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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 28, 2009 on GH
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Spinelli spoke from his heart when he told Maxie that to prove his love, he would not marry her. Mac fainted from relief. When he recovered, Maxie said her vows. She told Spinelli that she loved him, especially because he put her need not to marry above his need to marry.

She told him that she was a better person because of him. She said he was her essential person forever, and that she did want to spend the rest of her life with him and she did want to get married to him--she just wanted to wait. She then vowed to be his non-bride.

Getting into the spirit, the priest pronounced them unmarried, and told Spinelli that he could kiss the woman who was not his bride. Maxie and Spinelli shared a joyful kiss. They invited everyone to Jake's for the non-wedding reception. Robin insisted that everyone throw the birdseed, which they did as Maxie and Spinelli walked down the aisle

Maxie and Spinelli headed for the limo, but it was locked. They told each other how much they cared for one another, until Milo appeared with the key. On the ride to Jake's, Spinelli and Maxie got passionate in the back seat.

Dominic chatted up Lulu and she agreed to give him a ride to Jake's. Olivia wanted Johnny to go home and rest, but he insisted on going to the party.

Sam and Jason found themselves alone after the others had left. She wanted to know what he had said to Spinelli to make him change his mind about getting married. Jason said that he had only told Spinelli to follow his heart. Sam and Jason shared a long look, followed a slow, lingering kiss.

Carly, Jax, Morgan, Molly, and Kristina were the first to arrive at Jake's, which was closed to its usual crowd because of the party. Morgan was impressed because it was his first time in a bar, and his last, according to Carly. The pink balloons and pink decorations impressed the girls.

Coleman caught Ethan helping himself to a drink at the bar, and told him he had to leave because it was a private party, but Lulu vouched for him and said Ethan was her date. When Dominic wondered what his place was, Lulu rolled her eyes.

Ethan told Morgan, Kristina, and Molly that he would show them some card tricks. He was busily doing just that when Alexis interrupted and took the girls away.

Carly, Jax, and Alexis were exchanging parenting tips when Mac walked up to them. Mac was incredibly happy and slightly tipsy. He insisted that Alexis dance with him. Mac was having a good time, but Alexis was not happy as Mac's unwilling partner.

Robin and Patrick talked about all the time they had spent at Jake's and the many fights that had occurred between them there. Patrick said that they had learned that committed love was serious and powerful with the right person. Robin agreed. They shared a brief hug.

Maxie and Spinelli arrived. Everyone in the bar applauded them. Coleman offered his congratulations and a toast to the non-married couple. Milo told Morgan that they were late because he had to drive the happy couple around the park three times.

Molly interrupted Kristina while she was talking to Ethan, and took her aside. Molly told Kristina that Kiefer would be mad if he found out she was talking to Ethan. Kristina said Kiefer had not been invited. Molly said that she had told him about the party and he might show up, anyway.

Alexis and Sam reached the girls at the same time. Alexis wanted some mother-daughter time with her girls, so they found a table together.

Jason invited Carly out for a walk. She told him that she knew that the only reason he wore a pink tie was for Spinelli. As they headed out through the alley, they noticed the stairs to Jason's old apartment above Jake's. They both remembered how much they had meant to each other. Jason told Carly that he had felt lucky to know her at that time in his life. They shared a familial hug.

Mac sat with Robin and Patrick. He told them how glad he was that Maxie had not married Spinelli, whom he called a nincompoop. Robin told Mac that even though he disparaged Spinelli, she knew that Mac loved Maxie and only wanted what was best for her.

Olivia and Johnny offered their congratulations to Spinelli and Maxie. Spinelli thanked Johnny for saving his live, and Johnny thanked Spinelli for reciprocating the favor. Spinelli told Johnny that he was honored to call Johnny a friend. Lulu took Spinelli and Maxie away for pictures.

Johnny told Olivia that he was happy for the first time in his life, and it was because of her. He told her that while he lay near death, the only thing that he regretted was that he had not told her that he loved her. Olivia was distracted when her cousin, Kate Howard, arrived at the party. Dominic, who was talking to Lulu, made an excuse and left Jake's before Kate saw him.

Maxie thought Kate would be upset because she and Spinelli did not get married, but Kate was very supportive of their decision. Kate told her there was still plenty of time. She told Maxie that just because she had not been able to have it all did not mean that Maxie should not try. Maxie was touched.

Jason was ready to leave, but Sam said he was still the best man and had to stay until the party was over. Jason reluctantly agreed, just as Robin announced that it was time for the best man and maid of honor to make toasts to the non-bride and the non-groom. Lulu went first and toasted the happy couple. She said that they had proven their love by not getting married. The crowd cheered when she lifted her glass to them.

The crowd waited for Jason to say something, but he was tongue-tied. Morgan took over, saying that he had the same name so he would speak for Jason. Morgan said how courageous both Maxie and Spinelli had been. Spinelli gave up the wedding because of his love for Maxie, and she had been willing to go through with it because of her love for Spinelli. All the onlookers cheered and drank another toast.

Olivia tracked Dante to the alley and told him how much danger he would be in if Kate noticed him. He said she would not recognize him because she had not seen him since he was eight years old. Dante told her that she was in danger, also. Olivia told Dante that Johnny would never hurt her, and then stormed off, leaving Dante in the alley alone.

Back inside Jake's, Maxie and Spinelli cut the cake that Kate had flown in especially for them. Patrick caught Coleman and Robin whispering, and wanted to know what they were up to, but Robin remained mum.

When Olivia returned to Johnny's side he wanted to know if his confession had scared her off. She told him that she had a confession of her own. Olivia told Johnny that she loved him, too.

Lulu caught up with Dominic in the alley. She was crying a little, but told him she had something in her eye. When he tried to help, she admitted that she was just a little jealous of Maxie's happiness. She wondered if she would ever have what Maxie had. Dominic said no, she would have what she had.

Dominic took Lulu's hand and looked in her eyes. He said that he could not speak from experience because he had never been in love himself, but he had it on good authority that love lasted until you were old and gray, and it showed up when you least expected it.

Inside Jake's, Robin consulted with Coleman, and then announced that it was time for the non-bride and the non-groom to throw the garter and the bouquet. Jason refused to be part of the lineup, but caught the garter anyway. The crowd got a good laugh. Sam also refused to line up for the bouquet toss, and also caught the bouquet as Jason had the garter. Spinelli said the coincidence was evidence that the stars were perfectly aligned.

Mac and Maxie had a father-daughter talk. He told her that all he ever wanted was her happiness. She told him how much his love had meant to her throughout her life. Then she asked him if he could give Spinelli another chance, because Spinelli had shown his love for Maxie by refusing to marry her. Mac reluctantly agreed that he could.

When Matt arrived at the party, Patrick asked for help finding out what Robin and Coleman were whispering about. They did not have to wait long, because Robin announced that Coleman had set up the karaoke machine. Spinelli was eager to sing, but Robin said that the assembled guests were going to sing to Maxie and Spinelli. When the music started, everyone at Jake's serenaded the happy non-married couple with a stirring rendition of "I Want To Know What Love Is."

While Spinelli and Maxie danced in front of their friends, Lulu and Dominic danced together in the alley.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Claudia paid Anthony a visit in jail to tell him that she and Sonny intended to have another baby. Claudia gloated that her child would one day inherit the combined Corinthos-Zacchara power and territory. Anthony made it clear that no child of Claudia's would ever take what rightfully belonged to Johnny.

Anthony accused Claudia of being delusional if she thought that her child would be the final piece in the puzzle for her and Sonny. Claudia vowed that her child would have everything that Anthony never gave her. Anthony chuckled as he freely admitted that he loved Johnny. However, he had recognized early on that Claudia was a lost cause. He congratulated her on being just as treacherous as her mother.

Anthony appeared to take delight in tormenting Claudia as he questioned her about Sonny's willingness to start a family. He wondered what made Claudia think that Sonny wanted to have a child with her. He also wondered if Sonny had fathered the first child that Claudia had been pregnant with. Claudia snapped; she demanded that her father shut up. Anthony smiled as he realized that he had struck a nerve. Anthony suggested that the only woman that Sonny wanted to have a child with was Olivia.

Claudia returned home after her visit with Anthony. She tried to lure Sonny to the bedroom, but Sonny insisted that he needed to be available for Bernie because of an important meeting. Claudia resented being pushed aside for business. She announced that she would go to Jake's to congratulate Spinelli and then added that she hoped that Sonny could make some time for her when she returned home.

At Jake's, Maxie and Spinelli celebrated their non-wedding with their friends and family. Spinelli invited the guests to serenade the happy couple on the Karaoke machine that Coleman had set up. Initially, no one took to the microphone until Ethan stood up to wow the crowd with his rendition of INXS's "Need You Tonight."

Next up were Morgan and Molly, who entertained everyone with their version of the Jackson Five's "ABC." Carly and Alexis beamed with pride as their children sang and danced on the stage. Following Morgan and Molly were the double-trouble duo of Mac and Patrick, who had decided to sing the Village People's "Macho Man." Not to be outdone, Coleman temporarily pulled the plug on the song, so that he could join in on the fun.

Everyone clapped with delight as Coleman, Mac, and Patrick gyrated around Jake's, while they sang off-key. A tipsy Kate was so impressed with Coleman's performance that she planted a lusty kiss on his lips as soon as the song had ended.

As the celebrations continued, Kristina flirted with Ethan. Coleman warned Ethan that Kristina was underage. Meanwhile, Kristina was surprised to see Kiefer enter Jake's. Kiefer claimed that Molly had told him where to find Kristina. Kiefer then admitted that he didn't really appreciate his girlfriend dancing with other guys in bars. Kristina quickly assured Kiefer that she hadn't danced with anyone.

Kiefer seemed pleased by her response. He admitted that he enjoyed walking into a bar without having to use his fake ID. Kristina was surprised when he followed the confession up by asking her, "You have any drink hook-up yet?" Kristina didn't reply, but later that night, she turned down Kiefer's offer to drive her home. Kristina explained that she was expected to go home with her mother. Kristina promised to call Kiefer later that evening.

Olivia was stunned when she discovered that her son had remained in the bar, despite Kate's arrival. Olivia managed to speak to Dante privately. She warned him that Kate would recognize him if he didn't leave. Dante dismissed Olivia's concerns. He was confident that Kate was too preoccupied with Coleman to notice him.

As the night wore on, Kate noticed how distracted Olivia seemed. She wondered what had upset her cousin. A short time later, Kate noticed Dominic standing across the room. It didn't take long for Kate to recognize Olivia's son. Olivia sprang into action the moment that Kate realized that Dominic was Dante. Olivia approached Kate to caution her not to say anything. Olivia was relieved when Kate heeded her warning.

Olivia returned to Johnny's side. As they watched Kate and Coleman carry on, Johnny wondered what kind of reaction he would get from Olivia if he sang Karaoke. Later, Olivia intervened before Coleman could whisk Kate upstairs to one of the rooms. Olivia dragged Kate outside, where Kate demanded some answers.

Olivia promised that she would explain everything when Kate was sober. Olivia wanted to focus on getting Kate home safe and sound. Kate refused to budge until Olivia confirmed that Dante was in Port Charles under an assumed name. As drunk as she was, Kate figured out that it somehow involved Sonny. Olivia refused to tell Kate what her son was doing. To Kate, it was an admission that Dominic was Dante, Sonny's child.

Claudia lurked around a corner eavesdropping on the revealing conversation between Kate and Olivia.

As the guests cleared out of Jake's, Robin and Patrick tried to play matchmaker between Lulu and Matt. Their attempt was transparent, prompting Lulu to decline their offer to hang out with them and play board games. Dominic approached moments later to invite Lulu to another bar. Lulu decided to take a rain check. When she arrived home, Lulu seemed sad as she looked around her empty apartment. As Lulu sat down on her sofa, she noticed that she had received a text message.

The message read, "Old man in trouble. Come to Cas."

Ethan went to Wyndemere to question Nikolas; he hoped that Nikolas could provide some answers about Luke's possible whereabouts. Nikolas made it clear that he didn't know where Luke was. Before Ethan left, his cell phone rang. Ethan was surprised to read a cryptic text message that suggested that Luke was in trouble and urgently needed help.

As Sam prepared to leave Jake's, she retrieved the wedding bouquet that she had caught. Jason didn't want the night to end, so he invited Sam back to his penthouse. When they arrived at the penthouse, Jason led Sam upstairs to the bedroom. Sam was surprised when she saw that dozens of lit candles were scattered throughout the room. Sam walked over to the bed, where Jason joined her. The two kissed and then made love.

Mike stopped by to check on Sonny. Mike had been concerned because he hadn't heard from his son in a few weeks; he wondered what was going on with Sonny. Sonny admitted that he had to do something that he wasn't comfortable with. Mike urged Sonny to confide to him.

Kristina decided to stop off at Greystone Manor on her way home. She had slice of cake from the wedding that she wanted to give to her father. Kristina stopped short when she overheard Sonny and Mike talking in the living room. Kristina was shocked when she heard her father confide to Mike that he felt obligated to give Claudia a child because his daughter had killed Claudia's son.

Spinelli and Maxie were the last two people in Jake's. Spinelli held Maxie in his arms, gently swaying, as he softly serenaded her with Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is."

This episode featured the song "Just You and Me," by Rie Sinclair.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lulu entered the Haunted Star to find Ethan packing for a trip. Ethan claimed that he had grown tired of Port Charles, but Lulu didn't believe him. Lulu found the timing of Ethan's departure suspicious. She reminded him that he had stayed even after Lucky had rejected him, despite Luke's sudden disappearance, and then after the ugly details of his scam with Rebecca had been revealed. Ethan stuck to his story until Lulu confessed that she had received a cryptic message from Luke.

Ethan and Lulu compared notes. They found it curious that Luke had sent a text message to each of them when one message would have sufficed. They also questioned whether Luke, who was not tech-savvy, would have sent a text message. Finally, Lulu pointed out that the message didn't sound like their father; she didn't think he would have referred to himself as "the old man" in an urgent message. Ethan confided that he had tracked the message to Greece.

Ethan was certain that Helena was behind Luke's disappearance, but Lulu had her doubts. Ethan argued that Luke had dropped out of sight at the same time that Helena had surfaced in Port Charles. Moments later, Lucky entered the casino. He was relieved to see Lulu and Ethan. However, to their surprise, Lucky didn't want to discuss Luke. Lucky was there to invite his siblings to a family barbecue the following evening.

After Lucky left, Lulu and Ethan realized that he had not received a message from their father. Lulu speculated that it might be because Luke was hoping to avoid involving the police in whatever mess he had landed. Ethan agreed, but he was doubly determined to track Luke down. Lulu wanted to join Ethan on the search, but Ethan refused to consider it. Ethan didn't want to drag his little sister into a possibly dangerous situation.

A short time later, Ethan boarded a plane bound for Greece. He was surprised when Lulu plopped down next to him shortly before the plane departed. Lulu insisted that she had more experience rescuing their father than Ethan did.

In an unknown location, Luke was imprisoned in a small cell. He desperately worked to chisel away at the barred windows, but without success.

At the hospital, Alexis approached the nurse's station where Liz was working. Alexis confided that she was surprisingly invigorated by working pro bono cases as part of her community service. Liz admitted that she could tell how much Alexis enjoyed the work. Moments later, Alexis changed the subject to Nikolas. She was interested to know what Liz thought of Nikolas' recent behavior.

Liz confessed that she wasn't thrilled about Nikolas' relationship with Rebecca. Alexis didn't think that Rebecca was the issue. Alexis was concerned because she had noticed that Nikolas had been displaying classic Cassadine male traits. According to Alexis, Nikolas had been acting distant, haunted, and explosive. Liz agreed that Nikolas seemed troubled. Neither woman noticed that Nikolas had quietly approached the nurse's station.

Nikolas made his presence known when he realized that Alexis and Liz were talking about him. He informed both women that he didn't appreciate two people that he trusted gossiping about him. Liz and Alexis explained that they were worried about him. Liz agreed with Alexis that Nikolas had been behaving like a Cassadine. Nikolas sniped that he was sorry that he was such a disappointment to them and then stormed away.

Later, Nikolas received a phone call from Helena. Nikolas immediately realized that something was wrong with Helena, but the call was disconnected before he could question his grandmother. In an undisclosed location, a bedridden Helena was surprised when a woman snatched the phone out of her hands and then disconnected the call. She scolded Helena for overdoing it. The woman reminded Helena that the doctor had given express orders for Helena to rest. To Helena's frustration, the woman took the phone with her when she left the room.

At Greystone Manor, Kristina confronted Sonny about his decision to have a baby with Claudia out of a sense of obligation because Kristina had caused the accident that had resulted Claudia's miscarriage. Kristina begged her father not to bring another unwanted child into the world. She argued that it wasn't fair to the child. Kristina promised that the child would sense how Sonny had felt.

Sonny was stunned to realize that Kristina didn't believe that he loved her. Sonny followed Kristina out to the veranda. Kristina did her best to hide her how torn up she was, but Sonny could see that she was upset. He confessed that he was deeply hurt that she didn't think that he loved her. Kristina reminded Sonny that he'd had very little contact with her over the years.

Kristina argued that Sonny would fight to the death for his sons, but not for her. Kristina understood that Alexis had raised objections about Sonny's involvement in her life; however, she believed that Sonny would have found a way to let Kristina know that she was loved and cherished if she had mattered to him. Sonny agreed that he had failed her. He confessed that he had been in a similar situation growing up and that he had sworn that he would never do that to one of his children.

Sonny couldn't undo the past, but he was determined to be a better father to Kristina in the future, if Kristina agreed. Kristina shrugged her shoulders as she responded, "Fine." Sonny promised to work things out with Alexis as soon as possible. When Sonny asked his daughter for a hug, she went into her father's arms. Afterwards, Sonny went to fetch Milo, in order to drive Kristina home. Alone on the veranda, Kristina called Kiefer to ask him to meet her at home.

Later, Alexis arrived at Greystone Manor at Sonny's request. She was stunned when Sonny revealed that Kristina had overheard his confession that he had felt obligated to have a baby with Claudia. Sonny revealed that he was determined to have an active role in Kristina's life. Alexis reacted as he had expected. She reminded Sonny that he wasn't an ordinary father; he was a criminal who ran a criminal empire. Her mothering instincts screamed at Alexis to keep Sonny away from Kristina. Sonny understood Alexis' concerns, but he refused to continue hurting his daughter by remaining distant.

Alexis and Sonny agreed to table the discussion about Sonny's role in Kristina's life, since it was clear that neither would budge on their stance. Alexis wanted to focus on Sonny's decision to start a family with Claudia. She asked Sonny if he had lost his mind. Sonny argued that Claudia was his wife. Alexis suggested that he should have sex with Claudia, not procreate. According to Alexis, not only would having a child be an unfair burden on Kristina, but also Sonny had more kids than he could handle.

At the Davis residence, Kiefer was waiting when Kristina arrived home. Kristina led Kiefer to her room and then the two kissed.

At the Jacks residence, Michael entered the living room while Carly lounged on the sofa and flipped through a magazine. Carly grumbled when Michael revealed that he had found her stash of junk food. Carly argued that she wanted cheesy chips. Dominic entered while Michael reminded his mother that she couldn't have any cheesy chips until after his little sister was born. Dominic's confession, that he loved cheesy chips, didn't help matters.

Michael was curious why Dominic was at the house. Michael balked when Dominic revealed that he was there to accompany Michael to school. Michael refused to have a bodyguard follow him around school. Carly understood Michael's reluctance, but she didn't want Michael driving alone. Dominic suggested that Michael have his freedom during school in exchange for Dominic guarding him at night. Both Michael and Carly agreed to the compromise.

After Michael left for school, Carly thanked Dominic for his help. She was impressed with how he treated her sons.

Later that day, Michael arrived home early from school. He explained that he'd rearranged his schedule, so that he could do yard work as part of his penance for going to Mexico. As Carly spoke, Michael had a vivid recollection of Carly talking to him while he'd been in a coma. Carly sensed that Michael was distracted, but Michael was hesitant to tell her why. Carly pushed for answers until Michael admitted that he'd recovered memories of visits during his coma.

Michael explained that some of them had been faulty, prompting him to question everything that he remembered. Michael was surprised when Carly confirmed that the memory he had of her had been real. Moments later, Michael recalled Claudia apologizing to him for getting him shot.

Kate entered Metro Court's lobby sporting dark sunglasses. She made a beeline for her cousin, who was working at the reception desk. Kate admitted that she had gotten drunk at Jake's the night before and that things were a bit fuzzy. Olivia chuckled as she joked that Kate had been busy most of the night making out with Coleman. Things turned serious when Kate reminded Olivia that despite her hazy memory, she distinctly recalled seeing Dante at the bar.

Olivia warned her cousin of the possible consequences if she revealed Dominic's true identity. Kate assured Olivia that she wouldn't tell anyone. However, Kate worried that Olivia was in denial if she thought that the truth could stay hidden forever. Kate warned her that the situation was much too "incestuous" to remain a secret for long. Olivia agreed that Kate was right; she needed to be prepared with a Plan B in the event that Sonny and Dante learned that they were father and son.

Neither woman realized that Claudia had been eavesdropping on their conversation. When Claudia finally approached them, Kate suggested that Claudia go away. Kate insisted that they weren't interested in anything that Claudia had to say. Claudia smiled smugly as she sauntered away, prompting Kate to wonder if Claudia knew the truth about Dante.

Moments later, Dante entered the lobby. He pretended that he had important papers for Olivia to sign, but as soon as he reached Kate, he whispered a warning for her to keep her mouth shut. Kate assured Dante that she would never intentionally compromise him. Olivia vouched for Kate. Before Kate left, she offered Dante and Olivia words of advice. She warned them that lies were like dominos; one tipped domino could cause a chain reaction.

Claudia skulked in the lobby until she managed to corner Dominic. Claudia resented Dominic's attitude toward her; she threatened to change it. Dominic grew tired of Claudia's cat-and-mouse game. He invited her to do whatever she thought she had to do. Nearby, Olivia listened to the exchange.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alexis and Sonny discussed his relationship with his kids. Alexis told him that she did believe that he wanted to be a good father, but that he was a danger to all his children. Sonny expressed his desire to be a better father to Kristina, if it was not too late. Alexis said that she grew up without a father and Sonny countered that she ended up pregnant in high school. Alexis told Sonny that she did not want that to happen to Kristina, but that Sonny would not be able to explain his criminal enterprise to Kristina.

Alexis explained to Sonny that it would be unfair to make Kristina love and look up to him when Kristina knew that he was a criminal. Sonny admitted that he had made mistakes, but insisted that he should be a part of Kristina's life. Alexis asked what Sonny would teach Kristina. He said that he would teach Kristina that he had always loved her.

Alexis was touched by that, but continued to make Sonny think about the lesson that Kristina could learn from him. Alexis said Kristina might learn that it was okay to love someone who used violence to get what he wanted. Sonny agreed that his life was dangerous, but he did not want to abandon his daughter again.

Sonny told Alexis that since they had done it her way until that point, he wanted to do it his way in the future. Alexis seemed to be in agreement. Molly walked in and said that Viola had dropped Molly off because she knew that Alexis was already there. Molly needed Sonny's help with a project at school, and Sonny said he would be happy to help.

Molly asked if she could talk to Sonny about her paper on the judicial system. Alexis encouraged Molly to ask Sonny whatever Molly wanted to know. Molly said she wanted to talk to a real criminal. She wanted to know what it was like to be arrested and hypothetically, what the worst crime Sonny had gotten away with was.

Sonny informed Molly that he did not discuss his business with children, so he could not help her. Alexis said that as an attorney, she would be able to help Molly. Molly did not think that would work because Alexis had lost her job and Molly needed a primary source. Molly asked Sonny if he had ever used the Fifth Amendment to not incriminate himself.

Sonny changed the subject and told Molly that there were cookies in the kitchen. Molly got the hint, but told Sonny that she could talk to Jason about the fact that Jason had been arrested a lot of times and had never been convicted of anything. Molly left for the kitchen.

Kristina and Kiefer started to have sex. Kristina pulled away and said she could not do it. Kiefer yelled at her and said that no one was home, she had called him, and she had invited him up to her room. He asked her if she wanted to have sex with him or not. Kiefer insisted that Kristina had invited him up to her room for a reason and asked why she kissed him first.

Kristina told Kiefer that she just wanted to talk, and proceeded to tell Kiefer about her conversation with Sonny. She said that Sonny had finally decided that he wanted to be a father to her, but she did not think that Sonny really cared about her. Kiefer said that he really cared about Kristina and that Sonny did not understand Kristina at all.

Kristina decided that she should have never visited Sonny, and told Kiefer that she knew that Kiefer cared. Kristina then said that she wanted to go somewhere else where she and Kiefer could be alone together. He said that they did not have to rush. She told him that she was ready, and he said that he could set something up.

Kiefer and Kristina started to make out again when Sam entered the bedroom. Sam asked why Kiefer was in Kristina's room. Kristina insisted that Sam was in the wrong because she entered Kristina's room uninvited. Kiefer made up an excuse that he was there to drop of homework to Kristina, who he said did not feel well.

Sam did not believe Kiefer's story, but he continued to play up the sweet, innocent, responsible boyfriend angle. Kiefer said he was about to leave, but told Kristina that he would get back to her about their "problem," before he walked out the door. Sam gave him an uneasy smile as he exited. Alone in the room, Sam expressed to Kristina that Sam could see that Kiefer was a smooth operator.

Kristina said that it was none of Sam's business what had happened in Kristina's room. Sam asked Kristina if she had sex with Kiefer. Kristina told Sam that what Kristina did or did not do with Kiefer was none of Sam's business. Sam wanted to make sure that Kristina knew the risk that went along with sex.

Sam told Kristina that if Kristina had sex, then she needed to prepare herself. Kristina got upset when Sam said that Kristina should make sure that Kiefer used a condom. Kristina grabbed her purse and stormed out of the bedroom.

Kristina went to a hotel room to meet Kiefer, who was already there. Kiefer started to kiss her again. Kristina backed away and said that she was nervous. Kiefer told her not to worry and promised that he would take care of her. She said he was very nice about everything and he ensured her that their first time would be good. Kiefer kissed her again. Kristina pulled away again and said that she could not do it. Kiefer grabbed her and said that she would not back out on him again.

Michael and Carly talked about his memories. He remembered that Claudia admitted to setting up the hit that got him shot. He did not tell Carly about the memory, and then Jason showed up to visit. Carly asked Michael again what he remembered and he lied. He said that he remembered some doctors that had observed him. He made up an excuse that he had to leave. Jason did not believe that Michael had been up-front.

Carly could tell that Michael had covered so as to not tell her something. Jason said that Michael would tell them when he was ready. Jason implored Carly to let Michael work out his own memories in his own time. She said that it was really hard for her, because she wanted to help her son.

Jason told Carly that she needed to trust Jason to take care of Michael, like Jason had always done. Carly finally calmed down and her baby kicked. She had Jason feel her stomach and the two shared a nice moment with the baby.

Jason met Johnny at Sonny's new office building to discuss a leak in the organization. Jason questioned Johnny about the leak. Sonny showed up and interrupted Jason and Johnny's conversation. Sonny jumped in and told Johnny that someone must have tipped off the cops, because the bust went off without a hitch.

Johnny insisted that he was not the one that leaked the information to the cops. Sonny said that maybe Johnny worked with his father, Anthony. Johnny said that he did not care that Sonny did not like him, but he told Sonny that he was not a snitch and had nothing to gain from the situation. Sonny said that he just did not believe Johnny.

Sonny fully acknowledged that he didnot like or trust Johnny. Sonny said that he would not do anything to Johnny unless he had proof. Sonny said that if Johnny was involved, then Johnny should just run right then. Johnny asked if there was anything else. Sonny said, "No," and Johnny left the room.

After Johnny left, Jason said that Johnny was not guilty. Sonny was not convinced. Jason did not think that Sonny should let Sonny's personal feelings about Johnny get in the way. Jason said that he and Sonny needed to find the leak immediately.

Olivia listened in as Claudia told Dominic that Claudia had something important to tell him. Olivia approached the two and when Claudia saw Olivia, Claudia said that what she had to say was really about Olivia. Claudia tried to antagonize Olivia about Olivia's failure to ensure safety at the carnival. Claudia also goaded Olivia about Olivia's concern for Dominic after the accident.

Olivia told Claudia to contact her attorneys if Claudia wanted to file a lawsuit. Then, Claudia suggested that they hold a fundraiser for the victims of the carnival accident. Claudia said that Dominic could be the guest of honor and Olivia could organize the whole thing, since Olivia seemed so concerned about Dominic.

Dominic said he did not appreciate Claudia's attempt to use him to get one over on Ms. Falconeri. Claudia continued to question Olivia about her concern for Dominic. Olivia told Mr. Pirelli that she did not need him to fight her battles. Dominic retorted that his issues were between him and Mrs. Corinthos. Olivia said for them to keep their issues out of the hotel then.

Olivia walked away and, as Claudia started to leave, Dominic grabbed her and said that they were not finished. Dominic told Claudia to leave Ms. Falconeri alone. Claudia said that she was very interested as to why Dominic was so protective of a woman he barely knew. Claudia left, and Dominic immediately placed a call. He told the person on the other end of the line that they had trouble.

Olivia summoned Kate to her apartment. Olivia told Kate that Claudia might have figured out that Dominic was really Dante and that Sonny was his father. Kate told Olivia that even if Claudia knew the truth, Claudia might not tell Sonny. Olivia asked Kate how Olivia could stop Claudia.

Kate thought that the best way for Olivia to avoid a threat from Claudia was to tell Sonny the truth. Olivia said that she would only tell Sonny as a last resort. Olivia joked about how she could throw Claudia off a bridge, and Kate asked if she could help. Kate told Olivia that Olivia was a fighter, and that Kate had no doubt that Olivia could handle Claudia.

Olivia asked Kate what Olivia should do if Johnny found out. Johnny walked in the door to Olivia's apartment. He asked Olivia what was going on and if something had happened to her son.

Dominic arrived at the restaurant that was in the front room for Sonny's new office since the coffee shop had burned down. Dominic informed the waiter that he was not there to eat, but that he worked for Mr. Corinthos. The waiter told Dominic that the food was good. Dominic informed the waiter that Dominic would spend a lot of time there.

Sonny and Jason continued to outline their strategy to find the leak. Dominic knocked on the door and Jason let him into the office. Dominic said he was there because Bernie said that Sonny wanted to see Dominic.

Alexis showed up at Carly's to chat about their children. Alexis said that since both women had children with Sonny, then they should try to create a united front. Carly felt that the kids were all better off with Sonny in their lives.

Alexis could not see how Sonny could love his children so much, but still be such a danger to them. Carly said that she and Alexis would never see eye to eye on Sonny. Carly thought that it was very simple. Carly said that Sonny was the father and the kids needed to be around him.

Claudia sat alone and wrote on a piece of paper "Dominic Pirelli, Dante Falconeri, Dante Corinthos." Then she burned the piece of paper. Michael walked in the room and stated that it was a little early for a fire. Claudia said she had burned a bad check to avoid identity theft.

Claudia informed Michael that his father was not there, but Michael said that he was there to see Claudia. He told Claudia that he remembered more of what she said when she had visited him at the after-care institute. Claudia said that she visited him a lot and that she wanted to help Michael.

Michael told Claudia that in his memories she said that she was sorry over and over. Claudia tried to get him to see that she would be sorry for anyone in his situation. Michael said that he also remembered that Claudia said that it was her fault that he got shot.

Luke was trapped in a cell. Someone, unseen to Luke, unlocked the door for him. In a bedroom, a nurse continued to comfort Helena, who was upset and scared. Luke walked out of the unlocked cell as a shadowy figure looked on. Luke found Helena where she lay in bed. Helena tried to warn Luke about danger with the Cassadines.

Helena struggled to talk. She finally got out that someone wanted revenge on the Spencers and the Cassadines. Luke was about to heed her warning when he was knocked unconscious from behind.

Friday, October 2, 2009

At a motel, things turned violent when Kristina tried to stop Kiefer from taking things further than a kiss. In his anger, Kiefer shoved Kristina away. As she stumbled back, she lost her footing and fell. The terror on Kristina's face seemed to snap Kiefer out of his rage. His anger turned to remorse as he asked Kristina if she was okay. Kristina admitted that she'd been afraid that Kiefer would hit her again.

Kiefer's eyes filled with tears as he apologized. Kiefer hated himself when he acted "that way."

However, in the next breath he seemed to justify his behavior by claiming that Kristina's continued uncertainty had hurt him. Kiefer insisted that he cared deeply for Kristina and was trying to remember that she was young and inexperienced. Kiefer promised to respect her decision if she wasn't ready to have sex.

Later, Kristina arranged to meet Sam on the piers. Kristina wanted Sam to take her to get birth control pills. Sam questioned if Kristina was ready to have sex. In her attempt to discourage Kristina, Sam opened up about her own past. Kristina appreciated Sam's concern, but she insisted that her situation was different.

Kristina claimed that she had thought things through, which was why she had decided to get birth control pills. Sam was worried that Kiefer was pressuring Kristina to have sex, but Kristina denied it. Kristina insisted that she and Kiefer were ready. Sam reluctantly agreed to take her sister to a clinic the following day.

Later, Kiefer met Kristina on the piers. She told him that she had arranged for Sam to take her to a clinic for birth control. Kristina noticed how subdued Kiefer seemed. Kiefer attributed it to what had happened earlier; he claimed that he couldn't forget the look of fear on Kristina's face. Once again, Kiefer seemed to make excuses for his behavior. He insisted that his anger had been a result of frustration over the situation. Kristina put her arms around Kiefer as she confessed that she didn't want to lose him.

Nikolas approached Liz at the nurse's station. He was eager to talk to her about what had been going on between them. Nikolas revealed that he was uncomfortable attending Lucky's family get-togethers because had feelings for Liz. Liz agreed to meet Nikolas after her shift was over. Nikolas suggested that they meet at Wyndemere, but Liz nixed the idea. She thought it would be safer if they met at the park, near the playground where there were lots of children.

Nikolas realized that Liz didn't trust herself to be alone with him.

Nikolas stopped off at Wyndemere before heading to the park. He was surprised to find Rebecca, sporting much darker hair, waiting for him. As she handed Nikolas a glass of wine, Rebecca explained that she had arranged for Alfred to serve them dinner in the turret room. Nikolas wondered why he was being wined and dined. Rebecca confessed that she wanted to show Nikolas her appreciation.

According to Rebecca, Nikolas' forgiveness had made it possible for her to remain in Port Charles. Rebecca confessed that she was content and happy with the new life that she had built for herself. When Rebecca kissed him, Nikolas pulled away. He apologized and then admitted that he couldn't stay for dinner. Nikolas claimed that he had a prior engagement.

Rebecca tried to hide her disappointment as she asked questions about Nikolas' plans for the evening. Nikolas lied; he told her that he had to attend an important business dinner. Rebecca believed Nikolas and agreed to give him a rain check for the following evening. When Rebecca suggested leaving everything set up in the turret room, Nikolas objected.

Nikolas insisted that he was tired of dark and dreary nights, as well as family barbecues. Rebecca was surprised by the confession. Nikolas tried to joke that it was because Lucky tended to overcook the chicken, but Rebecca saw through the ploy. Nikolas admitted that what truly bothered him was how hard Lucky tried at times. Rebecca suspected that Nikolas was also worried about the tension between her and Liz.

Rebecca grudgingly admitted that a part of her respected Liz, because she was motivated by love her for Nikolas.

Liz was waiting for Nikolas at the park when Lucky approached her. Liz was surprised to see him. Lucky sensed that she was preoccupied. Liz apologized; she admitted that she'd been lost in her own thoughts. Lucky confessed that she appeared to do that quite a bit lately. Liz reminded Lucky that Lainey had advised them to take the time to reflect. Lucky was curious what Liz had been thinking about.

Liz revealed that she didn't want to hurt him again. Lucky insisted that he had forgiven her for the things that she had done in the past. Liz suggested that perhaps she hadn't deserved any forgiveness. Lucky wondered why not. Liz reminded Lucky that she had lied to him about Jake's paternity.

Lucky didn't see the point of having regrets. He was eager to move forward, not dwell in the past. Liz wondered how Lucky could forgive her for the things that she had done. Lucky suggested that perhaps it wa s Liz who couldn't forgive herself.

Later, Nikolas was waiting for Liz when his cell phone rang. It was Alfred. Alfred informed Nikolas that Liz had dropped off a letter for Nikolas. Nikolas asked Alfred to read the note to him. Alfred reluctantly agreed. The letter was brief. Liz apologized for stranding Nikolas at the park; however, she did not trust herself to be around him. Liz realized what she had to do; she just needed to figure out how to do it.

In Sonny's office, Jason and Sonny told Dominic that there was a leak in the organization. Sonny believed that Dominic was in a perfect position to find the mole. Sonny suspected that the person might be an undercover police officer.

Later, Dante arranged a meeting with Ronnie on the piers. Dante was furious because the bust on Sonny's shipment had led Sonny to suspect that someone in his organization was an informant. Ronnie didn't think it was a big deal because nothing had indicated that Dominic was the mole. Dante explained that he'd been ordered to track down the leak. Ronnie shrugged as he suggested that Dante simply choose a name of someone in Sonny's organization.

It made Dante uneasy blaming an innocent person. Ronnie reminded Dante that there weren't any innocent people in the organization; they were all criminals. Ronnie worried that Dante might be going soft. Dante denied it; he insisted that he was determined to do his job. Ronnie suggested naming Tommy Soto as the informant. Ronnie explained that they had tried to press charges against Tommy, to no avail.

Dante was uncomfortable using the situation to punish someone because they had managed to avoid prosecution. Ronnie didn't think that Dante had much of a choice. If Sonny learned that Dante was the undercover cop, then everyone, including Olivia, would be in danger.

At Greystone Manor, Michael questioned Claudia about her bedside confession while he had been in a coma. Claudia mustered up a few tears as she went into damage control mode. She told Michael that she had empathized with his situation because she'd grown up in a similar kind of environment. She insisted that she had never confessed to being responsible for the shooting. Claudia suggested that perhaps Jason had planted the thought in Michael's head.

Sonny entered the living room in time to hear Claudia admit that she would hate for Jason to have turned Michael against her. She jumped when Sonny demanded to know why she was dragging Jason into the conversation. Claudia claimed that she hadn't seen much of Michael lately, so she had been worried that Jason might have said something to him.

Michael explained that he'd been busy with school. He assured Claudia that everything was cool, especially since she had forgiven Kristina for causing the accident. Claudia breathed a sigh of relief when Sonny shifted his focus to Michael. He asked Michael how school was going and then inquired after Carly. Claudia winced when Michael started talking about Carly's pregnancy.

After Michael left, Claudia confided that she hoped that they had a little boy just like Michael. Sonny observed that Claudia talked as if she were already pregnant. Claudia realized that Sonny was having second thoughts, so she slyly used his guilt against him. She told him that she had moments when she recalled every detail of the accident in vivid detail. There were other times when she would wake up and, for a moment, think that it had all been a terrible dream. The knowledge that they would have another baby helped her through those difficult times.

Later, Dominic stopped by to name the leak in the organization: Tommy Soto.

Michael went to the rebuilt coffee warehouse to talk to Jason. He was curious why Jason hated Claudia. Instead of answering Michael's question, Jason asked if Michael had remembered anything new. Michael admitted that a few memories had returned, but he didn't provide Jason with any details. He accused Jason of avoiding the question.

Michael suspected that Jason was either waiting for Carly to have the baby, gathering evidence, or hoping that Michael would remember something revealing. Michael explained that he just wanted to move forward with his life. He wasn't interested in seeking revenge for what had happened to him.

Shortly after Michael stormed out, Sam arrived. Sam confessed that she was concerned about Kristina. She told him about Kristina's decision to have sex with Kiefer. Sam worried that Kristina was being pressured into something that she wasn't ready for. Sam was certain that the only reason that Kristina had agreed to have sex was because she feared losing Kiefer.

Sam understood that kind of fear. She confessed that during their first relationship, she'd been so in love with Jason that she had lost herself. Sam didn't want that to happen to her again. Jason assured Sam that she could set the pace of their relationship. They both agreed that they had to be completely honest with each other in order for their relationship to work.

Johnny was surprised when he arrived at Olivia's apartment to find Kate visiting. Kate tried to make it appear as if she'd been lecturing Olivia about motherhood. Olivia played along with her cousin. After Kate left, Olivia pretended that she had been upset because Dante had accepted a position with a special unit in the fire department.

Johnny sensed that something else was troubling Olivia. Olivia denied it, but Johnny didn't believe her. He suspected that Claudia was behind whatever was troubling Olivia. Olivia confessed that Claudia had been at the hotel trying to stir up trouble. Johnny apologized for Claudia's possessiveness. Olivia insisted that it wasn't Johnny's fault that his sister had unhealthy attachment issues when it came to Johnny. Johnny warned Olivia to be careful; Claudia was dangerous.

After Johnny left, Olivia answered a knock on her door. It was Claudia. Claudia pushed her way into Olivia's apartment and then snatched up a picture of Dante as a little boy. Claudia held the picture up as she observed how much Dante resembled his father, Sonny. Olivia's fears were realized when Claudia made it clear that she expected Olivia to do exactly as she instructed, or else she would inform Sonny that his son, Dante, was masquerading as Dominic.

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