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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 16, 2009 on GH
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ethan stopped by the nurses' station at General Hospital to ask Liz to intercede with Nikolas on Rebecca's behalf. Ethan said he was asking her because Nikolas really listened to Liz instead of pretending to listen like he did with everyone else. Liz looked thoughtful, but told Ethan that she did not want to be involved. Besides, she added, Rebecca deserved what she got.

Nikolas and Lucky met up on the wharf. Lucky thought everything was great between himself and Liz because they had made love the previous evening. Nikolas was visibly distressed by the news. When Lucky noticed his Nikolas' discomfort, Nikolas said he was jealous because he wanted what Lucky and Liz had.

Lucky told Nikolas that he wanted to see Nikolas find the same happiness with Rebecca that Lucky had found with Liz. Reluctantly, Nikolas accepted Lucky's advise and solemnly wished happiness to Lucky and Liz before the brothers parted.

Carly walked in on an angry Jax telling Dominic to do his job. Carly thought Jax meant Dominic's bodyguard job and quickly defended Dominic. Jax and Dom played along so that they did not have to explain that Jax was talking about Dom's real job as an undercover cop. Dom told Carly that he had been reassigned and was no longer bodyguard to the boys.

After Dom left, Carly wanted to know why Jax was so angry. Jax said that in the past few days, his wife and unborn child had been kidnapped, his stepson had committed murder and he was being forced to cover it up, and his wife had asked him to move out of the bedroom. Jax laid the blame for all his problems on Sonny.

Carly wanted to know why Jax was making everything Sonny's fault, when Jax was the one who had not told the truth. Jax did not answer directly, but said that while he had to put up with Sonny being involved in his stepson's lives, he did not have to let Sonny into his daughter's life. Before Carly could respond, he rushed out of the house.

Jason met with Sonny in the office at Sonny's Italian restaurant. He told Sonny that he did not want to kill anymore. Jason worried that he was a bad role model for Michael. Sonny tried to talk Jason out of resigning as his enforcer, but Jason remained firm. He told Sonny that Michael saw that Jason killed people and got away with it. Jason said that getting away with murder was not the example he wanted to be for Michael.

Jason insisted that he wanted to set a different standard for Michael. Sonny agreed that he did not want Michael to believe that violence could solve every problem. He told Jason that because of that, he had taken steps to try to make peace with Joey Limbo. Jason was relieved to hear Sonny's plans and to know that Sonny was equally concerned about Michael. Jason was grateful when Sonny accepted his need to resign as enforcer.

At the CO77X artist's studio, several photos of the cabin crime scene were displayed on a wallboard. As the camera panned the photos, some showed Jason standing beside an open grave with a body in a tarp nearby. Headlines and pictures of Jason were also prominently displayed.

Lulu stopped by the Haunted Star to see Luke, but one of Joey Limbo's thugs prevented her from approaching because Luke was in a meeting with Joey.

Joey and Luke began their meeting by hoisting drinks and discussing the good old days. Once the preliminaries were out of the way, Luke told Joey that he was an old friend of Sonny's acting as a neutral party to help broker a peace between the warring factions. Luke outlined the benefits of a truce. Joey said he would think about Luke's proposal and get back to him.

On his way out, Joey notice Lulu. After Luke introduced them, Joey and his thug left the boat. Lulu was very worried about Luke. When she told him to stay out of Sonny's business or he might be arrested, she almost let it slip that Dominic was a cop. Luke thought she was talking about Lucky and told her not to worry.

Lulu tried to let Luke know that there was an undercover cop in Sonny's organization without betraying Dominic, but Luke did not pick up on her clues. Every time she used the phrase "someone close to me," Luke thought she meant Lucky and pooh-poohed her fears as groundless.

Lucky caught up with Mac near the coffee machine at the police station and brought him up to speed on their quest to get evidence against Sonny and Jason for Claudia's murder. Lucky told Mac that without a body, it was very hard to make a case.

Mac told Lucky that with some critical circumstantial evidence, they might build enough of a case to get a search warrant. Lucky said that he had questioned Sam. He said that he did not believe that she had witnessed the murder, but he did not believe that she had been completely honest with him.

He also told Mac that phone records showed that a pool man had made an emergency call at Kate Howard's home that evening because of the storm. Lucky said that he would contact the repairman to see if he had seen anything useful. Later, after Mac went about other business, Lucky called the pool man and found out that Maxie had been at Kate's house that evening.

Joey went to see Anthony in prison and asked him what to do about the proposed meeting with Sonny. Anthony told Joey to agree to the meet, and then ambush Sonny on his way to the rendezvous.

Johnny met Maxie at the wharf. He warned her to keep what she knew to herself. Maxie said that she had not told anyone but Johnny about the bloody handprint that she had seen on Sonny's shirt. Johnny warned her to be careful of Sonny. She told Johnny that she did not fear either Sonny or Jason. Johnny told her not to take either man lightly. He told her to be careful because either would kill to keep from going to prison. Maxie was shaken by Johnny's words.

Jason went to Carly to tell her that he had resigned as Sonny's enforcer. Carly said that he did not have to do it, but Jason said he did. He said that he wanted to set a better example for Michael. He told her that the violence was not okay and he did not want Michael to think that violence was the tool of choice to settle problems. Jason told Carly about the proposed truce, and said that he was looking forward to a peaceful settlement between the Zacchara and Corinthos families.

Carly told Jason that she had always felt safe because she knew that he was protecting her and her children. She told him that she was grateful that he had been there to care for Michael when she could not and that he had given her a second chance to be a good mother.

When Josslyn woke up, they walked over to the bassinet. Carly picked up the baby and handed Josslyn to her "uncle" Jason. Jason held Josslyn and they both admired Carly's precious baby.

Sonny met with Dominic to let him know that he was using Luke to broker a peace with Joey Limbo. He also told Dominic that if the peace effort failed, Dominic would have to step up and do his job, not fumble it like he had when he had let Tommy get away. Dominic told Sonny that he was ready for the responsibility. Dominic left when Jax burst in and demanded to talk to Sonny.

Nikolas walked over to the nurses' station and told Liz that he was not at the hospital to see her, but was there because of a board meeting. He said that he had talked to Lucky earlier and that he had a conscience, also. Monica joined them before Liz could respond.

Liz accepted congratulations from Monica on her engagement to Lucky. Each acknowledged that they had visited Emily's grave earlier that day, which was the anniversary of her death. Monica reminisced about Emily and the bond that she had shared with Lucky, Liz, and Nikolas when they were teens. After Monica left, Liz and Nikolas shared a bittersweet look.

Jax told Sonny that he did not want Sonny's goons hanging around Jax's family. Sonny replied that he would protect his sons no matter what. Jax said that he wanted Sonny out of their lives. Sonny said that he would have gotten rid of Jax long before if it were not for the respect he had for Carly.

Jax said that he was very tired of Sonny, also, and that he did not want Sonny to go near his daughter. After making that pronouncement, he slammed out of Sonny's office.

At the Quartermaines;, a downcast Rebecca talked to Edward. They chatted about Emily. Edward assured Rebecca that she and Emily would have loved each other. Rebecca told Edward that she did not know how to get past Liz's disdain for her. Edward thought for a moment. then had an idea that he shared with Rebecca.

Johnny went to see Anthony. He told his father to drop any revenge plans against Sonny. Johnny told Anthony that if he moved against Sonny, Johnny would take Sonny's side and Anthony would never see Johnny again. Anthony told Johnny that he had already lost his taste for avenging Claudia and that he would make peace with Sonny if it meant that Johnny would keep visiting.

Lulu went to see Sonny. She told him that she appreciated his friendship with her father and their family through the years. She told him that she felt she owed him loyalty. She wanted to know what Sonny would do if he found out that someone she cared about was a cop trying to bring him down. Before Sonny could answer, Dominic walked in.

Nikolas went to the Quartermaine mansion to see Rebecca. She told him that Edward wanted to host a small private dinner party to celebrate Lucky's engagement to Liz. Nikolas' immediate response was a resounding no.

Luke called Liz to the Haunted Star. She thought that he wanted to talk about his relationship with Lucky. Instead, Luke told her he knew about her relationship with Nikolas.

Lucky met with Maxie on the docks. She guessed that he wanted info on Lulu's relationship with Dominic, so she babbled out her opinion that Dominic was not right for Lulu. Lucky thanked her, then asked point-blank if she had seen Sonny "coming or going" on the night that Claudia had disappeared when she had opened the gate for Kate's pool man. Maxie was speechless.

Jason found mail waiting when he got home to the penthouse. Inside a manila envelope, with no return address, was a photo of what appeared to be the cabin. In the photo, a body covered with a tarp was lying on the floor in the same position that Claudia's had been.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At the warehouse, Dominic barged into Sonny's office just as Lulu asked what Sonny would do if he had learned that a cop was gathering evidence against him. Dominic eyes rounded, but he managed to hide his reaction from Sonny. Dominic instantly relaxed when Sonny assumed that Lulu had been referring to Lucky. Sonny assured Lulu that she didn't have to worry about Lucky. Lulu was hopeful that Sonny meant that he would never harm the child of a close friend.

Sonny clarified that she didn't have to worry because no police officer had ever been able to gather evidence against him. Sonny was confident that it would never happen. Before Lulu could ask any more questions, Sonny announced that he had business to attend to. However, Sonny wanted Dominic to remain behind. After the door closed behind Lulu, Sonny reminded Dominic that Lulu was special.

Sonny didn't want Lulu to be endangered because of her relationship with Dominic. Dominic promised to keep Lulu safe. He was curious if Sonny thought that Lulu liked him. Sonny smiled, but rather than answer Dominic's question, he reminded his young lieutenant that Lulu was waiting. When Dominic left the office, he found Lulu hovering near the door.

Dante and Lulu left the warehouse. When they reached the piers, Lulu informed Dante that he could release her arm. She promised not to run back to Sonny's office. Dante demanded to know if Lulu had been on the verge of telling Sonny that he was an undercover police officer. Lulu admitted that she had considered it. Dante was furious; he pointed out that Lulu was playing with his life.

Lulu insisted that she had been careful to speak in hypothetical terms. However, she realized how dangerous Dante's situation was when Sonny had asked Dante to remain in the office. Lulu feared that Sonny might have suspected that Dante was the police officer that she had referred to. Dante warned Lulu that they couldn't be certain that Sonny didn't have an inkling that Dante was working undercover.

Lulu argued that if there was a possibility that Sonny suspected Dante, then it was all the more reason for Dante to return to Bensonhurst. Dante insisted that Sonny had killed Claudia; he was determined to prove it. Dante then switched gears when he confessed that despite being on opposite sides of the law, he and Sonny agreed on one thing: Lulu was special. Dante kissed Lulu and then walked away.

At the penthouse, Jason stared at the picture that had been sent to him. When Spinelli arrived home, Jason explained that he needed Spinelli's assistance. Spinelli assured Jason that he would keep whatever information Jason shared with him confidential. Jason handed the picture to Spinelli. As Spinelli studied the photo of Claudia's body on the cabin floor, he realized that she was dead.

Jason explained that Michael had accidentally killed Claudia and that she had died instantly. Jason insisted that no one was supposed to have known about what had happened, yet someone had managed to snap a picture. Spinelli suspected that the picture might have been taken while Jason and Michael had been waiting for Sonny on the roadside.

Jason went to the warehouse to tell Sonny about the picture. As Sonny studied the photograph, he grumbled that even in death, Claudia seemed to cause problems. Sonny worried that the person who had sent the picture knew that Michael had killed Claudia. Jason disagreed; he was certain that the reason the picture had been sent to him was because the sender believed that Jason had done the deed.

Sonny ordered Jason to find the person who had sent the picture before the person went to the police with the information. Sonny didn't want the sender to have an opportunity to tell anyone what had happened at the cabin. Shortly after Jason left, Dominic returned to Sonny's office. Sonny decided to show Dominic the picture.

Dominic was curious who had killed Claudia, but Sonny reminded Dominic that it wasn't his place to ask questions. Sonny wanted Dominic to see if he could uncover any information about the picture. Sonny ordered Dominic to report back to him, and no one else, if he found anything.

Spinelli was busy trying to track down information about the picture of Claudia, when Sam arrived at the penthouse. She had good news. While Spinelli busily tapped away on his laptop, Sam revealed that their agency had been hired to oversee the security for an art gallery opening that Kate Howard had arranged. Sam was hopeful that the agency would get great publicity. Spinelli informed Sam that he would be too busy working on a secret project for Jason.

Sam was surprised when Spinelli handed her the picture of Claudia and then explained that Jason had received the picture from an anonymous sender. Shortly after Spinelli left, Jason arrived home. Sam was waiting for Jason with the picture in hand. She offered to help him track down the sender. Jason appreciated Sam's support. He was frustrated because he hadn't realized that someone had been lurking near the cabin. Sam feared that the picture was just the beginning of their troubles.

On the piers, Lucky questioned Maxie about what she had seen on the night of Claudia's disappearance. Lucky was particularly interested in knowing if Maxie had seen anything noteworthy at Sonny's house while she had been waiting for the pool repairman to arrive. Maxie claimed that she hadn't seen anything, but Lucky didn't believe her.

Maxie asked him why she would lie. Lucky suggested that perhaps she was afraid or she was protecting Spinelli. Maxie didn't think it was a good idea for Lucky to question her, given their history. When she started to leave, Lucky stopped her. He observed that she was trying much too hard to avoid answering his questions. As an addict, Lucky recognized the signs of denial.

Lucky pointed out that Maxie had a perfect view of Sonny's place from her car. Maxie argued that it had been raining too hard that night, so she had been unable to see through her windshield. Lucky decided not to push for answers, but he warned her that she might be subpoenaed to testify.

Maxie was working at Crimson when Spinelli entered the office. Maxie barked some orders into the phone and then ended the call. Spinelli was impressed by Maxie's fierceness. Maxie smiled as she explained that the art gallery event was important to the magazine and her career. It was one of the reasons that Maxie had pushed for Kate to hire Spinelli's agency.

Spinelli explained that he wouldn't be able to work on the art gallery opening because he was tied up with another project. Maxie was upset. She refused to allow Spinelli to back out on the event. Spinelli insisted that he didn't have a choice, but Maxie didn't believe him. Spinelli relented; he promised that he would always support her.

Patrick was surprised when he arrived home to discover a metal washtub, filled with ice and bottles of beer, sitting on the coffee table. Robin thought that Patrick had ordered it for game night. Patrick checked the card and then smiled as he revealed that his ex-girlfriend, Lisa, had sent the gift. Lisa wanted to show her appreciation for his help. Patrick chuckled when he realized that Lisa had sent him "Naked Beer."

A short time later, Matt, Mac, and Coleman arrived to watch the game with Patrick. Patrick told them that an old "drinking buddy" had sent the beer. Patrick revealed that during their college days, Lisa and Patrick had attended a party that had run out of booze. When they had decided to go in search of some beer, Lisa had found some guys brewing their own. Eventually, she had persuaded them to give her a couple of dozen beers. Patrick claimed that it had been the best beer that he had ever had.

According to Patrick, the microbrewers had gone on to win several awards. Coleman was impressed with the beer; he hoped that Patrick could arrange for Naked Beer to be sold at Jake's. As the guys watched the game and drank the beer, the doorbell rang. It was Louise. She had dropped by to see if Patrick had received Lisa's gift. Louise wanted to take a picture for Lisa of everyone enjoying the beer. Patrick invited Louise to be in the picture with them, so Robin took the picture.

As Louise settled down to watch the game with the boys, Robin served everyone pigs in a blanket. Mac was thrilled. As he helped himself to his favorite snack, Robin asked if Mac could baby-sit Emma for them on Friday night. Robin wanted to go out on a date with Patrick.

Mac revealed that he had plans to go to a bar that had a karaoke night. As Mac returned to the sofa, the phone rang. Patrick answered it. It was Lisa calling to see if Patrick had received her gift. Robin appeared a bit troubled when she heard Patrick tell Lisa that he wished that Lisa were there with them.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Nikolas admitted that he didn't think it was a good idea for Rebecca to host a dinner to celebrate Lucky and Liz's engagement. Nikolas worried that some might question Rebecca's motives. When Rebecca suggested a small gathering at Wyndemere, Nikolas wondered why Rebecca was so eager to host a party for Lucky and Liz. Rebecca claimed that she had always felt that Lucky had treated her fairly, even when he had told Nikolas about her reasons for her association with Ethan. She wanted to show Lucky her appreciation.

As Nikolas turned toward the mantel, he spotted a picture of Emily. Rebecca noticed. She softly admitted that she knew it was the anniversary of her sister's passing. They briefly talked about Emily before Rebecca suggested that they return to Wyndemere for a quiet dinner. Nikolas asked for a rain check. He claimed that he had would be tied up with business phone calls for most of the night. After Nikolas left, Rebecca appeared annoyed.

At the Haunted Star, Luke revealed to Liz that he knew that she was having an affair with Nikolas. Liz wondered how Luke had found out. Luke explained that he had seen her and Nikolas kissing on the piers. When Liz apologized, Luke made it clear that he wasn't judging her. He had made his own fair share of mistakes.

Liz wondered what Luke planned to do. Luke said he had intended to do nothing, but then he had decided to talk to Nikolas. Liz was surprised that Nikolas and Luke had spoken. Luke claimed that Nikolas was too busy justifying himself to do right by Lucky. Liz admitted that she had tried to tell Lucky about her relationship with Nikolas, but she couldn't hurt Lucky like that again. Luke argued that Lucky deserved to know the truth.

Liz promised that she would never be with Nikolas again. Luke advised Liz to tell Lucky that, not him. Liz loved Lucky and she believed that they could be happy together. She didn't want to alleviate her own guilt at Lucky's expense. She begged Luke not to tell Lucky.

After Liz left, Luke called Lucky. When Lucky arrived at the casino, he assumed that Luke wanted to discuss Sonny's role in Claudia's sudden disappearance. Luke clarified that he wanted to talk about Lucky and Liz. Luke insisted that Liz wasn't telling Lucky everything. Lucky snidely commented that they had a therapist to advise them. Luke urged Lucky to look closer at his relationship with Liz. Lucky hated that Luke had given up on love, but he refused to follow in his father's footsteps.

When Luke warned Lucky that he was making a mistake, Lucky announced that it was his mistake to make. Lucky ordered Luke to keep his doubts to himself, then he stormed out of his father's casino.

Liz went to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. Nikolas had seen the launch approach; he had hoped that Liz had been on it. Liz wondered why Nikolas hadn't warned her that Luke knew about their affair. Nikolas confessed that he hadn't wanted to use the news as an excuse to see or talk to Liz. Liz suspected that Nikolas had hoped that Lucky would somehow learn the truth.

Nikolas admitted that a part of him did want Lucky to know. Nikolas believed that he deserved Lucky's resentment and anger. Liz was curious if Nikolas wanted Lucky to break things off with Liz, so that Nikolas could help her pick up the pieces. Rather than answer her, Nikolas demanded to know what Liz wanted. Liz revealed that she wanted to feel for Lucky what she felt for Nikolas. Nikolas was reflective as Liz walked away.

At the stalker's warehouse, a Claudia look-alike posed on the floor. She appeared dead until her eyes snapped open and she asked, "Can I get up now?" As the model slipped on a robe, an answering machine picked up a call. It was the stalker's agent, calling to confirm that the art gallery opening had been confirmed for Friday. She didn't understand why the man had wanted to have an exhibit in upstate New York, but she warned him to be a "good boy." She didn't want any trouble like "the last time."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At the hospital, Patrick was surprised when he spotted Lisa Niles talking to Robin. Lisa revealed that she was at the hospital to consult on a case with Robin. Lisa had a patient with a spinal cord problem that Lisa hoped to treat without resorting to surgery. Robin was impressed that Lisa was open to different options. While Lisa and Robin talked about the patient's case, Matt approached Patrick.

Matt warned Patrick that it was never a good idea for ex-girlfriends and wives to talk to each other. Patrick wasn't concerned. Robin was well aware of Patrick's history and therefore knew all of his faults. Patrick didn't think that Lisa could tell Robin anything that would change Robin's view of him. However, when Robin walked away, Patrick approached Lisa to find out how much trouble he was in with his wife.

Lisa assured Patrick that she hadn't told Robin anything horrible about him. Patrick relaxed. As he and Lisa briefly reminisced about the past, Robin returned with her recommendations for Lisa's patient. After Lisa left, Patrick commented, "There goes a wild woman." Robin was curious if Patrick missed the old days. Patrick responded, "No way."

At the penthouse, Spinelli informed Jason and Sam that he had been able to identify the type of camera that had been used to take the picture of Claudia. Lucky arrived moments later to talk to Jason. Spinelli quickly gathered his things and then left. As Sam started to follow Spinelli out, Lucky stopped her. Lucky confided to Sam that he hoped that her desire to help Jason hadn't landed her in trouble.

Sam claimed that Jason hadn't done anything wrong and neither had she. After Jason closed the door behind Sam, he demanded to know what Lucky wanted. Lucky explained that he'd been able to piece together a theory about Claudia's fate, based partly on the evidence that he had collected and partly on speculation. Lucky shared his theory on the events that had led to Claudia's murder. It was surprisingly insightful and accurate. However, Lucky suspected that a crucial piece of information was missing.

Lucky was certain that Sonny and Jason were covering up more than Claudia's demise. Jason didn't know what Lucky wanted from him. Lucky clarified that while he was not condoning what Jason had done or looking the other way, he understood what had led to Claudia's death. Lucky admitted that he respected Jason for making the decision to give Jake up. Therefore, Lucky intended to step down from the case because of conflict of interest. Lucky wanted Jason to know that whoever took over the case would run with the evidence that Lucky had gathered.

According to Lucky, the evidence pointed to Jason and Sonny as co-conspirators who had covered up Claudia's murder. He warned that Jason and Sonny could be facing murder charges.

At Kelly's, Liz placed an order for a picnic lunch. Liz explained to Mike that she and Lucky intended to go hiking. Nikolas entered the diner in time to hear Liz's plans for the day. Liz turned to Nikolas when he remarked about her plans. Liz demanded to know if Nikolas was following her. Before Nikolas could respond, Rebecca entered Kelly's.

Rebecca threw her arms around Nikolas and then kissed him. Liz was annoyed by the public display of affection. Nikolas appeared uncomfortable as he ended the kiss. Seemingly oblivious to the undercurrents between Nikolas and Liz, Rebecca explained that she and Alfred had planned a surprise for Nikolas, but they needed a little more time to get things done. Rebecca promised to call Nikolas to let him know when everything was ready at Wyndemere.

After Rebecca left, Liz asked for a moment of Nikolas' time. Nikolas followed Liz to a secluded nook in the alley. Liz observed that Rebecca clearly had something romantic planned for Nikolas. To Nikolas' surprise, Liz admitted that she was glad; she hoped that it helped Nikolas to move forward. Nikolas was bothered by Liz's attitude. He demanded that she look him in the eye to tell him that she was happy that Rebecca had special plans for him, but Liz couldn't do it.

Nikolas dared Liz to deny the attraction that she felt for him. As he spoke, Nikolas inched closer to Liz until he could kiss her. The heated kiss continued until Robin walked up. When Robin saw Liz in Nikolas' arms, she blasted Liz for cheating on Lucky. Robin couldn't believe that Liz would hurt Lucky again; she vowed to testify on Lucky's behalf if he decided that he wanted custody of the kids.

Liz snapped out of her nightmarish fantasy when Sam called out Liz's name. Liz looked around for Nikolas, but didn't see him. As Sam started to leave, Liz asked Sam to wait. Liz admitted that she had unfairly judged Sam in the past. Liz realized that she had been a hypocrite and that she didn't have any right to cast judgment on anyone. Liz wasn't proud of what she had done; she felt that she owed Sam an apology.

Liz understood if Sam didn't want to accept the apology, but she had to let Sam know that she was truly sorry for how she had treated her. Sam didn't respond.

A short time later, Sam returned to the penthouse. She was curious how Jason's talk with Lucky had gone. Jason told her that Lucky had tried to warn him. Jason admitted that he would always be grateful to Lucky for raising Jake. Jason could see that Jake loved Lucky. Sam agreed that Lucky was a wonderful father and that he loved Liz. However, Sam wasn't certain that Liz felt the same way about Lucky. Jason seemed surprised by Sam's comment.

After Liz collected the picnic lunch from Mike, Lucky entered Kelly's. As Liz and Lucky prepared to leave, Lucky admitted that he had been at Jason's penthouse to follow up on some evidence. Lucky realized that he might have to arrest Jason, so he had decided to step down from the case. Liz was plagued with guilt. As her eyes filled with tears, she tried to work up the courage to tell Lucky about Nikolas, but the words wouldn't come.

Lucky assumed that Liz felt guilty for turning to Jason after their marriage had fallen apart. He assured Liz that she didn't need to keep apologizing for the past; he had forgiven her. Lucky felt equally responsible for having hurt Liz with his addiction to drugs and his affair with Maxie. Lucky insisted that their mistakes were in the past and that the power of forgiveness had set them free.

Later, Liz and Lucky settled on a blanket to enjoy their picnic. When Lucky mentioned that Liz should have packed her painting supplies, Liz remarked how much their lives had changed. A nurse and police officer had replaced the artist and musician. Lucky believed that they were rich in all of the ways that mattered.

Liz thanked Lucky for the picnic; she confessed that it had been exactly what she had needed. After Liz made a wish on an eyelash, Lucky wanted to know what she had wished for. Liz teased that she couldn't tell him. However, she did confide that some things were precious and needed to be cherished or else they would be lost forever. As Liz spoke, Lucky spotted a sign near a tree. He realized that the property that they were on was for sale.

Dominic was looking at the picture of Claudia in the cabin when he spotted Johnny entering the coffee warehouse. Dominic managed to slip the photo out of sight before Johnny joined Dominic at the table. Dominic wondered if Johnny had heard anything new about Claudia. Johnny insisted that Sonny had killed his sister.

Johnny understood the decision to kill Claudia from a business standpoint, but he had difficulty accepting that Sonny could so easily murder his own wife. According to Johnny, Sonny had tossed Claudia aside like a "sack of yard mulch." Dominic questioned if Sonny had ever loved Claudia. Johnny didn't know how Sonny had felt about Claudia, but he believed that Claudia had been a good wife to Sonny. Johnny didn't want Sonny to get away with her murder.

Spinelli went to Johnny's garage, but no one was there. While Spinelli looked around for Johnny, he noticed some pictures of Claudia scattered on a table. As Spinelli studied the photos, Johnny walked in. Spinelli commented that it appeared that Johnny had impressive camera equipment. Johnny revealed that Claudia had purchased the camera for him. According to Johnny it was a "fancy artist" camera that he knew next to nothing about.

Johnny was curious why Spinelli was at the garage. Spinelli claimed that he was there to commiserate with Johnny. Johnny was surprised; not many mourned Claudia's passing. Spinelli confessed that Claudia had always been kind to him. Johnny admitted that Claudia had thought highly of Spinelli. Johnny believed that what Sonny had done to Claudia at the party had been unforgivable.

Johnny was certain that Sonny's comment about Claudia's baby had made her snap. Johnny regretted that he had not defended his sister while Sonny had publicly humiliated her.

Dante went to his mother's apartment to show her the picture of Claudia. Olivia was horrified that someone had snapped the grisly photo. When she wondered who would do such a thing, Dante revealed that he suspected Johnny. Olivia refused to believe that Johnny would send the picture. Dante argued that Johnny had motive, a temper, and he was unpredictable. Dante believed that Johnny was out to get Jason and Sonny.

Olivia refused to believe that Sonny and Jason had killed Claudia. She reminded Dante that he didn't have any proof that Johnny had taken the picture or that Sonny had murdered his wife. Dante insisted that it was entirely possible that Johnny was out to avenge his sister's murder and that Sonny had done the deed. Olivia felt as if she were watching a train wreck; she begged Dante to return to Bensonhurst before it was too late, but Dante insisted that he had a job to do.

As Dante prepared to leave, Olivia wondered if he wanted the picture back. Dante claimed that he had made several copies; he wanted his mother to keep the picture, in order to remind her what Sonny was capable of. A short time later, Johnny arrived at Olivia's request. She told him that she wanted to take care of him. She reminded him that he could talk to her about anything.

Johnny thanked Olivia for her support. He realized that Claudia had treated Olivia badly. Olivia insisted that the only thing that mattered was that Johnny had loved his sister. When Olivia hinted that she would understand his desire for revenge, Johnny wondered if she was afraid that he would go after Sonny.

Olivia claimed that she wanted Claudia's death to be the end of the violence. Johnny insisted that it was up to Sonny, not him. Johnny just wanted to know what had happened to his sister. Olivia understood that Johnny couldn't make any promises, but she wanted him to know that he was important to her. While Olivia went to the kitchen to fetch them something to eat, Johnny looked for a corkscrew, so that he could open a bottle of wine. Instead, he found the picture of Claudia.

Joey Limbo paid Anthony a visit in jail. Anthony was pleased when Joey revealed that he had a perfect opportunity to ambush Sonny and Jason.

At the coffee warehouse, Jason entered his office to find Dominic waiting. Jason informed Dominic that Joey Limbo had gone to see Anthony. Dominic offered to help in any way that he could. Jason explained that Sonny had arranged a meeting with Joey, in order to broker a peace treaty. Jason wanted Dominic at the meeting to make certain that nothing happened. Jason insisted that there had been enough violence; it needed to end.

Nikolas entered the turret room to find that Rebecca had arranged a romantic lunch, complete with his favorite French foods. Rebecca entered moments later, carrying a bottle of French wine. As Rebecca kissed Nikolas, she suggested that they travel to France one day. Nikolas responded to Rebecca's advances. However, before the seduction went too far, Nikolas pulled away.

Nikolas couldn't continue lying to Rebecca. He told her that Ethan had been right; Nikolas had been using Rebecca. Nikolas admitted that he had offered Ethan one million dollars to seduce her. Rebecca wanted to know if Nikolas was deliberately trying to hurt her. Nikolas confessed that he had once wanted revenge for what she had done, but he had changed his mind.

Rebecca demanded to know why he had kept her around. Nikolas was brutally honest as he admitted that it had been partly for convenience. Nikolas revealed that he had never been free to love her because he loved someone else.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

At Wyndemere, Nikolas hoped that Rebecca understood that he couldn't be with her because he was in love with someone else. Rebecca admitted that she had known all along, but she had refused to accept it. Nikolas didn't correct Rebecca's assumption that Emily was the woman that Nikolas was in love with. Rebecca insisted that it wasn't healthy for Nikolas to love someone that he could never be with. Nikolas reminded Rebecca that it wasn't her concern.

Rebecca argued that despite everything, she cared for Nikolas. When Rebecca tried to work things out with Nikolas, he decided that it was time for her to leave. He insisted that she was better off without him. Rebecca left without further comment, but it was clear that she was deeply hurt.

Lucky couldn't believe that the property that he and Liz had picnicked on was for sale. Lucky was certain that they were meant to find it. Liz admitted that the secluded area was lovely. As Lucky looked around, he imagined them raising the boys there. Liz was surprised when Lucky proposed that they buy the property and then build a house on it. Liz wondered how they would pay for it. Lucky was confident that they would find a way.

Liz suggested selling her house. However, she was uncertain if Lucky would be comfortable using the money from the sale of a house that Jason had bought for her. Lucky assured her that he didn't have any qualms about using money for a down payment on the property. He reminded her that it was their life and their journey.

Once the decision was made, Liz embraced the idea of starting over in a new home. Lucky decided that he would talk to his family about renting out the Spencer home. As Liz shared her ideas for their new home, Lucky smiled. He enjoyed hearing her talk about their future. As Lucky kissed Liz, she wrapped her arms around him.

A short time later, Liz arrived home to find Nikolas sitting in her living room. She informed Nikolas that he shouldn't be in her home. Liz suspected that Nikolas might be drunk when she spotted a snifter of brandy. Nikolas assured her that he was sober. He offered to leave depending on how Liz answered his question. Nikolas wanted to know if Liz felt about Lucky the way that she felt about him.

Liz confessed that what she felt for Nikolas scared her. Nikolas admitted that his feelings for Liz scared him, as well. He realized that he shouldn't want Liz, and that Lucky was the best man for her. Liz reminded Nikolas that she planned to marry Lucky, but she hated herself because she couldn't stop thinking about Nikolas. Nikolas kissed Liz and then asked her to tell him that she didn't want him. Liz responded by returning Nikolas' kiss.

At Olivia's apartment, Johnny demanded to know where Olivia had gotten the picture of Claudia's dead body. Olivia was too stunned to immediately respond. As Johnny stared at the picture, he realized that he had confirmation of his sister's death. Olivia confessed that the picture had been a copy; Dominic had dropped it off because he suspected that Johnny had sent it. Johnny wondered why anyone would think that he'd send such a grisly photograph.

Olivia suggested that perhaps Johnny might have been motivated by revenge. Johnny was hurt that Olivia would have such a low opinion of him. Olivia quickly clarified that she wasn't accusing him. Johnny was curious if Olivia ever intended to show the picture to him. Olivia truthfully admitted that she didn't know. Johnny insisted that he had not sent the photo. Olivia pointed out that revenge was part of his world.

Johnny admitted that revenge was on his mind. Just looking at the picture filled him with rage because Claudia had not deserved to die as she had. Olivia pleaded with Johnny to stop looking at the picture. She wanted him to take the opportunity to save himself by getting out of the mob.

Johnny explained that everyone had used his sister, but he had been the only person that she had trusted. He would never have disrespected Claudia's memory by sending the photograph. If Olivia believed that Johnny was capable of exploiting his sister's death in such manner, then she didn't know him at all.

Lulu was shocked when she spotted Johnny kicking and punching a phone booth on the piers. When she called out to Johnny, he immediately reigned in his temper and then apologized for frightening her. Lulu realized that he was upset about Claudia. She offered him words of comfort and then decided to caution him to be careful around Dominic. Johnny wondered why Lulu felt compelled to warn him. Lulu confided that Dominic might not have Johnny's best interest at heart.

Dominic approached them moments later. Dominic joked that, judging by their serious expressions, they must have been talking about him. Johnny didn't confirm Dominic's suspicions, but he did let Lulu know that he'd think about what she had said. After Johnny walked away, Dominic demanded to know what Lulu and Johnny had been talking about.

Lulu confessed that she had warned Johnny not to trust Dominic. Dominic was livid; he accused Lulu of endangering him. Lulu refused to allow Dominic to take advantage of Johnny's grief. Dominic wondered if Lulu was as sympathetic for the family members of the people that Johnny had "whacked" over the years. Lulu wondered how Dominic could live with himself.

Lulu insisted that Johnny needed his friend, not "his girlfriend's son, Detective Dante Falconeri, out to destroy Sonny and the people that he works with." Lulu and Dante were unaware that Johnny lurked nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Later, Lucky bumped into Lulu on the piers. He immediately sensed that his sister was troubled. Lulu wondered what Lucky's reaction would be if Dominic turned out to be a different person than the one he appeared to be. Lucky insisted that Dominic was exactly what he appeared to be: a wise guy. Lulu wished that she could be more like Lucky and Liz; she didn't want to be afraid to put her heart on the line.

After Lucky left Lulu, he went to Liz's house. As Lucky knocked on the door, Liz and Nikolas were about to make love on the living room floor. They jumped apart when they heard Lucky call out Liz's name.

At the coffee warehouse, Sonny entered his office to find Jason and Dominic talking about the meeting with Joey. Sonny didn't want any surprises, so he decided to go over their plans. Sonny revealed that they had arranged for the meeting to take place at a brownstone because it was a neutral location. Dominic thought it was a bad idea, but Sonny thought it was important to show good faith.

After Jason left, Sonny made it clear that he was depending on Dominic to do what needed to be done. Dominic assured Sonny that he could be counted on. Sonny then asked Dominic if he had discovered any new information about the picture of Claudia. Dominic admitted that he suspected that Johnny might have sent the photo. Sonny wanted to be certain of Johnny's guilt before he made a decision. He ordered Dominic to find him irrefutable proof that Johnny was behind the picture. Dominic hoped to get a time line of the events surrounding Claudia's death, but Sonny remained tight-lipped.

Sonny went to Olivia's apartment looking for Johnny. When Olivia told him that Johnny wasn't there, Sonny asked how Johnny was holding up. Olivia reminded Sonny that Johnny had lost his sister, so he was not doing well. Sonny explained that he had been informed that Johnny might be going over the edge. Sonny was worried about Olivia's safety. Olivia insisted that Johnny would never hurt her.

Sonny reminded Olivia that his mother had said the same thing about his stepfather. Olivia couldn't believe that he was comparing Johnny to Deke. Olivia vowed that she would never allow a man to raise his hand to her; she'd beat him over the head with a frying pan first. Sonny refused to leave until Olivia promised him that she would call him if she ever felt threatened by Johnny in any way. Reluctantly, Olivia agreed.

Carly arrived at Jason's penthouse carrying a bag of beer and cheesy snacks. Jason informed her that he had a meeting to attend, so he didn't have time to visit with her. Carly tried to persuade Jason to change his mind, but he insisted that it was an important meeting. Carly was surprised to see a gun case on the desk. Jason explained that the gun was for backup; the meeting was an attempt to broker a truce.

Carly admitted that she was worried about Jason. She thought that he was being too hard on himself because of what had happened with Michael. Jason reminded Carly that Michael had killed someone. Jason realized that it had been accidental, but he was concerned because Michael hadn't shown any regret or confusion over the incident. Michael believed that Claudia's death had been necessary, which scared Jason.

After Carly put the beer away, she returned to the living room. She tried to get Jason's opinion about Dominic, but he was hesitant to share his thoughts. Carly pushed until Jason revealed that Dominic was ambitious and unlikely to walk away from the mob. Carly realized that she might want to suggest that Lulu stay away from Dominic. Jason reminded Carly that she had ignored similar advice about Sonny. However, Jason warned Carly that if Lulu became involved with Dominic then Lulu would probably end up right in the middle of all of the mob violence.

Carly sensed that Jason was upset about more than the meeting and Michael. Jason refused to discuss it. Carly let the matter drop. As she started to leave, she invited Jason to stop by to visit with Josslyn. Jason couldn't believe that Carly would make such an offer after what had happened with Michael. Carly blamed Liz for instilling fear in Jason. Jason argued that Jake was better off without him. He believed that Lucky was a good father.

Spinelli arrived at Crimson to let Maxie know that the security cameras were in place at the art gallery. He assured her that everything was up and running, so they were ready for the opening. Maxie wanted Spinelli's opinion about how the gallery had looked; she hoped to impress the artist. Spinelli reminded Maxie that the artist was a recluse who did not make public appearances.

Maxie explained that the opening was important to Crimson and to her. According to Maxie, Kate hoped to persuade the artist, an accomplished photographer, to do a layout for the magazine. Maxie claimed that it would be a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to put a magazine spread together. Maxie was hopeful that she would be included in the layout, which would boost her career. Spinelli was doubtful that it would happen, since the artist probably wouldn't attend the opening. Maxie explained that it was her job to make certain that the artist was there.

Someone was spray painting "CO77X" on a wall while nearby Joey Limbo gave his men last-minute instructions on what to do when Sonny arrived. Joey wanted his men to welcome Sonny with "open arms" the moment that Sonny stepped out of his car. Joey clarified that he didn't want Sonny or Jason to survive the ambush. When Joey spotted the vagrant painting graffiti, he ordered the man to leave. Thinking him harmless, Joey tossed the man some change and then dismissed him from his mind.

Sonny, Jason, Dominic, Max, and Milo prepared to meet Joey Limbo. Sonny reminded his men that no one was to shoot unless they had to.

Olivia was surprised when Johnny showed up with a big bouquet of flowers for her. After Olivia invited Johnny into her apartment, he apologized for their earlier argument. Olivia told Johnny that she loved him and then asked him to spend the night. When Johnny agreed, Olivia went to the bathroom to run a bath for them. She returned to the living room a short time later to fetch Johnny.

Johnny casually asked Olivia about Dante. When Olivia confirmed that Dante was a firefighter in New York City, Johnny revealed that he had checked, but there hadn't been any record of a Dante Falconeri working for any of the fire departments in the city. Olivia nervously suggested that perhaps it was a clerical error. Johnny countered that maybe it was because Dante was actually an undercover police officer.

This episode featured the song, "Mad World," by Adam Lambert

Friday, November 20, 2009

Liz and Nikolas hurriedly threw on their clothes as Lucky continued to knock on Liz's front door. Liz urged Nikolas to go out through the back door. Nikolas managed to slip out of sight seconds before Lucky used his key to unlock the front door. As Lucky entered the house, he saw Liz standing in the living room. He immediately apologized for letting himself in; he had thought that Liz had been in the laundry room.

Liz assured Lucky that he hadn't done anything wrong. When she glanced down at the floor, she noticed one of Nikolas' cufflinks. Nikolas was in the next room buttoning up his shirt. Instead of leaving, Nikolas eavesdropped on Liz and Lucky's conversation. As Liz joined Lucky on the sofa, she managed to hide the cufflink with her foot. Lucky revealed that he had stopped off at the realtor's office to inquire about the property that they were interested in buying.

Lucky explained that he had looked into what the preliminary cost would be for them to build on the property. Liz feared that it would cost more than they could afford. Lucky disagreed; he didn't think that it was hopeless. Lucky suggested that he could ask Nikolas for a loan. Liz objected to the idea. She didn't want to be indebted to Nikolas. Liz thought it would be best if they kept Nikolas out of their house plans.

Lucky wondered what was going on between Liz and Nikolas. He had noticed that Liz had seemed different around Nikolas. Liz claimed that Nikolas had been self-destructive ever since Emily had died. Lucky was surprised; Nikolas had made a similar comment at Emily's crypt. Lucky admitted that he thought that Nikolas had been doing better in recent months.

Liz was curious if Lucky thought that Rebecca was responsible for the change in Nikolas. Lucky acknowledged that things had seemed to be going well between Nikolas and Rebecca. Liz muttered that Nikolas had been lying if he had told Lucky that. Liz appeared on the verge of telling Lucky about her relationship with Nikolas when Lucky's pager went off. Lucky announced that he had to leave to investigate a shooting.

At Olivia's apartment, Johnny was furious that Olivia had not warned him that her son was a police officer working undercover in Sonny's organization. Olivia insisted that she had kept quiet for the sake of Dante. Johnny wanted to understand how Olivia could have claimed to love him, but not have told him the truth about Dante. Olivia admitted that she didn't want to endanger her son or to lose Johnny.

Olivia explained that she had been living in Port Charles and had just become involved with Johnny when Dante had turned up. She had made repeated attempts to persuade Dante to return to Bensonhurst, but Dante had been determined to be the one who finally took down Sonny. Olivia claimed that she had tried to warn Johnny on several occasions to be careful around Dominic. Johnny was curious if she had ended their relationship because of Dante.

Olivia revealed that her cousin Connie had recognized Dante at Jake's. Johnny remembered the night; it had been the first time that Olivia had told Johnny that she loved him. Olivia explained that she had been forced to drag her intoxicated cousin out of the bar before Connie blabbed the truth to everyone. Claudia happed to overhear Olivia and Connie arguing in the parking lot. Claudia decided to use the information about Dante, in order to force Olivia to break up with Johnny.

Johnny had no idea what to believe. He didn't trust Olivia's tears and her repeated apologies. He sensed that she was only interested in protecting her "sorry two-faced son's lying ass." Olivia explained that Dante was determined to avenge the murder of his mentor, which Dante blamed on Sonny.

Olivia wanted to know if Johnny planned to tell Sonny about Dante. She reminded him that if he told Sonny then Dante would be killed. Olivia loved Johnny, but she couldn't live if anything happened to her son. Johnny reminded her that he could score huge points with Sonny if he told Sonny that his new lieutenant was a cop. Olivia begged Johnny not to hurt Dante because he was mad at her. Johnny clarified that he was also "pissed" at Dante. Johnny didn't know what he would do, but he warned her, "This won't end well. Someone won't make it out alive."

Spinelli was working on his laptop when Sam entered the penthouse to see if Spinelli had learned anything new about the photograph. Spinelli explained that the camera that had taken the picture was a popular model, so it was difficult for him to trace it to a specific owner. Sam was disappointed. When Spinelli noticed the time, he realized that he had to meet Maxie at the art gallery. Sam insisted that his work for Jason was more important. Sam volunteered to go to the gallery while Spinelli continued working. Spinelli reluctantly agreed.

At the art gallery, Kate and Maxie went over some last-minute details for the opening. Their conversation drifted to Franco, the artist. They were impressed that in five years Franco had gone from an obscure "wall tagger" to a world famous photographer. Maxie was curious why Franco lived as a recluse in Paris; she wondered if he could be "facially challenged." Kate didn't know or care as long as he agreed to do the spread for Crimson.

Kate made it clear that she depended on Maxie to work her magic. Maxie was a bit insulted when Kate seemed to suggest that Maxie use her looks to convince Franco to do the photo shoot. Kate clarified that she had faith in Maxie's impressive powers of persuasion. Mollified, Maxie and Kate checked out the exhibits to make certain that everything was in place. Maxie admitted that she found the crime scene reenactments a bit disturbing. Kate appeared to agree.

Later, Lulu arrived at the art gallery to help Maxie prepare for the opening. When Maxie talked about the possibility of Franco doing a spread for the magazine, Lulu admitted that she didn't think it would happen. Maxie was frustrated by Lulu's lack of support. Maxie's mood didn't improve when Sam arrived moments later to announce that Spinelli was running late. Maxie was livid. Sam tried to calm Maxie down by reminding her that Spinelli would be attending the event, but Maxie couldn't relax; she felt as if disaster loomed on the horizon.

Joey and his men were gathered outside of the brownstone where Sonny was scheduled to arrive. Joey reminded his men that he wanted Sonny and Jason to be killed. As they prepared to take their places, Joey noticed a vagrant spray painting graffiti nearby. Joey ordered the bum to leave. When the man asked if Joey could spare some change, Joey tossed him a coin and then waited for the vagrant to leave.

In Sonny's limousine, Dominic worried that Joey was unpredictable and therefore could not be trusted. Sonny was determined to show good faith. When they arrived at the brownstone, Jason, Max, and Milo stepped out of the vehicle. After they determined that it was safe, Sonny exited the car. Dominic followed Sonny. As Sonny approached the steps leading to the building, Dominic caught a glimpse of one of Joey's men. Dominic grabbed Sonny as he called out a warning.

Gunfire erupted as Dominic hustled Sonny back to the limousine. Nearby, the vagrant watched Jason with avid fascination. Max, Milo, and Jason managed to return to the limousine unscathed. Joey and his men weren't as lucky. As the car sped off, the vagrant stepped out onto the sidewalk. When Jason spotted the man, the vagrant smiled and waved to Jason.

After the limousine was out of the sight, the vagrant looked around. Dead bodies were scattered all around. When the vagrant spotted a gravely injured Joey, he approached him. Joey asked the man for help, so the vagrant stepped on Joey's neck and then applied enough pressure to kill him. After Joey died, the vagrant posed Joey's body. Before he walked away, he tossed the coin that Joey had given him. His parting words to Joey were, "Keep the change."

In the car, Sonny was furious that they had been ambushed. Sonny was certain that Anthony Zacchara had arranged the attack. Sonny thanked Dominic for saving his life and then asked Jason if they had anything to worry about. Jason revealed that "some homeless person" had seen the shootout.

Sonny and Dominic entered Sonny's office at the coffee warehouse. Dominic was curious why Sonny was so certain that Anthony had been behind the ambush; he reminded Sonny that Anthony was in jail. Sonny explained that Joey had been Anthony's messenger. Dominic was upset because he had nearly been killed. Sonny offered Dominic the opportunity to walk away. Dominic was surprised by Sonny's gesture.

Sonny explained that he had been tempted to leave the mob on several occasions. Dominic was curious why Sonny had never left. Sonny revealed that he couldn't escape who he was. Dominic realized that Sonny had been sincere in his desire to broker a peace treaty. Sonny didn't know why Dominic was surprised, so Dominic pointed out that Sonny had killed men. Sonny insisted that all of the people who had been killed on his account had done something to deserve it. Dominic wondered if that had always been the case.

Lucky arrived at the crime scene where Joey and his men had been killed. As Lucky studied the area he suspected that Joey had been involved in an ambush. When the coroner reported that Joey had died from inhaling blood after his windpipe had been crushed, Lucky realized that Joey's body must have been moved. He ordered that pictures of Joey's body be taken from every conceivable angle. Lucky feared that he was dealing with more than a mob shootout.

Jason arrived home just as Spinelli prepared to leave for the gallery opening. Jason insisted that he needed Spinelli's help to track down a homeless man. Jason told Spinelli that the meeting had gone bad and that a homeless man had witnessed the ambush. Spinelli hated disappointing Maxie, but he understood the gravity of Jason's situation.

As Spinelli tapped into various security cameras near the brownstone, Jason confided that he had been unsettled by the homeless man's behavior. Spinelli suggested that perhaps the man had psychological problems that would explain his odd behavior. A few moments later, Spinelli found footage from a nearby bank that showed the vagrant smiling and waving to the camera.

Jason was certain that something was off with the homeless man. Sam's arrival interrupted their discussion. She had been concerned after she had heard reports on the radio of gangland slayings in the area. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Jason should find an alibi, in case the police questioned him. Sam volunteered to help out Jason.

Jason decided to call Sonny to inform him that the shooting had made the news. Sonny advised Dominic that they had to establish alibis for themselves, so he suggested that he and Dominic find dates for the art gallery opening.

Jason's stalker returned to his apartment and then shed his shabby clothes that allowed him to pass for a homeless person. The stalker was Franco, the artist. Franco called his manager. When she answered the phone, he informed her that he needed her. She wondered if she should be dressed when she arrived at his place. His response was to end the call. While he waited for his manager, Franco pulled out a drop cloth and a straight razor.

A short time later, the manager arrived. After she shaved Franco's face with the straight razor, she kissed him. Franco pulled away from the ardent kiss, put on his jacket, and then announced that he had to leave. When she asked why he was in a rush, Franco responded, "They're expecting me."

This episode featured the song "Mad World," by Adam Lambert

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