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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 2, 2009 on GH
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Claudia and Carly crashed after fighting for control of the car they were in. As the storm raged, Carly awoke and weakly cried for help. Claudia was unconscious and did not respond when Carly called her name. Carly left the car, but had a contraction before she could get very far away.

After the contraction, Carly, still in great pain, retrieved a flashlight from the glove compartment. When Claudia did not awaken, Carly trudged away in the rain. She followed a trail through the woods that led to a cabin. Despite her contractions, Carly was able to find candles and get a fire started.

Just as Carly made herself a spot to nest in on the sofa, Claudia burst through the front door. A bolt of lightening slanted behind her.

Lulu went to Jason's place to enlist Spinelli's help to find Carly. Once there, she found Dominic and Spinelli already tapping into traffic and security cameras looking for the car that Claudia used for her getaway.

Dominic had developed a meticulous search pattern, but Lulu thought it was too slow. Dominic insisted that Lulu and Spinelli keep using his search pattern while he sought help elsewhere. As soon as Dominic left, Lulu told Spinelli to look for speeding cars and cars being driven erratically.

At the Jacks house, Jax comforted Michael, who blamed himself for not telling Sonny what he remembered about Claudia during his coma. Jax said that he was also to blame because he had not told Carly about Jerry's confession.

While they were talking, Morgan arrived home and wanted to know where Carly was. Michael told him everything.

After taking Kristina home to the lake house, Alexis hugged both her daughters and told them how glad she was that they were all safe. Then she scolded Molly because Molly had been to the docks. Molly said she had gone there because she needed polluted water for her science project.

Kristina worried that it was her fault that Claudia had gone off the deep end. Alexis assured Kristina that what had happened was not her fault.

Sonny knocked on the door and interrupted their discussion. Sonny begged Alexis to help him get Jason out of jail so that he could go find Carly. Alexis refused. She said that Sonny should let the police do their job. Sonny said the police had their hands full with the storm and would not make locating Carly a priority like Jason would. He asked Alexis what she would do if it were one of her daughters that needed finding.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Jason tried to convince Lucky to let him go. When Lucky said that letting Jason go was signing Claudia's death sentence, Jason asked Lucky what he would do if Claudia were holding Liz. A thoughtful Lucky was reaching for his keys when Mac interrupted and demanded that Lucky leave the room.

Dominic went to see Ronnie in his apartment to ask for help finding Carly. Ronnie was not sympathetic. He told Dominic that he should be at Sonny's trying to locate evidence to convict Sonny instead of getting involved with the family.

Dominic was irate to learn that Ronnie felt that putting Sonny behind bars had a higher priority than saving an innocent woman and her unborn child from a lunatic. Dominic told Ronnie to find the evidence himself. Dominic said that he was going to help find Carly and then stormed out.

Sam and Johnny stopped by to see Jason at the police station. Johnny was ready to make a deal with the cops to let Jason out and help find Claudia if Jason would guarantee not to kill Claudia. When Jason would not agree, Johnny left to look for Claudia on his own. Jason told Sam to go to Spinelli and follow any clues that Spinelli found.

When Sam arrived at Jason's penthouse, Spinelli and Lulu had spotted a car with two women in it. The car was traveling west on a road that led to the old Zacchara mansion. Sam grabbed a gun and headed out.

The boys were in bed and Jax was alone when Olivia stopped by to find out if there was news about Carly. Jax was worried and torturing himself with guilt. He was frustrated because the weather was keeping his helicopter grounded and he could not search for Carly.

When Dominic returned to Jason's place, Lulu and Spinelli told him about the car headed towards the old Zacchara mansion. Dominic got ready to leave, but Lulu told him she was going along. Dominic was not pleased, but Lulu gave him no alternative when she said that if he did not take her, she would go on her own.

Back at the PCPS, Jason told Lucky to go look for Carly. Lucky said that Mac would not let him join the search because Mac thought that Lucky could not be objective and might do something rash. Jason said that Lucky was not a killer. Lucky told Jason that nothing was certain. He told Jason that Mac could be right because people did crazy things in the name of family.

Alexis accompanied Sonny to the PCPS and shredded the charges against Jason. Mac was forced to release Jason, though he did so grudgingly.

When Mac entered the interrogation room, he told Lucky to cut Jason loose. As a parting shot, Mac told Lucky that at least he did not have to bring Lucky up on charges for aiding and abetting. Jason told Lucky how much he appreciated that Lucky was ready to help and would have if Mac had not interfered.

Sonny thanked Alexis for her help. Alexis said that she wanted a favor in return. When Sonny agreed, Alexis told him that his behavior that evening had scared Kristina. Alexis asked Sonny to stay away from Kristina until the girl made contact.

At home, Molly made lemonade for Kristina, and Kristina shared her fears about the ugly side of Sonny that she had seen at the party for Claudia.

Dominic and Lulu investigated the Zacchara mansion. They bumped into Johnny, who had gone looking for Claudia and they decided to search together. As they explored a hidden passage, Lulu fell through the floor into a well. She was bobbing in the water as Johnny and Dominic tried to reach her. Kristina was waiting up when Alexis got home. Alexis again assured Kristina that Claudia's behavior was not Kristina's fault. Kristina shared her fears about Sonny's mean behavior. She worried that she was like him.

Alexis defended Sonny and said that he had not had the same opportunities as Kristina. Alexis told Kristina that when she looked at Kristina, she saw the best parts of Sonny. Alexis told Kristina that despite how Sonny let his emotions override logic, he loved Kristina with all his heart and would never hurt her.

Olivia and Jax were brainstorming ways to help find Carly when Sonny arrived to pick up Morgan and Michael. Jax said that they were a family and that the boys belonged in the house with Jax. Morgan and Michael went downstairs when they heard Sonny. He told them to get their things and stay at his house.

When Jason got home, Spinelli told him that Sam, Lulu and Dominic had followed a clue that led to the old Zacchara mansion. Spinelli told Jason that he had spotted another car that fit the description headed east, in the exact opposite direction of the Zacchara place. Jason got his gun and headed east.

Sam returned to Jason's apartment and told Spinelli that she found the car he had seen on camera. The two women in it were stopped at a diner and were not Carly and Claudia. Spinelli told Sam that he had spotted another car and that Jason was on its trail.

As Jason drove through the increasingly violent storm, he spotted something off the road. He stopped his car and got out to investigate.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jason found a car on the side of the road, and he followed a path from the car to a cabin in the woods. He burst through the door with his gun drawn and scared a young woman and her two children. The woman was furious and called Jason a maniac. Jason offered to help them, but the woman wanted nothing to do with Jason. He left and headed to his penthouse.

At the penthouse, Sam was pacing the floor while Spinelli searched cyberspace for any information that might lead them to Claudia and Carly. Sam was upset that Jason hadn't waited for her to go with him, but Spinelli suggested that perhaps Jason didn't want the two of them implicated in any crimes that might occur.

Jason arrived home to Sam and Spinelli, and he told them what had happened at the cabin. Jason was clearly disturbed that he had almost shot an innocent woman in his attempt at revenge against Claudia. Suddenly, Spinelli tracked down a picture of Claudia and Carly in a vehicle. As soon as they had an approximate location, Jason and Sam left to locate them.

At Jax and Carly's house, Sonny was demanding that Michael and Morgan return home with him. Olivia was there, and she tried to defuse the situation. Jax wanted the boys to stay with him until Carly returned home. Jax and Sonny argued back and forth over what was best and who had the higher authority over the boys. Michael and Morgan both mentioned that they thought they should stay home and await their mother's return, but Sonny was relentless that they return with him.

Olivia finally had enough. She told the boys to leave the room for a bit so the adults could talk. Sonny was hurt when he thought Olivia was taking Jax's side, but Olivia pointed out that she was simply speaking on behalf of the boys. Sonny angrily left without his children and returned home.

Meanwhile, Carly was in the midst of contractions when Claudia burst through the door. Despite Carly's instincts to run from Claudia, the contractions kept her from doing so. Claudia told Carly that she would help her, and she put her gun down on the table. Claudia reminded her that Claudia's own child had died, and she promised Carly that she wouldn't let that happen to her.

When it was time for Carly to start pushing, Carly realized something was wrong. She was pushing, but the baby wasn't moving. She realized the baby's head or shoulders could be stuck. Claudia helped arrange the baby , and Carly's baby girl was finally born. Claudia wrapped the baby up and held her, cooing to her and talking to her all the time. Carly asked to hold her daughter, but Claudia seemed not to hear her. Claudia acted like she was the only person in the room with the baby girl.

When Sonny arrived home, Bernie was there to brief him on the situation with Carly and Claudia. Sonny wanted every available goon out looking for them. He blamed himself for the situation he had put Carly into. If Sonny had confronted Claudia when they were alone, there wouldn't have been much of a conversation. However, Sonny felt that confronting Claudia in front of a group had been the best option because Claudia was backed against a wall. He hadn't predicted Claudia would Carly hostage, though. Claudia was totally unpredictable.

Back at the Jacks house, Michael was blaming himself for his mother's kidnapping. He felt guilty for keeping the memories that had returned to him as a secret from everyone. Although Jax and Morgan tried to convince Michael he wasn't to blame, Michael found a way to sneak out of the house to look for his mother. It was Carly's oldest son who found her car, a promising clue.

Meanwhile, Lulu, Johnny, and Dominic continued to search the old mansion grounds until Lulu fell into the icy water. Dominic tried to free her, but Lulu's leg was pinned under a beam. Johnny realized they weren't going to be able to get Lulu out alone, so he left to find help. Dominic stayed in the freezing water with Lulu and talked to her. He tried to joke with her, but she told him his jokes were old and she had already heard them. Lulu did admit that she liked him, but more importantly, she admitted remembering that he was an undercover cop. Dominic admitted to her that he was a cop, and he also admitted that his mother was Olivia.

As time dragged on, Lulu began to wonder if she would make it out alive. She told Dominic to get out of the water and save himself, but she begged him not to take Sonny down. When Lulu talked about her adventure days with her parents, Dominic guessed that Lulu got her sense of adventure from her father, Luke. Lulu asked where Dominic had received his adventure gene.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lulu remained trapped in freezing water with Dominic at her side. As the frigid temperature slowly took its toll on Lulu, Dominic tried to keep her alert. Lulu wanted to know why Dominic was after Sonny. He revealed that Sonny had been responsible for the death of Dominic's mentor. Lulu refused to believe that Sonny had murdered an innocent person. She was curious how Dominic intended to explain Sonny's arrest to Michael and Morgan. Dominic believed that he would be doing the boys a favor by taking down Sonny.

Lulu's condition steadily declined. Desperate to keep Lulu focused, Dominic promised to take her to the Metropolitan Opera after her recovery. Despite Dominic's best efforts, Lulu slipped into unconsciousness. Moments later, Johnny led the paramedics to Lulu. As she was rushed to an ambulance, she referred to Dominic as "officer." Johnny questioned Lulu's slip, but Dominic managed to laugh it off as a delirious rambling.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny regretted that he had not been able to keep his children safe from Claudia. Sonny believed that his children were paying the price for their father's arrogance. Sonny hated that Michael and Kristina had seen his confrontation with Claudia. Olivia confessed that, had her son been shot, Claudia would have had more to deal with than few harsh words. Sonny revealed that he had vowed that he would never give his children a reason to fear him; he was disappointed that he had failed.

Olivia argued that Sonny had done the best that he could. Sonny didn't agree; he admitted that Jax, Alexis, and even Carly had tried to protect Michael, Morgan, and Kristina from him. Sonny wanted Olivia to be honest; he was curious if she, as a mother, believed that his children would have been better off without him in their lives. Olivia was saved from having to answer the question when the power went out. As she and Sonny dashed around the living room lighting candles, Jax entered.

Jax announced that he was there to pick up Michael. Sonny and Olivia informed Jax that Michael wasn't there. Sonny was furious; he accused Jax of negligence. Jax refused to take responsibility for Michael's disappearance. According to Jax, everything, including Michael's disappearance, could be traced back to Sonny. Jax and Sonny played the blame game until Olivia interjected with a plea for them to stop.

Moments later, Sonny's phone rang. It was Jason.

Michael called Sam after he had found Claudia's abandoned car. However, the call kept dropping, so Sam was unable to ascertain Michael's exact location.

At the cabin, Carly demanded that Claudia return Josslyn to her. Carly was weak after giving birth, so she was unable to leave the sofa. Claudia held Carly's daughter tightly in her arms as she cooed to the baby. When Carly warned Claudia that she couldn't have Josslyn, Claudia finally responded. According to Claudia, Carly had Michael and Morgan, while Claudia had lost everything. It quickly became clear that Claudia intended to leave with Josslyn. Carly screamed at Claudia not to take her baby, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

Claudia set Josslyn in a basket, but before Claudia had reached the door, Michael entered the cabin. While Carly begged Claudia to stop, Michael swung an axe at Claudia. The axe struck Claudia with lethal accuracy. Claudia dropped the basket as she fell to the floor, dead. Michael stared in horror at Claudia's lifeless body. He dropped to his knees to check for a pulse, but didn't find one.

Jason burst through the door seconds later. Sam was close behind Jason. Jason took in the grisly scene before he picked up Josslyn and then handed her to Carly. Carly was awed as she held her daughter for the first time. When Jason tried to guide Michael to the sofa, Michael objected. He showed Jason that he had blood on his hands. Jason gently led Michael to Carly and Josslyn anyway.

Carly introduced Josslyn to her big brother. Michael cried as he apologized to his mother; he felt responsible for not preventing the tragedy. Carly insisted that nothing mattered except that Michael was safe. Jason decided to call Sonny, so he asked to use Sam's cell phone.

When Sonny answered the phone, Jason told Sonny that Carly and her daughter had been found and that Sam would take them to the hospital. Jason then requested that Sonny send Max and Milo to the cabin. After Jason ended the call with Sonny, he turned his attention to Carly.

Jason instructed Carly to say that she had last seen Claudia in the car. Jason wanted Carly to tell everyone that she had delivered the baby alone in the cabin where Sam had found her. Carly was curious how she would explain Michael's presence, but Jason assured her that it wasn't necessary. Jason wanted Michael to remain at the cabin with him, while Sam took Carly and Josslyn to the hospital.

Later, as Sam drove Carly to the hospital, Carly defended her son's actions. Carly insisted that Michael had tried to protect his family. Sam assured Carly that Jason would fix everything for Michael.

At the hospital, Jax and Olivia anxiously awaited Carly's arrival. While they sat in the visitor's lounge, Jax revealed that he was more determined than ever make sure that Sonny's reign of violence ended. Jax promised to use all of his resources, in order to help Dante. Olivia resented how Jax kept trying to put Dante in the middle of Jax's war with Sonny. Jax argued that Dante had already put himself in that position. Moments later, Carly and Josslyn arrived at the hospital.

Carly introduced Jax to his newborn daughter. Jax beamed with pride as he held Josslyn for the first time.

After Carly was settled in her room, Kelly entered. She assured Jax and Carly that Josslyn was a perfectly healthy baby. Kelly also revealed that Carly was no longer at risk for a stroke. Carly was delighted to know that she and the baby were out of danger. Kelly admitted that she was relieved; she'd been concerned about the baby's breech position after the last ultrasound. Kelly confessed that Carly was lucky that the baby had been born headfirst.

Epiphany entered the room with Josslyn in a bassinet. Jax immediately picked up his daughter and then carried her to the bed. After Kelly and Epiphany left, Jax revealed that he had called his mother, so Lady Jane was on her way to Port Charles. Later, Jax noticed that Carly seemed subdued. Carly admitted that she was worried. Jax assured Carly that she didn't have to be concerned about Claudia.

Carly slowly revealed what had happened in the cabin. Jax was silent as Carly explained that Claudia had snapped and that she had intended to flee with Josslyn. As tears streamed down Carly's face, she confessed that Michael had not meant to do what he had done. Jax wanted to know what Carly was talking about. Carly confided that Michael had hit Claudia and that Claudia had fallen. Jax asked if Carly was trying to tell him that Michael had killed Claudia. Carly slowly nodded her head.

When Dante arrived at the hospital, Olivia told him that Carly and the baby had been rescued. Dante was certain that Sonny and Jason had killed Claudia. Olivia didn't appear concerned by the prospect, prompting Dante to remind his mother that Sonny and Jason didn't have the right to be Claudia's judge and executioner.

Dominic checked to see how Lulu was doing. Lulu was slowly recovering, but she was worried about Dominic's plans for Sonny. Dominic reminded Lulu that he was a cop, so it was his job to take down Sonny.

Johnny was relieved when Olivia confirmed that Carly and her daughter had been found. However, he realized that there was a strong likelihood that his sister had not fared as well. Johnny decided to seek out Sam for news about his sister's fate. Sam stuck to her story that she had found Carly and the baby after Carly had given birth. Sam claimed that she had no idea what had happened to Claudia. Johnny was curious how Carly had managed to escape.

At the cabin, Jason asked Michael how he had found Carly. Michael revealed that he had discovered the car and then decided to call Sam. Afterward, Michael had decided to search for his mother. According to Michael, as he approached the cabin, he had heard his mother screaming. Michael had picked up an axe as he had approached the door and then struck Claudia after he had entered the cabin.

When Sonny arrived at the cabin, Michael immediately took responsibility for killing Claudia. Sonny was shocked by the news. Michael pulled away when Sonny tried to hug him. Michael was upset because he believed that he could have stopped everything from happening if he had told Sonny about Claudia sooner. Sonny argued that it didn't matter; Michael had stopped it in the end. Michael flinched when Sonny added that Michael "did good."

Jason appeared stunned by Sonny's praise, but remained silent. After Sonny ordered Michael to get into the car, Sonny admitted to Jason that he didn't want to see Claudia's body. He instructed Jason to bury Claudia as "close to hell as possible." After Sonny drove away with Michael, Max and Milo arrived.

Jason instructed Max and Milo to bag up Claudia body and then to set fire to the cabin. Max worried that the police might question the timing of Claudia's sudden disappearance and a convenient fire in the cabin that Carly had given birth in. Jason didn't care; he didn't want any evidence left behind of what had transpired that night.

After Jason, Max, and Milo set the cabin on fire, they buried Claudia's body deep in the woods.

On the ride home, Michael claimed that he didn't care that he had killed Claudia. Sonny suggested that things would change with time. Sonny promised to be there for Michael when the reality of what Michael had done sank in.

Later, Sonny received word that Carly and the baby had arrived at the hospital and were fine. Michael suggested that Carly was deluding herself into thinking that Michael could be like Jax. Michael insisted that he was more like Sonny than Jax. Sonny disagreed, but Michael argued that he had just killed someone.

Maxie arrived at Kate's mansion to discover that Kate's pool had flooded. Maxie called for someone to meet her at Kate's home, in order to repair the problem. While Maxie waited in her car for the repairman to arrive, she saw Sonny drive up to Greystone Manor's gate. Sonny climbed out of his car to open the gate. As Sonny returned to his car, the headlights of his vehicle cast him in a bright light. Maxie was startled to see that Sonny's shirt was covered in blood.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dominic entered Lulu's hospital room and then jokingly asked if she was ready for their date. Lulu laughed and then referred to Dominic as "officer." Dominic asked Lulu to find a less revealing nickname, but Lulu wondered why she should. She was curious if Dominic expected her to sit quietly on the sidelines while he took down Sonny. Their discussion was cut short when Luke strolled in, which cut their discussion short .

Dominic excused himself, but Lulu invited him to stay. Luke quipped that Dominic probably had to go to fit Claudia with a pair of "cement shoes." After Dominic left, Lulu asked why Luke had made the comment. Luke pointed out that it was doubtful that Sonny would let Claudia live after what she had done.

Liz bumped into Nikolas when she arrived at the hospital to see Lulu. After Nikolas gave Liz a quick update on Lulu's condition, Liz asked if anyone had called Lucky. Nikolas explained that Lucky was in the field, working. Nikolas suggested that they head to Lulu's room, but Liz hesitated. She didn't know if was a good idea. Nikolas thought it was important for them to behave normally, which meant that they should go to Lulu's room together.

Liz and Nikolas entered Lulu's room a short time later. Luke kept a close eye on them, while Lulu told them about her ordeal. When Tracy and Ethan arrived, Tracy revealed that she had been worried sick about Lulu. Ethan grumbled because he realized that he should probably be nicer to Dominic, since he had saved Lulu's life. Lulu groaned when Nikolas echoed Ethan's frustration.

Liz reminded everyone that Lulu was a good judge of character. Lulu appreciated Liz's support. Moments later, Liz offered to fetch coffee for everyone. Nikolas decided to help her. As they left the room, Tracy asked Luke what he found so fascinating about Liz and Nikolas.

After everyone exited Lulu's room, Nikolas and Ethan exchanged heated words. Ethan resented that Nikolas continued to use Rebecca. After Nikolas and Liz left, Luke offered Ethan some words of advice. Ethan made it clear that he intended to get Rebecca away from Nikolas before it was too late. After Ethan stormed off, Luke admitted to Tracy that he felt as if he were watching a train wreck. Luke was certain that the Spencers were headed for disaster.

In the woods, Jason watched as Max and Milo filled Claudia's makeshift grave with dirt and then added a final layer of sod. Satisfied that there wasn't any indication of a grave, Jason and the Giambetti brothers left.

As Maxie waited for a repairman to arrive at Kate's mansion, she saw Sonny's car pull up to Greystone Manor's front gate. The headlights of Sonny's car cast him in a bright light. Maxie was stunned to see that there was a bloody handprint in the center of Sonny's shirt.

Moments later, in the living room, Sonny stripped off his shirt and then threw it into the fireplace. Sonny then ordered Michael to take off his clothes, so that Sonny could burn them, as well. Sonny explained that they needed to destroy all of the evidence. After Michael left to change, Jason called Sonny to let him know, "It's done."

Later, Dominic went to Greystone Manor to check in with Sonny. Dominic told Sonny about his search for Claudia, including Lulu's accident at the old Zacchara mansion. Sonny was relieved to hear that Lulu would make a full recovery. Dominic changed the subject to ask if there was anything that he could do to help Sonny. Sonny realized that Dominic was referring to the situation with Claudia.

As Sonny assured Dominic that everything had been taken care of, Dominic noticed the pile of clothes burning in the fireplace. When Dominic offered to help with the "clean up," Sonny looked beyond Dominic's shoulder to ask if Jason needed any assistance. Dominic was slightly unnerved to realize that Jason had silently entered the room. Sonny decided that Dominic could help by retrieving Claudia's car.

After Dominic left, Jason asked how Michael was holding up. Sonny admitted that, as expected, Michael was rattled. Sonny was confident that the worst was behind them, since Claudia was dead and buried. He assured Jason that he would get Michael through the inevitable emotional fall out of Claudia's brutal demise.

When Michael returned to the living room, he found his father alone. Michael confided that he was surprisingly calm about what had happened. Sonny warned Michael that eventually the reality of what had happened would hit Michael like a ton of bricks. Sonny promised that he would be there to remind Michael that he had acted in defense of Carly.

Michael was uncomfortable when Sonny insisted that killing Claudia had been the right thing to do. Sonny didn't apologize; he was thankful that Michael had been in a position to help Carly. As Michael and Sonny talked, Michael revealed that he had accepted Sonny's lifestyle. Sonny wasn't pleased by the confession. Sonny wanted more for his children; he had worked hard to provide them with opportunities that Sonny had never enjoyed.

Michael argued that people treated Sonny with respect. Sonny clarified that the respect that he garnered was a result of fear. Sonny wanted Michael to be a better man than Sonny was. Michael insisted that there was no one better than Sonny.

In the hospital, Carly told Jax that Michael had killed Claudia, in order to protect Carly. Jax urged Carly to tell the police the truth, but Carly refused to consider it. Carly didn't want anyone to know what had happened. Jax argued that Michael had committed involuntary manslaughter, so it was likely that he would be put on probation and then ordered to attend counseling. Carly wouldn't budge.

Jax couldn't believe that Carly was suggesting that they cover up what Michael had done. Carly reminded Jax that Claudia was dead; she would not allow Claudia to ruin Michael's life. Jax insisted that the psychological impact of Claudia's death would have lasting effects on Michael. Jax believed that Michael needed therapy; the only way Michael could get the help that he needed was if Carly told the truth about what had happened in the cabin.

Carly remained determined to protect her son. Jax warned Carly that an investigation into Claudia's disappearance would be launched. Carly wasn't concerned about the police asking questions. Carly was confident that Jason and Sonny would take the necessary steps to eliminate all of the evidence pointing to Claudia's demise. Jax was disappointed; he believed that Carly was sending the message that it was okay to lie and to cheat.

Jax believed that the way Carly handled Claudia's death would determine Michael's future. Carly dismissed Jax's concerns; she was certain that Michael would never be a part of Sonny's world. Moments later, Detective Williams entered the room. Williams wanted Carly's statement.

Carly gave Williams an edited version of events. After the detective left, Carly questioned Jax about how long he had known that Jerry had been involved in Michael's shooting. She was devastated when Jax admitted that he had known about it for some time. Jax explained that he had intended to tell her, but then she had discovered that she was pregnant.

Carly felt betrayed. However, Jason's arrival interrupted the argument. Jax informed Jason that it was a bad time for a visit, but Carly objected. Carly ordered Jax to leave, so that she could talk to Jason alone. Reluctantly, Jax left. As soon as they were alone, Carly revealed that Jax had known about Claudia and Jerry involvement in Michael's shooting, but he had kept silent.

Jason tried to ease Carly's troubles. He leaned down to pick up Josslyn and then placed her in Carly's waiting arms. Carly immediately calmed down as she held her infant daughter. After Jason left, Carly spoke to Josslyn; she insisted that Josslyn was a miracle and that Jax and Carly loved her. Carly explained that Jax would be with them, but he had made a terrible mistake instead of telling her the truth.

At the hospital, Johnny tried to question Sam about where Claudia was. Sam insisted that she had not seen Claudia. According to Sam, she had found Carly after Carly had given birth. Johnny didn't believe Sam, especially when she claimed that she wasn't certain where the cabin was located. Johnny pointed out that Sam was a professional private detective and an experienced captain of a salvage ship. It didn't make sense that she would have a bad sense of direction.

Johnny went to Jason's penthouse to question Spinelli about Claudia's possible whereabouts. Spinelli insisted that he had no idea where Claudia was. Johnny was desperate to know what had happened to Claudia, but Spinelli couldn't help him. Spinelli wondered what good it would do Johnny knowing Claudia's fate. Johnny explained that Claudia was his sister; he had to help her.

Johnny eavesdropped as Carly gave her statement to Detective Williams. When he learned that Claudia had wrecked on Route 86, Johnny took off. At the elevators, he ran into Maxie. When Maxie explained that she was at the hospital to see Lulu, Johnny told Maxie about Lulu's injuries. Maxie wasn't surprised to hear that Johnny had been looking for his sister. Maxie confessed that she wouldn't be shocked to learn that Sonny had killed Claudia.

To Johnny's surprise, Maxie revealed that she had seen Sonny earlier in the evening and that his shirt had been covered with a bloody handprint. As soon as the words left her mouth, Maxie realized that she probably shouldn't have told Johnny about the Sonny's bloody clothes. Johnny assured her that it was okay; it had helped him.

As Dominic investigated the burned- out cabin, he heard a noise. It turned out to be Johnny. Johnny suspected that Dominic was part of the "clean up crew," but Dominic clarified that he had not set fire to the cabin. Johnny revealed that he was certain that Sonny had killed Claudia. Dominic was surprised when Johnny told him about Sonny's bloody clothes.

Dominic suggested that perhaps Claudia had escaped into Canada, but Johnny argued that was not the way things worked in their world. Johnny seemed resigned that his sister had died; he just hoped that she had not suffered. Dominic vowed to help Johnny find out what had happened to Claudia. Dominic claimed that he owed it to Johnny.

Sam arrived at Jason's penthouse shortly after Johnny had left. When Spinelli told her about Johnny's visit, Sam admitted that she felt bad for Johnny. She realized that Claudia had been the only person who had been loyal to Johnny. Spinelli feared that Johnny suspected that Jason had killed Claudia. Sam hoped that wasn't the case; she didn't want Johnny to decide to avenge his sister. According to Sam, Jason and Johnny had become allies and forged a friendship. She hated the idea of them killing each other because of Claudia.

When Jason arrived home, Sam was waiting for him. Jason was curious if the police had contacted her. When Sam confirmed that they had left a message on her voicemail, Jason assured Sam that there wouldn't be any evidence to contradict her story. Sam was concerned about Jason. She worried that the police would be after him, but Jason was confident that he could handle the police. He was relieved that at least Claudia was no longer a problem.

In the warehouse of Jason's stalker, pictures of Jason closing Claudia's body bag and Jason standing over Claudia's grave were scattered on a desk.

This episode featured the song, "Mad World," by Adam Lambert.

Friday, November 6, 2009

At Greystone Manor, Michael told Sonny that Claudia's disappearance was all over the news. Sonny warned Michael not to speak to any reporters. Michael confessed that when he had first opened his eyes that morning, he had wondered what he was doing in his father's home. Moments later, Michael had remembered that he had killed Claudia. Sonny recalled the events that had led to Claudia's death and the subsequent cover up.

After Sonny shook off the disturbing images, he decided to go over Michael's cover story. Sonny thought that it would be best if they told everyone that Michael had been in his room the entire night. Sonny intended to claim that he had lied to Jax and Olivia, in order to avoid another argument with Jax. Michael confessed that he didn't feel remorse for killing Claudia. Sonny believed that it was only a matter of time before that changed. However, he refused to allow the incident to destroy Michael's life; he believed that Michael had already paid a high price.

At Olivia's apartment, Johnny revealed that he had not been able to find any sign of Claudia. Olivia didn't think that they would ever really know what had happened to his sister. Johnny was certain that Sonny had killed Claudia. Olivia was shocked when Johnny confided that Maxie had seen Sonny the previous evening, covered in blood. Johnny confessed that he hated how Sonny had humiliated Claudia at the party. Johnny believed that Sonny had forced Claudia into a corner until she had acted out of desperation.

Johnny realized that Claudia had been a bad person; she had been cruel and vindictive. However, she had also been his sister. Johnny needed to know how she had died. Olivia advised Johnny to let it go, but Johnny couldn't. He wondered if Olivia would be able to let it go if Dante had been in Claudia's place. Johnny had to find his sister, so that he could take flowers to her grave and remember the good times that they had shared.

Olivia didn't think that Sonny would help Johnny. Johnny surprised Olivia when he revealed that Dominic had offered to help him discover the truth about what had happened to Claudia.

At Greystone Manor, Johnny found Michael home alone. Johnny took the opportunity to let Michael know that Claudia had not hated him. Johnny promised that Claudia had never intended to hurt Michael; it had been an accident. Michael was livid. He reminded Johnny that Claudia had schemed to kill Sonny and that she had intentionally kidnapped Carly. Michael believed that Claudia had gotten exactly what she had deserved.

At the Jacks residence, Dante wanted to know what Carly claimed happened at the cabin. Jax revealed that Claudia had delivered Josslyn, but he refused to elaborate beyond that. Dante kept pushing for answers, prompting Jax to admit that someone had entered the cabin just as Claudia had tried to take off with Josslyn. However, he warned Dante that Carly would never testify against the person.

Moments later, Sonny arrived to talk to Jax. Sonny stopped short when he saw Dominic standing in Jax's living room. Dominic explained that he was there to check on Morgan, but Morgan had already left for school. Jax played along with Dominic's story and pretended to be offended by the presence of Sonny's henchman in his home. After Dominic left, Sonny explained that he wanted to talk to Jax about Michael.

Jax revealed that he knew that Michael had killed Claudia. Jax added that they should go to the police rather than cover up what Michael had done. Sonny suggested that Jax should be grateful that Michael had been on hand to save Carly and Josslyn. Jax argued that they were ruining Michael's life by hiding the truth. Sonny believed that everything could have been avoided if Jax had told the truth when he had first learned of Claudia and Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting.

Jax insisted that he had kept silent for Carly's sake, but Sonny didn't believe him. Sonny accused Jax of trying to protect Jerry, not Carly. Sonny confessed that he didn't know how Carly would ever forgive Jax for his betrayal. Jax was furious; he warned Sonny that the lies would destroy Michael's life. According to Jax, another innocent person would pay the price for Sonny's arrogance.

When Sonny arrived home, Johnny was waiting. Johnny let Sonny know that he wanted to continue working for Sonny's organization. As a sign of good faith, Johnny revealed that Joey Limbo remained a threat to Sonny. Sonny appreciated that Johnny had served him well, but he reminded Johnny that Johnny had protected Claudia's secrets. Johnny didn't deny it; Claudia had been his sister. Sonny appreciated Johnny's honesty. He assured Johnny that he would not hold it against him. Johnny tried to find out what had happened to Claudia, but Sonny didn't want to discuss it.

Carly was happy when Jason paid her a visit in the hospital. Carly took the opportunity to officially introduce Jason to his goddaughter, Josslyn John Jacks. After Josslyn was returned to her bassinette, Carly asked Jason how long he had known about Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. Instead of answering the question, Jason assured Carly that he had destroyed all of the evidence that would link Michael to Claudia's demise.

Carly insisted that it hadn't been Michael's fault; he had acted in defense of her. Jason confessed that he was concerned about Michael. Jason revealed that Michael had not shown any reaction to what had happened. Carly suggested that perhaps Michael was in shock, but Jason shook his head. He explained that even in cases of self-defense, people felt guilty for taking a life.

Jason then answered Carly's original question about when he had first learned of Claudia's involvement in the shooting. Jason revealed that on the first anniversary of the shooting, he had encountered Ric Lansing at the warehouse. Ric had told him about Jerry's DVD, but he had not been able to provide Jason with a copy of it. Carly was hurt when she realized that Sonny had also known about Ric's accusation.

Jason clarified that they hadn't known anything for certain, which was why Sonny had ordered Jason to find proof of Claudia's wrongdoing. Jason explained that he had recently discovered the evidence, but he couldn't share his findings with Carly because he had been concerned about her health. Jason confessed that he couldn't have lived with himself if anything had happened to Carly or the baby because of what he had learned. Carly understood and quickly forgave Jason.

After Jason left, Olivia paid Carly a visit. Carly smiled when Olivia presented her with some clothes. Carly happiness turned to frustration when Jax's name was mentioned. She told Olivia that she felt betrayed because Jax had knowingly endangered Michael. Carly's frustration turned to fury when Olivia admitted that she had known about Jerry's DVD for some time. Carly couldn't believe that Olivia had not warned her about Claudia. Olivia argued that it had not been her secret to share. Carly thought the excuse was "a load of crap."

Olivia explained that they had all been worried about Carly s health and the risk to the baby. Carly didn't care; according to her, they had all put Michael in danger. Olivia disagreed; she reminded Carly that Jason had been watching Claudia closely.

Later, Carly arrived home with Josslyn. Morgan was overjoyed to meet his sister. After Carly and Morgan placed Josslyn in her bassinette, they decided to order pizza for dinner. Jax walked in moments later. After Morgan and Mercedes went to pick up dinner, Jax demanded to know why Carly had checked out of the hospital without telling him. Jax accused Carly of using Josslyn to punish him.

Carly reminded Jax that he had endangered Michael. Jax insisted that he loved Michael, but Carly didn't believe him. According to Carly, Jax liked to say that he loved Michael, but his actions suggested otherwise. Carly claimed that Josslyn was Jax's priority, even at the expense of Morgan and especially Michael. On the other hand, Carly loved all of her children equally; she would never compromise any of them. Before Jax could respond, Carly informed him that she wanted him to leave.

Dante was furious when he arrived at his mother's apartment. He demanded to know if she was trying to get him killed. Dante warned Olivia that each of her seven revealing voicemail messages over the past hour could have cost them their lives. Olivia was unrepentant. She demanded to know how he could take advantage of Johnny's grief. She thought that Dante should be ashamed of himself.

Olivia explained that Johnny was heartbroken about his sister's death. Dante realized that Johnny was grieving, but Dante had a job to do. Olivia didn't think that it was right for Dante to take advantage of Johnny when he intended to use the information to arrest him. Dante reminded Olivia that his target was Sonny, not Johnny. However, he promised to put in a good word for Johnny when the investigation was over.

Liz was surprised when she bumped into Nikolas at the police station. Nikolas explained that he was there to talk to Lucky about Liz. Liz didn't think it was a good idea, but Nikolas argued that Lucky kept turning to him for advice. Liz didn't want Nikolas to talk to Lucky about her for any reason. She revealed that she was at the police station to drop off a picture that Cameron had drawn; it was of Liz, Lucky, Jake, and Cameron. Nikolas glanced at the family picture and then walked away without comment.

Jason went to the police station to give his statement regarding Claudia's disappearance. He was surprised when Lucky opened the interview by asking Jason what his favorite color was. Lucky wondered if it was black because Jason tended to wear the color almost exclusively. Next, Lucky asked Jason what his favorite kind of music was. Lucky suspected that Jason might lean towards "Emo" music. Jason wondered what any of that had to do with Claudia.

Lucky turned serious; he demanded to know where Jason had gone after he had been released following his arrest at Metro Court. Jason claimed that he had searched for Claudia, but didn't elaborate. Lucky assured Jason that anything he shared with him would be off the record; Lucky had already typed up his report about the interview and he had noted in his report that Jason had refused to cooperate.

Jason wasn't swayed. Lucky observed that sometimes when people refused to talk they spoke volumes. Lucky confided that their tech people had retrieved the CD from Sonny's office; they knew that Claudia had been plotting to murder Sonny. According to Lucky, had Claudia been alive, they would have had enough evidence to arrest her. Lucky assured Jason that killing Claudia would have been justified under the circumstances. However, Jason covering up what had happened made it appear like murder.

Jason admitted that he respected Lucky; however, Claudia was gone and so was any evidence. Jason was confident that eventually Claudia would be forgotten, which was what she deserved. Lucky realized that Jason had not killed Claudia, but he was equally certain that someone else had ended her life. Lucky warned Jason that no matter how well the evidence had been buried, it would find it's way to the surface eventually.

Michael went to the penthouse to talk to Jason. Michael was worried because he feared that he might has said too much to Johnny when he had told Johnny that Claudia had gotten what she had deserved. Jason used the opportunity to talk to Michael about the emotional fallout from taking a person's life. Michael revealed that he didn't regret killing Claudia because she had been a dangerous person.

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