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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 14, 2009 on GH
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sam and Jason were at her apartment drawing closer emotionally when Michael called her. He asked her to visit him without telling Jason. Sam agreed and pretended that Michael was a client demanding strict confidentiality. She and Jason left the apartment together.

At General Hospital, Patrick had good news for Olivia. He told her that Dante would not need a kidney transplant. She was relieved. Patrick urged her to tell Dante and Sonny that they were father and son, but Olivia opted to keep silent. Patrick shared his own experience and told Olivia that the truth had a way of being revealed, and when it did, both Sonny and Dante would feel betrayed.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ethan stood by as Nikolas urged Rebecca to go home with him. Ethan tried to warn Rebecca about Nikolas' revenge plot against her, but she did not believe him. Nikolas smirked in the background. Rebecca was tempted to go with Nikolas, but told him she did not want to be away from Edward in case he woke up and needed her.

After she left, Ethan wanted to know if Nikolas was merely plotting payback or if he intended total annihilation against Rebecca. Nikolas smiled as he told Ethan that Rebecca was a good actress, because portraying grace and compassion, as she did with Edward, was her best act.

In another part of the hospital, outside Jake's room, Lucky asked Liz to marry him. Liz said that she did not want to answer the question in the midst of the chaos that was happening. She said that she feared their history and she did not want to risk destroying the relationship that they shared. Lucky was more optimistic and thought that they had overcome all the obstacles.

Liz told Lucky that her life did not make sense without him it. She told him that she loved him and always would, but that she needed more time to think about making such a momentous decision.

Spinelli was at Johnny's side in Mercy Hospital where he had been transported because the emergency room at GH had all it could handle with the carnival accident. Johnny was in dire shape after suffering several gunshot wounds. He begged Spinelli to protect Olivia from Claudia, and Spinelli agreed. He was about to share more information about Claudia, but passed out and was taken to surgery before he could. Bernie went to Sonny's to tell him about the attack on the warehouses by Anthony's forces, but found Claudia instead. He told her about the attack and Johnny's shooting. Claudia was enraged.

Ronnie, Dante's friend and superior officer, was talking with Dante about how Dante's heroism had endeared him to Sonny and put him in a position to bring down the mob, but Jason walked in. Dante quickly reverted to his Dominic persona and introduced Ronnie as a friend who had worked for the Zacchara organization.

When Ronnie left them alone, Jason told Dominic how grateful he was that Dominic had risked his life to save Morgan's. Jason offered his hand and said that Dominic could call on Jason for anything.

At the Jacks home, Michael told Sam that he was having flashbacks from his coma. Sam told him that he could trust Jason. Michael agreed that he could, but because his memories included family and extended family, he wanted a more confidential sounding board.

Sam agreed to keep quiet about what Michael said to her. He told her that he had memories of Claudia saying over and over that she was sorry. Then he told her that the memory that was disturbing him was of Jax saying that he was responsible for the accident, and that Carly could never know.

At the prison, Antony freaked out when he learned that Johnny had been shot, and he turned over a table.

Claudia caught up to Spinelli at Mercy. When she learned that Johnny was in surgery and not expected to recover, she slapped Spinelli and told him that if Johnny died, the entire town would feel her pain.

Olivia visited Dante and gave him the good news. She told him to rest and try to stop being a cop for one night. He told her that she had been right, that in some ways he wished he could resign from his job, because the more he got to know Sonny and his family, the more he liked them. When Olivia asked him what he would do, he remained firm that he would do his job and take the mob down. Even though he liked them, he said that they were still criminals who must be brought to justice.

Jason caught up to Spinelli and got the whole story of what had happened when Spinelli had attempted to deliver papers to Johnny at the warehouse. He told how Johnny had saved his life and taken several bullets in the process. Spinelli also told Jason that he and Johnny had heard the four thugs say that they were acting on Anthony's orders.

Spinelli also told Jason that Johnny had asked him to protect Olivia from Claudia, but had been taken to surgery before he could elucidate further.

Jason told Spinelli that he was never to take another assignment. When Spinelli tried to protest, Jason said that Spinelli was his friend, and he thought of him like a brother. Spinelli was touched and agreed to stay out of harm's way in the future.

Jason and Spinelli were still at Mercy when Johnny returned from surgery, which had gone well. Both were delighted that Johnny was expected to make a full recovery.

Nikolas was at Wyndemere drinking brandy when Liz arrived. She told him about Lucky's proposal. He wanted to know what she said. She told him that she had asked for more time to think. She told Nikolas that she wanted Lucky to know that she loved him, but that she was not in love with him. Nikolas told her to be honest.

She asked Nikolas if she should tell Lucky that the reason she could not marry him was that she had feelings for another man. Nikolas wanted to know the name of the other man. Liz admitted that it was Nikolas, and that her feelings for him had deepened since they had shared that first kiss at Jake's.

As Nikolas drew closer to her, Liz said that what they were doing was wrong. Nikolas agreed, but told her he wanted her. The he held her tight and lowered his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss.

Claudia visited Anthony in prison and told him that Johnny was in surgery, not expected to live. Anthony was devastated. Claudia told him that the only reason she was there was to see his face when he found out that he had ordered the death of his son. Then she told him that if Johnny died, she would take revenge on him, and he would pray for the mercy of death.

Ethan went to see Lucky to ask for his help. He told Lucky about Nikolas' plot to get revenge on Rebecca and asked him to stop Nikolas. Lucky scoffed and said that Nikolas would never hurt Rebecca, because she was Emily's sister. Ethan was incredulous. He apologized for bothering Lucky and said it would never happen again. Then he walked out of Lucky's house.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In his hospital room, Johnny didn't want to talk about Claudia, and Jason agreed to allow the subject to drop temporarily. Jason and Spinelli wanted to find out who was behind the shooting, and Jason asked about the decision that prompted Johnny to watch the warehouse. Johnny said that he had offered to work for Dominic as a favor to Lulu. It was a last-minute decision, so there was no way Dominic could have set him up.

Spinelli told Johnny that the chain of events that had taken place caused Morgan Corinthos' life to be saved. Dominic had saved Morgan's life after Edward Quartermaine had suffered a heart attack and run his car into the fair, injuring innocent bystanders.

In jail, Claudia visited her father. Anthony accused Claudia of being behind the shooting at the warehouse that injured Johnny. The only person who had been standing in Claudia's way, in regards to power, was Johnny.

Claudia was upset at Anthony's accusations, and she reminded her father of all the times Anthony had tried to kill Johnny. Anthony told Claudia that her fascination with Johnny was sick. He said she was acting like a jealous lover, but that comment crossed the line and Claudia slapped her father. She told Anthony that Johnny would surely help Claudia kill their father if Johnny survived. Anthony wasn't worried, and he told Claudia that Johnny was all talk. Anthony hadn't intended to hurt his son, though, and he would explain what had happened to Johnny.

Claudia told her father that Johnny wouldn't believe anything Anthony had to say. Johnny and Spinelli had been conscious when Anthony's goons said the elder Zacchara was behind the hit. As Claudia left, Anthony realized the implications of his actions and looked distraught.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Olivia visited Dominic in the hospital. At the first opportunity, Dominic and Sonny told Olivia that Johnny had been injured in the shooting. Olivia rushed out of General Hospital and raced to Mercy Hospital, where Johnny was being treated.

When Olivia entered Johnny's room, they had a heart-to-heart talk. Olivia said that she was numb, but at that same time, she felt too much. She wanted their relationship to become whatever it would be and no longer just a casual relationship. Claudia entered the room and interrupted them ; she demanded that Olivia leave. Johnny did his best to defend Olivia, but he was too weak and suddenly grabbed his chest.

Sonny witnessed the doctor as he yelled at Claudia and Olivia about distressing his patient. Sonny couldn't believe the childish actions of the two women. When the doctor had left, Sonny said he wanted to question Johnny about the warehouse attack. Olivia told him she would not allow it, except over her dead body. Olivia promised to go to the police and tell them everything she knew about the criminal activity Claudia and Sonny had been involved in. That was all it took for Sonny and Claudia to make their exit.

Afterwards, Olivia entered Johnny's room alone and apologized for her behavior. She asked Johnny if there was anything she could do to make him feel better, and he asked for a kiss. Olivia was flattered, but worried that if the doctor caught her making out with Johnny, she would surely be banished for good.

Meanwhile, Lulu arrived at Lucky's house to vent about Maxie's obsessive behavior in regards to Spinelli. Lulu couldn't wait for Maxie and Spinelli to get married, but Lulu admitted she had doubts as to whether the marriage would actually take place. Lulu said she might need to move in with Lucky if Maxie and Spinelli didn't tie the knot. Lucky didn't know if that was such a great idea, because it might get crowded. Lulu couldn't believe Lucky would leave his own flesh and blood out on the street. When the full impact of Lucky's statement sunk in, Lulu inquired as to why Lucky's house would be getting crowded. Lucky admitted that he had asked Liz to marry him.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Liz slowly undressed each other while barely tearing their mouths apart from each other. After they made love, Liz and Nikolas lay in each other's arms, and Liz was incredulous at what they had just done. Nikolas couldn't believe what he had done to Liz, either. Liz wouldn't allow him to take the full blame, though, and she admitted she was just as much at fault.

Nikolas felt as though he took advantage of Liz, considering that she had almost lost her son that night. It was clear to Nikolas that Liz didn't love Lucky the way Lucky loved Liz. She hadn't gone to Wyndemere to sleep with Nikolas, but he knew she had visited just as a friend. Again, Nikolas said he felt he had taken advantage of his friend. Liz said she had to reveal the truth to Lucky, regardless of the pain it would inevitably cause him. After all, secrets always were uncovered. Nikolas didn't think it was a good idea, though.

At the hospital, Sonny and Jason discussed the attack. Jason felt Dominic was loyal, and it made sense that Anthony had gone after a former employee who had betrayed the Zacchara organization. Sonny decided it was time to kill Anthony, and he intended to use Dominic to get the job done.

Lulu visited Dominic in his hospital room, and he was clearly happy to have her visit him. Lulu told him she was in a cynical mood and decided not to ruin her brother's perception of reality. Lulu felt it was best to just leave Lucky's house, rather than cause grief. Lulu said Lucky and Liz were either destined to be together or destined to fail. Dominic could tell that Lulu felt the couple was destined to fail, but Lulu admitted that cynicism ran in her blood.

Dominic changed the subject and told Lulu that Johnny had been shot, as he guarded Spinelli, during the warehouse invasion. He expected her to rush out to Johnny's side, but Lulu said Johnny wasn't her guy anymore. She would always care about him, especially the fact that he saved Spinelli's life. She would relay her thanks to Johnny another time, though.

Lulu asked about Olivia, but Johnny said that Ms. Falconeri already knew about Johnny's injuries. Dominic briefly vented to Lulu and said Johnny had no choice but to lead a mob life. It was all he had ever known. Sonny and Anthony were the true losers, because they could have chosen anything but the path towards the mob. Lulu pointed out that Dominic sounded more like someone trying to stop the mob, not work for it.

Sam, in Jason's apartment, waited for him to return. Jason didn't seem upset to see her waiting for him. Jason filled her in on what had happened with Johnny and Spinelli. Jason changed the subject and asked about Sam's most recent case. Sam said it was a challenging case. Jason made her promise to call him if things got too dangerous. Sam told him that he would be the first person she would call.

Jason asked Sam if Spinelli and Maxie were gone, and they both realized that the quiet confirmed their suspicions. Sam and Jason were alone. Sam started to leave, but Jason grabbed her and started to kiss her.

Back at the hospital, Liz tucked Jake in bed and then walked out of the room to talk to Lucky. She told him that he had been completely honest in his proposal to her, and he deserved the same in return. Liz said she was afraid to lose the good thing they had. It had gotten them through good things and bad. Liz wanted them to go to counseling to make sure their relationship would last, but she did agree to marry him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jason carried in two cups of coffee while Sam lounged in his bed. She was worried that she might have overstayed her welcome, but Jason quickly clarified that he was glad that she was there. Sam smiled as Jason leaned down to kiss her.

Spinelli and Maxie entered the penthouse. Spinelli worried that they might be disturbing Jason. Maxie dismissed Spinelli's concerns; she didn't think that it was a big deal. Spinelli was delightfully surprised when Maxie insisted on going over their wedding plans. He had noticed that Maxie had seemed eager to be involved. Maxie confessed that it had frightened her when she realized that she could have lost Spinelli. She was grateful that they had an opportunity to plan a life together.

Molly, Kristina, Robin, and Patrick arrived at the penthouse a short time later. As everyone discussed Spinelli and Maxie's wedding plans, Jason and Sam made an unusual entrance. A shirtless Jason appeared at the top of the stairs passionately kissing Sam while she had her legs wrapped around his waist. Everyone watched with varying degrees of shock as the two repeatedly bumped into the wall and moaned in pleasure as they made their way down the stairs.

Sam scrambled out of Jason's arms when she realized that they had an audience. She tried to hide her mortification as Molly commented about Jason and Sam making love. Sam tried to imply that she had recently arrived at the penthouse, but Molly observed that Sam had been wearing the same outfit the previous day. Kristina decided that it was time to leave, but Molly insisted on speaking privately to Jason.

After everyone had left, Molly warned Jason not to hurt Sam. Molly advised Jason to respect Sam by not repeating his past mistakes. She didn't want Jason to bail on Sam at the first sign of trouble. Jason reminded Molly that Sam's love life wasn't any of Molly's business. Molly disagreed; she likened herself, Kristina, and Sam to the Bronte sisters, except that they weren't writers. It was clear that Molly had a romantic view of relationships, especially Jason and Sam's.

When she asked Jason if he loved Sam, Jason explained that he cared for Sam and respected her. Molly believed that Sam deserved to have a happy ending. Jason promised to be careful of Sam's feelings, but he refused to discuss it beyond that. Molly seemed satisfied with Jason's answer. Jason and Molly didn't realize that Sam was eavesdropping on their conversation. As soon as Molly stepped away from Jason, Sam grabbed her sister and then dragged her off.

On the piers, Sam scolded Molly for overstepping her bounds. Sam appreciated Molly's concern, but said Molly's talk with Jason had been inappropriate. Molly pointed out that it hadn't been any less inappropriate than Sam listening in on a private conversation. Sam acknowledged that her sister was right; however, Sam's relationship with Jason was off limits to Molly. Sam explained that it was complicated with Jason and that they had to figure things out for themselves.

Elsewhere on the piers, Spinelli regretted interrupting Jason and Sam's tryst. Maxie found the entire incident entertaining. She hoped that Molly's talk with Jason would further embarrass him. Spinelli chuckled as he thought of Molly. He confessed that one day he wanted a daughter like Molly. Maxie nearly choked on her coffee.

When Spinelli returned to the penthouse, Jason was waiting. Jason demanded to be notified the next time that Spinelli decided to invite people over. Jason had not appreciated being surprised like that. Spinelli promised to honor Jason's request and then changed the subject. Spinelli was worried that the wedding plans had taken on a life of their own. He wanted Jason to reassure him that everything would work out. He also wanted Jason to help him focus on the nuptials rather than the plans.

At the Jacks residence, Michael continued to be assailed by memories of Jax's confession during Michael's coma. When Carly entered the living room and then announced that Jax had arranged for Michael to attend the same private school that Kristina went to, Michael became annoyed. Carly was surprised by Michael's reaction. Michael attributed it to the events at the carnival; he thought that switching schools seemed unimportant in comparison to the crash.

Carly appeared to accept Michael's explanation. After she left to make a phone call, Jax tried to talk to Michael. He sensed that Michael was angry with him. Michael denied that he had an issue with Jax, but Jax didn't believe him. When Jax mentioned Sonny, Michael became angry. He resented Jax's attitude toward Sonny. Carly felt the tension when she entered the room a short time later.

Michael didn't want to upset his mother, so he told her that he was in a "weird" place and needed to take a walk to clear his head. After Michael left, Morgan approached Jax and Carly. Morgan wanted Dominic to move in with them while he recovered from his injuries. Carly was reluctant to agree. Jax suggested that perhaps Morgan was missing Michael and should try to focus on spending more time with his brother rather than with Dominic. Morgan confided that Michael always seemed preoccupied.

Morgan decided that Carly's lack of response indicated that it was okay for Dominic to move in. Carly didn't disagree. After Morgan sprinted off to make plans, Jax admitted that he had reservations about Sonny's henchman recuperating in their home.

Michael went to see the fortune-teller from the carnival. He was a bit surprised when she opened the door wearing regular street clothes instead of her gypsy garb. She explained that she reserved the costume for special events like the carnival. After she invited Michael inside, the fortune-teller resumed her ironing. Michael confessed that her predictions for him, at the carnival, had been correct. The woman didn't seem surprised.

Michael began talking about the memories that he'd had since waking up from his coma. The fortune-teller suggested that perhaps they were premonitions. Michael didn't disagree, but he did seek advice about them. The woman warned Michael not to take his visions too seriously; things weren't always as they seemed. She suggested that it could be years before Michael fully understood what had "seen." Michael wasn't satisfied with her answer, so he asked her to "read" him.

The fortune-teller cryptically advised Michael that some memories were vague, some were clear, and some were mirror images. Michael appeared unsettled after he left. When he returned home, Carly and Jax were in the living room. Carly told Michael that he had mail waiting for him. When Michael went to check, he looked up and spotted Jax in the mirror.

A short time later, Sam arrived at the Jacks residence. Michael explained that he had called her because he needed her help to find out if Jax was somehow responsible for the shooting that had led to Michael's coma. Sam immediately dismissed the suggestion; she didn't think that Jax was capable of such a heinous crime. Michael was determined to learn the truth for his mother's sake.

Liz was working at the hospital when Lucky approached her. Lucky realized that Liz seemed preoccupied. He wondered if she had been thinking about their wedding. Liz smiled, but didn't answer him. Lucky didn't appear to notice as he went on to talk about the boys. He had dropped Cam off at Audrey's house. When he left, Cam and Audrey had been in the process of making a card for Jake. Lucky was eager to pick up Cam, so that he could take him to visit Jake.

Liz agreed that it would be good for Jake and Cam to see each other. Liz tensed when Lucky suggested that they tell the boys about their plans to remarry. Liz cautioned Lucky about moving too fast; she wanted to wait until they had set a wedding date and had gone to counseling. Lucky wondered why Liz was hesitant to share the happy news with the children. Liz explained that she didn't want to get Cam's hopes up in case something went wrong.

Lucky wondered what could go wrong. Liz insisted that she was just being cautious because of their history. Moments later a nurse approached them to let them know that Jake's test results were back. Jake's doctor wanted to go over them with Lucky and Liz. Later, Liz sought a second opinion from Patrick. He confirmed to Liz that Jake had only suffered a few bruises. Patrick suspected that the stuffed animals in the tent had cushioned Jake from the worst of the crash.

Patrick observed that Liz didn't appear to be happy about the news. Liz assured him that she was thrilled that her son was fine, but she admitted that she was a bit distracted because she and Lucky had decided to remarry.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas dreamed of making love to Liz when he was suddenly startled awake. Rebecca stood next to the sofa smiling down at Nikolas. She had picked up sticky buns for their breakfast. Rebecca was surprised that Nikolas had spent the night in the turret room. She suspected that he'd been drinking, too. Nikolas didn't deny it. Rebecca jumped to the conclusion that he had been troubled about her. She quickly assured Nikolas that she wasn't interested in Ethan; she was in love with Nikolas.

Nikolas mustered up a smile as he promised to give Rebecca everything that she deserved. Rebecca was confident that there wasn't anything standing between them. Later, as they ate breakfast, Rebecca announced that she had decided to stop obsessing about all of the things that she had done wrong; she trusted that Nikolas had forgiven her. Rebecca was eager to focus on her relationship with Nikolas because she loved him. Moments later, Lucky entered.

Lucky was eager to share the news that Jake's test results had confirmed that Jake had not sustained any serious injury in the crash at the carnival. Lucky also wanted Nikolas and Rebecca to know that Liz had accepted his proposal of marriage. Nikolas seemed stunned, while Rebecca appeared genuinely happy for Lucky.

Lucky realized that not everyone would be thrilled by the news, but he looked forward to marrying Liz. Lucky also confided that Liz had decided that they should go to counseling. Before Lucky departed, he decided to offer his brother some relationship advice; if Nikolas had found love, he should hold on to it.

At the hospital, Edward was resting in his bed when Ethan entered the room. Edward confessed that he had been expecting Ethan. Edward believed that Ethan had stopped by to collect his reward for saving Edward's life. Ethan admitted that he wanted something from Edward, but it was not what Edward thought. Ethan wanted Edward to intervene on Rebecca's behalf before Nikolas hurt her. Edward agreed to break up Rebecca and Nikolas, but he wanted something from Ethan in return.

Before Edward could elaborate, Tracy burst through the door. She was tremendously relieved to find her father alert and recuperating. Tracy admitted that if Andrea Floyd weren't already dead, she'd have killed her. Moments later, Monica entered. She confirmed that Edward would make a full recovery.

Edward confessed that he felt responsible for what had happened to the people at the carnival; he wished that he had followed Monica's advice. Ethan pointed out that if Edward had listened to Monica, then he might have collapsed and died without anyone realizing it. Meanwhile, Monica and Tracy assured Edward that the accident had not been his fault.

A short time later, Rebecca returned to the hospital to check on Edward. Tracy was not happy to see Rebecca, but Monica welcomed her. Ethan reminded Tracy that Rebecca had saved Edward's life by making medical decisions on his behalf when no one else had been around. Monica was grateful, while Tracy remained suspicious. Tracy was certain that Rebecca had merely been furthering her own personal agenda. Edward insisted that Rebecca was family; he intended to repay Rebecca the favor by taking care of her.

Liz bumped into Nikolas on the piers. When she drew near, Nikolas snidely commented that he had heard that congratulations were in order.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nikolas asked Liz how she could accept Lucky's marriage proposal after he and she had slept together. She said that she could not say "No" to Lucky. He asked her how she could do that to Lucky and to herself. Liz told Nikolas that Lucky loved her and wanted to raise the kids as a family. Nikolas told her that she should not marry Lucky out of guilt over the two of them sleeping together.

Liz said that their night together never happened and that they would never speak of it again. Nikolas reminded her that a secret like that one was what tore her and Lucky apart the last time. Liz responded that Lucky wanted to marry her and that he deserved to be happy. She said she would make it happen. Lucky arrived on the docks to see the two talking. He said that it was not so easy to keep a secret around there.

Lucky told Liz that he wanted to share the good news and had told Nikolas and Rebecca about the engagement. Liz was visibly upset that Rebecca was at Wyndemere that morning. She looked at Nikolas and told him that she and Lucky were going for counseling because she did not want to keep making the same mistakes over and over. Nikolas said that he should try that sometime. Lucky and Liz walked away.

At therapy, Lainey wanted to be sure that Lucky and Liz were okay with her being their therapist. Liz said that they had discussed it and that they thought she could help them not repeat the same mistakes from the past. Lucky said that Lainey knew them both and they wanted to work on their past issues because sometimes love was not enough.

Lainey said that going over past mistakes could be very painful and asked them if they were ready for that. Liz said that they wanted to deal with the problems that drove them apart. Lucky said that it started with his addiction. Lucky explained that he felt that Liz was disappointed in him and that Maxie did not judge him. Liz interjected that she felt hurt by what he did, betrayed even. Lainey said that Liz sounded resentful and asked her if she thought she could never lie or cheat in a relationship.

Liz had a flashback memory of having sex with Nikolas the night before. Liz said that Lucky was not the only one who cheated while they were married. Liz said that Lainey knew that Liz had slept with Jason. Lucky said that he was to blame because he had been with Maxie. Lainey asked Lucky what the worst part about Liz's affair was. He said that it was the lies that followed. Liz admitted to Lainey that Jason was Jake's biological father.

Liz said that Jason agreed to let Lucky raise Jake as his own. Lainey asked Lucky if that was what he wanted. Lucky unequivocally stated that he loved Liz and wanted to be a father to the boys. He said that he wanted to give Liz the happiness and security that he had not given her in the past. Lainey asked how this time was different.

Lucky said that he was prepared to do the work for their marriage this time. Lucky said that although he loved his mother and that his dad had been his hero, he did not have a lot of security growing up. He said that his father was not reliable. Liz interjected that Lucky was nothing like his dad.

Lainey asked Lucky if he needed Liz to validate him. He responded that maybe he had in the past, but that he and Liz had grown to trust each other. He told Lainey that he and Liz relied on each other, which made Liz squirm in her seat. Lainey told them that their commitment to making things work put them ahead of a lot of couples. Lucky and Liz left the room. Lucky told Liz that if they were going to have a marriage that lasted, then they needed to continue to remain open and honest with each other. Liz said she agreed, but her eyes told another story.

Maxie entered the hospital in a panic and told Robin that she could not breath. Robin told her to calm down and also said that she would help Maxie plan Maxie's wedding. Robin told Maxie that most of the arrangements were in order, but that Maxie needed to decide on a location for the wedding very soon. Maxie responded that the wedding would probably be the most elegant and tasteful mistake of her life. She began to walk away, but Robin stopped her.

Robin told Maxie that everyone had jitters before they got married, but Maxie insisted that after Spinelli's close call at the warehouse that she should be more grateful and ready to get married. Maxie said that she was on board with the whole wedding idea until Spinelli mentioned having a little girl someday and Maxie panicked again. Maxie said that she wanted to go on loving Spinelli like they had been. She asked why Spinelli kept ruining things. Robin asked Maxie why Maxie kept letting him.

Maxie said that she loved Spinelli and wanted to be with him forever, but the being married part made her want to run far away. She asked if Robin thought Maxie was awful. Robin reminded her that she had turned down Patrick's many proposals before she accepted. Maxie said it was different because Patrick would have stayed with Robin even if they had not gotten married. Maxie believed that Spinelli was all about eternal vows and courtly love. Maxie said that she could not risk losing Spinelli.

Maxie said that after all the bad choices she had made, she would force herself to make a good one, but that she needed Robin to be there to help her. Maxie asked Robin what she really thought about her and Spinelli. Robin said that she thought Spinelli was the best thing that had ever happened to Maxie, but she did not understand why they could not stay in love, be together, and not get married.

Robin told Maxie to trust her instincts and that there was a reason she hesitated. Maxie asked Robin what if Maxie was wrong about this. Robin said that Maxie would know when it was the right time to get married. Maxie asked when Robin knew, and Robin said that one day she realized that she trusted Patrick completely and that all her doubts disappeared.

Maxie said that she already trusted Spinelli and that she was fine until he started talking about having kids. Robin said that Maxie should talk to Spinelli about that. Maxie said that he would be too hurt if he thought she did not want to have kids with him, so she would just get on birth control or tell Spinelli that she had fertility issues if necessary. She thanked Robin for the talk and ran off.

Spinelli told Jason that he knew that Jason had an aversion to marriage, but had never considered that it could apply to Maxie and Spinelli's relationship. Jason told him that if he wanted to marry Maxie then Jason wished him all the best. Spinelli questioned if Jason really meant that. Spinelli told Jason that because of all the problems of the previous few days, he realized that Jason had not really lived up to his best man duties. Jason asked if Spinelli had even asked him to do anything.

Spinelli asked Jason if he had given any thought to who would lead the chicken dance. Jason said he would not answer that question. Spinelli then began to talk about how grateful he was to Johnny. He said a lot of things about Johnny and Jason cut him off. Jason told him that if he wanted Johnny to be his best man, that was okay. Spinelli had a pained look on his face.

Spinelli said that Jason was a better friend to him than Johnny. Jason reiterated that Johnny was a fine choice and said that he did not mind. Spinelli said that since Jason was being so noble, he was sure that he made the right choice to make Jason his best man. Spinelli told Jason that in the origin of the tradition, the best man would be called upon to take the place of the groom if necessary. He said that if he had died in the warehouse, the night before, that Jason would have had to marry his bride. Jason did not find that amusing.

Maxie met Spinelli on the docks. He told her that he was just going over locations for their wedding. She said that she was thinking the same thing. She told him that after he almost died, she knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. He said he was thinking the same thing. She told him that they might hit some bumps in the road, but she felt she could handle anything. They shared a kiss.

Sonny and Claudia entered Mercy Hospital and he told her that he did not think that Johnny would be happy to see her. She retorted that Johnny would never have kicked her out of his hospital room if he had not been hopped up on medications and pain pills. Sonny said he would hate to see her get hurt again. She thanked him for caring and said it meant a lot to her.

Claudia and Sonny entered Johnny's room, where Olivia was by his bedside. Claudia ordered her to leave. Olivia said that Johnny wanted her to stay and did not want to see Claudia. Claudia said that Olivia was wrong. Johnny opened his eyes and told his sister to get out. Olivia told Claudia to leave her drama for when Johnny was strong enough to handle it.

Sonny said that Olivia should probably be the one that left. Johnny told Sonny to not pretend that Sonny wanted to protect Claudia. Johnny said that Sonny just did not want Olivia near Johnny. Sonny retorted that he had business to discuss and that Olivia did not want anything to do with the mob. Olivia objected to Sonny discussing business while Johnny was so weak, but Johnny said it was okay.

Johnny asked Olivia to promise to return after Sonny and Claudia were done. She said okay and kissed him. Claudia looked away disgustedly. Olivia left and Sonny watched her walk away. Johnny told Claudia to leave again. She said that he should not be so mean to her. She thought he should be mad at their father for getting him shot.

Johnny said that it was an accident. He insisted that their father did not know that Johnny would be in the warehouse and that he just did what he did despite the consequences. Claudia understood that he was alluding to her ordering a hit on Sonny that got Michael shot instead. Claudia said that when she found out Johnny was shot, she could not breathe and thought she would die.

Claudia said that she loved Johnny so much that she deserved better than he was giving her. She stormed out of the room. Sonny said that Claudia was the only person who was a hundred percent loyal to Johnny. Johnny asked why Sonny was there. Sonny questioned Johnny about setting up the attack with Anthony. Sonny said that maybe Johnny got caught in his own ambush and that if he did, then he got what he deserved.

Jason arrived to visit Johnny. Jason told Johnny that he understood how Johnny was feeling, since he had been shot before. Jason asked if Johnny was able to give him any information about the shooting. Johnny said that he was not involved and Jason assured him that he believed him. Jason, however, stated that Johnny might have some insight into how Anthony thought.

Johnny told Jason that Anthony would probably not attack again so soon. Jason asked him about Claudia. Johnny said that he would not turn on Claudia and that Jason had known for a while how dangerous she was. Johnny said that it should also be on Jason if she did anything at that point.

Michael told Sam that Jax had confessed to him while Michael was in a coma and that Jax said he was sorry. Sam said that a lot of people were sorry about what happened to him. Michael responded that Jax stated that Michael's mother would never forgive Jax, so maybe Jax had tried to kill Michael's father. Michael then asked, what if Jax tried to kill Sonny again. Jax walked into the room.

Jax told Sam that he did not know that she would be there. Sam said she did not know she would be there, either, and Carly then arrived from the upstairs. Michael got an attitude when Carly said she did not realize that they had company. He asked why it was a big deal that Sam was there to see him. Sam quickly stated that she was there to make sure that everyone was okay after the shooting.

Jax and Carly had not heard about the shooting at the warehouse and questioned Sam about it. She apologized for mentioning it and said that it was not a concern. Jax said he wanted to know if Sonny was endangering his family. Michael asked why Jax always assumed the worst. Carly said she agreed with Jax and wanted to know. Jax told Sam that she had already started and they wanted to know everything.

Sam explained how the warehouse was attacked and Johnny was shot. Carly said that Michael should go upstairs and not listen to their conversation. Michael said that even though he had been shot, he was fine hearing about what happened. Jax got very angry that Sonny did not tell them what happened. Carly said that if there was real danger, then Jason would have called her.

Sam apologized for say anything and Jax told her that she should not apologize because if his family was in danger then he wanted to know about it. Sam said she would be in touch, and left. Jax said he needed to make some calls and walked out of the room. Michael told Carly that Jax did a really great job of covering, but that he hated Michael's father and that Carly knew it.

Carly asked Michael why he was so angry at Jax. She said that Jax loved him and all of them. Michael responded that Jax hated Sonny. Carly said that Jax did not hate anyone. She explained that a lot of people that Jax cared about had been hurt by Sonny's business.

Carly told Michael that if the roles were reversed, Sonny would not be as tolerant as Jax has been. Michael said that maybe Sonny was just more honest about it. He then asked his mother how far she thought Jax would go to keep Sonny out of their lives. He walked away and left her to think about it.

Michael met with Sam on the docks. He said that he could believe that Jax would put a hit out on Sonny and justify it as protecting Carly and the boys. Sam was not convinced; she said that Jax was a corporate raider not a murderer. Michael said that Jax was not, but that Jax's brother was. He asked Sam why Jax would think that Carly would not forgive him, unless Jax was some how involved.

Sam said she would try to find out what happened, but that Jason had been trying to undercover the truth for a very long time. Michael said he needed to know because it was becoming hard for him to be around Jax. Sam told him not to say anything to Jax or anyone else. She said that she would do everything she could to find out the truth.

Sam called Jason, who was still with Johnny at Mercy Hospital. She told him that she was on her way and that she needed to talk to him about Michael. Later, Sam arrived at the hospital and told Jason everything. As they talked Claudia walked into the waiting area. She hid before they saw her and listened to their conversation. She heard Sam say that Michael was remembering what people said to him in the coma.

Michael went Jax's office to pick up a check for school. Jax apologized for insulting Sonny earlier. Michael ignored the apology and said that he really needed the check. Jax asked if they could talk about Sonny. Michael said that it was pretty clear that Jax hated Sonny. Jax said that he had a problem with Sonny and that he got angry when their family was endangered.

Jax told Michael that he wanted them to be honest with each other. Michael said he thought they were only honest when they did not think the other person could hear. Jax asked what he was talking about. Michael said that he remembered what Jax said while Michael was in the coma. He said that he knew what Jax said and that he knew what Jax did.

Michael said that Jax was apologizing to him and said that Carly could not find out. Jax confirmed that the memory was true. Michael asked Jax flat-out what he had to do with the shooting. Jax said that he had nothing to do with it. Michael said he believed that Jax was trying to kill Sonny and set the whole thing up.

Sonny arrived at Carly and Jax's house at Carly's request. Carly confronted him about the fact that the warehouses were attacked and he did not tell her. He said that she was making too much of it. She retorted that Anthony Zacchara was on the warpath. She told Sonny that if her kids were in danger, then he needed to tell her, and he needed to tell her how he planned to protect them.

Sonny told Carly to calm down. He reminded her that he needed her to take it easy so that she would not die. She said that she could not relax and enjoy her pregnancy thinking that gangsters might break in. He told her that he had taken precautions and that the kids would be protected.

Sonny said that he had the situation handled. He asked if she would feel better if he put a guard at the door. She said that Morgan wanted Dominic to move in and that maybe that would be the best solution. She said that Dominic could keep Morgan safe and entertain him.

Morgan went to visit Dominic in his hospital room. They discussed baseball and Morgan tried to give Dominic his Yankees helmet again. Dominic said that he was honored, but that the hat looked better on Morgan. Morgan asked Dominic to live at his house while he recovered. Dominic knew that Carly and Jax would not want that, but Morgan insisted that they were thinking about it.

Morgan said he wanted to show Dominic how to play a video game that he used to play with Michael, but Michael did not have time to play with him anymore. He said that he and Dominic could watch the baseball playoffs together. Morgan left. Olivia arrived and saw Dante with the baseball helmet in his lap. She asked if it was his and said that he had one just like it a long time before. He told her it was Morgan's and that the boy had given it to Dante for good luck.

Dante and Olivia reminisced about when he was in Little League. Dante said that he was just thinking about those days when he was talking to Morgan. Olivia said that she did not think that Dante should get that tight with Morgan. He told her that she really would not like that Morgan had invited him to move in. Olivia reminded Dante that Morgan did not know the truth that Dante was an undercover cop trying to put Morgan's dad in prison.

Olivia told Dante that he could have been killed if Johnny had not taken his place at the warehouse. She asked him to consider that the Zaccharas could consider him a threat because he switched to working for Sonny. She told Dante that since he was injured, he should take the opportunity to get reassigned. Dante said that he was not going to stop. He would not quit until the Corinthoses and Zaccharas were behind bars.

Ronnie went to Dante's room and again told him what a great turn of events saving Morgan could be for their investigation. He told Dante that Dante would be in a prime position to be Sonny's most trusted soldier. Dante said that maybe after Jason he would be.

Olivia went back to see Johnny. He said that he would probably not be so lucky the next time. He told Olivia that it was the life he was born into and that would probably be the life that claimed him. She told him that he was a good man and deserved better. She said he should be careful who he trusted. She said he should not trust Sonny, Jason, or even Dominic

Dante told Ronnie about Morgan's offer for him to move in. Ronnie thought it would be a great idea and that Dante would have more access that way. Dante said that he would not do it and did not want Morgan blaming himself when Dante took Sonny down. Ronnie reminded Dante that he should not be worried about Morgan, and that the only reason he was there was to put Sonny in prison. Sonny walked up behind Ronnie.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sonny entered Dominic's hospital room. He was curious why Ronnie was visiting Dominic. Sonny recognized Ronnie as one of the Zacchara henchmen. Dominic vouched for Ronnie; he assured Sonny that Ronnie could be trusted. Ronnie tried to put Sonny's mind at ease, but it was obvious that Sonny didn't trust Ronnie.

After Sonny dismissed Ronnie, Dominic promised Sonny that Ronnie wasn't a threat to him. Sonny appreciated Dominic's loyalty to Ronnie; however, he expected Dominic to put his allegiance to Sonny first. Sonny wondered if saving Morgan had been part of a grander scheme to be more than a soldier in Sonny's organization. Dominic admitted that he had hopes of being in a position of power one day, but with Sonny's blessing. Dominic insisted that he had acted on instinct when he had saved Morgan.

Sonny appeared to believe Dominic; however he required that Dominic prove himself. Sonny explained his personal code: children were not targeted and drugs were not permitted through the Corinthos territory. Sonny revealed that Anthony didn't have any qualms about hurting children or running drugs. Therefore, Sonny had decided to strike at Anthony from the inside. Sonny intended to use Johnny to control Anthony.

Dominic suggested that Johnny wasn't the enemy, but Sonny considered Johnny expendable. He wanted to know if Dominic would be willing to kill Johnny if Sonny gave the order. Without hesitation, Dominic answered, "In a heartbeat." Sonny smiled with satisfaction.

At Mercy Hospital, Claudia eavesdropped as Sam told Jason that Michael had recovered some memories. Jason wanted to know if Michael had recalled anything about Claudia, specifically her involvement in the shooting. Sam shared what she knew, which admittedly wasn't much. Jason and Sam decided to question Jax.

In Johnny's hospital room, Olivia warned Johnny not to trust Dominic. Johnny wondered why Olivia worried about Dominic rather than the other men in Sonny's organization. Olivia suggested that Dominic was the only one who had Sonny's ear, because he had saved Morgan's life. Olivia feared that Dominic might be motivated by a desire for power. Johnny realized that Olivia had a point.

Claudia entered the room shortly after Olivia had stepped out. Claudia confided that she had overheard Jason and "his bimbo" talking about Michael. Claudia feared the worst and was desperate for Johnny's help. Johnny advised Claudia to go to Italy to seek out her Uncle Rudy. Johnny insisted that he simply wasn't in a position to help his sister. Claudia refused to consider leaving town while Johnny was in the hospital. Johnny appeared slightly uncomfortable with Claudia's passionate declaration that she would do anything for Johnny.

As soon as Olivia returned, Johnny told her about Claudia's visit. Johnny urged Olivia to stay away from Claudia. Johnny was concerned that his sister would harm Olivia; Claudia was always her most dangerous when she was desperate. Johnny admitted that a part of him felt obligated to protect Claudia because she had always been there for him as a child. Olivia insisted that Johnny had repaid that debt long before. Just before Johnny drifted off to sleep, he confessed that he wanted a future with Olivia.

As Dominic slowly shuffled his way to a chair, Johnny woke up. Dominic thanked Johnny for saving his life. Dominic realized that if Johnny hadn't gone to the warehouse in Dominic's place, Dominic would have been ambushed. Dominic promised that he owed Johnny a favor; he intended to repay it. Olivia appeared concerned as she spied on her son and Johnny from the hallway.

In Jax's office, Michael confronted his stepfather. Michael admitted that he'd been having flashes of memories, like snippets of a movie, which indicated that Jax was somehow involved in the shooting that had left Michael in a coma. Jax denied any involvement, but Michael read between the lines. He realized that Jax knew more than he was letting on. Jax promised that he would tell Michael everything once Carly had safely delivered the baby.

Michael couldn't wait three months for the truth; he needed to move on with his life. Michael also suspected that Jax would find an excuse not to tell him the truth later. Jax explained that the only reason that he hesitated to reveal the details of what he knew was because the information could cause Carly's blood pressure to spike. Jax didn't want to risk losing Carly or the baby.

Michael didn't understand why Jax couldn't trust him with the truth; he promised not to say anything to Carly. Jax pointed out that Michael had a short fuse and lacked impulse control. Jax feared that Michael might accidentally reveal the truth to Carly in the heat of an argument. When Jax asked Michael to wait just a little bit longer, Carly walked in. Carly demanded to know what they were waiting for.

Jax and Michael tried to cover for the slip. Jason and Sam's arrival didn't help. Carly realized that everyone was hiding something the moment that she saw Jason and Sam enter Jax's office. Jax insisted that he and Jason had arranged to meet in order to discuss the shootout at the warehouse. Carly resented that Sam had been included, but that she had not.

Jason pointed out that Sam wasn't pregnant. Jason pleaded with Carly to trust him; he promised to tell her if there was something that she needed to know. Carly appreciated Jason's concern, so she let the matter drop. After she left, Jax asked Sam about Jerry's fate. Sam confirmed that Jerry had been alive the last time that she had seen him.

Jason reminded Jax that they needed to focus on Michael. Jason feared that the more that Michael remembered, the more dangerous Michael's situation became.

Jason and Sam waited in Jax's office while Jax tried to get a list of visitors during Michael's stay at the long-term care facility. Jason realized that his comment about Sam not being pregnant had been insensitive. He hadn't meant to hurt Sam. Sam appreciated Jason's consideration. She confessed that she didn't want to hurt him, either.

She started to wonder what might have been, but then stopped herself. Sam revealed that she was content with where their relationship was. Jason appeared to feel the same; he leaned down and then kissed Sam.

Nikolas had been daydreaming about Liz when Lucky entered the turret room. He wondered why Nikolas suddenly seemed to be fascinated with the room. Nikolas commented that it was one of the advantages to owning a castle. When Lucky inquired about Rebecca, Nikolas explained that she was at the hospital with Edward. Nikolas then changed the subject to Lucky and Liz.

Nikolas was curious how Lucky and Liz's therapy session had gone. Lucky confessed that the session had helped. He revealed that Liz had talked about her feelings for another man. In the next breath, Lucky clarified that she had talked about Jason. Lucky was confident that his marriage to Liz would succeed because they were being honest with each other.

Rebecca went to visit Lucky. She wanted to give him a gift basket and offer her congratulations on his engagement to Liz. Rebecca seemed surprised when Liz opened the door. Liz explained that Lucky wasn't at home; meanwhile, she was there doing paperwork for Lucky. Rebecca handed the basket to Liz.

Liz commented that Lucky was terrible with paperwork, much like his father. She wondered if Rebecca had observed the same about Ethan. Rebecca understood that Liz appeared to be questioning Rebecca's motives. She acknowledged that Liz had reason to distrust her; however, she suggested that they find a way to work things out. Rebecca revealed that she and Liz would be spending more time together.

Rebecca announced her decision to enter nursing school. According to Rebecca, she wanted a closer connection to the patients. Liz volunteered that Emily had felt the same way about her patients. Liz also pointed out that the gift basket was something that Emily would have done, as well. Liz wondered if Rebecca's gift and new career path were for Nikolas' benefit.

After Rebecca left Lucky's house, she went to Wyndemere. She found Nikolas in the turret room. As Rebecca talked about Lucky and Liz, she suggested that Nikolas must be happy for them. Nikolas responded was a slightly strained smile. Later, Alfred served champagne and strawberries. As Alfred filled their flutes, he informed Nikolas that Lucky had invited Nikolas and Rebecca to dinner. Nikolas asked Alfred to call Lucky with his regrets; Nikolas intended to spend a romantic evening with Rebecca.

Rebecca suspected that Nikolas had declined the invitation because he wanted to give Lucky and Liz some time alone. Once again, Nikolas simply smiled. Later, as Nikolas and Rebecca began to make love, Nikolas suddenly pulled away. It wasn't until he imagined Liz in Rebecca's place that he resumed kissing Rebecca.

At the Spencer residence, Lucky arrived home to find Liz alone. She explained that Audrey had taken the boys to a concert in the park. When Lucky noticed the basket, Liz told him about Rebecca's visit. Lucky sensed her disapproval. He suggested that they follow Nikolas' lead by forgiving Rebecca.

When Liz confided that she didn't think that Nikolas had truly forgiven Rebecca, Lucky suggested that they invite Nikolas and Rebecca over for dinner. Lucky thought that time with Nikolas and Rebecca would reveal if Nikolas had moved passed Rebecca's betrayal.

Later, when Liz returned to the living room with a plate of snacks, Lucky announced that Nikolas had canceled their dinner plans. Liz was a bit shaken when Lucky revealed that Nikolas had decided to spend the evening alone with Rebecca.

Sonny paid Anthony a visit in jail. He made it clear to Anthony that Johnny would pay the price if Anthony decided to make another move against Sonny. Anthony tried to threaten Sonny's children by expressing an interest in their welfare. Sonny warned Anthony that if anything happened to his children, Johnny would be killed.

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