medical decisions for Edward. Rebecca confessed that Monica had flown to a medical convention and that her flight wasn't expected to land for several hours. Ethan, who stood nearby, informed Epiphany that Tracy was also unavailable. According to Ethan, Tracy had gone to Manhattan and he had not been able to reach her on her cell phone. Nikolas suggested that Rebecca was the closest thing that Edward had to family.

Later, Nikolas met Rebecca outside of Edward's room just as Robin approached. Nikolas had spoken to Alice, who had promised to contact Tracy and Monica. Robin explained that Edward had suffered a massive heart attack and had sustained injuries during the accident. He required immediate surgery. Rebecca told Robin that Edward was not ready to die; he would want every effort made to save his life.

Rebecca spent some time with Edward before he was taken to surgery. Nikolas quietly approached as Rebecca spoke to Edward. She told Edward that she had always appreciated how Edward had accepted her; she confessed that she'd grown to view Edward as her grandfather. Rebecca wept as she begged Edward to fight to survive.

At the hospital, Jason stood in the hallway as Jake was wheeled away for tests. Inside an examination room, the doctor explained to Lucky and Liz that Jake's pupils were reactive, but that he had sustained some head trauma. When Liz pushed for more information, the doctor admitted that it was possible that Jake had suffered a skull fracture. Lucky insisted on accompanying Jake for the tests. Liz agreed; she had to call Audrey to let her know what had happened.

After Lucky and the doctor left, Liz sat down on the bed and then broke down in tears. Jason walked in moments later. When Liz saw Jason, she tearfully told him about their son's injuries. Jason sat down next to Liz, quietly put his arm around her, and then held her while she cried.

Later, Liz returned to the room. Jason was still there. She apologized for falling apart, but Jason waved the apology away; he was just as worried about Jake. The doctor popped his head into the room to ask Liz to meet him in his office, where Lucky was waiting. Liz promised to update Jason on Jake's condition as soon as possible. After Liz left, Jason stepped out into the hallway just as Jake was being wheeled by. Sam appeared moments later.

In Jake's hospital room, Lucky was frustrated because the doctor had not updated them on Jake's progress. Liz was hopeful that the lack of news boded well. Meanwhile, Jason stood in the hallway watching them through the room's window. Sam stood next to Jason. She offered to get Jason anything that he needed, but Jason declined. As Sam started to walk away, Jason reached for her hand. Sam was startled by the action and looked up at Jason. Jason continued to stare into his son's hospital room.

In the morgue, Mac was handed Andrea's personal effects. Mac couldn't believe the mayor's misfortune; first his mistress was murdered and now his wife had been killed.

Spinelli was in the line of fire when Anthony's men ambushed him at a warehouse. Luckily for Spinelli, Johnny was on hand to save him. As the Zacchara men sprayed the warehouse with bullets, Johnny and Spinelli ducked for cover. Afterwards, the men were confident that they had killed whoever had been inside. Spinelli waited until the Zacchara gunmen had left before he turned to check on Johnny. Johnny had been shot and was bleeding heavily.

Spinelli managed to help Johnny out of the warehouse. When they reached a safe location, Spinelli called 9-1-1. Spinelli was frustrated when his initial attempts to get through to an operator failed. By the time Spinelli did reach someone, Johnny's situation was dire.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Outside of Jake's hospital room, Jason vowed to Sam that whoever hurt Jake would not get away with it. Sam told Jason that the tests were inconclusive about Jake, so maybe he did not have a skull fracture. She explained that the test would have said skull fracture if that was what he had. Sam told Jason that maybe Jake had a concussion or something less. Jason watched as Lucky and Liz sat with Jake and waited on news from the doctors. Lulu approached and wanted an update on Jake. Jason told her that the doctors had told them to just wait. Lulu told Jason that it was awful that Edward was driving the car. Jason was surprised to find out that his grandfather had caused the accident.

Lulu said that she'd heard that Edward had suffered a heart attack and was in emergency surgery. Sam said that was awful and asked Jason if Edward knew that Jake was Jason's son. He said no. Sam said that it was good, because she thought that Edward would be very upset to know that he hurt his great-grandson. Lulu walked inside the room and watched as Liz and Lucky sat with Jake. Liz told Jake that he was a brave little boy and that his mommy and daddy loved him very much. Lucky looked lovingly at Liz, who was lying in bed cuddling Jake.

Jason watched through the window of Jake's room and observed the three. Sam went to Jason and put her hand on his to comfort him. Lucky emerged from the room and told Sam, Jason, and Lulu that Jake just had a concussion and some bumps and bruises. Lucky said that Jake would be kept overnight for observation. Sam said that was a good idea. Lucky told Jason that he thought Jason should know. Jason thanked Lucky and so did Sam. Lulu said she would go tell everyone that Jake was okay. Sam thanked her, and Jason let out a huge sigh of relief.

Jason and Sam sat in the waiting room. Jason said that he did not know if he should stay in the hospital, since he wasn't hurt, he wasn't helping anyone, and Jake was okay. Sam said that Edward was not okay. Jason said he needed to know why the accident had happened. He wanted to kill the driver before he knew it was Edward. He needed to know if it was a heart attack or if Edward was drunk. Jason expressed his sadness that Edward did not even know that one of the people he injured was his great-grandson. Then he said that it would not help Edward to know that. Jason said that he felt sorry for Edward, that the accident might be Edward's fault if he had been drinking, but that Edward had lost too much already.

Sam recounted for Jason about the time that she worked for Edward. She told Jason that Edward only kept her around to be closer to Jason. Sam told him that his grandfather really missed him. Jason said that he didn't know how to feel about Edward, and that it had been really easy to hate him in the beginning. Jason said that Edward had not needed him because he had Alan, Justus, and A.J. to control, and his grandmother and Emily to love. However, all of them were gone.

Sam said that Edward needed Jason and that Jason needed Edward, too. Jason expressed the difficulty of the situation that Edward and Jake were both injured, and that both didn't know that they were connected to each other through Jason. Sam told Jason that he knew about the connection and that was enough. She also said that Jason stayed in the hospital for Edward and for his son. She told him that it mattered that he was there. Jason thanked her.

Patrick told Sonny and Olivia that they needed to contact Dominic's relatives because he needed surgery and a kidney transplant. Sonny said that he would handle contacting Dominic's mother. Olivia said that she would handle contacting the mother instead. Sonny said that Dominic had saved Morgan, so he should do it. Then he asked Olivia if she had a problem with him finding Dominic's mother.

Patrick told Dominic about the seriousness of his condition and said that his family needed to be contacted. Dominic urged Patrick to just leave it alone. Olivia told Sonny that Dominic's mother might not know that he was in the business. Sonny said that she might be upset, but at least she could help her son. He called Bernie and said to get back to Sonny about Dominic's contact information.

Claudia was outside searching near the collapsed ride and called Kristina's name. Under the wreckage, Kristina opened her eyes and saw Claudia's red high heeled shoes. Claudia walked off, still searching for Kristina. Michael approached Claudia and asked if she had found Kristina yet, and she said, "No." Michael told Claudia that he had to go look for Kristina. Claudia said that the rescue workers were looking and had not found anything.

Michael said that Kristina must be trapped, and she had to be there somewhere. Claudia started to tell him about how the "accident" happened and, while she talked, Michael had a flashback memory of Claudia sitting by his bedside at the aftercare institute. He remembered when she had said that his getting shot at the warehouse was an "accident," and that she did not know he was going to be there. After the flash, Claudia was still talking about the ride collapse and apologized to Michael over and over. He said that his sister was not dead and they he had to go find her.

Alexis and Molly went up to Sonny and asked if he had seen Kristina. Sonny was shocked to learn that Kristina was missing. Sonny asked Olivia to tell Patrick that he had to leave because one of his kids was in trouble. Alexis, Molly, and Sonny ran into Claudia, who relayed to them the events of how Kristina got trapped under the ride. She told Sonny that Michael went to look for Kristina. Sonny was surprised to find out about Michael going there. Sonny yelled that he had to go find his kids. Alexis thanked Claudia for saving Molly. Michael stood outside the Kite Flyer ride and called Kristina's name. He told her to answer him and then he spotted what appeared to be his trapped sister.

Sonny stood by the nurses' station and said that he really wanted to do something, Alexis said that they were not allowing people in the search area. Before Sonny could go, Michael ran up and said that Kristina was on her way in. Kristina was wheeled in on a gurney and everyone expressed how worried they had been worried about her. Kristina told everyone that Michael saved her. Alexis and Sonny were very relieved. Sonny asked Kristina how she was, and she said she was happy to be safe. She told her father that she was surprised he was there. Sonny said that he wouldn't be anywhere else, that she was his daughter and he loved her. She said that she loved him, too.

Rebecca talked to an unconscious Edward before he was taken to surgery. She called him grandfather and said that he had to be okay because she still owed him $10,000, and because Monica and Tracy would never let her hear the end of it if something happened to him. She told him that he needed to make it through surgery, because a lot of people loved him, including herself. Nikolas watched Rebecca from a distance. Rebecca cried and waited in a room alone for Edward to get back from surgery. Nikolas watched Rebecca from outside of the room. Rebecca felt a hand on her shoulder and when she turned around, it was Ethan. He kneeled by Rebecca and told her that he could stay or leave, whichever she needed. Rebecca said she wanted him to stay.

Rebecca told Ethan that he had saved Edward's life. He said all he did was pull Edward out of the car. She said that Ethan was the first one there, and that he convinced Nikolas to carry Edward through the crowd, thus Edward got to the emergency room faster. Ethan joked that maybe he would get an award for it, and Rebecca told him that was not the reason he did it. Rebecca said that she did not understand how the accident happened. She told Ethan that Edward had undergone a complete cardiac work-up the previous day, and that he was in perfect health. She could not understand why he had a heart attack that day.

Mac questioned Rebecca about Edward being at a party before the carnival. Rebecca told him that she was at the carnival beforehand with Spencer, and that she had not seen Edward since breakfast. Ethan asked Mac why he was even questioning Rebecca about that. Ethan said that Edward had a heart attack and there was no need to interrogate Rebecca. Mac said that if Edward was drinking before he had the heart attack, then he could be in serious trouble.

Milo sat by the hospital bed of his brother, Max. Louise, the new A.D.A., also arrived to visit Max. She told Milo that she barely k new Max, that they met at the Dunk-a-Hunk, he bought her a stuffed animal, and then he saved her life. She wondered how she could thank him for that. Max woke up and Milo explained to him that he was in the hospital. Max looked up and asked Louise if she was okay. She said that she was, thanks to him.

Lulu ran into Nikolas and told him that Jake was fine. He did not know that Jake had been hurt. She explained that Jake was spending the night at the hospital, but was going to be fine. Nikolas asked if Liz was okay. Lulu said that Lucky and Liz were okay. Nikolas said that he would go check up on them.

Olivia went to Dante's room to check on him. He told her to leave so that she would not blow his cover. Patrick listened outside the room as Olivia talked about Dante being her son. She told Dante that she was going to save him, even if she had to tell the doctors that Dominic Pirellidid not exist and that he was her son, Dante. Dante said that Olivia could not tell anyone about him being her son.

Patrick continued to listen at the door. Dante told his mother that she had to keep Sonny from finding out that Dante was undercover, or Dante would be dead even sooner. Patrick walked away. Olivia told Dante that if he needed a kidney, then they had a lot of relatives that could help him. Dante wanted her to keep quiet until they found out if he needed the kidney, but she would not promise him. She only promised that she would not let him die.

Olivia prayed in the chapel for Dante. She asked God to give her a sign about how she should handle the situation with Dante. She said that all her choices would put Dante in danger, so she turned it over to God.

Liz stepped outside of Jake's room and Lucky handed her a cup of coffee. Lucky told her that he did not know what they would have done if they had lost Jake. Liz said that they were not going to lose anything and that Lucky had told her to have faith that everything was going to be fine, and it was. Lucky said that Liz was the strongest person that he knew and that she was someone who he and the boys could always count on. She responded that she was just glad that Cameron had gone home early to have a sleep-over at the Goodsons'. Lucky asked Liz if she was going to stay at the hospital for the night, and she said that she would not be anywhere else. He said that he had to go do some police work because of the huge accident.

Lucky asked if Liz would be okay, and she said that she and Jake would be fine. Lucky expressed his gratitude in having Liz in his life and the boys . He said that they were the family he always wanted and that he was glad to have Liz in his life. She said that she was happy, too. Lucky went to say goodnight to Jake, and Liz stayed behind quietly with a tear in her eye.

Jason walked up to Epiphany and asked her about Edward. She said she was sorry about not contacting Jason, but he said that it was okay that they could not get in touch with him. He was just happy that Edward went into surgery.

Michael startled Claudia, who stood alone by the elevators. She asked him why he was staring at her. He told her that everything was fine. She told him that he was a real hero because he saved Kristina. He told her that it was crazy out there and that she must have walked right past Kristina. Claudia responded that she and all the rescue workers must have, and that Kristina must have been unconscious. Michael said that Kristina was awake when he found her. Later, Michael went to check on Kristina, and she told him that someone found her before he did. She said that a woman had walked away and Kristina just saw her shoes.

Sonny told Jason that Edward drove the car that caused the accident and asked how that happened. Jason said that he heard that Edward had a heart attack. Sonny and Jason discussed what had happened with Jake. Sonny told Jason he was sorry to hear about Jake's injuries. Jason asked Sonny about Kristina. Sonny told him about how she had been stuck, but she was okay. He also told Jason how Dominic saved Morgan. Jason asked how Dominic was, and Sonny said that he had internal injuries. Sonny said that he was going to have to contact Dominic's family, and that was the last thing that any parent would want to hear.

Lulu went to Dominic's room and told him that he was a hero. He continued to flirt with her, and asked her if she felt sorry enough for him to go out with him. She thanked him for saving her cousin, Morgan. Dominic had a very bad cough. He tried to downplay his pain and said he would be out of the hospital in no time, because he was a quick healer. Lulu told him that the day he got out of the hospital, she would go out with him, anywhere he wanted to go.

Jason went to Edward's room and found Rebecca waiting by Edward's side. Rebecca talked to Jason near the door and told him that she was sorry about authorizing the surgery. He said that it was fine that she helped Edward. She asked him if the police had questioned him about Edward drinking and driving. Jason said no, but that the Quartermaine family had experienced issues with alcohol in the past. Rebecca said she did not believe that even if Edward was drinking that he was drunk when he had the heart attack.

Edward opened his eyes, and Jason and Rebecca kept talking unaware of that. Rebecca talked about how much damage was done and how many people were hurt. She expressed that Edward would be heartbroken to know the damage he caused. She asked Jason to stay and said that Edward would probably rather see him than her. Jason said that Edward would probably rather see Rebecca. She asked Jason if she could tell Edward that he came by. Jason said she should tell Edward if she thought it would help. She thought that it would.

Liz sat beside Jake's bed. She heard a noise and went outside the room. Nikolas ran up to her and they hugged. He kissed her on the cheek and she kissed him on the mouth. Jason walked around the corner and witnessed this kiss and embrace.

Robin entered the room where Andrea's autopsy was being conducted. She asked the attendant if she could go through Andrea's personal effects. The guy said that she could, so she opened Andrea's purse and, after a brief search, she found the drug that Andrea had given to Edward to cause his heart attack. Later, Robin saw Sonny and told him that Kristina was going to be okay. Then, Robin went up to Epiphany at the nurses' station and asked if she could go through Edward's blood work chart.

Epiphany said that she had orders to not release the results without permission and that reporters had been asking for them. Robin expressed that she was a consulting physician on the case and could look at the chart. Epiphany insisted that she couldn't show Robin the results. Then Epiphany said that if she put down the chart and a doctor happened to read them without her permission, there was nothing that she could do about that. Robin said she understood. She took the results once Epiphany turned her back.

Rebecca turned around and saw that Edward was awake. She said she would get the doctor. Edward asked her what he had done. Rebecca told Edward that he should rest. Ethan entered the room.

Edward demanded that one of them tell him what he had happened. Mac entered the room and questioned Edward about the pre-carnival party and the accident. Ethan offered to get Edward's lawyer. Edward answered the questions, not knowing why he should need a lawyer. Edward said that he only had one martini and that he did not even want to go to the carnival. Edward could not believe what he had done. Robin entered the room and said that Edward was not drunk. She said that someone had been trying to kill him.

Molly, Alexis, Sonny, Michael, and Claudia all waited for Kristina. Alexis thanked Claudia again for saving Molly. Sonny told Michael he was a hero for going after his sister and hugged his son. Sonny went to check on Dominic and told Michael to go back to Carly's. The Davises all got into the elevator with Michael, and Kristina looked back and thanked Claudia. As the elevator doors closed, Kristina noticed Claudia's red high heeled shoes.

Patrick went to see Dominic and told him that his mother needed to tell his father about him. Dante said that his mother did not even know who his father was. Sonny entered the chapel and told Olivia that the nun from their old church would be proud of them praying. Olivia told him that she had been looking for a sign, and at that moment she knew what she had to do.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Robin entered Edward's room to find Rebecca, Ethan, and Mac gathered around him. Robin revealed that digitalis had been found in Edward's bloodstream, indicating that Edward had been poisoned. Robin shared her theory about Andrea's intention to kill Edward. Edward confirmed that Andrea had been hovering around him nearly the entire time that he'd been at the kick-off party. Ethan found it ironic that Andrea had been killed in the crash that she had, in effect, orchestrated.

Despite Andrea's criminal activity, Edward felt responsible for having injured so many innocent people. Robin and Rebecca insisted that Edward was just as much a victim as the people who had been hurt in the crash. Mac decided to have his forensic department verify Robin's theory. If everything checked out, then Edward would be cleared of all wrongdoing. Rebecca lingered behind after the others had filed out of Edward's room. Edward feared that he had disappointed Lila with his behavior.

During a break, Patrick and Robin talked about Andrea's attempt to kill Edward. Patrick admitted that it frightened him to think of what Andrea could have done to Robin. Robin confessed that she'd never been concerned for her own safety throughout the entire investigation; however, she conceded that she would be more careful the next time. Patrick was surprised by the comment. Robin admitted that she had enjoyed the challenge; it had been addicting.

In Dominic's hospital room, Patrick tried to persuade Dominic to allow him to contact Dominic's family in the event that Dominic needed a transplant. Dominic refused to consider it.

Sonny entered the hospital's chapel to find Olivia in tears and praying. As Sonny sat down next to Olivia, he asked her who she had been praying for. Olivia confessed that she had been praying for Sonny's son. Olivia quickly clarified that she had meant Morgan and Michael. She also admitted that she had been praying for Dominic. Olivia felt responsible for what had happened because she had organized the carnival.

Sonny accused Olivia of allowing her Catholic guilt to get the best of her. After Sonny left, Olivia convinced herself that it had been God's will that she not break her son's heart by divulging a secret that could blow his life apart. She promised to tell Sonny and Dante the truth if it was necessary. Moments later, Patrick entered the chapel.

Patrick mentioned that Olivia had left word with the front desk that she wanted to be kept apprised of Dominic's condition. Patrick wondered why Olivia had an interest in someone she barely knew. Olivia lied; she claimed that she had been in charge of the carnival. Patrick pointed out that lies could cost a patient their life. Patrick added that he didn't judge people; he was Dominic's doctor and therefore needed to know the truth. When Olivia remained silent, Patrick admitted that he knew Olivia was Dominic's mother and that Dominic was Dante.

Olivia demanded to know how Patrick had uncovered her secret. Patrick revealed that he'd overheard Olivia and her son talking. Olivia promised to have her brothers, herself, and even Sonny tested if it became necessary; however, she refused to tell Sonny that he was Dante's father until then. Patrick suggested that Sonny had a right to know what was at stake. Patrick reminded Olivia that Dominic's situation was critical.

Olivia explained that she had gotten pregnant at the age of 15. She made the choice to keep Dante's paternity a secret for Dante's protection. Olivia promised that if Dante needed the transplant she would shout the truth from the rooftops if she needed to.

Sonny went to Dominic's room to thank him for saving Morgan's life. Sonny realized that Dominic might not understand the deep love between a father and his child, but he promised that he would when Dominic became a father. Dominic scoffed at the idea of fatherhood. It was clear that Dominic had a jaded view because of his personal experiences. Sonny confided that Morgan had a talent for sizing up people. He hoped that Morgan grew up to be half the man that Dominic was.

Dominic appreciated the praise. As the men talked, Sonny told Dominic about the events that had led to Michael's shooting. He revealed that afterwards, Carly had demanded that Sonny give up his right to his sons. Sonny questioned whether or not that had made his sons safer. Dominic urged Sonny not to turn his back on his sons. Dominic was certain that Morgan would be crushed if Sonny dropped out of his life. Sonny recalled how devastating it had been when Mike had abandoned him at a young age.

Sonny wondered if Dominic ever missed his own father. Dominic quietly admitted that he had, but he'd always been careful to hide it from his mother to avoid hurting her. Sonny confessed that he had promised himself that he would never turn his back on his children the way that Mike had done to him. Sonny didn't think there was any excuse for pulling away from one's child.

A short time later, Olivia entered the room while Sonny was regaling Dominic with stories about his days in Bensonhurst. Olivia became distinctly uncomfortable when Sonny shared a particular story about Olivia breaking a window at a church in Bensonhurst. When Patrick entered, the mood turned somber. Dominic insisted that he would not undergo a transplant; according to Dominic, he didn't want someone else's organ in him. Patrick announced that he had the test results.

In the hospital corridor, Jason witnessed a passionate kiss between Nikolas and Liz. Jason was gone by the time Liz pulled away from the kiss. Liz looked around as she pointed out to Nikolas that anyone, including Lucky, could have seen them. She told Nikolas that their behavior was crazy and that it couldn't continue. Nikolas didn't think that anyone had seen them, but Liz didn't care. She insisted that they had to stop acting on their attraction. According to Liz, they always claimed to be sorry, yet they continued to engage in risky behavior.

As Liz returned to check on Jake, she warned Nikolas that Lucky would cut Nikolas out of his life if he found out about them. She wondered if Nikolas was prepared for the possibility. Nikolas admitted that he didn't want to lose his relationship with his brother. Nikolas apologized for not being a proper friend to Liz, but Liz didn't want to hear any apologies. She returned to her son's bedside without further comment.

Liz was spending time with her son when Rebecca approached her. While a nurse watched Jake, Liz stepped into the hallway with Rebecca. Rebecca explained that Edward had suffered a heart attack and that his car had slammed through the carnival. Rebecca confided that Edward was guilt-ridden over the incident; she hoped that Liz could talk to Edward to ease his conscience. Liz admitted that she was still grappling with the reality of nearly losing Jake. Liz confessed that she wasn't quite ready to face Edward, but she promised that she would visit him soon.

Lucky stopped to talk to Nikolas when he spotted his brother in the waiting lounge. Lucky was upbeat as he credited Nikolas for helping him to recognize what was important. Lucky confided that he had reached a decision; he wanted to build a life with the woman that he loved. Lucky didn't see any reason to delay. Nikolas wondered what his brother was going to do. Lucky cryptically revealed that he intended to get back his life.

Nikolas looked pensive as Lucky walked away in a cheerful mood. Moments later, Rebecca approached. When Nikolas invited her to leave, Ethan appeared. Ethan objected to Rebecca leaving with Nikolas.

Lucky went to Jake's hospital room, where Liz was playing with Jake. While a nurse checked Jake, Lucky ushered Liz to the hallway. Lucky confessed that the disaster at the carnival had put things into perspective for him. Lucky told Liz that she and the boys were everything to him and he wanted to do something about it. Liz seemed uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation; she cautioned Lucky that it had been an emotional night.

Lucky refused to be deterred. He insisted that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Liz. To Liz's shock, Lucky proposed marriage.

Jason went to Sam's apartment. He admitted that he'd been on his way home, but then had decided to stop by to talk to her. Sam invited Jason into her apartment. As soon as he sat down on the sofa, Jason told Sam that he had gone to check on Jake. As he approached the room, Jason had seen Liz and Nikolas kissing. Sam seemed surprised; she suggested that perhaps it had been an innocent kiss after learning that Jake was going to be okay. Jason clarified that it had been much more than that.

Sam felt bad for Lucky; she also realized that it couldn't be easy for Jason. Jason admitted that Liz had a right to be with whom she chose. However, Jason was concerned about the impact on Jake. Jason reminded Sam of Sonny's many custody battles; he never wanted that for Jake. Sam suggested that Lucky loved the boys enough not to put them through that kind of emotional turmoil. Sam was confident that Liz and Lucky could keep the boys isolated from their problems.

Jason realized that he didn't have any rights as Jake's father, so he had no say in Jake's life. To illustrate his point, he reminded Sam that he had not been at the carnival for Jake, but rather because Sam had agreed to attend the festival. As they talked about the carnival and their relationship, Jason confided that he had talked to Carly about Sam. Sam confessed that she enjoyed the time that they had spent together. She remembered how far off-track they had gotten, and didn't want to dwell on that. Jason agreed. Moments later, Sam's cell phone rang.

When Michael arrived home, Jax was sitting in the living room. Jax assured Michael that he had not been waiting up for the boy. Jax had been trying to reach Lady Jane in India. As Jax talked, something that he said triggered a vivid memory from the time of Michael's coma. Michael recalled Jax apologizing for not revealing the truth to Carly. In the memory, Jax admitted that he'd had an opportunity to tell Carly everything, but he had opted not to. Jax concluded his confession by admitting that he couldn't risk Carly learning the truth.

After Jax went upstairs, unaware that Michael had remembered the conversation, Michael called Sam. Michael begged Sam for help, and then made her promise not to tell Jason.

Kristina stepped out onto her front porch. When she heard a noise, she called out, thinking that it might be Michael. It was Kiefer. Kiefer had a present in his hand as he approached Kristina. Kiefer claimed that he hated having to sneak behind Sonny's back, but he cared too much for Kristina not to see her. Kristina suggested that they could communicate through text messages and phone calls, but Kiefer had a better idea. He proudly presented the present to Kristina.

Kristina opened the small box to find a pink phone, complete with a GPS device and other features that would allow Kiefer to reach or find Kristina at any time. Kristina joked that it was almost like whistling for a dog. Kiefer's temper flared. He grabbed her wrist and then suggested that she would have accepted the phone if Michael had given it to her. When Kristina cried out that he was hurting her, Kiefer immediately backed off; however, he blamed Kristina for his reaction by accusing her of throwing his gift back in his face.

Kristina denied that she had done any such thing. Kiefer ignored the comment to point out that he had her favorite song programmed on the phone, and the phone was her favorite color. According to Kiefer, he paid attention all of Kristina's likes because he cared about her . Kristina apologized for seeming ungracious about the gift.

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