General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 25, 2010 on GH

Lulu was furious when she learned that Nikolas and Elizabeth had an affair. Carly advised Jason to take Jake away from Elizabeth. Olivia tried to force Agent Rayner to pull Dante off of the investigation. An arrest warrant for Sonny was issued. Dante asked Ronnie to wait until after Josslyn's christening to arrest Sonny, so that Sonny's family would have one last happy memory before their lives were changed. Spinelli provided Jason and Sonny with proof that Dominic was an undercover cop. Sonny ordered Dominic to meet him at Greystone Manor. Sonny drew his gun and then shot Dante point-blank in the heart. Olivia arrived moments later and exclaimed, ''My God, Sonny. You just shot your own son!''
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Sonny shot Dominic, unaware that Dominic was his son
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Michael eavesdropped on the docks and heard Dominic acknowledge to Johnny that he was an undercover cop and that a warrant was in the works for Sonny.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sonny argued about the best way to handle Maxie's eyewitness testimony. Sonny wanted to put a hit on her, but Jason was convinced that Maxie could handle questioning and would not tell that she had seen Michael in the car with Sonny on the night of Claudia's murder.

Spinelli burst in with the news that Mac had taken Maxie away to the police station for questioning. Before Sonny could get hot under the collar, Jason sent Spinelli to check on Maxie. Sonny worried that Jason was still dumfounded by Franco and did not have his head on straight. Jason stuck by his faith in Maxie. When Sonny left, both agreed that they would do whatever it took to make sure that Michael was not questioned in regard to Claudia's murder.

Sam was at the PCPD dealing with a traffic ticket when Maxie walked in with Mac. Sam tried to run interference, but Mac quickly whisked Maxie into the interrogation room. Diane arrived on the scene after a phone call from Spinelli, but pretended she was there about a traffic ticket and just happened to notice that Mac was questioning Maxie. She made a joke about protecting Maxie's rights and barged in on the interview.

Mac was frustrated but persistent. He finally got a reluctant Maxie to admit that she had seen Sonny drive up to his gate and open it at about 3:00 a.m. on the night Claudia was killed. She admitted that he had a large stain on the front of his shirt. All eyes turned to Maxie when Mac asked her if anyone else had been in the car with Sonny.

A drunken Lucky confronted Liz and Nikolas at her home. At first Liz tried to lie, but Lucky described walking in on them while they were making love. Liz apologized and said that it was over. When Lucky called her a faithless cheating tramp, Nikolas tried to intervene and take responsibility. When he asked Lucky to take his anger out on him instead, Lucky told Nikolas that he would love to.

Lucky told Nikolas that his betrayal was even more difficult to stomach than Liz's. He gave Nikolas the ultimate insult when he called him a "Cassadine."

Carly stopped by to invite them to Joslyn's christening, which interrupted Lucky's tirade. Liz begged Lucky not to tell Carly, but he could not resist. Lucky told Carly that he would be there, but that Liz and Nikolas would be too busy "rutting like farm animals" to attend. After Carly's hasty departure, Liz asked Lucky to keep quiet for the sake of the boys. Lucky called Liz a bitch and told not to use the boys to manipulate him. He told her that she could "whore" herself out all she wanted.

Lucky said that Liz was a cheater and a liar and that she would get what she deserved, which might include two boys who could not stand the sight of her. He said if that happened she would only have herself to blame. A tearful Lucky wanted to know what had happened to the girl he had fallen in love with all those years before. As he slammed out, he said he would always love that girl.

Nikolas tried to comfort Liz, but she was devastated by Lucky's harsh tirade and ordered Nikolas to leave her alone. After a weak protest, Nikolas did as he was asked. Once he was gone, Liz trashed the coffee table then collapsed in tears on the couch.

Tracy and Luke had drinks on the Haunted Star. Luke told her what Lucky had discovered. Tracy told Luke that he was a good parent and that Lucky was going to need him.

Lulu went to Genera Hospital to ask about Al-Anon meeting times. While there, she questioned Epiphany to find out if pain pills had disappeared from the hospital. When Epiphany demanded to know why, Lulu told her that she was worried about Lucky.

Epiphany said that if Lucky was back on pills, he was not getting them from GH. She also told Lulu that if she went to Al-Anon meetings because she expected to find a cure for Lucky, she would be disappointed. Epiphany told Lulu that the meetings were meant to help those attending deal with their issues, not the issues of the person coping with alcoholism.

A decidedly down Dominic went to see Olivia. He told her that the warrant for Sonny was almost ready. He told her that for the first time in his life, he hated his job. He said that he felt really bad about what was going to happen to Sonny and his family.

Dominic told Olivia about Sonny's offer to hand the business over to him. Dominic said that it felt good to know that someone had so much faith in him. Olivia told him that she was not surprised because she knew how intelligent and capable he was. When Dominic admitted that he wanted to quit his job, Olivia urged him to do so immediately and not look back.

A gleeful Carly could not wait to race over to Jason's place with the news about Liz and Nikolas. Jason did not want to listen, but he paid attention when Carly started laying out reasons that Jason should try to get custody of Jake.

Luke was waiting at the Haunted Star when Lucky dropped in for a drink. He told Luke that he had confronted Liz and Nikolas. He asked Luke about the nature of love and if it could really happen with a glance. He told Luke that he had felt that way about Liz and that his heart ached because he loved her so much.

Lucky said that, at the time, it had been a good ache, but that the good had flown and all that was left was the ache. He said that he did not feel sad or angry after confronting Liz and Nikolas. He said that he did not feel anything.

Luke told him that it was probably a blessing that he felt that way. Luke told Lucky that he hoped that Lucky stayed numb long enough to get some rest. Luke said that when reality set in, it was going to have the force of an emotional tsunami.

Luke told Lucky that people expected too much from love. He said that nobody could fix your life no matter how much he or she loved you. Luke said that he had faith in Lucky and that when Lucky got his balance back, he would be able to face the devastating betrayal by Liz and Nikolas.

As the song "Stranger in my Skin" by Christine Dente played in the background, Liz sat hunched in a ball on her stairs, and was crying and asking why she had trashed her life.

Lulu ran into Nikolas on the docks. When she tried to enlist him in an intervention with Lucky, he told her that Lucky had found out about his affair with Liz. Lulu was outraged. She called Nikolas a selfish pig and asked him how he could do that to his brother.

Lucky told Luke that it was better to live in the moment so there was nothing to lose. As Lucky reached for the bottle to pour another drink, Luke took it away and said gently, "Careful son, a man with nothing to lose has nothing to live for."

At he Corinthos compound, Diane told Sonny that Maxie had done very well. She said that Michael was still safe because Maxie had not revealed all she knew. Michael arrived and asked to speak to Sonny. After Diane showed herself out, Michael told Sonny that he had heard Dominic admit that he was an undercover cop.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Olivia advised Dante to walk away from the case if it was destroying a part of Dante's soul. Dante revealed that, even if he were inclined to resign, it wouldn't change anything. The arrest warrant was in the works, so it was only a matter of time until Sonny was arrested. Olivia wondered if Johnny would be caught up in the sweep. Dante assured his mother that her boyfriend was not a target. Olivia was relieved.

Olivia praised Dante for a job well done. Dante wished that he could take more pride in his achievements. After Dante left, Olivia arranged to meet with Dante's supervisor. Johnny arrived just as Olivia was leaving. Johnny offered to accompany Olivia on her errand, but she declined. However, she invited Johnny to wait in her apartment until she returned.

A short time later, Olivia entered an interrogation room at the police station. She was surprised to discover that Agent Rayner was waiting for her. Rayner explained that Sonny would be facing Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization charges, which fell under federal jurisdiction. Olivia tried to play hardball by ordering Rayner to call off the Corinthos bust. She informed the agent that there was a huge conflict of interest: Dante Falconeri was Sonny's son.

Olivia threatened to reveal her secret if Rayner didn't pull Dante off of the case. Rayner wasn't pleased; he realized that Olivia wasn't giving him a choice. Olivia smiled with satisfaction as she responded, "Good, we understand each other." Olivia assured the agent that it was only a minor setback. She was confident that Rayner would be able to build a new case against Sonny within a year or so. After Olivia left, Rayner decided to move up the arrest warrant for Sonny, so that he could put "this sucker to bed now."

Johnny was waiting for Olivia when she arrived home. Olivia was in an upbeat mood, certain that everything would work out fine.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was stunned by Michael's claim that Dominic was an undercover police officer. Sonny demanded to know how Michael had made the discovery. Michael explained that he had overheard Dominic and Johnny talking. According to Michael, Dominic bragged that he had sufficient evidence to arrest Sonny. Sonny was curious what Johnny's reaction had been. Michael didn't think it mattered because Dominic was the problem. Sonny pointed out that Johnny was as much a part of Sonny's organization as Dominic.

Sonny needed to be certain that Michael wasn't motivated by jealousy because the accusations had serious consequences. Michael was hurt that Sonny didn't believe him. Sonny pointed out that Dominic had been working in the organization for quite some time. Sonny also couldn't imagine Johnny ever working with the police for any reason. Michael resented that Sonny appeared to trust Dominic more than Michael. As Michael stormed off, the phone rang. It was Robin calling to notify Sonny that Mike had been rushed to the hospital.

Dante stopped by Jax's office to let Jax know that Sonny's arrest was imminent. Jax was delighted by the news. He invited Dante to call on him if Dante ever needed anything. Dante promised to keep Jax's offer in mind. However, Dante was curious why Jax was willing to risk losing Carly, in order to eliminate Sonny as a threat. Jax believed that Carly and the boys would be better off without Sonny in their lives.

Jax intended to tell Carly everything after Sonny's arrest. Dante questioned why Jax was only focused on Sonny. Dante suggested that Jason was just as dangerous as Sonny. Jax claimed that it was different with Jason. According to Jax, Sonny had taken advantage of Jason's brain damage, so Jax was willing to make allowances for Jason. Jax didn't consider Jason to be an emotional threat to Jax's family. Jax also appreciated that Jason didn't try to manipulate Carly and the boys. Carly loved Jason beyond all reason, so Jax didn't want to put Carly in a position where she felt that she had to defend Jason.

At the Davis residence, Kiefer suggested that he and Kristina finish their homework at Kiefer's house. Kiefer revealed that his parents were out of town on a ski trip. Kristina felt as if Kiefer was only interested in having sex with her; she wanted their relationship to be about more than that. Kiefer claimed that he cared for Kristina, which was why he always wanted to be with her. Kiefer insisted that it was a rare opportunity for them to spend time alone together, so he wanted to take advantage of it.

Kiefer quickly turned the tables on Kristina by questioning her desire for him. Kristina rushed to assure Kiefer that she wanted to be with him. As they prepared to leave, Michael entered. Michael wanted to speak privately to his sister. Kiefer wasn't happy when Kristina asked to meet later. Kiefer grumbled, "I won't hold my breath" as he gathered his things and then left. As soon as they were alone, Michael informed Kristina that Dominic was an undercover cop.

Michael decided that Jason should know before it was too late. Kristina begged Michael to reconsider. She pointed out that Jason would likely kill Dominic. Kristina explained that murdering a cop could result in Jason facing the death penalty if he was ever convicted of the crime. Kristina suggested that Michael should reach out to Jax; she was certain that Jax would be able to help.

Michael went to Jax's office to tell him about Dominic. Jax pretended to be surprised. He assured Michael that he would make a few calls to see what could be done about Dominic. In the meantime, Jax asked Michael to promise not to breathe a word about Dominic to Carly. Jax wanted Carly to be able to focus on Josslyn's christening without worrying about Sonny.

On the piers, Lulu blasted Nikolas for hurting Lucky. As Lulu yelled at Nikolas, it was clear that her anger was primarily focused on Liz, whom Lulu referred to as a "two-timing slut." Nikolas realized that his affair with Liz had been wrong. He admitted that he was deeply sorry for hurting everyone. "Sorry is not good enough," Lulu declared. Lulu demanded to know why Nikolas had not rejected Liz's advances.

Nikolas claimed that he had been the "instigator." Lulu warned Nikolas not to defend "that tramp." Nikolas understood Lulu's anger, but he was adamant that Liz wasn't to blame. Lulu wanted to know where Nikolas and Liz had sex the first time. Nikolas reluctantly answered, "Wyndemere." Lulu accused Liz of "trotting over to Wyndemere" just as Liz had "climbed 15 flights of stairs to seduce Jason." Nikolas wondered why Lulu was so angry with Liz, but not him.

Lulu claimed that Nikolas was "dark and moody," while Liz presented herself as a shining example of how to live by a moral code. Lulu hated that Liz pretended to be a dedicated mother and nurse when in truth, Liz was only dedicated to "playing mattress tag" with Nikolas. Nikolas informed Lulu that she had no idea what she was talking about. Nikolas clarified that he and Liz hadn't just tumbled into bed; they had struggled to do the right thing. Disgusted, Lulu walked away.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick made plans to meet in the on-call room for a romantic tryst when Mike Corbin was rushed into the emergency room. Lisa asked Patrick to consult on the case while Robin questioned Ethan about Mike's injuries. Ethan explained that he had found Mike in an alley, beaten and bloody. Sonny arrived at the hospital a short time later. Sonny asked Robin to make certain that Mike had the best medical treatment possible.

Lulu approached the nurses' station a short time later, looking for her cell phone. Lulu's eyes narrowed when she noticed Liz, cradling an injured hand, enter the ER. Lulu loudly accused Liz of being a "lying faithless slut" for sleeping with Lucky and Nikolas. Ethan wondered if Lulu's accusation was true. Lulu ordered Liz to admit to Ethan what a "two-faced lying tramp" Liz was. Ethan quickly concluded that Rebecca had left town because of the affair.

Robin gasped in shock as Lulu proceeded to publicly berate Liz. Everyone grew increasingly uncomfortable as Lulu viciously railed at Liz. Liz silently accepted the verbal assault. Eventually, Ethan put an end to Lulu's tirade by informing Lulu, "Enough." Lulu flung a few more insults at Liz and then marched out of the hospital.

After the cut on Liz's hand had been treated, Ethan approached Liz. Liz was surprised that Ethan dared to be seen talking to her. Ethan assured Liz that he wasn't in any position to judge. Liz thought that Ethan was being more generous than she deserved. Ethan realized that Liz's injury might make it difficult for her to operate her car, so he offered to drive her car to her place. Ethan explained that it was a shorter distance to walk home from her house than it was from the hospital.

Lulu arrived at Dante's apartment and was distraught about her family troubles. Lulu wanted Dante to be truthful about their relationship. Dante couldn't believe that Lulu didn't know how he felt about her. He clarified that he loved her. Lulu was overjoyed as she admitted that she was in love with Dante. The briefly kissed until Dante's phone rang. Rayner advised Dante that Sonny's arrest was scheduled for Friday. After Dante ended the call, he realized that he couldn't subject Lulu to the backlash that was certain to follow the arrest. Lulu was speechless when Dante insisted that she had to leave.

At Jason's penthouse, Carly was stunned when Jason revealed that he had known about Liz and Nikolas. Carly demanded to know why he hadn't said anything to her about it. Jason argued that it didn't matter. Carly disagreed; she insisted that Liz had promised to provide Jake with a stable home that included Lucky. Carly claimed that Liz had lied. According to Carly, Liz's priorities were "in her pants," not with Jake.

Carly urged Jason to take Jake away from Liz. Jason reminded Carly that he and Sonny were not safe for children. Carly wondered if Jason would feel different if Liz and Lucky had been killed in a car accident. Jason pointed out that a fatal crash was a far different situation than a breakup over an affair. Carly didn't agree. She believed that Lucky was very close to a "full-on addiction." Jason suggested that Carly was jumping to conclusions.

Jason didn't have any doubt that Lucky was hurt and angry, but that didn't necessarily mean that Lucky would relapse into addiction. Jason was certain that there was a possibility that Lucky and Liz could work things out. Carly didn't understand how Jake was better off with an "angry pill addict" and "lying nymphomaniac" instead of Jason. Jason warned Carly to stop calling Liz names.

Carly couldn't believe that Jason would protect Liz after what Liz had done. Carly insisted that Liz had committed the worst kind of betrayal by sleeping with brothers. Jason suggested that Carly stop being "judgmental." Carly agreed to respect Jason's wishes when Jason stopped being blind to Liz's faults. Carly accused Liz of being a hypocrite, so she implored Jason to remove Jake from Liz's home.

Jason clarified that he was not Jake's father in any way that mattered, nor would he be. Jason and Carly turned when they heard the door close. Sam stood in the entryway. Carly quickly filled Sam in about Liz's affair with Nikolas. Carly wanted Jason to reclaim Jake. Jason informed Carly that nothing would be resolved that evening, so it was best for Carly to leave. Carly wondered if Jason was mad at her. Jason assured Carly that he understood that she had his best interests at heart, but he was sad for everyone involved.

After Carly left, Jason admitted that he could see Carly's point to a degree. However, Jason's life remained too dangerous for a child. Jason didn't want Jake to struggle with the same problems that Michael dealt with because of Sonny's choices. Sam argued that Jason would be a different kind of father than Sonny. She apologized when she realized that she sounded like Carly. Jason wanted to know how Sam felt about the situation, since she was a part of his life. Sam confessed that she would love to see Jason have a relationship with Jake, but ultimately it was Jason's choice.

Jason loved Jake, so he wanted to make the right decision. Sam wondered who Jason thought could provide Jake with the best shot at a normal and happy life. Jason admitted that Jake was better off with Liz and Lucky. Jason was confident that, together or apart, Liz and Lucky would love their children. Sam suggested that Jason could always change his mind if the situation between Liz and Lucky deteriorated.

Sonny stopped by moments later to talk to Jason. After Sam left, Sonny told Jason about Michael's claims that Dominic was an undercover cop. Sonny ordered Jason to launch an investigation into Dominic's background.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At the hospital, Robin mentioned to Patrick that Liz had taken the day off. Patrick didn't blame Liz. Lisa also understood Liz's decision to stay home after the "public stoning" that Liz had endured. "Cheating is obviously taken very seriously here in Port Charles," Lisa noted. "Guess you better be faithful," she advised Patrick and Robin in the next breath. Patrick insisted that what people did in their private lives was their own business. Patrick didn't think that they had any right to judge Liz.

"You have to admit, that was some major drama," Lisa observed. Epiphany reminded Lisa that they were in a hospital, not a place of gossip. Epiphany suggested that everyone get back to work. Robin agreed that Lulu didn't have any business broadcasting Liz's personal life all over the hospital. Steve approached Lisa, Patrick, and Robin moments later.

Robin immediately expressed her concern for Liz. Steve explained that Liz had requested that everyone respect her privacy. To honor his sister's wishes, Steve changed the subject to inquire about Mike Corbin's surgery. Steve wondered why Lisa had requested that Patrick assist her. Lisa clarified that she wanted Patrick to perform the surgery.

Later, Epiphany asked Robin talk to Sonny about some of his demands. Epiphany revealed that Sonny had made a veiled threat if Mike's surgery was less than perfect. Robin assured Epiphany that Sonny hadn't meant any harm; he was simply concerned about his father. Robin promised to talk to Sonny, but she advised Epiphany not to pass Sonny's warning on to Lisa. Epiphany agreed.

Steve called out to Robin as she walked away from the nurses' station. He wanted to know how bad Lulu's meltdown had been. He realized that it must have been serious because Liz was not the type to avoid work. Robin confessed that it had been ugly. Lulu had been furious on Lucky's behalf, while Liz hadn't made any effort to defend herself. Steve confided that Liz didn't think there was any defense for what she had done.

Robin wanted Liz to know that Robin and Patrick didn't judge her. Steve thanked Robin for her support and then changed the subject. Steve was curious why Lisa had insisted that Patrick scrub in on Mike's surgery when the procedure was Lisa's specialty. Robin explained that Lisa and Patrick were old friends; Patrick's presence challenged Lisa.

Steve realized that Lisa's competitive streak had led to Lisa's decision to operate on the young woman with a spinal injury. Steve admitted that after reviewing the records it was clear that the damage to the woman's spine had been irreversible. Robin confided that hopeless cases tended to be more appealing to Lisa and Patrick's nature. As if on cue, Patrick and Lisa returned from surgery. Lisa thanked Patrick for his guidance while Patrick sang Lisa's praises.

Lisa approached the nurses' station after Robin and Patrick walked away. Epiphany congratulated Lisa. According to Epiphany, Patrick rarely complimented anyone. Lisa smiled as she explained that she and Patrick had known each other for a long time. As Lisa spoke, she closely watched Patrick and Robin, who were huddled together by the vending machine.

Lulu was waiting for Dante when he arrived home. Lulu wanted to know what was going on between them. Dante explained that the timetable for Sonny's arrest had been moved up. According to Dante, everyone would soon know that he was a cop. Dante didn't think it would be wise for Lulu to be linked to him. Lulu was hurt; she had thought that he loved her. Lulu was relieved when Dante assured her that he did love her. She was confident that everything else could be worked out later.

Dante warned Lulu that Sonny's men would retaliate. He didn't want Lulu to be caught in the crossfire. Lulu was curious what Dante intended to do after Sonny's arrest. Dante wondered what Lulu would say if he told her that he planned to change his name, leave town, and then start a new life. "Would you run away with me?" he asked.

Lulu confessed that she couldn't run away from her life. She had done it once before, but it had been a mistake. Lulu argued that running away wasn't the answer. Dante insisted that he needed to see the arrest to its conclusion. Lulu understood, but she didn't want him to give up on their relationship. Dante promised, if he survived the arrest, he would find Lulu, so that they could finish their conversation.

Johnny bumped into Carly on the piers. As the two picked up an array of pink items that had spilled out of one of Carly's bags, Johnny realized that they were party supplies. Carly confirmed that the items were for Josslyn's christening. She was curious if Johnny planned to accept her invitation. Johnny wondered why Carly would want him at her daughter's christening after everything that Claudia had put Carly and her children through. Carly confessed that she saw the good in Johnny.

Carly recalled the night that she had gone into labor. She had appreciated how Johnny and Coleman had tried to help her. Carly explained that the opportunist in her wanted to use the christening as a chance to right some wrongs and end old grudges. Johnny admitted that he would be honored to attend the special event.

As Michael entered the house, he overheard Jax on the phone. As soon as Jax ended the call, Michael wanted to know if Jax had arranged for the cops to shutdown Dominic's undercover assignment. Jax was noncommittal; he explained that it would take some time. Michael reminded Jax that Dominic was close to arresting Sonny. Michael threatened to go elsewhere if Jax didn't deliver.

Jax assured Michael that everything was under control. Jax promised to take care of everything if Michael kept quiet about Dominic. The conversation was cut short when Olivia dropped by to help Jax and Carly prepare for the christening. Michael excused himself when Jax invited Olivia in. After Michael left the room, Jax confessed that he was uncertain if taking down Sonny was worth losing Michael.

Jax realized that Sonny's arrest was going to destroy everyone. He was certain that Michael would not forgive Jax for his role in Sonny's downfall. Jax confessed that it probably wouldn't matter to Carly and the boys that Jax had only tried to protect them. Olivia warned Jax that everyone was going to argue that Sonny's arrest didn't have to happen. Jax pointed out that Olivia was likely to face her own backlash when Carly discovered that Olivia had been lying about Dante.

Carly arrived home a short time later. She declined Olivia's offer to help with the bags. Olivia acknowledged that their relationship hadn't been the same since Carly had discovered that Olivia had known about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. Olivia was desperate to repair their friendship. Carly admitted that she didn't have a lot of friends, which Carly couldn't understand.

Olivia suggested that perhaps people were put off by Carly's outspoken manner. Carly pointed out that Olivia wasn't exactly a wallflower. The two women shared a brief smile before Carly sobered. Carly confided that she wanted Josslyn's christening to be an opportunity for new beginnings. Carly decided to start by renewing her friendship with Olivia.

Lulu arrived after Olivia had departed. Carly immediately put Lulu to work. Lulu was relieved; she had been desperate to get her mind off of the man that she had fallen in love with. Carly demanded to know more details once she recovered from the shock of Lulu's surprising admission. Lulu quickly told Carly about Dominic's declaration of love. Lulu was frustrated because Dominic believed that the only way to protect Lulu was to push her away. Carly was curious what Dominic was trying to safeguard Lulu from.

Lulu lied, claiming that it was the mob. Carly nodded in understanding. Carly explained that from Dominic's point of view, breaking up with Lulu made sense. Carly suggested that Lulu take off her rose-colored glasses about Carly's life. Carly had put herself and her children in danger by being involved with Sonny and Jason. Lulu was curious if Carly ever regretted that decision. Carly answered without hesitation, "No."

Dante paid his mother a visit. Olivia wondered if Dante would attend Josslyn's christening. Dante didn't think that his presence would be appreciated, assuming that the christening wasn't cancelled because of Sonny's arrest. Olivia smiled knowingly as she assured Dante that the christening wouldn't be called off. Dante confessed that he was worried about how Sonny's arrest would affect Lulu. Olivia was surprised that Lulu was his primary concern; she suspected that it was an indication of how important Lulu was to Dante.

Dante didn't want to go there with his mother, but he was adamant that he didn't want Lulu to be put into any danger because of him. Olivia suggested that anything was possible, so Dante shouldn't be too concerned about what would happen after Sonny's arrest. She urged him to keep an open mind. Dante found Olivia's newfound positive outlook baffling. Olivia was all innocence as she explained that she approved of Lulu, so she wanted him to hope for the best.

At the penthouse, Jason shared the details of Michael's allegations about Dominic with Spinelli and Sam. Sam found it difficult to believe that Dominic was an undercover cop. Jason revealed that Michael had been upset when Sonny had announced his decision to groom Dominic for Sonny's position in the organization. Spinelli realized that Jason was concerned that Michael had made up the story in order to rid himself of a rival. Spinelli pointed out that Michael didn't always act in a "rational linear manner." Jason hated to think that Michael would wrongly accuse Dominic, knowing that there was a strong possibility that Dominic would be killed.

Jason needed to know if Dominic was a cop. Sam, Spinelli, and Jason reviewed what they knew of Dominic. None of them recalled anything that would suggest that Dominic was a cop, so Jason ordered Spinelli to hack into the Port Charles Police Department's mainframe. While Spinelli went to work, Sam's phone rang. It was Kristina, begging to see Sam. Sam ended the call and then explained that she had to leave because Kristina had a crisis.

After Sam left, Jason remembered two occasions when Dominic had behaved suspiciously. The first time had been when Dominic had taken the fall for Johnny. Jason decided to talk to Diane about the incident, since she had represented Dominic. Spinelli wondered about the second time that Dominic had behaved oddly. Jason revealed that Dominic had been ordered to kill Tommy Soto, but Tommy had managed to get the jump on Dominic. Tommy had seemingly disappeared, which Jason found unusual.

Spinelli suspected that the clues to Dominic's guilt or innocence might be at Sonny's place. Jason agreed that it would be a good idea to question the staff at Greystone Manor. Jason gave Spinelli some last-minute instructions and then left. A short time later, Johnny paid Spinelli a visit. Johnny wondered if Spinelli had discovered anything new about Claudia's murder.

Spinelli nervously claimed that the PCPD had installed a new firewall that even Spinelli couldn't penetrate. Johnny sensed that Spinelli was reluctant to help him. He reminded Spinelli that they had saved each other's lives. Johnny realized that they had certain loyalties and obligations that they couldn't betray; however, he would appreciate any information Spinelli could provide about Claudia. Spinelli assured Johnny that he would do his best to help.

Johnny showed up at Olivia's apartment a short time later. Johnny immediately noticed that Olivia was in a "chipper" mood. Johnny found it strange given that everything was about to crash down on them. Olivia cryptically explained that there wasn't any reason for them to "anticipate the worst." Johnny realized that Olivia knew something. He quickly reasoned that it was somehow connected to her mysterious errand the other day.

Eventually Olivia confided that she had spoken to the person spearheading the investigation against Sonny. Olivia claimed that she had told Dante's boss that she had an on-going relationship with Sonny, so the man had decided to pull Dante off of the case. Johnny was stunned. "You double-crossed your own son to protect Sonny?" he asked with a look of disgust.

Kristina was delighted when Kiefer knocked on her door. Kristina wanted to make amends for the previous evening. She hoped that they could spend the day together and maybe stop off at his house. Kiefer was distant. He told her that his parents had returned and that he already had plans for the day. Kristina suggested meeting the following day, but Kiefer turned her down. He explained that he was in a different place than Kristina, so he thought it best that they split up.

Kristina was hurt. Kiefer explained that he was getting ready to go to college, while Kristina was still in high school. According to Kiefer, Kristina dressed like a kid and behaved much younger than his other friends. Kristina angrily pointed out that she'd been old enough to have sex with him. Kiefer coldly replied, "I thought you were." Kristina was crushed when Kiefer went on to suggest that Kristina wasn't ready for a mature relationship. After Kiefer left, Kristina called Sam.

As soon as Sam entered the house, Kristina demanded that Sam take her shopping for something "sexy and sophisticated." Sam was surprised by the request; she sensed that Kiefer was somehow behind it. Kristina confirmed that Kiefer had accused Kristina of dressing like a baby. Sam refused to take Kristina shopping just to cater to Kiefer. Sam urged Kristina to end things with Kiefer if he made her feel bad about herself.

Molly entered the living room when she heard her sisters talking. Molly was eager to join them for the shopping trip, but Kristina didn't want her little sister tagging along. Sam promised to take Molly shopping another day for private investigation gadgets. Appeased, Molly dashed off to her bedroom. Sam turned back to Kristina. Kristina insisted that she wanted to dress sexy like Sam.

When Kristina implied that Sam dressed for Jason's benefit, Sam quickly corrected her sister. Sam made it clear that Jason didn't have any say in what she wore. Sam admitted that she had objectified herself at one time by dressing to please men, but she had realized how wrong it was. Sam urged her sister not to allow Kiefer to rob Kristina of her self-respect.

At Greystone Manor, Jason questioned Max and Milo about Dominic. Both Giambetti brothers sang Dominic's praises; they insisted that Dominic was an all-around great guy. Next, Jason questioned Sonny's maid, Graciella. Like Max and Milo, Graciella thought the world of Dominic. Graciella insisted that Dominic was friendly, polite, and helpful with the chores. That piqued Jason's interest. He asked for examples of Dominic's helpfulness.

Graciella explained that Dominic offered to take out the garbage and he had once carried out the ashes from the fireplace. As Jason continued to question Graciella, he realized that Dominic had carried out the ashes from the fireplace just after Sonny had burned the bloody shirt. Graciella worried that Michael might have planted seeds of doubt about Dominic, but she insisted that Dominic was a good man. After Graciella left the room, Jason decided to check Sonny's desk. As Jason riffled through the papers, Dominic entered the room.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Luke found Lucky target shooting in the woods. Luke was impressed with Lucky's accuracy, but he was curious whom Lucky was aiming at. Luke understood that Lucky had been burned badly, but he wanted Lucky to promise one thing. Luke asked that Lucky seek him out if Lucky decided that someone needed to die for the betrayal. Luke had lived a full life, so he didn't mind killing Liz or Nikolas to save Lucky from the regret of succumbing to a deadly impulse. Lucky assured his father that he didn't have any intention of killing Liz or Nikolas.

Lucky realized how difficult it must have been for Luke to shield his young son from the ugly truths about life. Lucky confessed that he had always believed that love could last and that people lived happily ever after. Luke didn't want Lucky to blame Laura for passing her romantic views about life on to her son. Luke acknowledged that they had been a happy family for many years. Luke believed that Lucky should be thankful that Laura had instilled the power of hope in Lucky. According to Luke, it was why Lucky was such an extraordinary man.

Looking for Luke, Tracy entered the Haunted Star. Ethan had no idea where Luke, or Lucky, were. Tracy suspected that Luke and Lucky might be nursing "mutual hangovers" somewhere. Ethan imagined that it must have been horrible for Lucky to discover that Liz was having an affair with Nikolas. Ethan understood why Luke needed to focus on Lucky. Tracy wondered if Ethan felt left out. Ethan confessed that a part of him had always known that Luke considered him some sort of substitute.

Tracy was waiting when Luke returned to the Haunted Star. She mentioned that she had spoken to Ethan. Tracy warned Luke that Lucky's crisis was having an effect on Luke's other son. She hinted that Luke should consider talking to Ethan. Luke promised that he would. He appreciated Tracy's advice; he wondered if she had pearls of wisdom for Lucky.

Liz arrived at the hospital prepared to work. As she stepped off of the elevator, everything suddenly appeared to move in slow motion. Liz sensed that everyone was staring at her. She tried to focus on her work, but it didn't help. Liz became more distressed when the words on her chart began to blur. Monica and Epiphany watched Liz with mounting concern. Monica gently asked if Liz was okay. Liz insisted that she was fine.

Liz wasn't okay. She continued to sense that everyone was staring at her and then she began to hear whispered accusations of slut, whore, and other vicious names. Liz was overwhelmed by the scorn that she felt directed at her. She yelled out "Stop! Just everyone stop whispering, okay? Yes, I had an affair with Nikolas Cassadine." Everyone froze in place as Liz reached her breaking point. Nikolas stood nearby, equally stunned by Liz's outburst.

Liz welled up with tears as she admitted that she had betrayed her fiancÚ. She acknowledged that she was all of the horrible names that they were calling her. Nikolas immediately intervened. He urged her to step away from the nurses' station. Liz pulled away from Nikolas and then ran off. Nikolas followed Liz.

"Leave me alone. I'm fine," Liz insisted as Nikolas approached her. Nikolas pointed out that Liz was obviously hurt because she had just broadcasted her private life to everyone at the hospital. Liz believed that she deserved all of the pain that she felt. Nikolas suggested that Liz take some time off to process everything that had happened. Liz reminded Nikolas that she had a job and two children to take care of. She insisted that she needed to face what she had done and then learn to live with the knowledge that she had betrayed Lucky and herself.

Ethan bumped into Lucky on the piers. Ethan wanted Lucky to know that Ethan was available if Lucky ever needed to talk, have someone pour a drink, or chauffer Lucky around town. Ethan didn't want Lucky to risk drinking and driving. Lucky appreciated Ethan's support, but he was surprised after the way that Lucky had treated Ethan when it was revealed that Ethan was Luke's son. Ethan pointed out that no one was perfect.

Both men turned when they heard someone approach. It was Liz. She was surprised to see Lucky. As the silence stretched, Liz cleared her throat. She admitted that she had thought about calling Lucky; however, since he was there, she suggested that they talk. Lucky looked at Liz with loathing as he coldly informed her that he never wanted to see or speak to her again. As Lucky stormed off, Liz's eyes filled with tears. She softly explained to Ethan that she had wanted to talk to Lucky about the children. The boys had been asking to see their father, but she had no idea what to tell them.

Johnny stared at Olivia with disbelief as she tried to defend her decision to arrange for Dante to be pulled off of the case. Olivia claimed that she had done it to protect Dante, but Johnny didn't believe her. She insisted that she was worried that Sonny would try to retaliate for the arrest by killing Dante. Johnny reminded Olivia that it was Dante's job; Dante had known the risks.

Johnny was certain that Olivia had betrayed her son, in order to protect Sonny. Olivia didn't care about Sonny; her only concern was for Dante. Johnny quickly pointed out that she had recently confessed that she had feelings Sonny. Olivia clarified that she shared history with Sonny, for that reason she would always care about Sonny. Johnny accused Olivia of lying to him as well as herself; she would always find a way to protect Sonny. Johnny made it clear that he was through with Olivia. He warned her that once Dante found out what she had done, Dante would probably wash his hands of her too.

At the Jacks residence, Carly confided to Lulu that being involved with a mobster had its risks. Knowledge made a person an accessory to the crimes. Carly gave Dominic credit for being concerned about Lulu. Lulu didn't like being shut out from Dominic's life. Lulu wondered what Carly would do if she were in a similar situation. Carly admitted that she had always had Sonny and Jason's backs when the chips were down.

Lulu was curious if it bothered Carly that Sonny and Jason hurt people. Carly didn't like it, but she treated her loved ones the way that she wanted to be treated. Carly confessed that, in the end, she would always stand by her man. Lulu appeared to consider Carly's words. Carly wondered if there was more going on than Lulu had told her. Lulu lied; she claimed that Sonny had decided to name Dominic as his replacement when Sonny retired.

Carly nodded in understanding. She warned Lulu that if Dominic took over Sonny's organization, it might be a game changer for Lulu and Dominic's relationship. Carly cautioned Lulu to tread carefully because everything that Dominic did would reflect on Lulu.

Later, Michael checked in with Jax to find out if Jax had taken care of the situation with Dominic. Jax assured Michael that "something" had been done. Carly entered the living room moments later. She was eager for Michael, Jax, and Morgan to help her with the seating arrangements for the christening. Michael was surprised to hear that the Quartermaines had been invited. Carly admitted that she had invited them because they were Michael's family.

Michael's mood soured when Dominic's name was mentioned. Carly warned Michael to "knock it off." Morgan defended Dominic, which further angered Michael. Michael insisted that Dominic couldn't be trusted. Jax suggested that Michael and Morgan agree to disagree about Dominic. Carly supported Jax's advice; she wanted the family to focus on Josslyn's big day.

Later, Carly and Jax were playing with Josslyn when Jax's phone rang. It was Agent Rayner advising Jax that the arrest warrant for Sonny had been issued. After Jax disconnected the call, he stood in the doorway watching Carly and Josslyn. Carly told her daughter that she was eager to show Josslyn off at the christening. Carly also looked forward to things settling down afterwards.

"Did someone call a meeting and forget to tell me?" Sonny asked as he entered his living room to find Dominic questioning Jason. Jason claimed to have been looking for papers in Sonny's desk, which Jason wanted Dominic to deliver. Sonny pretended to be annoyed; he claimed that Dominic wasn't a messenger boy and then demanded to speak alone to Jason.

Lulu was waiting for Dante when he entered his apartment. Lulu admitted that she had talked to Carly. Dante wondered what Lulu had told Carly. Lulu joked that she had revealed everything to Carly, but then Lulu sobered. Lulu promised that she would always keep Dante's secrets; however, she refused to allow Dante to push her out of his life. Lulu confessed that she didn't enjoy lying to her friends, but she understood that it was necessary.

Lulu loved Dante, so she was determined to stand by him. Dante realized that he would be a fool to walk away from Lulu. Dante felt honored to have such an amazing person as Lulu in his life. Dante and Lulu kissed and then fell to the bed; however, before they could make love, someone knocked on the door. It was Ronnie. Ronnie was eager to have a private word with Dante. Lulu quickly gathered her things and then left.

As soon as the door closed behind Lulu, Ronnie announced that they had Sonny's arrest warrant. Dante was stunned. Ronnie wanted to arrest Sonny immediately, but Dante objected. Dante wanted to wait until after Josslyn's christening. According to Dante, the children deserved to have one more happy memory with their father before Sonny was taken away.

Lulu entered a church to find Olivia sitting in one of the pews, praying. Olivia looked up when she heard Lulu sit down on the bench behind her. Lulu admitted that she was unfamiliar with churches, so she had no idea how to pray. Olivia assured Lulu that there wasn't a wrong way to talk to God. Lulu confessed that she hoped that God would watch over Dante, keep him safe, and help Dante and Lulu through what was about to unfold. Olivia reached out to hold Lulu's hand.

After Dominic's departure, Sonny wanted to know what Jason had discovered. Jason admitted that he hadn't found anything concrete to prove that Dominic was a cop; however Jason was suspicious of the botched hit on Tommy Soto. Jason also revealed that Graciella had mentioned that Dominic had disposed of some ashes from Sonny's fireplace the morning after Claudia had died.

Jason recalled that the ashes were the remnants of the bloody clothes that Sonny and Michael had worn home from the cabin. Sonny admitted that the incident did raise some concerns; however, it could have been a coincidence. Jason confessed that Dominic seemed like a decent guy; everyone, with the exception of Michael, had good things to say about him.

Sonny didn't think that a cop would have saved Sonny's life. According to Sonny, it would have been easier to let Sonny die. Sonny loved Michael to death, but Sonny also trusted Dominic. Sonny confided that Dominic was a lot like Sonny in his younger days. Jason and Sonny hated the idea that Michael might have wrongly accused Dominic. Jason realized how desperate Michael must have felt. Sonny imagined that the decision to pass the organization to Dominic probably hadn't helped.

Jason refused to believe that Michael would take things that far. Sonny revealed that Michael had never been in the running to take over for Sonny. Sonny explained that Michael was far too hotheaded and impulsive to be an effective mob boss. Moments later, Spinelli burst into the room with urgent news. Spinelli had discovered, from a recently issued arrest warrant, that the police had evidence against Sonny.

Spinelli revealed that an undercover police officer had obtained a scrap of material from the ashes of Sonny's fireplace. The material had Sonny's DNA on it as well as Claudia's blood. Jason and Sonny realized that Spinelli had provided them with the proof that they had been searching for. Jason thanked Spinelli and then sent the young man on his way. Jason was relieved that Michael had told the truth. Sonny was furious that he had once trusted Dominic.

Jason was curious how Sonny wanted the situation handled. Sonny informed Jason that Dominic had to die. Sonny decided that Sonny and Jason should attend Josslyn's christening to establish their alibis. Meanwhile, Sonny would send Dominic into an ambush. Jason suggested that they have a contingency plan. Sonny agreed; a second sniper would be at the christening, in case Dominic showed up.

Sonny shoots Dominic, unaware that Dominic is his son

Sonny shoots Dominic, unaware that Dominic is his son

Friday, January 29, 2010

At the Jacks residence, Morgan sifted through the pile of presents for Josslyn. He noted that christenings seemed like Christmas. Morgan turned to ask if Michael had been christened. Michael nodded. Morgan was relieved; he believed that Michael, Morgan, and Josslyn would have a free pass into heaven. As Carly entered the living room, she complimented her sons on how nice they looked. After Morgan left, Michael confided that he was fairly certain that he did not have a free pass into heaven.

Carly reminded Michael that he had been protecting Josslyn when he had struck Claudia. Moments later, Lady Jane arrived bearing gifts. She had a small maple tree that she hoped Carly and Jax would plant in Josslyn's honor. Lady Jane envisioned Jax pushing Josslyn on a swing, hanging from one of the tree's branches. They thanked Lady Jane for the tree and then Carly arranged for Jax to have time alone with his mother.

After Carly and the boys left, Lady Jane sat down on the sofa with her son. She could sense the sadness in Jax. Jax confessed that everything was about to crash down on him. Lady Jane's disappointment was clear as she quickly surmised that Jax had been keeping secrets from Carly again. Jax confirmed her suspicions, but clarified that it was only one secret. Lady Jane pointed out that one secret was all it took.

Jax revealed that he had arranged for Sonny to be taken out of their lives for good. He confided that Sonny's arrest was imminent. Lady Jane was horrified at the prospect that it might happen during the christening. Jax admitted that he had no idea when the arrest would take place. Lady Jane worried that Jax had been blinded by his hatred for Sonny. Jax insisted that it was worth any price to be rid of Sonny.

Jason arrived at Greystone Manor to find Sonny preparing for Josslyn's christening. Jason assured Sonny that everything was in place to kill Dominic. Sonny imagined that Dominic might be feeling smug at the moment, thinking that he had bested Sonny. It didn't sit well with Jason that Dominic had managed to breach Sonny's inner circle. Sonny didn't think it mattered; according to Sonny, Dominic was as good as dead.

Sonny and Jason turned when they heard Olivia enter the room. "Don't look so surprised. You had to know I'd stop you," she told Sonny. Sonny relaxed when Olivia proceeded to warn him not to ruin Josslyn's christening with any of their mob drama or violence. Olivia informed Sonny and Jason that Jax and Carly deserved to have a special day with their daughter. Jason assured Olivia that he didn't have any intention of causing problems at the christening.

After Jason left, Olivia invited Sonny to yell at her for entering his house unannounced. Sonny was busy struggling to tie his cravat. Olivia sensed that Sonny was frustrated, so she asked him what was going on. "Why don't you tell me?" he snapped back. Olivia approached Sonny to take over the task of adjusting Sonny's necktie. Sonny asked Olivia how Johnny was doing.

Olivia looked up in surprise. Sonny hinted that there might be trouble on the horizon. Olivia narrowed her eyes. She made it clear that she believed that she was far safer with Johnny than she would be with Sonny. Sonny was curious how safe Johnny actually was. "Is that a threat?" she asked. Sonny assured her that it wasn't. Carly entered the parlor a few seconds later. Carly appeared to notice Sonny and Olivia's close proximity as well as the tension in the room. Olivia finished with the tie and then stepped back.

Carly assumed that Olivia had stopped by to see Sonny for the same reason that Carly had. Olivia smiled and then excused herself. After Olivia's departure, Carly confessed that she couldn't imagine such an important day without Sonny being a part of it. However, Carly wanted Sonny to understand that it was Josslyn's day. Sonny agreed that it was a big day and an opportunity to rid themselves of the "garbage."

Jax quietly talked to Josslyn while she slept peacefully. Jax felt that it was his responsibility to keep everyone safe. He refused to be sorry for what he had done, but he realized that Carly might not forgive him. Carly arrived home a few seconds later. She was smiling as she joined her husband on the sofa. Carly confessed that Jax had fulfilled all of her dreams.

As the family prepared to leave for the church, Michael pulled Jax aside to find out if Jax had any new information about the situation with Dominic. Jax assured Michael that he had done everything that he could; the rest was out of his hands. Jax urged Michael to focus on Josslyn's day.

At Dante's apartment, Ronnie reviewed the plans for Sonny's arrest. Dante was quiet as he pulled on his suit jacket. Ronnie was concerned that Dante might be tempted to use the christening as an opportunity to warn Sonny about the arrest. Dante couldn't believe that Ronnie would honestly question Dante's commitment to the investigation. Ronnie felt justified for doubting Dante. According to Ronnie, Dante had changed since joining Sonny's organization.

Dante grew angry when Ronnie questioned if Dante had forgotten about Lieutenant Poletti. Dante insisted that the delay to arrest Sonny was so that Carly and the kids could have one last happy day with Sonny. Ronnie suspected that Dante was more concerned about giving Sonny a final special moment to share with his family. Dante didn't think there was anything wrong with that. Ronnie pointed out that it gave Sonny's mole in the police department more time to tip off Sonny about the arrest or warn Sonny that Dante was a cop, if he hadn't already.

At Kelly's, Lulu begged Lucky to attend Josslyn's christening with her. Lucky wasn't interested, but Lulu persisted. Lucky wondered why it was so important to Lulu. Lulu confessed that she had a bad feeling that something might happen. Lucky understood Lulu's apprehension. He pointed out that, in Port Charles, large get-togethers seldom ended well; the odds of that increased "spectacularly" with the people who were attending the christening. Lulu insisted that she needed her brother to be her backup.

Dante entered Kelly's a short time later. He was curious if Lulu had changed her mind about their relationship. Lulu assured him that she was fully committed to standing by his side. However, she confessed that she was eager for the day to end. Dante agreed. Lulu decided to head to the Haunted Star to invite her father to the christening. She offered to meet Dante at the church. Dante kissed Lulu goodbye and then walked away.

Dante went to Olivia's apartment. Olivia was in a sentimental mood as she recalled Dante's christening. Olivia confided that she had promised to protect Dante's soul. Dante assured his mother that she had honored her vow. Dante hugged his mother tightly as he told her that he loved her. Moments later his phone rang. It was Sonny, demanding a meeting.

After Dante disconnected the call, Olivia admitted that she had seen Sonny earlier. Olivia confided that Sonny had been preoccupied. Dante appeared a bit troubled by what his mother had revealed.

On the Haunted Star, Luke invited Liz to speak her mind, since it was clear that she had stopped by to talk. Liz kept it simple; she apologized for lying to Luke. Luke immediately accepted the apology. Liz was surprised. "Did you think I'd throw it back in your face," Luke wondered. Liz confessed, "Yes." Luke observed that Liz appeared to be doing a good enough job of punishing herself.

He admitted that Liz wasn't his favorite person at the moment, but he conceded that people made mistakes. Liz's mistake didn't negate all of the good that she had done for Lucky over the years. Liz thanked Luke for his generosity.

"What are you doing talking to that lying piece of trash," Lulu angrily demanded as she stood in the doorway. "You've already made it very clear what you think of me. I'm not going to subject your dad to the inevitable encore, " Liz quietly told Lulu. Liz then turned to thank Luke for his compassion; she felt undeserving of it. As Liz passed Lulu, Lulu couldn't resist snarling, "You've got that right."

Lulu wanted to know why Luke was being nice to "that skank." Luke reminded Lulu that it hadn't been a solo act. He wondered where Lulu's righteous indignation for Nikolas was. Lulu acknowledged that she was mad at Nikolas, but she insisted that it had been Liz's fault. Luke warned Lulu that being mad didn't do any good. It was a bad and ugly situation; however, it was for Lucky and Liz to sort out.

Luke didn't think that throwing their hostility and judgment around helped. "Besides," Luke warned, "judgment had a nasty habit of boomeranging." Luke cautioned Lulu that sooner or later, it would return to smack Lulu right in the face.

Lucky was the first guest to arrive at the church for Josslyn's christening. He sat down in one of the pews and then began to talk to God. Lucky wondered what he had done to deserve the pain that he was enduring. Lucky found it hard to believe that God loved him. Lucky didn't understand God's plan or lesson, so he demanded a sign. "Is that how it works," Jason asked. Lucky assumed that Jason had heard about Lucky and Liz's split. Jason nodded.

Lucky wished that he could assure Jason that Jake would be okay, but Lucky had no idea what the future held. Lucky didn't see how Cameron and Jake could avoid being hurt by the breakup. Lucky feared that it would get much worse before it got better. Lucky realized that it was not fair to Jason or Jake. Lucky felt as if he had dishonored the promise that he made to Jason.

As the guests began to trickle in, Maxie and Spinelli made their way to one of the church benches. Maxie thought that it was a shame that Carly had not asked Dominic to be Josslyn's godfather. Maxie confided that it would have been perfect, since Lulu was in love with Dominic. Spinelli appeared alarmed by the news.

Lulu was delighted when she found Lucky standing in the church. Ethan entered moments later and then promptly joined his siblings. Lulu was concerned because Dominic hadn't arrived.

Carly spotted Johnny as he entered the church. He admitted that he didn't feel as if he belonged there. Carly assured Johnny that he was welcome. Olivia entered the church moments later. Johnny noticed that Olivia appeared to be scanning the guests. He assumed that Olivia was looking for Sonny. Olivia clarified that she was actually searching for her son.

Jax suggested that they should proceed with the christening without Sonny. Carly reluctantly agreed.

Sonny glanced at the gun in his desk just before Dominic entered the parlor. Sonny closed the drawer and then announced that he had an assignment for Dominic. Sonny claimed that he was sending out a big shipment. Sonny wanted Dominic to go to the pass on Harbor View Road, to ensure that it was secure. Sonny didn't want to risk anyone hijacking the shipment.

Sonny suggested that Dominic could make it to the pass by nightfall if he left immediately. "And by nightfall I'll be dead," Dominic responded. Dominic found it curious that he had not been told about the shipment sooner. Sonny accused Dominic of being paranoid; he insisted that it was a standard operation. Dominic was certain that it was setup. Sonny demanded to know why he would do such a thing. "Unless I found out you betrayed me," Sonny concluded.

Dominic realized that Sonny had discovered his secret. Dominic admitted that he had tried to give Sonny one last good day. Sonny didn't appear the least bit grateful. Dominic pulled out his badge as he confirmed what Sonny had already known. Sonny's face hardened as Dominic began to recite the Miranda Rights to Sonny. Sonny responded by pulling out a gun and then aiming it at Dominic.

Dominic wondered if Sonny really wanted to add "cop killer" to his list of crimes. Sonny assured Dominic that there wouldn't be a body for anyone to find, so it was doubtful that Sonny would be charged with the crime. "Any last words?" Sonny demanded. Dominic dropped all pretense of friendliness.

Dominic informed Sonny that Sonny had been targeted because of the hit against Lieutenant Poletti, Dominic's mentor and a community leader. According to Dominic, Sonny had Poletti gunned down and then Sonny had gone about his worthless life. Dominic despised Sonny. He claimed that there wasn't anything to respect about Sonny. Sonny had no idea who Poletti was, but he assured Dominic that Poletti had deserved it, if Sonny had ordered the hit. Dominic suggested that Sonny pray that Sonny's kids never saw their father the way that Dominic had.

"Goodbye Detective, " Sonny said just before he fired a single shot at Dominic's heart. Dominic collapsed to the floor just as Olivia threw open the door. "Dante," she screamed as she ran to her son. Olivia looked up with grief-stricken eyes. "My God, Sonny. You just shot your own son!" Sonny stared down at Olivia and Dante with a mix of confusion and growing horror.

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