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Monday, December 28, 2009

At their home, Robin and Patrick, both dressed to the nines, got everything set up for the nanny before heading out to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Robin was surprised and pleased when Patrick took her to a private hotel suite where candles and dinner waited, instead of the public hotel restaurant.

Robin and Patrick shared champagne and renewed their commitment as they acknowledged their love for each other. After a champagne toast to their love, Patrick took Robin's hand and led her to the bed where they made slow, passionate love.

After making love, they returned home to Emma and continued the celebration of their love and family. Each told the other how lucky they felt to be together and how being with Emma was the perfect way to end their anniversary celebration. They acknowledged that they had never know greater happiness than that moment of family togetherness.

At their apartment, Maxie told Lulu that she did not want the holidays to end, because she and Spinelli had delayed their talk about Maxie's unfaithfulness with Franco until the holidays were over. Maxie said that she was dreading that talk. Lulu told Maxie not to stress because Spinelli loved Maxie for who she was-including her self-destructive behavior.

While they were talking, Dominic stopped by to tell Lulu that it was time for the date she had promised to go on with him. Lulu tried to act like she would not go out with him, but Dominic was firm when he told her to wear something formal and be ready in an hour.

Maxie and Lulu chatted while Lulu tried on fancy dresses. Lulu tried to act casual about her date with Dominic, but Maxie could tell that Lulu was hooked on Dominic. Maxie told Lulu that she no longer wanted to keep them apart, even though she was sure that Lulu would eventually have a meltdown like she had with Johnny.

Lulu said that even though she was sure that she and Dominic would eventually break up, it would not be because Dominic was a liar or lacked honor. Lulu seemed sure that Dominic would not do anything to deliberately hurt her.

Lisa, who was new in town, stopped by Sonny's restaurant looking for a good Italian meal. Sonny told her that the restaurant was closed for a private party, but she persisted, noting that no one was there for the party so there was still time to serve her. Sonny relented and fed her a plate of antipasto. They were laughing and flirting when Dominic showed up and asked Sonny for the night off.

Sonny was pleased to hear that Dominic and Lulu were going out together. He gladly gave Dominic the night off as he effusively urged him to the door. Before Dominic could leave, Olivia entered, looking for Johnny. When she saw Sonny chatting amiably with Lisa, Olivia decided to stay.

Dominic urged her to leave, but Olivia decided to have a glass of wine. Dominic left instead. At one of the tables, Sonny and Lisa discussed spas and laughed. At the bar, Olivia drank wine and fumed.

At the artist's loft, Franco made art out of his tagger sign, CO77X, as well as pictures and news articles about Jason.

Johnny went to Jason's penthouse and confronted him about a picture of a grave that Johnny had received in the mail. He wanted to know if the grave was Claudia's. After Jason told Johnny everything about Claudia's death-including that Michael had killed her-Johnny hit Jason in the face with his fist.

Jason stopped him after the second blow, but Johnny was still irate. He wanted to know why he got the photo and where Claudia's body was. Jason told Johnny about Franco and his obsession with Jason. Jason told Johnny that Franco had set it up so that Jason would have to kill Johnny.

Jason told Johnny that he was responsible for the cover-up of Claudia's death and he was sorry that it had gotten out of hand. Jason said that his only thought at the time had been to protect Michael. Johnny was still angry, but not raging as before.

Johnny told Jason that considering the sick colossal mess he had helped make, perhaps Jason could now have some compassion for Claudia and see that she had not intended harm to Michael either, that things had spiraled out of control for her, just like they had for Jason. Jason was pensive as Johnny slammed out the door.

Spinelli dropped by Sam's apartment to catch up. She was worried that Jason was out of touch and fretting too much about Franco. Spinelli was concerned about the reckoning that he and Maxie would eventually have to face about her infidelity.

Kristina and Molly arrived as Spinelli left. The girls wanted Sam's help in getting their mother together with Mac for New Year's Eve. Before Sam could say much, Alexis knocked on the door. The girls hid when Sam let her in.

Alexis tried to enlist Sam's help in getting Kristina and Molly to back off their attempts to throw Alexis and Mac together. Before Sam could respond, the girls intervened and told Alexis all the reasons that she and Mac would make a good couple. Neither Molly nor Kristina would accept Alexis' excuse that she and Mac had no chemistry.

When the threesome tried to get Sam to take sides, she refused. She told them that she could see the issue from both points of view and she preferred to remain neutral. Then she told them that she had to get ready for her date with Jason and asked them to leave. They did so reluctantly.

Lulu was still dressing when Dominic arrived. Maxie questioned him about his plans for Lulu, but he remained mum until Lulu appeared. He told her she was beautiful, and Lulu knew he meant it. Even though Lulu tried to appear aloof, it was clear that she was very happy to be leaving with Dominic.

Olivia could not resist interfering in Sonny's conversation with Lisa. She started laughing when Lisa assumed that Sonny was the restaurant manager. At first, Lisa thought Olivia was Sonny's wife or girlfriend and apologized for offending Olivia; she explained that they were just sharing some antipasto.

Sonny and Olivia both quickly denied that they were a couple, but Sonny could not resist accusing Olivia of being jealous. Olivia said that she was not jealous. Johnny walked in as Olivia tossed her glass of wine on Sonny's shirt and indicated that was what she would do if she were jealous.

Jason was picking up the Christmas tree that had been overturned during his altercation with Johnny when Spinelli returned to the penthouse. When Jason told Spinelli about the photo that Franco had sent Johnny, Spinelli suggested that it was time for Jason to step back and take a respite from trying to figure out Franco. Spinelli urged Jason to spend New Year's Eve with Sam, who was preparing a surprise for Jason at her apartment.

Sam uncovered the hot tub on her patio. When the water was warm enough, she shed her robe to reveal a very skimpy bikini. She climbed in the hot tub and took a sip from her wine glass.

In the living room, Sam's apartment door opened slowly as Franco looked in warily. He entered the room and then noticed the opened door leading to the patio.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

At the penthouse, Jason left Sam a message when she didn't answer his call. Jason wished that he could be with Sam instead of sending her flowers. He explained that he hadn't made any progress on the search for Franco, so he had decided to work. Jason promised to call Sam later. Spinelli suggested that Jason was making a mistake by not going to see Sam. Jason wasn't in the mood for relationship advice, but Spinelli refused to drop it.

Spinelli believed that a break could be beneficial because it might provide Jason with some clarity. Jason doubted that Franco ever took the night off, so Jason refused to consider it. However, Jason did admit that a part of him wanted to be with Sam. Spinelli urged Jason to trust his instincts, but Jason didn't think that he should.

Maxie arrived a short time later. She was determined to work things out with Spinelli, so she expected Jason to order Spinelli to cheat on her. Jason didn't have time for Maxie's drama, but she refused to be dismissed. Spinelli wasn't interested in Maxie's proposal. Jason explained to Maxie that two wrongs didn't make a right.

Jason suggested that Maxie was being too hard on herself; she had betrayed Spinelli, but Franco had also manipulated her. Jason advised Maxie to allow Spinelli some time to forgive her. Maxie was curious if Jason had gained his new insight by watching talk shows. Jason responded by announcing that he was going to Sam's place.

After Jason left, Spinelli explained that he could see how much Maxie had regretted sleeping with Franco. Spinelli wanted to move forward. Maxie was distracted when her phone rang. To her surprise, all of the favors that she had called in had yielded Anne Hathaway's private phone number. Maxie held out her phone to Spinelli as she invited him to call his movie star crush.

At Sam's apartment, a florist tried to deliver a huge bouquet of flowers to Sam. Franco answered the door; he explained that Sam was "tied up" at the moment. Franco took the flowers, but didn't tip the deliveryman. After Franco shut the door, he tossed the bouquet away. Later, Jason arrived at Sam's place, but discovered that she was missing.

Lulu and Dante were in a limousine. Lulu was anxious to know where they were going. Dante explained that it was a surprise, but he suggested that if Lulu gave it some thought then she might be able to figure out where they were headed. Dante hinted that their destination was part of a promise that he had made to Lulu while she had been trapped in the frigid waters at the Zacchara mansion. Lulu was disappointed to discover that Dante intended to take her to the opera.

Dante explained that they were going to see Puccini's La Boheme. Dante realized that Lulu was less than enthusiastic about the prospect of attending an opera. Lulu explained that she didn't understand the appeal of watching something in a foreign language. She questioned how she would be able to follow the story. Dante assured Lulu that words weren't necessary to understand the story. However, Dante promised that they could leave if Lulu didn't enjoy herself.

Later, Lulu and Dante returned to the limousine. Lulu was crying because she had been deeply moved by the story. Dante smiled, clearly feeling vindicated. Lulu gushed about the opera until she ran out of steam. She admitted that it had been the best date that she had ever been on.

Dante was happy that he could share the experience with Lulu. Lulu kissed Dante to show her appreciation. The kiss quickly heated up. Dante asked if Lulu was sure about taking things further. Lulu responded that life was too short. Lulu ripped off Dante's shirt, but before they could make love, the limousine driver knocked on the door.

The driver apologized for interrupting them, but they had reached the train station. He offered to drive them around the block, so that Lulu and Dante could collect themselves, but Dante declined.

At Pozzulo's, Johnny quietly watched as Olivia gave free reign to her jealousy. Olivia was embarrassed when she realized that Johnny had witnessed the scene that she had made over Sonny and Lisa. Her anger flared when Sonny suggested that Olivia had intentionally chosen to meet Johnny at Pozzulo's in the hopes of making Sonny jealous. Lisa agreed with Sonny that it appeared that Olivia was interested in Sonny. Olivia warned Lisa to keep her opinion to herself.

Johnny approached the table to ask if Olivia was ready to leave. Olivia snatched up her coat and then stormed out of the restaurant. Lisa admitted that she had enjoyed helping Sonny.

Olivia and Johnny went to Jake's. As they sat down at the bar, Olivia offered to explain what had happened at Pozzulo's. Johnny didn't seem interested in hearing her excuses. Olivia offered to leave, but changed her mind when Johnny didn't object. Olivia angrily admitted that Sonny had managed to push her buttons, as he always did. Her explanation was cut short when Olivia noticed Johnny's bruised hand. Concerned, Olivia demanded to know what had happened.

Johnny revealed that he had learned the truth about Claudia's fate. Olivia was stunned when Johnny told her about the picture that he had received and the subsequent confrontation with Jason. Johnny admitted that he wanted to hurt Jason, but stopped himself because he had realized that Jason wasn't to blame. Olivia was curious who had killed Claudia. Johnny wondered if Olivia worried that Johnny might use the information to hurt Sonny.

Olivia reminded Johnny that her son's life was in Johnny's hands, so she trusted Johnny completely. Johnny wanted to know what Olivia's plans were for Sonny. Johnny observed that Olivia's feelings for Sonny appeared to be growing stronger. Olivia confessed that she didn't know what to do about Sonny; however, she wanted to focus on the present by taking care of Johnny.

At the Davis residence, Alexis informed her daughters that she didn't appreciate them conspiring to set her up with Mac. Kristina and Molly were unrepentant as they informed their mother that they had their sister's support.

A police officer pulled Michael over for driving erratically. The officer asked if Michael had been drinking. Michael denied it, but the police officer didn't believe him. The police officer asked if Michael would consent to take a breathalyzer test. Michael didn't understand the problem. The police officer explained that underage drinking and driving under the influence were against the law. Michael arrogantly questioned if the police officer was trying to make his monthly quota.

The police officer ignored the insult as he informed Michael that he was under arrest. Before the police officer could handcuff Michael, Lucky approached. Lucky greeted Brad, the police officer, and then explained that Michael was a person of interest in a case that Lucky was working on. Brad agreed to allow Lucky to take over. As Brad drove away, Michael tried to imply that the police officer didn't have any grounds for pulling over Michael. Lucky clarified that Brad was a decent person who was simply doing his job.

Michael demanded to know what Lucky wanted from him. Lucky asked if Michael had been drinking, but Michael once again denied it. Michael assumed that Lucky wanted to question him about Claudia, Lucky suggested that they discuss the real problem: Sonny. Michael claimed that just because Lucky had turned his back on Luke, didn't mean that Michael intended to do the same to Sonny.

Lucky confided that he had grown up in a similar situation as Michael. Lucky explained that parents tried their best to protect their children, but they didn't always succeed. Michael clarified that he didn't have any problems with Sonny. Lucky accused Michael of lying; he understood what it was like to idolize and love a father who turned out to be quite different than the person who had raised him. Michael insisted that he was fine.

Lucky didn't believe Michael. Lucky accused Michael of drinking and driving in an attempt to hurt Sonny. Lucky suspected that Michael realized that the most effective way to punish Sonny was to self-destruct. Michael resented Lucky's attempts to compare their lives; he was adamant that Sonny was nothing like Luke. Lucky pointed out that Michael didn't understand how Sonny had risen to power or how Sonny maintained that power. Michael believed that he knew everything about his father.

Lucky revealed that he could smell the alcohol on Michael's breath. He was certain that Michael was pushing the limits, so that Sonny would notice him. Michael was curious if their therapy session was over for the evening.

A short time later, Michael arrived home. Everyone jumped up to yell "Surprise." Their birthday wishes faded when they spotted Lucky standing behind Michael. Carly questioned why Lucky was there. Michael invited Lucky to tell Carly the truth. Lucky explained that Michael had been pulled over for drunk driving. Carly and Sonny were stunned.

Sonny thanked Lucky for not arresting Michael; he promised that it would never happen again. Carly decided to walk Lucky to the door, so that she could find out exactly what had happened. Lucky reminded Carly that Michael had committed a serious offense. He suggested that she remind Michael that a drunk driver had killed B.J., and Jason had become a mob enforcer because of a drunk driver.

After the guests left the party, Carly sent Morgan to his room. Morgan reminded his parents that everyone made mistakes; he thought that they should cut Michael some slack because it was Michael's birthday. When Morgan left, Michael snidely asked who would go first. Sonny didn't hesitate tear into Michael. Michael showed little reaction until Sonny announced that Michael would not have access to the car until he could prove to Sonny that he had learned his lesson.

After Sonny left, Jax said his peace and then left Carly to deal with her son. Michael didn't want to hear what Carly had to say, but she refused to be brushed off. When Carly mentioned that Jason's life had changed because his brother had driven drunk, Michael shot back, "Oh, you mean AJ, my biological father? Who are you more afraid I'll turn out like, him or dad?" Carly was thrown for a moment, but she recovered quickly.

Carly insisted that Michael was most like her; she urged him not to give up on himself. Carly vowed to never stop believing in Michael.

At the Davis residence, Alexis thought that Michael's situation was a valuable lesson for all of them. Alexis warned Molly and Kristina never to drive drunk or get into a car with someone who had been drinking. Alexis urged the girls to call her if they ever needed a ride; she promised not to judge or lecture them if they did. According to Alexis, life didn't always allow a person to undo what had been done.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigation , Spinelli fantasized about being a 1930s era gumshoe who was about to kiss a sexy client just as Maxie burst through the door. Maxie was delighted to see that Spinelli was cheating on her because it meant that Maxie could be with Clark. Spinelli lost all desire for his beautiful client when he realized that Maxie meant Clark Gable.

Spinelli was startled out of his daydream when the real Maxie entered the office and demanded to know if he had called Anne Hathaway. Maxie was eager to get her "unfortunate situation" behind them. Before Spinelli could respond, Max Giambetti walked into the office. Max was clutching his stomach as he explained that he wanted to hire Spinelli to investigate Diane. Max was certain that Diane was cheating on him with a man in Philadelphia.

Spinelli did a quick check of Diane's finances, but he didn't find anything that indicated that Diane had been spending time with another man. As Max downed antacid medication, he insisted that his gut told him that Diane was being unfaithful. Max ordered Spinelli to continue the search. Diane arrived at the office moments later. Diane wanted to confirm a wire transfer for Sonny and Jason; however, she was curious why Max was at the office instead of picking her up at the hotel as they had planned.

Max pointed out that Diane was obviously not at the hotel; she was working as usual. Diane didn't understand Max's hostility. Max admitted that he had hired Spinelli to investigate Diane because Max was certain that Diane was cheating on him. Diane was shocked and hurt that Max would suspect her of betraying him. Maxie piped up with the suggestion that Max sleep with another woman, in order to pay Diane back for hurting him.

Diane clarified that she was not cheating on Max. Max reminded Diane that Diane had told him that she had recently met a man. Max claimed that he had seen several emails in her inbox from a man named Russell. Diane explained that Russell was married. Max argued that being married didn't guarantee fidelity. Diane added that Russell's spouse was another man. Max was embarrassed as Diane revealed that she had spent her evenings in Philadelphia searching for fly-fishing spots and thinking about Max.

Max reminded his "Buttercup" that she hated fly-fishing. Diane agreed, but pointed out that her "Fancy Pants" enjoyed the recreational sport. Maxie lost her patience with the couple as they kissed and made up. Maxie hustled them out the door and then informed Spinelli that he had to do something in order to restore his dignity and manhood. Spinelli refused to do her bidding. As the New Year rang in, Spinelli leaned forward to kiss Maxie, but it was merely a peck on the lips. Maxie and Spinelli stared at each other with somber expressions.

Robin arrived at the hospital to meet Patrick. Epiphany complimented Robin on her beautiful dress. Robin explained that she and Patrick had plans to go to the Metro Court Restaurant where they intended to drink champagne, eat lobster, and dance on the rooftop. Robin enjoyed having an excuse to dress up. Patrick approached Robin moments later. Patrick admitted that Robin looked stunning. As the couple started to leave, Epiphany called out to them. The emergency room required "all hands on deck."

Later, Patrick and Lisa consulted about a patient that they had treated in the ER. Patrick and Lisa agreed that the patient required surgery. Patrick apologized to Robin because he realized that he might miss ringing in the New Year with his wife . Robin assured Patrick that he didn't have to worry; she'd meet him at home. She gave Patrick a quick kiss, in case she didn't see him before midnight, and then she resumed her shift.

Matt found Robin working at the nurses' station a short time later. He wondered if it bothered Robin that Patrick was in surgery with Lisa. Robin didn't know why Matt would ask such a question. Matt admitted that he had learned firsthand that Lisa was still very much attracted to Patrick. Matt didn't know what was going on, but he believed that Robin had a right to know that Lisa was not over Patrick. When Lisa and Patrick walked up to the nurses' station, and were joking around with each other, Robin seemed to consider Matt's words of caution.

Later, Patrick asked if Epiphany had seen Robin. Epiphany explained that Robin had left. Patrick decided to call it a night. Lisa seemed disappointed; she tried to cajole him to stay on duty, but Patrick was determined to find his wife. Robin was on the hospital's roof. She smiled when Patrick wrapped his arms around her and then kissed her.

At the police station, Mac wondered if Lucky had plans for New Year's Eve. Lucky claimed that he didn't, but then Liz arrived. Liz revealed that she had planned a surprise for Lucky. Lucky was intrigued, especially after Liz pulled out a blindfold that she intended for Lucky to wear during the drive.

Liz took Lucky to Jake's. The bar was closed, but Liz had cheesy fries and ribs waiting for them. Lucky remembered that the first time they had eaten cheesy fries and ribs had been the night that Liz had agreed to be Lucky's girl. Liz corrected Lucky; she had told Lucky that she was already his girl. Lucky smiled and then wondered how Liz had managed to persuade Coleman to close the bar for the night.

Liz admitted that she had promised to convince Lucky not to cite Coleman because one of his bartenders had served alcohol to Michael. Lucky joked that he would hate to find out that his fiancée was sneaking around behind his back without Lucky having a clue. Liz sobered immediately. When Lucky noticed the change in Liz, he assured her that he had been joking. Liz believed him, but she also realized that she had taken him for granted.

Liz explained that she had planned the special evening for Lucky because she wanted Lucky to know that she loved him. Nothing made her prouder or gave her more joy than being his girl. Lucky confessed that his happiest memories included Liz. Liz vowed to never disappoint Lucky. She then challenged Lucky to a game of pool.

After Lucky won the game, Liz fetched a gift that she had tucked away for Lucky. It was his old guitar. Liz had taken it to a shop, so that they could replace the old strings. Lucky was thrilled with the guitar. He pulled it out of the case and then serenaded Liz with the song, "My Girl."

At the Davis residence, Kiefer announced that he was there to keep Kristina company while she babysat Molly. Kiefer explained that the girls had arranged for Alexis to go on a date with Mac. Alexis immediately demanded to see Molly. Molly and Kristina didn't apologize for their matchmaking efforts. Alexis argued that if Mac were truly interested in her, he would have called to ask Alexis out.

Molly revealed that Mac had called to find out what Alexis was doing for New Year's Eve. Molly had taken it upon herself to accept the date because she feared that Alexis would have turned Mac down. Alexis was stunned when Molly announced that Mac was expected within fifteen minutes.

When Mac arrived, he could tell by Alexis' casual attire that she had not known about the date. Alexis advised Mac not to depend on her daughters when arranging dates because they were not in charge of her social calendar. She then insisted that the girls apologize for misleading Mac. Mac reminded Alexis that Alexis had claimed that she had enjoyed herself on their other dates. Alexis assured Mac that she hadn't been lying.

Mac didn't understand Alexis' objection to going out with him if she had a good time with him. Molly and Kristina agreed with Mac. After several minutes of prodding from the girls, Alexis changed her mind. Mac smiled when Alexis dashed to her room to change clothes.

Mac sat in the passenger seat of Alexis' car. He assured her that he would have gladly driven. Alexis insisted that she liked to drive. Alexis also confided that it kept her from "drinking something that makes me look like a menopausal woman having a seizure." Mac chuckled as he admitted that he had enjoyed seeing Alexis relaxed and having fun at Jake's. As they drove, Alexis heard a rattle. The noise continued, so Alexis pulled over to the side of the road.

Mac looked under the hood, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with the hybrid car. Mac tinkered with the engine, but the car refused to start. Alexis offered to check the engine; however, it soon became apparent that Alexis had no idea what she was looking at. Mac observed that they might as well have been examining a jet engine. Alexis decided to call for a tow truck. She was disappointed to learn that they would have to wait a couple of hours before help arrived.

Alexis wondered if she should call Spinelli since the car had a computer. Mac appeared appalled by the suggestion. He admitted that he was much more familiar with older cars. He mentioned a movie called "Bullitt," which had featured a Mustang. Mac had owned a car like the one in the movie, except Mac's car had been red. Mac was surprised that Alexis was familiar with the movie. Alexis explained that she had been a huge fan of Steve McQueen.

Mac reminded Alexis that the hero in the movie had gone down in a blaze of glory. He smiled as he pointed out that he, on the other hand, was still standing. Alexis laughed as she lightly punched Mac in the arm. Mac slipped on the ice and then landed on his butt. Alexis burst out laughing.

Inside the car, Alexis admitted that the real reason she had offered to drive was because she wanted to have the option to leave if the date didn't go well. Mac wasn't surprised. He wondered how her previous New Year's Eve had gone. Alexis admitted that it had been unremarkable. Mac smiled as he suggested that she would be able to tell people that she had spent a New Year's Eve on the side of the road dancing by moonlight at midnight.

As midnight approached, Mac and Alexis danced as "My Girl" blasted from the car's radio.

At the Davis residence, Kristina wondered where Kiefer would have taken her if they had been able to go out for New Year's Eve. Kiefer admitted that he would have taken Kristina to his house because his parents were out of town. Kiefer smiled as he suggested that he and Kristina could have "done it" in every room. Kristina grumbled that instead he was stuck babysitting with her. Kiefer claimed that he didn't mind as long as he could spend time with Kristina. Kristina was touched. As they kissed, they heard Molly giggle.

Kristina pulled away and then tossed popcorn at her sister for spying on them. After Kristina chased Molly out of the room, Kiefer tried to pick up where he and Kristina had left off. Kristina pulled away from Kiefer to remind him that they couldn't kiss with Molly in the house. Kiefer was furious. He accused Kristina of using Molly as an excuse. According to Kiefer, Kristina was nothing but a tease who enjoyed leading him on.

Kristina explained that sometimes she wasn't in the mood to be intimate. Kiefer accused Kristina of not caring about him. He suggested that she find Ethan, since she seemed interested in him. Kristina insisted that it wasn't "like that" with Ethan, but Kiefer didn't believe her. Kristina watched helplessly as Kiefer stormed out of the house.

In an undisclosed location, Franco, wearing a tuxedo, sat at an elegant table set for one. A single candle illuminated the table as Franco prepared to eat his dinner.

The episode featured the song, "My Girl," by The Temptations

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, ABC opted to broadcast encore presentations of recent memorable episodes in place of an original episode. This scheduling change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 4 and pick up where Wednesday, December 30's episode concluded.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of General Hospital was pre-empted. This scheduling change was planned for in advance and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 4 and pick up where Wednesday, December 30's show concluded.

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