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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 21, 2009 on GH
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Monday, December 21, 2009

At Jake's, Rebecca announced to Lucky, Liz, and Nikolas that she planned to leave Port Charles. She told them that after listening to them tell the story of Liz's rape, and the deep bonds of friendship that had developed between Lucky, Liz, Emily, and Nikolas as a consequence, she had gotten what she had gone to Port Charles to find. She told them that she finally felt that she knew Emily and she was ready to leave.

After Rebecca left Jake's, Lucky asked Nikolas if he had any regrets. He said no. Both Nikolas and Liz told Lucky that they felt that it was time for Rebecca to move on. Lucky, full of holiday spirit, invited Nikolas to assuage his doldrums by going along with him and Liz to look for a Christmas tree. Nikolas declined.

Lucky sympathized with Nikolas, assuming that his downcast behavior was caused because Nikolas still missed Emily. He told Nikolas to take heart because someone would come along and he would fall in love again. Lucky walked out ahead of Liz, who shared a poignant look with Nikolas.

At Sonny's place, Jax was smug when he denied Sonny's request for Jax to use his influence to stop the investigation of Claudia's disappearance, so that Michael's involvement would not become known. Jax said he would not help because Sonny was only interested in saving himself from prison. Sonny retorted that if Jax had told the truth all those months before, instead of protecting his brother Jerry, they would not have a problem.

Jax told Sonny that even if he wanted to help, it was too late. He said that anything he did would make Lucky even more suspicious. Sonny remained steadfast in his determination to keep Michael out of the investigation, even if it meant he would go to prison. Jax got in the last word before leaving. Jax smirked at Sonny when he said that he was hopeful that Sonny would end up in prison.

Jason and Dominic went to Franco's loft. They found the diamond bracelet from Claudia's body that Franco had left for them. They searched the loft but found nothing. Jason told Dominic to check the loft again for anything Jason might have missed. When Dominic protested, Jason admitted to already making too many mistakes with Franco.

Jason told Dominic to stay behind at the loft and wait for Franco. He told Dominic to kill Franco if he showed up. Dominic worried that Franco had left clues to Claudia's body that would prove incriminating to Jason. Jason said he did not care. He said that Franco was dangerous and that he should have killed him immediately.

Franco argued with Carly about who would get the Christmas tree that both appeared to want. When he offered to flip a coin. She cleverly caught him using a two-headed coin. Franco admired Josslyn and let slip that he had once had a daughter named Lauren. His story touched Carly. She offered him the tree and was very kind to him.

Franco seemed to gain respect for Carly and told her to keep her family close. He treated her to a lecture about respecting people who invited you into their home and offered you food.

Carly was confused and asked him if he was talking about something other than his daughter. Franco laughed and told her to mention him to her friend. When he left, Carly shrugged it off and cooed at Josslyn. Jax showed up a few minutes later and said that he had been with Sonny.

Carly said that she did no want to know what the two men had discussed. Instead she wanted to focus on their family. She told Jax how close she had been to leaving him and how glad she was that she had not. She told him how happy she was that they were a family. Jax admitted that he shared her feelings.

Robin and Lisa were treating a hit and run victim in emergency when Robin cut a finger. Robin backed away immediately and said that she could not continue treating the patient because she was HIV-positive. Lisa was stunned. Steve Webber stepped in and took care of the patient, who happened to be Ronnie, the undercover officer who was Dominic's police contact.

Steve told Robin that he was very pleased with how she had handled the situation. Robin tried to apologize for not alerting him to her condition sooner, but Steve said there was no need. He told Robin that he knew that there was prejudice against HIV positive doctors, but he had worked with several in his previous position and he saw no need for concern. He assured Robin that she had his full support.

Patrick rushed in and instantly defended Robin to Steve, who immediately told Patrick that he had no cause for concern because Robin had his backing. Patrick hugged Robin who insisted that she was fine.

Robin also apologized to Lisa, who said that she did not regret working with Robin before, but she was still deciding how she felt about working with her in the future. Robin said that she had meant to tell Lisa about her condition, but it was difficult to work it into conversation.

Lisa told Robin that she understood, but what most amazed her was that Patrick would be so supportive of Robin. Lisa said that when she had known Patrick, he was arrogant and self-involved. Robin said that Patrick had been like that when she had met him, but he had changed. She told Lisa that Patrick was a loving man and she gave thanks every day that she had been given a second chance at love and family with him.

Liz and Lucky ran into Luke at the Christmas tree lot. They exchanged pleasantries then Lucky noticed a cigar in Luke's pocket and asked if Luke was at the lot to get his contraband cigars. When Luke asked curtly if Lucky planned to arrest him, Lucky changed the subject and asked if Luke had plans for Christmas.

Things became more cordial between them as they discussed family, and Luke pointed out how much he disliked sentimentality. Liz took her leave when Luke mentioned family gatherings and their seething undercurrents in the same sentence. Lucky followed after wishing Luke happy holidays and telling him to save a cigar. Luke had a huge grin after Lucky moved on.

Lisa confronted Patrick about Robin's HIV status. She wanted to know why he had not told her. Patrick told Lisa that it was none of her business. She said that she did not believe that Patrick was unselfish enough to make all the accommodations necessary for Robin to go through natural childbirth and for Patrick and Robin to have a normal sex life.

Patrick told Lisa that Robin was the bravest, most intelligent, unselfish, loving woman that he had ever met, and that it had not been a burden to make any adjustment for her. He told Lisa that he was privileged to be in Robin's life and that there was nowhere else and no one else that he would prefer to be with. Lisa was shocked.

Franco stood over Ronnie's hospital bed and taunted him. Franco took credit for running Ronnie down, and smiled as he noted that the tubes in Ronnie's throat that were keeping him alive also prevented him from speaking. Franco told Ronnie that Jason had not engaged to play Franco's game. Ronnie looked scared when Franco said that he had a new plan and that Jason would have to choose.

Lulu interrupted them when Ronnie started coding. She said that she would get a doctor. When Lulu arrived back at Ronnie's bedside with Steve, Franco was gone. Once Ronnie was stabilized, they both noticed CO77X had been painted on the monitor beside Ronnie's bed.

Jason found Sam and Spinelli at the penthouse when he returned. They had grim news for him. Sam said that Spinelli's research had turned up three unsolved murders in Paris that had all been preceded by the tagger sign, CO77X. Sam told Jason that Franco might not be just an artist with a death fetish; he might be a creepy serial killer.

When Dominic reported back, Sam clued him in to the Paris information. He and Jason agreed that Franco was looking for more thrills. While they talked, Lulu called Dominic with news about Ronnie. Dominic and Jason rushed to the hospital.

Monica and Tracy argued about the Christmas tree decorations in the living room of the Quartermaine mansion, while Edward looked on. Rebecca arrived and told them that she had decided to accept Monica's offer and move to Paris. Edward tried to stop her; Tracy wanted her to leave immediately and Monica supported her.

Rebecca told them how much she loved them, but said that since she learned who Emily had been, she needed to find out who she was. She also said that she needed to get away from Nikolas. Edward grumbled but eventually relented to her announcement.

Carly was alone when Sonny dropped in on her at home. She said that she knew he and Jax had tiffed earlier and she did not want to get involved. Sonny said that was fine by him. He wished her happy holidays and said he was there to discuss visitation during Christmas.

They agreed that Sonny would cook for his children on Christmas Eve, and the boys would be with her on Christmas Day. Carly told Sonny that he was welcome to join them for dinner and that he would always be part of her family. Sonny laughed when he said that he and Jax would be very uncomfortable at the same table.

Sonny told Carly that he was refusing the invitation and that was his gift to her. Sonny told Carly to enjoy a warm, tension-free day with her family. As they talked, Carly searched for Josslyn's cap, which she did not find.

Carly took Josslyn downstairs and let Sonny hold the baby. They shared warm remembrances of Christmases past. Sonny was tender and loving as he told Josslyn how beautiful she was and how lucky she was to have Carly as a mom.

Lisa went to the Christmas tree lot and found Patrick was inspecting trees there. She told Patrick that she was amazed at the turnaround in him since he had married Robin. She remembered a very different man. He said the change was real and that he was very happy and could not imagine his life otherwise.

Patrick laughed when he told Lisa that he was waiting for Robin and that they usually had a very big fight about which tree to get for their home. Shortly after Robin arrived, they engaged in a not too serious battle for which tree would suit them best. Lisa excused herself.

Robin and Patrick continued to bicker playfully, but when Patrick said he wanted a big tree for Emma, Robin caved. Patrick decided that he could compromise also, so they decided to search the lot until they found the perfect tree for both of them.

Steve was very cordial when he accepted Rebecca's resignation from GH. When Steve left, Rebecca turned and saw Liz. Liz tried to wish Rebecca well, but Rebecca said she was not keeping quiet for Liz. Rebecca called Liz a lying, two-faced tramp. Then she told Liz that secrets had a way of coming out.

Rebecca said that she wished she could be there to see what happened when Lucky finally found out that Liz and Nikolas were sleeping together. At that moment, Lucky appeared in the doorway. Dominic and Jason raced to Ronnie's bedside. When Dominic asked Lulu what had happened, she confirmed that Franco had been in Ronnie's room.

Ronnie could not speak. He indicated that he wanted to write something. When Lulu handed him pen and paper, he wrote the words "You choose," and gave the pad to Jason. Jason looked at it wondered out loud, "Choose what."

Franco went to the restaurant that served as Sonny and Jason's office. The bartender tried to turn him away, but he said that he had a delivery for Jason and indicated a large manila envelope, which he had tucked under his arm. He took a seat and picked up a newspaper.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jax arrived home to find Carly in the living room. She wondered if Jax had found Josslyn's pink hat that Bobbie had bought for the baby. Jax revealed that he hadn't seen it. Carly was distracted when she noticed that Jax had a gift bag in his hand. She immediately demanded to know what was in it. When Jax refused to tell Carly, she realized that it was a present for her.

Carly confided that she had been cleared to have intimate relations with her husband. She offered sexual favors in exchange for what was in the bag. Jax showed Carly that the bag contained a card, which had instructions for Carly to find her gift. However, Carly's gift wouldn't be ready until the following day. Jax triumphantly tried to claim his reward, but Carly smiled as she explained that he couldn't collect his "present" until she had hers.

In Ronnie's room, Jason read the message that Ronnie had written. Jason had no idea what "You choose" meant. Ronnie drifted in and out of consciousness, so he was unable to answer the question. Lulu decided to fetch a doctor for Ronnie. After Lulu left the room, Jason and Dominic discussed the latest development in their search for Franco. Jason couldn't understand why Franco would target a "mid-level guy" like Ronnie.

Dominic suggested that perhaps it was Franco's way of letting Jason know that Franco could get to anyone near Jason. Robin entered the room moments later. Robin explained that Ronnie was weak from blood loss, so it would take time for him to recover. After Robin left, Jason wandered across the room; he discovered a matchbook tucked into the corner of the window.

Jason announced that he knew where Franco was. After Jason left, Lulu realized that Franco and the "CO77X" tags were linked. Dante explained that he thought it would be best if he kept his distance from Lulu until Franco had been dealt with.

Jason arrived at Pozzulo's, but Franco wasn't there. The waiter explained that "Jason's friend" couldn't wait, so he had left something for Jason. Jason was unsettled when the waiter handed him a package that contained a pink baby's hat. Jason revealed that the hat belonged to his goddaughter.

Jason showed up at the Jacks residence a short time later. Jax had left earlier to do some last-minute shopping. Jason showed Carly the hat that he had collected at Pozzulo's. Carly was thrilled that Josslyn's hat had been found; she explained that she had looked everywhere for it. Jason revealed that Franco had been in possession of the hat.

Carly didn't understand why a man whom she had never met had Josslyn's hat. Jason wondered if Carly had encountered any strangers recently. Carly recalled meeting a man in his early thirties at the Christmas tree lot. Jason was certain that the man was Franco. Carly recounted her discussion with Franco, including Franco's message for Carly's "friend." She explained that Franco insisted that Jason should have shown more respect.

Later, Jax returned home with a present for Carly. Carly decided that she could wait until Christmas. As Carly picked up Josslyn, she admitted that she had everything that she could possibly want.

Jason returned to the penthouse where Sam had added the final touches to a small Christmas tree that she had placed on the pool table and then decorated. Jason confessed that he enjoyed seeing her in his home. Sam wondered how the search for Franco had gone. Jason believed that Franco wanted Jason to play by Franco's rules, in order to keep everyone safe.

Sam sensed that Jason felt responsible for the danger that everyone faced. She reminded Jason that he had not invited Franco into their lives nor was Franco some type of retribution for the things that Jason had done in the past. Jason appreciated Sam's support. He wanted her to know that he loved her. Sam confessed that she felt the same way about Jason

At the hospital, Liz wished Rebecca well with her new life. Rebecca didn't believe that Liz was sincere. Rebecca hated leaving, knowing that Lucky's life would be hell because of Liz. Lucky lurked nearby, listening to the exchange. Lucky stepped in when he sensed that the argument was getting heated. Lucky admitted that he thought that Rebecca and Liz had moved past their dislike for each other.

Rebecca realized that she was wasting her time being angry with Liz. Liz apologized to Rebecca, but Rebecca accused Liz of never giving Rebecca a chance. Rebecca then turned her attention to Lucky. Rebecca admitted that she had missed a great opportunity with Lucky. According to Rebecca, Lucky was a wonderful guy who deserved a great life. Lucky assured Rebecca that he had that with Liz.

Rebecca hugged Lucky and then walked away. Lucky wondered if Liz would finally reveal why Rebecca and Liz hated each other. Liz accused Rebecca of being a liar. She admitted that she was thrilled that Rebecca had decided to leave town because Rebecca had brought out the worst in Liz. Lucky chuckled as he confessed that he enjoyed seeing Liz "all fired up."

Later, Lucky spotted Nikolas at the hospital. As Nikolas closed his cell phone, Lucky wondered if Nikolas had been trying to reach Rebecca. Nikolas admitted that he had left three messages for her, but Rebecca had not returned his calls. Lucky suggested that it was for the best; he urged Nikolas to leave Rebecca alone. Liz and the boys approached them moments later.

Cameron announced to his uncle that they were going Christmas tree shopping. Nikolas admitted that it sounded like fun. Nikolas watched as Lucky, Liz, Jake, and Cam left the hospital. A short time later, Nikolas went to Emily's crypt. Nikolas talked about how perfect Liz and Lucky seemed together.

Nikolas confessed that he had realized that, no matter how much in love he was with Liz, he would never be able to have her. Nikolas decided that it wasn't fair to make Liz and Lucky's life chaotic just because his own life was a mess. Nikolas promised that he would turn it all around. Nikolas was unaware that Rebecca stood nearby, eavesdropping on his private confession.

At the Christmas tree lot, Liz and Lucky discovered that all of the best trees had been purchased. When Lucky spotted a tree that hadn't been sold, Cam decided that the tree looked "weird." Lucky agreed that the two points at the top of the tree gave the tree an odd appearance. However, Lucky explained that it was actually a sign of good luck. According to Lucky, Grandma Laura had insisted that Santa Claus left an extra present under unusual-looking trees.

After Cam and Jake ran off to find a star for the top of their new tree, Liz confided that she loved the story about the tree. Lucky smiled when Liz insisted that she loved Lucky and that he was the perfect man for her.

Kristina arrived at Greystone Manor shortly after Michael and Morgan. Kristina discovered her brothers and father gathered in the parlor. Sonny explained that he had prepared dinner for them, since they wouldn't have an opportunity to spend Christmas Day together. Kristina wished that Sonny had told her about the dinner earlier because she had a prior commitment at school that she couldn't cancel. Morgan and Michael revealed that they had agreed to help Father Coates decorate the church.

Sonny hid his disappointment as he assured his children that they could reschedule their dinner. After they agreed to meet the day after Christmas to make pancakes for breakfast and then spend the day together, Sonny walked his children to the door. As he watched them leave, Sonny seemed sad.

Olivia arrived a short time later. She tactfully reminded Sonny that he had not paid for Claudia's party. Olivia had intended to wait until after the holidays, but the accounting department was on her to collect the money. Sonny apologized for the misunderstanding. He explained that he had tried to put Claudia behind him, even though Diane had advised Sonny to continue to wear his wedding ring. Olivia asked to see the ring.

To Sonny's surprise, Olivia took the ring from Sonny and then marched out to the patio where she proceeded to toss it as far as she could. Olivia announced, "Merry Christmas. Don't ever say I didn't give you anything." Sonny smiled as he confessed that his finger felt better. As Sonny handed Olivia payment for Claudia's party, she commented that whatever he was cooking smelled fabulous.

Sonny explained that he had cooked dinner for his children, but they had to cancel. Olivia was surprised when Sonny invited her to stay for dinner. Before she could respond, Dominic entered. When Dominic started to discuss business, Sonny cut him off. Sonny decided to invite Dominic to join him and Olivia for dinner. Sonny jokingly suggested that Dominic could act as Sonny and Olivia's chaperone.

While Sonny fetched the food, Dominic offered to cover for Olivia if she wanted to leave. Olivia snapped that it was just one dinner, so she could handle it. She advised Dominic to do the same. When Sonny returned with the dinner, Dominic admitted that the dish smelled like something that Dominic's grandmother had prepared. Sonny admitted that Mrs. Cerullo from Bensonhurst had handed down the recipe to him.

Olivia revealed that Mrs. Cerullo had stolen the recipe from Olivia's mother. Sonny didn't appear to realize that Dominic's grandmother and Olivia's mother had the same "family" recipe. As they sat down, Olivia offered to say grace. After the prayer, Olivia confessed that her mother would be delighted to know that her recipe was being used. However, Mrs. Falconeri would not be pleased to know Sonny was the one using it.

Sonny insisted that Mrs. Falconeri had liked him, but Olivia claimed otherwise. Sonny was curious why Olivia wasn't spending the holidays in Bensonhurst with her family. Dominic looked away while Olivia explained that Dante was "working out of town." The conversation soon drifted to the topic of the Yankees baseball team. Dominic realized that they might be boring Olivia, but she assured him that she was fine.

Sonny recalled a time that he and Olivia had managed to secure great seats at a Yankees game, even though they had sneaked into the game. Olivia had caught a ball, but a "mook" behind her had snatched the ball out of Olivia's hand. According to Olivia, Sonny had pummeled the burly man until the man had relinquished his hold on the ball. Olivia confessed that she still had the baseball tucked away somewhere in her possessions.

After dinner, Sonny and Dominic continued talking about baseball; they realized that they had once attended the same game. Olivia seemed uneasy with the direction of the conversation, so she decided to leave. Sonny thanked Olivia and Dominic for joining him for dinner; he admitted that it had been surprisingly enjoyable.

On a plane bound for Paris, Rebecca sat down next to a man who bore an uncanny resemblance to Zander Smith. When Rebecca dropped her ticket, the man picked it up and then handed it to Rebecca. Rebecca apologized for her clumsiness; she explained that she was nervous about her move to Paris. The man revealed that he had been transferred to Paris, so he was also moving to the famous city.

The man introduced himself as Aaron and then apologized for staring at Rebecca. She assumed that Aaron thought that she looked familiar. Aaron clarified that he had been staring at her because she had the most beautiful eyes. Rebecca smiled, clearly flattered by the compliment.

At Franco's studio, a Christmas tree was decorated with snowflake ornaments. Each snowflake contained a picture of someone close to Jason, including Sam, Sonny, and Morgan.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carly arrived home carrying bags filled with last-minute gifts that she had purchased. She confessed to Jax that she had driven around the neighborhood to check out the holiday displays. According to Carly, theirs was the best. Carly especially liked the Rudolph reindeer that they had on the top of their roof. As Jax and Carly entered the living room, Carly spotted a present on the sofa. She immediately assumed that it was for her, but Jax clarified that the present was for Bobbie. Jax reminded Carly that he wouldn't be foolish enough to wrap her gift where she could see it.

Later, Carly caught Michael and Morgan checking the living room for hidden presents. Carly scolded them and then shamelessly tried to pump them for information about where Jax had hidden her special Christmas present. Morgan nearly slipped up, but Michael managed to stop Morgan from spilling the beans. Carly decided to send Michael on an errand, so that she could continue questioning Morgan. Michael urged Morgan to remain strong.

In no time, Morgan blurted out that the present was hidden in the attic. Carly smiled victoriously. Morgan stared helplessly as she dashed off to the attic. A short time later, Morgan apologized to Jax for telling his mother that Jax had hidden her present in the attic. Jax wasn't angry; Carly had had years to perfect her interrogation techniques. Michael entered the living room moments later to ask if anyone had seen Carly. Michael had been expecting Carly to sneak into the attic, but she had never appeared.

Jax determined that Carly had to be close by since her car was in the driveway. Jax, Michael, and Morgan discussed various ways that Carly might have entered the locked attic. Seconds later, Carly cried out as she and crashed to the ground amid a pile of snow. Carly had attempted to gain entrance to the attic through the solar panels on the roof. Jax and the boys retrieved a miraculously unharmed Carly from the bushes and then settled her on the sofa.

Carly regretted that she had destroyed their Rudolph display on the roof. Jax reminded Carly that she could have been seriously hurt. He warned Carly not to pull another stunt like that again. Carly suggested that the best way to avoid any future incidents would be for Jax to give her the present. Later, the boys surprised Carly with a portrait of Josslyn with her brothers.

Robin checked the Christmas tree to make certain that Patrick had properly secured it to the walls, so that it wouldn't accidentally topple on top of Emma. Robin was satisfied with the work, but she confessed that she had made up the study about the high percentage of kids injured by large trees; she had hoped to persuade Patrick to buy a smaller tree. Patrick wasn't surprised. However, he was curious if Robin had invited anyone as payback for Patrick winning the battle of the Christmas trees. Robin simply smiled.

As Patrick and Robin cuddled on the sofa, Robin talked about the number of Christmases that she spent without her parents. She had been grateful that she had Mac in her life. Patrick felt bad that Mac was home alone. Robin admitted that she had asked Mac to join them. Patrick realized that he had been correct when he had guessed that Robin had extended an invitation to someone. Robin revealed that Mac had declined. She suspected that Mac had a date.

Moments later, Mac stopped by to drop off a gift for Emma. Robin told Mac that he was welcome to stay, but Mac explained that he had plans; however, he refused to elaborate. After Mac left, Robin smiled triumphantly. She was certain that Mac had a date. Robin was delighted that all of her efforts had paid off. A short time later, Matt and Lisa arrived for a visit. Everyone smiled as they gathered around the Christmas tree and then took pictures.

Lulu watched as Maxie transformed their apartment into a Christmas wonderland. Lulu didn't think that Maxie's efforts would make Spinelli forget that Maxie had cheated on him. Before Maxie could reply, someone knocked on the door. It was Spinelli. He was carrying a small potted Christmas tree. Spinelli was disappointed when he spied Maxie's elegantly decorated tree. Lulu accused Maxie of stealing the tree. Maxie insisted that she had merely borrowed it from Kate. Spinelli replied, "I would rather abstain from the yuletide festivities inspired by guilt."

Maxie realized that Spinelli was referring to her transgression with Franco rather than Kate's pilfered Christmas tree. Maxie insisted that they could have moved past the mess with Franco if Spinelli had slept with someone, as Maxie had suggested. Spinelli refused to sleep with someone just to make Maxie feel better. Lulu objected when they tried to pull her into the middle of their argument.

Lulu was relieved when someone knocked on the door. It was Dante; he wanted to know if Lulu would go with him to Lucky's party. Lulu readily accepted the invitation. After Lulu and Dante left, Maxie and Spinelli resumed their discussion. Maxie wondered why Spinelli couldn't just admit that he was mad at her. Spinelli thought that it should have been obvious that he was furious about the tryst. Spinelli demanded to know why Maxie had slept with Franco.

Maxie didn't have any real answers for him; she hated herself for hurting Spinelli and then lying. Spinelli reminded Maxie that, to Franco, she had been a means to an end. Spinelli couldn't understand how she could have been attracted to someone as dangerous as Franco. Their argument was cut short when someone knocked on the door. Maxie didn't want Spinelli to open the door, but the person refused to leave. It was Mac. He had a present for Maxie.

Mac's smile disappeared when he noticed Maxie's tears. Mac reminded Spinelli that Christmas was a difficult time of year for Maxie because Georgie had died in December. Mac wondered if Spinelli had even bothered to ask if Maxie had heard from Felicia. Maxie assured her uncle that she wasn't upset about her sister or mother. Mac wanted Maxie to spend Christmas Eve with him, but Maxie refused to leave. She explained that she and Spinelli needed to work some things out on their own.

After Mac left, Spinelli confessed that he wanted to put what had happened with Franco behind them. Maxie promised Spinelli that she loved him. Spinelli assured her that he loved her. Maxie and Spinelli hugged and then decorated the tree that Spinelli had bought for Maxie. Afterwards, they kissed.

At the Davis residence, Diane wondered if Alexis had anything more festive than hot coca and fuzzy slippers. Sam, Molly, and Kristina were gathered in the living room. Alexis noticed the look that passed between her daughters and Diane. Alexis immediately suspected that the foursome were up to something. They tried to act innocent, but a knock at the door betrayed them. It was Max, bearing gifts.

Shortly afterwards, Mac arrived. He had a present for Alexis. Alexis opened the present to discover an ice scraper and flashlight inside. Diane groaned; she was certain that she was in the middle of a horror movie. Alexis was surprisingly grateful because she needed the items. She sincerely thanked Mac for his thoughtfulness. As everyone chatted and enjoyed themselves, Molly practically shoved Mac and Alexis under the mistletoe. As Mac and Alexis kissed, everyone clapped and cheered.

On the Haunted Star, Ethan found Luke playing cards alone in the dark. Luke was surprised that Ethan wasn't at Lucky's house. Ethan pointed out that Luke had also been invited. Luke insisted that Ethan would have to go alone; Luke claimed that he was busy. As Ethan joined his father at the table, he told Luke that Rebecca had left town. Luke felt bad for Ethan because he knew that Ethan had feelings for Rebecca. Ethan brushed them off; he realized that he had lost Rebecca the moment that she had laid eyes on Nikolas.

Luke confessed, "He seems to have that effect on women. What's that about?" Ethan didn't understand the appeal of Nikolas either. Luke made another attempt to persuade Ethan to attend Lucky's party, but Ethan refused to go without Luke. Eventually they decided to leave it to chance. If Luke drew the high card then Ethan would go to the party alone. If Ethan drew the high card then Luke would accompany Ethan to Lucky's house.

Liz, Cameron, and Jake arrived at Lucky's shortly before the party started. Cameron was excited when he saw the Christmas tree; he wondered if they could spend the night. Liz explained that Santa knew where they lived. She suggested that they write Santa a note to let him know that they would be together with Lucky the next Christmas. Lucky loved Liz's compromise.

After Liz took the boys to their room to play, she joined Lucky in the living room. Lucky mentioned that Bobbie was in Seattle with Lucas. Liz was curious if Lucky had heard from Luke. Lucky confided that he didn't have any idea if he father intended to join them for the family get-together. Ethan arrived moments later, carrying presents for everyone, with jellybeans for the kids.

While Liz took the treats to Cameron and Jake, Lucky wondered if Ethan had talked to Luke. Ethan reluctantly admitted that he didn't think that Luke would show up. Tracy arrived shortly afterwards. She admitted that she had tried to persuade Luke to join her, but he had refused. Lucky appreciated Tracy's efforts. While Ethan fetched Tracy a drink, Lucky stepped away to put some finishing touches on the decorations. Liz approached Lucky to lend him her support.

Lucky was frustrated because he realized that something was bothering his father. He decided that he needed to make an effort to talk to Luke. Lucky apologized for leaving the party, but he promised Liz that he would return as soon as he could. Nikolas and Spencer arrived later. Nikolas explained that they were late because Spencer had insisted that he needed to take along some mistletoe. Spencer proudly held up the mistletoe and then ordered Nikolas and Liz to kiss. Liz leaned down to kiss Spencer instead.

Lucky entered the Haunted Star to find his father alone. Luke invited Lucky to join him for cup of freshly brewed coffee. While Luke fetched the coffee, Lucky told him that Laura had called. Laura wanted Lucky, Liz, and the boys to spend the next Christmas in Paris with her. Luke smiled as he handed Lucky a cup of coffee. Luke fondly recalled a Christmas in Paris when Lucky had been a child.

Lucky admitted that he cherished his childhood. Lucky assured his father that Luke and Laura had given him a life that most people could only dream about. Lucky missed those days, but he knew that there was no going back. Lucky believed that the present held it's own miracles; he had noticed many in recent days, such as Ethan and Lucky managing to spend time together in the same room without fighting, Lucky's continued sobriety, and Lucky and Liz's discovery of the perfect piece property for their new house. Lucky didn't need any big miracles from his father; he just needed Luke to spend Christmas with him.

Ethan read a Christmas story to Cameron, Jake, and Spencer. Meanwhile Lulu picked up Laura's angel for the top of the tree. All heads turned when Luke and Lucky entered. Tracy kissed her husband as Lucky took the angel from Lulu and then placed it on the top of the tree. Cameron looked up at the angel and then waved to it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Due to the extended Christmas holiday, ABC opted to broadcast encore presentations of recent memorable episodes in place of an original episode. This scheduling change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 21 where Wednesday, December 23's episode concluded.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode of General Hospital was pre-empted. This scheduling change was planned for in advance and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 28 and pick up where Wednesday, December 23's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone involved with Soap Central, I'd like to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and Merry Christmas

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