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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 30, 2009 on GH
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Franco looked at the photos he had taken of Maxie the previous evening. He tossed them down then began trashing his studio. He stopped when an attractive Black woman with a British accent entered and began trading banter and sexual innuendos with him while he worked on a canvas.

When the woman asked Franco what had upset him, he told her that he was trying to get the attention of another artist and had not been successful so far. When the woman saw the photos of Maxie, she wanted to know if Maxie was the artist. Franco told her that Maxie was the bait.

Spinelli caught up with Maxie at Crimson. She was down on herself because she had not gotten Franco to agree to the Crimson photo shoot. Spinelli was curious when Maxie blurted out that she had trashed her life for nothing.

Maxie told Spinelli that she feared being fired because she could not produce Franco for the shoot. Spinelli comforted her and offered her a day of shopping, but Maxie told him she had to work.

At the penthouse, Sam and Jason tried to figure out if Franco and the homeless guy who had waved at Jason at the ambush were the same person. Jason said that he had gone back to the ambush site and he was sure that the person on the tape had gotten a clear view of the shootings. Neither could figure out why the witness had not gone to the cops.

Sam said that if the homeless guy and Franco were the same person, that might explain why the artist had wanted to meet Jason at the gallery. Jason and Sam both wondered who had crushed Joey Limbo's windpipe and why his body had been posed.

Olivia was helping out behind the counter at Kelly's when Sonny stopped by. Olivia explained that she was assisting because Mike had cut his hand. Sonny and Olivia flirted while they bickered about which of them was the better cook.

Outside, Dominic was listening to the recording he had made of an earlier conversation with Sonny that appeared to be Sonny confessing to Claudia's murder. Lulu walked up behind him and grabbed his phone. He tried to get it back, but was unsuccessful. Lulu heard Sonny's apparent confession.

Dominic asked Lulu if hearing Sonny made her change her opinion of him. Lulu said that there were two sides to every story. She wanted to know why Dominic had not turned Sonny in to the cops. Dominic admitted that he did like Sonny and that he felt like part of the family. He said he felt torn about what to do. Lulu told him that things were not always black and white. Dominic wanted to know if Lulu would still date him if he turned Sonny in.

Lulu told him that was not the issue. She told Dominic that if something inside him was telling him not to bust Sonny, then perhaps he should listen to that voice.

Inside Kelly's, Sonny and Olivia were in the kitchen arguing about the best recipe for chili when Mike walked in and tried to micromanage Olivia's cooking, until Sonny and Olivia sent him away to rest up.

Both Sonny and Olivia were determined that their chili was best, so each made a pot. While the chili simmered, they discussed fond memories from their childhood days spent at the Falconeri family home when they gathered for home cooking and good times.

Olivia and Sonny were exchanging spoons of chili and laughing when Dominic walked in the kitchen and saw them together. Sonny tried to get him to taste both their dishes and pick the winner. Dominic was reluctant and obviously eager to be on his way.

Once outside Kelly's, Dominic called Ronnie and told him he had the proof to bring Sonny down. Inside, Sonny told Olivia that he could not imagine why she had not married. He told Olivia that she would have made a very good wife. They shared a tender kiss.

Liz met with Diane and said that she wanted to sell the house that Jason had given her so that she and Lucky could use the money to start a new life. Diane said that there was no need to sell the house because Jason would be happy to give her the money.

Liz said that she did not want to take any money from Jason and she was sure that Lucky did not want Jason's money, either. Before leaving, Diane gave Liz some advice about setting up the house so it would show at its best.

As Liz was tidying up, Nikolas knocked. He said he had stopped by because he had seen the "For Sale" sign. He offered to give Liz and Lucky whatever money they needed to make their dream come true.

Liz refused his offer with a sharp rebuke just as Lucky arrived and wanted to know what was going on. Liz had an immediate vision of Lucky calling her a "whore" because she took money from Jason and Nikolas after sleeping with them.

Nikolas took charge and told Lucky that he had offered Liz money for their dream house, but she had refused. Liz told Lucky that the misunderstanding was her fault, and that she had been unnecessarily harsh with Nikolas.

After Nikolas left, Lucky wanted to know what was going on with Liz and what was really upsetting her. She told him about Diane's visit and about the offer of money from Jason, which she had turned down. She told Lucky that she felt guilty about taking money from Jason and she had taken out her feelings on Nikolas.

Lucky seemed to understand and told Liz that they could delay their plans. Liz did not take the "For Sale" sign out and told Lucky that she wanted to make a fresh start with him.

Spinelli arrived at the penthouse and told Sam and Jason that he wanted to track down Franco and convince him to do the fashion shoot for Maxie. Sam said that she and Jason would help. She said she would go to Crimson for any background information that Kate might have that Spinelli could not find on the Internet.

Sam found Maxie at Crimson. She made a few comments that got Maxie telling what she knew about Franco. When Sam said it was odd that Franco had wanted to meet Jason at the opening, Maxie agreed. She said that she thought that Franco had confused Jason with someone else, because Franco had referred to Jason as an artist. Sam looked thoughtful.

Back at the penthouse, an Internet search revealed that Franco's last public appearance had been three years before and that his passport showed that he had been in the United States for the previous two months. Ronnie was excited when he heard the tape that Dante played for him. He said that there would be no trouble getting a warrant. Ronnie wanted to know how Olivia would feel. Dante said that Olivia could hate him all she wanted to as long as he knew she was safe from Sonny.

Lucky met Nikolas on the docks and apologized for Liz's behavior. Nikolas tried to blow it off, but Lucky was persistent. He told Nikolas that Liz was still feeling guilty over her affair with Jason.

Lucky wondered if he had done the right thing by pushing Liz to get engaged. He asked Nikolas for advice on whether or not to offer Liz a chance to get out of their engagement.

At home, Liz looked longingly at a photo of Nikolas, Emily, Lucky, and herself at a happier time. Her finger paused and lovingly traced Nikolas' outline.

Lulu arrived at Crimson with proofs for the magazine. Maxie was still in a dither after her encounter with Spinelli earlier. She felt very guilty because she has slept with Franco. Lulu encouraged Maxie to confess all to Spinelli, but Lulu said she did not want to hurt him. She was going to proceed like nothing had happened and concentrate on making Spinelli the happiest non-husband ever.

Franco's female companion said that she wanted to go to dinner or make love, and then she started unbuttoning her blouse. Franco responded by ripping it open. As they sank to the floor, he said, "Let's hurry up and get it over with, I'm expecting company.

When Jason checked the mail, he found a large manila envelope bearing a return address. When he opened the envelope, he found a photo of Maxie, blindfolded and lying in a chalk outline.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

At Kelly's, Olivia remembered the kiss that she had shared with Sonny while they had made chili. Olivia pushed the thoughts away and then carried a bowl of chili to Sonny's table. As Olivia served the dish to Sonny, she suggested that he enjoy the chili and then leave. Sonny wondered if Olivia was mad at him for kissing her. Olivia confessed that she was mad at herself, not Sonny.

Olivia made it clear that she did not intend to become involved with Sonny. Sonny wanted one good reason why they should ignore the attraction between them. As if on cue, Johnny entered Kelly's. Olivia looked up with an expression of guilt. Johnny noticed immediately. Shortly after Johnny approached the table, Sonny excused himself. Johnny wondered if had interrupted anything.

Olivia became defensive as she asked why Johnny would make such a suggestion. Johnny pointed out that Olivia was behaving oddly. She attributed it to her uncertainty about where she stood with Johnny. Johnny admitted that he had tried to walk away from Olivia, but he had been unsuccessful.

On the piers, Dante handed an envelope to Ronnie. Dante explained that it contained sufficient evidence to justify an arrest warrant for Sonny. Ronnie was impressed, but he was curious if Sonny had done something to "piss off" Dante. Dante admitted that he was concerned about Olivia. Ronnie didn't think that Olivia would appreciate Sonny's arrest. Dante wasn't concerned about Olivia's feelings as long as she was safe.

A short time later, Dante met with Jax. Jax wanted an update about the investigation. Dante pointed out that Jax wasn't his supervisor; however, he did reveal that an arrest was imminent. Jax was delighted by the news. Dante was curious why Jax wasn't concerned about his own involvement in the investigation. Jax was confident that no one, especially his wife and Sonny's children, would ever know that he had known that Dante was an undercover police officer.

After Jax left the piers, he went to Kelly's. When Jax saw Olivia, he asked her if she had heard from Dante. Olivia realized that something had happened since she had last seen Dante. Jax confided that Dante was about to arrest Sonny. Jax seemed surprised when Olivia didn't respond to the news with joy. Olivia explained that Sonny's arrest would shatter the lives of many people, including Sonny's children.

Jax didn't seem concerned about the impact that Sonny's arrest would have on anyone. According to Jax, all of Sonny's children were better off without Sonny in their lives. Jax hoped that Olivia found a way to make peace with Sonny's downfall. However, he needed Olivia's assurance that she wouldn't develop an attack of conscience and tell everyone that Jax had known that Sonny's organization had been infiltrated by an undercover cop. Olivia was stunned by Jax's audacity.

Olivia was curious why Jax didn't simply tell Carly the truth. Jax insisted that it wasn't an option because Carly would never understand. Olivia couldn't believe that Jax expected to escape the mess unscathed. She realized that it was the way that things worked for Jax; he had a "winner takes all" attitude. Jax subtly nodded his head in agreement.

When Sonny arrived home at Greystone Manor, Dominic was waiting. When Dominic noticed Sonny's container of chili from Kelly's, he took the opportunity to suggest that perhaps it wasn't the right time for Sonny to become involved with Olivia so soon after Claudia's death. Dominic warned Sonny that it might raise questions. Sonny appreciated Dominic's concern, but he had not called his lieutenant in order to discuss his private life.

Sonny revealed that Joey Limbo had planned the ambush with a lieutenant in the Zacchara organization named Tony Bianco. Dominic recognized the name; Tony had a reputation for being a dangerous killer. Sonny questioned if Dominic was up to handling what needed to be done. Dominic assured Sonny that he was ready for anything, but Sonny didn't want to risk the life of the man who had saved Sonny and Morgan's lives without a second thought.

Sonny called Johnny to ask him to come for a meeting at Greystone Manor. When Johnny arrived, Sonny instructed Johnny to track down Tony. Dominic offered to assist Johnny, but Sonny made it clear that he expected Johnny to work alone. After Johnny left, Dominic suggested that perhaps Sonny was throwing Johnny into the path of danger intentionally. Dominic believed that Sonny wanted Johnny out of the way, so that Sonny could have Olivia to himself.

Robin arrived at Liz's house to review some things for an oversight committee for the piers. Robin immediately sensed that it wasn't a good time for Liz, but Liz insisted that Robin enter. As the two women sat down in the living room, Robin asked Liz what was wrong. Liz seemed reluctant to open up, prompting Robin to reveal that Nikolas had confided to her about his affair with Liz. Liz was humiliated; she realized that Robin must have a low opinion of her.

Robin insisted that Liz was a good and kind person. Robin realized that Liz wouldn't get involved with Nikolas on a whim. Liz confessed that she hated herself for sleeping with Nikolas; it had made her a cheater and a liar. Robin argued that it wasn't as if Liz had woken up one day and then decided to wreck her own life. However, Robin was curious how the affair had started.

Liz told Robin about the first few times that she and Nikolas had kissed. Liz confessed that she had never been kissed like that; it had affected her deeply. Liz explained that after Lucky had proposed, she had foolishly turned to Nikolas for advice. According to Liz, they hadn't planned on making love. Afterwards, Liz had been determined not to repeat the mistake. She had honestly believed that she could make things work with Lucky, so she had accepted his proposal.

Robin wondered if Liz was in love with Nikolas. Liz hesitated before she claimed to love Lucky, but want Nikolas. Robin suggested that perhaps the attraction between Liz and Nikolas was purely physical. Liz was uncertain; she explained that her long-standing friendship with Nikolas complicated things. Liz confided that her feelings of friendship were interwoven with her intense attraction to Nikolas.

Liz didn't know what to do. Robin suggested that perhaps Liz should start by being honest with herself and then she should open up to Lucky about what was going on

Nikolas and Lucky sat down at a table in Jake's. Nikolas was curious why Lucky had changed his mind about marrying Liz. Lucky confided that he suspected that he might have pushed Liz to accept the marriage proposal when she wasn't ready. Lucky thought that Liz had made peace with their past, but he realized that she hadn't forgiven herself for what had happened. Nikolas wondered if Lucky had tried to reassure Liz that all had been forgiven.

Lucky claimed that it hadn't helped. For that reason, Lucky decided that perhaps it was best to call off the wedding. Nikolas was confident that Lucky and Liz could work things out. Lucky hoped that Nikolas was right; the thought of Liz having accepted the proposal, in order to please Lucky, made him sick. To Lucky, that wouldn't be love. He didn't know what it would be, but he was certain that it wouldn't be fair to either of them. Lucky worried that, at the end of the day, he and Liz had made too many mistakes.

Later, Nikolas spotted Liz at the bar. He approached her to assure her that he hadn't known that she would be at Jake's. When Nikolas offered to leave, Liz told him that it wasn't necessary. As Liz joined Nikolas at his table, he told her about his talk with Lucky. Liz felt terrible that she had betrayed Lucky. Nikolas suggested that perhaps it was time for Liz to tell Lucky about their affair. Liz feared hurting Lucky.

Nikolas advised Liz to at least tell Lucky that she didn't want to marry him. Liz angrily insisted that she wanted to marry Lucky, despite her feelings for Nikolas. Before Nikolas could respond, Liz stormed out of Jake's.

At the hospital, Matt and Lisa approached the nurses' station while Patrick was talking to Epiphany. Patrick was surprised to learn that Matt had urged Lisa to apply for a position with General Hospital. After Matt was called away, Lisa asked Patrick what he thought about the idea of her working at the hospital. Before Patrick could respond, Epiphany informed the doctors that a critically ill patient was in transit to the hospital with head and spinal injuries.

Later, Patrick and Lisa reviewed the X-rays of the patient. They realized that they had to operate immediately. While they were in surgery, Matt returned to the nurses' station to find out how long Lisa would be in surgery. Moments later, Robin arrived to consult with Patrick about a case. When she asked Epiphany about the surgery, Epiphany barked that she didn't know how long the surgery would take and then she marched off.

Maxie arrived at the penthouse to see Spinelli. Jason informed her that Spinelli wasn't there; however, Jason wanted to talk to Maxie. Maxie took the envelope that Jason handed to her and then she examined the contents. Maxie was shocked to see a picture of her blindfolded and lying on the floor in the center of a chalk outline. Maxie immediately demanded to know if Spinelli had seen the picture. She was relieved when Jason assured her that Spinelli was unaware of the photograph.

Maxie was stunned when Jason revealed that the picture had been sent to him. Maxie confessed that the photo had been taken with her consent. She had hoped to persuade Franco to do a photo shoot for Crimson, so she had left the gallery opening with the famous artist. According to Maxie, she had been blindfolded in the limousine, so she had no idea where the studio was located. However, she was able to confirm that the studio was in a loft.

When Jason continued questioning Maxie about Franco's studio, she revealed that it had been within a 15-minute drive from the art gallery. Beyond that, Maxie hadn't noticed anything that could reveal its exact location. Maxie suspected that Franco had sent the picture to Jason because he considered Jason to be a fellow artist.

After Maxie left the penthouse, she called Lucky to ask him to meet her on the piers. When Lucky arrived, Maxie begged Lucky for his help. She wanted him to locate Franco. Lucky insisted on knowing why. Maxie claimed that Franco had taken some revealing pictures of her that she wanted to get her hands on. Lucky felt bad for Maxie, but he explained that Franco hadn't broken any laws, because Maxie had given Franco her consent to be photographed. However, Lucky offered to look into Franco's past.

Sam arrived at the penthouse a short time after Maxie had left. Jason showed Sam the picture that Franco had sent to him. The graphic picture shocked Sam. Jason was more certain than ever that Franco was the homeless man that Jason had seen at the ambush. Sam didn't understand what a "big-time artist" wanted with Jason. Jason didn't know, either, but he was concerned that the picture of Claudia and the picture of Maxie were connected.

Sam suggested that she and Jason go to the art gallery on the pretense of buying one of Franco's photographs. Sam was certain that, as buyers, they might be able to arrange a meeting with the artist. As Jason and Sam left, Spinelli arrived home.

Spinelli sat down at the desk to work on his laptop. He didn't notice the envelope on the desk until a short time later. However, before Spinelli could do more than pick up the envelope, someone knocked on the door. It was Maxie. Maxie was thrilled to see Spinelli until she saw the envelope in his hand.

Shortly after Jason and Sam arrived at the gallery, the curator greeted them. When the curator realized he was talking to Jason Morgan, he revealed that Franco had been expecting Jason.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kristina bumped into Ethan at Kelly's. While Mike prepared a special latte for his granddaughter, Kristina invited Ethan to join her at a table. Ethan appreciated the offer, but he had plans to meet his father at Jake's. As Ethan left, Kiefer approached Kristina. He was furious after overhearing the exchange between Kristina and Ethan. Kiefer roughly grabbed Kristina's arm and then accused her of "hitting on" Ethan. Kristina insisted that Ethan was just a friend, but Kiefer didn't believe her.

When Carly entered the diner, she immediately noticed the tension between the teens. She asked Kristina if everything was okay. Kristina assured Carly that she was fine. Kiefer's vicious temper didn't abate. He claimed that Kristina had practically ripped off her clothes for Ethan. According to Kiefer, Kristina had made a fool out of herself because Ethan didn't see her as anyhing more than a ridiculous child.

As Kiefer stormed off, Carly tried to comfort Kristina. She assured Kristina that Kiefer had overreacted to the situation. Kristina appeared shaken by the encounter.

At the art gallery, Jason and Sam questioned the curator about Franco. They gave the man the impression that Jason was a fellow artist. The curator believed them, because it explained why Franco had left a painting for Jason. Jason tried to find out how to contact Franco, but the gallery only had the London address of Franco's agent. While the curator fetched the painting, Jason wondered what Franco had in store for him.

At the penthouse, Maxie questioned Spinelli about the envelope that he was holding. Spinelli glanced down, noting that the art gallery had sent it. Spinelli suspected that Maxie knew what was inside the package when she snatched the envelope out of Spinelli's hand. Maxie spun a tale about Jason wanting to buy one of Franco's works of art for Sam. According to Maxie, Sam was a huge fan of Franco's art. Spinelli seemed surprised, but didn't question Maxie's claim.

Maxie quickly changed the subject to remind Spinelli that nothing mattered to her more than him. Spinelli returned the sentiment. When Spinelli mentioned getting to work on his research into Franco's background, Maxie decided to seduce Spinelli, in order to distract him from his work. Maxie and Spinelli were on the sofa, in a passionate embrace, when Jason and Sam entered the penthouse.

Maxie suggested that Jason should have knocked, but Jason reminded her that it was his penthouse. Maxie seemed eager to send Spinelli out of the room, so she suggested that they spend the night at her apartment. When Maxie whispered a request for a special item, Spinelli blushed, but eagerly dashed off to his room to retrieve the item. As soon as Spinelli was out of hearing range, Maxie accused Sam of having seen the picture that Franco had sent to Jason.

Sam made it clear that she wasn't judging Maxie by the picture. Maxie insisted that Spinelli could never know about the photo. She explained that she had hoped to persuade Franco to do a photo shoot for Crimson, so she had agreed to go to Franco's studio. Maxie admitted that she thought that Franco was "hot" and then reminded them that she had never claimed to be a good girl. However, Maxie felt terrible about the entire incident. When Spinelli returned to the living room, Maxie and Spinelli made a hasty exit.

Sam wondered if Maxie had slept with Franco. Jason didn't want to know; he didn't think that it mattered. Sam agreed. As Jason tore off the wrapping from the painting, Sam and Jason studied the images. The dark painting depicted a scroll listing the seven deadly sins: vanity, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, and sloth. In the painting's background was a mausoleum. Red paint made it appear that blood was dripping down the painting. Neither Jason nor Sam could find a hidden message that might explain why Franco wanted Jason to have the disturbing piece of art.

At his studio, Franco appeared to be drinking heavily while he used a paint gun to shoot red paint at pictures of all the people who were close to Jason. The pictures of Carly, Sonny, Spinelli, Maxie, and Sam were grouped around a picture of Jason. Franco shot at each picture once and then fired several shots at the picture of Jason.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny admitted to Dominic that it would be easier if Johnny were out of the picture; however, he was curious why Dominic seemed concerned about Johnny's welfare. Dominic reminded Sonny that Johnny had remained loyal to Sonny despite having lost everything, including his sister. Dominic didn't think that Johnny deserved to be put into the path of danger simply because he was an inconvenient rival for a woman's affections. Dominic believed that Sonny was a better man than that.

Sonny clarified that he simply wanted Johnny to gather information, nothing more. Sonny needed proof that Joey and Tony had been in cahoots. Sonny acknowledged that he and Olivia had a history, but he insisted that he would only be satisfied if Olivia chose, of her own free will, to be with him. Sonny didn't think that would happen if he arranged for Johnny to meet an untimely demise.

After Dante left, Carly arrived to talk to Sonny about Kristina. Carly told him that she had witnessed an ugly exchange between Kristina and Kiefer. Sonny admitted that he didn't like Kiefer, but he was reluctant to intervene. Sonny explained that he had promised Alexis to keep his distance from Kristina after Kristina had witnessed his final confrontation with Claudia. According to Sonny, that side of her father had frightened Kristina.

Carly understood Sonny's reluctance to push Kristina too far, but she believed that Kristina needed her father.

Johnny arrived at the garage to find Olivia waiting for him. Johnny assumed she was there to beg him not to reveal the truth about Dante; he assured her that her secret was safe. Olivia was relieved, but she was there because she had missed Johnny. Johnny was leery of Olivia's claim, especially after Olivia confessed that she had kissed Sonny. Johnny suggested that perhaps Olivia should be with Sonny, not him.

Olivia worried that she had sent Sonny the wrong message and inadvertently put Johnny in danger. Johnny assured Olivia that she could rest easy because she had been free to kiss whomever she liked. Olivia moved close enough to Johnny to wrap her arms around his neck. She wondered what Johnny would say if she told him that she didn't want to be free; she wanted him. After Johnny gave in to Olivia's advances, they made love.

Dante met with Ronnie to discuss Sonny's imminent arrest. Dante was furious when Ronnie revealed that the prosecutor had decided that the evidence was mostly circumstantial; he wanted something more solid that would guarantee a conviction. Dante worried that he was running out of time; he warned Ronnie that Sonny would soon figure out that Dante was working undercover.

Later, Dante went to Jake's, which was packed for Karaoke Night. Dante was too frustrated to enjoy the entertainment. As he walked out, Lulu followed him. In the alley behind Jake's, Dante told Lulu that Sonny had nearly been arrested that night, but the prosecutor decided to hold out for more evidence. Dante revealed that a part of him was angry, but another part of him was relieved. He was worried that he had lost sight of what was important.

Patrick and Lisa went to Jake's to celebrate their success in the operating room. As they sat down at a table, Robin arrived. Robin appeared a bit startled to see Lisa with Patrick, but she recovered quickly. As Robin greeted her husband and then sat down, Coleman approached the table. After Coleman wrangled an introduction to Lisa, he let Robin know that he had a spot for her at the microphone. Patrick relished the idea of Robin singing to him. Patrick and Robin were surprised moments later when they noticed that Alexis and Mac had entered the bar together.

Mac ordered Alexis to relax when he noticed her tension. Alexis explained that it felt strange to be out on a date with Mac after years of knowing him as a friend and co-worker. Mac thought that Alexis should forget that they were on a date and instead view their time together as two friends hanging out. Alexis relaxed until Diane appeared at her side to give Alexis her approval for getting back "in the saddle" with Mac.

Coleman took to the stage to open the microphone for Karaoke Night. The first person to sing was Diane; she sang, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." The crowd roared as Diane serenaded Max. Next up were Alexis and Mac who sang, "Dancing in the Street." What Alexis and Mac lacked in harmony, they more than made up for in enthusiasm. As everyone danced and sang along, Alexis climbed on a table to dance and wave her arms in the air. Afterward, Alexis joined Mac on the dance floor. As the song ended, Alexis gave Mac a lusty smooch before she collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

Finally, Ethan and Luke took over the microphone. They entertained the crowd with their rendition of, "Stray Cat Strut," which inspired an inebriated Tracy to join them on the stage as a background dancer.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jax summoned Dante to his office to demand an update on Sonny's arrest. Dante resented Jax's attitude. Jax was furious when Dante explained that there wouldn't be an arrest until they had enough evidence to secure a conviction. Jax was determined to pull some strings, but Dante advised Jax to reconsider. Dante explained that if they arrested Sonny and then proceeded with a trial, there was a strong likelihood that Sonny could be acquitted.

An acquittal meant that Sonny could not be charged for the same crime twice without double jeopardy applying. Frustrated, Jax suggested that Dante should redouble his efforts to find evidence against Sonny. Jax was certain that there was something incriminating lying around in Sonny's home. Dante seemed offended by Jax's unspoken suggestion that he plant evidence.

Dante threatened to press charges against Jax, but Jax suggested that Dante save the melodrama for Olivia. Jax was confident that Dante wouldn't do anything to Jax because it would require Dante to reveal that he was an undercover police officer. Jax clarified that he was merely suggesting that Dante do his job or else Jax intended to have him replaced with someone who would.

Shortly after Dante left, Lucky entered Jax's office to question him about the night that Claudia had disappeared. Jax made an effort to paint Sonny in a very suspicious light. According to Jax, after Sonny had received a phone call from Sam, Sonny's entire demeanor had changed. Jax claimed that Sonny had left in a hurry moments after ending the call with Sam. As Lucky prepared to leave, he paused to ask Jax an "off the record" question. Lucky wanted to know where Jax thought Sonny had been headed after Sam had called. Without hesitation, Jax told Lucky that he believed Sonny had gone to kill Claudia.

Lucky went to Wyndemere's stables to talk to Nikolas. Nikolas was preparing to go riding, so he invited his brother to join him. Lucky declined the offer because he had a busy schedule. He had stopped by to let Nikolas know that he had decided to break off his engagement to Liz. Lucky realized that Liz would be deeply hurt, so he wanted Nikolas to be available for Liz to talk to. Nikolas warned Lucky that Liz might object to Lucky's decision.

Lucky insisted that it was for the best to end the engagement; he was certain that there was something off with Liz. Lucky wondered what Nikolas thought about his decision. Nikolas reluctantly admitted that he had noticed that Liz had been struggling lately, so he supported Lucky's decision. Lucky believed that his drug addiction and affair with Maxie had destroyed his relationship with Liz. Lucky accepted that he and Liz might never re-marry.

At the hospital, Robin advised Liz that it was time for her to make a decision about Lucky and Nikolas. Robin didn't want Liz to make the same mistakes that Robin had made by avoiding her problems. Liz opened up about her past. She explained that her first experience with sex had been so brutal that something inside her had shut down. Liz acknowledged that she'd always had issues with sex because a part of her had always been unavailable to her lovers. Liz admitted that she had rarely initiated sex and wouldn't have been bothered if she never experienced it again.

However, Nikolas had awakened something in Liz. She found that she was consumed by thoughts of him, so much so that Liz prayed that it would go away. Liz wanted to be able to look at Nikolas without wanting him. He was her oldest and dearest friend, Lucky's brother, and her best friend's husband. Liz realized that her feelings for Nikolas were crazy and inappropriate.

Robin warned Liz that she couldn't hide her affair from Lucky forever. Liz argued that it would kill Lucky and ruin everything. Liz believed that Lucky could "love" her "back to health" because he had done it before.

Lucky arrived at the hospital to pick up Liz. While he waited for her, Lucky chatted with Rebecca about where he and Liz planned to go. Rebecca admitted that Lucky and Liz's plans to go hiking sounded delightful. Lucky reminded Rebecca that she could always call Nikolas if she wanted to go hiking. Rebecca confided that it was unlikely that Nikolas would be interested because he had ended their relationship.

Lucky was surprised by the news, but he realized that it explained why Nikolas had been subdued earlier that morning. Rebecca perked up at the revelation. However, before she could question Lucky about Nikolas, Liz arrived.

Later, Nikolas returned to the stables to find Rebecca waiting for him. Rebecca refused to give up on their relationship without a fight. Nikolas was stunned when Rebecca suddenly shed her coat. She hadn't been wearing a stitch of clothing beneath it.

Liz and Lucky hiked to the property that they had hoped to buy. Liz was thrilled that the property hadn't been sold. As she talked about her plans for selling her house, Lucky quietly told her that as wonderful as it sounded, they both knew that her dreams for their life together were unlikely to happen. Liz appeared startled by the comment. As Lucky forged ahead, he admitted that it had been wrong of him to ask her to marry him when it was clear that she hadn't been ready for marriage.

Liz tried to deny it, but Lucky refused to let her. He told her that it was obvious to him that she had been unsettled ever since his marriage proposal. Lucky realized that he had been selfish to expect her to marry him, so he was determined to stop things before they went too far. Liz was stunned when Lucky announced that their engagement was off.

At the garage, Johnny thanked Olivia for spending the night with him. As they kissed, Sonny entered. Sonny explained that he had stopped by to get an update from Johnny on the job that Sonny had assigned to him. Johnny claimed that he had intended to work on it later that day, but Sonny told Johnny not to bother. As Sonny turned away, Olivia spoke up.

Olivia asked Sonny to put his differences with Johnny aside for the sake of their friendship. Sonny informed Olivia that he didn't "do friends very well." Olivia was disappointed as she watched Sonny walk away. Johnny suggested that Olivia go after Sonny, but she declined. She admitted that she had feelings for Sonny, but she promised Johnny that she would never act on them.

Olivia went to work after she left the garage. Jax noted that Olivia had been an hour late. However, he suggested that perhaps it had been for the best. Jax explained that Dante had informed him that Sonny's arrest had been postponed until they had gathered more evidence. Jax expected Olivia to be relieved, but she was too worried. She feared that things would end badly. Jax assured Olivia that Sonny going to jail would be good for everyone.

Olivia admitted that she was conflicted about what she should do. She had raised Dante to be an honorable and truthful person. She had countless reasons for not telling Dante that Sonny was his father, but in the end, she realized that the only way that she could save Dante and Sonny's lives was to reveal the truth. If the truth were out, then Dante would be forced to step down from the investigation because it would be a conflict of interest.

Sonny arrived home to find Kate waiting for him. She had easement papers that she wanted Sonny to sign. Sonny didn't object to Kate's request; however the conversation drifted when Kate realized that Sonny was in a foul mood. Sonny was impressed when Kate correctly guessed that Olivia was the cause for his sour disposition. Kate admitted that she had enough experience to recognize the indicators when Sonny and Olivia had an argument.

Kate and Sonny talked about their failed relationship. Kate realized that Sonny had always had feelings for Olivia, which was why Sonny had sought Olivia out. Sonny claimed that he had invited Olivia to the wedding because he had wanted Kate to have someone from her family present during the momentous occasion. Kate realized that Sonny might have believed that, but on a subconscious level it had been about Sonny's feelings for Olivia.

Sonny reminded Kate that Olivia was with Johnny. Kate laughed; she confided that all it would take for Sonny to win Olivia's heart would be for him to declare his love for Olivia. Kate found it ironic that she was the person who had to point out the truth. Dominic entered the parlor in time to hear the tail end of Kate's comments. Dominic stared pointedly at Kate as he made his presence known. Kate quickly excused herself, but before she left, she suggested that Sonny take her advice.

When Dominic asked Sonny what Kate had been referring to, Sonny made it clear that it was none of Dominic's business. Dominic realized that he had overstepped his bounds, so he quickly changed the subject. Dominic revealed that the situation with Joey had worked to Sonny's benefit. According to Dominic, everyone understood that Sonny could not be crossed. However, Dominic remained concerned about the effect Claudia's death had on Sonny's organization.

When Dominic tried to question Sonny about what had happened in the cabin, Sonny became suspicious. Sonny wondered why Dominic continually questioned him about the incident when it had nothing to do with finding out who had taken the picture of Claudia's body. Sonny was curious if the questions were Dominic's way of trying to find out if Sonny had killed Claudia.

Maxie went to the penthouse to remind Jason that Spinelli could never learn about the picture that Franco had taken of her. Jason demanded to know every detail of the time that Maxie had spent with Franco. Maxie started to answer Jason's questions, but then clamed up until Jason promised to keep her secret about the compromising photos. Before Jason could respond, Spinelli arrived home.

Maxie explained that she had stopped by to talk to Jason about the décor; Maxie was tired of the "man cave" look. Jason was not amused. He ignored Maxie's prattling while he ordered Spinelli to work on finding Franco. At the mention of Franco's name, Maxie panicked. Maxie seized the opportunity to distract Spinelli from his work when Sam arrived. She tried to enlist Sam's help to persuade Jason to change the look of the penthouse.

Jason lost his patience; he yelled at Maxie to "shut up." Jason ordered Maxie to leave if she didn't want to help them locate Franco. Spinelli didn't appreciate the way that Jason had spoken to Maxie. Meanwhile, Maxie fled the penthouse. Sam managed to defuse the situation. Once Spinelli calmed down, he decided to check on Maxie. After Spinelli left, Sam scolded Jason for how he had treated Maxie.

Jason accused Maxie of trying to cover "her own ass." He didn't have time to worry about Maxie because he needed to figure out what Franco was up to, especially if he had been the one who had sent the picture of Claudia. Sam suggested that she try to question Maxie about Franco.

At Crimson, Maxie was on the phone trying to track down Franco. Spinelli approached as Maxie barked at someone in frustration. As she ended the call, Spinelli spoke up. Maxie was surprised to see Spinelli standing behind her. Spinelli immediately apologized for how Jason had talked to her. Maxie admitted that Jason had been entitled to his anger. She claimed that Jason had good reason to be stressed out, since he suspected Franco had "weird intentions."

Shortly after Spinelli left, Sam caught up with Maxie. Maxie explained to Sam that she was just as eager to find Franco as Jason was. Maxie was desperate to get her hands on the pictures that Franco had taken of her.

When Spinelli returned to the penthouse, Jason apologized to Spinelli for what had happened with Maxie. Spinelli appreciated Jason's apology. Jason explained that he was worried that Franco had sent the picture of Claudia. Spinelli thought that it was a stretch. Jason hoped that Spinelli was correct. If Franco had seen what Michael had done, then Jason had to decide what to do about Franco.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

by Elisabeth

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was uncomfortable with Dominic's probing questions about the events surrounding Claudia's demise. Dominic managed to deflect suspicion. He claimed that he had hoped his questions would trigger Sonny to remember something that might help him to figure out who had sent the picture of Claudia's body. Sonny apologized; he realized that Dominic was trying to look out for him.

Sonny explained that Claudia was a sore subject. Sonny regretted that he hadn't taken Olivia's advice to not let his greed and anger guide him. According to Sonny, Olivia knew him best. Dominic was surprised by the admission, given that Sonny had been engaged to her cousin, Kate. Sonny explained that he had known Olivia since they were kids in Bensonhurst. Sonny confided that he had dated Olivia before Kate, but Olivia had ended things when he had gotten involved in the mob.

Sonny's history with Olivia had prompted Sonny to ask Dominic to keep an eye on her. Sonny worried that Johnny was unstable. He feared that Johnny might follow in Anthony's footsteps. As Sonny spoke, he realized that he didn't want Dominic to guard Olivia; Sonny intended to do it himself.

Later, at Lulu's request, Dante showed up at her apartment. Lulu immediately apologized for how she had reacted to the situation with Sonny. Lulu explained that it was easy for her to overlook the bad things that Sonny did because she knew that Sonny's heart was in the right place. Dante jokingly asked if Lulu was attempting to lure him to the dark side. Lulu smiled; she just wanted Dante to know that she realized that he was in a difficult situation.

Once the apology was out of the way, Lulu got to the real reason that she had called him. Lulu asked if Dante had some time to take a break. Dante smiled knowingly as he quickly shed his coat. Lulu returned the smiled as she promised that what she had planned would "rock." A short time later, Lulu and Dante were jamming to a music video game. Lulu played the guitar like a pro while Dante struggled to keep up on the drums.

After the game, Dante admitted that it have been a lot of fun, although it had not been what he had expected. Lulu realized that Dante had hoped that she had intended to seduce him. Dante didn't deny it. Instead of being offended, Lulu kissed Dante. The kiss ended when Dante's phone rang. It was Jax. Jax demanded to see Dante immediately.

In Jax's office, Olivia decided that it was time to tell Sonny the truth about Dante. Jax warned Olivia that she was making a grave error. He painted a bleak picture of Dante's future. Jax promised Olivia that Dante would suffer as Sonny's son and that Sonny would use every opportunity to exploit Dante's position as a police officer. Despite Jax's efforts to dissuade Olivia, she remained determined to save Dante. Olivia was certain that Sonny would never kill his own son.

Olivia checked in with Jax before she left for the day. Jax apologized for his heated words; he was hopeful that they could remain friends. Olivia told him that it would depend on what happened to Dante. As Olivia stepped out of the office, her phone rang. It was Sonny. Jax eavesdropped as Olivia agreed to meet Sonny; she told him that she had something important to tell him.

When Olivia arrived at Sonny's home, she tried to tell him about Dante. Sonny cut her off; he didn't want to continue the discussion until they sat down to eat. Sonny led Olivia into the living room where a table, set for two, was waiting. Sonny had cooked dinner for Olivia and then arranged for them to enjoy it by candlelight.

Jax didn't waste any time spinning a story for Dante. He claimed that Olivia had decided to tell Sonny the truth. Dante assumed that Olivia intended to reveal that he was an undercover police officer and her son. Jax didn't correct Dante's assumption. Instead, Jax urged Dante to get over to Sonny's as soon as possible, in order to stop Olivia.

At the penthouse, Jason and Spinelli continued to study the painting, hoping to find a hidden message. Jason reminded Spinelli that it was imperative that they figure out if Franco had seen Michael kill Claudia. Spinelli noted that the tree in the picture was a weeping willow. The Roman style structure most likely represented the number two. As they analyzed the scroll of the seven deadly sins, Spinelli referred to them as the "Capital Vices." Jason was surprised by the information.

Eventually, Spinelli and Jason figured out that the message in the painting was Willow Street. Spinelli did a quick Internet search of the area and discovered that a loft had been rented in Jason's name on Willow Street. Jason immediately left to investigate the loft. As Jason entered Franco's studio, he noticed the crime scene photographs on the wall. A noise sent Jason deeper into the loft. He was unaware that someone lurked nearby, watching him.

At the Jacks residence, Morgan was relieved when Michael arrived home. According to Morgan, Kristina had called looking for him, so Morgan knew that Michael had skipped school. Michael assured Morgan that Morgan didn't have any reason to be concerned. Before Morgan could comment, Carly entered the living room. When Carly asked her sons how their day at school had gone, both boys responded, "Good."

Carly sent Morgan on an errand. As soon as Morgan was out of the room, Carly ordered Michael to tell her the truth. She explained that the headmaster had called because Michael had missed some important tests. Michael didn't seem concerned. When Carly asked Michael where he had gone, Michael revealed that he had been at the cabin where Claudia had died.

Later, Sonny arrived. Michael resented that Carly had called Sonny. Michael insisted that skipping school hadn't been a big deal because he could take the tests at a later date. Carly suggested that Michael tell his father where he had spent the day. Sonny was shocked when Michael admitted that he had been to the cabin. Sonny was furious that Michael had taken such a huge risk.

When Sonny insisted that Michael needed to focus on school, Michael wondered why. Michael explained that he didn't think school was necessary for the line of work that he hoped to pursue. Carly's jaw dropped while Sonny made it clear that he would not allow Michael to be a part of the mob. Michael argued that he was more than capable of handling everything that being a mobster entailed. As proof, Michael pointed to Claudia's death.

Sonny insisted that Michael had acted in the defense of Carly and Josslyn when he had killed Claudia. He refused to allow Claudia's death to destroy Michael. The argument continued until Michael stormed off. Carly was beside herself. Sonny decided to assign Max and Milo to guard Michael for the next few days. Meanwhile, Sonny intended to set a better example for Michael.

Carly insisted that Michael needed professional help.

Liz was crushed when Lucky broke off their engagement. Lucky stood firm, despite Liz's tears. He insisted that Liz didn't want to marry him. Liz argued that Lucky was wrong, but Lucky didn't believe her. He pointed out that she wasn't happy.

Lucky sensed that something stood between them. He gently explained that he loved her enough to let her go. Liz pleaded with Lucky to not give up on her. She promised him that she wanted a future with him. Lucky sadly told her that they didn't have a future with the way that things stood. He urged her to figure out what she truly wanted. Liz cried that all she wanted was to be his wife.

In the stables, Rebecca stood nude before Nikolas. Nikolas retrieved Rebecca's coat from the floor and then draped it over her shoulders. Rebecca was taken aback by Nikolas' reaction, but she continued to try to seduce him. When she suggested that they return to Wyndemere, Nikolas declined her offer. He explained that he couldn't be with her because his heart belonged to a woman that he couldn't have.

Rebecca assumed that Nikolas referred to Emily. She claimed that she understood that Nikolas loved Emily, but she believed that they had something special between them that was worth fighting for. Nikolas insisted that Rebecca had been nothing more than a substitute for someone he couldn't have. Rebecca couldn't understand why Nikolas continued to deny that their relationship had been real.

Nikolas hated hurting Rebecca; however, he realized that he had to be brutally honest with her, in order for her to understand that it was over. Nikolas explained that he had used her. According to Nikolas, he didn't care enough for Rebecca to even try to salvage what they had. Hurt and angry, Rebecca stormed off.

Later, Lucky bumped into Rebecca at the hospital. Lucky noticed that Rebecca was clutching her coat tightly together. When Lucky asked if she was cold, Rebecca admitted that she was mortified. She told him that she had gone to see Nikolas wearing only the coat. Nikolas had rejected her advances. She had been on her way home when the hospital had paged her.

Lucky felt bad that things hadn't worked out for her and Nikolas. He admitted that he had hoped that Rebecca would help Nikolas get past losing Emily. Rebecca didn't think that Nikolas would ever stop mourning Emily.

After Lucky left the hospital, he went to see Carly. Lucky explained that he had reviewed the hospital records and Carly's statement about the night of Claudia's disappearance. Lucky confided that certain things didn't jive, so he wanted to question Carly further. As Carly answered Lucky's questions, Michael entered the living room. Michael demanded that Lucky leave Carly alone. According to Michael, Carly didn't know anything about Claudia's death. Lucky found it interesting that Michael had referred to Claudia as being dead, not missing.

Liz went to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. Nikolas was waiting for her in the turret room. He revealed that he knew Lucky had intended to end the engagement. Liz bristled when Nikolas suggested that it had been for the best. Liz informed Nikolas that she had told Lucky that she wanted to be Lucky's wife. Nikolas couldn't believe that Liz had refused to take the out that Lucky had handed to her. He wondered why she would opt to continue lying when she had a chance to be honest and open about everything.

Liz was stunned that Nikolas had expected her to go public with their relationship. She was curious if that was the reason that Nikolas had supported Lucky's decision. Liz was adamant that she wanted to be with Lucky. Nikolas wondered if that were true, why she was with him. Liz claimed that she had wanted to tell Nikolas in person. Nikolas grew tired of the argument. He invited her to kiss him to prove that she didn't want him. If Liz kissed him and then walked out, Nikolas promised that he would leave her alone.

Rebecca returned to Wyndemere. As she approached the turret room, she noticed that the door was ajar. Rebecca heard noises emanating from the room, so she quietly crept to the door. As Rebecca peeked in, she was shocked to see Nikolas and Liz making love.

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